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#1 Unsigned Artist The Sound Museum
The Sound Museum (Cincinnati)
  Plays: 723 | Saves: 2387
  Influences: Pink Floyd
  Members: Bart van der Zee, Bill...
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We are a psychedelic band from Cincinnati, Ohio. enjoy our first EP and keep checking back for new songs and updates.

#2 bluesmusic
  Influences: blues rock
Artist info

Http://www.texasblues.org/ The Dr. Wu Story DR. WU' "...the good in me ...the good in you" Band mates JIM ASHWORTH and BRYAN FREEZE formed Dr. Wu in 2002 after growing up and playing in various bands starting in the late 60s. The name was...

#3 Unsigned Artist Mark Salisbury
Mark Salisbury (Feltham, Middlesex)
  Plays: 338 | Saves: 1464
  Influences: Me
  Members: Just Me
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Hola! I play bass in a band called Nonas Eye, also featured on unsignedbandweb.com . I play a few instruments and thought it would be nice to post up some of the songs I have written / recorded for fun. If you like any of them feel free to...

#4 jayday
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist ArkaneArtist
  Plays: 807 | Saves: 4495
  Influences: Dark Ambience
Artist info

DeviantDezignz* I kreate Album/Poster Art, Dark-Ambient Instrumental Muzik, Lyrikz, SpontaneousThoughtPatternz, Websytz/Graffix etc., for myself and otherz...

#6 Stay Golden
Stay Golden (Chicago, IL)
  Influences: All Time Low
  Members: Matt Ayo, Mikey Trix, Jake...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist EYE Electronica Band
EYE Electronica Band
  Influences: Australian Electronica...
Artist info

www.EyeMusic.info : : : The distinctive style of Australia's EYE explores a wide range of music genres including: ...

#8 Mowglee
Mowglee (Birmingham UK)
  Influences: Cornershop
  Members: Pat, Marcus, George, Bob
Artist info

Mowglee have a formidable collection of songs empowered by exceptional lyrics. Ethnic beats, raw guitars and gloriously rich melodies combine to create an indie / rock sound that may have resulted had the Charlatans been fed on vindaloos, basted...

#9 Unsigned Artist Freestyle Vinyl
Freestyle Vinyl (1430 W Irving Park Rd...)
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Freestyle Vinyl specializes in handcrafting custom vinyl records. You can shop for a variety of ...

#10 Andrew Furth
Andrew Furth
  Plays: 650 | Saves: 28
  Influences: Dave Matthews, John Mayer
Artist info

Andrew Furth started playing guitar at age 15. Within 3 years, he was playing small gigs around his high school and college campuses. Growing up in a household in which the sounds of singer-songwriters echoed through the hallways, Andrew developed...