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#1 Unsigned Artist Nubreaks.Net
Nubreaks.Net (Saint-Petersburg,...)
  Plays: 15988 | Saves: 6869
  Influences: The Prodigy, The Chemical...
  Members: G*Brilliant, Access Denied,...
Artist info

The Nubreaks.net label ( http://www.nubreaks.net ) was set up by G*Brilliant in 2005 as a home for russian breakbeat fresh and talanted artists. We are proud to have...

#2 R.L.S
R.L.S (miami)
  Plays: 36 | Saves: 389
  Influences: No One Else, He has a...
  Members: R.L.S~Real Live Soldier
Artist info

R.L.S (Kenneth Williams) was born in Williamston North Carolina and moved to Brooklyn Ny at the age of 2. His father was a singer and performed reguraly at the Bedford-Stuyvesant NightClub. Kenneth grew up with music around him and found a retreat...

#3 Unsigned Artist Chasing Eve
Chasing Eve (Toronto)
  Influences: Finger Eleven, Incubus,...
  Members: Adam Vocals, Dan Guitar,...
Artist info

A CD that no one has even heard of inspired Adam Lombardi and Daniel Notarianni to pick up an instrument, years before they even met each other. A Woodbridge On. Band called Grounded, which featured Daniel's cousin on guitar, ended up in the...

SATCHAL (Nashville,TN.)
  Plays: 2133 | Saves: 828
  Influences: ROCK AND ROLL
  Members: Jeff Begley:vocals,backing...
Artist info

In this day and age of cookie cutter bands,whining and open tuning thier way to the bank,or at least all over the radio,tv, hell most all media. Its good to know not all people have taken kindly to this onslaught of utter crap! Granted there are...

#5 Unsigned Artist Stone Descendant
Stone Descendant
  Plays: 340 | Saves: 954
  Members: Carl Johnson Quin Barclay...
Artist info

A young, up and coming band from Wheaton, Illinois. Fusing together such styles as early 90’s alternative rock with late 70’s rock, all while adding their own creative edge, Stone Descendant has created a very unique sound and style of music....

#6 Them Amazing Babies
Them Amazing Babies (Darlington, North East...)
  Plays: 818 | Saves: 377
  Influences: Pixies, My Bloody...
  Members: Ben Pearson - Vocals,...
Artist info

Them Amazing Babies where forged from obsidian by the earth spirit Pan to create angular guitar music. He fed them on a diet of film noir untill their black hearts gleamed and sent them out unto the earth to spread their filthy music

#7 Unsigned Artist Sordid Monkeys
Sordid Monkeys (Chester England)
  Plays: 128
  Influences: The who/Led zepplin etc.
  Members: Laurie Dempsy -...
Artist info

After the split of "Jettison" because of lack of interest and overall crappiness, Ian and Eddy went in search of new members, and with the join of Laurie and Phil they changed they're name and music. Bringing back the blues into rock.

#8 Yung Seph 317
Yung Seph 317 (Naptown Indianapolis)
  Plays: 1669 | Saves: 5042
  Influences: Trey Songz, Jamie foxx,...
Artist info

I rap and Sang and aint no body gonna switch my style to make me stop!!! I dont harmonize I SING and I dont Rhyme I FLOW....NAPTOWN 317 MR.LOCAL SANGA SO CREATIVE MAN ....MY MIND IS ON ANOTHER PLANET...MY R7B TOPICS ARE SO DIFFERENT!!!! FUCK WIT...

#9 Unsigned Artist QUARANTINE
  Plays: 250
  Influences: Metal/Metalcore
  Members: LEAD GUITARIST (EREN), 2ND...
Artist info

QUARANTINE formed in Ruislip/Harrow, North London. QUARANTINE is a brutal fusion of heavy metal and unique melody. The band consists of Three Guitarists, a Drummer (Vocals) and a Bassist (Vocals). Aged just 16, they have already played many gigs...

  Plays: 176 | Saves: 789
  Members: NOEL ALFRED,TOM...
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