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#1 Unsigned Artist B_r_o_k_e_n
B_r_o_k_e_n (Burke VA)
  Plays: 332 | Saves: 806
  Influences: Imagine This, a mix between...
  Members: Kandyi-Vocals/Piano/Lyrics/...
Artist info

Hey guys! We are Broken and we are a band of two teenage girls by the name of Kye and Kandyi , we are both 13 at the moment and the song we have recoreded ROCKS!!!!! We have a video for it and that's the audio you'll hear, we don't have any...

#2 Queensland Wind and Brass
Queensland Wind and Brass (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)
  Plays: 4408 | Saves: 2787
  Influences: Classical, Mussorgsky,...
  Members: 52
Artist info

The Queensland Wind and Brass ( http://www.qwab.com.au ) is a community wind ensemble based in Brisbane, Australia. It was formed in 1989 and is comprised of...

#3 Unsigned Artist D-MoneZ
D-MoneZ (http://www.unsignedban...)
No artist info

#4 Catya Maré
Catya Maré (Denmark)
  Plays: 324
  Influences: Sarah Brightman, Enya,...
  Members: Catya Maré
Artist info

If you thought this was a usual violinist you´re definitely wrong.....The violin is Catya Maré´s voice...beautiful melodies weaved into an ambient/electronica backing.....sensual, emotional, funky, chill out, spiritual music... This music will...

#5 Unsigned Artist Equity
Equity (Chelmsford)
  Plays: 177
  Influences: James Blunt
  Members: Keith Spooner, Darrel...
Artist info

Equity, formed spring 2006, bursted on to the Essex scene with dynamite. Their alternative accoustic rock-pop approach to music has proved popular when they cover previous bands live to hundreds at a time. As popularity rapidly grows, so does...

#6 Modena
Modena (North Carolina, USA)
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Metallica,...
  Members: James, Justin, Stewy, Derek
Artist info

The band has unequivocal disipline and purpose in everything they offer, from the studio recording, to the live show, to their personal interaction and connection to their fans. Audiences instantly feel a bond to MODENA that transcends genre...

#7 Unsigned Artist Dutch Poet
Dutch Poet (South Carolina)
  Members: Dutch Poet
Artist info

#8 Down Home Groove
Down Home Groove (Almont MI.)
  Plays: 14
  Influences: Darius Rucker, George Straight
  Members: Jason Manko, Andrew Falk,...
Artist info

We are a new and upcoming country band from a small town. We have all been playing music for 25 years plus. The band has been together about 8 months and about to release our first album in the late fall.

#9 Unsigned Artist The Gangsters of Love
The Gangsters of Love (Virginia Beach, VA)
  Plays: 72 | Saves: 87
  Members: Danny Rosnato, Steve Lee,...
Artist info

In 1981 Danny Rosnato met Steve Lee in a lunchroom at Western Branch Jr. High School in Chesapeake, VA. The two became fast friends and soon found that making music together was a powerful need in their lives. They played as an acoustic duo for...

#10 Caper
Caper (Karlstad, Sweden)
  Plays: 497 | Saves: 450
  Influences: Ourslelves
  Members: Patrik, Micke, Jonas and Darcy
Artist info

Caper started as a three-man-show in the early 20's. This trio gave birth to what is called Ambush After Conversation. After some bandmembers left and some new joined the revolution Caper evolved into a four-play session in the spring of...