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#1 Unsigned Artist The Shake-Up!
The Shake-Up! (Beachwood, NJ)
  Influences: punk / ska / grind-core -...
  Members: Kirk, Stu, Craig, Kelsey
Artist info

We mix punk, ska and grind-core. its very original and good. WE HAVE MUSIC ON THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES: www.myspace.com/theshakeupnj www.purevolume.com/theshakeup www.hxcmp3.com/the_shake_up www.soundclick.com/theshake-up

#2 Hydrogen3
  Plays: 449 | Saves: 1459
  Members: Holley
Artist info

I enjoy composing just for fun and work with many genres. A little something for everyone. Hope you enjoy. Instruments: Piano, Midi keyboard, 12 & 6 string guitar, fiddle, mandolin, Uke and electronic. more music here:...

#3 Unsigned Artist FightOrFlight
FightOrFlight (Bath/Bristol)
  Plays: 171 | Saves: 1072
  Influences: A7X, johnny truant, in flames
  Members: 5
Artist info

Started 2 years ago by the four original members, Fightorflight became known for there punk abilities. But getting annoyed with the constant comparisons with other bands FOF made there own style, hard, fast and heavy as Fuck. Now woth there...

#4 Matt Learning
Matt Learning (Winnipeg, Mantioba)
  Influences: Bealtes, Pink Floyd
  Members: Matt Learning
Artist info

I am a 16 year old musician from Winnipeg. I am in a rock band, but I also write a lot of solo music.

#5 Unsigned Artist Kin
Kin (Massachusetts...)
  Members: Ryan, Chris, & Will
Artist info

We are three local musicians in Massachusetts (two of which are in high school) who are dedicated to playing music. Having just cut our first demo, we are looking to play gigs connect with other bands. Check out our hompage and get our demo cd!...

#6 Chaos Character
Chaos Character (Providence, RI)
  Plays: 302 | Saves: 1943
  Influences: Tool, Skinny Puppy, Ohgr,...
  Members: third EYE
Artist info

Finding the meaning of life and pursueing change go to www.myspace.com/drivetodoom or www.myspace.com/chaoscharacter for more Mp3s

#7 Unsigned Artist BIG-D Thee Abominable
BIG-D Thee Abominable (WEST MESA. AZ.)
  Plays: 110 | Saves: 660
  Influences: ICE CUBE,DR.DRE, WEST COAST...
  Members: 1
Artist info

BIG-D"Thee Abominable" Has Been Producing/Engineering Music in Arizona Since 1994 for the likes of Skamaless World Wide Records,Decemba Records,Conquest Records,Forty Acre Entertainment(OFAM) and Now Runs his own Record Label"Cadistrofic Records...

#8 Red River
Red River (Minnesota)
  Plays: 509
  Influences: Richmond Fontaine, Roseanne...
  Members: David Anderson, Michelle...
Artist info

Red River became a band in 2003, when two very independent and diverse artists (who happen to be husband and wife) realized that if they combined their efforts, they could create a unique sound that people would like. Shelly grew up on a farm...

#9 Unsigned Artist Timesight
  Plays: 579 | Saves: 3158
  Influences: Rock and Roll
  Members: Alex Moorhouse
Artist info

The band is composed completely of one member who writes, records, plays and produces all of the tracks. It is important to consider that the tracks and the band itself are far from polished. I have a very, very basic Fostex MR8 on to which I...

#10 The Cassandra Disease
The Cassandra Disease (Des Moines)
  Plays: 269
  Influences: everything
  Members: Matt Lemons, Brian Olson,...
Artist info

Based out of Des Moines, IA, The Cassandra Disease is a 6 piece metal outfit whose sole intention is to kick you in the teeth with a blast of heavy guitar riffs and gut wrentching vocals. Though still relatively new on the music scene, TCD has...