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#1 Unsigned Artist Grodule
Grodule (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 67 | Saves: 528
  Influences: Ween, Guided by Voices,...
  Members: Tyler Graham and Trevor...
Artist info

They met in a Japanese class at the University of Oregon and have been playing music together for 3 years or so. Tyler is 24 and is from Charlotte, NC and Trevor is 20 and is from Eugene, OR. Trevor designed the logo. All songs are recorded on...

#2 Reborn
Reborn (Ireland)
  Plays: 489 | Saves: 1003
  Influences: New wave of British Heavy...
  Members: Patrick Fitzgerald, Colin...
Artist info

The band started back in late 2007 by Colin Dunne (Lead Guitars). One month later, Co-Founded member Patrick Fitzgerald (Vocals/Guitars) joined as the bands frontman. Without delay, the band took off pretty rapidly. Colin & Patrick got straight...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Shed
The Shed (Cork City Ireland)
  Plays: 591
  Influences: Anything from Country to Punk
  Members: The Shed are: JohnnyB. Mick...
Artist info

The Shed are: Johnny B. Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion Bass etc... Mick Stupp Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion Mandolin etc... Rogue Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion etc... Yimbo Lyrics Vocals Percussion Harmonica...

#4 Uncle Erics Winkle Pickers
Uncle Erics Winkle Pickers
  Plays: 3131 | Saves: 5224
Artist info

Niasla2@yahoo.co.uk is now playing poker I haven't done much music recently as I've been playing poker. You can join my private poker club for Home Games online. If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software Open...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Casanova Playboys
The Casanova Playboys (Edmonton)
  Plays: 784 | Saves: 2841
  Influences: U2, The Killers, David Bowie
  Members: Jamie Star, Zack Action,...
Artist info

The Casanova Playboys new record "Low Noise" is a slick affair of radio-friendly pop-rock on a funk foundation that- like the group- isn't afraid to show a little gloss. Produced by Jonathan Fluevog in Vancouver, BC and mastered by Ted Jensen at...

#6 mz kyootie pinai
mz kyootie pinai
Artist info

Visit mha otha music site.. myspace.com/aznpinai

#7 Unsigned Artist Simian Child
Simian Child (brooklyn)
  Plays: 144 | Saves: 120
  Influences: kanye West, nas, Rhakim
  Members: simian
Artist info

Attention all hip-hop lovers and truth seekers! What is it that you crave? Is it banging beats with catchy punch lines and witty choruses? Or do you prefer something melon, thatís thought provoking, but caters to the mood of your appetite?...

#8 Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill (Sacramento, California)
  Plays: 43 | Saves: 251
  Influences: Y&T, UFO, XYZ, MSG
  Members: Solo Artist, Singer Songwriter
Artist info

I am a solo artist singer / songwriter with an extensive catalog of over 500 songs. I am interested in collaboration with fellow rockers as well as recording deals, soundtracks and / or placement of my music to other artists. I have a wide range...

#9 Unsigned Artist DRT
DRT (Warrington north west...)
  Plays: 314 | Saves: 991
  Influences: ???? maybe The Insane Clown...
  Members: Mikey.C Riko.D
Artist info

DRT formed in 2002 when Mike.C came back to warrington after travelling for 12 years , being in several recording projects and singer/guitarist in the brutal punk metal band KURU thought he would try something totally bizaar and crazy so he got...

#10 The Amundruds
The Amundruds (Lloydminster, SK Canada)
  Plays: 953
  Members: Glen, Linda, Gary, Daryl,...
Artist info

Blending great Gospel music with Christian family values, the Amundruds continue to share the love of Jesus wherever they go. Amid our daily struggles and trials, it is reassuring to be reminded of the hope we have in Jesus. The group is made...