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#1 Unsigned Artist Zoleta
Zoleta (Philippines)
  Plays: 436 | Saves: 685
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#2 Stokes On Fire
Stokes On Fire (College Station, TX)
  Influences: Led Zeppelin, U2, Arctic...
  Members: Nathan Beausoleil, Logan...
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Rock on

#3 Unsigned Artist Secondary Someday
Secondary Someday (Hutchinson Kansas)
  Plays: 365 | Saves: 404
  Influences: Chevelle, TRIVIUM, Alter...
  Members: Founders: Eliot Lundemo,...
Artist info

We are five teenagers that have been working on recording a demo for a while. We struggled to find a reliable and talented singer for quite a while, but we finally found the right person. Most of us have been playing our instruments for around...

#4 willis
willis (Oshkosh, WI)
  Plays: 2005 | Saves: 2479
  Influences: radiohead, bob wills, brian...
Artist info

The Willis emerged in December 2002 from the ...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Rupert Selection
The Rupert Selection (Boston, MA)
  Influences: Frank Zappa, Opeth, Air,...
  Members: Zak Brown, Reilly Somach,...
Artist info

The Rupert Selection; We begin our journey in December, 2009. Three young chaps out of Manchester-by-The-Sea decided music was fine and dandy. Music, as it turned out, was something they enjoyed. These lads went by the names of Reilly Somach,...

#6 unclecon
unclecon (Glasgow)
  Plays: 181 | Saves: 1018
  Influences: neil young,morrissey,paul...
  Members: 100+
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I currently write and record out of a home studio not far from Glasgow City centre. I play mainly to myself although I also play open mikes around the pubs of Glasgow. I am a guitar player who plays a little drum & bass, pretty much a one man...

#7 Unsigned Artist Rac Tix Digitone
Rac Tix Digitone (Atlanta)
  Plays: 502 | Saves: 1936
  Influences: Dj Shadow, Portishead,...
Artist info

Taking digital music wherever they want it to go, Rac Tix Digitone has been the staple of innovation within various circles throughout Georgia's beatstrumental scene for the past 7 years.Now they're making their Web presence felt. Channeling vibes...

#8 Cheap Existence
Cheap Existence (Chard, Somerset)
  Plays: 820
  Members: Josh Kilbride...
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New Song: Can't Get Through Please Visit: www.purevolume.com/cheapexistence

#9 Unsigned Artist Vincent Thompson
Vincent Thompson (Bloomfield,CT)
Artist info

Vocalmatch is a group of creative singers and songwriters. We provide a platform to show their hidden talent to the world.

#10 monkeyrush
monkeyrush (Bromley)
  Influences: Placebo, Clash
  Members: simon, nathan, tony, kerry,...
Artist info

Monkeyrush are a five piece group that draw upon a diverse and colourful plethora of musical influences. Stylized by their own creation, driven by their own frustration, Monkeyrush are a force to be reckoned with. From small beginnings in the...

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