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#1 Unsigned Artist Neurasthenia
Neurasthenia (Leeds, Stoke, Pwfhelli)
  Plays: 464 | Saves: 1558
  Influences: Ministry, White Zombie, The...
  Members: Carl Greatbach, Jurek...
Artist info

Visit our website http://www.neurasthenia.co.uk to download all our songs for free. (You wouldn\'t want to pay for them!) Originally known as Maelstrom, Neurasthenia were formed in the early 1990s and included in their ranks most of Stoke on...

#2 Chris Robertson
Chris Robertson (New York, NY)
  Plays: 1739 | Saves: 1412
  Influences: Elliot Smith, Sonic Youth,...
Artist info

Come see us at www.chrisrobertsonmusic.com Robertson developed his skills as a singer and lyricist while writing songs with Tim Butler (PSYCHEDELIC FURS) from 1994 to 1997 for their band, Feed. The band recorded enough material for two albums...

#3 Unsigned Artist Laura Blakney
Laura Blakney (Moncton, NB)
  Influences: Celtic Women, Yanni,...
  Members: Laura Blakney
Artist info

I have been playing violin and singing for over 13 years, most of my life. I started teaching myself piano 5 years ago. I am working on my debut album of original acoustic Christian music. I also run a side business, Laura's Event Music, playing...

#4 Twinkle and The Sluts
Twinkle and The Sluts (Stafford)
  Plays: 43 | Saves: 219
  Influences: Siouxsie and The Banshees,...
  Members: Twinkle - Vox, Curlz -...
Artist info

We are a four piece band with female lead vox. Imagine Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Dillinger Escape Plan. You may cry "But dear God, that would be so filthy my face would melt off just hearing it... " You would be right...just ask our first...

#5 Unsigned Artist FamBamInc.
  Plays: 3762 | Saves: 8353
  Members: Trikury, DLoc, K-Thizz, Mac...
No artist info

#6 Rainwater
Rainwater (Strasbourg (France))
  Plays: 434 | Saves: 1511
  Members: - Silyalt -
Artist info

Dark Ambient Electronic Solo project from France. Through a Dark and Tortured music, Rainwater is the reflect of Lonelyness and Pain of Mind. Drowning deeper & deeper in the meanders of my mind ... I extract the pieces of sound which travel...

#7 Unsigned Artist Angel Syndrome
Angel Syndrome (El Paso, Tx.)
  Members: Jacob, Chris, Johnny and Aaron
Artist info

Weve been playing together for 3 years. All the music we play is your own.Our progressive rock style and is a musical ride you well enjoy. band members are as follows: Jacob (lead guitarist and vocals) Chris ( bass and backup vocals) Johnny...

#8 Double H
Double H (Illinois)
  Plays: 221 | Saves: 545
  Influences: R&B
Artist info

Hakeem Hill (Double H) is a former member of the group "Eastside Reziderz" Now he is a solo artist for the time being. He is currently recording new singles and performing in the Saint Louis area.

#9 Unsigned Artist The Third Collision
The Third Collision (Tampa, FL)
  Influences: The Third Collision
  Members: Bo - Vocals, Shawn -...
Artist info

In February of 2006, guitarist Shawn Brandon and bassist Chad Fite met through a local musician classified ad to start what would later become THE THIRD COLLISION. Both bringing in a background of old thrash as well as some of the newer...

#10 Lugo
Lugo (the known and unknown...)
  Plays: 305
  Influences: Hot
  Members: many
Artist info

Grammy® Award Winning Songwriter and Vocalist on the Best Pop Instrumental Album “Just Chillin’” by Grammy® Award Winner NORMAN BROWN, Writer for Grammy® NOMINEES RONNY JORDAN & YOMO TORO, Broadway star in "The Capeman" by Paul Simon,...