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#1 Unsigned Artist Thugwarz
Thugwarz (pittsburgh pa)
  Plays: 172 | Saves: 520
  Influences: 2pac
  Members: mendoza lord divine m-dogg...
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#2 L'astoria
L'astoria (EUROPE: Sweden)
  Plays: 2766 | Saves: 1911
  Influences: Yellowcard, Blink 182,...
  Members: Nicklas: Guitar/Vocals...
Artist info

L'astoria is a a three piece Emo-punk rock band from Sweden. started spring 2003 and have been rocking out the swedish music scene since then. Recorded their first EP-demo " Treo Therapy" 2004 at Oldswing Records. Oldswing record is a...

#3 Unsigned Artist Corbus Albus
Corbus Albus (Chisinau)
  Influences: Alternative rock
No artist info

FORGOTTEN ANAMI (Vienna, Austria)
  Members: Mario Soradi, Sebastian...
Artist info

...formed in summer 2003 and started originally as a three pieced alternative rock band. In april 2004, Besi [ bass/shouts and screams ] joined the band, who also opened the gates to more metal influences, so after a short while the sound...

#5 Unsigned Artist Sharlyn
Sharlyn (United Kingdom)
Artist info

Sharlyn William is singer and working in UK local as a restaurant singer she also have writing experience she has been working at assignment help service company but she left the job because of music

#6 Chop Suey Joint
Chop Suey Joint (Valencia, Earth)
  Plays: 481 | Saves: 1078
  Influences: ...where the future began
  Members: Man Jack, Bertie Fontaine,...
Artist info

Man Jack and Bertie Fontaine created Chop Suey Joint as a vehicle for their songwriting and production talents. Using voices from many different languages, they create pop soundscapes with an ultra modern vision. Presently at work on their third CD.

#7 Unsigned Artist INTERSTATE
INTERSTATE (South Wales, UK)
  Plays: 2621 | Saves: 2338
  Influences: Nothing heard before
  Members: Mike, Phil, Gareth, Rhys, Paul
Artist info

Five piece band from South Wales, UK. Sledge hammer guitar licks and tub thumping drums. Cool vocals and shredding guitar solos

#8 eden
eden (Southern UK)
  Plays: 120 | Saves: 238
  Members: Carl, Bob, Toph, Roger
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Submerse
Submerse (Oxfordshire, UK)
  Plays: 166 | Saves: 599
  Influences: Rancid, Operation Ivy, Sham 69
  Members: 4 members, Forkna - Vocals...
Artist info

Since their inception in 2000, UK quartet Submerse has been busy refining their own take on punk music. With harsh vocals reminding you of the 77 movement and catchy tunes, which could challenge that of Blink182, Submerse provide a much-needed...

#10 Prophet
Prophet (New York)
  Influences: Iron Maiden
  Members: Peter Laguidara, Alex...
No artist info