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#1 Unsigned Artist analog bombs
analog bombs (Sunny Bradford)
  Plays: 46 | Saves: 384
  Influences: beer, fighting, ska, Bradford
  Members: Ben, Jonny, Matt, Danny,...
Artist info

If you had a time machine what would you do with it? The fact we’re still speaking English and the zombie holocaust has not taken place yet proves that analog bombs did the right thing with theirs. Coming all the way from some pub in the north...

#2 Schnarf
Schnarf (Leeds, UK)
  Plays: 507 | Saves: 1460
  Influences: Lots of different styles...
  Members: Mark
Artist info

Schnarf is a shy retiring creature born with a love of music. He lives in Leeds and would like to hear from other musicians or labels that would be interested in working with him. Schnarf has been making music since he was high enough to reach...

#3 Unsigned Artist Pure Red Iguanas
Pure Red Iguanas (Glasgow, UK)
  Plays: 1373 | Saves: 3323
  Influences: Nothing and everything
  Members: John Hendry,Billy Clews,...
Artist info

From the burning embers of sweet youth came forth an Iguana, and it was red, and it was pure.

#4 Full Net
Full Net (Marietta, GA USA)
  Plays: 127
  Influences: Green Day, Blink-182, The...
  Members: Davis Henry (Lead...
Artist info

Full Net was started by Davis Henry (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Craigan Hogeland (Vocals/Bass), and Clay Trimmer (Drums) in 2009 in the bustling town of Marietta, Georgia in the bustling garage of Davis Henry. Influenced by acts such as Green Day,...

#5 Unsigned Artist NeonNoah
NeonNoah (Summit Hill, PA)
  Plays: 25 | Saves: 371
  Influences: BrokeNCYDE, DotDotCurve,...
  Members: Noah Krynock
Artist info

I am a 18 year old artist looking for a record label and other band members to help my dream come true! I am a dedicated musician at heart.

#6 The Crash Harder
The Crash Harder (Central Illinois)
  Influences: green day, newer blink 182,...
  Members: Guitar/vox-Patrick...
Artist info

We just finished our debut CD "Viva Lost Wages" which was recorded in Seattle by a man named Jack Endino, who has recorded/produced many well known artists such as Nirvana, Hole, Hot Hot Heat, etc. We are very proud of the Cd and love how it...

#7 Unsigned Artist Charles Von Vitic
Charles Von Vitic (colorado)
  Influences: cancerous lichens know to...
  Members: Charles Von Vitic
Artist info

Charles Vitic is best described as an excentric madman hellbent on warping the nations eardrums with his wild scraping and wretching. Completely autonomous in his artistic doodling everything recorded is the product of one sad deluded man and his...

#8 Theodore Kalantzakos
Theodore Kalantzakos (Athens, Greece)
  Plays: 129
  Influences: Greg Howe, Alan Holdsworth,...
  Members: Theodore Kalantzakos...
Artist info

Theodore Kalantzakos is a professional electric guitar player and a registered RGT tutor (Thames Valley University, London College of Music). He teaches in the Art Music School Fakanas and is Official member of the Greek Guitar Power team,...

#9 Unsigned Artist rello
  Plays: 16
  Members: Rello and Ledd
Artist info

My website www.wespitrecords.wix.com/spit hit us up.

#10 Royal One
Royal One (Washington)
  Plays: 534 | Saves: 3452
  Influences: Prince , Michael Jackson,...
Artist info

Royal One wrote and composed my first song with my cousin Bass Line at age 12. took music/ band /choir /drum and dance peformed in talent shows all through my school year's. formed my first group future dream been in several groups and bands...