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#1 Unsigned Artist Prdctv
Prdctv (Oxford)
  Plays: 127 | Saves: 536
  Influences: Electronica/Ambient/Alterna...
  Members: Alex Lloyd
Artist info

Www.prdctv.com Prdctv is the stage name of Oxford-based Alex Lloyd. After playing as a drummer in the band Hello Bruno for several years, Alex discovered the joys of loops, samplers and computers, and began writing electronica in the summer of...

#2 INK(greece)
INK(greece) (greece)
  Influences: alice in chains,tool
  Members: chris tsantalis
Artist info

INK formed in august of 1999 in Alexandroupolis when long time friends Savas Karabalasis(guitars,samples,producer) and Kostas Apostolopoulos(lead guitar) were recording some new songs in Savas Home Studio,they were searching for a guy with a good...

#3 Unsigned Artist Damcyan
Damcyan (Santee, CA)
  Plays: 235 | Saves: 984
  Influences: early thrash mixed with...
  Members: Matt Smith (Guitar,Vocals)...
Artist info

A new wave of heavy metal is hitting the southern California music scene in the form of Damcyan, inspired by early thrash metal combined with europes more recent progressive wave of black metal. Damcyan integrates a combination of guitar riffs,...

#4 The Fear Effect
The Fear Effect (London, UK)
  Influences: NIN, Meshuggah, Fear...
  Members: Aaron "KB" Kilbon
Artist info

Insane, violent, cross-over audio from STEALTH ENGINE APEX's metal guru, Aaron Kilbon.

#5 Unsigned Artist Ghotti
Ghotti (Brighton, United Kingdom)
  Plays: 29443 | Saves: 24344
  Influences: Dave Matthews Band,...
  Members: Howard - Vocals,...
Artist info

Ghotti broke up in 2006 but invite you to continue to download and listen to their songs in the spirit they were written in. Pissed off, drunk and mostly jaded! We still stop by every now and then so please leave us a message if you want to rinse,...

#6 Angie Mattson
Angie Mattson
  Plays: 158 | Saves: 666
  Influences: Beth Orton , Fiona Apple
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Sky9
Sky9 (MS Gulf Coast)
  Plays: 2129
  Members: SKY9
Artist info

SKY 9 is a four piece band consisting of two guitars, bass and drums. I play the guitar, then there's me on the other guitar. I check in on bass, and on drums we have me. We all contribute other instruments on our recordings and most of us write...

TRAXX (Los Angeles)
  Influences: Big Pun, Nas, 2 Pac, Mos...
  Members: Traxx
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist BMTJ
Artist info

We are just a bunch of friends who decided to get together and make a band. We have never really had a gig before but we trying.

#10 the wreckreators
the wreckreators (metry, la)
  Plays: 1341 | Saves: 3794
  Influences: the beatles, the kinks, xtc,
  Members: m.a. sample, rev. a.g....
Artist info

Just your average semi-mutant quasi-guerilla suburban new orleans pop band, playing a muddy, moody, almost moist music that has a rhythm that smolders like a slow landfill fire, with words askew and muggy melodies. playing high or low, using...