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#1 Unsigned Artist Mandroid Academy
Mandroid Academy (Alpharetta, Georgia)
  Plays: 32 | Saves: 447
  Influences: Between the Buried and Me,...
  Members: Adam, Juergie, Chris, Ian
Artist info

Mandroid Academy is a humble band that has been through many sound and lineup changes. Beginning in late 2008 as the brainchild of guitarist, Juergie Landstrom, Mandroid was a simple punk band with Juergie on drums and his own father on vocals. It...

#2 Hades Chariot
Hades Chariot (Liverpool)
  Plays: 344
  Members: Matt, Adam, Nathan, Tom, Ste
Artist info

We are Hades Chariot, a metal band from Liverpool, United Kingdom. We have been together since winter 2006. Having played all over the U.K, we have met and gigged with a lot of amazing people and bands. We have been fortunate to share the stage...

#3 Unsigned Artist Intracardial
Intracardial (Vienna,Austria)
  Plays: 106 | Saves: 1585
  Influences: The Killers, Smashing...
  Members: Gabriel Schatz
Artist info

http://www.intracardial.com Intracardial hopes to distinguish himself from todays music scene by focusing on emotion, originality and sincerity as the driving...

#4 The Comparison Ford
The Comparison Ford (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  Plays: 678 | Saves: 1217
  Influences: Alternative
  Members: Andy Morrison, Andrew...
Artist info

The Comparison Ford (TCF) is a four piece heavy rock band likened to bands such as Therapy?, Yob and Helmet, and they blend powerful, driven melodies with clear, catchy riffs, and hooky vocal melodies. The four members of TCF have been writing,...

#5 Unsigned Artist boarderline
boarderline (Reading)
  Plays: 360 | Saves: 1879
  Influences: Nothing else
Artist info

Group of friends who met through snowboarding. Been together as a band for 2 years. A few well received gigs under our belts. Just do it for fun really but busy recording first album.

#6 Oliver Try
Oliver Try
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Hope Held High
Hope Held High (Lenoir City, TN)
  Members: Jake Tackett - All That...
Artist info

Were 17-year-old brothers making music and releasing our passion in the only way we know how. All we really have for you is a promise, we can’t promise you’ll like what hear, but the promise to you is that what you hear is music; a passion,...

#8 BeatDeala Records
BeatDeala Records (Hampton, Virginia USA)
  Plays: 244
  Influences: Virginia Hip Hop/Rap
  Members: 2Barz, Automatic, Killa,...
Artist info

BeatDeala Records presents....tha Beat Dealaz, Virginia's hottest unsigned rap/hip hop group! Representing VA's 7-cities " Tha Dirty Water", BeatDealaz bring to hip hop 5 emcees whose versatility can not be matched. From Durty South crunk to...

#9 Unsigned Artist Luke Fictitious
Luke Fictitious (London)
  Plays: 108
Artist info

Also see www.lukefictitious.com

#10 Michael G McGee
Michael G McGee (Tennessee)
  Plays: 138 | Saves: 14
Artist info

Heavy Guitar Rock'n Music