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#1 Unsigned Artist Yung Money
Yung Money (Milwaukee/Oshkosh)
  Plays: 846 | Saves: 921
  Influences: The Game, Young Jeezy
Artist info

History in the making

#2 jacksfamily
jacksfamily (colchester - essex)
  Plays: 643
  Influences: gothic metal, female...
  Members: kelly kones jeanpaul...
Artist info

Jacksfamily formed in the summer of 2002 when songwriters Kelly Jones and Jean-Paul De-Havilland met in a bar, with a mutual interest in heavy rock music they became inspired to collaborate on a project that would blend superb musicianship with a...

#3 Unsigned Artist Pray for the Soul of Betty
Pray for the Soul of Betty (NYC)
  Influences: Audioslave,
  Members: Vocalist Constantine...
Artist info

PRAY FOR THE SOUL OF BETTY is the communal vision and passion of vocalist Constantine Maroulis, guitarist Joao Joya, bassist Taylor Pala, and drummer Hamboussi. Proudly touted as “NYC Homegrown Rock & Roll,” Betty’s all-original music is intense,...

#4 Bunny Lee
Bunny Lee
  Plays: 137
Artist info

I've had this deep, hot, love affair with music since in the womb. And so this is just a fun side project to create some music and fiddle around. I'm kind of just going with the flow these days. I'm also in this sweet duo with Bri Heu called The...

#5 Unsigned Artist themusicsession.com
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 437
  Influences: where the music begins
Artist info

At themusicsession we're committed to the Exploitation of Your Personnel Music Creations; themusicsession.com welcomes all new and old Members. Thank you for the ongoing support in allowing us to be apart of Your Talents, / you’re Video...

#6 alun-rhys
alun-rhys (london)
  Plays: 208 | Saves: 795
  Influences: jeff...
  Members: 1
Artist info

I have been in bands since i was 13,playing styles such as punk,grunge,alternative,hardcore,blues...loadsa different styles.i strted creating music on the computer about 4 years ago,and seriously about 2 years ago.this project is mainly for my...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Ghost of My True Love
The Ghost of My True Love (London,Ky)
  Influences: every time i die, chiodos,...
  Members: Shawn, Anthony, Wes, JB,
Artist info

It's the teenage dream - being in a band. What could be said that hasn't been said about 4-5 childhood friends that got together one day and decided to kill boredom by picking up a guitar? Although GOMTL wasn't formed on a playground between the...

  Plays: 261 | Saves: 938
Artist info

Rockig, laut und doch eingängig melodiös und irgendwie(einfach) Pop Hier treffen treibende Rhythmen und rotzige Riffs auf sphärischen Gitarrenklängen und eine einprägsame Stimme die das Ohr nur so wurmt. Das ist FEINSTAUB - Die Band...

#9 Unsigned Artist Von Kempelin
Von Kempelin (Blackpool, lancs, UK)
  Plays: 369 | Saves: 572
  Members: 5
Artist info

British Metal

#10 Dustin Whalen
Dustin Whalen (Lompoc, CA)
  Plays: 68 | Saves: 335
  Influences: Arctic Monkeys, Manchester...
  Members: Dustin Whalen
Artist info

Singer/Songwriter from Lompoc, CA

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