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#1 Unsigned Artist Obat Nyamuk Project
Obat Nyamuk Project (Bogor, Indonesia)
  Plays: 354 | Saves: 87
  Influences: Boyz II Men, Craig David, etc.
  Members: Adam (voc) Fahris (guitar,...
Artist info

Nothing special with this duo. Sounds like mainstream.

#2 KG
KG (Baltimore, MD - USA)
  Plays: 111 | Saves: 1
  Members: KG
Artist info

KG, is one of those rare individuals who were born to be a star. Raised on the eastside of Baltimore, Maryland, KG bore witness to the glitz and glamour that came with fast money. He wanted the cars, clothes, money and women that area drug dealers...

#3 Unsigned Artist GNYUS THE ARTIST
  Plays: 2 | Saves: 1368
  Influences: PRINCE,AL GREEN,SLY...
Artist info

GNYUS(pronounced gen-i-ous) is a fresh,emerging musical genious.He presently resides in both Atlanta,Georgia and Englewood California.Watch as he makes a major impact in the music,entertainment and fashion industries.GNYUS is single,dark and...

#4 Burning Caskets
Burning Caskets (Cambridge, Ontario Canada)
  Plays: 1367
  Influences: Deicide, Suffocation,...
  Members: Korey Arnold - Vocals, Deni...
Artist info

Burning Caskets formed by mistake; former Rotting members Korey Arnold and Mike Belfry decided to record some jam sessions from Mike's living room featuring Korey on vocals, Mike on guitar and bass, with a drum machine; and post them on MySpace -...

#5 Unsigned Artist Skavinjer
Skavinjer (Sells, AZ)
  Influences: Black, Death, Progressive,...
  Members: Seven, Jayare, Toady and Jay
Artist info

Skavinjer started when boredom caused them to either commit suicide or start something that they can live for,... Jayare and Seven met as they were both at a turning point in their lives. They wanted to change something in their lives,... to...

#6 thisDAYnow
thisDAYnow (Vernon,NJ)
  Plays: 202 | Saves: 614
  Members: Brad McKinnon,Joe...
Artist info

In 2003, when Joe met Brad and Dudemus. They were the best players he had ever seen. Total technicians with an eye for speed and an ear for aggression. He liked what they were doing and thought that their immense talent coupled with his song...

#7 Unsigned Artist KILTERGREY
  Plays: 421
No artist info

#8 Bamboo Music
Bamboo Music (Nederlek)
  Plays: 3487 | Saves: 4481
  Influences: music, mp3, real audio,...
  Members: Jacobus Derwort
Artist info

Bamboo Music from the lowlands of the Netherlands Music on handmade bamboo flutes. All instruments & sampels produced & recorded by J.Derwort My music is based on improvisation ...

#9 Unsigned Artist Dirty Scarlet
Dirty Scarlet (London)
  Influences: Alternative/Rock/Soul/Punk/...
  Members: Louise- Vocals, Tilly-...
Artist info

Dirty Scarlet aren't a five piece band from north London. We didn't get together in late 2007, and haven't been writing our own songs since then. If you don't want to contact us, either don't contact us on MySpace...

  Plays: 1965 | Saves: 2948
  Influences: electronica/gothic/darkwave
  Members: Martin Atanasov
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