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#1 Unsigned Artist The Fraternity
The Fraternity (Raleigh, North Carolina)
  Influences: MCR, Mayday Parade, Slash
  Members: Cordaro Mebane, Joshua...
Artist info

The Fraternity , is a local punk Rock Band currently in Raleigh ,North Carolina. Lead Singer: Dabou Gains, Lead Guitarist : Cordaro Mebane, 2nd:Guitarist Josh Rogers, Bassist: Cephas Larkin: Drummer: Devin Sharpe

#2 Flask
Flask (chelmsford)
  Influences: Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Queen,...
  Members: Simon Elms, Richard Bennet,...
Artist info

Who are Flask? What are they about? Where have you been? Flask formed in 2003. Their first gig was at The Twist in Colchester in the winter of that year, it went down well and they have since been appearing there on a regular basis....

#3 Unsigned Artist Man With No iMage
Man With No iMage (Kent, England.)
  Plays: 201
  Influences: 80s
  Members: 1
Artist info

Song S.O.S. from CD S.O.S. - the s.o.s. distress signal is 100 years old in 2006! Man With No iMage on YOFF! label. S.O.S. LP tracks and title track available from - www.emusic.com/album/10868/10868949.html song Foreign Land from CD Foreign...

#4 Dark Waters End
Dark Waters End (Philadelphia, PA)
  Plays: 150 | Saves: 449
  Influences: Between the Buried and Me,...
  Members: John William (Vocals),...
Artist info

Dark Waters End is a progressive metal band from Philadelphia, PA. Their music consists of an almost all-embracing range of metal and sub-genres. Not just death, thrash or hardcore. They display a variety of influences creating a very dynamic...

#5 Unsigned Artist Sympathys Wasted
Sympathys Wasted (Milwaukee, WI)
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 1051
  Influences: Something you haven't heard...
  Members: Lucas Price, Nick Hauboldt
Artist info

Hard work and thoughtful arrangements design the music for Symapthy's Wasted. Blending together the edginess of Alternative, the structure of Progressive, and the steadiness of Classic, Symapthy's Wasted culminates on decades of Rock music....

#6 Steps Juniors
Steps Juniors (huntingdonshire)
  Plays: 167 | Saves: 493
  Influences: Steps
  Members: charlette, jodie, ann,...
Artist info

None at the moment

#7 Unsigned Artist Thorsun
  Plays: 1304 | Saves: 2776
  Influences: Jerry Goldsmith, Hans...
Artist info

Co-creator of the independent film and animation company Thorsun-Escelce, LLC.

#8 Henry Harry
Henry Harry (Reykjavík, Iceland)
  Members: Henry Harry
Artist info

Henry Harry released his first EP in January 2017 and his first music video, for the song Hotel Paradise, in March the same year.

#9 Unsigned Artist Opposed 1
Opposed 1 (Oregon)
  Plays: 377 | Saves: 1499
  Influences: Spoon, Massive Attack,...
  Members: Matt Jameson
Artist info

Opposed 1 is the solo project of Oregon musician Matty J. The music is created with a minimalistic approach using only a single sequencer and keyboard controller. Matty J writes, mixes, and produces his own music - including mastering the...

#10 APOB
APOB (Atlanta, GA)
  Plays: 500 | Saves: 2787
  Members: Chris Cramer
Artist info

In 2007 APOB began as an Atlanta based punk band, playing over 40 shows and releasing 3 demos before going on hiatus in 2010. Looking to go out with a bang, APOB is back for 2012 with a new style and getting ready to tear up a bar or club near...