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#1 Unsigned Artist R.A.P Therapy
R.A.P Therapy (San Diego)
  Influences: Everything
  Members: Ak, D. Hendrix, Shokk, Gemini
Artist info


#2 Katharsis
Katharsis (Wovlerhampton, The...)
  Plays: 546 | Saves: 344
  Influences: Deftones, Machine Head,...
  Members: William Clark, James...
Artist info

A 4 Piece (Broken) Metal Band from Wolverhampton in the Midlands. With a flowed mix of heavy and mellow sounds, they're working as hard as they can to please the ears of the rock fans of the UK. http://www.katharsis.tk...

#3 Unsigned Artist Retro & Sparkle
Retro & Sparkle (London)
  Plays: 196 | Saves: 827
  Influences: Owl City, Moby, Zero...
Artist info

Retro & Sparkle are an East London based. Our We have only just started putting our Music Online from Mid April 2010, and Intend to get a full catalogue up and available very soon. To see our latest music video for our debut track 'Beautiful',...

#4 Joshua Shine
Joshua Shine (Elgin)
  Plays: 592 | Saves: 1550
  Influences: Beatles, pink Floyd
  Members: Johnny Banks, Wes Brasure,...
Artist info

We are a recording collaboration dedicated to the goal of making a living with our music. Joshua Shine consists of 6 original members and several people we jam with for fun. We record day and night, 7 days a week. Members: Johnny Banks, Efrain...

#5 Unsigned Artist Unit 102
Unit 102 (Närpiö, Finland)
  Plays: 60
  Influences: Rammstein, Raubtier,...
  Members: Magnus Enqvist, Magnus...
Artist info

We're a industrial metal band from Finland. We've been playing since the summer of 2010. Check our official YouTube channel out!

#6 Yolk
Yolk (Finland)
  Plays: 309 | Saves: 1363
  Influences: Grunge
  Members: Juha Hmlinen (V) Arto...
Artist info

Yolk was founded early 2003. First eight to nine months the band practiced and wrote own music. Band recorded a three song demo in spring 2004, demo was recorded and mixed by Arttu Sarvanne @ Studio Watercastle. And here are the results..

#7 Unsigned Artist DGeneral
DGeneral (So. Florida)
  Plays: 37
  Influences: Myself
  Members: M. Anthony Ellis (Artist /...
Artist info

Hailing from Deerfield Beach, FLA aka Dove Citi USA. D'General began his career ghostwriting his junior year in high school. After unsuccessfully finding a notch in da bidness, D'General has teamed up with an elite group of young men to form...

#8 Arkayan
Arkayan (Perth, WA)
  Plays: 317 | Saves: 687
  Influences: porcupine tree, thrice,...
  Members: Jon Mazzardis, Niall...
Artist info

Like the slightly awkward hip thrusting movements of the next door neighbours dog on your leg, Arkayan leave an impression. Formed in 2009 from random miscreants of several perth bands, Arkayan released their debut CD "Away from the world" in...

#9 Unsigned Artist elina jaiden
elina jaiden (North Hollywood, CCCA)
  Plays: 237
  Influences: "chaotic bliss"
  Members: eLina jaiden
No artist info

#10 Dave Lowe and Paul Edge
Dave Lowe and Paul Edge
  Plays: 1402 | Saves: 2006
Artist info

Http://pauledgemusic.com Paul and Dave are not recording together at the moment, awaiting Dave to complete 2016 committments and availability of Paul Edge Music recording facility