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#1 Unsigned Artist Norman Pennington
Norman Pennington (Eagle Lake)
  Plays: 853 | Saves: 283
  Members: Norman Pennington
Artist info

Norman was the founder of the GOIN' POSTAL BAND "Middle Of The Storm" (KING B RECORDS 2001) HE ALSO WROTE "last stand" & "FINDING MY WAY HOME" for JAY HOOKS' "REDLINE" (PROVOGUE RECORDS 2002).NORMAN has performed with FOGHAT, JOHN MAYALL, CHRIS...

#2 Sister Trish
Sister Trish (Shelby NC)
  Plays: 174 | Saves: 610
  Influences: Pantera meets Guns n Roses
Artist info

Sister Trish was formed in 2001 Tony Greenway decided to come out after a four year absence from music to re-emerge with a completely revamped energy and dedication to bringing you the in your face style of music that has been portrayed as an...

#3 Unsigned Artist Wild Trash
Wild Trash (Bradford, West Yorkshire)
  Influences: Fun Punk Trash Rock
  Members: Simon - Drums, Alec -...
Artist info

Wild Trash are a Bradford, UK based band with a punk, glam, trash, rock sound. Formed in August 2006, a bunch of guys came together that wanted to play simple, catchy, fun music, play some gigs and record some tunes with minimum fuss and maximum...

#4 Samsahra
Samsahra (Minneapolis, MN)
  Plays: 1443
  Influences: Sevendust, Deftones, 36...
  Members: Gary, Ryan, Chris, Dave, Logan
Artist info

Few bands are able to capture the eccentricity and individuality needed to stimulate the emotions within an audience. Samsahra, a rising Minnesota band, is one of these few, Their genre cannot be classified as simply rock, heavy metal or...

#5 Unsigned Artist Luke Vajsar
Luke Vajsar (Toronto, Canada)
  Plays: 279 | Saves: 826
  Influences: John Scofield, Jaco...
  Members: Luke Vajsar - Solo Bass
Artist info

Luke Vajsar is an experimental jazz solo bassist from Toronto. Aside from performing solo he also is part of Canada's drum n ' bass pioneers Codex and other duos and trios. Luke was born in Prague, Czech Republic and immigrated to Canada with his...

#6 Paul Palson Collusion
Paul Palson Collusion (Denver, Colorado)
  Plays: 186
  Members: Craig Hildebrand, Mikey...
Artist info

Learn more about The Paul Palson Collusion @ strumrock.com Uniting the thought provoking lyrical style of Dave Matthews with the guitar driven intricacy of Led Zeppelin, Paul Palson Collusion creates a sound that is distinctly their own, but...

#7 Unsigned Artist Pasha
Pasha (Brooklyn, NY)
  Plays: 2017 | Saves: 2617
  Influences: Blend of rock, reggae,...
  Members: Michael Martinez, Jacob...
Artist info

Official webite - www.myspace.com/pasha Come check out our other songs at our Myspace page listed above.

#8 Evil Empire Sucks
Evil Empire Sucks (Carol Stream IL)
  Plays: 7934 | Saves: 2982
  Influences: Leftover Crack, Operation...
  Members: Dave, Johnny, Curtis, Ben,...
Artist info

This page is for Evil Empire's OLD cd, It was recorded March of 2004 in Johnny's basement. These are just a few of the 15 songs on the demo: Evil Empire Sucks! Evil Empire is currently an 8 piece band with a new CD "Does This Genocide Make Me...

#9 Unsigned Artist A-Rell
A-Rell (San Diego To Tuc-Town)
  Plays: 904 | Saves: 635
  Members: Space Boy Click other half...
Artist info

I've been rappin' for almost 2 years now still haven't been noticed, but if you're on my page now thank you for dropping by and if you like the music please support me tell a friend or something. Leave me comments on my music please and don't...

#10 The Madcap Laughs
The Madcap Laughs (Warrington, UK.)
  Influences: Pink Floyd, King Crimson,...
  Members: Mike Leigh, Jonny Mcmahon,...
Artist info

The Madcap Laughs are a band from the UK wanting to become one of the most innovative and enduring bands of the 21st century. Supposedly without being arrogant, they claim they write music for themselves and for an audience who don't only want to...

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