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#1 Unsigned Artist Dirty Scarlet
Dirty Scarlet (London)
  Influences: Alternative/Rock/Soul/Punk/...
  Members: Louise- Vocals, Tilly-...
Artist info

Dirty Scarlet aren't a five piece band from north London. We didn't get together in late 2007, and haven't been writing our own songs since then. If you don't want to contact us, either don't contact us on MySpace...

#2 Coogan
  Influences: Electro Techno
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Killing Addiction
Killing Addiction
  Plays: 271 | Saves: 676
No artist info

#4 Joe Wamsley
Joe Wamsley (Ridgefield Park NJ)
  Plays: 527
  Influences: Michael W Smith
  Members: John Moran, Joey Killeen
Artist info

I started out as a bass player in a family band about fifteen years ago. We would play at local clubs in the northern NJ area; we did this for about eight years. I came to know the Lord in 1993 when I met my wife, and a year later we were married...

#5 Unsigned Artist Mehdena
  Plays: 156 | Saves: 245
Artist info

She was born in the dusty streets of Kabul Afghanistan and now lives in Virginia. Mehdena grew up loving all form of art and expressing herself through poetry. She then later came to love and embrace the art of rap. Listening to her lyrics you...

#6 Trinity
Trinity (Novosibirsk)
  Plays: 1567 | Saves: 1279
  Influences: Modern Talking
  Members: Trinity, Dmitry Dronov, D....
Artist info

The band has been founded in 2002 by two guys Dmitry Dronov and Dmitry von Juntz to play melodic songs with dance basis. Some time later through numerous changes of stuff that one formed with founders and one girl whose scene name was Trinity....

#7 Unsigned Artist BigJit239
BigJit239 (fort myers)
  Plays: 249 | Saves: 507
  Members: 1
Artist info

Stop dont pass me bye check me out got more music on the way leave a commit new song me my ...

#8 Darryl Hill
Darryl Hill (South Easton,MA)
  Plays: 1047 | Saves: 1637
  Influences: whatever you want it to...
Artist info

A seasoned multi-instrumental player that's available for works for hire. for full Bio and more photos visit http://www.darryljhill.com

#9 Unsigned Artist KEVIN REGAN
  Plays: 144 | Saves: 432
  Influences: The Beach Boys, The Bee...
Artist info

With a sound that is so familiar, yet so new, nineteen year old Kevin Regan bursts through the speakers like a ray of light that has been dimmed for many ages. This young man from Nutley, New Jersey creates a buzz with every age group that comes...

#10 Keez Mc
Keez Mc (bx ny)
  Plays: 4306 | Saves: 1275
  Influences: nas,big pun,ll cool j big...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Keez was raised in Harlem but lived in the Bronx. He’s also very focus he already has two mixtapes, one called hungry season and the second just now getting done called hungry season two (business as usual) and a album coming out this year...

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