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#1 Unsigned Artist Hennes Silence Orchestra
Hennes Silence Orchestra (Wiener Neustadt)
  Plays: 95 | Saves: 466
Artist info

Gegründet und geleitet durch Hennes Silence, ist das „Hennes Silence Orchestra“ die Umsetzung seiner Singer / Songwriter - Tätigkeit in Form einer Band. Oberste Priorität hat dabei die authentische, akustische Umsetzung der Songs. Auf...

#2 fishmilk
fishmilk (montreal,quebec,canada)
  Plays: 178 | Saves: 770
Artist info

Up and coming in your face rock band from Montreal (where else?) Fishmilk have been together since early 2007. Combining a mix of hard rock, early punk and early nineties grunge, Fishmilk have started playing live since the summer of 2007...

#3 Unsigned Artist Collar Up
Collar Up (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  Influences: mercury rev, beach house,...
Artist info

Dream-pop sweeping piano-led songs from Edinburgh

  Plays: 726 | Saves: 2
  Influences: The Music Of MOZZAICK Is...
  Members: 1
Artist info

I Started Making Music Since The Year 2000 To Now. The Type Of Music I Do Is Unique And Is What I Like To Call Decompression Music. Do To My Some What Deep Voice And That Most Of My Music Is About Feelings Of Sadness, Joy, Heartaches And...

#5 Unsigned Artist Forgery Lit
Forgery Lit (Bristol, UK)
  Influences: unk / Experimental / Pop
  Members: Ami, Nico,Gaz, Nick
Artist info

Forgery Lit is a four piece guitar band that was formed by Ami Amp and Gareth Jones in October 2010 in Bristol, United Kingdom. Prior to this Ami Amp had a career as an acoustic performer supporting the likes of: Never the Bride, Wayne Hussey...

#6 Trapwire
Trapwire (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Plays: 461 | Saves: 1266
  Influences: Nickelback, Black Stone...
  Members: Andreas Smidelöv (Guitar...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Abraham's Axe
Abraham's Axe (Pacific NW)
  Plays: 793
  Influences: Two guys with a bunch of...
  Members: LeeOtis G. and Stantonio...
Artist info

Bluegrass Floyd, with some folk mixed in..ala acid rock!... Abraham's Axe is a friendship between two guys spanning three decades. They haven't always played together, but they've always bounced material back and forth. They've been in a couple...

#8 Existend
Existend (SHEFFIELD)
  Plays: 169 | Saves: 570
  Influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Tool,...
  Members: Dave, Harry, Mike, Sam & Stef
Artist info

Revitalising the sound of Heavy Metal, Existend add fresh talent and new ideas from some of Sheffields finest musicians. With heavy, tight, passionate, yet still melodic riffs, the rhythmical flow encompasses fans of many genres across the age...

#9 Unsigned Artist King Pure
King Pure (Oh10)
  Plays: 867 | Saves: 1966
  Influences: me
  Members: King pure
Artist info

Its ya boy i got sum new hits comin jus be on tha look out for em. If yall are listenin to tha music, downloading it or just stopping by save us to your favs and hit up the guest book and let us know what yall feelin. Cause without yall we are...

#10 Bingerz
  Plays: 85 | Saves: 306
Artist info

Just want to have fun........!!!