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#1 Unsigned Artist Leanah
  Plays: 1509 | Saves: 4028
No artist info

#2 JonBlaQ
JonBlaQ (North Carolina)
  Plays: 320
  Influences: hip hop
Artist info

Eric Oliver aka JonBlaQ is an amazingly diverse and talented emcee who is about to raise the bar in the hip hop game. After many years of recording experience, he has transformed himself into an extraordinary artist with real skills and witty...

#3 Unsigned Artist 9Lies
9Lies (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  Plays: 576 | Saves: 3657
  Influences: The Kooks, The Killers,...
  Members: Stevie Mann - Lyrics / Lead...
Artist info

The debut album by 9Lies has been given ...

#4 Opusonic
Opusonic (Essex, United Kingdom)
  Plays: 259
  Influences: Many from U2, Chicane,...
  Members: JC & Peeps
Artist info

Http://www.opusonic.co.uk Join our facebook fanpage for more tracks and info. Opusonic consists of JC who manages writing and production of the music score and Peeps who manages lyrics and vocal performance. We both are involved in the final...

#5 Unsigned Artist Willow Drive
Willow Drive (Northern Ireland)
  Plays: 143
  Members: Adam, Pete, Tim, Barry, Sean
Artist info

A former 4 piece Adam(lead guitar+vocals), Pete(guitar+vocals),Sean(bass) and Barry(drums), now a five piece with addition of new guitarist Tim leaving Pete for be lead singer with occasional vocals from lead guitarist Adam on songs he has...

#6 ProRata
ProRata (Basildon, Essex)
  Influences: Indie/Pop/Rock
  Members: Ant, Sam, Dale, Wayne
Artist info

ProRata are a four piece indie/alternative outfit, based in Basildon, Essex. The band formed in 2006 with a vision to create original, energetic and very catchy songs, which could easily be translated into a great live show. The early song writing...

#7 Unsigned Artist Bam Morgan
Bam Morgan (Barnsley)
  Influences: Jason Mraz
  Members: Bam Morgan
Artist info

I'm an avid acoustic singer/songwriter and I'm truly inspired by Jason Mraz, I love playing his songs and his musical talent is defiantly is interpreted into my songs. I am wanting to share my music with the world!

#8 Middle Finger
Middle Finger (Ireland)
  Plays: 209
  Members: Middle Finger
Artist info

Tony Smyth made his debut in Dublin as a support act for Pete Holidai at the tender age of 16. Under the moniker Tony X he performed his first track "Summertime Vibe" within weeks of penning the summer anthem. Such was the reaction from the...

#9 Unsigned Artist southern ash
southern ash (shreveport,la. u.s.a.)
  Plays: 233 | Saves: 728
No artist info

#10 Robert Neary
Robert Neary (croydon UK)
  Plays: 287 | Saves: 1167
  Influences: steve vai,Paul...
Artist info

Rob Neary - Crazy guitarist stuff & vocals,bass I have been playing guitar since I was 16yrs old. My dad was a big Eric Clapton fan, and as Eric started at 16yrs old, my dad gave me guitar lessons as a Christmas present I spent my first 2 years...