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#1 Unsigned Artist Chainsnap
Chainsnap (wisconsin)
  Plays: 2927
  Influences: Pantera, Hatebreed, Prong,...
  Members: alex-drums steve-vocals...
Artist info

Formed 2002, released3 sond demo CD 2003, released full length \"Hollow\" cd 2004. Spent 2004 supporting CD with tour with performances with Damage Plan, Drowning Pool, Death Angel(Milwaukee Metal Fest), Hatebreed, Exodus, Mastodon, Bile,...

#2 Pasha
Pasha (Brooklyn, NY)
  Plays: 1985 | Saves: 2080
  Influences: Blend of rock, reggae,...
  Members: Michael Martinez, Jacob...
Artist info

Official webite - www.myspace.com/pasha Come check out our other songs at our Myspace page listed above.

#3 Unsigned Artist Aunt Acid
Aunt Acid (Sunny (currently...)
  Influences: Jefferson Airplane, Grace...
Artist info

I'm a 32 year old part time secretary / part time singer-songwriter...I am eternally annoyed at something or other and always hungry.

#4 Jon Kilak
Jon Kilak (Russia)
  Plays: 1072 | Saves: 2900
Artist info

There is nothing to say about myself. Just medidate and listen the music from the mysterious deep places of a human's mind. Let's take a pshychedelic journey into the worlds where you've never been before. Here you can find more tracks:...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Waiting List
The Waiting List (KC)
  Influences: the pretenders meets death cab
  Members: jenny carr :vocals/guitar,...
Artist info

Must see. must hear. can't wait! http://www.myspace.com/thewaitinglist

#6 fuskanora
  Plays: 220 | Saves: 714
  Influences: fuskanora
Artist info


#7 Unsigned Artist Skelectory
Skelectory (Maryland)
  Plays: 72 | Saves: 257
  Members: Zy – Vocals, software...
Artist info

Skelectory was created as a one man musical project sometime around 2005…Or maybe 2006. After recording a (horrible) 4 song demo, Armand (the only member) decided that sucking at music alone isn’t as fulfilling as he first thought and started...

PHILEEP (Hollis, NH)
  Plays: 160 | Saves: 384
  Members: Phillip Gerekos, Jt Trull,...
Artist info

Listen closely

#9 Unsigned Artist Crucial aka: Karlton Jones
Crucial aka: Karlton Jones (Raleigh, North Carolina)
  Plays: 576 | Saves: 1014
  Influences: Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Nas,...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Karlton Jones also known as Crucial was born and raised in Winston Salem, NC. Growing up heavily influenced by all genres of music, Crucial started playing the saxophone in the 6th grade. His father convinced him to join the school band because he...

#10 Raymond Rice
Raymond Rice
  Plays: 25049 | Saves: 4901
  Members: Raymond Rice
No artist info

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