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#1 Unsigned Artist Divergance
Divergance (Labrador City)
  Plays: 153 | Saves: 363
  Influences: Arcade Fire meets The...
  Members: Ryan Searle (bass),...
Artist info

Divergence started as a Indie-Rock Jamband with Ryan Searle, Dave Connors and Mitch Mullen. A gradual sound change and a addition of Ryan Power on guitar resulted in what we are today.

#2 The iLLiad
The iLLiad (Ashland, OH)
  Plays: 733 | Saves: 3423
  Influences: Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd,...
  Members: Kyle Pittman, Andy Cyphert,...
Artist info

Developed initially as a one man band with Kyle Pittman and then as a group (Adding Andy, Kelly and Jeff) to produce psychedelic pop songs for the radio, the Illiad are devoted to creating quirky, fun and catchy tunes with an abstract and...

#3 Unsigned Artist Larry Kessler
Larry Kessler (Florida, USA)
  Plays: 674
  Influences: Elton John, Billy Joel,...
Artist info

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to listen. If you want to hear more visit CDbaby.com/kessler

#4 carangg
carangg (Germany)
  Plays: 1511 | Saves: 2174
  Influences: tool, a perfect circle,...
  Members: Phil, Yener, Peter, Winni,...
Artist info

Hi. We are carangg and spread hard, modern rock music. It's a full "10" on the Rock'O'Meter. We would like to know what you think of it. Please drop us a line. thank you, carangg

#5 Unsigned Artist Archie Adams
Archie Adams (McColl, South Carolina)
  Influences: me
Artist info

I'm from a small town in South Carolina and trying to get something started musically. I've been singing since before I can remember, but just started being serious about singing and songwriting not to long ago. Take a listen and comment or send...

#6 DrkSyde The Hybrid
DrkSyde The Hybrid (Detroit, MI)
  Plays: 770 | Saves: 775
  Influences: Everything from Rap, to...
  Members: DrkSyde
Artist info

I play many instruments, and have many styles. No fruity loops here........

#7 Unsigned Artist Full Moon Blanket
Full Moon Blanket (Birmingham, Al.)
  Plays: 1082 | Saves: 1737
  Influences: Gin Blossoms, Police, Sublime
  Members: Jon Kelly, Tim Kelly, Matt...
Artist info

Full Moon Blanket has been growing, adapting, and maturing for several years. During this time, the group has established a name with a professional reputation always associated with good music. Singer, songwriter, Tim Kelly, with help from his...

#8 Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor (Vernon BC Canada)
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 810
  Influences: The beach boys meets the...
Artist info

Brian Taylor writes, performs, records his own tunes for you to enjoy. He is also interested in licensing his songs to you, for free. Please visit http:www3.telus.net/briantaylor for the whole story

#9 Unsigned Artist Nippercreep
Nippercreep (Peyrelevade)
  Plays: 523 | Saves: 2001
  Influences: Nirvana, Sepultura, Black...
  Members: Antoine:voc,...
Artist info

Arisen from some ashes of Aerozeppelin, Nippercreep is born in March, 2002 in Peyrelevade, Haute-Corrèze. The group then consists of Sylvain on the guitar, Germain to the drum kit and Antoine as the singer. Aurélien joins the band into the bass...

#10 Three Over Nothing
Three Over Nothing (Kansas City, Missouri)
  Plays: 592
  Influences: old-school blink 182, mxpx,...
  Members: Paul, Landon, and Jonathan
Artist info

Based out of the Kansas City Area, Three Over Nothing consists of Landon Brack(Bass, Vocals), Paul Gibson(Guitar,Vocals), and Jonathan Brack(drums). Inspired by many bands, Three Over Nothing has a "gutter pop" punk style comparable to the likes...

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