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#1 Unsigned Artist masters
masters (Montreal, Canada)
  Plays: 2551 | Saves: 1938
  Influences: Sander Kleinenberg, Steve...
  Members: R. Masters
Artist info

Richard Masters, aka masters, is a 30-year-old producer based in Montreal, Canada. Having been involved in electronic music and parties for more than 10 years now, masters has consistently produced a stream of quality progressive house cuts and...

#2 Scarecrow Balcony
Scarecrow Balcony (Vancouver)
  Plays: 596 | Saves: 1567
  Influences: Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Tool,...
  Members: Calvin Quaite, Wayne...
Artist info

Scarecrow Balcony: high octane riffs and riveting performances. Formed at the tail end of 2002, Scarecrow Balcony was on the live scene within four months, and has performed numerous shows at virtually all venues within their local performance...

#3 Unsigned Artist Eric Wilson ewilsonmusic
Eric Wilson ewilsonmusic (Austin, TX)
  Influences: Dave Matthews and Pink Floyd
  Members: Eric Wilson
Artist info

Eric Wilson "Singer/Songwriter of the Year" - 8th Independent Music Awards for 'People's Choice' Award Winning Album "The Twenties". "The Twenties" ENTIRE Debut Album is licensed for TV. MTV's "The Real World: Brooklyn" and "The Hills" feature...

#4 Vengarde
  Plays: 1146
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Munchiez the MC
Munchiez the MC (Michigan)
  Influences: Hip hop>Rap>R&B>Tupac Shakur
  Members: 1
Artist info

Just a young MC givin' my all into what I wish to recieve in return, tryna make it, holla!

#6 Aiden Schofield
Aiden Schofield (Cleveland, Ohio)
  Plays: 516
  Influences: James Blunt, Michael Penn,...
  Members: Aiden Schofield
Artist info

Hi all, My third solo album Damage has just been released and is available on my website www.aidenschofield.com and at online stores. So check it out! If you want to read my life story it's on my website. So I'll just say; if you like what...

#7 Unsigned Artist Smart Artists
Smart Artists (Gold Coast, QLD,...)
  Plays: 1171 | Saves: 3036
  Influences: Rock , Modern Rock, Indie
  Members: Shannon Beaumont, Rohin...
Artist info

SMART ARTISTS are an Australian independent modern rock band regarded by many as one of the most dynamic up and coming bands in the country. The bands formula for success is simple ….. avoid trends, write cool songs and deliver a brand of...

#8 this familiar smile
this familiar smile (East Ayrshire, South...)
  Plays: 9049 | Saves: 6369
  Influences: mmm. a bit of Coheed and...
  Members: 5
Artist info

Hi there, we are a 4 piece post/hardcore band from Cumnock, East Ayrshire in South West Scotland. The band consists of: David Samson - Vox & guitar. Chris King - guitar. Mark Whitelaw - bass. Darren Smith - drums & backing vox. Neil Mills -...

#9 Unsigned Artist highvoltageactivity
  Plays: 25 | Saves: 151
Artist info

The Highvoltageactivity created in the winter of 2010. It's a Rock modern band with their own compositions and lyrics in their entirety. The aim of the group is to offer requested songs to be loved. Consisting of three founding member and...

#10 TSWO
TSWO (Athens, Greece)
  Influences: Queen
No artist info