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Two best upright vacuum by Shark you should purchase for your house

Shark is famous for a variety of vacuum cleaners. Customers have many different options: from upright vacuum to canister, robots, bagged or bagless vacuums..In our article below, we are pleased to recommend you two best upright vacuum by Shark: Shark Vertex and Shark NV360. Hope that they meets your needs.

Shark Vertex upright vacuum cleaner

Shark Vertex is one of the upright vacuum cleaner on the list of best-selling. If you have pet in house and are tired of clearing pet hair, Shark Vertex is a good choice. What makes this vacuum model by Shark the best vacuum cleaner?


Here are Shark Vertex advantages:

+ Its suction power is powerful. It is easy to clean on both hard floors and carpets.

+ HEPA filters are equipped, so Shark Vertex clean every surface effectively.

+ No hair or pet hair after cleaning by this vacuum mode because it uses DuoClean power – the latest technology of Shark. Vertex vacuum is equipped with two rollers so that sucking up and picking more dust and dirt.

+ Easy to use and push around to clean.

+ Power’s lift- away mode of this vacuum allows you to solve problem with pet hair.

+ You get into small and tight spaces with a nimble cleaner and hose.

Many customers gave Shark Vertex good reviews. They are satisfied with these products. They save money and save time when using this vacuum.

Shark navigator lift-away deluxe Nv360 upright vacuum

+ Through Shark Navigator NV360 reviews, this product by Shark are chosen by many customers because of its impressive key features.

+ You can clean hard floor, furniture, carpets with this Shark vacuum model Nv360. It has a powerful brush, so it is easy to pick something like pet hair up.

+ When it operates, it is not too loud. Although it is not quite, the noise made by this vacuum doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. This vacuum model’s noise is just about average.

+ Shark navigator Nv360 is the same as Shark Vertex when it comes to the ease of use. With three filters, four main tools, and two modes included Upright and Lift- away, this Shark’s vacuum allows you to clean even hard-to-reach corners besides floors and carpets.

+ Swivel steering is an outstanding feature of Shark Nv360. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on cleaning tasks. This technology is the best for cleaning around furniture in your house.

+ One more Shark 360 vacuum’s advantage is the big dust cup. Its capacity is about 1.2 dry quarts. Its dust cup allows to contain more dust, dirt and doesn’t need to stop for empty while cleaning.

+ Like Shark Vertex, Shark vacuum Nv360 is equipped with a HEPA filter. Therefore, its efficiency increases. Using this vacuum can ensure the better air quality in your house.


Both Shark Vertex and Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 are on the list of the best-rated vacuum cleaners. They are typical upright vacuums. But they are equipped with more useful features. Thanks to their performance and efficiency, these two vacuums are more and more popular on the market.