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#1 Unsigned Artist Prisoners of Democracy
Prisoners of Democracy (Dhaka, Bangladesh.)
  Influences: Speed/Power Metal
  Members: Kushol - Drums, Sami -...
Artist info

Four crazy boys, who wanted to say something about their beloved country “BANGLADESH” and about their personal struggles, started this band so that they can express their feelings towards the country through music. With the help of Sumon bhai...

#2 dopplershift
dopplershift (indiana)
  Plays: 1903 | Saves: 6620
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Supe
Supe (Long Beach, CA)
  Plays: 1366 | Saves: 2291
  Influences: LINKIN PARK, STAIND.
  Members: Kihiro(Vo), ARI(G/ESP),...
Artist info

Ever heard a JAP play ROCK before?! Well here it is, Band from Japan called " Supe"( read SHOOP) ! Now constantly playing around the south west coast area, near Long Beach California. Check out their website for touring info and more!

#4 Zugzwang
Zugzwang (Cleveland, Ohio)
  Influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers,...
  Members: Jacob 'the jew', David 'the...
Artist info

We're a funk rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. We rock. http://home.cwru.edu/zugzwang

#5 Unsigned Artist Threat Signal
Threat Signal (Hamilton)
  Plays: 1994 | Saves: 4751
  Influences: Some Heavy Ass Shiet!!
  Members: Kyle, Rich, Jon, Adam
Artist info

Threat Signal arose from the filthy, industrialized east end of Hamilton, Ontario. In the past year and a half, the band has written and recorded a slew of intense metal songs that have skyrocketed up internet metal charts, ignited an...

#6 Echoes of Pain
Echoes of Pain (SF Bay Area)
  Plays: 8417 | Saves: 5738
  Influences: Random Genres
  Members: S. Evil
Artist info premium member

Welcome to the UBW Echoes of Pain page. Currently streaming fusion jams only. Enjoy! All songs copyright Echoes of Pain, 2006-2011 Thanks for the listens!

#7 Unsigned Artist Satani Infernalis
Satani Infernalis (Los Angeles, CA)
  Influences: Sargeist, Behexen,...
  Members: Dantalian, Omen, Morte Satani
Artist info

Born of shadow, conceived in sin. We are this Illusion, and we are NOT this Illusion. Nothing is sacred, everything is permitted. Satani Infernalis is a satanic propaganda machine, ever growing.

  Plays: 113
  Influences: The blues on acid
  Members: Derin Adebiyi -...
Artist info

Described by many as 'the only band that matters in London' the Council are fresh, young four-piece with a unique and exciting take on blues influenced rock 'n' roll. For more free downloads visit ...

#9 Unsigned Artist The iLLiad
The iLLiad (Ashland, OH)
  Plays: 734 | Saves: 3778
  Influences: Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd,...
  Members: Kyle Pittman, Andy Cyphert,...
Artist info

Developed initially as a one man band with Kyle Pittman and then as a group (Adding Andy, Kelly and Jeff) to produce psychedelic pop songs for the radio, the Illiad are devoted to creating quirky, fun and catchy tunes with an abstract and...

#10 The Wild One
The Wild One (Hayward WI)
  Plays: 126
  Influences: Monti Krysto, Metallica, GNR
  Members: Cory Fletcher
Artist info

The initial spark of what would lead me into music production, The Wild One shined on April 1999. During a number of years, of experimenting with music and producing. I then decided to stop experimenting and concentrate on my producing. The...