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#1 Unsigned Artist Double Sided Record
Double Sided Record (Newbury, UK)
  Influences: New Found Glory
  Members: 3
Artist info

We're from Newbury and we started off in November 2004. Since then we've come along way, and we're trying to spread the word about us! go to our webite for more info.

#2 jeff Woodall
jeff Woodall (Dunstable, UK)
  Plays: 502
  Influences: Moby
Artist info

Jeff has written eight albums since 2002. The most recent 'Free Diving' was released in November 2007. Much of his material is electronic chill out and fits into the TV accompaniment genre. Uplifting and full of emotion well worth a listen. Four...

#3 Unsigned Artist Potion 13
Potion 13 (Montreal,Quebec,Canada)
  Plays: 443 | Saves: 1698
  Influences: Iron Maiden, Dio, Black...
  Members: Danielle Langlois: Vocal,...
Artist info

So much is happening, visit our official website at www.potion13.org to be up to date with all the action! The band is: Danielle Langlois (vocals), Brian Harps (guitar), Nathalie Baril(bass), Simon-Pierre Dube(drums). Potion 13 started in...

#4 Incarceri 9
Incarceri 9 (Atlanta GA)
  Plays: 396
  Members: Lord Kol : Vocals / Lead...
Artist info

Fully formed in early 2008, Incarceri 9 started in the mind of Lord Kol(a.k.a. Frank Murphy) in december 2005. It took him over 2 years to find the right members to bring his vision to life. Incarceri 9 is, simply put, a metal band that infuses...

#5 Unsigned Artist Plastic Fever
Plastic Fever (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  Plays: 493 | Saves: 1185
  Influences: Moby, Mano Negra, Bob...
  Members: 4
Artist info

WWW.PLASTICFEVER.COM (for more info & songs) PLASTIC FEVER is a Dance, Hip-Hop, Reggae band. The main composer and singer is Sebastian Kadic. PLASTIC FEVERS debut CD got excellent reviews from national and international...

#6 Without A Cause
Without A Cause (Florida)
  Influences: Make Me Famous, Deadline...
  Members: Three
Artist info

We are a Hardcore/Post Hardcore band from Cocoa/Post st John Florida. At the moment we are looking for another vocalist...if you are local, dedicated, care about this music, sing good, or scream good...Find us.

#7 Unsigned Artist Peter James Doughty
Peter James Doughty (Springfield, MO,USA)
  Plays: 177
  Influences: GOTYE, TV on the Radio,...
  Members: Peter James Doughty
Artist info

Im 32 years old been singing my whole life and got into production more recently. Im very interested in working with anyone who feels my voice may fit there music. please contact me with your songs and lets get collaborating!

#8 Montana Jack Smith Band
Montana Jack Smith Band (Houston, TX)
  Influences: jazz, I like jazz...
  Members: Montana Jack Smith
Artist info

I sing songs about air filters, yes I do.

#9 Unsigned Artist SO ABUSED MUSIC
  Plays: 239
  Influences: SO ABUSED
Artist info

GET OUR NEW "COMMUNITY SERVICE" CD AT WWW.CDBABY.COM/SOABUSED So Abused formed from the Ashes of the once great L.A. Music Scene With Our High Energy Live Shows And Our Guitar Driven Punk Rock Anthems, So Abused Appeals to the Masses!! So...

#10 The Dangerous Kitchen
The Dangerous Kitchen (Tiggas Studio)
  Plays: 1238 | Saves: 1793
  Members: Tigga
Artist info

I'll be putting stuff onto Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/tiggasdangerouskitchen). Any of my tunes that drop out of the to 40 of the genre that it's placed will be removed and replaced. If that song needs a make over, then so be it, it may...