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#1 Unsigned Artist Hypnosis
Hypnosis (Brighouse, Yorkshire,...)
  Members: Mark French, Graham Hoyle,...
Artist info

A set of rockers

#2 TheBlueEyedDevil
TheBlueEyedDevil (New York)
  Plays: 188 | Saves: 327
  Influences: LL, Mos Def, Common, Talib...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Coogan
  Influences: Electro Techno
No artist info

#4 blackmyth
blackmyth (New Jersey)
  Plays: 5012 | Saves: 2491
  Influences: g rap 2004
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From Jersey, fuck wit them GORILLA PIMP niggas and before its over wit yall gonna have me in the top five

#5 Unsigned Artist David Beard
David Beard (Derbyshire UK)
  Plays: 909 | Saves: 2511
  Influences: James Newton Howard, Hans...
  Members: David Beard
Artist info

David Beard Music Production - An award winning TV and Film Music Composer and Sound Designer creating original music for TV and Film, Documentaries,...

#6 Kenn Ford
Kenn Ford (Somewhere most of the...)
  Plays: 261 | Saves: 827
  Influences: Anyone who ever wrote and...
  Members: Just me...
Artist info

Just a man who writes songs and enjoys life.

#7 Unsigned Artist Gimble
Gimble (Reading - England)
  Plays: 102 | Saves: 511
  Influences: MXPX, Blink 182, Lagwagon,...
  Members: Lee Switzer (Bass+Vocals),...
Artist info

We are a four piece pop-punk band from Reading. We've been together for about four years, in which time we've played some awesome shows (and some rubbish ones!) in places like London, Slough, Camberley, Ipswich, Bracknell and Reading. We've played...

#8 Timeless Fields
Timeless Fields (Finnland)
  Plays: 294 | Saves: 1274
  Influences: Sonata arctica,...
Artist info

We started playing 1995... read our webpage for more info and songs!

#9 Unsigned Artist Uncle Dawg
Uncle Dawg (The Past)
Artist info

It's all a drunken blur.....

#10 Yung Trill
Yung Trill (Killeen)
  Influences: Me
  Members: yung trill
Artist info

Born Jan.10,1989 and raised in Killeen,Tx,has strived to be the next rapper on top,hoping to to be heard of Yung Trill has recorded countless songs and put together a mixtape to be out soon.Never performed in his life,Yung Trill believes he is...