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#1 Unsigned Artist Psyracuse Pyramid
Psyracuse Pyramid (Portsmouth , England)
  Plays: 751 | Saves: 694
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Gary Scaddan, Matt Taylor,...
No artist info

#2 None Taken
None Taken (Bloomington,IL)
Artist info

Energy, passion, emotion, and a sense of touch, None Taken is a modern hard rock act which utlizes harmony vocals, power rhythms, and rock influence to create music that connects and relates with the audience and leaves them wanting more.

#3 Unsigned Artist Billy Cash Beats Entertainment
Billy Cash Beats Entertainment (Albuquerque, NM)
  Plays: 2043
Artist info

My name is Billy Cash and im from Cleveland, Ohio born and raised. I live in Albuquerque,NM and this is where i found my true love to start making music. After recieving my first felony i was black balled from the corporate world which gave me an...

#4 Tim Murray
Tim Murray
  Plays: 2997 | Saves: 3284
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Rapero Annonimo
Rapero Annonimo (Puerto Rico)
  Plays: 55 | Saves: 150
  Influences: Doble v, eminem, nach...
  Members: Nell,Kenny, Decklet d...
Artist info

Crazy storie

#6 Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1961
  Influences: a hard core of country with...
Artist info

Jack McCoy is a character, but that's really not saying much. You either love him or hate him, but you'll never forget him. His music, a colorful montage of heartfelt experiences, sordid tales of lust and murder, bible belt recollections and...

#7 Unsigned Artist the Malt-Tones
the Malt-Tones (DETROIT)
  Plays: 373 | Saves: 1416
  Influences: rancid ramones the clash...
Artist info

Born in the fall of 2003 out of boredom and a longing for the days of old school punk. The Malt-Tones are comprised of 3 grade school mates who share a passion for good old fashion punk rock, unlike most of the music being passed off as...

#8 fuskanora
  Plays: 221 | Saves: 765
  Influences: fuskanora
Artist info


#9 Unsigned Artist Buddy Nuisance
Buddy Nuisance (Chicago, IL)
  Plays: 272 | Saves: 966
  Influences: The Smiths meet The Police,...
  Members: Luke, Jay, Brian, Darren
Artist info

Think power quartet with mandolin, electric piano, and percussion. Melodic indie pop rock with accessible up-beat songs to keep you moving. Buddy Nuisance hails from Chicago, IL and have created quite a buzz with their unique instrumentation...

#10 The Hollywood Nightmares
The Hollywood Nightmares (Woodridge, IL)
  Plays: 634 | Saves: 1060
  Influences: Shit
  Members: Dan(Guitar-Vox)...
Artist info

We\'re a punk/ska/pop punk band from Woodridge, IL. Ha, thats about it, if your interested in playing with us or want us to play for you, e-mail us at thehollywoodnightmares@yahoo.com or hit us up on myspace www.myspace.com/thehollywoodnightmares

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