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#1 Unsigned Artist Scott Robert
Scott Robert
  Plays: 251 | Saves: 812
No artist info

#2 The Tangent Twins
The Tangent Twins (Liverpool/Wirral)
  Plays: 264
  Influences: Pop. Alternative,
  Members: Steve Meadows & Keith Small
Artist info

The Tangent Twins, are writers & musicians, Steve Meadows & Keith Small. They first started to work together way back in 1992 at, The Ministry, Liverpool. Steve had been working at The Ministry under the guise of The Big Picture, which was...

#3 Unsigned Artist Gary Floyd
Gary Floyd (Tulsa ,OK)
  Plays: 41
No artist info

#4 Rachel Merchand
Rachel Merchand (Charlotte, NC)
  Plays: 3667 | Saves: 4359
  Influences: Sarah McLachlan, Jewel,...
Artist info

Dawning from the Green Mountains of Vermont, Rachel Merchand brings an unexpected sound to the acoustic rock genre. Reaching from sentimental love to hidden struggles, she expresses her core character through unashamed and transparent lyrics....

#5 Unsigned Artist Like So
Like So (Chicago)
  Plays: 133 | Saves: 1060
  Members: Seth Engel, Colin Lazorka,...
No artist info

#6 The New Empire
The New Empire (C-Stream)
  Plays: 2977
Artist info

These are all demos for new Evil Empire songs. We play most of them at shows - only a few have lyrics and only "I Am Man" has them recorded Check out more songs here: ...

#7 Unsigned Artist Third South
Third South (Cornwall, Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 2556 | Saves: 4237
  Influences: Metal
  Members: Dustin Smith, Rob...
Artist info

Hailing from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, this Cartoon Metal band is out of control. First 8 songs are from the Dark Days for the Horde (2002) album and the last 2 tracks are from the 1999 Demo . New album in waiting

#8 duke payen
duke payen (Sacramento)
Artist info

I am a Musician............of Sacramento city.

#9 Unsigned Artist Renny D.
Renny D.
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#10 Ratoi Catalin
Ratoi Catalin (www.pianoprog.com)
  Plays: 723 | Saves: 578
  Members: Mangalia OD 1 Ap 8...
Artist info

I was born in a Romanian town called Baia Mare, on the north-west of the country. I was guided by my parents to the primary music school where I studied the classical piano. On the primary school I had some good results but on the high...