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#1 Unsigned Artist Sigma12
Sigma12 (England, Swindon)
  Plays: 89 | Saves: 589
  Influences: The Cure, Stranglers, White...
  Members: Daniel Todd, Sam Widdowson,...
Artist info

Traveled back in time from 2036, Sigma12 are willing to change the music history for better!!!!

#2 False Memory
False Memory (Redding, California)
  Plays: 121 | Saves: 607
  Influences: Music
  Members: Jeff Johnson/drums-vocals...
Artist info

False Memory is an all original Mylodic/Rock band from Northern California that formed in early 2006. Three guy's who love and live music. Jeff (Animal) Johnson, desided in mid 2005 to start a new project, after ...

#3 Unsigned Artist CampX
CampX (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 165
  Influences: You Decde.
  Members: Andrew Carswell, Paul...
Artist info

“Camp X is really a band of old meets middle meets new” says frontman singer/songwriter Andrew Carswell. A fair assessment when you recognise that the band’s new album, All Quiet on the Northern Front, resonates with elements drawn from...

#4 Haardcore Climax
Haardcore Climax (Loves Park, IL)
  Plays: 46
  Members: GenoCyDe, Darco
Artist info

If you venture deep into the (dead) heart of the United States, you will come across a wondrous scene. Two young men creating the music of the gods. Their experimental fusion of electronica and screamo have come together to create electronicore...

#5 Unsigned Artist Spiders For Love
Spiders For Love (Omaha, Nebraska)
  Plays: 210
  Members: Daniel Diedrich -...
Artist info

We met in Omaha in April 2007 and became best friends right away. Both of us were involved in other projects which, at times, were far more serious and structured. Playing together allows us to break away from the frustrations we each felt as...

#6 Tinderboxacoustic
Tinderboxacoustic (Bournemouth, UK)
  Plays: 1593
  Influences: Acoustic
  Members: Dan Tucker, Monique Houraghan
Artist info

Tinderbox began as an acoustic folk/rock duo featuring Monique Houraghan with a distinctive 'honey-like' vocal, and Dan Tucker with an intricate finger style guitar technique. Recently joined by accomplished and talented musicians Catherine Burke...

#7 Unsigned Artist Symptom 7
Symptom 7 (New York, New York)
  Plays: 1636 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Black Label Society, Alice...
  Members: Geoff Unger - Guitar,...
Artist info

Formed for the pure sake of drinking beer and writing some of the newest sounding heavy music out in todays market, Symptom 7 decided to keep things simple and make a 3 piece band sound MASSIVE, and to actually play their instruments with the...

#8 Benchwarmer
Benchwarmer (Pittsburgh, PA)
  Plays: 126 | Saves: 291
  Influences: Fugazi, Mission of Burma,...
  Members: Mark Brierckeck, Jason...
Artist info

Formed in 2002, a four-piece post-punk band from Pittsburgh. Great live show that usually ends with bloodshead. Check out www.benchwarmer.info for more songs, pics, and other stuff.

#9 Unsigned Artist Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla
Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla (Prichard, AL)
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 797
  Influences: The Greats!!!!
  Members: Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla
Artist info

Destined to soon make his own mark in the world of music, Yung Fresh has come a long way from the ugliness of Prichard Alabama. A soul survivor of P.A., Fresh was born Deangelo Hughes in the heart of a crime infested hood of North Mobile where...

#10 The Soviet
The Soviet (Liverpool)
  Plays: 355 | Saves: 604
  Influences: Pistols, Doves, Maiden,...
  Members: David Tyrrell, David Hall,...
Artist info

"The biggest thing to come out of Liverpool since Wayne Rooney's ar*e ..."