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#1 Unsigned Artist Demonic Domain
Demonic Domain (Austin TX)
  Plays: 446 | Saves: 649
  Influences: Slayer, Otep, Slipknot
  Members: Lauren Elise - vokills,...
Artist info

Demonic Domain is a female fronted Metal / Thrash band from Austin TX. They were formed in early 2004 from members of different bands such as Killing Melody, Cuss Pig, and Pricipals of Turmoil. They have dedicated their lives to Demonic Domain and...

#2 The Rain Project
The Rain Project (Maine, USA)
  Plays: 605 | Saves: 2337
Artist info

A solo, Christian musical project started by one man with a vision to record and produce music offering a message of hope, comfort, and salvation. All music is free to everyone. Requests for copies of the CD can be sent via e-mail. Shipping is...

#3 Unsigned Artist False Memory
False Memory (Redding, California)
  Plays: 119 | Saves: 416
  Influences: Music
  Members: Jeff Johnson/drums-vocals...
Artist info

False Memory is an all original Mylodic/Rock band from Northern California that formed in early 2006. Three guy's who love and live music. Jeff (Animal) Johnson, desided in mid 2005 to start a new project, after ...

#4 your own blood
your own blood (england)
  Plays: 208 | Saves: 1013
  Influences: metallica , motorhead , slayer
  Members: peavey , andy , scotty ,...
Artist info

5 lads hailing from north east of england album coming out end of year hope to see you on tour. Also check out www.myspace.com/yourownblood

#5 Unsigned Artist Blue Attitude
Blue Attitude (Ontario Canada)
  Plays: 2785 | Saves: 4213
  Members: Dave Bell
Artist info

Veteran guitarist Dave Bell has been playing and performing rock and blues since the early 70's, most visibly in the club circuit around Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. Dave discovered computer recording in 2001 and built a home studio, where...

#6 Wendy Starland
Wendy Starland (New York)
  Plays: 544
  Influences: Sting, Peter Gabriel, Seal,...
  Members: Wendy Starland
Artist info

WENDY STARLAND Wendy Starland was discovered by Maceo Parker (sax player for the legendary James Brown), who spotted her at one of his concerts, pulled her onstage and let her wail. She scatted her own improvisational song and received a...

#7 Unsigned Artist Touch
Touch (Bakersfield California)
   | Saves: 325
  Influences: A West Coast Female Rapper...
Artist info

A former Def Dames from Bakersfield California. Released 2 albums under SRC/Zoo entertainment. Past events include Rap City,HBO,Sister In The Name of Rap pay-per-view and City One Stop.Currently looking for a new manager and record label.

#8 James Connolly
James Connolly (Bunnell. Florida)
  Plays: 1622 | Saves: 715
  Members: Male Solo Artist
Artist info

Singer/Songwriter James Connolly comes from Wexford, Ireland. now living in Bunnell Florida and loves to perform Acoustic Folk Songs, Celtic Ballads, Irish Love Songs and The Blues. His new CD has just been completed. It's called "STAY A WHILE"...

#9 Unsigned Artist Luke Brant
Luke Brant (Shropshire, UK)
  Members: Luke Brant
Artist info

Unsigned Singer/Songwriter. Sometimes Joined on stage by John (Double Bass) and Ade (Drums) http://www.lukebrant.co.uk

#10 Quicksand Remedy - Funk Rock Trio
Quicksand Remedy - Funk Rock Trio (Barcelona, Spain)
  Plays: 658
  Influences: Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters,...
Artist info

After several years of falling in an out of the musical projects, Chris Southern (Suth), John Skillington (Skilly) and Jose Luis Selaya (Pepe) suddenly and unexpectedly found each other in the most unlikely place: a call centre office in a suburb...