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#1 Unsigned Artist No Angel
No Angel
  Plays: 140 | Saves: 489
  Influences: Alternative
No artist info

#2 From Idle Hands
From Idle Hands (Manning S.C.)
  Plays: 38
  Members: Chris, Korey, Payne, Ken...
Artist info

Manning Murder Metal at its finest. Check us out.

#3 Unsigned Artist Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.)
Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.) (Long Island, NY)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 192
  Influences: Flyleaf, Evanescense,...
  Members: Cyrille Robes (Vocals),...
Artist info

Leaving audiences in a state of euphoria and awe with their vibrant and haunting vocals and hard-hittingfrenetic chords, Striving In Greater Hopes, better known as S.i.G.H., breaks out of their Long Island enclave into the Tri-State area's...

#4 New Killer Shoes
New Killer Shoes (Redditch in Worcester,...)
  Influences: Rock n Roll
  Members: Jon Kings, Ryan Kings, Ben...
Artist info

NEW KILLER SHOES - an energetic Grit-Pop band, The music is a fusion of 90's Grunge, Pop, Punk & Indie Rock with a dash of Ska added to make a provocative cocktail for today's discerning music lovers. New Killer Shoes are currently mixing...

#5 Unsigned Artist Timo Kinnunen One Man Band
Timo Kinnunen One Man Band (Finland, Kuopio)
  Plays: 274 | Saves: 1288
  Members: Timo Kinnunen
Artist info

I am a lonely, poorsome one man band from Finland - from the land of Nokia and Kalevala

#6 The Charlotte Effect
The Charlotte Effect (North Devon)
  Plays: 244 | Saves: 401
  Influences: 80's rock
  Members: John Paul Butterworth...
Artist info

The Charlotte Effect born in summer 2006.A modern approach to rock guitar with a mixture of modern technology(in fact quite a lot!!)A mixture of styles but trying to find its own sound and its getting there(slowly)....

#7 Unsigned Artist Writers Edge
Writers Edge (Borås, Sweden)
  Plays: 191 | Saves: 1167
  Members: Dan
Artist info

Writers Edge began as a simple lyrics project, where Daniel started out with making his own versions of other artists songs. Often they ended up pretty shabby but the joy has always been there. Now days he's on the run with his own music and more...

#8 Alleyway Sex
Alleyway Sex (Champaign / Urbana /...)
  Plays: 558 | Saves: 2285
  Influences: Choking Victim, I Object!,...
  Members: Church, Useless, Rymack,...
Artist info

Alleyway Sex is an 8 piece ska-core band staight outta the midwest. We love many types of music and hope our music expresses that. We also love playing shows and getting crazy. If you'd like to book us hit us up on myspace or an e-mail at...

#9 Unsigned Artist Miss Penny Laine
Miss Penny Laine (Cathcart, Glasgow,...)
  Plays: 226 | Saves: 111
  Influences: Pop/electronica, avante garde
Artist info

Miss Penny Laine was the fourth member to join the fabulous outfit that are 'The Vodka Systems'. She reports regularly for the blog site 'The Schlager Systems' and is proving to be a hit in her own right. Here we find Miss Penny Laine backed by...

#10 Shadow Aspect
Shadow Aspect (Sittingbourne/Medway)
  Plays: 227 | Saves: 735
  Influences: Pantera, White Zombie,...
  Members: Grant Simpson - Vocals,...
Artist info

Shadow Aspect started out in January 2001 under the name Down to None, with bassist Robb Webb (Six Stage Suicide, In the mind of Henry Holmes). After about 9 months drummer Aaron Phillips fled England for a life in Wales, then returning some 2...