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#1 Unsigned Artist arthur Louis
arthur Louis (London)
  Plays: 336 | Saves: 306
  Influences: Eric Clapton, Bob Marley,...
Artist info

Arthur is probably one of the only true British Black Blues stars , One of the best and most musical evenings I have seen - BluesMatters Magazine Arthur left the music scene after his 18 year old daughter died 7 years ago of Leukemia, but...

#2 Twentytwo
Twentytwo (Seattle, Washington)
  Plays: 125 | Saves: 534
  Influences: Radiohead, Nirvana, Godsmack
  Members: Jerold Orcutt
Artist info

Twentytwo is a Seattle Washington Garage band lead by Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist Jerold Orcutt.

#3 Unsigned Artist Transgressor
Transgressor (New Jersey, USA)
  Plays: 76 | Saves: 434
Artist info

New Album "Holy Ride" Coming out on April 1, 2008 on Dreamatic Records.

#4 PYREx
PYREx (Saint Joseph Missouri)
  Plays: 190 | Saves: 791
  Influences: Straight Crack
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Slowmotion Soundz
Slowmotion Soundz (Huntsville, Alabama)
  Members: CP, Frank Nitty, Mail, Jhi...
Artist info

Slow Motion... The name clearly speaks for itself. Were proud to produce music that is timeless, while at the same time leaving the norm in the past. Our music is not for those who are satisfied with listening to things that they have heard...

#6 Free Will & The Bad Influences
Free Will & The Bad Influences (SOUTHEAST ENGLAND)
  Plays: 486 | Saves: 1419
  Members: Will - vocals. Liam -...
Artist info

We're Free Will & The Bad Influences, we play Groove Rock (a mix of blues,funk and classic rock) influenced by bands like Free, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Jet, Lynard Skynard... Together since the start of 2005 we've established ourselves on...

#7 Unsigned Artist MIKILL
MIKILL (Pennsylvania)
  Plays: 86
  Influences: Ambient Ithyphallic Death
  Members: Mikill
Artist info

Collaboration Ambient, Ithyphallic Death

#8 Certain Satellites
Certain Satellites (Lake Charles, LA)
  Plays: 83 | Saves: 270
  Influences: New Wave, Post-Punk,...
  Members: Stephan...
Artist info

Drawing inspiration from Shoegaze and New-Wave music, Certain Satellites have brought an unfamiliar sound to their small hometown of Lake Charles, LA, with a common ambition to become like a well-loved Lifetime movie...only with synthesizers. This...

#9 Unsigned Artist MUDDSPYDER
  Plays: 178 | Saves: 489
  Members: MIKE - VOCALS, CLIFF -...
Artist info

MUDDSPYDER, a Hard Rock band from LUBBOCK TEXAS is made up of, Michael- Lead Vocals, Cliff - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Brandon - Bass , and Mick - Percussion. MUDDSPYDER came together in June of 2004 when Mike (vocalist) left the Lubbock band Bedlum...

TGDOLLA (North Carolina)
  Plays: 91 | Saves: 219
  Influences: Music Worldwide
  Members: TGDolla
No artist info