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#1 Unsigned Artist lance williams
lance williams (cross plains tennesee)
  Influences: rap rock hip hop dance...
  Members: non at this time
Artist info

Lance williams born nashville tennesee 92 aug 22 began singing at 13 loves music became a part time dj looking to get a full time record deal mabe jus has fun with music dates most of the time spends time with his girl and works sometimes part...

#2 Evil Hand
Evil Hand (glasgow)
  Plays: 1220 | Saves: 3075
  Influences: shoegazing, post-rock,...
  Members: just me. .
Artist info

This is some experimental post-rock type stuff that i've been working on for a while when i'm not playing with my group Genaro. It has moments of clarity and moments of chaos, features whatever instruments i have around at the time, such as cheap...

#3 Unsigned Artist TimeSquad
  Plays: 312 | Saves: 2626
Artist info

I am what I am but for what I am I would not blacken your door, nor my face 4U

#4 The Magnetic Reels
The Magnetic Reels (Chicago, Il)
  Plays: 633 | Saves: 609
  Members: Dan, Anthony, Joel, Isaac
Artist info

Catchy blend of 60's rock, 70's punk and 90's alternative with harmonies and a driving back beat.

#5 Unsigned Artist April 16th
April 16th (London)
  Plays: 2206 | Saves: 2706
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Dave Russell,Lawrence...
Artist info

April 16th - Probably the best Lager drinkers in the world. ...

#6 Midas Effect
Midas Effect (germany)
  Plays: 685
  Influences: Rock
  Members: tanja, denis, marcus, tobi,...
Artist info

Six guys one passion. The passion to create Rock 'n' Roll music as it was always ment to be: True. Ambitious. Not compromising. After splitting up with their old bands Denis (Guitar), Marcus (Guitar) and Christian (Drums) who already played...

#7 Unsigned Artist Edge
Edge (West Michigan)
  Plays: 474 | Saves: 532
  Influences: Nobody
  Members: Eric Schmidt, Jason Hardy,...
Artist info

West Michigan original music at it's best. Please let us know what you think of our musical style. CD's are available at our site at www.edgerocks.com. Thank you.

#8 LuLuJones
LuLuJones (Somerset)
  Plays: 2448 | Saves: 557
  Members: Lewis
Artist info

I'm Young, in fact just teen and write stuff, the song at the moment is live. feedback would be nice. thanks.

#9 Unsigned Artist Gigs
Gigs (Israel)
  Plays: 278
Artist info

Take an ounce of Soul, a teaspoon of Jazz and a sprinkle of Rock and you will come pretty close to what Gigs is all about. Born in Israel in 1980, his family had moved to Dallas when he was only a year old. After living in the U.S for 6...

#10 D-Dash
D-Dash (London)
  Plays: 428 | Saves: 418
  Members: D-Dash
No artist info