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#1 Unsigned Artist Breaking Reality
Breaking Reality (Philadelphia PA)
  Members: Michael Hudson; Terry...
No artist info

#2 Serge Bethsaleel
Serge Bethsaleel
  Plays: 53 | Saves: 708
Artist info

Serge Bethsaleel est un Chantre-Evangéliste Burkinabé, à l’état civil il se nomme SAWADOGO Serge Eric. Il est Ingénieur Génie civil de profession et Fils spirituel du Révérend Mamadou Philippe Karambiri .Deuxième d’une famille de...

#3 Unsigned Artist Exempla Traunt
Exempla Traunt (Roma)
  Members: Martha Mels, Daniel, Mark,...
Artist info

The band was born as a rock project from the meeting of Martha Mels, Lucian, Carl and Mark. In 2003, Exempla Traunt began to deepen the sound research, to plan the style that characterizes them, and to conceive a rock that is technological....

#4 Ragnar
  Plays: 2573 | Saves: 3034
Artist info

Ragnar is a self motivated Black Metal project of mine.I had no assistance on making my music and the thoughts there in are mine and mine alone.Enjoy this rare treat of Black Metal. Toki-

#5 Unsigned Artist Christopher Scum
Christopher Scum (Tennessee)
  Plays: 1083 | Saves: 1534
  Influences: A Truck, a midnight train,...
  Members: Christopher Scum
Artist info

Fifty Acres of Pain http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?item=10035 Im not even gonna get on here with a...

#6 Prisoners of Democracy
Prisoners of Democracy (Dhaka, Bangladesh.)
  Influences: Speed/Power Metal
  Members: Kushol - Drums, Sami -...
Artist info

Four crazy boys, who wanted to say something about their beloved country “BANGLADESH” and about their personal struggles, started this band so that they can express their feelings towards the country through music. With the help of Sumon bhai...

#7 Unsigned Artist Forgotten Faces
Forgotten Faces (las vegas)
  Plays: 19 | Saves: 136
  Members: frank coletta,tim holt,tom...
No artist info

#8 Ray Kepel
Ray Kepel (Heaven)
  Plays: 1110 | Saves: 2036
  Influences: Jazz, Hawaiian, Country,...
  Members: Ken Landry
Artist info

Ray Kepel passed away in Sept 1990. He was by far the most talented musician I had ever worked with. He played bass, drums and guitar with nearly equal mastery. He left this Earth too soon but he managed to get some of his tunes on tape. I still...

#9 Unsigned Artist IronKnee
IronKnee (Oahu, Hi)
  Plays: 109 | Saves: 299
  Members: Solo
Artist info

Just a working guy, finding time to write my song.

#10 Zoro Productionz
Zoro Productionz (LDOUBLEEDS)
  Influences: Dunkno Realli
Artist info

Wagwarn all ma fanz jus makiin musiic and goin skwl init,,im 12 years old and im MAKIN HIP HOP,BASSLINE AND DUBSTEP FAM!! Gyal and Mandem hu want ma facebook or msn,,Facbook:Izzy 'Critical' Badmon,,Msn:izzyindacluby3_@hotmail.co.uk,, My Albumz...