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#1 Unsigned Artist P.U.R.E.
P.U.R.E. (Herndon, VA.)
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 745
Artist info

Progressive Underground Rock Enlightenment P.U.R.E. is a four-piece rock band based in Northern Virginia. We are available for nightclubs, private parties or any festive occasion. Visit us at ...

#2 Born Tonight
Born Tonight (San Diego,CA)
  Plays: 480 | Saves: 2947
  Influences: Deftones, Finch, Dredg,...
  Members: Jay-vox, Jai-guitar,...
Artist info

It is the synthesis of three experienced Chico musicians allied with a mouthpiece from Phoenix who all came together in San Diego to animate this air: Beau Murray puts his sticks through skins and slams his cymbals to shambles. Dan Drake breaks...

#3 Unsigned Artist Malcolm Charles
Malcolm Charles (Vancouver)
  Plays: 777 | Saves: 953
  Influences: Christian Alveraz, Olav...
Artist info

Born in Manchester, Malcolm Charles got into house music whilst playing funk nights during the birth of Manchester's music scene. Before long, Manchester became the center of European club culture, spawning such legendary venues as Hacienda, Wigan...

#4 jj love
jj love (The D (Detroit, MI))
  Plays: 1025 | Saves: 3411
  Influences: A young Michael Jackson.
  Members: Lance Jabraan Franklin
Artist info

He was born and raised in Detroit, MI on January 9th, 1987, with his family abd dog (He is 18 years old now). He has performed since the age of five as a tap a singer and used to tap dance. Has created two albums, written, arranged and produced by...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Siege Cats
The Siege Cats (Dallas)
  Influences: Alternative Feline Siege Music
  Members: All
Artist info

For decades, most people around the World that have heard of Area 51 believed that it was a military base established for secret aircraft development and U.F.O. research. That was just a cover story to deter people from finding out what the real...

#6 Intracardial
Intracardial (Vienna,Austria)
  Plays: 106 | Saves: 1550
  Influences: The Killers, Smashing...
  Members: Gabriel Schatz
Artist info

http://www.intracardial.com Intracardial hopes to distinguish himself from todays music scene by focusing on emotion, originality and sincerity as the driving...

#7 Unsigned Artist Prytaneum
Prytaneum (Utah)
  Plays: 35
  Members: aaron stokes - harp, todd k...
Artist info

Prytaneum is a harp and guitar duo based in northern Utah. They specialize in many European and South American period genres. Aaron Stokes is the harp player. He owns a music store in Brigham City, Utah and plays eleven different instruments. He...

#8 celestar
celestar (STL)
  Plays: 1283 | Saves: 1325
  Influences: tool, sevendust
Artist info

Celestar is short for celebrity superstar. I'v been writing all my life, whether short stories or poetry. Now I perform, and hostage the world to hear something different. We don't need twenty nelly's, and jay z's etc. Everybody in the industry...

#9 Unsigned Artist ChiCo
ChiCo (Gothenburg City)
  Plays: 899
  Influences: Hip Hop/Rap/Reggaeton
  Members: Chiggidy ChiCo
Artist info


#10 Munchiez the MC
Munchiez the MC (Michigan)
  Influences: Hip hop>Rap>R&B>Tupac Shakur
  Members: 1
Artist info

Just a young MC givin' my all into what I wish to recieve in return, tryna make it, holla!