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#1 Unsigned Artist A#Sharp
A#Sharp (Southern New Jersey)
  Plays: 2836 | Saves: 1489
  Influences: Kanye West, Havoc of Mobb...
  Members: Akil Sharp
Artist info

asharp.org - "Welcome to the website of: A#Sharp" akilsharp.com - The...

DOUBLES (Kingston NY)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 418
  Influences: Rap
Artist info

28 yrs old Been rapping for 12 yrs Been On Radio,Public TV Have A Music Video I just rap cause it free's my mind and I spit lyrics that are truth about my life

#3 Unsigned Artist Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson
  Plays: 1365 | Saves: 1756
No artist info

#4 Venice Queen
Venice Queen (Vancouver)
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#5 Unsigned Artist Roads
Roads (Battle Ground WA)
  Plays: 113 | Saves: 697
  Influences: Death Cab For Cute,...
  Members: Ian Vidovic
No artist info

#6 Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.)
Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.) (Long Island, NY)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 226
  Influences: Flyleaf, Evanescense,...
  Members: Cyrille Robes (Vocals),...
Artist info

Leaving audiences in a state of euphoria and awe with their vibrant and haunting vocals and hard-hittingfrenetic chords, Striving In Greater Hopes, better known as S.i.G.H., breaks out of their Long Island enclave into the Tri-State area's...

#7 Unsigned Artist Forgive not Forget
Forgive not Forget (Denver, CO)
  Plays: 424 | Saves: 610
  Influences: Dashboard Confessional,...
  Members: Bill Price
Artist info

Forgive not Forget is an acoustic folk project with some emo influences. People compare us to Bright Eyes and Dashboard Confessional, but our music is more versatile and less ummm...emo. Our songs are very lo-fi and stripped down, but very...

#8 John Sophy
John Sophy (PA)
  Plays: 245 | Saves: 397
  Influences: ThE Beatles, Sweet, The...
Artist info

My name is John Sophy. I am a singer songwriter that has been writing songs for over twenty years. I would generally sing melodies into a tape recorder and come up with the lyrics to hold onto the melodies. I could never play an instrument so I...

#9 Unsigned Artist shawnp
shawnp (hempstead)
  Plays: 364 | Saves: 324
  Members: shawn p
No artist info

#10 Heather & Ronnie Gibson
Heather & Ronnie Gibson (Middletown, Ohio)
  Plays: 398 | Saves: 352
  Influences: The Beatles, Elvis, Neil...
Artist info

Ronnie and Heather Whitley Gibson have been married for over two years now. They have been writing songs since the day they met. Heather writes the lyrics, and Ronnie writes the music. Both are involved in every ...