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#1 Unsigned Artist Virgio
Virgio (Sweden västerås)
  Plays: 2253 | Saves: 3529
  Influences: littlebit like fragma
  Members: Daniel Ahlström
Artist info

Simple.. concept of Virgio is all about good melodies that makes you wanna dance!

#2 Nonas Eye
Nonas Eye (London)
  Plays: 284 | Saves: 1110
  Influences: Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam,...
  Members: James (Vocals, Guitar),...
Artist info

Two South Africans, an Englishman and an American meet on a music messageboard and start jamming together. Nonas Eye is all about good honest melodic rock music played with integrity and passion. We hope you\'ll enjoy listening to these tracks...

#3 Unsigned Artist Crazy Ivan
Crazy Ivan
  Plays: 377 | Saves: 1557
No artist info

#4 The Peach Kings
The Peach Kings (California, Austin)
  Influences: Gypsiedelic/Blues/Soul/Funk
  Members: Paige Wood and Steven...
Artist info

We are The Peach Kings and we want to spread our jam to happy people around the world. Born out of a Bay Area San Fransisco-Berkeley-Capricorn connection, Paige "Peaches" Wood (vocals and guitar) and Steven "Kingston" Trezevant (guitar)...

#5 Unsigned Artist ProCollabs
ProCollabs (Global)
  Members: ProCollabs
Artist info

The purpose of ProCollabs is to provide a reliable online platform for musicians to be able to unite, socialize, and collaborate in the writing and producing of original music. Our ideal clients would be high caliber songwriters, musicians,...

#6 Radio Friendly
Radio Friendly (Exeter United Kingdom)
  Members: Rob Murphy - Guitar/Vocals,...
Artist info

We are a four piece Indie Rock, band from Exeter. We've been together for about 2 years and we started as a treo. Earlier this year Nathan became our 2nd guitarist.

#7 Unsigned Artist greyscale
greyscale (Reno, Nevada)
  Influences: 311 meets pantera
  Members: lc3po k jon andrew kev
Artist info

We started on Long Island in 1998, coming out with our first record in 2004 (dischord for the dead kid) since then thing have been great! Here's a review to better explain what we are about! thanks to "www.inmusicwetrust.com"...

FORGOTTEN ANAMI (Vienna, Austria)
  Members: Mario Soradi, Sebastian...
Artist info

...formed in summer 2003 and started originally as a three pieced alternative rock band. In april 2004, Besi [ bass/shouts and screams ] joined the band, who also opened the gates to more metal influences, so after a short while the sound...

#9 Unsigned Artist WOODEN JESUS
  Plays: 887 | Saves: 2175
  Influences: DOWN, Alice In Chains, Led...
  Members: Andrew...
Artist info

Wooden Jesus sounds exactly like nothing out there right now. With the right vehicle this band could definitely do something great. With strong influences from Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Megadeth,...

  Plays: 94 | Saves: 437
  Influences: What you are looking for...
  Members: Jimmy Stockstill, Jeff...
Artist info

This group of four musicians from the deepest southern parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, specialize in a new original music genre that has been labeled "New Old School Rock" or NOS Rock for short. This new musical genre is reminiscent of the...