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#1 Unsigned Artist Psyko Dalek
Psyko Dalek (Glasgow, Scotland)
  Influences: "a blend of the best of...
  Members: Div, Paul, Graeme, Raymo
Artist info

Psyko Dalek formed with the purpose of bringing memorable riffs and infectious lyrics back to the front of the Glasgow music scene and even though there have been numerous line-up changes in the past, the desire of this now solid unit is greater...

#2 Music180
  Members: Music180
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist The Thief of Always
The Thief of Always (Maine)
  Plays: 210 | Saves: 696
  Influences: Paul Baribeau, Wingnut...
  Members: Mathias Hillborn - Everything
Artist info

TTOA (The Thief of Always) is the name for the one man acoustic jams of Mathias(Marty) Hillborn from Maine. With a style that could be compared to other artists/bands such as Wingnut Diswashers Union, Two Gallants, Paul Baribeau and Andrew Jackson...

#4 OWL
OWL (Whiskeyville, Indiana)
  Plays: 450 | Saves: 1217
Artist info

The loudest, drunkest bunch of heathens to amplify awfulness since the dawn of time. yuk.

#5 Unsigned Artist Unfinished Wood
Unfinished Wood (Columbus, Ohio)
  Plays: 82
  Influences: Kiss, Rush, Foo Fighters,...
  Members: Jared Wade (bass/vox), D....
Artist info

Unfinished Wood is a three-piece ORIGINAL MUSIC rock band in Columbus, Ohio. Unfinished Wood's sound is a combination of guitar, drums, bass, Big Ben, that slurping sound you make when you eat soup, Kermit the Frog singing “Rainbow...

  Plays: 72
  Influences: Air
Artist info

RENDEZVOUS, a new band in the music scene, offers rich retro sounds of live studio playing while taking the listener through a journey to there and back using groovy instrumental tracks with a touch of jazz and psychedelic sounds. Their latest...

#7 Unsigned Artist Taylormade
Taylormade (Hollywood, CA)
  Plays: 20
  Influences: Snoop Doog, Dr. Dre,...
Artist info

This is a Hip Hop compilation album "Bread, Blunts, & Broads" produced by Taylormade with various artists on it from around the country.

#8 Ken Landry
Ken Landry (Folsom CA)
  Plays: 681 | Saves: 1937
  Influences: Phil Keaggy, Larry Carlton,...
  Members: Ken Landry
Artist info

Played in top 40 bands throughout the 80s & 90s. Had a solid duo called WoodWork which also did covers from Beatles to XTC and Vince Gill. I've always written songs, from fusion based musings to pop rock attempts as well.

#9 Unsigned Artist Lil TrikZ
Lil TrikZ (India)
Artist info

13 Year Old Rapper,Producer,Writer From India

#10 counter-ego
  Plays: 88
  Members: shafa shaban, mohamed...
Artist info

Formed in 1998 originaly as a quartet which included Jano Charbel on guitar, Mohamed Menza on drums, Shafa Shaban on guitars/vocals, and Amir "Hector Osbert" Saman on bass in Cairo, Egypt. The band hit a snag in 2000 when Shafa moved to Texas, and...