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#1 Unsigned Artist Jay Matsueda
Jay Matsueda (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  Plays: 133 | Saves: 402
  Influences: Jeff Buckley
  Members: Jay Matsueda -...
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the skinny on music & me From the very first single I ever bought (Joe Jackson's "You Can't Get What You Want - Till You Know What You Want") to albums now on heavy rotation like Jeff Buckley's 'Grace,' Chris Cornell's 'Euphoria Morning'...

#2 A Principle Interest
A Principle Interest (Coventry UK)
  Plays: 1541
  Members: 4
Artist info

The band is basically working to acheive a raw sound that best represents the lyrics that our good man chunk lays down, be it a Senses Fail esque riff on a song about having to set the record straight or a pop-punk style for a up beat jump along...

#3 Unsigned Artist Dave Mendoza
Dave Mendoza (Europe)
  Plays: 2041 | Saves: 1700
  Influences: Indie
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Although Dave Mendoza's songs were all written during the past 3 decades, consider them a remnant from a time before music became a multi-billion dollar business, and a token of reverence to that Man with His band of believers Who taught that...

#4 Rayce
  Plays: 1010
  Influences: BLACK EYED PEAS
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist grandad
grandad (Bromley, Ingerlund)
  Members: Nat, Nina, Nicky, Mark,...
Artist info

Hi, my name is Grandad and I am a guitar. I come from Spain and I am 70 years old. I have lived most of my life in Birmingham, and have mixed with lots of famous people and bands. People like Ozzy Osbourne who used to come round all the time,...

#6 State of Collision
State of Collision (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  Plays: 145 | Saves: 887
  Influences: Social Distortion, Mötley...
  Members: SK - lead vocals, rhythm...
Artist info

We are four friends who after a few beers at the end of December 2011 thought that it would be cool to start a rock band together...here we are! Find all songs on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/2MYyKOol217ikgNODpEF43 iTunes:...

#7 Unsigned Artist Minus Us
Minus Us (New York)
  Plays: 1749 | Saves: 1388
  Members: Ron Dillehay, Brian...
Artist info premium member

Minus Us was formed on the campus of Western Carolina University in Cullowhee NC, in where Ron, Brian, and Kevin went to college.  Ron and Brian were high school friends and played in the band fifth wheel prior to college.  Ron and ...

#8 Yaddida Productions
Yaddida Productions (Santa Rosa)
  Plays: 790 | Saves: 1300
  Members: Michael Pitt, Jamie...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist End Up Dead
End Up Dead (Mikkeli, Finland)
  Plays: 849 | Saves: 477
  Influences: alternative-post-trance-metal.
  Members: Puntsi and Emppu
Artist info

End Up Dead is alternative metal band from Finland. We can really put ourselves in any genre coz we mix them all so...

#10 unread pages
unread pages (Sydney, Australia)
  Plays: 273 | Saves: 1147
  Members: unread pages
Artist info

This is a studio based electronica artist with a long history of making music of all sorts - playing drums in rock/reggae/pop bands, performing in classical ensembles as a singer and instrumentalist. Now focussing on quirky and strange projects...