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#1 Unsigned Artist Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson
  Plays: 1365 | Saves: 1756
No artist info

#2 WCV
  Plays: 65
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#3 Unsigned Artist MUDDSPYDER
  Plays: 179 | Saves: 527
  Members: MIKE - VOCALS, CLIFF -...
Artist info

MUDDSPYDER, a Hard Rock band from LUBBOCK TEXAS is made up of, Michael- Lead Vocals, Cliff - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Brandon - Bass , and Mick - Percussion. MUDDSPYDER came together in June of 2004 when Mike (vocalist) left the Lubbock band Bedlum...

CHAKRA (Los Angeles California)
  Plays: 1313 | Saves: 1951
  Influences: Linkin Park, Limp B
  Members: Lucas Kuzma-Lead vocals,...
Artist info

Chakra is an amazing alternative/hip hop band that reins from Los Angeles California. This powerful band explodes on the stage with a rap-filled high-energy hard-rock sound and will spawn a new generation of funk-rock fans!!.

#5 Unsigned Artist Casual Wish
Casual Wish (Wall, New Jersey)
  Influences: Happy Hardcore, Powerpop
  Members: Mike Beagan, Casey Cannon,...
Artist info

Casual Wish, you may never know where the name originated, but what's in a name? Founded in the cold of February 2002 by Joe Perrino (Bass/Vocals) and Casey Cannon (Drums). They were out to find a guitarist who had experience, after a few members...

#6 Sleazy Joe
Sleazy Joe (SWEDEN)
  Plays: 1128 | Saves: 3067
  Influences: ROCK!!
  Members: Steven, Johnny, Kim, Joe
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Yeah well, I guess it all started way back in the fifties with our good friends Chuck and Elvis and then it developed over a couple of decades (we all remember Mick Jagger and his Rolling Stones in the sixties), to finally take a huge step in the...

#7 Unsigned Artist Harakiri
Harakiri (Tucumán, Argentina)
  Plays: 307 | Saves: 608
  Members: varo - danzel - mimpre -...
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HARAKIRI nace en el año 1998 teniendo como integrantes a su actual formación. Desde sus inicios la banda fue buscando su sonido como parte de un proceso inconsciente en el que no había otra finalidad que la expresión artístico-musical de sus...

#8 Jame
Jame (Leeds)
  Plays: 144 | Saves: 783
  Influences: The Police, Biffy Clyro &...
  Members: Jame & Lex
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Twins Jame and Lex writing since 13 years old.

#9 Unsigned Artist the vantangle
the vantangle (pembroke)
  Plays: 123 | Saves: 397
  Influences: radiohead, tragically hip,...
  Members: marc vantol, szymon janicki
Artist info

We just got together and started playing. this is the result. we hope you like

#10 C.T.S
C.T.S (Toronto, Ont)
  Plays: 4199 | Saves: 3467
  Influences: Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Cassius
  Members: Kyle C
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Canadian Techno Scenster