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#1 Unsigned Artist Imaginary stars
Imaginary stars (Halmstad, Sweden)
  Plays: 739 | Saves: 1805
  Influences: a mix of a lot of artists
  Members: Jimmy Jones and Sagopyret
Artist info

I wish I had something important to say. But all my feelings are in my music. please leave a comment.

#2 LockDown_recordz-fam
LockDown_recordz-fam (Mid-West And The Dirty...)
  Plays: 59 | Saves: 335
  Influences: Nothing Cause We Dont Imate...
  Members: Dirt-Diggla(C.E.O.) D-Game...
Artist info

Lock-Down-Recordz is a team of artist that have one dream in life. Thats to be Rich and spoken about because of the skills they hold. We each bring a differant style to the table which helps us reach out to all differant types of fans for our...

#3 Unsigned Artist The DysFunktional Family
The DysFunktional Family (Athens, Ohio)
  Plays: 251 | Saves: 1165
  Influences: Copywrite, Immortal...
  Members: Hil, Schwartz
Artist info

wwwDysFunktionalFamily.com Together since 2000, the Dysfunktional Family members Hil and Schwartz have been honing their skills as lyricists together...

#4 epidermis
epidermis (Manchester, England, UK)
  Plays: 102 | Saves: 470
  Influences: Deftones, Hell Is For...
  Members: Rob, Luke, Andy
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The first signs of the epidermis we know today appeared in early 2002 when bassist spooner, guitarist mich and drummer luke decided to prove that hate to say i told you so by the hives could actually be made much much worse. to try and make their...

#5 Unsigned Artist Kaldi and the Dancing Goats
Kaldi and the Dancing Goats (Simi Valley, California)
  Plays: 432 | Saves: 160
  Influences: Rock, Blues, Acoustic,...
  Members: Joshua Jacobs, Jarreth...
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Artist info

Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW9tI7bFeV0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb7MprR24NI

#7 Unsigned Artist The Baby Grands
The Baby Grands (Atlanta, GA)
  Plays: 331
  Members: Donny Todd, Marc Castelo, &...
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"ALT ROCK FOR KIDS THAT WON'T DRIVE THE ADULTS CRAZY" It's been a parched musical landscape for a long time, but like manna from kid music heaven, The Baby Grands-the Atlanta based musical trio of lead vocalist Donny Todd, producer,...

#8 Talon
Artist info

We have moved ... Check out the new web page at http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/bands/6156

#9 Unsigned Artist Bruce Boyd
Bruce Boyd (South Coast Australia)
  Plays: 8365 | Saves: 6438
  Influences: Blues/Rock, Celtic/World
Artist info

I have been involved with music and bands in Perth, Western Australia since the late '60's when I played rhythm, lead and bass guitars with a variety of pop and rock bands. However by the mid '70's I had tired of the scene and virtually retired...

#10 loops freak
loops freak (Japan)
  Plays: 124
  Influences: 80's
  Members: hiroko T
Artist info

I have been loving the 80's sound.And I'm making loops sound like the 80's.