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#1 Unsigned Artist TD LUCIANO
  Plays: 505 | Saves: 592
  Influences: boosie, plies, yo gotti,...
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#2 The Overtone Band
The Overtone Band (England)
  Plays: 963 | Saves: 2615
  Influences: Classic and Modern Rock
  Members: James Neil Dan Jim
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Bournemouth, England based band who love to Rock, we have been together for over a year and enjoy what we do, Our music is our mix of foo fighters, audioslave, chilis, led zepplin, smashing pumpkins, the edgar winter band, black sabbeth.

#3 Unsigned Artist Dj Quizmaster
Dj Quizmaster (Olympia, Wa)
  Members: Michael O'Leary
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#4 For All You Know
For All You Know (Louisville, Ky)
  Plays: 1177 | Saves: 2357
  Influences: Iwretstledabearonce, I...
  Members: shon harper, josh mcdonald,...
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We are a Louisville deathgrind band with synth trying to mix things up to create a new sound we like to get crazy and make music that makes you want to punch someone.

#5 Unsigned Artist VARSITY REES
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Philadelphia native, Varsity Rees is the founder of VarsityLife. Varsity Rees graduated from Conestoga High School and went on to earn his Bachelors of Arts degree from Neumann University. Varsity Rees has had a passion for the stage and leaves...

#6 Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
Sweetmeat and the Silverfish (Nantucket Island)
  Plays: 412 | Saves: 1748
  Members: Michael Stefanski - guitar...
Artist info premium member

Sweetmeat and the Silverfish is Nantucket Island’s most exciting new rock band since Mountain! Island brothers Victor & Ben Ferrantella along with their cousin, Michael Stefanski and lifelong friend Chris Beamish are creating big waves...

#7 Unsigned Artist Brotha Jinx
Brotha Jinx
No artist info

#8 AyoNdiA
AyoNdiA (Phoenix, Arizona)
  Plays: 1798
  Influences: Unknown
  Members: Dominic Gavina, Brian Thomas
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Were from Phoenix AZ. U.S.A We need a Drummer!!!!!!!!

#9 Unsigned Artist Neutered Ninfos
Neutered Ninfos (305 Block)
  Influences: Rap
  Members: Lil Crispy, Lil Bean, Bacon...
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We are a group of white kid's that make funny rap song's for fun.

#10 Tony Alexander
Tony Alexander (South Orange, NJ)
  Plays: 424
  Members: Tony Alexander
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I am a professional composer/musician with credits in TV and radio as well as having composed music for a number of production music libraries. I write instrumental music in several of the electronic genres (non-dance) with acoustic elements. I...