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#1 Unsigned Artist Scarecrow Balcony
Scarecrow Balcony (Vancouver)
  Plays: 595 | Saves: 1411
  Influences: Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Tool,...
  Members: Calvin Quaite, Wayne...
Artist info

Scarecrow Balcony: high octane riffs and riveting performances. Formed at the tail end of 2002, Scarecrow Balcony was on the live scene within four months, and has performed numerous shows at virtually all venues within their local performance...

#2 Lucky Lew
Lucky Lew (Bergen, Norway)
  Plays: 43
  Members: Villa:K (vocal),...
Artist info

Fear no more - LUCKY LEW is here! It's time you took a minute and savour the blessed thought that you from now on can indulge your ears with the best music you'll ever come across in your entire lifetime! This is pure and exciting...

#3 Unsigned Artist Pacesetter
Pacesetter (Brisbane)
  Plays: 609 | Saves: 1569
  Influences: You Am I, Incubus, Oasis.
  Members: Kurt-Guitar & Lead...
Artist info

They will “Take you by the hand and drag you through the sound….t. They are straight out of the depths of Brisbane’s live Rock & Roll scene. They are Pacesetter. The band has evolved in their two years together not only as a strong group of...

#4 Ross Madderson
Ross Madderson (Warwick, The Midlands, UK)
  Plays: 588 | Saves: 253
  Members: Ross Madderson
Artist info

Just a quick little bit about me. Well, I live in Warwick, in the Midlands in England, and I'm currently studying Creative Writing at Winchester University. I have been playing guitar for about six years, and got cajoled into singing by an...

#5 Unsigned Artist Clare
Clare (cdbaby.com)
  Influences: Enya and Sixpence
No artist info

#6 LongWayDown
LongWayDown (St. Albert)
  Plays: 2884 | Saves: 2055
Artist info

Back in august i met these guys at an outdoor rock festival in British Columbia, Canada......unfortunatly i never did see them live at the rockfest, but we did party it up! and just of recent i got a chance to see them live! and do they every...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Messengers
The Messengers (Melbourne)
  Influences: The Faces, Stones, Beatles,...
  Members: Jono, Joe, Dima, Kieran,...
Artist info

The messengers. www.myspace.com/messgroup Go check out the tracks!

#8 Funeral For Yesterday
Funeral For Yesterday (Haltom City,TX)
  Influences: Metal
  Members: Zach Callas:Drums,William...
Artist info

We are a Metal band that just started from Texas. We have three members Zach our Drummer, Cade our Guitarist, and Daniel our Lead Guitarist. We have some music up now but it isn't so great but give us a little time and we will suprise you. One of...

#9 Unsigned Artist Jari Ylamaki
Jari Ylamaki (Helsinki)
  Plays: 618
  Influences: Jean Michel Jarre,...
Artist info

Jari was born A.D. 1970 in Finland. He has been involved in composing music since early 90’s. His first exposure to composing music came with experimenting with the Kawai WK50 which was developed in late 90’s PC-based music started to...

#10 Jahah
Jahah (Atlanta, GA USA)
  Plays: 570 | Saves: 1483
  Influences: Tribe Called Quest, Marvin...
No artist info