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#1 Unsigned Artist Pat Bailey
Pat Bailey (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Influences: Dashboard Confessional
  Members: Pat Bailey
Artist info

I'm just a guy who loves music.

#2 earth dirt
earth dirt
  Plays: 367 | Saves: 896
  Members: duke23
Artist info

I make most of my samples hitting things i find around the house i try to make the music i like to listen to

#3 Unsigned Artist coni67
  Plays: 1128 | Saves: 1883
No artist info

#4 Veiloff
Veiloff (Golgotha,)
  Influences: A rabian way...
Artist info

VEILOFF! It is the METALLIC QUAKE CULT CLAN (http://en.netlog.com/clan/MQCC/member/view=apply) biggest secrete yet to be reveal, and it's going to be a VEILOFF, better than ever before, the best you have ever seen before.

#5 Unsigned Artist no promotion
no promotion (worldwide)
  Influences: you
  Members: you
Artist info

No Promotion is a free blog that will help promote quality unsigned music. It allows visitors to download albums/EP's for free by unsigned bands or artists. It’s aim is to promote music to blog visitors only therefore not taking away any...

#6 Paul Collins Beat
Paul Collins Beat (New York)
  Plays: 464 | Saves: 2232
  Influences: Ray Charles, The Beatles,...
  Members: Paul Collins: lead vocals,...
Artist info

Paul Collins' Beat plays high energy rock n roll in the style of The Ramones, ACDC, Steve Earle and The Buzzcocks. Pauls first band The Nerves toured with The Ramones and funded their own recordings despite not having a record deal. The Nerves...

#7 Unsigned Artist A Line Between 3 AM
A Line Between 3 AM (selden/ hoxie KS)
  Plays: 149 | Saves: 461
  Influences: a mixture of indie music...
  Members: Quincy (lead guitar) Dom...
Artist info

All of us have all been through a lot of bands.. and all of them just not having enough talent.. until dom moved to selden and went to school in hoxie and met quin, jake, cole, and grahm and decided to put a lil project together and realizing that...

#8 Jon Bare & the Killer Whales
Jon Bare & the Killer Whales (L.A. California)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 119
  Influences: Allman Brothers, Santana
  Members: Jon Bare
Artist info

Jon Bare is a modern-day Renaissance man. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, engineer, inventor, author and educator, Jon is the driving force behind the highly acclaimed KILLER WHALES and SHREDZILLA CDs. His newest release, ORCASTRA, is...

#9 Unsigned Artist Exosense
Exosense (Tucson, Az)
  Plays: 120 | Saves: 576
  Influences: Iron Maiden, Dream Theater,...
  Members: Eric Fernandez (Vocals),...
Artist info

Exosense started out as a two member band comprised of Ali and Dustin, both on guitar. They originally recorded covers and originals using midi drum and bass tracks. As they got better, so did the sound quality, but the drums and bass still made...

#10 Marek1000
Marek1000 (Barcelona)
No artist info