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#1 Unsigned Artist Mutant fever
Mutant fever (Montreal, Quebec,Canada)
  Plays: 30
  Members: Stephane Morin
No artist info

#2 The Dunes
The Dunes
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Da Blaknix
Da Blaknix (Houston tx)
  Plays: 98
  Influences: outcast
  Members: Q-N & Bomelo
Artist info

Da Blaknix (pronounced The Blacknicks) is an abstract hardcore hip-hop group that brings Old School. New School and Futuristic space age music together. Creativity is the key. Group members Q-N tha Quinessential and Bomelo tha Chameleon are from...

#4 A.Mus.E
A.Mus.E (London, England)
  Plays: 2677 | Saves: 1898
  Members: Richard Woods, Oliver Ifil
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist The Fallen
The Fallen (Rockford, IL)
  Plays: 635 | Saves: 915
  Influences: You decide :)
  Members: Garrett, Salvatore, Aaron
Artist info

THE FALLEN was created in July of 2004. The bandís sound comes from a combination of the three members diverse styles. The sound is raw, unpackaged, and pleasing to the ears. Their sound ranges from intense to melodic. They deliver a...

#6 Something Out Of Nothing (SOON)
Something Out Of Nothing (SOON) (South East)
  Plays: 3037 | Saves: 1325
  Members: Damian Hill & Wayne Hunt
Artist info

Damian and Wayne first met in Kansas City while working on seperate projects during 2003 (Mellofire & Ambienvenue). Having collaberated together on the AppleBelly 2004 project with Piers Luastron, they decided to finally get together and have...

#7 Unsigned Artist Sombrero MPG
Sombrero MPG
  Plays: 498
Artist info

"Sombrero MPG" is a free software tool that is to provide an advanced system designed for both experienced musicians and beginners to efficiently promote their music on the Internet. Just as well, it is made for the finest music consumers to find...

#8 The Eric Experiment
The Eric Experiment (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  Plays: 104
  Influences: Indie, Experimental,...
  Members: Eric Maneely
Artist info

I have a passion for music. I make music. I record that music. I put that recorded music online. I want my music to live in the hearts of many.

#9 Unsigned Artist Cadenced Haven
Cadenced Haven (Bangladesh)
  Plays: 555
  Influences: Ambient (New Age),...
  Members: Laila ‚Äď composer,...
Artist info

Cadenced Haven has just started its long lasting journey on a road strewn on the basis of influential concepts between existence & bereavement and every past second of living. Entering the world of New Age with ambient moods, Cadenced Haven hopes...

#10 afterglow
afterglow (Brisbane, Australia)
  Plays: 8290 | Saves: 5463
Artist info

Afterglow comes from Australia. His music will rock you. contact afterglow : minki1@iprimus.com.au