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#1 Unsigned Artist monique Berry
monique Berry
  Plays: 259
No artist info

#2 Rykashay
Rykashay (WinstonSalem,NC)
  Plays: 138 | Saves: 483
  Influences: nothing you heard before
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist ELBERT FELC
ELBERT FELC (Faversham, Kent,...)
  Influences: Guns 'n' Roses, Free,
  Members: Chloé Easton Lee Hoyle Paul...
Artist info

Elbert Felc formed in the summer of 2000, Five close friends who enjoy playing music together. Since forming Elbert Felc we have played in many pubs, festivals, and shows throughout the South East playing a mixture of originals and covers from all...

#4 DeathChamberz
DeathChamberz (Chamberz of Death)
  Plays: 230 | Saves: 281
  Members: Jakob 22. Zatoichi
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Gonza
Gonza (Joncoping, Sweden)
  Plays: 336
Artist info

Well I'm 18 years old. Can u digg it?

URANIUM (israel)
  Plays: 112 | Saves: 156
  Influences: no body
  Members: 6
Artist info

Uranium's concept was conceived and given birth by Dan Uraniumer (keyboards) and Smite (guitars), which had joined forces in purpose to create a new revolutionary style of music and poetry. After a period of 18 months all of the other players...

#7 Unsigned Artist InerdsOut
InerdsOut (Reading)
No artist info

CATERINE (Phoenix AZ.)
  Plays: 269 | Saves: 772
  Influences: Buckethead, Led Zep, Pink...
  Members: Jimmy Caterine
Artist info

Jimmy Caterine has been an independent musician since he started in 1980 with progressive metal band from Hawaii, Sacred Rite. Influenced heavily by European guitarists like David Gilmour, Micheal Schenker and Ritchie Blackmore, his playing took...

#9 Unsigned Artist figures & boxes
figures & boxes (Croydon)
  Plays: 78 | Saves: 260
  Influences: Bloc Party, Radiohead,...
No artist info

#10 Genetic Flow
Genetic Flow (Middle of tha Map)
  Plays: 1501 | Saves: 1055
  Members: Sicko
Artist info

I'm a young wise musician that raps about my life!! Everyday i'm writing something new but i don't always record it!! It dosen't matter to me if i never make it big, i write music for my own sake, sometimes to stay sane in this world of pain. Life...

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