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#1 Unsigned Artist TRUBADOR
TRUBADOR (Nashville, TN)
  Plays: 107
  Influences: Alice in Chains, Nirvana,...
  Members: Marcoe Stone, Criss Stone,...
Artist info

TRUBADOR is an American rock band based out of Nashville TN. They have melodic driven songs with originality, depth, emotion and plenty of hard-driving drums. The singer vocalizes most songs with a heavily-felt presence. Sometimes they lighten up...

#2 Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin (Indian Rocks Beach, FL)
  Plays: 1433
  Influences: LeAnn Rimes, Sara Evans
  Members: Maggie Austin
Artist info

Maggie Austin is a new artist whose vocals have won critical acclaim from artists and music industry executives. Her traditional country themes combined with a cutting edge delivery have made Maggie an innovative and ground breaking artist....

#3 Unsigned Artist HUSTLEMAN
  Plays: 658 | Saves: 1567
  Influences: me niCCa
Artist info

I'm straight out that soufwest Houston,Tx. I've been freestyling for years, but now its time to get serious wit it and put it out. if you aint tryin to help me or my cash flo, then dont hit me up. 4 real.

#4 yung wild
yung wild (Chicago,Ill)
  Plays: 217 | Saves: 928
  Influences: every body espcially drake...
Artist info

Tryin to be me an this struggle an shine like the best

#5 Unsigned Artist Cash Mattock
Cash Mattock
  Influences: Paul McCartney meets Motorhead
Artist info

You can hear the influence of some of Mattock's favorite artists, such as The Velvet Underground, Robert Johnson, Iggy Pop, The Pixies and The Beatles can be heard on the album, along with a Middle Eastern flavor. The record he produced is not...

#6 Our Disease
Our Disease (29 Palms)
  Plays: 1046
  Influences: Cant Answer That???
  Members: Tremmor, Myers, Sic Boy
Artist info

Myers - Lead Guitar Tremmor - Rythem Guitar Sic Boy - Bass Seeking - Drummer Seeking - Vocals If you want to play drums or sing for us contact us.. Also Check out our oher site http://www.myspace.com/ourdisease

#7 Unsigned Artist Distilled Spirits
Distilled Spirits (Orange County)
  Plays: 741 | Saves: 1703
  Influences: Pantera, Disturbed,...
  Members: Johan lead guitar, Bones...
Artist info

Ready for your dose of distilled spirits? When it comes to rehearsing people won't be let inside the studio without a twelver of beer for the band. Each person who shows up at the studio and wants to watch rehearsal will see the sign on the door....

CASCOVA (Albuquerque, NM)
  Plays: 143 | Saves: 505
  Influences: Bjork, Depeche Mode, The...
  Members: Zenon Zamora
Artist info

Cascova has been a long time in the making. The idea started when Zenon's writing started to gear towards the synthetic as opposed to naked and raw rock. He wanted his music to be of orchestral quality, both in texture and musical merit. When...

#9 Unsigned Artist bungalow zen
bungalow zen (London)
  Plays: 367 | Saves: 660
  Members: Mark Damon - Singer, Jim...
Artist info

Where does the band originate? Chemical spillage north london, Why choose the name? Cos we fought it sounded good, How do you describe your music? Pornographic (better than sex with a female goat), What is your best gig to date?...

#10 Tams railways Music
Tams railways Music (Leith)
  Influences: Crook Rock
  Members: Leigh Faughnan Vocals /...
Artist info

Keep up to date with Tam's railways news: www.facebook.com/tamsrailwayspage