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#1 Unsigned Artist Static Static
Static Static (Kansas City, MO)
  Plays: 577 | Saves: 1395
  Influences: Jesus Christ
  Members: Mylon Dice
Artist info

I believe if you don't have your dreams you have nothing. I view Jesus Christ as the source of everything my music career has come to so far. I started playing piano in December 2010 and I already have an album coming out including seven songs...

S-PUNK (Australia)
  Plays: 88 | Saves: 1124
  Influences: Sex...
  Members: Peter Zantey
Artist info

S-PUNK IS A OLD SCHOOL PUNK BAND FORMED BY PETER ZANTEY FROM AUSTRALIA. You can buy more songs from this link http://spunk.kicktone.com/qdcdw/s-punk

#3 Unsigned Artist Stedman
Stedman (Chico, CA)
  Plays: 231
  Influences: Ourselves
  Members: Hano-Vocals, Tony-Guitar,...
Artist info

Stedman is creating a new sound in the hard rock/metal genre. Hailing fro Northern California, these four gentleman want to bring their music to the masses. A perfect blend of rock, hard rock, metal, and a splash of hip hop from time to time...

SHELTER WITH THIEVES (Halifax,Nova Scotia -...)
  Plays: 93 | Saves: 328
  Influences: Queens of the Stone Age,...
  Members: Mike Johnson- Guitar,Vox ,...
Artist info

Shelter with Thieves Four white males described as veteran musicians of the “Halifax Music Scene” have been reported breaking sound bi-laws across North America. The disturbances have been reported in major cities including, Toronto,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Double Sided Record
Double Sided Record (Newbury, UK)
  Influences: New Found Glory
  Members: 3
Artist info

We're from Newbury and we started off in November 2004. Since then we've come along way, and we're trying to spread the word about us! go to our webite for more info.

#6 Rebell
Rebell (California)
  Influences: 2pac
  Members: Rebell
Artist info

From the age of twelve years old Delaneo Rebell Gipson started writing his first lyrics. Inspired by N.W.A listing to Eazy E and Ice Cube he decided to be a poet. He never knew that he would be totally the opposite of them God had a plan. Rebell...

#7 Unsigned Artist Gigs
Gigs (Israel)
  Plays: 278
Artist info

Take an ounce of Soul, a teaspoon of Jazz and a sprinkle of Rock and you will come pretty close to what Gigs is all about. Born in Israel in 1980, his family had moved to Dallas when he was only a year old. After living in the U.S for 6...

#8 Garden of Dust
Garden of Dust (Phoenix, AZ)
  Plays: 825 | Saves: 969
  Influences: Tool, Alice in Chains,...
  Members: Amy, Darin, Drew, Scott
Artist info

Garden of Dust is a four piece hard rock band out of Phoenix, Arizona and has been around in it's complete form since February 2005 and with different members since July of 2004. The vocalist is Darin, who writes a very large majority of the...

#9 Unsigned Artist EUROSTYX
  Plays: 1709 | Saves: 6211
  Influences: Vangelis,Enya,Mike Oldfield
  Members: Alexander V.Mogilco
Artist info

Welcome to the EUROSTYX MUSIC project! To the world of meditation and relaxation, to the world of secrets and myths, to the world of antique musical culture involving a modern style and modern sounding... It all began in 1996... At that far year...

#10 Winteria
Winteria (Brighton, UK)
  Plays: 153 | Saves: 1386
  Influences: Radiohead, Air, Grandaddy,...
  Members: 5
Artist info

"Winteria Uber Twee, Uber Emotional (tweemo, anyone?) pop music from Sussex that sounds like Pavement taking a walk in the park. Winterias debut demo offering is a belly-swelling, yummy pop treat." NME 15TH October 2005 "Moody, brooding...