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#1 Unsigned Artist Leon Seiter
Leon Seiter (Rosebush, MI)
  Plays: 752
Artist info

Michigan’s own Leon Seiter (procounced like "cider") has been singing in honky-tonks since the early 60’s. This traditional country artist began receiving national attention in country music circles when his record, Sentenced to Live, received...

#2 vomiting rocket Scientists  1
vomiting rocket Scientists 1 (Göteborg)
  Members: The Little Fat on and Widgren
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist untied
untied (Denmark)
  Plays: 545 | Saves: 2281
  Influences: Nine Inch Nails, Front Line...
  Members: Christian Dannie Storgaard
No artist info

#4 Fire On Sight
Fire On Sight (Atlantic Beach NC)
  Plays: 157 | Saves: 348
  Influences: Music that gets us excited...
  Members: Chris White, Stefan Lotz,...
Artist info

Coming soon.

#5 Unsigned Artist issues
issues (91744)
  Plays: 794
  Influences: groove centered rockin jam...
  Members: varies
Artist info

Issues are more than just band 3933 on UBW. issues are a music collective. A few musicians who wander in and out of a studio randomly and jam while tape rolls. It's jam band stuff whatever pops into our heads, but it must groove or rock or thump...

#6 The Divine Secret
The Divine Secret (Cheltenham - United...)
  Plays: 1020 | Saves: 823
  Influences: Alternative Rock With a bit...
  Members: 3 - Joe Green Ben Newham...
Artist info

Ummm....been together about a year now...played a few gigs...we were all in another band together before but that band didnt work out and us 3 re-grouped : ) check out the website - www.thedivinesecret.com

#7 Unsigned Artist UndergroundLogic
UndergroundLogic (Jersey Shore)
  Plays: 417
  Influences: Hip-Hop Funk, Rock
  Members: Tiffany Sterling, Salli...
Artist info

Add us to Myspace. www.myspace.com/undergroundlogicmusic UndergroundLogic is an original hip-hop, rock, funk and soul band from the Jersey Shore. The group has played everywhere from the smaller intimate clubs, to A-list rock venues throughout...

#8 The Darrin K. Wells Band
The Darrin K. Wells Band (Platte City,Mo)
  Influences: Waylon...
  Members: Darrin K. Wells
Artist info

I have been playing guitar since I was 5 years old.I am a songwriter that writes all types of music.My favorite is country.

#9 Unsigned Artist Djz
  Influences: techno/trance/club
  Members: Austin Galdamez
Artist info

For a while I've loved Techno and just recently i decided to create my own using a demo(yes demo) of a music making software called fl studio 8. I hope you like my music! ...

#10 infrastar
infrastar (Macomb, MI)
  Plays: 417 | Saves: 669
  Influences: new found glory, taproot,...
  Members: brad davis (vocals),...
Artist info

Infrastar is a four-piece band from Macomb, Michigan. Since 2000, Brad Davis(Vocals) and Garrett Zanotti(Guitar) have been writting songs together. In Late 2002, a close friend and fan, Nick Alarcon, started putting their pieces into place. A...

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