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#1 Unsigned Artist Snapdragon
Snapdragon (Lewistown)
  Plays: 291 | Saves: 797
  Influences: Ronnie has his own distinct...
  Members: Ronnie Henry ; To all the...
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Home My.SoundClick Stations Videos Store Community FAQ Current CD: "Locked In Pain", 11 tracks Signed? Unsigned Contact: Ronnie Henry Phone: 717-543-6127 Website: http://www.soundclick.com/ronniehenry Email:...

#2 Shane McKenzie
Shane McKenzie (UK)
  Plays: 3311
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Day Return
Day Return (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  Plays: 33 | Saves: 280
  Influences: Jeff Buckley, Mazzy Star,...
  Members: Cristian Garin, Franco Di...
No artist info

#4 Shoresh
  Plays: 1274 | Saves: 1611
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Up until now Shoresh has been known mainly from behind the music stage. Now at 35, having 4 children and “settled down”, he delivers an uncut and personal yet very inviting guided tour into his puzzled mind. This Black Box is a...

#5 Unsigned Artist Micheal Fordays
Micheal Fordays (Los Angeles California...)
  Plays: 2573 | Saves: 4567
  Influences: Bowie/T-Rex/Lennon/Clash
Artist info

Micheal Fordays, the Bowiesque rocker from Los Angeles, has released his debut CD to Internet radio stations around the world! Micheals selftitled debut features songs he co-produced with "Maroon 5s" engineer Michael Landolt. Guest...

#6 Casey Floyd
Casey Floyd (Sydney)
Artist info

I am working as an academic consultant at Global Assignment Help Australia. I have been providing assignment writing to Aussie scholars for more than...

#7 Unsigned Artist Subculture Stereo
Subculture Stereo (Western Massachusetts)
  Plays: 2888 | Saves: 5791
  Influences: The Stooges, Devo, Black...
  Members: Dillon, Dave, Ted, Ken, Scott
Artist info

Bio: Dillon and Dave began writing songs in 2007. Since the birth of Subculture Stereo, many line up changes took place before the final line up which consists of Dillon on vocals and keys, Dave on guitar, Ken on guitar, Ted on Bass and vocals,...

DOUBLES (Kingston NY)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 386
  Influences: Rap
Artist info

28 yrs old Been rapping for 12 yrs Been On Radio,Public TV Have A Music Video I just rap cause it free's my mind and I spit lyrics that are truth about my life

#9 Unsigned Artist Invisus
Invisus (Loughborough,...)
  Plays: 223
  Influences: Children of Bodom, Metallica
  Members: Dan Brownlow, Rory...
Artist info

It all started in April 2006, when the founding members Rory and Dan thought 'Lets make a band' and asked Nick Waldren to come in on Bass, Adam to come in on Vocals and Nick Clark to come in on drums. They hit it off, covering songs from bands...

#10 Askarii
Askarii (Omaha,NE)
  Plays: 106 | Saves: 305
  Influences: life and everything in...
  Members: Farri Were
Artist info

Hello, my name is Farri Were I would like to reach out with a big Smile and thank you very much for joining my mailing list, I have attached a complementary a couple flyers to show my appreciation and will be following up with some back...