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#1 Unsigned Artist 2ProngedCrown
2ProngedCrown (Atlanta, Ga. USA)
  Plays: 134 | Saves: 546
  Influences: Acapella
  Members: Doyle Bright, Jim Gorman,...
Artist info

Doyle Bright Professional Musician Accomplished Recording Artist Ring Leader of the post-hardcore metal band 2ProngedCrown previously: RIGOR MORTIS - lead vocals, guitars currently: 2ProngedCrown - lead vocals, guitars 2ProngedCrown...

#2 13miles
13miles (las vegas, nevada)
  Plays: 973 | Saves: 1245
  Influences: hatebreed, slipknot,...
  Members: lance swain, mike johns,...
Artist info

13 MILES bio 13 Miles has all of the ingredients of a solid, heavy metal band with guitar riffs that will blow your mind, hard heavy bass lines, double-bass that will kick your **** and the growling screams from the depths of Las Vegas,...

#3 Unsigned Artist Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors (Montreal, Canada)
  Members: Kyle, Logan, Benn, Marco, Matt
Artist info

We play rock music. the kind that makes you feel good. the kind that you can jump up and down to and sing really loud in your bedroom.

#4 Hagedorn
Hagedorn (Rocky Mountain House)
  Influences: Blood Curdling Swampy Grind...
  Members: Cody Hills - Drums, Vocal...
Artist info

Hagedorn is relatively a new band, although the members have been in many other bands. This is just the latest and the best shit that these guys have put out to date. Jumping from many different styles and likely inspired-by groups, they aren't a...

#5 Unsigned Artist ULTRAMUNDANE
  Plays: 13
Artist info


THE CROSSROADS BAND (mid Hudson valley,New...)
  Plays: 458
  Influences: Allman Brothers,Stevie...
  Members: 5
Artist info

The Crossroads Band is a mix of blues /rock with an r&b Flavor and Features the blues guitar of Australian/Texan Ben Ribble.CD includes their single "Free Man".For more info:www.crossrdsband.com

#7 Unsigned Artist U4eA
U4eA (North Carolina)
  Plays: 8851 | Saves: 3422
  Influences: Some crazy shit...
  Members: u4ea2003@excite.com
Artist info

The form of euphoria is brainless jellyfish. Psychedelic sounds for all to enjoy. Downloads are free. u4ea2003@excite.com

#8 seventh sun
seventh sun (Winnipeg Manitoaba)
  Plays: 1151 | Saves: 969
  Influences: who the hell knows catchy...
  Members: Mike Bruyere and Jeff Wilson
Artist info

Here are Two singer/songwriter/musicians who have theire own studio so once in a while they did sessions. these are some of them ..raw uncut and almost no time for a mix . boredom does that to you.. Mike has been nominated for a Juno in Canada...

#9 Unsigned Artist Oz BODYCON
Oz BODYCON (New York, NY)
  Plays: 218
  Members: Oz BODYCON, Hanna Great,...
Artist info

Choreography for Rob Zombie (Ozzfest 2005,2006 tour). Winner of Ozzy Osbourne video contest. Honorable Mentions by Alice Cooper video contest. Director

#10 We Build Planes
We Build Planes
  Plays: 231 | Saves: 474
No artist info

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