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#1 Unsigned Artist Cos
  Plays: 124
  Influences: Utopia / Toto / Kansas
  Members: Mark Costoso
Artist info

"Cos" is a one man band. That one man is Mark W. Costoso.He is an accomplished pianist and guitarist with an Associates Degree in Composition and piano. After years of frustration with the inability of bands to pursue original material...

#2 Sr.peppers
Sr.peppers (los angeles)
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Raymond Rice
Raymond Rice
  Plays: 150 | Saves: 125
  Members: Raymond Rice
No artist info

LAST BITCH ON EARTH (West Coast, Canada)
  Plays: 245 | Saves: 1352
  Influences: Saint Germain/Santana/Latin...
  Members: Eraticus
Artist info

Last Bitch on Earth is one of my virtual bands reserved for the heavier stuff I have or will create. Another one you might try is Zestycheese at Beta Records for more smoother grooves. Here's a little ditty called Modified

#5 Unsigned Artist SkinKage
SkinKage (Mooresville, NC)
  Plays: 286
  Members: Frank-Vocals,...
No artist info

#6 Mondo B.
Mondo B. (Germany)
  Plays: 1570 | Saves: 6327
  Influences: A journey through a strange...
  Members: Manuel N.
Artist info

Mondo B. is LoFi ! More Information at www.Mondobiondo.com

#7 Unsigned Artist Lao Wai
Lao Wai (New York)
  Plays: 801 | Saves: 2323
  Influences: Del, the roots, freestyle...
  Members: Matthew Tye, William Wescott
Artist info

Let's make hip hip, hip hop again.

#8 DA Legence
DA Legence (Akron)
  Plays: 166 | Saves: 761
  Influences: Hot Music
  Members: Nobull, Angie, Knoitall, J....
Artist info

Bio on www.geocities.com/adreyanmartin

#9 Unsigned Artist The Technicists
The Technicists (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 141 | Saves: 1577
  Influences: A Good Band
  Members: Garrison,Mike,Cory,Julian
Artist info

A miracle in the undertaking

FADED SAiNTS (Panama City, FL)
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Sound...
  Members: B.LYLE, R.FRITH, J.SHELTON,...
Artist info

Founded in 2010 by Ryan Frith and Adam B. Lyle of Athens, GA, FADED SAiNTS is a hard rock band whose songs focus on intense, emotive lyrics and high-energy music. Determined to create a groundbreaking band within the modern hard rock genre,...