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#1 Unsigned Artist ARZ
ARZ (Portland, OR)
  Plays: 298 | Saves: 1176
  Influences: Progressive rock
  Members: Merrill Hale, drummer, and...
Artist info

ARZ prog rock web site: http://www.thearzuniverse.com/ ARZ is a Portland-based prog rock duo that blends elements of metal, classical, and world music...

#2 Pregnant By Dad
Pregnant By Dad (Brighton, England)
  Plays: 1303 | Saves: 1919
  Influences: The musical version of a...
Artist info

This group of unlikely candidates took it upon themselves to revolutionise the music scene armed only with half a pack of domestic tobacco, one slightly moist rizla and a slightly out of tune harmonica. Despite these set backs they have reached a...

#3 Unsigned Artist TX Clergy
TX Clergy (Augusta GA)
  Plays: 361 | Saves: 896
  Members: Dave, Marty, Dash, Cat Daddy
No artist info

#4 Nicky Dreams
Nicky Dreams (Strong Isle, New York)
  Plays: 835 | Saves: 2232
  Influences: Dreams, Nicky, Hot Box,...
Artist info

Www.soundclick.com/nickydreams What's really good. Let me know what's up. I been doin' this for years. I also do productions and it's not that whack (I wanna be a producer today) shit. But for real I need some feed back, I'm new to this web...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Hunter And The Prey
The Hunter And The Prey (Oxnard, CA)
  Plays: 41 | Saves: 347
  Influences: Copeland, Minus The Bear,...
  Members: Roderick Spann-Guitar,...
No artist info

#6 Rebel Collective
Rebel Collective (Gävle, Sweden)
  Plays: 200
Artist info

Rebel Collective formed this year (2009) by ex drummer of Morgana Lefay and members of Undivine, Machine, Mortellez and Calm. Songs are recorded and awaits mix/mastering at Studio Soundcreation by engineer Per Ryberg and Peter Grehn (Morgana...

#7 Unsigned Artist Eva Moon
Eva Moon (Seattle, WA)
  Plays: 191 | Saves: 395
  Influences: Debbie Harry meets Tom...
  Members: Eva Moon, Mike Gordon,...
Artist info

Eva Moon skewers romance, sex, high tech & pop culture with smart, funny originals. A 5-piece Seattle band serves up steamy pop with a tasty blend of influences from R&B to cabaret.

#8 Vue D'Lanoid
Vue D'Lanoid (eurpoe)
  Plays: 615
  Influences: Atmospheric and uplifting,
  Members: Solo Artist
Artist info

Halo I'm a vinyl junkie, Been listening to all sorts of electrica from a very early age. I've aquired a taste for a certin kind of music over the years. Collecting vinyl since 13, I have gathered quite a colection, But it never ends, because...

#9 Unsigned Artist Warnament
Warnament (Macedonia)
  Influences: Thrash metal
  Members: Dejan Stanojevic, Boris...
Artist info

WARNAMENT was formed in the beginning of 2007, by Dejan Stanojevic and Jovica Veljanovski. They shared the same interest in thrash metal, so they decided to form a band that would play their favorite musical genre. They acquired Caki as the lead...

#10 There
  Plays: 67 | Saves: 197
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