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#1 Unsigned Artist Filth Porn
Filth Porn (Tampa, Florida)
  Plays: 3011 | Saves: 2549
  Influences: Mastodon, Lamb of God,...
  Members: Ian Sturgill (Guitar, Vox)...
Artist info

We create the heavist music we can. We do this by defying "Sub-genre"; by not attempting to fit ourselves into a buzzword, we create some of the most purely angry and heavy music in America. Enjoy. Filth Porn started in 2000... since then we...

BODYFARM (Madison, WI)
  Plays: 1765 | Saves: 1155
  Members: Nate-guitar, Dave-guitar,...
Artist info

Though the seeds of the BODYFARM were sown back in 2000-01, The current lineup has been working together since the spring of 2003 Currently working on full length album-playing out by winter 2004

#3 Unsigned Artist The Sensitones
The Sensitones (British Columbia)
  Plays: 1253 | Saves: 831
  Influences: The Everly Brothers meet...
Artist info

This four member acoustic band plays original sensitive music about girls and feelings. They have been described as sounding like a cross between the Everly Brothers and The Ramones. If you haven't got a favorite band already, might I suggest: The...

#4 Christopher Mast
Christopher Mast (San Diego, California)
  Plays: 294 | Saves: 525
  Influences: Elvis Costello, Eels,...
Artist info

As a kid, I was exposed to music almost every day. My dad loved to blast the speakers on his complicated and expensive stereo. David Bowie, Steve Miller, Kiss, Fleetwood Mac, Styx, Alice Cooper, Queen, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd were frequent...

#5 Unsigned Artist Unsure Uncertain
Unsure Uncertain (India, Mumbai)
  Plays: 18
  Influences: Karnivool, Porcupine Tree,...
  Members: 4
Artist info

Unsure/Uncertain, formed in May 2007, when Mitesh Mudras (Drums) showed an oceanic level of dedication by travelling all the way from Powai to Lower Parel for a jam. The band sponsored by sheer pocket‐money were impelled to cope with...

#6 between dreadful and beautiful
between dreadful and beautiful (Stockholm)
  Plays: 516 | Saves: 1328
  Influences: tom waits, a silver mt...
  Members: Jim Nilsson - everything
Artist info

A one man band organized chaos melancholy project

#7 Unsigned Artist Michael G McGee
Michael G McGee (Tennessee)
  Plays: 138 | Saves: 14
Artist info

Heavy Guitar Rock'n Music

#8 Joe Wamsley
Joe Wamsley (Ridgefield Park NJ)
  Plays: 527
  Influences: Michael W Smith
  Members: John Moran, Joey Killeen
Artist info

I started out as a bass player in a family band about fifteen years ago. We would play at local clubs in the northern NJ area; we did this for about eight years. I came to know the Lord in 1993 when I met my wife, and a year later we were married...

#9 Unsigned Artist Heapy
Heapy (London, Liverpool and...)
  Plays: 202 | Saves: 1430
  Influences: Weezer, Mudhoney, Joy Divison
  Members: Fouad Khouri - Vocals,...
Artist info

London based 3 piece alternative punk rock band. We've been together for around 2 years now and have just finished recording our first proper album.

#10 Slim Fatz
Slim Fatz (Panama City, FL)
  Plays: 3860
Artist info

The hookup has been made. Delta Blues artist SLIM FATZ and legendary music producer Neal James have teamed up to produce the new SLIM FATZ cd album titled: “The Original Slim”. Closing your eyes it is as if you have stepped back into the...

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