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#1 Unsigned Artist Izze P
Izze P (Denver)
  Plays: 70 | Saves: 100
  Influences: Childish Gambino, Sage the...
  Members: Izze P
Artist info

Born in San Diego California. Spent most my childhood in Blackfoot, Idaho, then at age 17 I moved to Denver where I still reside

#2 Machine_insufficiency
Machine_insufficiency (Croatia)
  Influences: Fear factory, Pantera,...
  Members: Goran_vocals, Joc_guitars,...
Artist info

We come from Croatia, Zagreb.The band was formed in 2003.We call our style death-thrash breed metal.The line up: Goran: vocals, Viktor: bass, Goc: drums and Joco: guitar. We love music and we try to give a 100% in making of it. We played 20 gigs...

#3 Unsigned Artist Reality (Flint, MI)
Reality (Flint, MI) (Flint, Michigan)
  Plays: 69 | Saves: 232
  Members: Greg Inman
Artist info

Reality was formed in the year 2000 with the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Based out of Flint, MI, Reality has had the opportunity to reach out to many young people who no longer see any hope in the world...

#4 Padlock Grim
Padlock Grim (East Tennessee)
  Plays: 438 | Saves: 328
  Influences: A Rock band, with jazzy,...
  Members: Josh Dunn (lead guitar/lead...
Artist info

Padlock Grim is an original rock band from Upper East Tennessee, comprised of Josh Dunn (Guitar/Vocals), Sam Price (Guitar), James Dalton (Bass) and Cary Dewit (Drums). The band was originally formed in late 2006. After nearly 3 years of almost...

#5 Unsigned Artist Sullee
Sullee (Boston)
  Plays: 67
  Influences: Sullee
  Members: Sullee
Artist info

Sullee aka Young Heff, born Robert Sullivan is the next, big thing in hip hop. This self-confident MC spits lyrics like fire and crafts couplets with ease. Sullee's punch lines and his flows are as smooth as sonic silk. His solo debut album on Old...

#6 Payday Advance Credit
Payday Advance Credit (San Diego)
Artist info

Apply your online payday loans San Diego application today at payday advance credit and get instant approval for cash up to $1000. Pay off your emergency...

#7 Unsigned Artist Panic Manor
Panic Manor (Augusta, GA)
  Members: Holden Taylor, Ronnie...
Artist info

POP PUNK out of AUGUSTA, GA! Trying to hit the road fast!

#8 Stevo Sandbox
Stevo Sandbox
  Plays: 368 | Saves: 1523
Artist info

Just a sandbox to throw up some works in progress or other ideas. My band page is at http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/seneki UBW ...

#9 Unsigned Artist BrokenBiscuits
BrokenBiscuits (Glastonbury)
  Influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fall...
  Members: Miranda, Sarey , Charlie
Artist info

Hello We're BrokenBiscuits. We come from Glastonbury in the UK. We play a mix of rock/funk/punk (: Will Upload tracks soon!

#10 R.U.E.
R.U.E. (Montreal)
  Plays: 108 | Saves: 890
  Members: Psaï, Kenz, Zone & Epsi
Artist info

R.U.E. (qui signifie Real Urban Expression) est un groupe de 4 MCs tous de MTL: Psaï, Epsi, Zone & Kenz. Le groupe ce distingue par sa présence sur scène, ses paroles engagées ainsi que ces refrains mélodieux. Pour plus de tracks de R.U.E. et du...