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#1 Unsigned Artist HELLISHER
  Plays: 219 | Saves: 850
  Influences: Slayer, Pantera, Throwdown,...
  Members: Rich (Vox), Mike (Guitars),...
Artist info

We are a band formed from the Fifth layer of the bowels of Hell. We survived from the slithering skulls of the skeletons of the underworld. Inside of the demised mind of Lucifer's only God we were created as Hellisher. Hellisher was formed by many...

DJ FYB (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
  Plays: 1051 | Saves: 8
  Members: François-Yanick Bourassa
Artist info

I'm basically somebody who likes to touch a bit of everything. But music has been in my life all the time. I play piano and synthesizer since always - starting at 10 year old. I am very attracted by many style of music and what you see here is...

#3 Unsigned Artist Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker (Milano, Italy)
  Plays: 3160 | Saves: 7778
  Influences: Vangelis, Mike Oldfield,...
Artist info

I liked music and computers already as a small child. Later, when 15 years old in 1991, I started making my own compositions, with a Commodore Amiga 1000 computer. With time I enlarged my studio setup with more modern computers, synthesizers,...

#4 Mystic Moon
Mystic Moon (Athens Greece)
  Plays: 742 | Saves: 3316
  Influences: Candlemass, Solitude...
  Members: Akis Bouklas - Vocals,...
Artist info

Mystic Moon were created at Peristeri, Greece the summer of 2004 by Akis Bouklas on Vocals, Chris Tsaparas on Drums, Jimmy Priest and Jim Bousoulas on Guitars. Later in the same year Domenico Doomangel Pritis joined the band as the rhythm...

#5 Unsigned Artist BeatsByLleciano
BeatsByLleciano (Amsterdam)
  Members: BeatsByLleciano
Artist info

22 years old & I'm working all my life on music. i work hard and i think that its time to do something with it

#6 West Nile
West Nile (Ft wanye In)
  Influences: ?
  Members: dominick dattoli vocals sam...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist The Cinematics
The Cinematics (Glasgow)
  Influences: Jeff Buckley, The Cure. The...
  Members: Scott Rinning (vocals,...
Artist info

It all began one day late in the summer of 2003, some guy was busking on Ashton lane in Glasgow's west end, just a little money for his dinner. A passer by intrigued by a voice capable of hitting soaring notes as good as Jeff Buckley or Thom...

#8 Gray Wave
Gray Wave (Brisbane, Australia)
  Plays: 376
  Members: Graham Storrs, Ol' Pewtee
Artist info

Gray Wave is a labour of love. We want to make fun, exciting, lyrical and singable music - because there can't be enough of it. These peices are the tunes that run through one's head, the urge to be part of something by creating it, the...

#9 Unsigned Artist Epic Visions
Epic Visions
  Plays: 261 | Saves: 1249
  Influences: A revolution.
Artist info

Music links: http://www.epicvisions.biz/streams http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/epicvisionsgroup/ http://www.mp3unsigned.com/Showband.asp?id=5697...

#10 Visperas
Visperas (Edinburgh)
  Plays: 493
  Influences: Yes, Incubus, Jimi...
  Members: Luke Austin, Alan...
Artist info

Visperas were formed in the city of Edinburgh in 2005. It also started when guitarist Alan Gilliland-Patterson (AGP) and singer/guitarist Luke Austin got together and started jammin' together and experimenting musically to see what would happen....