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#1 Unsigned Artist Halleys Apparition
Halleys Apparition (Barnstaple, Devon, UK)
  Plays: 322
  Influences: Punk, Rock, Pop, Alternative
  Members: Joe Brewer, Ben Brewer
Artist info

Hi, we're a band called Halley's Apparition. We started this new band in August 2008 and we play music that we like - it's a mix of rock, punk, pop, disco (kidding). I guess we fall into the ever-growing category of 'alternative' but hey, we...

#2 The Midnight Foundation
The Midnight Foundation (Asheville, NC USA)
  Plays: 358 | Saves: 1474
  Influences: Hybrid, Air, Chemical...
  Members: Joel Goffin - Andrew Suhren...
Artist info

Formed in 2003, Joel Goffin and Andrew Suhren met up and began searching through the circuits of synth boards, drum machines, and anything else that would make noise. Looking to define their sound, the duo produced many down tempo and ambient...

#3 Unsigned Artist Jennifer Grassman
Jennifer Grassman (Houston, Texas)
  Plays: 190
  Influences: Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan,...
  Members: Jennifer Grassman
Artist info

Jennifer Grassman is a singer, songwriter, and pianist who combines her classical piano and operatic vocal influences with pop styles to create her own artistically accessible genre. Jennifer is a prolific writer and expressive entertainer. With...

BAMS (Bamsville)
  Plays: 117 | Saves: 333
  Members: BAMS
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Nada Nuevo
Nada Nuevo (CABA, Argentina)
  Members: Nahuel Ramos, Sebastian...
No artist info

#6 Josh Dingman
Josh Dingman (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 141 | Saves: 532
  Influences: Very Original New artist...
Artist info

Josh Dingman former frontman of regional band Nila has went solo and is producing his own music and releasing samples online. He is currently unsigned but definately an artist to keep an eye out for. Sound ranges from ambient Pink Floyd to...

#7 Unsigned Artist Old Jed
Old Jed (Chelmsford, Essex)
  Plays: 970 | Saves: 619
  Influences: Acoustic
Artist info

Everyone has a delicious soft centre, believe it or not, here's mine...

#8 Strifer
Strifer (Ananndale VA, USA)
  Plays: 1859
  Influences: manythings
Artist info

It was a warm day in April (I think) when I decided to find out how to create a software studio and start making some music of my own. My searching led me to a program called Jeskola Buzz, where I spent much time creating songs. Buzz is free, but...

#9 Unsigned Artist Post Mortem Mannequin
Post Mortem Mannequin (Chatsworth, Ca)
  Plays: 874 | Saves: 2152
  Influences: AFI, Thrice, Avenged...
  Members: Johnny Ash (Lungs), Jon Jon...
Artist info

With "Post Mortem Mannequin" ( Formally Ash to Embers ) starting in early 2005 it didn't give them much time to get some new material together before the summer hit. With three ex members of 'Tonight' they had the talent, it was just a matter of...

#10 Paul and the Beat Machine
Paul and the Beat Machine (Denver, CO)
  Plays: 45 | Saves: 369
  Influences: The Doors, Minus the Bear,...
  Members: Paul Viviani
Artist info

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/paul-viviani