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#1 Unsigned Artist Blue Attitude
Blue Attitude (Ontario Canada)
  Plays: 2818 | Saves: 4539
  Members: Dave Bell
Artist info

Veteran guitarist Dave Bell has been playing and performing rock and blues since the early 70's, most visibly in the club circuit around Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. Dave discovered computer recording in 2001 and built a home studio, where...

#2 disgorge
disgorge (Libya)
  Plays: 2511 | Saves: 8238
  Members: Azeez - Vox, drums, lyrics;...
Artist info

Disgorge was started in September 2005 as my one man project. Unlike most other digi-grind / goregrind bands, DISGORGE is completely free of any kind of vocal effects. Blending macabre concepts of death and sickness and the darkest brand of...

#3 Unsigned Artist P.U.R.E.
P.U.R.E. (Herndon, VA.)
  Plays: 21 | Saves: 90
Artist info

Progressive Underground Rock Enlightenment P.U.R.E. is a four-piece rock band based in Northern Virginia. We are available for nightclubs, private parties or any festive occasion. Visit us at ...

#4 Royal One
Royal One (Washington)
  Plays: 534 | Saves: 3319
  Influences: Prince , Michael Jackson,...
Artist info

Royal One wrote and composed my first song with my cousin Bass Line at age 12. took music/ band /choir /drum and dance peformed in talent shows all through my school year's. formed my first group future dream been in several groups and bands...

#5 Unsigned Artist Tony Roberts
Tony Roberts (Holyhead, Wales)
  Plays: 92 | Saves: 146
  Members: Tony Roberts,David Wrench
Artist info

http://www.tonyroberts-music.com Tony Roberts is a solo recording artist who has been writing evocative social commentaries for several years, leading to...

#6 Joseph C. Bennett
Joseph C. Bennett (USA)
Artist info

TalentRaters is an executive search for new, emerging, professional, and celebrity, artists, performers, entertainers top rock bands across the world.

#7 Unsigned Artist jeff Woodall
jeff Woodall (Dunstable, UK)
  Plays: 502
  Influences: Moby
Artist info

Jeff has written eight albums since 2002. The most recent 'Free Diving' was released in November 2007. Much of his material is electronic chill out and fits into the TV accompaniment genre. Uplifting and full of emotion well worth a listen. Four...

#8 The Eclectic
The Eclectic (Dublin, Ireland)
  Plays: 194 | Saves: 806
  Members: Kev, The Liam, Mick, Ste,...
Artist info

Www.theeclecticsound.com www.myspace.com/theeclecticsound http://theeclecticsound.bebo.com http://theeclecticsound1.bebo.com www.purevolume.com/theeclecticsound www.audiri.com/theeclecticsound www.numberonemusic.com/theeclectic...

#9 Unsigned Artist Atrophy
  Plays: 655 | Saves: 2283
No artist info

#10 Johnny mack
Johnny mack
  Plays: 5243 | Saves: 7089
  Influences: Braveheart
Artist info

Hi I'm a music student from Scotland. I have only been playing piano for about 3 or 4 years I am currently working my way through my exams and experimenting with writing music in my spare time. Here are just some of the pieces I have...