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#1 Unsigned Artist BigJit239
BigJit239 (fort myers)
  Plays: 261 | Saves: 1327
  Members: 1
Artist info

Stop dont pass me bye check me out got more music on the way leave a commit new song me my ...

#2 Young Dawn
Young Dawn (Louisville, ky)
  Influences: black
  Members: Black Magic, Lil Rob and...
Artist info

I'm a young, upcoming rapper from the southside of Louisville. Me and my older brother, black magic, and a couple of other real niggaz from the south. Trying to get a piece of the pie. We ain't trying to bulldoze people over or step on any toes....

#3 Unsigned Artist Chainsnap
Chainsnap (wisconsin)
  Plays: 2965
  Influences: Pantera, Hatebreed, Prong,...
  Members: alex-drums steve-vocals...
Artist info

Formed 2002, released3 sond demo CD 2003, released full length \"Hollow\" cd 2004. Spent 2004 supporting CD with tour with performances with Damage Plan, Drowning Pool, Death Angel(Milwaukee Metal Fest), Hatebreed, Exodus, Mastodon, Bile,...

#4 Mr. yay Okay
Mr. yay Okay (Leesburg, VA)
  Plays: 405
  Influences: Alternative Pop-Rock
  Members: Will Barnes - Drums/Vocals,...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist What Lies Ahead
What Lies Ahead (United Kingdom)
  Influences: Metal, Rock, Alternative,...
  Members: Kyle Sheldon, Paul D'Amore,
Artist info

Let the music do the talking :P http://www.myspace.com/whatliesaheadofficial ...

#6 Ryan Pugal
Ryan Pugal (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  Influences: Michael Jackson
  Members: Ryan Pugal
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Office 365 Download
Office 365 Download (11877 Douglas Rd,Johns...)
Artist info

I am john Son who keeps full affection with Microsoft product. Taking the full analyze of these products, I am fully aware of its assembling characteristics of Microsoft office 365 download application. I am solely accountable for cross checking...

#8 The Mayfairs
The Mayfairs (Copenhagen - Denmark)
  Plays: 2329 | Saves: 4366
  Influences: Gillian Welch, Ryan Adams,...
  Members: Rhona Reid - Vocal, guitar...
Artist info

Copenhagen- based, The Mayfairs is a 3 year old band, with a couple of self-released EP's behind them. The last year they have played about a dozen gigs, and are now ready to record a full-lenght cd, which is to be done this winter. With...

#9 Unsigned Artist Discovery 1789
Discovery 1789 (Turkey-Istanbul)
  Plays: 4489 | Saves: 4733
  Influences: Near east symphonic music
Artist info

Some symphonic music from Anatolie. If you want to listen near east melodies in the symphonic orchestra mode,you can find in this site. I am a musical composer in Istanbul. I hope you like my sound. Thank you for all listeners.

#10 destroy The General
destroy The General (Oxfordshire, UK)
  Plays: 1842 | Saves: 1857
  Influences: Thrice, Faith No More, The...
  Members: 5
Artist info

Deriving from numerous "retired" oxford bands, dTG; a five piece act from the outskirts of oxford, came together in late 2003 to create a sound that they had never tried before, simply striving to write decent songs which they could appreciate....