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#1 Unsigned Artist Tim Brantley
Tim Brantley (Atlanta, Georgia)
  Plays: 71 | Saves: 308
  Influences: Bruce Springsteen, Keane,...
Artist info

Tim Brantley- Atlanta Georgia www.myspace.com/timbrantley

#2 Vision Thing
Vision Thing (North West UK (Southport))
  Plays: 94 | Saves: 505
  Influences: Indie poprockfolkdrone!
  Members: Pete, Paul, Matt, Si, Micah
Artist info

Our full length album "Through a Shimmering Haze" is available to download from iTunes, Amazon UK, and Amazon USA and to buy on CD with full colour booklet from www.visionthingband.com where other free downloads are available. Please visit!

#3 Unsigned Artist WilliG
WilliG (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 151 | Saves: 358
  Influences: Joe Satriani,Maze, Rush,...
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Just a easy going guy who loves to create music

  Plays: 581 | Saves: 1424
  Influences: PYRO
  Members: Pyro\'s live band consist...
Artist info

Pyro was born and raised in South East London. His interest in music reflected the environment he grew up in with a multi-cultural diet of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, hip hop and learning to play the guitar at a very early age...

#5 Unsigned Artist Sombrero MPG 2
Sombrero MPG 2
  Plays: 307
Artist info

"Sombrero MPG" is a free software tool that is to provide an advanced system designed for both experienced musicians and beginners to efficiently promote their music on the Internet. Just as well, it is made for the finest music consumers to find...

#6 Certif1ed
  Plays: 209 | Saves: 1135
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Sweet Dizease
Sweet Dizease (Norfolk, England)
  Plays: 534 | Saves: 372
  Members: Westers, Special K, (H)ash,...
Artist info

Alternative Dark Metal from the Depths of small town Dereham, Norfolk, England. Playing gigs in their local town and city (Norwich) this band has a fast growing reputation for producing mosh pit material (a.k.a. mpm). This is music for the kids to...

#8 Nicky Dreams
Nicky Dreams (Strong Isle, New York)
  Plays: 835 | Saves: 2260
  Influences: Dreams, Nicky, Hot Box,...
Artist info

Www.soundclick.com/nickydreams What's really good. Let me know what's up. I been doin' this for years. I also do productions and it's not that whack (I wanna be a producer today) shit. But for real I need some feed back, I'm new to this web...

#9 Unsigned Artist Celtachor
Celtachor (Dublin Ireland)
  Plays: 2719 | Saves: 1060
  Influences: Irish Mythology Ireland
  Members: Stephen - Vocals/Whistles...
Artist info

Celtachor began in the early months of 2007 but only became a proper band in the year of 2010 The band take its numerous influences from black, doom, and folk metal, The Main focus was to bring the Mythology of the Irish saga’s to life from the...

#10 Casual Wish
Casual Wish (Wall, New Jersey)
  Influences: Happy Hardcore, Powerpop
  Members: Mike Beagan, Casey Cannon,...
Artist info

Casual Wish, you may never know where the name originated, but what's in a name? Founded in the cold of February 2002 by Joe Perrino (Bass/Vocals) and Casey Cannon (Drums). They were out to find a guitarist who had experience, after a few members...