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#1 Unsigned Artist Colours Run
Colours Run (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 786 | Saves: 1730
  Influences: A voice like Jeff Buckley;...
  Members: Tim Cameron, Paul Robinson,...
Artist info

Colours Run are a Manchester four-piece who were formed in 2004 out of a love for real music with something to say. They tried real life; working in office, driving an ambulance; going quietly insane. It soon became apparent that nothing other...

#2 Trio Nang Naak
Trio Nang Naak (Oswestry/Birmingham/Lo...)
  Members: Barry Edwards. Colin...
Artist info

Description: Featuring Barry Edwards on guitar, Colin Somervell on bass and Mark Sanders on drums. FMR continues to releases gems from lesser British players like guiatrist Barry Edwards who has appeared on a Paul Dunmall CD also on FMR and...

#3 Unsigned Artist Shobo
Shobo (Romania)
  Plays: 390 | Saves: 689
  Influences: a little bit of everything
  Members: just me and my guitar
No artist info

#4 Out of Order
Out of Order (Auburn, WA USA)
  Plays: 3295 | Saves: 4955
  Influences: violent femmes, the fall,...
  Members: MIchael Henry- Bass &...
Artist info

Acoustic Bass & Congos make up this existentialist duo of indie funk n' roll. The husband and wife team of Out of Order are currently playing in the Seattle area. They sound more beat than punk and they play with an urgency unparallelled in modern...

#5 Unsigned Artist Ken Masters
  Plays: 1153 | Saves: 1134
  Influences: nowt yiv hord
  Members: Ken Masters
Artist info

Been heavily involved in all aspects of the hip-hop culture in and around newcastle for about ten years. my first crew went by the name "sinista youth", on some kevin the teenager rebellion type eesh. we then transmogrified that into "the sinista...

  Plays: 850 | Saves: 7878
  Influences: Primal Scream, Kasabian,...
  Members: Jay, Rich, Kris, Digby
Artist info

Kazimierz, hailing from York are a modern electronic indie rock band with mad themes and plenty of groove. Kazimierz can be randomly seen diving carelessly into the shark infested waters of the music world recklessly advancing towards epic times.

#7 Unsigned Artist Evantyde
Evantyde (Watford)
  Members: Elliott (lead Guitar),Toki...
No artist info

#8 Danny Cockroach
Danny Cockroach (Edinburgh)
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin,...
  Members: Drums:Jamie MacLeod, Lead...
Artist info

We are Danny Cockroach, an Edinburgh rock band who have very diverse influences on our music, for example rock, rock'n'roll, funk, metal, blues, eastern and jazz are some of our main influences which is why it is so hard to classify our style. I...

#9 Unsigned Artist Chaser
Chaser (Palm Beach Florida)
  Influences: Four Year Strong, Foo...
  Members: Ryan Tommy Matt Joe
Artist info

Four odd guys in a rock band.

  Plays: 202 | Saves: 509
  Influences: HIP HOP,RAP,R&B
  Members: DOTCOMM-
No artist info

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