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#1 Unsigned Artist blink
No artist info

#2 Rising Vacancy
Rising Vacancy (Kalamazoo- Michigan)
  Plays: 587 | Saves: 489
  Influences: A Refreshing mix of melodic...
Artist info

The band Rising Vacancy is a 6 piece band out of the greater Kalamazoo, Michigan area- Gull Lake, Paw Paw, Three Rivers, Portage, and Western. As of now the members of the band are Ryan/guitar, Matt/lead guitar, Nick/bass/screams, griff/drums,...

#3 Unsigned Artist No Room to Breathe
No Room to Breathe (Boston, Ma)
  Plays: 72
  Influences: Pantera, Perfect Circle,...
Artist info

No Room to breathe is a 4-piece alternative metal band that formed in 2009. The band consists of Frank Puca, Anthony Masters, Alfredo Perez and Ed Loguercio. Anthony recruited Frank and Alfredo from previous bands, the trio then found Berklee...

#4 We Are Jawbone
We Are Jawbone (Glasgow)
  Plays: 206 | Saves: 443
  Influences: Alternative
  Members: Joe Bone Lead Vocals,...
Artist info

Formed in the latter part of 2008 in Glasgow Scotland by vocalist and main songwriter Joe Bone "We Are Jawbone" are a unique alternative rock outfit. As a live act they are both visually and musically, darkly entertaining. A mixture of...

#5 Unsigned Artist Mike Brown
Mike Brown (Hinesville,...)
  Members: Mike(vocals, drums and...
Artist info

I don't really know what to label my music. I'm done trying to do that, but you can if you want. It's all very different. I was surrounded by musicians in my group of friends as I was growing up. They were always very inspiring. I was in and...

#6 SavingraceS
SavingraceS (Pistoia, Italy)
  Plays: 621 | Saves: 1797
  Influences: In Flames, Dark...
  Members: Evild3vil, Marco, Daniela,...
Artist info

SavingraceS took origin in 2000, released their 1st self titled CD in 2001 then a 3 songs Promo in 2002 (Little secrets), Then ''Evilution'' took origin at the end of 2004. SavingraceS has a great music background behind them, from death metal to...

#7 Unsigned Artist Kristen DiPaolo
Kristen DiPaolo (Boston, Mass)
  Plays: 1214
  Influences: Sheryl Crow, Deana Carter,...
  Members: Kristen DiPaolo and Jason...
Artist info

This is a project consisting of two people with a passion for creating music. Kristen has been writing and singing most of her life and has been promoted since April of 2004. Kristen was first noticed when singing at a Karaoke night in a local...

  Plays: 786 | Saves: 1028
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Knuckles
Knuckles (UK)
  Plays: 91 | Saves: 4
  Influences: Children Of Bodom,...
  Members: Gibbo
Artist info

Welcome to my music profile. I am a 16 year old solo artist from Coventry focusing mainly on metal. I am currently recording with poor equipment. I have just got myself line in leads and a pro USB keyboard. But after much hassle and confusion,...

#10 MiniSkirt Blues
MiniSkirt Blues (London)
  Plays: 724
  Influences: Sleazy garage punk
  Members: Pete, Titch, Mikey, Kieron,...
Artist info

Miniskirt Blues were formed by Titch, Mikey and Peter. Going into a new thing, instead of doing psychobilly, we started to play more 60s garage punk and have then developed our own style of garage. Together with Dean and Kieran, they have...