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#1 Unsigned Artist Don Ramos
Don Ramos (Nottingham)
  Plays: 622 | Saves: 1729
  Members: SjP
Artist info

:::: : : : : : : : W e l c o m e Dj Bookings via email, leave a contact number. Recordings available. Vote/stream away Your own vocals ...

#2 Fall Wells Nightmare Band
Fall Wells Nightmare Band (Roanoke, Va.)
  Plays: 302
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Alice...
  Members: Virus : lead singer, Monger...
Artist info

Fall Well's Nightmare is a Virginia based band that blend theatrics with heavy, aggressive music to create a show that is entertaining and musicly solid. FWN's members come from varied backgrounds and various bands whose definitive styles...

#3 Unsigned Artist Manic
Manic (Toronto, Ont)
  Plays: 93 | Saves: 567
  Influences: G'n'R, Rush, Halen, Chains,...
  Members: James Froese, Sam Hall,...
Artist info

It is always good when different styles blend together and work. It gives room for growth and versatility in a group. It allows for entrance into musical realms that haven't been tapped before and opens up the creative juices inside a normally...

#4 Red Light Go
Red Light Go (Bath England)
  Plays: 256 | Saves: 2
  Influences: the Cure to Duran Duran,...
Artist info

Red Light GO deliver a unique brand of anarchic pop / punk for the masses. Their sound is an eccentric, electric, eclectic mix of soaring synths, chunky guitar melodies, driving rhythms and sneering vocals combined with menacing, meandering,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Planet Pluto
Planet Pluto (London)
  Plays: 533 | Saves: 1372
  Influences: Sid Barret, Jesus, Sid...
  Members: Dunn
Artist info

A one man project.

#6 Prion Son
Prion Son (Hampshire UK)
  Plays: 26 | Saves: 54
  Influences: Tool, Opeth, Disturbed, QOTSA
  Members: Dave Crighton, Luke...
Artist info

Prion Son is a Progessive Metal band from Southampton UK, formed in early 2009. Their sound has been described as influenced by bands like Tool and Opeth, while retaining a individual identity. The Snowfall EP was recorded shortly after forming...

#7 Unsigned Artist Justin Paul
Justin Paul (Kentucky)
  Plays: 2087
  Influences: Alternative, Ambient,...
  Members: 2
No artist info

#8 Inanimate Stitches
Inanimate Stitches (Rialto, CA)
  Plays: 121 | Saves: 813
  Influences: us?? Typical answer right??
  Members: Stitches-Vocals;...
Artist info

Basically Rellik and I decided long ago we would use my Poems as songs. Eventually converting all the poems into our songs. Rellik worked on the music and i found which poem went with the song. We broke up after a long time came back together this...

#9 Unsigned Artist New Dawn
New Dawn (Midlands, UK)
  Plays: 30 | Saves: 170
  Influences: sevendust,threedaysgrace,sk...
  Members: Craig - Vox, Ian - Drums,...
Artist info

Formed in 2006 New Dawn have been ripping through venues with their unique blend of hard rock and heavy metal. With a line-up change in early 2008 the guys set about recording their debut album Unite. with that now completed and a host of shows...

#10 bloomie
bloomie (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  Plays: 417 | Saves: 1382
  Influences: Josh Rouse, Bright Eyes,...
  Members: Stefan Larsson
Artist info

Bloomie is a one man band that has been around for about five years. Some current music influences are: Josh Rouse, Mark Kozelek, Bright Eyes and The Elected. www.bloomie.se Welcome!