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#1 Unsigned Artist Ryan Pugal
Ryan Pugal (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  Influences: Michael Jackson
  Members: Ryan Pugal
No artist info

#2 Unfinished Wood
Unfinished Wood (Columbus, Ohio)
  Plays: 82
  Influences: Kiss, Rush, Foo Fighters,...
  Members: Jared Wade (bass/vox), D....
Artist info

Unfinished Wood is a three-piece ORIGINAL MUSIC rock band in Columbus, Ohio. Unfinished Wood's sound is a combination of guitar, drums, bass, Big Ben, that slurping sound you make when you eat soup, Kermit the Frog singing “Rainbow...

#3 Unsigned Artist David Hayes
David Hayes (Dallas. Tx)
  Influences: Surf Acoustic
  Members: David Hayes, Dan Hayes
Artist info

Hey guys! Thanks so much for coming whether you're a friend or fan!! Let's see....about me...I've had a lifelong passion for music. I've been lucky enough to be a solo performance artist for over fifteen years now, and I try to use my music to...

#4 *A Fallen October
*A Fallen October (modesto-stockton)
  Plays: 2770 | Saves: 3198
  Members: shelby-vox,mike-guitar,ryan...
Artist info

We rock!

#5 Unsigned Artist Fear the Vacuum
Fear the Vacuum (Fort Collins, CO)
  Plays: 1239 | Saves: 1038
  Influences: Converge, Between the...
  Members: Mike-Vocals Daron-guitar...
Artist info

Formed in 2002 Fear the Vacuum eats glass and copper then creates music specifically engineered to be popular with the MTV generation. Their hometown is Fort Collins, CO.

#6 Split 7th
Split 7th (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  Plays: 504 | Saves: 695
  Influences: Punk Hardcore Garage Rock
  Members: Damian, Niko, Rodrigo, Phantom
Artist info

Comming Soon.... Visit http://www.split7music.fly.to

#7 Unsigned Artist TBS aka T-BAGG
  Influences: 2PAC - EMINEM - T.I -...
Artist info

Im Just a Rapper Tryin to Get Discovered , im was burn in Da UK i lived there for the first 3 years of ma life then we moved its ayt , im doing Hip-Hop Music to , i wright ma own lyrics and iv just started to make my own beats but it aint dat good...

#8 A Dog Returneth
A Dog Returneth (Northern Michigan)
  Plays: 219 | Saves: 828
  Influences: you tell me
  Members: Jonathan Johnson
Artist info

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#9 Unsigned Artist Rob Linton
Rob Linton (Toronto Ontario Canada)
  Plays: 383
  Influences: Classic Rock, Pop. Safaris,...
  Members: Aamorphious X
Artist info

Only records for love of music, expression for the internet. No longer tours. Located in Toronto Ontario Canada

#10 Doña Canchis
Doña Canchis (INLAND EMPIRE)
  Influences: DEATH-BRUJERIA-LOS...
  Members: Luiggy-Antonio-eddie-danial...
Artist info

Doña Canchis Is a MEtal Baised Ska Band FORMED The INland Empire.We have injected our Music With a Dark Latin Beat to Infect your minds Eather in a positive or negitive way.jajaja ReadY To SKANK,MOSH,or Rek Some SsHH? Chaos and Energy is what...