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#1 Unsigned Artist Fall Line
Fall Line (Burlington, VT)
  Plays: 271 | Saves: 359
  Members: Andrew Gill, James Fraser,...
Artist info

Hailing from Burlington Vermont, a hotbed for music and the arts, FallLine is a musical enigma that is hard to define. Their ever-changing sound is carried by an ebb and flow that is as mysterious as the elusive Sasquatch. FallLine absolutely...

#2 BlaqMyk
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Skyla Spencer
Skyla Spencer (Nashville, TN)
  Plays: 3600
  Influences: Sara Evans
  Members: Skyla Spencer
Artist info

Born and raised near Buckhannon, West Virginia, I was encouraged to believe that love is the food for all who wish to grow, family is the foundation for all who aspire to be, and music is the medicine for all who desire to express their hearts....

#4 Table 9
Table 9 (Queensland Ausralia)
  Influences: AFI, NoFx and Good...
  Members: Kirra - Guitar, Azza -...
Artist info

WE NEED A DRUMMER!! IF YOU LIVE IN OUR AREA AND PLAY DRUMS PLEASE CONTACT ME! http://table9.batcave.net We (table 9) are a punk band from Warwick Queensland Australia made up by Kirralee (guitar), Scott (bass) and Arianna (vocals and...

#5 Unsigned Artist HTK
No artist info

#6 Tetrastasis
Tetrastasis (Pittsburgh Pa)
  Influences: You tell us
  Members: Tony Zisko, Tony Spoto,...
Artist info

We started in november of 2004 to play a talent show at our school. When we saw how good we were after less than a month of playing together we decided to stay in it for the long run and continue to play shows in the area we live in. If you're...

#7 Unsigned Artist Madison Courto
Madison Courto (Australia)
  Influences: Indie...
  Members: Madison Courto
Artist info


#8 masterx
masterx (Mars)
  Influences: Orignal
  Members: masterx
Artist info

In 1985 MasterX was born under the name howard thomas william micheal jones but ppl called him tj which he prefred,a young kid who had alot of talents was told that he maybe never live,speak,walk,and think properly like the normal people.Well...

#9 Unsigned Artist Jamina JazzLyne
Jamina JazzLyne (California)
  Influences: Michael and Janet Jackson,...
  Members: Jamina JazzLyne
Artist info

Jamina JazzLyne ….Vocalist….Dancer….Actress…Songwriter…Performer…STAR! It’s rare to find an artist bursting with so much talent. Jamina JazzLyne is not just a singer, she’s a born performer, and so much more. Jamina JazzLyne is...

#10 The Hollywood Nightmares
The Hollywood Nightmares (Woodridge, IL)
  Plays: 654 | Saves: 1167
  Influences: Shit
  Members: Dan(Guitar-Vox)...
Artist info

We\'re a punk/ska/pop punk band from Woodridge, IL. Ha, thats about it, if your interested in playing with us or want us to play for you, e-mail us at thehollywoodnightmares@yahoo.com or hit us up on myspace www.myspace.com/thehollywoodnightmares