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#1 Unsigned Artist THE POULSONS
  Plays: 57 | Saves: 1270
  Influences: iggi pop,new york dolls.
  Members: dylus,gizmo,fred,clint,jayc...
Artist info

Raw,Aggressive,punky,grungy,cool,THE POULSONS are an alternative band from Leeds uk,who mix synth, punk and hard rock ...

#2 DJ Glazure
DJ Glazure (Newcastle, Australia)
  Plays: 5424 | Saves: 2930
  Influences: DJ Neophyte, Angerfist, Art...
  Members: Joshua,
Artist info

DJ Glazure, aged 15 & in year 10. Started to make songs in 2008, Uses the program FL Studio to mix, make songs. Email: azure_glade57@hotmail.com Myspace Site: http://www.myspace.com/djglazure 'If anyone is better than me at graphics for...

#3 Unsigned Artist ASHES
  Plays: 1662 | Saves: 1816
  Influences: 3 Doors Down, Foo Fighters,...
  Members: Jon Ranger, Sid Mayeda, Sam...
Artist info

From Southern California’s sunny and hot Bakersfield, Ashes has made their debut. Forming in the later part of 2000 they have accomplished some major goals and steps in solidifying their reputation as a professional, solid, rock band. Touring...

#4 PBS PunkRockGarage
PBS PunkRockGarage (Mexico)
  Plays: 1046 | Saves: 4266
  Influences: Mexican PunkRockGarage
  Members: Cezos-Zigue-Memo
Artist info

Play to **** Sound is a DIY PunkRockGarage band was founded in Tultepec, Mexico in 2005.

#5 Unsigned Artist Phosphorus
Phosphorus (Quebec, Quebec)
  Plays: 620 | Saves: 2363
  Influences: Metal
Artist info

Metal influenced by the pioneers of the genre! For contact, trade, purchase, whatever : phosphorusqc@myspace.com

#6 brian taylor 1
brian taylor 1 (seattle washington usa)
  Plays: 13 | Saves: 727
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Garry
Garry (35 Ivor place, lower...)
Artist info

I am a Content writer at musconv.com.

#8 GoRe
GoRe (Bronx, New York)
  Plays: 520
  Influences: Hip Hop Beatz
  Members: Just Me
Artist info

Just Another Young Producer Tryna Make It So Just Check My Beatz Out & Tell Me Wat U Think. HOLLA

#9 Unsigned Artist Southside Of Nowhere
Southside Of Nowhere (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 148 | Saves: 417
Artist info

We are a metal quartet formed in late 2004. We have played a couple of local venues and are hoping to go to bigger and better things. Altough we are primarily metal we do have a mellower side also.

#10 Scooby B.
Scooby B. (Toledo,Ohio)
  Plays: 394 | Saves: 881
  Influences: Rap/Gangster Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B
No artist info