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#1 Unsigned Artist Incest by Proxy
Incest by Proxy
  Plays: 275 | Saves: 1549
  Influences: Enya, Britney Spears,...
Artist info

Incest by Proxy are on an unending mission to give control of the media back to the conservatives.

#2 Tormenta
Tormenta (Male' Maldives)
  Influences: Lamb of God, Slayer,...
  Members: mu-k (Vox), Mabi...
Artist info

Tormenta started with Dhai(drums) Lai (guitar) wanting to form a band playing the music of the greats such as, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Sepultura, etc. Practicing with other local metal bands like Locura and Serenity Dies, the search for lead...

#3 Unsigned Artist playa gee
playa gee (uk)
  Plays: 462
  Influences: a very big sound
Artist info

Playa gee is a highly skilled multi-talented artist with a lot of potential and a very big future in tha uk music scene.Already established as 1 third of H.S.T,(heaven sent thugs) playa has a unique voice and style catering for the uk grime+hip...

#4 the analogues
the analogues (midlands UK)
  Plays: 231 | Saves: 1023
  Members: seany tyler
Artist info

The analogues are a UK band based in the midlands. With a 'some-may-say' unhealthy obsession for things lo-fi, they record with any equipment they can get their hands on, usually the cheaper-the better.

#5 Unsigned Artist Paul and the Beat Machine
Paul and the Beat Machine (Denver, CO)
  Plays: 46 | Saves: 387
  Influences: The Doors, Minus the Bear,...
  Members: Paul Viviani
Artist info

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/paul-viviani

#6 Forgive not Forget
Forgive not Forget (Denver, CO)
  Plays: 424 | Saves: 608
  Influences: Dashboard Confessional,...
  Members: Bill Price
Artist info

Forgive not Forget is an acoustic folk project with some emo influences. People compare us to Bright Eyes and Dashboard Confessional, but our music is more versatile and less ummm...emo. Our songs are very lo-fi and stripped down, but very...

#7 Unsigned Artist Kashane Tiger
Kashane Tiger (Miramar FL)
  Influences: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin,...
  Members: Kashane Tiger
Artist info

The The Koostyx rock band writes originals and has been doing it together for about 2 years. Were all out of South Florida .

#8 Fatal Method
Fatal Method
  Plays: 846 | Saves: 1357
  Influences: Metal
  Members: Jake Mellinger (Guitars)...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Late Reflex
Late Reflex (Bradenton, Fl)
  Influences: Underoath, From First To...
  Members: Evan - Throat, Greg -...
No artist info

#10 Hostage Musick
  Plays: 714 | Saves: 338
  Influences: G-UNIT, Wutang Clan, Mobb Deep
  Members: MR.TUSSLE, RON SIZE,...
Artist info

Hostage Musick is an independent music group that symbolizes greatness and reality of being. Founded in 1996 within the confines of a New York State Correctional facility, Geezus (Inf) and Shatique (Mr.Tussle) came with a designed structure to...