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  Influences: Oceano, Bury Your Dead, Rod...
  Members: Charles Hammer - (Vox)...
Artist info

A deathcore band who gets down real gangsta metal style We are down to play a show with any band, at any time!! Booking info: brandingiron42@hotmail.com

#2 Wild Trash
Wild Trash (Bradford, West Yorkshire)
  Influences: Fun Punk Trash Rock
  Members: Simon - Drums, Alec -...
Artist info

Wild Trash are a Bradford, UK based band with a punk, glam, trash, rock sound. Formed in August 2006, a bunch of guys came together that wanted to play simple, catchy, fun music, play some gigs and record some tunes with minimum fuss and maximum...

#3 Unsigned Artist Joseph Lloyd Zacker
Joseph Lloyd Zacker (Reality)
  Plays: 83 | Saves: 330
  Influences: Psychedelic Acoustica
  Members: Joseph Lloyd Zacker
Artist info

Suzuki and classically trained violinist turned multi-instrumentalist. Animal free; realist.

#4 GreenCigar
GreenCigar (Chichester UK)
  Influences: Groove Armarda, Massive...
  Members: David Healy
Artist info

25 year old David Healy has been producing for over 2 years. He now focuses on making alternative and instrumental music with elements of funkage. Dave works with a number of digital labels including www.workingbeats.com, www.edmdigital.com and...

#5 Unsigned Artist K-G and The Band
K-G and The Band (Winter Park,Florida)
  Plays: 126 | Saves: 540
  Influences: Dave Mathews,Bob Marley
Artist info

A BRIEF HISTORY OF K-G AND THE BAND K-G and The Band was formed under the leadership of the Lead Vocalist K-G. K-G Originally from East Africa , a US immigrant formed the band under the vision of diversity in Music and Culture, hence the band's...

#6 Ronni Raygun
Ronni Raygun (heaven and hell)
  Plays: 852 | Saves: 2133
  Influences: the sound of a thousand...
  Members: Ronni, the lord above
Artist info

Born, raised and i ain't dead yet

#7 Unsigned Artist DiLLuSiOn
DiLLuSiOn (Cheshire U.K)
  Influences: Children of Bodom
  Members: Schbakula Van Damme
No artist info

AMOK (Glasgow - Scotland)
  Plays: 216 | Saves: 145
  Influences: Exodus, Testament, Slayer,...
  Members: Macho - Vocals, Calum -...
Artist info

Amok formed in the middle of 2004 with the sole aim of creating the fastest most extreme thrash they could. Their sound is heavily influenced by the early 80's scene and they wear this fact with pride. This band has a striclty 'no bullshit'...

#9 Unsigned Artist J.D. Justice
J.D. Justice (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  Plays: 156
  Influences: Tori Amos, Radiohead, Myself
  Members: J.D. Justice
Artist info

I am a 29 year-old singer-songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. I write music because I have to for my soul to survive.

#10 The Bellmen
The Bellmen (Austin Texas)
  Influences: The black keys
  Members: 6
No artist info

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