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#1 Unsigned Artist Moon Dragonfly
Moon Dragonfly (NYC)
  Plays: 233 | Saves: 454
  Influences: Tool, Alice in chaince,SOAD
  Members: 3
No artist info

#2 Starchild
  Plays: 817 | Saves: 1966
Artist info

Melodic driven rock pop band that has recording in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

#3 Unsigned Artist MTGDPRODUCTIONS
  Plays: 89 | Saves: 347
  Influences: hiphop,rnb, rap, dance,...
No artist info

#4 WezNilez
WezNilez (NY)
  Plays: 1042 | Saves: 2204
  Influences: Hip-Hop
Artist info

For more info on me and my music go to my web site www.weznilez.com to buy my album and preview all the songs off it go here www.weznilez.net and to register on the hip hop forum I own go here www.rapmusic.in

#5 Unsigned Artist Jimi Ninja
Jimi Ninja (Texas)
  Plays: 1473 | Saves: 1912
  Influences: Creed, Dave Mathews, Linkin...
Artist info

Born in Thailand during the Vietnam War, Jimi came to the states, specifically, Texas when he was two. I was raised in west Texas in a very mixed culture because of the integration of the military at the time. "A lot of men left the states alone...

#6 Everafta
Everafta (Brighton)
  Influences: The Offspring, New Found...
Artist info

EVERAFTA BIOGRAPHY (2005) Sensational (and loud) an electric and energetic show Stuart Kidman - W. Sussex County Times Beautiful and violent, reckless yet enduring, strong yet fundamentally flawed. Everaftas tale to date is one of intense...

#7 Unsigned Artist Daffodil Sword
Daffodil Sword (Nottingham)
  Plays: 226 | Saves: 1435
  Influences: a improvised instrumental...
  Members: Paul Mayes, Mark Braddock,...
Artist info

Paul Mayes, 26 (guitar), Mark Braddock, 27 (bass), Matt Braddock, 23 (drums) A 3 piece band from Nottingham, UK Please sign our guestbook to support the band and be updated on any future releases... (however far in the future) Check Out......

#8 Sgrillo
  Plays: 2483 | Saves: 4543
  Influences: A mix of Jean-Michel Jarre...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Cambridge
Cambridge (Cuero, TX)
  Plays: 175 | Saves: 822
  Members: Collin McKinney, Tyler...
Artist info

Band made by Collin McKinney. Collin has been solo for over a year and when people started to find out about him, he started up a band. Now the band consists of 5 people and will get together to start at the end of summer.

#10 Josh Dunn
Josh Dunn (Greeneville Tn.)
  Plays: 868
  Members: Josh Dunn
Artist info

I don't have a very interesting Bio...I am Josh Dunn, from Greeneville, Tn. I write my own music, and record it all on my home studio. I don't have any stories from the road or any of that, I just have an insatiable desire to make music. To me,...