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#1 Unsigned Artist The Banzai Kid
The Banzai Kid (Ipswich, Suffolk, England)
  Influences: A young Neil Young, Kurt...
  Members: The Banzai Kid
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"It's not the way I planned" The Banzai Kid started out making stupid songs on a little tape recorder with his brother and his friends and eventually as he got older felt the urge to actually form a proper band. Every single band that he...

#2 151 Feva Gang
151 Feva Gang (East Orange, Newark,...)
  Plays: 1822 | Saves: 3606
  Influences: New Jersey, Throwed, DJ...
  Members: Killa Kherk Cobain, Black...
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151 Feva Gang ... the New Face of New Jersey! Leaders of The "New" Jersey Movement .... Originators of The "Screw" Jersey Movement .... and certified as the regions #1 unsigned artists: 151 Feva Gang has independently etched their way into the NJ...

#3 Unsigned Artist Blonde Afro
Blonde Afro (New York)
  Plays: 139 | Saves: 2353
  Influences: Beck, Sufjan Stevens,...
  Members: Rick McAlister
Artist info

I'm a composer and songwriter who works in a wide range of styles, from jazz to rock to classical. I'm trying to be Beck, Dizzy Gillespie, Moby, and Tchaikovsky all rolled into one person. The new album, Troubleshoot The Moon, features a blend...

#4 Scapegoat
Scapegoat (Surheim, Germany)
  Plays: 53
  Influences: Melodic progressive rock
  Members: Christian Schützenhuber,...
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Scapegoat are Christian Schützenhuber, Peter Schützenhuber, Reinhold Schlager. Formed in 1993 the band has produced and released 11 albums and played several concerts in Germany and Austria. The latest album "Nonconformity" is available online...

#5 Unsigned Artist ZoeWilbur
ZoeWilbur (United States)
  Members: ZoeWilbur
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Other than the tourism advertising and advertising and UAE has few telecom majors and product manufacturers. These written tasks are consequently termed as a venture. In the case Assignment Help ...

#6 Rey Varela
Rey Varela (San Bernardino, Ca)
  Plays: 390 | Saves: 1869
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I began banging on pots and pans when I was about three and the shortly afterwards I wrote my first opera......But seriously, I used to sing over classical music on the radio and record them on my mums tabletop cassette recorder. Later at about...

#7 Unsigned Artist Silent Rites
Silent Rites (Sweden)
  Plays: 147
  Influences: Queensryche, DIO
Artist info

Silent Rites is a fusion that was created in a virtual world and the great vision was simple; to write music that we both like. It took one and a half years before we even met in reality. During that time we prepared the ground by trying different...

#8 GreezLy
GreezLy (Toronto)
  Members: 3
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Intriga
Intriga (Helsinki)
  Plays: 1613 | Saves: 2796
  Influences: Infected mushroom,...
  Members: Intriga
Artist info

A young electronic musician from Finland, who started to compose and produce music in the summer of 98, and has been at it ever since and will be as long as he can hear. The music consists mostly of psytrance, hiphop and ambient, its very...

#10 James Oakwood
James Oakwood (Midlands UK, Burton on...)
  Plays: 90892 | Saves: 22222
  Influences: Various
  Members: Just me
Artist info

I've been producing music since early 2006 and the bottom three songs on the list are from 2006. 2007 has been good; critically acclaimed songs and radio appearances have kept me motivated. I continue to create music because that's what I like doing.