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#1 Unsigned Artist Anthoney
Anthoney (Mississauga)
  Plays: 1084 | Saves: 757
  Influences: Pop, RnB
No artist info

#2 StraitJacket 101
StraitJacket 101 (Buffalo, Ny)
  Influences: Aphex Twin, Future Sound of...
  Members: Mike J.
Artist info

Barring total insanity, a lone psychopath sits alone at home attempting to create something musical, And succeeds! All rhythms, melodies, any lyrics and vocals done by Mike J.

#3 Unsigned Artist MrMCMS
  Plays: 83 | Saves: 311
  Influences: Eminem, Linkin Park, Green Day
Artist info

Born in Moscow, Russia. Grew up in NY state, Long Island. First album on it's way. Two singles out: "Triplets" and "Cure For Your Fear". Put your hands together for MrMCMS.

#4 from the ashes
from the ashes (Las Vegas, NV)
  Plays: 453
  Influences: you decide
  Members: Cynthia Holland, Dominique...
Artist info

To comfort those who mourn, the oil of joy for sadness, Consoling those in pain, and bringing beauty from the ashes Formed in 2001, From the Ashes came together because of a love of music. Something about what music can do, its ability to...

#5 Unsigned Artist Red Payday Loans
Red Payday Loans (Vancouver, Canada)
  Influences: Payday Loans
  Members: Red Payday
Artist info

Red Payday is the top-ended Payday loans company of Canada. Get quick and hassle free payday loans without any faxing or delay. Open 24 hours.

#6 The Pushaz
The Pushaz (Flint Michigan)
  Plays: 159 | Saves: 488
  Influences: ICP Twiztid Geto Boyz NWA...
  Members: I Murder , Biggie Eastwood...
Artist info

Three Mc's that put Flint Michigan back on the map, I Murder, Biggie Eastwood and Daddy Warbizzle . Raw uncut and not for the timid , check the triple disc debut by The Pushaz this summer.

#7 Unsigned Artist Tina Swift
Tina Swift
No artist info

#8 Crazy Leg
Crazy Leg (Zagreb, Croatia)
  Members: Crazy leg
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist The Threds
The Threds (Sheffield, Al)
  Members: Eddie Aldridge, Ben...
Artist info

The Threds consist of: Greg Riley vocals, guitar, percussions. Jeff Broadfoot vocals, piano. Eddie Aldridge lead and rhythm guitar. Ben Andrews vocals, bass. Jason Randolph vocals, drums. And Daniel Stoddard, pedal steel (select shows). The...

#10 arthur Louis
arthur Louis (London)
  Plays: 336 | Saves: 304
  Influences: Eric Clapton, Bob Marley,...
Artist info

Arthur is probably one of the only true British Black Blues stars , One of the best and most musical evenings I have seen - BluesMatters Magazine Arthur left the music scene after his 18 year old daughter died 7 years ago of Leukemia, but...