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#1 Unsigned Artist Deepak
Deepak (Italy)
  Influences: Life music people
  Members: Deepak
Artist info

My musical concept is based almost to generate a situation of atmosphere or ecstasy anywhere , creating a pleasant situation at every turn. I think today the tool more adequate to disconnect from this conditioning and see the real life is music ,...

#2 Best of Seven
Best of Seven (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1028 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Cheap Trick, Marvelous 3,...
  Members: Shane Tassart (vocals,...
Artist info

BEST OF SEVEN Everything is New Again GOING FOR ADDS Radio-ready rock/pop outfit BEST OF SEVEN was formed in 2002, comprised of Peoria, Illinois hellions, Shane Tassart (vocals, guitar) and Rob Wood (drums). The unit re-located to Los Angeles...

#3 Unsigned Artist INTRUDER
INTRUDER (Hollywood, California)
  Influences: Municipal...
  Members: Joey(Tarzan)Karpowicz-Vocal...
Artist info

In April of 2008, Intruder, a savage metal band, emerged from the ancient soils in which separate our world from the tormenting inferno us mortals call hell. Tarzan(lead singer) Mike(lead guitar) and Mariano(rytham guitar), joined diabolical...

#4 Fatal Jones
Fatal Jones (Brooklyn, NY)
  Influences: No one but myself.
Artist info

From Bklyn N.Y Fatal Jones, has emerged from the underground circuit in NYC to become one of the peoples' favorite mc. Fatal Jones name has been in the mix for a few years now. After being apart of a group called Fatal Attraction for years, in...

#5 Unsigned Artist Project Genocide
Project Genocide (Boden, Sweden)
  Plays: 746 | Saves: 1686
  Members: Roberth Lindstrom - Guitar,...
No artist info

#6 J.Digital
J.Digital (Scumdee)
  Plays: 363 | Saves: 1267
  Influences: Inperspective, No U turn,...
Artist info

I primarily make drum and bass mostly although i dabble in hip hop and breakcore. The equipment I use mainly is my computer running sony acid 5.0 for sequencing, sound forge 6.0 for editing samples and synthesis, with various plugins and other...

#7 Unsigned Artist Sombrero MPG 2
Sombrero MPG 2
  Plays: 311
Artist info

"Sombrero MPG" is a free software tool that is to provide an advanced system designed for both experienced musicians and beginners to efficiently promote their music on the Internet. Just as well, it is made for the finest music consumers to find...

#8 BrightLight
BrightLight (israel)
  Influences: skazi, star-x, oforia,...
  Members: Shahar
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist AbraKadabrA
AbraKadabrA (Akron Ohio)
  Plays: 390 | Saves: 2576
  Influences: Ozzy Osbourne/Pink Floyd
  Members: BillTheReptile-guitar/vocal...
Artist info

AbraKadabrA is AlternaPunkRock in Akron Ohio. We're so original we had to create our own music genre. 2 Hot chicks, Majenta Majik-FXGuitar Kelley-Bass help BillTheReptile-Guitar God front this powerhouse of sound with Wood Rockin' out on the...

#10 Butterfly Stone
Butterfly Stone (Birmingham, UK)
  Plays: 49
  Influences: Muse, Oceansize, Incubus, Korn
  Members: Mark Willott, Phil Gwynne,...
Artist info

Butterfly Stone is the latest Band project from Emmy Award winning composer and producer Mark Willott. The project fuses film score like orchestration, dirty underground synths and a full on rock band. The band are; Phil Gwynne on lead vocals,...