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#1 Unsigned Artist CoolHunter
CoolHunter (Slovakia)
  Plays: 644 | Saves: 3014
  Influences: cross pop
  Members: Egon & BreakBeast
No artist info

#2 Splendor
Artist info

A Walking - Talking Mess, Charm, Power And Success. We Stick To Righteousness By Playing With Excess. A Sin Is Death, We Choose Life In Its Eternal And Internal Glory. As We Are Here In A Constant Creative Search For All That Is Divine In Tha...

#3 Unsigned Artist planning ahead
planning ahead (Winfield Kansas)
  Influences: relient k & hawk nelson
  Members: jacob-guitar/voclas,...
No artist info

#4 Crucial aka: Karlton Jones
Crucial aka: Karlton Jones (Raleigh, North Carolina)
  Plays: 588 | Saves: 1733
  Influences: Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Nas,...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Karlton Jones also known as Crucial was born and raised in Winston Salem, NC. Growing up heavily influenced by all genres of music, Crucial started playing the saxophone in the 6th grade. His father convinced him to join the school band because he...

#5 Unsigned Artist Gaz major 7 connection
Gaz major 7 connection (darwen)
  Plays: 1461 | Saves: 13289
  Influences: the beatles, john lennon,...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Www.gazmajor7connection.350.com Born near Liverpool in 1980 gaz has always had a keen interest in music composition and formed a band in 1997 to put his creative ideas into practice, a big fan of The Beatles and Elvis Gaz had already an idea...

VICTOR (Melbourne, FL)
  Plays: 319 | Saves: 1604
  Influences: Strung Out, NOFX, A Day To...
  Members: Andy Bilak, Charles...
Artist info

VICTOR is an original band that formed in late 2005. Their music is created from a blend of hardcore, metal, punk, and rock. They have a unique energy-driven sound that’s been described as a blend of searing guitar riffs and melodic vocal...

#7 Unsigned Artist STAIRWAY
STAIRWAY (Warwickshire England)
  Plays: 2323 | Saves: 2025
  Influences: maiden;sabbath;priest
  Members: Graeme Leslie(vocals);Pete...
Artist info

In the beginning STAIRWAY were influenced by the 80’s metal era. The founding members were Graeme Leslie (Vocals & Guitar), Pete Jennens (Drums), and Rob Jennens (Bass). Andy Edwards was recruited shortly afterwards as new drummer and Pete Jennens...

#8 D.A.Z.E
D.A.Z.E (Scunthorpe)
  Influences: Blink 182,Box Car...
  Members: Wayne,jonni,ricky,micky,zak
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Meagan Gevara
Meagan Gevara
  Members: just me.
Artist info

Im 15. i love singing, im very energetic and always positive.

#10 Big Rich
Big Rich (Kansas City, Missouri)
  Influences: nobody else
Artist info

Richard Fasching, aka boy rich, first discovered his talent at a young age. since 2003 he has been taking rap to the next level and has grown more in recent weeks. soon to be releasing an album which the title has not been released, boy rich...