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#1 Unsigned Artist Harleqeen
Harleqeen (Sweden)
  Plays: 100 | Saves: 301
Artist info

Like us on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harleqeen/259430704617

#2 On-Edge
On-Edge (Yakima, WA)
  Plays: 190 | Saves: 694
  Influences: Alternative Metal
  Members: Rudy Gonzalez, Kyle Adams,...
Artist info

On-Edge has been a driving force for metal in central Washington since 1998. The group, who just happen to be co-founders of the Sportsman's Days metal show, have gone through many members since their start not to mention a constant changing scope...

#3 Unsigned Artist Hirschsprung23
Hirschsprung23 (Southampton UK)
  Influences: Stone Blue and sort of others.
  Members: Pete Holloway. Dan...
Artist info

Formed in early November 2004 by Pete on drums and Dan, on lead guitar. Various musicians have passed through since but we are now a 4 piece Band. Jamming weekly to get to know each other, musically and personally, and to "find" the sound of the...

#4 Schmange
Schmange (Holland Landing)
  Plays: 3865 | Saves: 1220
  Influences: Tears for Fears meets Van...
  Members: Kevin Taylor
Artist info

Instrumentation Kevin Taylor - Vocals / Guitar / Synth / Bass / Production JJ. Contner - Keyboards / Synth Alexi Dutrominova - Drums / Programming Warren Rosenberg - Bass / Synth Bryan Cheung - Sound Effects / Atmostphere Amy Torrence,...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Legend of XERO
The Legend of XERO (Saginaw, MI)
  Influences: Linkin Park, Lights,...
  Members: XERO
No artist info

#6 FamBamInc.
  Plays: 3707 | Saves: 7471
  Members: Trikury, DLoc, K-Thizz, Mac...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Devanic
Devanic (Wien)
  Plays: 276 | Saves: 923
  Influences: In Flames, Opeth, Emperor,...
  Members: Andreas Danzer
Artist info

Devanic was formed in May 2004 by Niki and Andy, with the goal playing ambitious, catchy, multifarious and blasting Melodic Deathmetal. Niki was searching for some people to realise his compositions, especially for someone to do the vocals with...

#8 Citadel
Citadel (USA)
  Plays: 176 | Saves: 865
  Influences: Kansas, Three Dog Night,...
Artist info

...Starting with the Great War between the Affrage and the Diplomats, the struggle for power, resources, slaves and planetary occupation raged on through generations. Most of the earliest recorded galactic history was lost during the 2nd Quadrant...

#9 Unsigned Artist Earthfootball
  Plays: 932 | Saves: 851
No artist info

#10 Scarlette
Scarlette (London , UK)
  Plays: 101
  Influences: pop/electro/punk/house
  Members: Sonja Holly, Xavier Clarke,...
Artist info

SCARLETTE : Scarlette is a blossoming electro act fronted by Sonja Holly, a quirky vocalist from Finland. Also in the band are musicians Charlie Hannah & Xavier Clarke originally from South Hampton UK, now rehearsing & launching shows with...

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