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#1 Unsigned Artist Death in Stereo
Death in Stereo (Seattle)
  Plays: 278 | Saves: 1
  Members: Taylor
No artist info

#2 Season Of Fear
Season Of Fear (Baltimore, Maryland)
  Plays: 939 | Saves: 1080
  Influences: Slayer
  Members: Brien Nevins, John Gray, Alan
Artist info

All original speed metal band from Baltimore, Maryland.

#3 Unsigned Artist Mal T Fry
Mal T Fry
  Plays: 152 | Saves: 769
No artist info

#4 One Last Stand
One Last Stand (Sicklerville, New Jersey)
  Plays: 1
  Members: Chris Haring - Guitar, Alex...
Artist info

Does it seem like everywhere you turn, another band emerges playing the same, four-chord driven songs? Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Nothing... real Well, the boredom stops here. One Last Stand is breaking onto the scene with a whole new sound....

#5 Unsigned Artist ReJason
ReJason (Jakarta)
  Plays: 4028 | Saves: 3501
  Influences: Minimal Tech House Electro
Artist info

Visit : http://www.wix.com/rejason/home

#6 Yung Ceza
Yung Ceza (Reserve, Louisiana)
  Plays: 771
  Influences: Myself
Artist info

Born in Charity Hospital July 31st in 1988 was a boy whom name today you call "Yung Ceza" started writing songs at a very young age. When he made the age of 15 thats when things got serious; he was in and out of the studio with his group the...

#7 Unsigned Artist No'am Newman
No'am Newman
  Plays: 449 | Saves: 1534
  Influences: I wish I knew ...
Artist info

Long time acoustic guitar strummer went electonic several years ago: these are some of my latest creations. I would like to call these songs "singer songwriter material with fully fleshed electronic arrangements", but that's quite a mouthful so I...

#8 Jennifer Grassman
Jennifer Grassman (Houston, Texas)
  Plays: 190
  Influences: Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan,...
  Members: Jennifer Grassman
Artist info

Jennifer Grassman is a singer, songwriter, and pianist who combines her classical piano and operatic vocal influences with pop styles to create her own artistically accessible genre. Jennifer is a prolific writer and expressive entertainer. With...

#9 Unsigned Artist URANIUM
URANIUM (israel)
  Plays: 112 | Saves: 156
  Influences: no body
  Members: 6
Artist info

Uranium's concept was conceived and given birth by Dan Uraniumer (keyboards) and Smite (guitars), which had joined forces in purpose to create a new revolutionary style of music and poetry. After a period of 18 months all of the other players...

#10 Agnès Milewski
Agnès Milewski (Austria)
  Plays: 412
  Members: Agnes Milewski, Jonas...
Artist info

Agnes Milewski plays the piano, sings, writes the songs. Jonas Petersen plays the violin, writes the string arrangements. Agnes Dinhobl plays the cello. for more information please visit www.rockingonmushrooms.com