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#1 Unsigned Artist Still eXisting
Still eXisting (England)
  Influences: A mix between Pink Floyd,...
  Members: Steve Hunter, Patrick...
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Lots of members, but now we have the right mix, bringing in unique influences to create the perfect sound of Indie Rock.

#2 Downshallow
  Plays: 71
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Since its inception, late in the year 2000, Downshallow has been spreading their music to all who are willing to openly listen... a fair and square chance to impress is all that's asked. Downshallow, one of the most prominent bands to come out...

#3 Unsigned Artist Killing Dymas
Killing Dymas (Shithole Florida/...)
  Plays: 168 | Saves: 766
  Influences: Killing Dymas
  Members: Kyle (bass/vocals) Chris...
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Killing Dymas was formed in '04. 'Hey, lets form a band.' They decided on the name 'Killing Dymas' because a kid named Dymas stuck a paperclip in an elecrtical socket and almost killed himself. He does stupid stuff like that. They figured that...

#4 jimmie james
jimmie james (new york, new york)
  Plays: 2519 | Saves: 2048
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Jimmie James is not your average musician. This singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist is really an urban poet who draws on his personal experiences and his diverse artistic background to create a unique vocal and musical style. Like his...

#5 Unsigned Artist Devilhunters
Devilhunters (Iran)
  Members: Dante Marshal
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"In the name of creator of all sounds ..." Devilhunters is an Islamic Shiite band started by "Alireza Forughi" (Dante) in the last months of 2011. The first activity of Devilhunters, was releasing the first song, "Vampire" in 2012 Aug. 29th with...

#6 Ric Johannsen
Ric Johannsen (Great Britain)
  Plays: 435 | Saves: 880
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Inspired by the soundtracks of Jan Hammer, and always enjoyed making music, here I stand before you. It began long, long ago (ahem) with John Williams, and his terrific compositions for Star Wars, ET, etc. And of course Jan Hammer, more known...

#7 Unsigned Artist Nate Tha Great
Nate Tha Great (Kenner,LA)
  Plays: 212 | Saves: 455
  Members: Nate Tha Great
Artist info

I'm from Kenner, LA but I'm a man anywhere I go.

#8 ShyRed
ShyRed (Dallas Tx)
  Plays: 57 | Saves: 281
  Influences: The world
  Members: *(Shy-Red)*, and Young-Star
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist John Sophy
John Sophy (PA)
  Plays: 245 | Saves: 343
  Influences: ThE Beatles, Sweet, The...
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My name is John Sophy. I am a singer songwriter that has been writing songs for over twenty years. I would generally sing melodies into a tape recorder and come up with the lyrics to hold onto the melodies. I could never play an instrument so I...

  Plays: 238 | Saves: 545
  Members: LUCKY, RAY-GUN
Artist info

The nicest unsigned hiphop act based in the UK. You might have seen the jungstaz in the recent RWD mag. African born and bred the jungstaz are gonna be a force to be reckoned with. With influences ranging from African music to hiphop with some UK...