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#1 Unsigned Artist HeiBen
HeiBen (Mexico City)
  Plays: 2022 | Saves: 2241
  Influences: Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren,...
  Members: Dj HeiBen
Artist info

HeiBen Nacio el 22 de noviembre de 1985 en la ciudad de Mexico cuyo nombre real es Manuel Torres Chavez. Es un Dj de Musica Trance/Electro/House y productor de los mismos generos, inicio su carrera a los 16 años tocando en fiestas y realizando...

#2 Udi Glaser
Udi Glaser (London)
  Influences: Acoustic, World,...
Artist info

Udi is an accomplished Guitarist, Educated Musician, Composer, and Experienced music Tutor. Originally from Israel and now based in London, Udi has dedicated his life to music, beginning with the guitar 17 years ago, and has since then gone on...

#3 Unsigned Artist Kal
  Plays: 192
No artist info

#4 relative
relative (Chicago, IL)
  Plays: 175 | Saves: 933
  Influences: At the Drive In, Mogwai,...
  Members: brian, mike
Artist info

Relative... A statement of humility based on a quest for knowledge. Beliefs, morals, right, wrong, the semantics of being... these are all culturally and socially relative. Different points of view are just that, different; which is to say we're...

#5 Unsigned Artist sayaconcept
sayaconcept (JAPAN)
  Plays: 96
Artist info

Mina:vocal/sanshin/violin daii/prog./drums/keyboards

SUICIDAL (Singapore, Asia)
  Plays: 402 | Saves: 1166
  Influences: EMPEROR, CRADLE OF FILTH,...
  Members: Dark Voxum (Rizal), Doom...
Artist info

SUICIDAL was formed in the year 2003 somewhere in January... It all began when Daemonic 666 Strings Awi named after the band SUICIDAL, and influenced to Black Metal. Dark Voxum IjaL (Rizal) and Doom Bazz EZ (Hifzie) and Death Battery Alif soon...

#7 Unsigned Artist Sworn to Secrecy
Sworn to Secrecy (Long Island)
  Plays: 93
  Influences: The Scene Aesthetic,...
  Members: Sarah Rose - Vocals, Brian...
Artist info

We are Sworn to Secrecy, an alternative pop, acoustic band from Long Island, NY. We’re just three people who met by chance one day on a bird watching expedition. We’ve been a band ever since.

#8 SouthernBoi Entertainment
SouthernBoi Entertainment (Mississippi)
  Plays: 264 | Saves: 1239
  Influences: eightball & mjg
  Members: "BigT" "Webb" "KD"
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Parazetamol
Parazetamol (Vaasa Finland)
  Plays: 210
  Members: Joacim Snåre,Petri...
Artist info

Parazetamol founded 2009 .Main point is to rock and have fun.All comments are very welcome.

#10 bionic gummy bears
bionic gummy bears (wales)
  Plays: 40
  Members: James Taylor, Will Grant,...
No artist info