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#1 Unsigned Artist Catamaran
Catamaran (Dallas, TX)
  Influences: Surfer Blood, Vampire...
  Members: Stephen, Tom, Trinidad, and...
Artist info

Catamaran is a Dallas-based indie rock band currently working on their debut album and playing gigs.

#2 Team Flight Entertainment
Team Flight Entertainment (Mooresville, North...)
  Plays: 351 | Saves: 852
  Influences: DTP,2Pac,Flo-Rida,Chris Brown,
  Members: Colby Hall & TShep
Artist info

Team Flight or T.F.E is a American Hip Hop Music Group based out of Mooresville, North Carolina & also affiliated with independent record label Race City Records/K.A.P Entertainment. It includes 2 artists Founder/Rapper T Shep & also recording...

#3 Unsigned Artist Lee Lindsey
Lee Lindsey (Vancouver)
  Plays: 73
  Influences: Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks,...
  Members: Lee Lindsey, Sam Bradley,...
Artist info

Dreaming It Never, Living It - Forever Lee Lindsey has written songs her whole life. Like most artists, her music tells the story of her life. However, unlike most people who grow up, Lee never abandoned her childhood vision. It was that...

#4 giampiero b.
giampiero b. (Roma (Italy))
  Plays: 121 | Saves: 769
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist WalterZoltan
WalterZoltan (United Kingdom)
  Members: WalterZoltan
Artist info

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#6 JDonn
JDonn (Barcelona, Espaņa)
  Plays: 1359 | Saves: 1367
  Influences: Electronic
  Members: JDonn
Artist info

JDonn whose real name is Jorge, lived and grew up in Barcelona (Spain) and since he was young he loved the music. His early compositions were at 9 years old; JDonn jealously guarded all his compositions and albums for years. Melodies and lyrics...

#7 Unsigned Artist ArythmiA
ArythmiA (Chattanooga,TN)
  Plays: 512 | Saves: 1802
  Influences: ArythmiA
  Members: Tuck-Vocals Steve-Guitar...
No artist info

#8 Monroe EFfect
Monroe EFfect (Monterrey, Mexico)
  Plays: 1302 | Saves: 1861
  Influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Dream...
  Members: Rodrigo Lobo, Alejandro...
Artist info

Rodrigo Lobo started playing drums about a year and a half ago and is slowly improving. Alejandro Torres has been playing guitar for roughly 5 years, and is quite the shredder. He also plays bass Jerry Villarreal has been playing guitar for some...

#9 Unsigned Artist U.R STONED
  Plays: 2132 | Saves: 2916
Artist info

Nothin like a good spliff ...when your writing musics peace brothers and sisters spliff me up ..before you go go

#10 Your friend Harry
Your friend Harry (Germany)
  Plays: 1701 | Saves: 1259
  Influences: Country
  Members: The fomenter - a voice for...
Artist info

I'm a German, I write and sing songs. My heart beats for the United States of America. If I had enough money, I would live there. I like the American people and mentality. I've also felt that during my vacation in spring 2008. It was simple my...