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#1 Unsigned Artist WisdomProductions
No artist info

#2 EYE
EYE (Australia)
  Influences: Australian Industrial...
  Members: left eye, right eye, third eye
Artist info

www.EyeMusic.info : : : EYE's music has received international radio airplay & very extensive radio play across Australia including on the coveted daily playlist of national radio station...

#3 Unsigned Artist Lyrikal Ninja
Lyrikal Ninja (L.A.)
  Influences: My mom
  Members: Lyrikal Ninja
Artist info

#4 Shimmer
Shimmer (Glasgow, UK)
  Plays: 1613 | Saves: 1557
  Influences: A cat being strangled
  Members: Peter Anderson
Artist info

One man electronic outfit based in Glasgow. I use software exclusively, for financial reasons. I also have a page at Soundclick.com

#5 Unsigned Artist Eternally Damaged
Eternally Damaged (Wabash, IN)
  Plays: 2298 | Saves: 2610
  Influences: New Age
  Members: Jen Yohe, Candice Whitmer,...
Artist info

Eternally Damaged is a mix of computer-generated New Age and soft rock music combined with the beautiful voices of their two vocalists—Candice and Amanda. Jen composes the music and manages the band, while Jeff and the rest of the band are all...

#6 Hit the Ground Running
Hit the Ground Running (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  Plays: 233 | Saves: 534
  Influences: Pop Rock
  Members: Dan Lindahl, Stefan...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Crazy Ivan
Crazy Ivan
  Plays: 368 | Saves: 1122
No artist info

#8 Blind Mime Ensemble
Blind Mime Ensemble (Salt Lake City)
  Plays: 1834 | Saves: 2009
  Members: Bryan Baker
Artist info

Blind Mime Ensemble is the home studio recording project of Bryan Baker who is probably best known as the publisher of GAJOOB.com. BME recordings range from acid to rock. The Blind Mime favors playing drums, guitars, pianos, and singing over...

#9 Unsigned Artist NIAM
  Plays: 759 | Saves: 756
  Members: NIAM
Artist info

Raised in the Bronx, Niam was raised amid the roots of the Hip Hop culture and instantly took an interest in it. Though Niam had a love of music his entire life, his experience in the music industry did not begin until he attained an internship...

#10 Lodestone Band
Lodestone Band (Bath (UK))
  Plays: 124 | Saves: 640
Artist info

Formed in the winter of 2003/4, Lodestone was originally a two piece acoustic duo made up of Chris and Marcel. Most of that winter was spent writing and rehearsing songs in Marcels living room, trying to catch the acoustic feel they both knew they...