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#1 Unsigned Artist bullbilly
bullbilly (colomaMI/mishawakaIN/d...)
  Plays: 332 | Saves: 1524
  Influences: something
  Members: john cubbage...joshua...
Artist info

No story here... just tossin out ideas. e-mail: bullbillyr3@yahoo.com

#2 Kontaminated
Kontaminated (Upminster)
  Influences: A bit like trivium and...
  Members: 4
Artist info

Hey were Kontaminated. Were all aged between 13-14. We consist of Joe (Lead/Shred Guitar), Andy (lead vocals), Ben (Drums/Backing vocals) and Rich (Rhythem/Harmony guitarist). We are relatively new; forming a few months ago from the ashes of...

#3 Unsigned Artist Ambergheist
  Members: Scott Beaulieu, Dominic...
No artist info

#4 Three Words
Three Words (Walthamstow, London)
  Plays: 60 | Saves: 151
  Influences: One Direction, Ed Sheeran
  Members: Gorran Duric-Speare,...
Artist info

We are a new boyband of 3 from Walthamstow in Londonand have a dream to go far in music help us ...

#5 Unsigned Artist The CarbonAudio Effect
The CarbonAudio Effect (Goose Creek, SC)
  Members: Noel DeLisle, Jesse Snider,...
Artist info

The CarbonAudio Effect is a Christian Rock band, based out of Goose Creek, South Carolina. The band was started by Noel DeLisle (Lead Vocals, Keyboards) & Jesse Snider (Acoustic/Electric Guitar) in April of 2007. Just a few weeks later, John...

#6 Massimiliano
Massimiliano (Silvi Marina)
  Plays: 96
  Members: Massimiliano
Artist info

I Was born in Catania, Italy, in 1972 at 10 'o clock, approximatively. The instinct in music comes to me by the rolling jokes of my mom's grandfather Arturo... I don't know well if this is true, but perhaps he has played the military snare......

#7 Unsigned Artist No More Toni
No More Toni (Clearwater, Florida, USA)
  Plays: 461 | Saves: 534
  Influences: Fat man eating a Twinkies
  Members: Shamal - Guitar+VOX | Patty...
Artist info

Well there is not much to say, we havent made far yet. The funny thing is that this band was actually started long time ago, around year 2004...ok that was only 2 years ago with Shamal on guitar, Coleman on drums with lead vocals, and Patty on...

#8 BBC
BBC (Sweden)
  Plays: 152 | Saves: 217
Artist info

BBC was formed in the beginning of 2006 by the old fellow beatmakers XL and Gok the Mock. The "Alla har den utom du!" mixtape was released the summer of 2006. The mixtape is a compilation of songs in both english and swedish.

#9 Unsigned Artist Creator
Creator (Memphis, TN)
  Influences: Gideon, The Ghost Inside,...
  Members: Ryan Stephens, Nick...
Artist info

Creator is a heavy hardcore band from Memphis, TN. Starting in the spring of 2011, they guys in Creator got together with a common love and a common goal. The common love is music of all kinds especially Hardcore and Metal. The common goal was...

#10 ArythmiA
ArythmiA (Chattanooga,TN)
  Plays: 507 | Saves: 1233
  Influences: ArythmiA
  Members: Tuck-Vocals Steve-Guitar...
No artist info

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