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#1 Unsigned Artist Yamasaki
Yamasaki (Portmouth)
  Plays: 669 | Saves: 1819
  Influences: Skint...
  Members: Tom Edwards
Artist info

Yamasaki is a solo project by Tom Edwards remixer and producer. The yamasaki sound is a smooth blend of lounge, soul, electro and bigbeat providing the perfect mix of cool summery tunes

#2 Mystikman
Mystikman (Edinburgh, Republic of...)
  Plays: 104 | Saves: 1019
  Influences: Various
  Members: Mystikman
Artist info

Through the eyes of Mystikman learn the truth about where we come from, who we are now, and what we are soon to become. Join him on his incredible journey......experience the events and meet the characters who have helped shape his unique...

#3 Unsigned Artist Skillitean
Skillitean (Detroit, MI)
  Plays: 1102
  Influences: Ourselves
Artist info

Http://www.myspace.com/skillitean Check Back Every two weeks if you need a change from the bullshit on the Radio

#4 Full Moon Blanket
Full Moon Blanket (Birmingham, Al.)
  Plays: 1098 | Saves: 1911
  Influences: Gin Blossoms, Police, Sublime
  Members: Jon Kelly, Tim Kelly, Matt...
Artist info

Full Moon Blanket has been growing, adapting, and maturing for several years. During this time, the group has established a name with a professional reputation always associated with good music. Singer, songwriter, Tim Kelly, with help from his...

#5 Unsigned Artist Live To Rise
Live To Rise (Sacramento, CA)
  Influences: Alice in Chains,...
  Members: Jeremiah, Mike, Bruce and Ken
Artist info

Live to Rise, based in the Sacramento California area is a 4-piece Alternative Hard Rock band influenced by Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Rush, U2 and Alter Bridge. Band members include Jeremiah (lead singer/rhythm guitarist), Mike (lead guitar),...

#6 Numbers Anonymous
Numbers Anonymous (Mesa, AZ)
  Plays: 890
  Influences: Yellowcard, Switchfoot,...
  Members: Silas (percussion, lead...
Artist info

What a question! What do you think is the answer? Silas (percussion, lead vocals), Landon (guitar, violin, backup vocals), Steven (guitar, acoustic guitar, backup vocals), Carson (bass, guitar, mandolin) Be sure to check out the news...

#7 Unsigned Artist Andy Grant
Andy Grant
  Plays: 168 | Saves: 1116
  Influences: John Mayer, Dave Matthews,...
Artist info

Andy Grant plays an original, rootsy mixture of Blues, Rock and Jazz on guitar, vocal and stompbox. After fleeing a job in a South African gold mine, Andy made ends meet playing his music on street corners from Melbourne to Copenhagen. When...

#8 James Official
James Official (Memphis TN)
  Plays: 113 | Saves: 217
  Influences: LIL Wayne & Tupac
  Members: James Official
Artist info

Well and Up.

#9 Unsigned Artist Isaac Pula
Isaac Pula (Melbourne)
  Influences: Jimmy Cliff, Ali Campbell
  Members: Solo Artist
Artist info

Isaac Pula was born in April 1971 in a little Village called Utualii Saleimoa. He Started primary school from 1977-1985. He started College at Church College of Western Samoa in 1986-1988. Isaac came from a family of five brothers and three...

#10 Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1965
  Influences: a hard core of country with...
Artist info

Jack McCoy is a character, but that's really not saying much. You either love him or hate him, but you'll never forget him. His music, a colorful montage of heartfelt experiences, sordid tales of lust and murder, bible belt recollections and...