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#1 Unsigned Artist NO_DESCENSION
  Plays: 868 | Saves: 1140
  Influences: Christian Metal
  Members: Judy&Dale
Artist info

About No Descension*Christian Rock Ministries*. No Descension lives and plays for Jesus ..they are from the east coast Danbury Ct and Mich. now in northern cali. they just got out of the studio "After hours Recorders" the recording was...

WIRED (Kentucky)
  Members: Bob Ellis, John Kean,...
Artist info

WIRED, Formed in late 2005. Working with cover songs from Green Day, Semisonice, Matchbox 20, Poison, ACDC, GNR and more. Recently cut a demo CD with 2 origianls. Plan on hitting the studio again by Christmas.

#3 Unsigned Artist Second Generation
Second Generation (Sussex, UK)
  Plays: 149
  Influences: jools holland, chicago,...
  Members: 15 members
Artist info

The majority of our members have been involved with or marched within drum corps units both from the UK and the US, with large proportion of these players living around the south of England and especially within the Surrey and Sussex areas....

#4 49 Rufus
49 Rufus (The Netherlands)
  Plays: 2801 | Saves: 3119
  Influences: Lagwagon, Blink 182
  Members: Robert, Stefan
Artist info

We started of as a very cool punkband, and right now, were still a very cool punkband. As from today, we also have a MySpace page. Suprisingly, the adress is ===> www.myspace.com/49rufus You can also visit www.49rufus.tk for some other songs.

#5 Unsigned Artist Benjamin Youngs
Benjamin Youngs (North West England)
  Influences: 80's 90's Style Pop/Dance
  Members: Benjamin Youngs
Artist info

Hi I am a 31 year old single man living in Chester England, I have created the FREE EP 'Get Into Motion' in my small home studio and am sharing it with the web, get it from the address below, Thank you for your interest, hope you enjoy it....

#6 Mal & Stu
Mal & Stu (England)
  Plays: 568 | Saves: 1653
  Members: Mal Fry & Stuart Braybrooke
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Ruby In The Dust
Ruby In The Dust (N. Ireland)
  Plays: 212 | Saves: 1000
  Influences: barking chickens
Artist info

Just a band living for rock and roll.

#8 Sedusa
Sedusa (Caerphilly north of...)
  Plays: 145 | Saves: 390
  Members: Mark,Lewys,Ben,Keiron,Kyle
Artist info

Holla, we are Sedusa, a 5 piece band from Caerphilly in wales despite the fact that we've lost 2 members and kicked 2 out aswell, we are back baby! and better than ever. We focus on trance as well as rock, Yeah like Enter Shikari, But believe...

#9 Unsigned Artist So Wonderful
So Wonderful (Switzerland)
  Plays: 100
  Influences: Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder,...
Artist info

"So Wonderful" a electronic DANCE MUSIC project. 'So Wonderful' is an International Dance Music DJ, Remixer and Music Producer from Switzerland. As part of his expertises within the electronic dance music sounds, he has developed the skills to...

#10 frank thewes
frank thewes (Princeton, New Jersey)
  Plays: 1080 | Saves: 916
  Influences: bob dylan, eddie vedder,...
Artist info

Frank Thewes Starts With A Step Frank Thewes’ first full-length solo CD, “Starts With A Stept was released in June of 2004. A labor of love and recorded live in New Hope, Pennsylvania above the New Hope Candle Shop, the11 song...