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#1 Unsigned Artist Cryochamber
Cryochamber (Quezon City, Philippines)
  Plays: 666
  Members: Ony, Gerard, Smith, Meg
Artist info

A SITE OPENED BY MR. TONTO RONTON FOR CRYOCHAMBER The band has been together for more than 2 years now, sometimes meeting every weekend, sometimes not for 3 to 6 months straight! Nevertheless, their performances have been very memorable to...

#2 The Charlotte Effect
The Charlotte Effect (North Devon)
  Plays: 244 | Saves: 442
  Influences: 80's rock
  Members: John Paul Butterworth...
Artist info

The Charlotte Effect born in summer 2006.A modern approach to rock guitar with a mixture of modern technology(in fact quite a lot!!)A mixture of styles but trying to find its own sound and its getting there(slowly)....

#3 Unsigned Artist Matt Wong
Matt Wong
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#4 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel (New Jersey)
  Influences: Nothing you ever heard. We...
  Members: G.G. Gusto - Guitar/Vocals,...
Artist info

Coming at you hard and fast, Stainless steel will assault you with music that you will enjoy and can't help tapping your foot to. Our music speaks for itself and we are confident that you will enjoy what we do!

#5 Unsigned Artist Boomshanker
Boomshanker (Telford/Wrexham/Leicester)
  Plays: 2527 | Saves: 3281
  Members: 5
Artist info

Boomshanker probably formed in Skullford around a piano in 1999 with Marc (Lead Guitar), Aris (Keyboards & Synths) and Dave (Bass Guitar). Combined the influences include Rock n Roll, U.K Trip Hop, Indie, Prog-Rock, Soul and Motown, Break Beat and...

#6 FreeStroke
FreeStroke (Weert)
  Plays: 1481 | Saves: 1111
  Influences: Pearl Jam, Alice in chains,...
  Members: Carlos Metten, Roel...
Artist info

In a bar enjoying a nice cold glass of beer a new project FreeStroke was born. Four musicians all with different backgrounds came together in this new project. Guitar player Roel is known from the metal-scene. Bassplayer Rens got his experiences...

#7 Unsigned Artist Visceral Pain
Visceral Pain (Monterrey, Mexico.)
  Plays: 260 | Saves: 1997
  Influences: Krisiun, Morbid Angel,...
  Members: LORD AZMODEUS (Brutal...
Artist info

Visceral Pain was created In 2003 after Lord Amodeus broke with his old band. He left his old band because he wanted to create the first Extreme Brutal Death Metal band in Monterrey, and he did. By 2005, after many lineup changes Lord Azmodeus met...

#8 Perish Ruby
Perish Ruby (Barrie,Ontario,Canada)
  Plays: 1631 | Saves: 1147
  Influences: Nirvana,Radio Head,Smashing...
  Members: Brent Spicer, Joe Scott,...
Artist info

Perish Ruby was formed in Holland 2003 by Bassist/Vocalist Brent spicer. After the bands debut album release "I see the truth" nothing was to be the same. After the local Dutch radio station picked up on the album, several dutch internet radio...

#9 Unsigned Artist Nekropolis
Nekropolis (Birmingham West...)
  Plays: 428 | Saves: 582
  Influences: Metal
  Members: Pip - Vocals, Luke -...
Artist info

Thanks for checking us out! Please add us on myspace ...

#10 Playground Records
Playground Records (Oxnard, CA)
  Plays: 512 | Saves: 2045
  Influences: Westcoast Rap & RnB
  Members: Mr. Clean, Chase One, Sinz,...
No artist info

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