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#1 Unsigned Artist J.E. Nobles
J.E. Nobles (Bradenton, Fl)
  Plays: 27 | Saves: 545
  Influences: Portishead and Beethoven
  Members: J.E. Nobles
Artist info

I am an avid composer on the keyboard and love music of antiquity.

#2 Randall Burkey
Randall Burkey
Artist info

Randall Burkey is a musician from Cincinnati Ohio who composes experimental and electronic music. He's released 2 albums, "Shock Blind" and "Locked In Motion". Everyone should check out his music!

#3 Unsigned Artist Kaotik
Kaotik (Cookeville, Tennessee)
  Plays: 2099 | Saves: 1828
Artist info

Www.Myspace.com/Kaotik4Life "Well, I guess I should start out by telling U when I first began in this world of music. I was probably 7 or 8 years old whenever I heard my first bit of hop hop, which wasn't exactly the 'basics' or 'real' hip...

#4 Tha Commission
Tha Commission (San Diego)
  Plays: 1663 | Saves: 2393
  Members: Tha Illest & RCA
Artist info

2 24 year olds out of Vista Cali puttin it down for that 760! We do it all ourself, from beats/lyrics to production/advertising. Started out just freestylin n bull'ishin back in High School, now we're about to drop an album. Let us know what u...

#5 Unsigned Artist Spiders For Love
Spiders For Love (Omaha, Nebraska)
  Plays: 210
  Members: Daniel Diedrich -...
Artist info

We met in Omaha in April 2007 and became best friends right away. Both of us were involved in other projects which, at times, were far more serious and structured. Playing together allows us to break away from the frustrations we each felt as...

#6 Ry Edwards
Ry Edwards (Minneapolis, MN)
  Plays: 1385 | Saves: 2814
  Influences: John Mayer, Dave Matthews,...
Artist info

There's something about Minnesota. In the tradition of other Great Minnesota-native Song writers Bob Dylan and Stuart Davis, comes a new talent who just isn't satisfied with pop music. Ry Edwards strives to create music with meaning. His messages...

#7 Unsigned Artist Breck Stewart
Breck Stewart (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
  Plays: 204
  Influences: Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran,...
  Members: Breck Stewart
Artist info

Breck Stewart is an actor and singer who also works behind the scenes as cameraman, editor, director and producer on many projects over 2 decades. He created a company named MoonDaze Productions and released his first solo album as a singer...

#8 Kaushion-A4
Kaushion-A4 (San Diego, CA)
  Plays: 89 | Saves: 435
  Influences: One of the Greats
  Members: Kaushion-A4
Artist info

KaushionA4: was born Feb. 4, 1981 in Ft. Camble Ky. by age 2 he then moved to Alabama, and now he resides in San Diego, CA. when Kaushion-A4 was age nine his parents spit up. Couple of months later his dad tried to commit suicide. His father "Ex...

#9 Unsigned Artist peaz
peaz (brooklyn)
  Plays: 82
  Influences: no one
Artist info

Peaz is from marcy projects in bklyn. his music is versitile.and refects his moods.

MIKE TOMPKINS (Vancouver Island BC)
  Members: SOUL
Artist info

Smooth R&B grooviness for the classy people.