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#1 Unsigned Artist BlackerFeed
BlackerFeed (Czech Republic)
  Plays: 237 | Saves: 1082
  Members: 2
Artist info

Originally formed in 1996 by a Brit and a Czech, they played a number of dingy dodgy clubs in the Czech Republic. Due to other priorities, they put the music on hold and reformed later. This year there will be an EP for download called "TenTwo"...

#2 Scarlet Sunset
Scarlet Sunset (Barnsley)
  Plays: 95 | Saves: 222
  Influences: JimmyEat World, New Found...
  Members: Joe Wood, Shane Smilie,...
Artist info

The band and it's first few songs have been around a couple of years now, but after changing the lineup were taking it abit more seriously. In October 2010 Amanda and Karl joined the band and we began to knucnkle down. We have kept the original...

#3 Unsigned Artist Stone Michaels
Stone Michaels (Tucson,AZ)
  Plays: 148
  Members: Stone Michaels
No artist info

#4 Lucent
Lucent (uk, cardiff)
  Plays: 261 | Saves: 1340
  Influences: U2
  Members: Bryn thomas (vocals,guitar)...
Artist info

Lucent are an unsigned Cardiff based 3 piece just reformed in december 2005. They are reformed with frontman Bryn Thomas from established unsigned Cardiff bands such as substance & Fenton. Their music has been described as infectiously catchy pop...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Infintie Moon
The Infintie Moon (Dearborn, MI)
  Plays: 234 | Saves: 1291
  Influences: Tenacious D, The College...
  Members: Michael Dimovich, Aaron Ziaja
Artist info

Hello everyone. We are the Infinite Moon. By we, i mean Michael Dimovich and Aaron Ziaja. You are probably wondering, who are these two outstanding young beautiful people? We are an acoustic/keyboard band out of Dearborn and Grosse Ile, MI. We...

#6 Deviant Mind Gallery
Deviant Mind Gallery (Ashtabula Oh.)
  Influences: DMG
  Members: Kayla - Voczals. Bo-V -...
Artist info

Deviant Mind Gallery was developed by Bizzy (former Acid Porno drummer and founder) and Bo-V (former Blemish guitarist) in September of 2006. The two began writing together With help from Bizzy's former Acid Porno guitarist K.C. (who has since...

#7 Unsigned Artist Hades Chariot
Hades Chariot (Liverpool)
  Plays: 344
  Members: Matt, Adam, Nathan, Tom, Ste
Artist info

We are Hades Chariot, a metal band from Liverpool, United Kingdom. We have been together since winter 2006. Having played all over the U.K, we have met and gigged with a lot of amazing people and bands. We have been fortunate to share the stage...

  Influences: MOBB DEEP, NAS, JAY-Z
Artist info

Words rain truth. Others listen. Rap today is missing the M.C. Most rappers today have no skills. All flash and no substance. Clutch K Hutch is here to change all that. Lyrics inspired by the gritty streets of Buffalo, NY's east side. If you are...

#9 Unsigned Artist Matai
Matai (Vallejo, Ca.)
  Plays: 533 | Saves: 594
  Influences: Craig David, Jon B, Keith...
  Members: Matai
Artist info

Born Ruben Oriol, a modest hard working young man from Vallejo Ca. Music has been the guiding light into the life of this 25 yr. old young innovator and gifted musician. Like most talented artists, he comes from a long line of popular musicians...

#10 BlackRue
  Members: Buck Reed vocals and...
No artist info