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#1 Unsigned Artist Hecatonchires
Hecatonchires (Appleton, WI)
  Plays: 52 | Saves: 301
  Influences: The pAper chAse,...
  Members: Jacob William Curtis -...
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PRONOUNCED /ˌhɛkətɒnˈkaɪriːz/ Or if you can't read that (god know's I can't) Heck-a-TON-kai-rez As for other stuff... I don't really know what to say here. My name is Jacob. Since I was a kid, I wanted to front a band. I was very...

#2 Pandahead
Pandahead (Provo)
  Plays: 306 | Saves: 633
  Influences: RJD2, Bonobo, Sage Francis,...
  Members: Chase, Laura, Devin, Pat
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Everybody's got some.

#3 Unsigned Artist weesp
weesp (Belarus, Minsk)
  Plays: 489 | Saves: 1218
  Influences: Alternative nu-rock,...
  Members: lex - vocals\keys\guitar,...
Artist info

Weesp was formed in Minsk, Belarus, when Lex (vocals), Mike (guitar) and Mi (bass) started playing music together in high school. The band has been growing rapidly since then, improving their skills and confidence. Having recorded the second EP...

  Plays: 83 | Saves: 396
  Influences: MIGHTY MEN!!!
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#5 Unsigned Artist Common Roots
Common Roots (St. Louis, MO)
  Plays: 813 | Saves: 812
  Influences: Acoustic, Pop, Rock
  Members: Brett Sheroky...
Artist info

Common Roots is an acoustic driven pop/rock band based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Perhaps the best description of their music is that it is "accessible," very accessible. However, the term "accessible" though sometimes considered a derogatory...

#6 Cain & Abel
Cain & Abel (Menomonee Falls, WI)
  Plays: 74 | Saves: 288
  Influences: Texas In July, For The...
  Members: Jake - Vocals Tyler -...
Artist info

Cain & Abel, a six piece from southeast Wisconsin, is one of the many uprising bands of the Midwest. Formed in the summer of 2008, the four piece of Jared Block, Jake Noggle, Ike Weins, and Josh Fox struggled to even maintain a regular practice...

#7 Unsigned Artist DiRtBoX
DiRtBoX (Perth Scotland)
  Plays: 3971 | Saves: 5618
  Influences: DiRtBoX cover band!
  Members: Ga$h Dav and Liddo
Artist info

Young. Tight. Scottish. Energetic. Mental. Sexual. Cheeky. Fast. Hyper. Fun. Emo. Not...DiRtBoX is an arse/butthole consisting of a bunch of good friends who play in a band together - playing shows, writing songs, pretending to be punk, going out...

#8 Medicine Tongue
Medicine Tongue (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
  Plays: 2999 | Saves: 3549
  Members: Roman Surman: Lead Guitar;...
Artist info

Straight from the notorious South Texas Metal scene, comes a band that plows forward and holds no punches. That band is Medicine Tongue. Formed in 1999, Medicine Tongue has relentlessly pounded the local scene into submission with their unique...

#9 Unsigned Artist NOVITAS MUSIC
  Plays: 1238
  Members: Mike McGuinness
No artist info

#10 Verbal Wepon
Verbal Wepon
Artist info

The Verbal Wepon has been performing for many years. He has been producing songs for all types of artists from the USA, Canada and Japan. He has a very dynamic stage show that captivates the crowd like no other! His ability to remain humble and...