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#1 Unsigned Artist Alecar
Alecar (Victorville/Rancho)
  Plays: 627 | Saves: 2640
  Influences: Industrial, Experimental-...
  Members: Marcus and Matt
Artist info

Been doing music together for 3 years, trying to break out into the seen over the internet. Don't want to do shows anymore, where people don't know who the hell we are. If you like us, drop us a line for some band memorabilia. We won't start doing...

#2 x.Mxx
x.Mxx (West Coast)
  Plays: 449 | Saves: 1063
  Influences: Coil, Telefon Tel Aviv,...
  Members: xmxx
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist X Unit 17
X Unit 17 (Buffalo, NY)
  Plays: 370 | Saves: 645
  Influences: Your SNES on steriods
  Members: Sylvester D. (Goten X)
Artist info

X Unit 17 is the efforts of Sylvester (Goten X) (From Buffalo, NY) to cover and bring you the great VG music that you know and love. Some is done live, while some is computerized, but it all of is VG music goodness.

#4 Chaos Incorporated
Chaos Incorporated
  Plays: 46
  Members: Solo
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist StereoAccident
StereoAccident (Den Bosch (netherlands))
  Influences: you decide
  Members: Chris,Jelle,Niels,Robert,Shaun
Artist info

StereoAccident is the latest must see rock act out of the netherlands they bring a mix of pop/rock with heartfelt lyrics in wich everyday life is centralised

#6 DataBass
DataBass (In the PC)
  Plays: 242 | Saves: 580
  Members: DataBass
Artist info

DataBass has has a rough road to finally uploading music on the World Wide Wierd. My first tracks sounded more like one of those little keyboards, y'know, the ones with about 15 keys on 'em, that your parents bought you when you where a baby....

#7 Unsigned Artist Fapp
Fapp (Various)
  Influences: Alternative/Experimental/Pr...
  Members: Benjamin Stewart Robertson
Artist info

Fapp is the name for all solo work that spawns from the mind of me, Benjamin Stewart Robertson, founder member of the Experimental Noise band Art of Kaos, and the traditional rock band YDK:Fusion.

#8 Andrew Furth
Andrew Furth
  Plays: 646 | Saves: 28
  Influences: Dave Matthews, John Mayer
Artist info

Andrew Furth started playing guitar at age 15. Within 3 years, he was playing small gigs around his high school and college campuses. Growing up in a household in which the sounds of singer-songwriters echoed through the hallways, Andrew developed...

#9 Unsigned Artist NEXT STOP EARTH
NEXT STOP EARTH (new jersey)
  Plays: 23563 | Saves: 7136
  Members: Larry Campanella, Jimmy...
Artist info


#10 The Window Washers
The Window Washers (Drexel Hill, Pa)
  Members: Joe McGillian, Tom...
No artist info