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#1 Unsigned Artist Beyond Ruin
Beyond Ruin (Manchester, UK)
  Plays: 397 | Saves: 1467
  Influences: Caliban, Unearth, Raging...
  Members: Adam,Alix,Charlie,Mark & Tib
Artist info

One day in 2004AD two random metal fuckers visited a lovely indoor hatebreed gig and experienced the wrath of the pit. From that day forth, the two lonely souls named The Mighty Adam and Feeble Mark (haha) pledged to rock the underworld with...

#2 ancientmesa
ancientmesa (North-east UK)
  Plays: 1436 | Saves: 3182
  Influences: Influenced by: Porcupine...
  Members: John Lawson
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#3 Unsigned Artist Blonde Afro
Blonde Afro (New York)
  Plays: 134 | Saves: 1344
  Influences: Beck, Sufjan Stevens,...
  Members: Rick McAlister
Artist info

I'm a composer and songwriter who works in a wide range of styles, from jazz to rock to classical. I'm trying to be Beck, Dizzy Gillespie, Moby, and Tchaikovsky all rolled into one person. The new album, Troubleshoot The Moon, features a blend...

#4 Mondo B.
Mondo B. (Germany)
  Plays: 1562 | Saves: 4886
  Influences: A journey through a strange...
  Members: Manuel N.
Artist info

Mondo B. is LoFi ! More Information at www.Mondobiondo.com

#5 Unsigned Artist Dj Vexy
Dj Vexy (Italy)
  Plays: 399
  Influences: Trance/Progressive
  Members: 1
Artist info

Matteo Polelli AKA Dj Vexy has loved music since he was little. when he was 15 years old, he decided to try and make his own music. Dispite his initial inability to work around all the software difficulties and expenses in the music world, with a...

#6 March Against Me
March Against Me (Johannesburg South Africa)
  Plays: 184 | Saves: 1232
  Members: Westley - Vocals : Ruan -...
Artist info

M.A.M marches right at u from ear 2 ear; shoots u down when you think you've heard it all & captures u hostage in a world of lyrical genius all the while staying true to their roots as rock solid musicians.

#7 Unsigned Artist Joe Wamsley
Joe Wamsley (Ridgefield Park NJ)
  Plays: 315
  Influences: Michael W Smith
  Members: John Moran, Joey Killeen
Artist info

I started out as a bass player in a family band about fifteen years ago. We would play at local clubs in the northern NJ area; we did this for about eight years. I came to know the Lord in 1993 when I met my wife, and a year later we were married...

#8 MDH
MDH (Las Vegas NV. From...)
  Plays: 853 | Saves: 405
  Influences: MDH; Rap@HipHop
  Members: MDH
Artist info

Yo, what up to who ever is checkin me out. I am MDH, Yeeah to strecth it out for ya,it means (Mario Da Hitman). I'm from Portsmouth, VA. and I also grew up in Atlanta, GA. I've been rappin scents 1996 just holdin my s*#t down ya feel me, and...

#9 Unsigned Artist Stasis
Stasis (Lehigh Valley, PA)
  Plays: 2020 | Saves: 66
  Influences: Maroon 5, Incubus, Live,...
  Members: Damian (Vox), Aaron...
Artist info

Formed in 2001, this Lehigh Valley Original Band has been nominated for Lehigh Valley Music Awards, played regularly on 95.1 WZZO fm, and most recently won the 2004 WZZO Backyard Bands Competition after being in the competition back to back years.

#10 A-T BOYZ
A-T BOYZ (Austin, Texas)
  Plays: 2597 | Saves: 2698
  Influences: Yaharri, Fito Olivares,...
  Members: Raphael Rodriguez, Paquito...
Artist info

Anticipation grows through the crowd and you cant help but feel the heart pumping adrenaline as Alma Tejana aka Los A-T BOYZ hit the stage!! With their unique mix of Vallenato, Reggeton, Urban Cumbia and Ranchera, ...