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#1 Unsigned Artist str8jacket
str8jacket (NY)
  Plays: 855 | Saves: 1153
  Influences: Str8Jacket is a perfect mix...
  Members: 4
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By Bill j Warren Str8jacket existed without a name in mainstream Metal for many years, being influenced by both the extremes of speed metal (Destruction) and Thrash (Str8jacket), as well as carrying forward influences from hardcore and...

#2 The Bellmen
The Bellmen (Austin Texas)
  Influences: The black keys
  Members: 6
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Simba Shan
Simba Shan (United Kingdom)
Artist info

Music Producer | Songwriter www.SimbaShan.net www.youtube.com/SimbaShan www.souncloud.com/SimbaShan www.twitter.com/SimbaShan

#4 Allsorts
  Plays: 831 | Saves: 2389
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A place for the Musical Allsorts that are left to be sorted, after an end is found & the beginning is lost. The clown was scary until we knew it was a joker.

#5 Unsigned Artist Old Dirty Car
Old Dirty Car (anywhere but mostly DFW)
  Plays: 57 | Saves: 324
  Influences: anything with a bit of funk
  Members: Jason D, Mike H, Justin D
Artist info

Chemistry and concept. that's pretty much how it started. we had a bunch of riffs and put them together between the two of us. a total of 32 songs/jams recorded across 4 cds Aug '11 - Aug '12. Justin D filled in bass for shows and we wouldn't play...

#6 Aceociation
Aceociation (IL)
  Influences: u tell me...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist GlassAndSteel
GlassAndSteel (Providence, Rhode Island)
  Influences: Hear us at...
  Members: David Rocha and Chris Webster
Artist info

(see www.revernation.com/glassandsteel for more!) Music is often seen as an entertainment medium, but it can also serve as a transformative tool that can broaden people's horizons and give the clarity of better self-understanding. GlassAndSteel...

#8 Then Kame Silence
Then Kame Silence
  Plays: 171 | Saves: 240
Artist info

Then Kame Silence are a Five peice band from in/around Norwich. It is very hard to put down our influences as we each come from very varied musical backgrounds but we take alot from bands such as 'Pantera', 'Slayer', 'Sepultura', 'Machinehead',...

#9 Unsigned Artist haffobee
haffobee (Lakeville MA)
  Plays: 245 | Saves: 988
  Influences: Nirvana, foo fighters,...
  Members: Andrew Baptista - Guitar/...
Artist info

HAFFOBEe began in 2003. we started writing songs ever since the very first practice. "Mexico Eskimo" was the first song ever written. We wrote about 15 songs, and chose 12 that we wanted to record for the 1st album: Don't Push The Red Button. We...

#10 Black Acid Flashbacks
Black Acid Flashbacks (Sydney, Australia)
  Influences: Alternative/Rock/Metal
  Members: Mick, Julian, Tomo,...
Artist info

Black Acid Flashbacks are a live wire five-piece Alternative Rock band taking the Stages of Sydney in a flurry of heavy riffs and groove. Heavily influenced by, Grinspoon, Helmet and Rage Against The Machine. Mick - Vocals Julian - Guitar...