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#1 Unsigned Artist Shaded Noise
Shaded Noise (Beer, SouthWest, UK)
  Plays: 311
  Influences: Adam and the Noise
  Members: Roly, Ben, Jake, Adam
Artist info

Meet the band... www.myspace.com/shadednoise

#2 Whiskey Burn
Whiskey Burn (Fairfield, PA)
  Plays: 2806 | Saves: 6848
  Influences: Zeppelin, Nugent, AC/DC,...
Artist info

We use UBW to get input on DEMOS of songs. See below for actual releases. Download our new album "Breaking All The Rules!!!" at http://whiskeyburn.bandcamp.com/album/breaking-all-the-rules-3

#3 Unsigned Artist Dramaqueen
Dramaqueen (Port Coquitlam...)
  Influences: influenced by: APC STP AIC
  Members: Sol Dominelli, Garrett...
No artist info

#4 earcandy
earcandy (London)
Artist info

Whether you are booking for a wedding, party or a corporate event, we believe that your entertainment should be unique and special, to suit your individual taste. We provide all the popular genres including, Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz or Motown. With...

#5 Unsigned Artist izzie Voodoo
izzie Voodoo (Barnsley, South Yorks UK)
  Plays: 60
  Influences: only izzievoodoo!!(has been...
  Members: izzie voodoo
Artist info

Izzie Voodoo is a solo artist creating a vivid, highly unusual yet accessible sound. Her music maintains a dark exciting edge whilst switching between full, highly produced alternative, sometimes industrial, vocal and guitar and bass orientated...

#6 Mourning After
Mourning After (Austin, Texas)
  Plays: 294
  Members: David Garza, Rudy Ramirez,...
Artist info

It all began about 2 and a half years ago, a metalcore band that started off in the border town Del Rio, Texas. After many local shows, we have a strong fanbase, so we have now relocated to the Austin area so our music can be heard by more people....

#7 Unsigned Artist Disha Jones
Disha Jones (Dallas, Tx)
Artist info

Disha Jones is not only a blogger but also a Pathologist. She has been affiliated with Xtreme Technologies - SEO Agency Dallas for the...

#8 7 storey theory
7 storey theory (Huddersfield, United...)
  Influences: KiTTie, A7X, HIM, Creed
  Members: Alesha, Bam & Sinead
Artist info

The band started out in 2003 with 4 members under the name of kismets beginning but problems occured and kismets beginning were no longer a band, many bands were tried but none were quite right, eventually in late 2003 the band became sorted and 3...

#9 Unsigned Artist Josh Brown
Josh Brown (Westmoreland. TN)
  Plays: 1503
  Influences: Himself
  Members: www.myspace.com/joshbrownmusic
Artist info

www.myspace.com/joshbrownmusic Josh Brown was born in a small town in Western Massachusetts where he grew up listening to country music. All through grade school he took a greater interest in music and performing , he became involved in...

#10 Edge Of Forever
Edge Of Forever
  Plays: 288 | Saves: 2039
  Members: Mal Fry
No artist info