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#1 Unsigned Artist Blackmaker
Blackmaker (Chicago IL usa)
  Plays: 1960 | Saves: 3688
  Influences: fuel, black crowes
  Members: jeff, reggie, spiv, tony, kirk
Artist info

Biography What sets us apart from other bands is the fact that we\'ve been through the rock & roll grinder and are resilient to it\'s teeth! We will remain, and constantly re-invent ourselves, keeping our music fresh & alive. Secondly, we\'re...

#2 daekiss
  Plays: 592
  Influences: Trance, Life,
  Members: Daekiss Electronica
Artist info

Please Visit piratedj.co.uk and Be sure to Check out The Live Stream!!!!! please donate to dace piratedj.co.uk

#3 Unsigned Artist gsjj1019
gsjj1019 (USA)
  Members: gsjj1019
Artist info

GS-JJ e-commerce website is our latest venture in our effort to offer our quality products and service directly to Designer and end-users. U.S.A.: Los Angeles Office address: 20829 Valley Blvd. Walnut, CA 91789 Canada:27-5880 Hampton Place...

#4 21st Ave
21st Ave (Tacoma, WA)
  Influences: Fall out boy, Avenged...
  Members: Clayton, Kieran, Kyle,...
Artist info

I We are a 5 person band from Tacoma,WA and we have 2 guitars, 1 drummer, 1 bassist, 1 lead singer, 2 background singers, and occasionally we add my friends Violin for some Awesome sounding music. When we first started, I, Clayton played the...

#5 Unsigned Artist big worm
big worm (muskegon, michigan)
  Plays: 952 | Saves: 3460
  Influences: eminem,outkast,
  Members: big worm
Artist info

I'm an artist thats always been in groups and is now rolling solo. i make my own beats write my own raps and record it all myself. and with a little time i'll be crashing the game.so keep a look out.

DELORME (Toronto)
  Plays: 225
  Influences: Mickey Avalon, Thom Yorke.
  Members: DELORME
Artist info

Since: 2010.

#7 Unsigned Artist FlooDBaR
FlooDBaR (Niles, Mi)
  Plays: 2997 | Saves: 4316
  Influences: Rancid, Op Iv, Bosstones,...
  Members: (3) Dom, Barry and Ed
Artist info

FlooDBaR has been around since 99. We put it on ice in 2001 for a lil bit. Since then we have had a couple of line up changes and thought that we would bring it back to you in 04!

  Plays: 659 | Saves: 2291
  Influences: me niCCa
Artist info

I'm straight out that soufwest Houston,Tx. I've been freestyling for years, but now its time to get serious wit it and put it out. if you aint tryin to help me or my cash flo, then dont hit me up. 4 real.

#9 Unsigned Artist Otocosmetics
Otocosmetics (guangzhou,china)
  Members: Otocosmetics
Artist info

Established in 2014 , Guangzhou Qiao Qian Cosmetics Company is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of lip makeup(cosmetics naked lipstick...

#10 Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun (San Francisco)
  Plays: 206 | Saves: 404
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Brad Richards, Jeff...
Artist info

Midnight Sun is band out of San Francisco who is serious about bringing a classic rock sound with a modern rock feel. You can more of our music at http://midnightsunmusic.bandvista.com If you like what you hear join our facebook fan page for...