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#1 Unsigned Artist Pravda
Pravda (Meridian, Idaho)
  Plays: 1011 | Saves: 1731
  Influences: Dream Theater, Rush, ELP,...
  Members: KC Thomsen, Dave Thomas,...
Artist info

Pravda is a Progressive/Fusion rock outfit hailing from the Pacific Northwest. They released their debut CD, The Echoing Sounds, to critical acclaim. Their second CD, Walking Through Walls, is a Progmetal /Jam Rock feast; garnering even more...

#2 Massdriver
Massdriver (Gloucestershire, UK)
  Plays: 418 | Saves: 860
  Influences: Grind/death metal with...
  Members: Steve Laver, David (Shrew)...
Artist info

Iím lucky enough to have spent more than 20 years playing guitar and bass in punk and metal bands (a noble calling, to be sure) and so I have come to believe that the following things are true: 1). I must be a right old bastard by now. 2)....

#3 Unsigned Artist Social Reject
Social Reject (Romania)
  Plays: 23 | Saves: 100
  Influences: Industrial...
  Members: Catalin Dedu -...
Artist info

Social Reject is a romanian instrumental electro metal musical project, formed in 2000's. This project combine the heavy riffing of metal and the gloomy electronic sounds, developed a nihilistic cold atmosphere.

#4 July Rising
July Rising (Leeds, England.)
  Influences: A younger Foo Fighters, an...
  Members: Joe Parry - bass/vocals,...
Artist info

High school friends: Joe Parry, Adam Storey, Matt Thurman and Jamie Roberts formed July Rising in late 2002. The West Yorkshire (and Newcastle) based rock outfit fuse their influences to create their unique and infectious punk-pop-alternative-rock...

#5 Unsigned Artist Life Burns Cold
Life Burns Cold (Rotterdam, Schiedam)
  Plays: 26
  Influences: Parkway Drive, As I Lay...
  Members: Walter (Drummer), Vince...
Artist info

(NL) Na bands als Severe Existence(grindcore) en DTX(hardcore) besloten Dennis Bergsma(zang) en Walter de Wit(drums) ieder z'n eigen weg te gaan. Toen de uitstapjes naar andere bands op niks eindigden, vonden de mannen elkaar weer. Onvermijdelijk...

PARABELLUM (Pensacola, Florida)
  Plays: 512 | Saves: 862
Artist info

PARABELLUM forge elements of early SAINT VITUS / CROWBAR like sludge with a driving force similar to that of CELTIC FROST along with a dose of chaos reminiscent of the legendary ACID BATH to create their own brand of Swamp Metal. PARABELLUM...

#7 Unsigned Artist Beckett
Beckett (Essex)
  Influences: Coldplay, Snow Patrol, U2 etc
  Members: Ben, David, Greg, Ed
Artist info

Singer/songwriter Ben Fisher met bassist/vocalist Greg Sleebush in the summer of í95, both aged 15, they soon began playing the local pub scene, with various line ups. As their song writing developed they progressed to playing their own music at...

#8 Pat_Paul
Pat_Paul (Sydney)
  Influences: Pat Powell
Artist info

Paul Finnerty has produced an Educational disc titled Contemporary Guitar For Advanced Students It contains 12 tunes done in Reggae, Rock, Latin and Blues Styles. Students can print out the Bass lines, Rhythm and Melody including TAB. It...

#9 Unsigned Artist Scarred Theory
Scarred Theory (Ithaca)
  Influences: Hard rock
  Members: Tomlin Bonner-words,...
No artist info

#10 Pistola Pete and the Party of 3
Pistola Pete and the Party of 3 (Tucson AZ)
  Plays: 790 | Saves: 1733
  Influences: Yeah
  Members: Tom Newhouse
No artist info