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#1 Unsigned Artist Boy #9 and The Caribou
Boy #9 and The Caribou (Orting)
  Influences: Sweet melodies mixed with a...
  Members: Jake Schurmann
Artist info

Well it all started when I got my first acoustic guitar. Then just escalated from there.

#2 Remade
Remade (Athens, Greece)
  Plays: 152
  Influences: Bon Jovi, U2 and many others
  Members: John Garrett,Nick...
Artist info

Hi, we are Remade, a rock group from Athens, Greece. We have recently completed our first record, entitled ”The Spark” and we are looking for ways to share our music in order to be listened by more people. The album has strong rock elements,...

#3 Unsigned Artist REALITYPRIME
  Plays: 28 | Saves: 445
  Influences: 50 cent,eminem,nas,raekwon,
Artist info

Im an upcoming hiphop artist that has no boundries

#4 Scritt Scrat
Scritt Scrat (Stockton-on-Tees,...)
  Plays: 177 | Saves: 2282
  Influences: Glam Rock
  Members: Kiko Rivers, Curly Dratt,...
Artist info

Scritt Scrat is a high-energy, sexually driven glam/punk band based in the U.K. Formed by bassist/guitarist/vocalist Kiko Rivers, he quickly enlisted his brother Curly to help with backing vocals and lyrics. Together they soon found drummer and...

#5 Unsigned Artist Furnace Head
Furnace Head (Madison, NJ)
  Plays: 18 | Saves: 333
  Influences: Queens of the Stone Age,...
  Members: Evan Kaminsky and Rob Gonzalez
Artist info

Two piece post heavy band

#6 Progressive Chemistry
Progressive Chemistry (North Port Florida)
  Plays: 39
  Influences: Five Finger death Punch,...
  Members: Kevin Wallace, John...
Artist info

Pro·gres·sive (pr-grsv) Moving forward; advancing + Chem·is·try (km-str) the composition, properties, and reactions of a our band! Progressive Chemistry formed September 2012 in North Port Florida an original metal band with members PJ...

#7 Unsigned Artist sayaconcept
sayaconcept (JAPAN)
  Plays: 100
Artist info

Mina:vocal/sanshin/violin daii/prog./drums/keyboards

#8 The Firangees
The Firangees (Mumbai)
  Influences: The Cure, Paul Simon, Sam...
  Members: Atin Dasgupta
Artist info

A Music Producer Project from Mumbai India. Headed by Music Programmer Mumbai Atin Dasgupta. Atin works on his solo music projects and also produces music for Bollywood...

#9 Unsigned Artist Late Reflex
Late Reflex (Bradenton, Fl)
  Influences: Underoath, From First To...
  Members: Evan - Throat, Greg -...
No artist info

#10 Man With No iMage
Man With No iMage (Kent, England.)
  Plays: 201
  Influences: 80s
  Members: 1
Artist info

Song S.O.S. from CD S.O.S. - the s.o.s. distress signal is 100 years old in 2006! Man With No iMage on YOFF! label. S.O.S. LP tracks and title track available from - www.emusic.com/album/10868/10868949.html song Foreign Land from CD Foreign...