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#1 Unsigned Artist The Jonah Band
The Jonah Band (Northwest, UK)
  Influences: Arcade Fire, Jeff Buckley,...
  Members: Paul Greene: vocals, guitar...
Artist info

The Jonah Band are a young and exciting indie band playing a mix of hard hitting electric anthems and beautiful atmospheric songs. See http://www.thejonahband.co.uk for more.

#2 The Crafty Bastards
The Crafty Bastards (Twin Falls Idaho)
  Influences: Sublime meets David Allen Coe
  Members: Jeff Presley...Levi...
Artist info

Raised around Rural Idaho Jeff, Levi, and Hancock are high school buddies Karl hails from Nebraska, and Lonnie escaped from north California in 1993. The band is humble, the music is "REAL" and the party has just begun, From hard driving punk...

#3 Unsigned Artist Taj
Taj (Anchorage)
  Plays: 149
  Influences: Beyonce, MIchael Jackson,...
  Members: Taj
Artist info

Who is Taj? Taj is the next big teen sensation. Taj looks up to many artists such as Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Tevin Campbell, and many other artists. Not only is Taj wowing the crowds with his vocals, but he also has...

#4 System Chaos
System Chaos (Russian Federation,...)
  Plays: 449 | Saves: 1096
  Influences: Graveworm, Paradise Lost...
Artist info

We are unsigned band. Now we've done our demo and we going to send it to record labels. If you like our music leave a comment, and then you support us. We need your views.

#5 Unsigned Artist Tailspin Recovery
Tailspin Recovery (Tampa, Florida)
  Plays: 249
  Influences: Joy Division / The Cranes /...
  Members: Jen - Vocals & Lyrics / K....
Artist info

Tailspin Recovery is an indiscreet indie rock quartet based out of Tampa, Florida. We love what we do, we do it pretty damn loud, and we do it all with unadulterated vigor. Be on the lookout for us in the very near future.

#6 cvJoint
  Plays: 123 | Saves: 541
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Edward
Edward (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Plays: 316 | Saves: 1030
  Influences: Three guys locked away from...
  Members: Alex: Bass/Vocals, Viktor:...
Artist info

Hardkår Sthlm proudly presents to you: Edward! The band was named after the "great" director "Ed Wood Jr". And the main idea with Edward was to re-create the Hardcore scene as it was in '98... Alex and Rikard had played together in some bands...

#8 Nattwarden
Nattwarden (Hässleholv, Skåne, Sweden)
  Plays: 62 | Saves: 655
  Influences: Dance Music XD
  Members: Simon Ward, Erik Arvidsson,...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Wild Cat Strike
Wild Cat Strike (Sheffield)
  Influences: Gothic New Metal
  Members: Miccio Miao
Artist info

Coming soon

#10 Amelia Swift
Amelia Swift (Leicester, United Kingdom)
Artist info

Amelia Swift has been writing for the online firm Assignment Mode for over 5 years now. She is the special way of dealing with writing projects so that they...