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#1 Unsigned Artist Divided By One
Divided By One (Lincolnshire, England.)
  Plays: 370 | Saves: 1453
  Influences: White Zombie, Entombed,...
  Members: Aaron Kilbon, Steve...
Artist info

INDUSTRIALISED EPIC HARDCORE PUNK METAL FROM THE FEATURELESS PLAINS OF THE ENGLISH DESERT We use a Drum Machine but that doesn\'t make us industrial, we like classic Metal but that doesn\'t make us retro either! It\'s kind of hard to pin us...

#2 KBK
KBK (Hails from New Mexico)
  Plays: 248 | Saves: 1795
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Da Chief
Da Chief
  Plays: 180 | Saves: 745
Artist info

Da Chief is a North American rapper, writer and entrepreneur who was born in Methuen Massachusetts in 1976. At the age of 14 years old Da Chief started freestyle rapping with his brother in law who became his mentor. In 2000 Da Chief opened...

#4 The Sensitones
The Sensitones (British Columbia)
  Plays: 1257 | Saves: 1303
  Influences: The Everly Brothers meet...
Artist info

This four member acoustic band plays original sensitive music about girls and feelings. They have been described as sounding like a cross between the Everly Brothers and The Ramones. If you haven't got a favorite band already, might I suggest: The...

#5 Unsigned Artist n of one
n of one (Ramona, CA)
  Influences: Crap
  Members: Just one - pat morris
Artist info

Sarcastic, compelled, old ex-hippie who can't grow up or shut up. You can visit our rock trio called fourplay at www.fourplayband.com. Original music can be reviewed at www.nofone.net p

#6 C.T.S
C.T.S (Toronto, Ont)
  Plays: 4214 | Saves: 3753
  Influences: Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Cassius
  Members: Kyle C
Artist info

Canadian Techno Scenster

#7 Unsigned Artist McKc - a.k.a. The Prodigal Son
McKc - a.k.a. The Prodigal Son (Los Angeles, CA)
  Influences: Nothing you've ever heard...
Artist info

Thanks to the favor of god, Prodigal Son has now professional wrote, recorded, and manufactured his debut album..."Genesis." To preview his new songs, view tour info, or purchase his new album as of April 16th, 2006. Please go to...

#8 Philipi Melo
Philipi Melo (Lagos,Nigeria)
  Plays: 48 | Saves: 41
  Influences: I have giving people...
  Members: 1
Artist info

I am self determined and equiped with sound lyrical content when it comes to artist writing and good at delivery afterwards and could sing almost all genres of music. #Long Live The Twins in our Society #IBEJI

#9 Unsigned Artist Dominyen
Dominyen (Petersburg,Va)
  Plays: 288 | Saves: 344
  Influences: Jay-z,Nas,Clipse,L.o.x.,Cam...
  Members: CakinEveryOpportunity,Furio...
No artist info

#10 Full Stack
Full Stack (Minneapolis MN)
  Plays: 157
  Influences: AC/DC meets Alice In Chains...
  Members: John Funk, Bill Hipps,...
Artist info

Full Stack like the name suggests, Full Stack doesn't play half-hearted music. They play full-on, riff-infested, straight up guitar rock reminiscent of the bands Full Stack members love--AC/DC, Van Halen,Velvet Revolver and Alice in Chains. But...