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#1 Unsigned Artist Factory Air
Factory Air (Roanoke, Va.)
  Plays: 1633
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Overkill,...
  Members: Monger : Drums, guitars....
Artist info

Fall Well's Nightmare is a Virginia based band that blend theatrics with heavy, aggressive music to create a show that is entertaining and musicly solid. FWN's members come from varied backgrounds and various bands whose definitive styles...

#2 GetEthnic
GetEthnic (Chicago)
Artist info

GetEthnic.com is based on the foundation of Quality and Customization. We have excelled in providing our clients their perfect made to measure outfits and jutties ranging from designer wear to wedding Bespoke. Our strength is providing remarkable...

#3 Unsigned Artist PARADYCE
  Plays: 955 | Saves: 3267
  Influences: NO OTHER!
  Members: RUTHIE & KITAMI
Artist info

HIP-HOP/R&B QUARTET TURNS TRAGEDY INTO A TRIUMPHANT TRIO Hip-Hop/R&B Trio Continues to Make Music with Reemerging Veteran Rapper-Turned-Producer After Losing a Member to Coma Caused By Car Accident. Where theres smoke, theres bound to be...

#4 J Harley
J Harley (London)
  Plays: 285 | Saves: 778
  Influences: Guns n Roses
Artist info

The Band Is Called "SHAME" Rock Jon heads this musical dynamo screaming into the 21st century with a passion and intensity to redefine "classic" rock. Partnered with Sally G equal parts angel and tiger flavor. We have the Ice Man James Creed on...

#5 Unsigned Artist Clutch K. Hutch
Clutch K. Hutch (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  Plays: 296 | Saves: 1174
Artist info

Finally, a M.C./Producer has come to change the rules in hip-hop. "Clutch" K Hutch combines controversy, originality, versitility, and tales from the streets like no one else. His solo debut "N.Y. 2 N.C." is creating a buzz everywhere from the...

#6 Agents of Change
Agents of Change (Chicago)
  Plays: 368 | Saves: 2616
  Members: Lantern aka CRACKhead...
Artist info

All the music and politics aside, AOC is basically a bunch of kids who grew up inside the box and needed a way to exorcise their demons. It doesn't get fancier than that. Well actually, I take that back, it gets a lot fancier than that. We...

#7 Unsigned Artist FamBamInc.
  Plays: 3800 | Saves: 10505
  Members: Trikury, DLoc, K-Thizz, Mac...
No artist info

#8 Mona J.
Mona J.
  Plays: 3660 | Saves: 9620
  Influences: Jill Scott, Kim Burrell,...
Artist info

Since the age of two, Mona J., a 23-year old native of Norfolk, VA, grew up using her hearty alto voice in the church choir and has been using her gifts of music to help change the world ever since. After earning a degree in Chemistry, Mona J...

#9 Unsigned Artist Ben G.
Ben G. (Canada)
  Influences: organic rock
Artist info

The musical stylings of Ben G. are difficult to cram into just one catagory. "... I'm not the kind to follow trends. I do what I do, whether its in or not..." In an age where Las Vagas style acts seek sanctuary in reality t.v. Ben G. is...

#10 Ice Cold
Ice Cold (Yaounde,Cameroon)
  Plays: 182 | Saves: 998
  Influences: 2pac,biggie
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