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#1 Unsigned Artist Coop Frazier
Coop Frazier (Macon,Ga)
  Plays: 816 | Saves: 2325
  Influences: John Mellencamp,Allman Bros.
No artist info

#2 Splendor
Artist info

A Walking - Talking Mess, Charm, Power And Success. We Stick To Righteousness By Playing With Excess. A Sin Is Death, We Choose Life In Its Eternal And Internal Glory. As We Are Here In A Constant Creative Search For All That Is Divine In Tha...

#3 Unsigned Artist Final Hour
Final Hour (Boston Ma)
  Influences: Final Hour
  Members: Caleb Mayben-Voice,Andy...
Artist info

Bostons heavy-hitting rock band FINAL HOUR play a major role in the local music scene.The four members of FINAL HOUR that include Caleb Mayben (voice),Dave Foster(low end),Rob White(beat) and Andy James(strings)have breathed sonic fire into...

#4 goononthetrack
goononthetrack (USA - Europe - Asia)
  Influences: All the great producers and...
Artist info

We look to provide quality beats for aspiring and upcoming artist who seek to make great music. Our mission is to provide our clients a honest, reliable service and quality beats for a low cost. The production that can be found here is original,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Leroy (Butch) Anglin
Leroy (Butch) Anglin (pERRY, fLORIDA)
  Plays: 305 | Saves: 366
Artist info

Just a songwriter

#6 Don Armstrong
Don Armstrong (Terre Haute, Indiana)
  Plays: 737
  Influences: you decide
  Members: Don Armstrong
Artist info

I am a Country Music singer/songwriter. I have been singing since the age of five. I first learned harmony from my three sisters who sang together. I have been interested in music all of my adult life. My sister writes christian music. I...

#7 Unsigned Artist FOLLIEZ BAZAAR
  Influences: MOLLY HATCHET MEETS...
No artist info

#8 The BeeHyve
The BeeHyve (T-Town Arizona)
  Influences: Ourselves
  Members: ColdFront, P-Butta, Prospect
Artist info

Two Brothers and One longtime family friend. Giving you a style all the way from southern bounce music to underground hip hop.These young catz are definitely gonna shock the network sooner or later. Production and recording is done by The Beehyve....

#9 Unsigned Artist Wreckage 97
Wreckage 97 (Karlshamn, Sweden)
  Plays: 1807 | Saves: 3812
  Influences: Millencolin, Green Day,...
  Members: Rob (vocals & guitar),...
Artist info

Swedish Pop-Punk-Rock. Formed in 1997. Released our second album "Super ultra extra gold" in June 2006. Buy it or download more songs on our website www.wreckage97.com

#10 Ember Eyes
Ember Eyes (salt lake city, utah)
  Plays: 165 | Saves: 796
  Influences: our lives, loves and family
  Members: Emillee Thomas, Erik...
Artist info

Ember Eyes is a colaboration amungst friends with one goal in mind and that is to make music from our hearts and share it with you all! we hope you will like listening to it as much as we like creating it!