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#1 Unsigned Artist Froland
Froland (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  Plays: 1197 | Saves: 1727
  Influences: Calvertron, Dillon Francis,...
  Members: Stas Frolov, Scott Landriault
Artist info

Froland is a freshly-formed duo comprised of Stas Frolov and Scott Landriault. These two Vancouver-based Producer/DJs were influenced early on by rave culture. They are determined to push the boundaries of music through their mixes and production....

#2 The Psycho Nubs
The Psycho Nubs (Richmond, IN & Los...)
  Plays: 317 | Saves: 1109
  Members: Brandon Owens, Nick Shadle
Artist info

The Psycho Nubs are a DIY punk rock duo originally from Richmond, IN but now call Los Angeles and Indianapolis home. The duo of Nick Shadle and Brandon Owens has been together writing, recording, and playing live since their inception in 1996....

#3 Unsigned Artist simon percival
simon percival
  Plays: 88 | Saves: 538
  Influences: maybe a little like jason...
No artist info

#4 Jakob22
  Plays: 1011 | Saves: 2755
Artist info

Death Chamberz Music introduces you to the newest underground hip hip MC Jakob22 In a over saturated world of commercialized music where image and status is placed above creativity and talent, The Hooded Fang Jakob22 refuses to embrace this...

#5 Unsigned Artist karnivore
karnivore (wakefield)
  Influences: slayer megadeth metallica...
  Members: dan rushton vocal rhythym...
No artist info

#6 Sistrum
Sistrum (Phoenix, AZ)
  Plays: 233
  Influences: Shery Crow, Evanescence,...
  Members: Wendy Rae Mason, Aaron...
Artist info

Having played in and around Phoenix for almost nine years, Sistrum is a testament to hard work and persistence. Featuring the powerful voice and lyrics of Wendy Rae Mason (Formerly of the all-female Phoenix hard rock band, Whiskey Blu), the...

#7 Unsigned Artist GRAND UNION REVIVAL
  Plays: 13448 | Saves: 5133
  Influences: Skynyrd, Free, Stringy-Cheese
Artist info

Grand Union Revival were born out of a burning desire to make THE finest, Southern-fried, boogie-drenched, filth-laden, heart-starting, balls-to-the-wall riot rock ever to slouch its way to your house, invite itself in, drink your whisky and make...

#8 afraid so
afraid so
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist HOLY HUSTLA
  Plays: 1879 | Saves: 1
Artist info

Holy Hustla is an unparalleled Gospel Rap Artist that has a unique blend of lyrical content which will have everyone world wide Bouncing 4 Him!! His album "The Gospel According To Rap" has a diverse essence of hardcore hip hop beats to...

#10 v3rtico
v3rtico (Singapore)
Artist info

HISTORY: [V3rtico] is believed to be the youngest Punk/Rock band recording songs in a self-setup studio at home. The teenage band consists of 4 thirteen year olds (in 2004) from St. Joseph’s Institution. The band was formed during the June 2004...