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#1 Unsigned Artist Edge of Attack
Edge of Attack (Grande Prairie, Alberta)
  Plays: 79
  Influences: Megadeth, Avenged...
  Members: Doug Whipple, Trevor Swain,...
Artist info

Edge of Attack prides itself in bringing a musical style and unprecedented flair on the stage unlike any other metal band. Each member brings his own flavor to the band that makes Edge of Attack the relentless force that it has become as time has...

#2 Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin (Indian Rocks Beach, FL)
  Plays: 1433
  Influences: LeAnn Rimes, Sara Evans
  Members: Maggie Austin
Artist info

Maggie Austin is a new artist whose vocals have won critical acclaim from artists and music industry executives. Her traditional country themes combined with a cutting edge delivery have made Maggie an innovative and ground breaking artist....

#3 Unsigned Artist Joey Craig
Joey Craig (Seattle Washington)
  Influences: Everybody, yet Nobody
  Members: Joey Craig and Friends
Artist info

Joey Craig is an exciting recording and performing artist out of Seattle Washington. Catchy Lyrics, Searing Guiter ability, and dynamic stage performances have always been a trademark of a Joey Craig show no matter what the project. His newest...

#4 Haze Attacks
Haze Attacks (Philadelphia, PA)
  Plays: 123
  Influences: HIP HOP
  Members: Haze Attacks - MPC 2500,...
Artist info

Haze Attacks - One of the most slept on producers from Philadelphia, Pa. Real heads know me and know what I'm up to. Here is just a sampling of what I been up to: Jedi Mind Tricks - SIHKIH Haze & DJ Kwestion Rmxs - Unreleased Brooklyn...

#5 Unsigned Artist 9th Awakening
9th Awakening (Sweden)
  Plays: 228 | Saves: 1034
  Influences: doom/gothic/BM/DM
  Members: Sorghrim
Artist info

9th Awakening is a one man band...at the moment. Started in March 2008. Songs dealing with sorrow/agony/life/death

#6 Ding Dong Probably
Ding Dong Probably (Neath, Wales)
Artist info

South Wales Only Hardcore Band Free 29 track album: https://dingdongprobably.bandcamp.com/album/up-in-heaven-down-in-heck

#7 Unsigned Artist Migration of the Herd
Migration of the Herd (Baltimore, Maryland)
  Plays: 29 | Saves: 153
  Influences: Frank Zappa, Umphreys...
  Members: Wesley Satterfield, Zach...
Artist info

Migration of the Herd is a charismatic rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. With an enormous musical library, MOTH has fun incorporating sounds from across the entire musical spectrum. The band formed in 2008 when Wesley Satterfield and Zach...

  Plays: 124
  Influences: U2, Madonna, Pink, Kelly...
Artist info

THE PRINCESS OF POWER-POP ! Singer/Songwriter/Model Larissa, 23, loves performing. So she developed a two-pronged career in music and modeling, successfully merging her talents into one charismatic package. A native of Tomsk/Siberia, Russia,...

#9 Unsigned Artist Undergraduate Lyricists
Undergraduate Lyricists (Orlando)
  Influences: A New Era
  Members: Dell(U.L Ceo and Founder),...
No artist info

CODE*ATOM (Atlanta, GA)
  Influences: A Perfect Circle,...
  Members: Rey Shepherd - Vocals,...
Artist info

Founded in Atlanta, this four-piece formed with the intent to jab a fresh needle into the vein of the local scene and introduce a new drug that is an amalgam of their various influences. Rey(vocals), Chris(guitar), James(bass) and Shane (drums)...