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#1 Unsigned Artist Revolution Riot
Revolution Riot (Sweden!)
  Plays: 95 | Saves: 342
  Influences: Motley, guns, Skid row,...
Artist info

More info: www.myspace.com/revolutionriot

#2 Sixx oh Seven
Sixx oh Seven (Corning NY)
  Influences: Swollen Members, Twiztid,...
  Members: Sixx oh Seven
Artist info

http://www.reverbnation.com/c./a4/10176974/2708784/Artist/2708784/Artist/link ...

#3 Unsigned Artist Al amin
Al amin (Middletown,Ny)
  Plays: 230
  Influences: Music
  Members: Al amin,/Hood science...
Artist info

Al amin is an American rapper from Middletown,NY

#4 2 sides to every story
2 sides to every story (Chester, England)
  Influences: Our influences come from...
  Members: Tom B - vocals, Chris -...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist HubCityMusicRecords
  Plays: 21 | Saves: 180
Artist info

Zydeco Artist. 33yrs of age. Born in a small town of New Roads La. Attended University of Louisiana Lafayette. Part of Hubcity Records which consist of C.E.O Brandon “Mr. Phat” Neezy, Producer Duke “Duke Dawg” Neezy, Curtis “Big...

#6 stephane fernandez
stephane fernandez (new caledonia)
  Plays: 834 | Saves: 929
  Influences: paco de lucia, shakti, pink...
  Members: stephane fernandez, mokhtar...
Artist info

Bla bla...

#7 Unsigned Artist anti government league
anti government league (north carolina)
  Plays: 174 | Saves: 1033
  Influences: dead kennedys, exploited,...
  Members: izzie pist-guitar vocal...
Artist info

Does it really f@#king matter what we put here? we are a 3 piece band, we play hard fast in your face punk. we have 2 CDs-- "WAR MACHINE"--and "POLICE STATE"-- now available on Solidconfusion Records, a lowfi low tech low life production. each...

#8 Eye Talk
Eye Talk (Phoenix, AZ)
  Plays: 504
  Influences: Chicago, ELO, Tears for...
  Members: Alan and Bob Clark
Artist info

Eye Talk is a recording and live performance group fronted by singer-songwriter Alan Clark. Alan is the lead vocalist and produces and performs various instruments in the studio. Alans brother, Bob Clark, provides songwriting, bass guitar and...

#9 Unsigned Artist Bandits In The Woods
Bandits In The Woods (Beverly,...)
  Influences: James Brown, Radiohead,...
  Members: JD Debski, Dylan Sullivan,...
No artist info

#10 Nick Neech/ Franklin Estate
Nick Neech/ Franklin Estate
  Plays: 126 | Saves: 456
Artist info

Nick Neech is an MC that has had success on the west and east coast. Originally from california, neech also spread his roots to the university of michigan where he earned his bachelors degree in general studies. There he broadened his musical...

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