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#1 Unsigned Artist Champagne Morning
Champagne Morning (Ukraine,Kyiv)
  Plays: 79
  Influences: Robbie Williams,Queen,
  Members: Dima Kelly
Artist info

"Our music is full of... music. Live music, live emotions, live vibes". Dima Kelly I met Dima Kelly back in 2007. A young talented musician and composer, he then worked on numerous radio stations and production companies, composing hits...

#2 R.Y.A.N
R.Y.A.N (Blackburn)
  Influences: Oasis / Stone Roses / The...
  Members: Chris Dewhurst - Vocals,...
Artist info

R.Y.A.N are a talented Madchester band who live, sing and chat about the 'real' world... as they know it. Their tunes are raw and from the heart, but don't think that's an excuse... they already have a huge following and they haven't even...

#3 Unsigned Artist internal flights
internal flights (Greece thessaloniki)
  Plays: 2095 | Saves: 4493
  Influences: soundtracks
  Members: internal flights
Artist info

Composer cinema music

#4 LoKey
LoKey (Dallas)
  Plays: 82 | Saves: 1316
  Influences: Timbaland, Zaytoven, Lil...
  Members: LoKey
Artist info

Talented producer specializing in underground hiphop instrumentals jam packed with high energy, uniquely blended sounds, groovy rhythms and bass pounding beats

#5 Unsigned Artist STRYDER
STRYDER (England)
  Plays: 324 | Saves: 568
  Influences: Led Zeppelin, Free, AC-DC,...
  Members: Lars, Rich Remi, Josh
Artist info

Stryder - 4 piece kick ass original classic rock band, spawned as the bastard child of led zepplin, free and AC-DC. Includes other influences such as chili peppers and Rage Against The Machine. Currently Recording their first EP and waiting to...

#6 Atlantis Knight
Atlantis Knight (Newcastle upon tyne)
  Plays: 182 | Saves: 1322
  Influences: Iron maiden, metallica,...
Artist info

Hello dudes its been a very long time since i was on here so think its time for an update. the band has now changed lineup into something so much better and stronger than ever the music is better everything just feels really good David wilson...

#7 Unsigned Artist Caleb Jude Green
Caleb Jude Green (Lubbock Texas)
  Plays: 1969
  Members: Caleb Jude Green-vocals,...
Artist info

Caleb Jude Green is the embodiment of musical talent and personal style. He first picked up the bass as a relief to his boredom while traveling with his parents who played their own special brand of music in cities across America. At age 18,...

#8 Dennis Larabee
Dennis Larabee
  Plays: 3157
Artist info

The intent of this album "Shades of My Father" is to provide public awareness about new dads such as: * Up to 1 in 4 new dads have Paternal Postnatal Depression * Research has shown that men go through biological (hormonal) changes based on...

#9 Unsigned Artist Goldman
Goldman (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 114
  Members: Goldman
Artist info

Goldman, is a singer/songwriter and recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. He grew up on the Ivory Coast of West Africa, later escaping his country as a political refugee due to the war that had erupted. He soon arrived in the USA ...

#10 Neo Geek
Neo Geek (Bath)
  Plays: 461 | Saves: 2246
  Influences: Feeder
Artist info

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