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#1 Unsigned Artist tru colorz
tru colorz (H-town, Sin City,...)
  Plays: 836 | Saves: 1494
  Influences: Pure Buckness
  Members: Dashrok, MO MIZZLE, Young...
No artist info

#2 Vivid Release
Vivid Release (Tunbridge Wells)
  Plays: 794 | Saves: 1398
  Influences: We have been told we sound...
  Members: Lisa Avon, Emma Davis,...
Artist info

We are all girls aged 15/16 We started off as an afterschool club but decided to take the band further after coming 2nd in a battle of the bands competition that we had less than a week to prepare for (this preparing also included learning the...

#3 Unsigned Artist sunal
sunal (new delhi)
  Influences: blues/funk/experimental
No artist info

#4 Weaknesses Of The Information Age
Weaknesses Of The Information Age (hamilton, OH)
  Plays: 547 | Saves: 445
  Influences: myself
  Members: C. Allen
Artist info

Ive had a long time to grow and I'm taking a totaly new approach to music. I don't know if anyone will be upset or even care but, theres a new me. If anyone doesn't have and really wants some of the old tunes let me know and ill email them.

#5 Unsigned Artist Shock of the Cold
Shock of the Cold (Detroit)
  Influences: nothing you've ever heard
  Members: Sean (Captain Nemo) Dave...
Artist info

Shock of the Cold has been together since AUG 2004, over the Winter of 04-05 they wrote, recorded, and produced their Debut Double Album, "Listen at your own Risk!" which consists of 38 songs. "Hungry Vegans" is SHock's second album that came out...

#6 project Freshdance
project Freshdance (Belarus)
  Plays: 941 | Saves: 1172
  Members: Dj Mazhor & Dj Brend
Artist info

Fresh Dance-проект состоит из лучших танцевальной музыки sovremennosti.V проекта участвует 2 Dj's. Одним из них является Dj Мажор (Стас Mazhoroff)....

#7 Unsigned Artist Ricardo Williams
Ricardo Williams (Orlando, Florida)
  Influences: The Format meets Dashboard...
  Members: Ricardo Williams
No artist info

#8 Dali
  Plays: 204 | Saves: 576
Artist info

Many diverse styles are in my music past - here is the one of the new additions. "Japanese low" is small piece of ambiental works of my own. Dali is my artis name, but my real name is Dalibor Platenik - coming from Europe - Croatia....

#9 Unsigned Artist eNeS
eNeS (Marquette, MI)
  Plays: 732 | Saves: 224
  Influences: experimental hip/hop
  Members: bwhitz
Artist info

ENeS is a group that is focused on the more experimental side of hip/hop. So far these are all instrumentals. Hopefully soon we will have some vocals for the tracks.

SAINT (Brussels)
  Plays: 321 | Saves: 1320
  Influences: Travis, Stereophonics,...
  Members: Steve Jones, Philou
Artist info

SAINT deliver melodic folk songs charged with emotion and doped with rock power when need be.Anyone can no doubt identify with their sensitive lyrics about the ups and downs of life, its bitterness, its lightness and its ever questioning......

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