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#1 Unsigned Artist Travis McDaniel
Travis McDaniel (Stillwater, Oklahoma)
  Plays: 139 | Saves: 1389
  Influences: Damien Rice, Missy Higgins,...
  Members: Travis McDaniel
Artist info

Travis is a 28 year old singer-songwriter from Stillwater, Oklahoma. He has been playing music since the age of 12, and has spent the last three and a half years playing drums for the band Three 4 Luck. He is currently in his senior year at...

#2 Eleven Fifty Seven
Eleven Fifty Seven (Los Angeles, Ca)
  Influences: Lagwagon, Nofx, No use for...
  Members: Mike Metro, Ben Leonard,...
Artist info

What is Eleven Fifty Seven? It’s more than just a time. More than just three minutes ‘til midnight. It is a revolution, no, a resolution! A resolution to the dynamic empire that is punk rock music. E.F.S. is one of Southern California’s...

#3 Unsigned Artist Sarah Joe
Sarah Joe
Artist info

The Intensity of Music: How it can Profit Wellbeing "I think music in itself is mending," American artist Billy Joel once said. "It's a hazardous articulation of humankind. It's something ...

#4 Circus Grenade
Circus Grenade (Birmingham, West...)
  Plays: 477 | Saves: 368
  Members: Kyle Sheldon, Luke...
Artist info

http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/bands/14074/ ...

#5 Unsigned Artist DraMatiQue
DraMatiQue (Northern California)
  Plays: 406 | Saves: 906
  Influences: 2Pac, Scarface, Outkast,...
  Members: DraMatiQue Tha Lyracist
Artist info

DraMatiQue ( drah*mad*ick ) is a West Coast rapper who specializes in the creating cutting edge, hip-hip music for the masses... Originally introduced to the hip-hop/rap genre at a relatively young age , DraMatiQue began writing and performing...

#6 High Impact
High Impact (Cornwall, Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 1280 | Saves: 1536
  Influences: Honeymoon Suite, Def Leppard
  Members: Shawn Kaye (Lead/Harmony...
Artist info

Members : Shawn Kaye (Lead/Harmony Vocals/Keyboards) Frankie G (Lead/Harmony GTR) Dan Gibeault (Bass GTR) Mike Summers (Drums/Percussion)

#7 Unsigned Artist Know Direktion
Know Direktion (Tampa Bay Florida)
  Plays: 96 | Saves: 464
  Influences: Mudvayne, Black Flag,...
  Members: Johnnie Root, Jamez...
Artist info

We Are All Sum Krazy MotherF*ckers From Central Florida With A Taste For The Abnormal. We Like Making People Move In A Quick Violent Way Through Our Angry Circle. Channeling Our Music From A Place Beyond Even Our Own Imagination From A World Of...

#8 Rich Oades
Rich Oades (Birmingham)
  Members: Rich Oades
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist The Gastrain
The Gastrain (Peterhead)
  Plays: 315
  Influences: hendrix dylan stereolab...
  Members: Paul Groover Grapper jeff gall
Artist info

We are The Gastarin from Bonnie Scotland.We produce an eclectic mix of blue,s dance rock and general mayhem.our philosphy is party hardy and then some. The Members are Paul Groover Guitar bass keys and Vox Grapper percussion Jeff Gall wanabee...

#10 Japrazz
  Members: Phyl the Ill Lyricist,...
Artist info

For little more than year now fresh new sounds have been making people happy in clubs around Switzerland. The seven man combo that is Japrazz consists of 5 live musicians, DJ and MC, and within a short period of time they have found their own,...