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#1 Unsigned Artist ILLAZIAM!
ILLAZIAM! (chicago)
  Influences: Pantoola Head
  Members: jay powe, steve gaede, ed...
No artist info

#2 Butterfly Cocktail
Butterfly Cocktail (Longmont, CO)
  Plays: 442 | Saves: 1224
  Influences: U2, Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay
  Members: Kami, Chris, Jim, and Eric
Artist info

We are an original indie melodic rock band from Colorado. Our sound has been described as "Sarah McLachlan singing with U2." Check out our website for lots more!

#3 Unsigned Artist Wienerslave
Wienerslave (Ann Arbor, MI)
  Plays: 273 | Saves: 1242
  Influences: generic 80's metal
Artist info

"wienerslave is durgenschville..." Wienerslave is a fictitious German metal band who's focus is songs about homosexual sex-slaves... This is by far the worst idea for a band ever, which is why we had to do it. Hopefully you will enjoy the...

#4 celiac
  Plays: 132
Artist info

Rick Abbott (Moon Car) - Programming, composition Brad Clymer - Vocals, trumpet, composition Patrick Schmitt - Guitar, composition Celiac is not so much a band as it is a of cyber-interaction between Rick Abbott (Moon Car) and Brad...

#5 Unsigned Artist The dark Side of the World
The dark Side of the World (Prosper TX)
  Plays: 89533 | Saves: 18706
  Influences: Nothing you have ever heard...
  Members: Ryan Feeback
Artist info

We are a Techno Rock/Metal Band. Most techno bands dont have lyrics. Not us we have lyrics on most of our songs and Alot of them have political, Religious, or other Darker themes to them. However we are not all Gloom And Doom. Songs Like Techno...

#6 DDT
  Influences: we sound like DDT (do the...
Artist info

Q - Oakland CA Damage - Chicago Tre - Cleveland we linked up and started makin hot music...for more info look out for our site soon

#7 Unsigned Artist Lead Based Toys
Lead Based Toys
  Plays: 220 | Saves: 453
Artist info

We all got turned into puppets, but we still like to make original jams (not the kind you eat). We have also been known as 'Blind Mice' and merged w/ 'Paper Tiger Trails'.

#8 DJ March
DJ March
  Influences: Unkle, Fatboy Slim
Artist info

Music producer and music video director from the UK

#9 Unsigned Artist Peter Doughty
Peter Doughty (Springfield, MO)
  Influences: Me
Artist info

Hi my names Peter. Well im 26, and basicaly mad about music... I love writing lyrics and songs on the gituar, so I thought I would put a couple up, in the hope someone might like to collaberate as i fill the singing roll much better...lol...

#10 The Amundruds
The Amundruds (Lloydminster, SK Canada)
  Plays: 955
  Members: Glen, Linda, Gary, Daryl,...
Artist info

Blending great Gospel music with Christian family values, the Amundruds continue to share the love of Jesus wherever they go. Amid our daily struggles and trials, it is reassuring to be reminded of the hope we have in Jesus. The group is made...