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#1 Unsigned Artist air traffic control
air traffic control
  Plays: 432 | Saves: 2934
  Influences: joy division, beatles,...
  Members: lc12345678
Artist info

Personnel Kirk Comstock (lead vocals/guitar) Jordi Comstock (drums/vocals) Luke Comstock (bass) History Brothers Kirk and Jordi were founding members of long-standing East Coast indie rockers, Madhat - a band they started while barely old...

#2 The Feuds
The Feuds (Devizes, Wiltshire)
  Influences: We don't sound like any...
  Members: Jon Sanigar, Joe Edwards
Artist info

The band formed in September 2005 as 'The Feuds'. The band included Jon Sanigar on guitar and backing vocals and Joe Edwards on drums and vocals. The two members have been in a band together in the past which involved, Ricky Trinder on guitar, Rob...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Eric Experiment
The Eric Experiment (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  Plays: 104
  Influences: Indie, Experimental,...
  Members: Eric Maneely
Artist info

I have a passion for music. I make music. I record that music. I put that recorded music online. I want my music to live in the hearts of many.

#4 Crown
Crown (Denmark herning)
  Plays: 669 | Saves: 1321
  Influences: Electronica
  Members: Crown
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#5 Unsigned Artist rinyville
rinyville (The Netherlands)
  Plays: 1847 | Saves: 5291
  Influences: Johnny Cash, Wilco, Paul...
  Members: Riny
Artist info

Just visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/rinyville or www.reverbnation.com/rinyville

#6 Tripolitan
Tripolitan (Baltimore, Boston, and...)
  Plays: 260 | Saves: 2522
  Influences: Coldplay, Counting Crows,...
  Members: Nolan Love, Darryn Graham,...
Artist info

3politan (pronounced tri-politan) came together when Nolan Love (vocals, guitar) Greg Russell (guitars) Darryn Graham (bass guitar) and Andre Gressieux (drums) decided that a band does not have to exist in just one city. This band claims three...

#7 Unsigned Artist Blue Ink
Blue Ink (Cologne, Germany)
  Plays: 231 | Saves: 377
  Members: Annkathrin Huber, Christian...
Artist info

Blue Ink is a german acoustic duo from Cologne.

#8 Darren Morrison
Darren Morrison (San Angelo, TX)
  Plays: 2667 | Saves: 3645
  Influences: Willie Nelson, Kris...
  Members: Darren Morrison
Artist info

I write and play music for one reason: I get even crazier when I don't. These are a few of my favorites; I hope you like them as well. If you do, drop by my website and buy a handful of CDs. Thanks for listening.

#9 Unsigned Artist Zion
Zion (Gaaden,Austria)
  Plays: 265 | Saves: 1729
  Influences: Filter, Tool, A Perfect Circle
  Members: Gabriel Schatz
Artist info

The four musicians of Zion hope to distinguish themselves from today's music scene by focusing on emotion, originalitiy and sincerity as the driving force of their music. Like their inspiration, Tool and Filter, Zion seeks to create music that...

#10 Gargoyle
Gargoyle (Glasgow, Scotland)
  Plays: 912 | Saves: 2545
  Members: Andrew Rankine -...
Artist info

Gargoyle was formed in 2005 by Andrew Rankine, and play many styles including black & death metal, reggae, drum\'n\'bass, atmospheric, experimental, etc. Andrew plays guitar/drums/bass/vocals, and is recording music at his home studio in Glasgow,...