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#1 Unsigned Artist +- (plusminus)
+- (plusminus) (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  Plays: 289 | Saves: 829
  Influences: Mathcore, Metal, Post-Hardcore
  Members: Egor - vocals || Ilya -...
Artist info

+- is a mathcoremetalpost-hardcore band from Kiev, Ukraine. Five-pieces band was formed in 2005 and at first was named "Neirula". Evenrually a solid lineup was formed with vocalist Egor, guitarist Yura, guitarist Ilya, bassist Maksim and...

#2 Danyelle Monroe
Danyelle Monroe (Knoxville, Tn)
  Members: Danyelle Monore
Artist info

I am a 17 year old who LOVES to sing and play guitar. I love music with all i have and I will do anything to make it my career. ...

#3 Unsigned Artist At Risk Teen
At Risk Teen (LostAngels, CA)
  Plays: 159 | Saves: 1007
  Members: J. CHI, L. COMPANION
Artist info

DEBUT CD, "KILL ALL HIPSTERS" (ep), NOW ON SALE! Go to my blog to find out where! Fashioned from beloved parts, AT RISK TEEN are: J. CHI, bon viveur & handsome scoundrel L. COMPANION, wanton layabout & occasional minder of wonderfully nasty...

#4 Mal Fry
Mal Fry (Bury St Edmunds,England)
  Plays: 1232 | Saves: 2673
  Members: Mal Fry
Artist info

Well would you believe it after 10 years of trying, finally a break albeit a minor one but a break never the less.A Dutch TV show called Hello Goodbye about Schiphol Airport has used my songs ( You Were There and In Your Arms )as part of there...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Sway (uk)
The Sway (uk) (London)
  Plays: 725 | Saves: 1325
  Influences: Indie Rock
  Members: David Casson , Sean Kelly ,...
Artist info

The Sway Comeback: On the 3rd May 2008, after 13 years away, all 4 original members of The Sway, David Casson (Vocals/Guitar), Jim Kook (Guitar), Paul Hogan (Bass) & Sean Kelly (Drums) ventured into the rehearsal studio to plot their return. David...

#6 Cyclosarin
Cyclosarin (Chelmsford, Essex,...)
  Plays: 381 | Saves: 1507
  Influences: Tool, Metallica
  Members: Liam Kelly, Aaron Smith,...
Artist info

Cyclosarin were formed in May of 2006. Originally with 5 members, the band was reduced to a threepeice after a series of unfortunate snowplough incidents and tragic, unforseeable circumstances involving cats on acid. The band's aim is to create...

#7 Unsigned Artist phillipdead
phillipdead (Siuox Falls)
  Plays: 157 | Saves: 372
  Influences: nothing matters your still...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Thought it would be nice to make some ugly music for a change music that would be difficult to listen to never mind like...........

#8 Kin
Kin (Massachusetts...)
  Members: Ryan, Chris, & Will
Artist info

We are three local musicians in Massachusetts (two of which are in high school) who are dedicated to playing music. Having just cut our first demo, we are looking to play gigs connect with other bands. Check out our hompage and get our demo cd!...

#9 Unsigned Artist Three on the Tree
Three on the Tree (Chicago, Illinois)
  Plays: 198
  Influences: Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks,...
  Members: Jon Osing, Drew Weir, Kevin...
Artist info

http://www.threeonthetree.net Formed in 2001 by Jon Osing, Kevin Weith and Drew Weir, Three on the Tree didn't get around to playing their first gig until...

#10 Quad Damage
Quad Damage (Harrow/Wembley, London UK)
  Plays: 127 | Saves: 418
  Influences: System Of A Down, Slayer,...
  Members: Daniel Smith (Vocals +...
Artist info

Quad Damage is a three-piece Alternative Metal group birthed in 2011 in Harrow, London. Ferocious guitar riffs, unrelenting thundering drums, and funkadelic basslines, topped off with angst-ridden vocals and harsh lyrics. Mixing brutal thrash...

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