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#1 Unsigned Artist FreezyCT
FreezyCT (Hartford, CT)
  Plays: 251 | Saves: 1135
  Influences: J Cole, Nas
  Members: Freezy
Artist info

Freezy (Freeze), born in Detroit Michigan in 1989, is an up-n-coming hip hop artist out of Hartford Connecticut...his witty punches, steady flow, and ability to rip east-coast beats has gained him recognition and the opportunity for a promising...

#2 Hirschsprung23
Hirschsprung23 (Southampton UK)
  Influences: Stone Blue and sort of others.
  Members: Pete Holloway. Dan...
Artist info

Formed in early November 2004 by Pete on drums and Dan, on lead guitar. Various musicians have passed through since but we are now a 4 piece Band. Jamming weekly to get to know each other, musically and personally, and to "find" the sound of the...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Disadvantaged
The Disadvantaged (Inner-West Sydney...)
  Plays: 1702 | Saves: 2860
  Influences: Ska/Punk/Hip-Hop
  Members: Al:Vox-Gee, Dane:Gee,...
Artist info

The Disadvantaged are a 4 piece punk/ska band from Sydneys Inner west. We've been playing tunes together since our early child hood, since then we've been influenced by a shitload of international and local bands. At some point in 2008 Kenta our...

#4 Assembly Point 3
Assembly Point 3 (London)
  Plays: 538
  Influences: Alternative
Artist info

AP3 Are: Ian Wilson Vocals, Guitar Matt Crossley Bass Simon Duckett Guitar Mike Levy Drums AP3 first formed in 2004 at University as a Mogwai influenced 4 piece. Simon later joined on bass, giving more structure to the still experimental...

#5 Unsigned Artist EMCEE2
  Plays: 6255 | Saves: 4071
  Influences: Influences-Trilok...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Musical Style- My Music embodies several different styles and influences, from Dance, Trance, Techno, Ethno, Ambient and Chill out! - (And even Punk, and Rock!)

#6 Overtheory
Overtheory (Columbus, OH)
  Influences: Red, Chevelle, Breaking...
  Members: Dorian Wills, Adam Furley
Artist info

Overtheory's sound lives somewhere between alternative, metal, and rock, layered with melodic vocals, emotive lyrics, and heavy guitar work. The band is inspired by a wide range of influences including Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Red, A Perfect...

#7 Unsigned Artist Alan Vigil
Alan Vigil (Colorado)
  Plays: 285 | Saves: 1518
  Influences: bob dylan trying to sound...
  Members: Alan Vigil
Artist info

Bio's just are so boring. i mean ya born and raised in colorado. started playing at 14yo..bla bla. not that it hasnt been an adventure, but the journey is like the Tao. cant be described or named or understood in any medium. but....somewhere in...

#8 BlackerFeed
BlackerFeed (Czech Republic)
  Plays: 235 | Saves: 1057
  Members: 2
Artist info

Originally formed in 1996 by a Brit and a Czech, they played a number of dingy dodgy clubs in the Czech Republic. Due to other priorities, they put the music on hold and reformed later. This year there will be an EP for download called "TenTwo"...

#9 Unsigned Artist Replaced Music
Replaced Music (Antwerp, Belgium)
  Influences: dEUS, 80ties, Punk, Spoken...
  Members: Michel Pelckmans
Artist info

I make autobiographic lyrics, and create alternative/indie (rock) songs, I refuse to fit in a genre, and artist should be free. you can buy my latest album "Wildcard" at bandcamp. ...

#10 Raphael Novarina
Raphael Novarina (France)
  Members: Raphael Novarina
Artist info

Raphael Novarina is a songwriter who was born in Paris in 1980. Besides studies in architecture and painting at " les Beaux Arts ", he started compose his first musical pieces at the piano / guitar and delivered a self-produced homestudio...