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#1 Unsigned Artist FeatTone
FeatTone (Estonia, Märjamaa)
  Influences: Hollywood Undead,...
  Members: Kenneth Koch, Kristjan...
No artist info

#2 Graham Timbrell
Graham Timbrell (UK)
  Influences: Kitaro
  Members: Graham Timbrell
Artist info

Hope you enjoy the music! For more music by this artist, visit: http://www.soundclick.com/grahamtimbrell

#3 Unsigned Artist streetlab
streetlab (Brooklyn)
  Plays: 184 | Saves: 498
  Influences: chemical brothers
  Members: Mark Lamorg Ryan O'Leary
Artist info

Mark Lamorg and Ryan O'Leary began experimenting with music when they met in 1992. By the mid-90's, their intrigue for music had expanded and the two began the search for a style all their own. Merging the energy of electronic and rock music, the...

#4 Voodoo Brother
Voodoo Brother (Cleveland Ohio)
  Plays: 313 | Saves: 520
  Influences: Anything that sounds good...
  Members: 4
Artist info

The forefathers of Stoner Metal and Hard Rock formed their genres for one reason and one reason only – to pave a way for a band like Voodoo Brother to come along. From the tough streets of Cleveland, New York, and Parts Unknown, Voodoo Brother...

#5 Unsigned Artist UltimateFX
  Plays: 597 | Saves: 1719
  Influences: Shit I dont Know
Artist info

We are a Band that uses Few Vocals And A whole lot of sound effects and computer generated Instruments. Using Styrus and Plucked (Synth Generators) we create Instrument sounds No one has ever Heard. We want to Prove how easy it is to create...

#6 Dov Ben-Yakov
Dov Ben-Yakov (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  Plays: 934 | Saves: 3498
  Influences: ????
  Members: Cujo A. Hora
Artist info

Formed as a new project - I got a little tired of the lack of creative freedom within trance and progressive music. so this is my way of getting some ideas out, and maybe be able to continue making trance.

#7 Unsigned Artist Kal
  Plays: 192
No artist info

#8 Antoine Don
Antoine Don (Dallas, TX)
  Influences: Chick Corea, Michael...
  Members: Antoine Don
Artist info

Antoine Don’s music packs everything from earth-shaking 808’s, dynamic & rich electric guitars, and eccentric sound effects, to lush piano melodies and pumping synth leads. Antoine Don is a Texas based music producer, guitarist, DJ, and audio...

DEFUNCSYNC VARIOUS (United Kingdom,...)
  Plays: 769 | Saves: 3075
  Influences: Industrial/Elektronika/Ambi...
  Members: 6 team members of d.i.y...
Artist info

Defuncsync Recordings Was Established By Edward C. Of MARLINSPIKE (http://myspace.com/ekipsnilram) and Jaques Of BlankRapeTapes (http://myspace.com/blankrapetapes), This Is Their Second Projects After The Fall Of XDR And Consist Of So Many Team...

MARK DANIEL UNCLE (Millville New Jersey)
  Plays: 1146 | Saves: 1179
  Influences: Beatles
  Members: music59
Artist info

I sing,play guitar,keyboard and bass. Music teacher (song writer). I wrote this song. Hold On to your Dream I have two songs for sale on Itunes and most other music download stores just type in Mark Daniel Uncle. If you need guitar lessons go...