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#1 Unsigned Artist h3 NO DUB
  Plays: 241 | Saves: 987
Artist info

NOME COMPLETO : H3 NO DUB : EXPERIMENTAL WHITE NOISE - La band, nata dalle costole di un'altro gruppo elettronico, i Killing M.A.T.E.R.I.A. , riprende le tematiche tanto care ad Autechre, Aphex Twin (e perche' no, The Chemical Brothers)...

#2 cucosolapas
cucosolapas (sweden)
  Plays: 127 | Saves: 934
  Influences: me
  Members: just me
Artist info

Recording songs experimental, pop, alternative. Inspired in life and love, in pain and joyness. Mexican... www.myspace.com/cucosolapas cucosolapas@gmail.com

#3 Unsigned Artist Pello Revolvers
Pello Revolvers (Uppsala/Stockholm Sweden)
  Plays: 1167 | Saves: 1656
  Influences: Leonard Cohen, The Clash,...
  Members: Hans-Erik Kangasharju +...
Artist info

Official website: http://pellorevolvers.wordpress.com Pello Revolvers is synonymous with guitarist, singer and songwriter Hasse Kangasharju, with the...

#4 Joe Mersch and Dwayne McCobb
Joe Mersch and Dwayne McCobb (Escondido, CA)
  Plays: 984
  Influences: T Bone Burnett, Crowded...
  Members: Joe Mersch, Dwayne McCobb
Artist info

Joe has been part of the San Diego acoustic scene for some years and has recorded several projects with help from Janet Curci, Dwayne McCobb, and Jim Earp. Joe and Dwayne have recently started gigging as a duo around southern California.

#5 Unsigned Artist The Dogs
The Dogs (ASIA: Thailand)
  Plays: 831 | Saves: 1
  Influences: While there are echoes of...
  Members: Tim - Lead Guitar/ Vocals...
Artist info

The Dogs have been cranking up the music scene in Bangkok for a number of years. In a city that is dominated by cover bands, The Dogs offer a refreshing alternative with their music. The band boast a rich sound with two guitarists, bass,...

#6 Taj
Taj (Anchorage)
  Plays: 149
  Influences: Beyonce, MIchael Jackson,...
  Members: Taj
Artist info

Who is Taj? Taj is the next big teen sensation. Taj looks up to many artists such as Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Tevin Campbell, and many other artists. Not only is Taj wowing the crowds with his vocals, but he also has...

#7 Unsigned Artist Mount Fabric
Mount Fabric (Manchester)
  Plays: 287 | Saves: 1069
  Influences: Radiohead, Muse, Interpol,...
  Members: Alex Marczak, Joel Godfrey,...
Artist info

Mount Fabric first met in 2007, and after a whirlwind romance, knuckled down to produce the finest songs they could muster. After many hours of fine tuning and a few new effects pedals later, they're finally ready to be unleashed on the world. Or...

#8 Abuse
Abuse (Bournemouth U.K.)
  Plays: 395 | Saves: 807
  Influences: Metal, Alternative
  Members: Fwah Storm (Vocals) Craig...
Artist info

Abuse started out in 2002 and over the years have built up a very successful fan base. During 2003 till 2006 Abuse had played in many sold out venues to huge audiences and have played with such bands as Skindred, Stampin' Ground, Breed 77,...

#9 Unsigned Artist infates hands
infates hands (in 2 states)
  Influences: death metal hardcore screamo
  Members: Ethan Seth vocals and...
Artist info

Yo waz up were called in fates hands for all of u that didnt really quite know that were from all over the map well only 2 states hehehehehheeh were all very talented musicians and love what we do for our fans and fanettes and will rip your face...

#10 Chalant
Chalant (Oakaland,Ca)
  Plays: 2363 | Saves: 1151
  Influences: All Artist
  Members: Chalant
Artist info

Chalant (Shuh-lant) who was born Keith Dixon Jr. is an Oakland California native and an upcoming Bay Area Hip-Hop artist. His influence in music started with his mom who was the director of her church choir and a vocalist herself. Chalant started...