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#1 Unsigned Artist baranimo
baranimo (Turkey/Izmir)
Artist info

I'll be back soon with more songs.

#2 Raymond Rice
Raymond Rice
  Plays: 2796 | Saves: 1120
  Members: Raymond Rice
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Quay Porters
Quay Porters (Langesund, Norway)
  Plays: 2964 | Saves: 1061
  Influences: Triffids, Replacements,...
  Members: "Evil" Arthur Pedersen",...
Artist info

The Quay Porters came together in the winter of 1991, when Jan Arthur Pedersen & Morten Gusfre linked up with drummer Jan Tore Sandvik. During the next months the band rehearsed with several guitar players, and eventually the trio setteled with...

#4 lyricroad
lyricroad (las vegas,NV)
  Plays: 27
  Members: Dave Matel Matt Prinkey
Artist info

Lyric Road Las Vegas' Lyric Road is the bridge spanning retro goodness and solid, future-thinking styles. The band performs self-described “pop rock with an 80s feel” and has a sound wide open to a broad spectrum of audience members. Fans of...

#5 Unsigned Artist Kara
Kara (Britanny in the west...)
  Plays: 3537 | Saves: 1422
  Influences: Elektronica
  Members: Rony & Pierrete
Artist info

We are a duo with our proper home studio. Starting our first EP here. You can hear more music of us at : www.karamusicsite.tk We are a lot in techno and elektronica but do allso some jazz and blues. If you like our music, leave us a...

#6 Katie Monro
Katie Monro (Merseyside)
  Plays: 1363 | Saves: 2407
Artist info

Thank you for coming to hear my music. The downloads I've provided are songs I recorded when I was signed to a company called Braveheart Records, where I performed as both a soloist and with the group. The solo music I wrote, recorded and ...

#7 Unsigned Artist Lane Butler
Lane Butler (Hamilton, OH)
  Plays: 108
  Influences: Everything...
  Members: Lane Butler - guit/vox,...
Artist info

Whether playing drums, guitar, keyboard, bass, or just singing, music has always been a part of Lane's life. He has played music since 1992 and has since entertained crowds in hundreds of venues including Bogart's and King's Island with...

  Plays: 872 | Saves: 801
Artist info

Shanterra Avery was born and raised in the New haven area of connecticut. The 22 year old rapper has always been very muscial, and has always been fascinated with music. Growing up she was constantly glued to the stereo, and the televison because...

#9 Unsigned Artist E. Smith
E. Smith
  Plays: 163
No artist info

#10 Down Home Groove
Down Home Groove (Almont MI.)
  Plays: 10
  Influences: Darius Rucker, George Straight
  Members: Jason Manko, Andrew Falk,...
Artist info

We are a new and upcoming country band from a small town. We have all been playing music for 25 years plus. The band has been together about 8 months and about to release our first album in the late fall.

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