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#1 Unsigned Artist Dj nkokhi
Dj nkokhi (Johannesburg, South...)
  Plays: 377
  Influences: zamtion
  Members: Mlungisi Mlangeni aka Dj...
No artist info

#2 alun-rhys
alun-rhys (london)
  Plays: 210 | Saves: 824
  Influences: jeff...
  Members: 1
Artist info

I have been in bands since i was 13,playing styles such as punk,grunge,alternative,hardcore,blues...loadsa different styles.i strted creating music on the computer about 4 years ago,and seriously about 2 years ago.this project is mainly for my...

#3 Unsigned Artist James Official
James Official (Memphis TN)
  Plays: 99 | Saves: 139
  Influences: LIL Wayne & Tupac
  Members: James Official
Artist info

Well and Up.

#4 Arachnophobia
Arachnophobia (Iceland)
  Plays: 64
  Influences: Led Zeppelin
  Members: Helgi Tumason - Electric...
Artist info

We are a three members band located in Iceland. We play progressive rock and let's just hope you like our music.

#5 Unsigned Artist shallowface
shallowface (Manchester)
  Influences: Rage Against The Machine...
  Members: Rich - vocals, Bjorn -...
Artist info

\'Shallowface: are a heavy guitar, groove based band from Manchester, harnessing accomplished technical ability with a ballsy \'rock out\' live show. Often described as a cross between \'Rage Against The Machine and The Smashing Pumpkins, with a...

#6 TraumWelt
TraumWelt (Serbia)
  Plays: 163
  Members: Markovic, Pavlovic
Artist info

For additional info and more songs visit us at: http://www.myspace.com/traumweltmusic or http://trig.com/traumwelt

#7 Unsigned Artist Peter Katz
Peter Katz (Toronto)
  Plays: 329 | Saves: 1714
  Influences: Jeff Buckley, Martin...
  Members: The Curious: Scott...
Artist info

"Lyric and vocal virtuosity” (Aaron Foster –Chart Attack) Winner of the CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award and the Grand Prize Winner of Toronto's IndieWeek, Peter Katz has been delighting listeners with his captivating blend of folk, jazz and...

#8 The Long Walk
The Long Walk (Harrisonburg, VA)
  Influences: ALOT
  Members: Tom Langford, Dick Drake,...
Artist info

In the summer of 2010, rhythm guitarist , Dick Drake and drummer, Anthony Frye, started jamming and writing music together. Both were in search to form a successful, original band. Singer/songwriter Tom Langford, joined the band in October, to add...

#9 Unsigned Artist Gregory Del Piero
Gregory Del Piero (San Francisco, CA)
Artist info

Gregory Del Piero started as a DJ in 1987. In the summer of 1998, he met the world famous Joe Claussell of Body & Soul from New York City while Joe was on tour in France. After that meeting, Gregory decided to pursue his interest in music...

#10 young pimp
young pimp (new orleans la)
  Plays: 380 | Saves: 998
  Influences: fabolous
Artist info

24/m/new orleans...u will know about me when u hear my life in songs