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#1 Unsigned Artist Deaf Angel
Deaf Angel (Fort Worth Texas)
  Plays: 65
  Influences: Alternative Metal
  Members: Tina Downs,Duston...
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Deaf Angel can be best described as a melodic, alternative, metal band. Fronted by ethereal female vocals, this rock band has an original style that hasn’t been heard since metal met grunge. With explosive guitar solos and heart pounding...

#2 T-Mass
  Influences: Dubstep
  Members: T-Mass
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#3 Unsigned Artist GRIND THEN SHINE ENT.
  Plays: 5295 | Saves: 2976
  Influences: straight unadulterated piff
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GTS Grind Then Shine ENT running thins in hawaii for a year know the ever building label has generated a stable fan base and enough songs for a double cd album, we still youngins in the game though but we hungry hungry enough that if you dont feed...

#4 Black Scourge
Black Scourge (Lake Forest, California)
  Plays: 2269 | Saves: 2287
  Influences: Black Metal
  Members: Necrohorn - vocals,...
Artist info

Black Scourge is an experimental black metal project created in the summer of 2008. It is an attempt to break free of the ideological constraints and pervasive dogma associated with the genre in search of a less traveled and idealized form of...

#5 Unsigned Artist drew
drew (Nashville)
  Plays: 672 | Saves: 487
  Influences: the police, foo fighters, u2
  Members: Steve Dick, Scotty Hooper,...
Artist info

Proving less is more, drew creates big new sounds with just three guys and classic instrumentation.

#6 pLAgeRiZerS
pLAgeRiZerS (manchester,nh)
  Influences: street punk
  Members: jaden-guitar-guitar,vocals...
Artist info

We are also on www.unsigned.com see our myspace if your interested in hearing us

#7 Unsigned Artist ge-nie
ge-nie (Perth, Western Australia)
  Plays: 327 | Saves: 1
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Energetic & dancey, usually, and always melodic.

#8 Suicide Solution
Suicide Solution (Singapore)
  Plays: 136 | Saves: 640
  Influences: BLACK SABBATH, DANZIG,...
Artist info

One of Singapore's longest surviving bands from the late 90's in the Singapore music underworld, the roots of Suicide Solution (taking their name from the Ozzy Osbourne classic) go as far back as 1995.The band has since gone on to become a regular...

#9 Unsigned Artist Satanical Beverage
Satanical Beverage (Perth, Western Australia)
  Members: Blake Savage, Ryan Savage,...
No artist info

#10 Bad January
Bad January (Independence,WI.)
  Plays: 195
  Influences: Bad January
  Members: DL Schwoch, Jimmy James,...
Artist info

New CD - "Independence" out in early 07 !!! Coming Soon - CD Release & LIVE shows !!! You MUST see them LIVE !!! Check out the website - www.myspace.com/badjanuary