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#1 Unsigned Artist Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison (Ohio, US)
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#2 The Foreboding
The Foreboding (Japan)
  Plays: 3315 | Saves: 2913
  Influences: Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen,...
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Chilled out mellow stuff for life's walking wounded: me, my dusty old guitar and a little help from Reason. Nine-track CD now available from my store page.

#3 Unsigned Artist Denisse Sangiovanni
Denisse Sangiovanni (West Hollywood,...)
  Plays: 2309
  Influences: Mazzy Star, Fiona Apple,...
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Denisse Sangiovanni is an Italian/Dominican singer/songwriter born in Dominican Republic and raised in the highly cultural domains of Miami, Florida. Her style is contemporary folk, and her lyrics contain a level of maturity and enlightenment that...

#4 Billy Cash Beats Entertainment
Billy Cash Beats Entertainment (Albuquerque, NM)
  Plays: 2051
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My name is Billy Cash and im from Cleveland, Ohio born and raised. I live in Albuquerque,NM and this is where i found my true love to start making music. After recieving my first felony i was black balled from the corporate world which gave me an...

#5 Unsigned Artist Beauty And The Beast
Beauty And The Beast (Shaolin Temple New...)
  Plays: 142 | Saves: 417
  Influences: No Other
  Members: Misled N Cypha Omni
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The Devil Fucked The Virgin Mary & The Evilest Crookedest Bitch Became Of It - Then Sipped It With A Cup Of Virgin Blood Mixed With 151 & The Flow & Graciousness Of The Omni Was Born Into Storms Of Hail! ...

#6 Yung P
Yung P
  Plays: 101 | Saves: 590
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I write and record in my own home

#7 Unsigned Artist My Final Hour
My Final Hour (Brisbane, Australia)
  Influences: Killswitch Enguage meets I...
  Members: Jake, Allan, Joe, Brad, Les
Artist info

My Final Hour begun in Febuary 2005 from the ashes of ImpressIonIsm, veteran Brisbane metal outfit. My Final hour's sound is made up of various metal bassed infulences such as the hardcore sounds of I Killed the Prom Queen, Killswitch Engauge, The...

#8 Shattered Core
Shattered Core (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  Plays: 738 | Saves: 1769
  Members: NEVADA...vox...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist The Tennessee Revenge Club
The Tennessee Revenge Club (Burlington Ontario)
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Dan Irvine, Davey Knight,...
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Bursting onto the alternative rock scene with Love by the Litre, The Tennessee Revenge Club (TTRC) introduces audiences to a passionate single that thrashes with every chord. The first offering from the Burlington quartet clearly...

#10 raVen
raVen (ESVA)
  Plays: 227 | Saves: 3462
  Influences: Experimental Noise/Gothic
Artist info

RaVen is a bass guitarist from Virginia, who while getting tired of forming a band, took his music into his own hands and recorded an experimental noise demo. As time goes on, he is perfecting his technique and playing style, and is adding more...