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#1 Unsigned Artist Ph1
Ph1 (Kent)
  Plays: 5713 | Saves: 2066
  Influences: The 90s
  Members: Jacob Ovington
Artist info

My name is Jacob Ovington, im 17. I have been producing music for 18 months, and over this time I have developed a more distinct trance sound. I wish I had more time to spend on music!! This is my youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jakeov...

DJ TRANCER (Saint Paul, MInnesota)
  Plays: 1295 | Saves: 2834
  Influences: Trance-Ambient-Urban-Dance-...
  Members: ME
Artist info

I am a Freelance Musician. You can Listen/Download My Tunes FREE of charge. If you would like to collaborate with Me on Music Projects, give Me a jingle. ...

#3 Unsigned Artist BUSHHOUNDS
BUSHHOUNDS (Austin Texas)
  Plays: 700
Artist info

BUSHHOUNDS delivers a hard rock sound with a southern rock attitude! Aerosmith meets Lynyrd Skynyrd with a dash of Guns& Roses. BUSHHOUNDS are a national touring rock band that delivers a unique sound of Hard Rock with a Southern Edge.You can...

#4 ken h
ken h (san francisco...)
  Members: kenny hwang
Artist info premium member

i am a techno/trance producer from san francisco, california usa.

#5 Unsigned Artist Pre-Infection
Pre-Infection (Swindon, Wiltshire,...)
  Plays: 159
  Influences: Odd Project, Shadows Fall,...
  Members: Ed Wilson - Vocals, Pete...
Artist info

5 lads all from swindon, uk. we've been together about 2years now but have only currently worked on our set of songs for about 6months. we've all known each other since we could walk pretty much and are the best of friends. we love our music and...

  Plays: 1289 | Saves: 1277
  Influences: ME
Artist info

I live in a small town with not much opportunity. So I am using the web as my promoter. I am a father of one baby boy and I'm engaged to be married. My music and my family are my life. I make all my own beats, write all my own lyrics and record...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Dark Side
The Dark Side (hamilton, OH)
  Plays: 3008 | Saves: 2856
  Influences: THE DARK SIDE
  Members: PEZ and YOUNGSTA...
Artist info

THE DARK SIDE Comprised of 3 main song writers, The Dark Side strives to get their voices heard across the country.Pez, Youngsta, and Sick wit It are the mad geniouses behind the mayhem and the music. Pez...

#8 Monkfish
Monkfish (Trondheim, Norway)
  Plays: 80 | Saves: 393
  Influences: Smashing Pumpkins, Franz...
  Members: Erlend, Haakon, Roger,...
Artist info

Monkfish is a five-piece rock group from Trondheim, Norway. The music is best described as melodic/alternative/indie rock, with influences from 70's, early 90's and 00's rock groups. The band has two releases to date, the 4 track Monday in London...

#9 Unsigned Artist Ephus
Ephus (Port Hope, Michigan)
  Plays: 388 | Saves: 1089
  Members: Addison - Guitar, Adam -...
Artist info

We started as two brothers, Addison and Alex, and have just recently added a third member to our band, Adam. We're working with him now, so he can learn all of our songs and then we will be gigging to build a fan base. Check our Myspace and...

#10 Smith VicVas
Smith VicVas (Ventura County, CA)
   | Saves: 315
No artist info

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