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#1 Unsigned Artist vinny vetrone
vinny vetrone (Levittown New York)
  Members: Vinny Vetrone
Artist info

Http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/vinny-vetrone-billionaire-dreams-song.1785099.html 18 year old Long Island Boy !

#2 Body100
Body100 (373 Van Ness Ave,...)
  Members: Body100
Artist info

Launched in 2019, BODY100 was one of the first premium CBD manufacturers and distributors in the space. With brands such as SVRF CBD, the company quickly positioned itself as a leader and an inspiration to manufacturers across the industry....

#3 Unsigned Artist Katrina Lynn
Katrina Lynn (White, PA)
  Influences: Reba, Taylor Swift, Carrie...
  Members: Katrina Lynn
Artist info

Katrina Lynn is a 21 year old unsigned country singer from White PA. She was born on Dec. 21, 1990 in Rockville Maryland. Ever since she was old enough to talk Katrina dreamed of being a singer! At the age of 14 Katrina starting taking guitar...

#4 Leave Luck to Heaven
Leave Luck to Heaven (Southend, Essex)
  Influences: Godspeed you black emperor,...
  Members: Jaded Mandarin, Pi Sandwich
Artist info

For the best part of 3 years, there was an idea brewing in our minds for a project comprised of many elements of different music that has influenced us, all packed together and delivered in a progressive 'post-rock' type structure. Although it's...

#5 Unsigned Artist Friends in Need of
Friends in Need of (Richfield Springs, NY)
  Plays: 70 | Saves: 339
  Influences: Jawbox, Hum, Hot Water...
  Members: Gino and Joe LaBruzzo, Matt...
Artist info

Call it noise rock, post-grunge, emo or what you will, the dark indie rock created by Richfield Springs, New York band “Friends in Need of” will grab your attention upon first listen. Frequently cited as a complement to bands such as Girls Against...

#6 Poppermost
Poppermost (Las Vegas)
  Plays: 1136 | Saves: 821
  Influences: Alex's influences include:...
  Members: Alex Oliver, Roy Rendahl
Artist info

"We believe our songs give our listeners and supporters the feeling of having something that is theirs, that's not a part of everybody else's world," says Alex Oliver, musical director for Poppermost. Described by music fans as "early R.E.M....

#7 Unsigned Artist Our Fading Trust
Our Fading Trust (Saginaw, Texas)
  Plays: 307 | Saves: 933
  Influences: Metal
  Members: Lead Vocals: Kenneth...
Artist info

WE are a local band in Saginaw texas which is liek right close to ft. worth... ya our band is off and on complet and stuff ppl leave and some ppl sty but for the most part we do good as a band. We did our first ever OFT show on Aug.4th it was a...

#8 The Talent
The Talent (Scotland)
  Plays: 502 | Saves: 2408
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Monroe EFfect
Monroe EFfect (Monterrey, Mexico)
  Plays: 1299 | Saves: 1513
  Influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Dream...
  Members: Rodrigo Lobo, Alejandro...
Artist info

Rodrigo Lobo started playing drums about a year and a half ago and is slowly improving. Alejandro Torres has been playing guitar for roughly 5 years, and is quite the shredder. He also plays bass Jerry Villarreal has been playing guitar for some...

AUDIOSTAGG (Central California)
  Plays: 520 | Saves: 336
  Influences: Musical...
  Members: Greg Gould: Rhythm Guitar,...
Artist info

AUDIOSTAGG was first formed in the summer of 1989 in Modesto, CA by two friends influenced by the music they grew up with; primarily the British heavy rock scene- UFO, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest (and even The Baby’s) and other guitar and...

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