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#1 Unsigned Artist Transgressor
Transgressor (New Jersey, USA)
  Plays: 76 | Saves: 747
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New Album "Holy Ride" Coming out on April 1, 2008 on Dreamatic Records.

#2 MTGD Productions
MTGD Productions
  Plays: 170 | Saves: 754
  Influences: hiphop rap rnb pop club
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Http://www.chaoticmelody.com www.chaoticmelody.com Hip hop Beats, Rap, Rnb, Club, Pop, Dance,Rap Beats and Instrumentals for sale.Free beat Downloads available!Industry Hiphop Beats All Genres!!TV/Film/Advertising/Movies/Industry.Professional...

#3 Unsigned Artist JAZAN WILD
  Plays: 150
  Influences: Jungle Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jazan Wild's Carnival Of Souls Launched Halloween 2005 Markosia Music released Jazan Wild's Carnival Of Souls debut album on October 29Th 2005 simultaneously with the first issue of a comic book bi-monthly series also entitled Jazan Wild's...

#4 sean maru
sean maru (AFRICA: Algeria)
  Plays: 185
  Influences: aesop rock, el-p, Jedi Mind...
  Members: sean maru
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I make Hip Hop beats and instrumentals for fun and (occasionally) profit. I have been making tracks for over 10 years. I have all of the usual influences for a producer my age (Premier, RZA, etc.) but I also like producers such as Blockhead, RJD2,...

#5 Unsigned Artist A Rite of Passage
A Rite of Passage (Tampa, FL)
  Plays: 621 | Saves: 732
No artist info

#6 Lives Of The Deceived
Lives Of The Deceived (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 342 | Saves: 2074
  Influences: ...Looking for some input.
  Members: David Sambola Jr-...
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This profile is underconstuction. Lives Of The Deceived is doing some updates with a few new mebers. The songs you are hearing were created by David Sambola Jr.

#7 Unsigned Artist AnsyA
AnsyA (Italy)
  Influences: Infected Mushroom, The...
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Top Secret

  Members: intentionally blank
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#9 Unsigned Artist 21 Shadows
21 Shadows (Linden, PA)
  Members: Clay, Ben, Paul, Chris, Mike
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21 Shadows is a five piece Metal Rock band from Linden Pennsylvania. The group consists of Paul on vocals, Chris on lead guitar, Clay on rhythm guitar, Mike on bass, and Ben on drums. Demo should be out within 2-3 months.

#10 skullcakes
  Plays: 422 | Saves: 2733
No artist info