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#1 Unsigned Artist MIGHTY MEN
  Plays: 83 | Saves: 472
  Influences: MIGHTY MEN!!!
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#2 Stasis
Stasis (Lehigh Valley, PA)
  Plays: 2028 | Saves: 66
  Influences: Maroon 5, Incubus, Live,...
  Members: Damian (Vox), Aaron...
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Formed in 2001, this Lehigh Valley Original Band has been nominated for Lehigh Valley Music Awards, played regularly on 95.1 WZZO fm, and most recently won the 2004 WZZO Backyard Bands Competition after being in the competition back to back years.

#3 Unsigned Artist Life is Meat
Life is Meat (Birmingham,Alabama)
  Plays: 1605 | Saves: 5384
No artist info

#4 The Divine Secret
The Divine Secret (Cheltenham - United...)
  Plays: 1027 | Saves: 1494
  Influences: Alternative Rock With a bit...
  Members: 3 - Joe Green Ben Newham...
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Ummm....been together about a year now...played a few gigs...we were all in another band together before but that band didnt work out and us 3 re-grouped : ) check out the website - www.thedivinesecret.com

#5 Unsigned Artist Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe (Nottingham- England)
  Plays: 238
  Influences: Blink 182
  Members: Rob-guitar/vox,...
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Bazooka Joe are a (not your average) 4 piece skate punk band based in Nottingham England. The current line up have been going since the start of 2004. “A band worth more than the sum of their NOFX influenced parts and then some” Mike Davies BBC...

#6 theprogressionconcept
theprogressionconcept (USA)
  Influences: electronic indie
  Members: Jonathan DeLucia
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digital independent music ...

#7 Unsigned Artist Eternal Candle
Eternal Candle (Tehran)
  Members: Mahdi Sorrow, Anushiravan...
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Eternal Candle is the Progressive Doom Metal band . The band's got its own depressive and melodic themes in a progressive way.

#8 AYM Goa
AYM Goa (India)
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#9 Unsigned Artist Armchair Patriot
Armchair Patriot (Jacksonville, FL)
  Plays: 3054 | Saves: 1910
  Members: Jesse Schultz, Arthur...
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#10 Soundtrack
Soundtrack (Chester, UK)
  Plays: 2875 | Saves: 2731
  Influences: Jack Johnson, Elliot Smith,...
  Members: Phil Meredith
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I now play under the name 'Stella For Star' and i have new music up on this website and on purevolume.com/stellaforstar . Have a listen if you like this early stuff. Thanks Phil