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#1 Unsigned Artist Prdctv
Prdctv (Oxford)
  Plays: 135 | Saves: 925
  Influences: Electronica/Ambient/Alterna...
  Members: Alex Lloyd
Artist info

Www.prdctv.com Prdctv is the stage name of Oxford-based Alex Lloyd. After playing as a drummer in the band Hello Bruno for several years, Alex discovered the joys of loops, samplers and computers, and began writing electronica in the summer of...

#2 Of Dreams and Madness
Of Dreams and Madness (Plainfield, CT)
  Plays: 274
  Influences: Shinedown, Seven dust, Wham
  Members: Jon Collard - Vocals and...
Artist info

Http://www.ofdreamsandmadness.com Of Dreams And Madness is a spider spinning a web of emotions and philosophies with its music. But the spinnerets of this hard-rock (light-metal) band produce more than just a sticky discharge that catches...

#3 Unsigned Artist FreezyCT
FreezyCT (Hartford, CT)
  Plays: 254 | Saves: 2441
  Influences: J Cole, Nas
  Members: Freezy
Artist info

Freezy (Freeze), born in Detroit Michigan in 1989, is an up-n-coming hip hop artist out of Hartford Connecticut...his witty punches, steady flow, and ability to rip east-coast beats has gained him recognition and the opportunity for a promising...

#4 Nausia
  Plays: 247 | Saves: 1562
Artist info

For anyone new to the Nausia craze this ia a brief history of the band. We started at the age of about 15. We recorded our first couple of tracks 'M&V' and 'Radiance' when we should have been sitting a business studies exam! The songs didn't...

#5 Unsigned Artist A2K
A2K (Jordan)
  Members: Big@ KJ
Artist info

We used to sing from along time ...and we want to try our chance to let the world hear us ...even if you don't like but at least you hear our song.

#6 61573j
61573j (lithonia,ga)
  Influences: young money
  Members: j-haze/big k
Artist info

About us big k-keith turner. 16/home town virginia/in to music was in high scool band for 2 years attended redan high/currently living in decatur/the music in money,fame,music. j-haze-joshua cheatham. 16/home town decatur/in to money and what...

#7 Unsigned Artist rickkenny
rickkenny (Fargo , North Dakota ,...)
  Members: rickkenny
Artist info

Feather Juju Hat | African Hat | Juju Hat World Buy the best & cheap juju hat made of African hat. Juju Hat World is the one and only stop for all your juju hat needs. ...

#8 momentus
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist URANIUM
URANIUM (israel)
  Plays: 113 | Saves: 159
  Influences: no body
  Members: 6
Artist info

Uranium's concept was conceived and given birth by Dan Uraniumer (keyboards) and Smite (guitars), which had joined forces in purpose to create a new revolutionary style of music and poetry. After a period of 18 months all of the other players...

#10 MindFlaw
MindFlaw (Flint Michigan)
  Members: Mitch Diamond, Buddy Lee,...
No artist info