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#1 Unsigned Artist Polygon Peach
Polygon Peach (Minneapolis)
  Plays: 26 | Saves: 97
  Influences: F oxygen U.M.O. New Order...
  Members: Brandon Acker Thomas Moe...
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PolygonPeach.com Check it out! We have our own website!

#2 A Moments Trauma
A Moments Trauma (Evergreen, CO)
  Plays: 176
  Influences: Fall of Troy, Alexis on...
  Members: Andy: LeadVocals/Guitar;...
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Challenging all odds that any youthful band must face in today's fiercely competitive music scene, A Moments Trauma has endured diligently in the short time that it has been alive against all obstacles. From the first waking moment of the power...

#3 Unsigned Artist Catamaran
Catamaran (Dallas, TX)
  Influences: Surfer Blood, Vampire...
  Members: Stephen, Tom, Trinidad, and...
Artist info

Catamaran is a Dallas-based indie rock band currently working on their debut album and playing gigs.

#4 Autopilot Club
Autopilot Club
  Plays: 389
  Influences: Angel City, Beasts of...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist P&H
P&H (Sukhum, Abhazia)
  Plays: 3348 | Saves: 1118
  Influences: Mixture of different styles
  Members: Alkoholics
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All Rusian independent musicians are poor & hungry...

#6 Dionne Edwards
Dionne Edwards (Dallas, TX)
  Plays: 670
  Influences: Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams,...
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Dionne Edwards was born in Dallas, Texas on February 14 and she is named after the sultry - soulful singer Dionne Warwick. She started singing at the age of three with the gift she had been blessed with from God. Dionne attended Booker T....

#7 Unsigned Artist The Last Flight Home
The Last Flight Home (Toms River, NJ)
  Plays: 116 | Saves: 442
  Influences: Paramore, The Early November
  Members: Emily, Emma, Kasey, Laura
Artist info

Well hello there! Our name is The Last Flight Home. We're from the toms river of which is jersey. We don't have any songs because we're in the process of recording, but we'll have some real soon. And come check out our show June 30th. Toodles!...

#8 October Powder
October Powder (Melbourne - Australia)
  Plays: 255 | Saves: 1071
  Influences: Bad Religion, Pennywise,...
  Members: Matthew McCarthy, Jerry...
Artist info

Technically the October Powder story began late 2003 but in those early days there was little progress, only a revolving door of band members and broken lawnmowers. It wasnt until September of 2005 where within the space of 3 days, some would say...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Honest Johns
The Honest Johns (Newcastle Upon Tyne,...)
  Plays: 114 | Saves: 410
  Members: Mark Lawson, Jon Kennedy,...
Artist info

The Honest Johns were around firstly between 1986 and 1990. During that period, the band recorded some of the finest indiepop tunes ever. Only one 12" (Tell Me About Your Childhood) was released before the band split up in the early 1990's,...

#10 Tru Image
Tru Image (ATLANTA)
  Plays: 83
  Influences: 2 pac biggie micheal jackson
  Members: B.L.E.S S.P.A.D.E.
No artist info