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#1 Unsigned Artist Taylormade
Taylormade (Hollywood, CA)
  Plays: 20
  Influences: Snoop Doog, Dr. Dre,...
Artist info

This is a Hip Hop compilation album "Bread, Blunts, & Broads" produced by Taylormade with various artists on it from around the country.

#2 Eveline
Eveline (Italy)
  Influences: Soft Porn
  Members: m.d / lx / l.b / t.o
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Communication Breakdown
Communication Breakdown (Netherlands)
  Plays: 342 | Saves: 744
  Influences: Different
  Members: 4
Artist info

Communication Breakdown (CB) from Breda. The debut (1) is released in 2002. A mix from bluesy rock and pop where CB is seeking for an own sound. CB is playing in W2 and 013. The band also tours in Germany. After a change of musicians withing...

#4 Simba Shan
Simba Shan (United Kingdom)
Artist info

Music Producer | Songwriter www.SimbaShan.net www.youtube.com/SimbaShan www.souncloud.com/SimbaShan www.twitter.com/SimbaShan

#5 Unsigned Artist One Flew Over
One Flew Over (NJ)
  Plays: 616 | Saves: 1140
Artist info

One Flew Over was founded in the summer of 2010 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The members of the band include Donna Missal (Vocals), Michael Lieberman (Drums), Peter Burt (Bass), and Austin Leo (Guitar). The sound of One Flew Over reflects their...

#6 Lyrikal Ninja
Lyrikal Ninja (L.A.)
  Influences: My mom
  Members: Lyrikal Ninja
Artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Weeping Sheeps
Weeping Sheeps (Pfäffikon ZH)
  Influences: many
  Members: Beni, Olaf, Yves
Artist info

We are based in Pfäffikon in the canton of Zurich and like to celebrate music of different decades: Rock, Blues, Ska, Folk, Swing, Reggae and Rock'n'Roll. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, violin, trumpet, blues harp get cheered...

#8 Random Disorder
Random Disorder (Melbourne Florida)
  Plays: 544
  Influences: 3 Doors Down, Live,...
  Members: Larry Moore :: Tod Wellman...
Artist info

Random Disorder infuses versatility with high energy in a three-piece modern rock band. Their real-life view reflects the strength and range of their lyrics. Unique harmonies, diverse guitar, and a "knock on your door" rhythm create a performance...

#9 Unsigned Artist Kleinbahnhof
Kleinbahnhof (Heide, Germany)
  Plays: 763 | Saves: 1569
  Influences: We sound like Kleinbahnhof
  Members: 4
Artist info

The four of us have individual preferences concerning music. You take a pound of rock, a cup of funk, a spoonful of jazz, a pinch of grunge and stir it slowly. Then taste the creation. It will enrich your senses! Kleinbahnhof are:...

#10 Acquisotic
Acquisotic (Issaquah)
  Plays: 42
  Influences: Beatles, George Martin,...
  Members: Bruce Gombrelli
Artist info

Acquisotic music has a very late Beatlish quality and sounds like it could have been produced by Sir. George Martin at times. Bruce Gombrelli is the one that composes, performs, mixes and engineers and finally produces all the material for...

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