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#1 Unsigned Artist Lastat
Lastat (Hartford, Ct)
Artist info

Hartford, Connecticut native Lastat 28, has dreamed of becoming a major artist in the entertainment industry since he was five years old. Having performed in one of New Haven’s famous venues, The Toads Place, the love that he received from his...

#2 AnnA
AnnA (USA)
  Plays: 252 | Saves: 595
Artist info

Born in Lakewood, NJ 4.10.1990

#3 Unsigned Artist Noctisdark
Noctisdark (Alcanar)
  Influences: My Dying Bride Bathory
  Members: Dani: vocals and guitars;...
Artist info

Dani and Alex found Noctisdark in 1999 in Alcanar (Catalonia, Spain). As a musical project, Noctisdark expected to free some vital interests that their other band Ignis Aeterni didn’t satisfied. So, with those two parallel projects they could...

#4 Daisy Faith
Daisy Faith (London)
  Members: daisyfaith
Artist info

When looking because of an assignment writing service, the choice of selecting AssignmentService.co.uk is higher than some mean literature service. The...

#5 Unsigned Artist Brutal Division
Brutal Division (Sweden)
Artist info

Metal/Death metal

#6 Towne Adams
Towne Adams (Waco, TX)
  Plays: 672 | Saves: 1477
  Influences: Todd Snider, Social...
  Members: Towne, Errol, Kent, Jon
Artist info

Writing a bio for a no-account, go-nowhere, do-nothing band like Towne Adams is a major pain in the ass. I could tell you about how brilliant the songs are, how transcendent the playing is, and how everybody who has ever seen the band just...

#7 Unsigned Artist Soulscape
Soulscape (Melrose/Isanti)
  Influences: Alter Bridge, Audioslave,...
  Members: Dan Hoag-Vocals, Nick...
No artist info

#8 Cover of Darkness
Cover of Darkness (Fayetteville, AR)
  Plays: 4765 | Saves: 3423
  Influences: Black Sabbath,Tool and...
  Members: Jeff Richards-Vocals,Perry...
Artist info

Cover of Darkness is an all original Hard rock Band, Our passion is in writing the songs.Mainly we're 5 guys who love to get together and rock out. We have played with numerous bands like Bang Camaro, Crooked X, Dirty Penny, Gypsy Pistoleros,...

#9 Unsigned Artist Derek McCorkell
Derek McCorkell (Minnesota USA)
  Plays: 758
  Influences: Folk , Irish Folk , Celtic ,
  Members: Just little ole me
Artist info

Born Londonderry Northern Ireland way back in 1953 but living & working now in Minnesota USA with wife & partner Dixie.

#10 Homer
  Plays: 430 | Saves: 775
Artist info

Don't take yourself too seriously. Nobody else does.

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