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#1 Unsigned Artist Briefcase of Fire
Briefcase of Fire (North-West)
  Plays: 39
  Influences: Electric Six
  Members: Neil - Guitar/Vocals, Chris...
Artist info

Briefcase Of Fire are a British rock band from the North-West of England. The band itself was formed in 2007 & their goal is to make sure that the people who listen to them have fun when doing so! They are not here to conform to pre-made styles of...

#2 JayT
JayT (Austria / Innsbruck)
  Plays: 953 | Saves: 2208
Artist info

From Austria / Mid-Europe Homepage: http://www.jayt.at.tt

#3 Unsigned Artist Rusok
Rusok (Bolivia)
  Plays: 73 | Saves: 244
  Members: Rubén G. Soria Soria
Artist info

Started with an old guitar, years later went to the Music Conservatory (CPM) and that's it. (the 'that's it' part is a joke of course)

#4 Crankshaft
Artist info

"CRANKSHAFT" "Soulful Hard Rock" Shane Thomas Jolie - rhythym guitarist / lead vocals Errol Hug - bass guitarist/ background vocals Taylor Sukert - drums www.theonlycrankshaft.com www.livevisionmgmt.com

#5 Unsigned Artist Acoustic Minds
Acoustic Minds (Portland, OR)
  Plays: 4155 | Saves: 7262
  Influences: Zero 7, Dave Matthews,...
  Members: Jenni Price, Amanda Price,...
Artist info

If you like the soulful grit of Lauryn Hill and Sheryl Crow, twinned harmonies and down tempo drum n bass this live performance is a must. Acoustic Minds, Portland natives Jenni and Amanda Price have been singing their whole lives together and...

#6 Padlock Grim
Padlock Grim (East Tennessee)
  Plays: 438 | Saves: 328
  Influences: A Rock band, with jazzy,...
  Members: Josh Dunn (lead guitar/lead...
Artist info

Padlock Grim is an original rock band from Upper East Tennessee, comprised of Josh Dunn (Guitar/Vocals), Sam Price (Guitar), James Dalton (Bass) and Cary Dewit (Drums). The band was originally formed in late 2006. After nearly 3 years of almost...

#7 Unsigned Artist Two Days Drive
Two Days Drive (Longmont, CO)
  Plays: 191 | Saves: 515
  Influences: Acoustic
  Members: Matthew Eizenga- Lead...
Artist info

If you thought you knew Two Days Drive, keep your ears open. The guys describe their sound as an ‘ever-evolving culmination of faculty and experience,’ since there foundation in 2005. Their current sound can be categorized as...

#8 Guy Michetti
Guy Michetti (New York City)
  Plays: 409 | Saves: 840
Artist info

Independent Singer/Songwriter Guy Michetti has released his first extended play CD of original music (4 songs, including the title song, "I'm Coming Home"). The release date for the EP was October 6, 2003. Michetti will donate all profits from the...

#9 Unsigned Artist DEI TETRA
DEI TETRA (Bangkok, Thailand)
  Plays: 416
  Influences: Black Metal/Death Metal
  Members: Countess Asithara (Vocal),...
No artist info

#10 Madeline Burke
Madeline Burke
  Plays: 71 | Saves: 18
  Influences: New Grass
Artist info

I have been a singer/songwriter for a few years. These songs were recorded with the Rock Island Band on the Big Island of Hawaii. I hope you enjoy this music as much as I enjoy sharing it with you! Madeline