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#1 Unsigned Artist DraMatiQue
DraMatiQue (Northern California)
  Plays: 357 | Saves: 736
  Influences: None
  Members: D. Light
Artist info

By beginning with writing and performing songs during his highschool period, DraMatiQue quickly discovered his creativity and passion for music. Shortly thereafter, DraMatiQue released his first LP featuring BenFlowz. The album received rave...

#2 Re-wired
Re-wired (Aberdeen, Scotland)
  Plays: 205
  Influences: Rock Rock Rock
  Members: Daniel Ferguson, Grant...
Artist info

A Moment To A Movement. As a band that's what we want to see. As Tre Shephard said at Imagine 08, going from the moments of worship and adoration to then go and start a movement. A Movement of Love. To tell the World, not about Religion, but...

#3 Unsigned Artist THE MFT
  Plays: 1119 | Saves: 1639
  Members: Mal Fry
No artist info

#4 Robert James King
Robert James King (Middletown, Ohio)
  Plays: 245
  Members: Robert James King
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist PB99
  Plays: 293 | Saves: 1431
  Influences: Pop punk
  Members: Ton Lift Jimmy Lee
No artist info

#6 Scooby B.
Scooby B. (Toledo,Ohio)
  Plays: 392 | Saves: 516
  Influences: Rap/Gangster Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Room 18
Room 18 (Metro Boston, MA)
  Plays: 185 | Saves: 1006
  Members: Art, Ken, Russ, Will
Artist info

The idea for Room18 began six years ago with Russ (drums) and Ken (guitar). A few years ago Will (bass) bumped into us, literally. And has been our bassist ever since. Art came into the band earlier this year and has provided us with fantastic...

#8 Lodge
Lodge (Boden, Sweden)
  Plays: 261
  Members: Roberth Lindström -...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Brian Campbell
Brian Campbell (Nashville, TN)
  Plays: 88 | Saves: 620
  Influences: Elvis Presley, Ricky...
  Members: Brian Campbell
Artist info

Originally from Pennsylvania, I moved to Nashville, TN in 1993 with just my guitar and clothes on my back. I immediately started playing music as a solo act at the "Wagon Burner" on Lower Broadway. Soon after, I was offered a gig playing lead...

#10 Vaportrail
Vaportrail (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Influences: King Crimson, Van Der Graaf...
  Members: Sebastian Carlo Messa (bass...
Artist info

This brainchild of S.C. Messa is a band born in 2006. With one foot in the rock music of the 60's and 70's, the other in the fusion wing of jazz and the eyes fixed on uncharted waters Vaportrail is, to say the least, a multiheaded beast of...