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#1 Unsigned Artist SILVER DIRT
SILVER DIRT (SWitzerland /Europe)
  Plays: 618 | Saves: 1885
  Influences: Led Zeppelin, Ramones, The...
  Members: Silver Steff:Lead Vocal,...
Artist info

The four musicians started as a Led Zeppelin tribute band (ZOSO) then having the music influences stared to compose in novembre 2004, SILVER DIRT was born. In february 2005, 10 songs were written, and a 5 song demo-cd was recorded. Worldwide...

#2 Darren Morrison
Darren Morrison (San Angelo, TX)
  Plays: 2661 | Saves: 3466
  Influences: Willie Nelson, Kris...
  Members: Darren Morrison
Artist info

I write and play music for one reason: I get even crazier when I don't. These are a few of my favorites; I hope you like them as well. If you do, drop by my website and buy a handful of CDs. Thanks for listening.

#3 Unsigned Artist Ronnie Barboza
Ronnie Barboza (Mchenry IL)
  Influences: Hank williams, Vince Gill,...
  Members: Ronnie Barboza
Artist info

I have been writing music all my life, have been in and out of bands and bars since I was old enough to play guitar in a bar. I am looking to sell or pitch my songs to other artists.

  Influences: Darkest Hour, Animosity,...
  Members: Matthew Engle - Guitar,...
Artist info

Jeremiah 16:4 They will die of deadly diseases. No one will mourn for them. And they will not be buried. Their dead bodies will lie like manure spread on the ground. They will be killed in war or die of starvation. And their corpses will be food...

#5 Unsigned Artist Chi City
Chi City (Chicago)
  Plays: 147 | Saves: 346
  Influences: The greats of Hip Hop
  Members: Chi City
Artist info

Chi City has toured with Philadelphia Freeway, performed for Slip N Slide and B.E.T., ghostwritten for some of today’s favorite artists, released over 9 underground mixtapes, and is now preparing to shake up the industry with his highly...

#6 James B. Graham
James B. Graham (Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 33261 | Saves: 30681
  Influences: Christian
Artist info

James B. Graham (Jim) has been writing songs now for over twenty years resulting in the current availability of three CDs "He'll Be There" released in 2004, "In His Presence" released early in 2005 and "He'll Never Change" released April 2006....

#7 Unsigned Artist Tha Joker's
Tha Joker's (Brandon, Fl)
  Plays: 4507 | Saves: 1859
  Influences: the jokers
  Members: Young...
Artist info

Yo this the hottest crew on this site right now..no lie -young jay- I dont know but we just bring the heat to this rap game...

#8 Attila Kovacs
Attila Kovacs (Denmark)
  Plays: 49 | Saves: 441
  Influences: pop rock classical
  Members: 3
Artist info

Attila Kovacs, musician - songwriter Original Pop-Rock Songs from a Hungarian-Danish-American musical heart Five years old, he began to read notes and play the piano - International and Hungarian, evergreens. In 1972, he was studying...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Wholesome Raviolis
The Wholesome Raviolis
  Plays: 777 | Saves: 2284
  Members: Josh vocals/rythm guitar,...
Artist info

Halt die Schnauze Arschgesicht LAl.LAl.LAl *Fotzkopf* Member :Josh :Vocals::Guitar :Brandon:Rythm Guitar :Nick:Bass :Roger...

#10 Aus Assignment Help
Aus Assignment Help (Darwin,Australia)
Artist info

Aus Assignment Help is on a mission to revolutionize the online academic services through innovative assignment writing help in collaboration with the leading experts from Australia. We provide...