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#1 Unsigned Artist SHANTERRA
  Plays: 873 | Saves: 826
Artist info

Shanterra Avery was born and raised in the New haven area of connecticut. The 22 year old rapper has always been very muscial, and has always been fascinated with music. Growing up she was constantly glued to the stereo, and the televison because...

#2 After Dark
After Dark (Victoria BC)
  Plays: 176 | Saves: 346
  Influences: Only the listener knows
  Members: Kevin Wright - (Lead...
Artist info

It's not all hard... and it's not all pop... it's "hard pop". Original music for original people. After Dark combines keyboards, bass, drums, sax, congas, electro beats and edgy rock vocals to create their dynamic new sound. After Dark was...

#3 Unsigned Artist Graham Greene
Graham Greene (Perth, Western Australia)
  Plays: 204
  Influences: - You're asking ME?
Artist info

Leap Of Face is the new release from West Australian master guitarist Graham Greene, and marks a return to the massive rock grooves and guitar fireworks he is best known for in The West. Thirteen selected tracks of essential Greene guitar,...

HAWGZILLA (tennessee)
  Plays: 259 | Saves: 830
  Influences: rock n roll
Artist info

It started out innocently enough in the small town of Centerville, Tn. , just a few friends jamming on a couple of chords. But after a little time and A LOT of beer, a monster was born. A monster by the name of Hawgzilla. The Hawgzilla rock band...

#5 Unsigned Artist Level Seven
Level Seven (Perth, Western Australia)
  Plays: 159 | Saves: 403
  Influences: Too many to list
  Members: Luke-Vocals, Scott-guitars,...
Artist info

Level 7 is an Original progressive rock/metal band based in Perth Australia. Formed in January of 2010, member’s Craig Lawson (Bass) and Dave Dart (drums), recruited Scott Bell (guitars) after a hiatus from other projects and a keen interest...

#6 2 DEEP
  Plays: 433050 | Saves: 1111
Artist info

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#7 Unsigned Artist JETER
JETER (Marion,IL; Coral...)
  Plays: 3422 | Saves: 6390
  Influences: Mix of rock, pop, and country
Artist info

JETER is more of a work in progress than a band. Kyle Jeter and Shane Milburn began to work on music together in college and, along with me (Kerry Jeter- Kyle's brother) and various musicians for hire, we have thrown together a variety of recorded...

#8 Jolly Hollie
Jolly Hollie (Cardiff)
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist blink
No artist info

#10 cadazone
cadazone (Vallejo)
  Plays: 61 | Saves: 312
  Influences: My grandfather Lonnie Spann...
  Members: Cadazone
Artist info

Chawyn Foster, A.K.A. Cadazone, was born on March 18, 1978 in Vallejo, Ca. Cadazone began his love for music at a very young age, growing up listening to mainly funk and r&b. Music became his escape from the hardships of everyday life. At the age...