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#1 Unsigned Artist Experimental Blue
Experimental Blue (Seattle, WA)
  Plays: 77
  Influences: Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan
  Members: Blue Christ
Artist info

Be sure to stop by axovus.com to download Experimental Blue songs and while your there go and buy a whip or some of the best leather bondage gear on the planet.

#2 StarCrash69
StarCrash69 (Helsingborg Sweden)
  Plays: 81 | Saves: 431
  Members: Paul Edman & Kimme Petersson
Artist info

StarCrash69 is a rockband from Sweden. Members are Paul Edman & Kimme Petersson.

#3 Unsigned Artist VIRTUALOS
  Influences: Virtualos
  Members: Only one
Artist info

I'm a soloist musician that has a lot of experiences playing the electric and acoustic guitars, the electric bass, singing in two languages; Spanish and English, programming a drum machine, composing lyrics, writing songs, and creating new sounds...

#4 LoKey512
LoKey512 (Dallas)
  Influences: Timbaland, Zaytoven, Lil...
  Members: LoKey512
Artist info

Talented underground producer with amazing and unique sounds blended in to bring you high quality, groovy rhythms and bass pounding beats that will definitely deliver what you are looking for!

#5 Unsigned Artist Sound Theory
Sound Theory (El Paso)
  Plays: 440 | Saves: 1676
  Influences: Sound Theory
  Members: Danny, Adrian, Dirk, Nick
Artist info

Since 2001, the Sound Theory team remains dedicated to creating, perfecting and bringing to you the most original and innovative music available in the Southwest United States... Check out our website ...

#6 Rodney and Fattius Blinn
Rodney and Fattius Blinn (Brunswick, Maine)
  Plays: 16098 | Saves: 7414
  Influences: Instrumental, Experimental,...
  Members: Ross Fagan, Ryan Mack
Artist info

Rodney and Fattius Blinn began in May 08'. They have been recording songs that keep coming out better and better. R&FB love to mess around with different styles of music, from Acoustic, to beats and even Reggae. Their Beats are currently #1 and #2...

#7 Unsigned Artist Tazz Davis
Tazz Davis (New Orleans)
  Influences: God & Myself
  Members: 1
No artist info

#8 NEX
NEX (Tempe, Arizona, United...)
  Plays: 608 | Saves: 1297
  Influences: Black Metal
  Members: N.R.W - guitars, vocals,...
Artist info

Primitive Black Metal from the United States. Inspired by Von, Swine, early Demoncy, Beherit and Ildjarn. First demo is now complete. Can be purchased by sending me a message/comment. All instruments, vocals and lyrics by N.R.W

#9 Unsigned Artist deadwood
  Plays: 60
Artist info

Deadwood was set up in 2005 by Shahar (vocals/acoustic guitar), Hezi (bass), Tal (guitars) and Alon (drums). Playing together in other projects in the past made it easy for DW to bundle the different musical aspects of each member, meet in the...

#10 Vampire Suit
Vampire Suit (NYC)
  Plays: 277 | Saves: 553
Artist info

Vampire Suit creates a highly personal musical texture that takes you from the tribal dances of North Africa to the marshes of the Balkans. The band's unique sound comes from drawing on rhythms and forms of musical traditions from around the world...