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#1 Unsigned Artist ArythmiA
ArythmiA (Chattanooga,TN)
  Plays: 498 | Saves: 1032
  Influences: ArythmiA
  Members: Tuck-Vocals Steve-Guitar...
No artist info

#2 amarloMusiccomposer
amarloMusiccomposer (São Paulo (Brasil))
  Plays: 947 | Saves: 1658
  Influences: Pop, Rock, Latin
Artist info

Mi nombre real es Antonio Marquez Lopez, nací en Granada (Espana) muchos anos atrás, hace otros tantos que vivo en Sao Paulo (Brasil) donde case y han nacido mis tres hijos. Soy un amante incondicional de la musica en sus mas diversas...

#3 Unsigned Artist Callum
Callum (Winchester, U.K.)
  Plays: 408 | Saves: 3
  Influences: Life
  Members: Solo Artist
Artist info


#4 Deadication Of Sufacation
Deadication Of Sufacation (Montreal,Quebec,Canada)
  Plays: 69
  Influences: Punk,Emo,Acoustic,metal,Scr...
  Members: Kevin-Guitar/Vocals
Artist info

In 2002, he decided to start make music, So, he did, he started off putting samples together with programs such as "Hip Hop Ejay 2" and "Dance 5 Ejay" His first artist names were "Bman","MK47" and "DJ Brawhl", He's was great at making...

#5 Unsigned Artist MICROPHONE KILLA
  Plays: 915
  Influences: Gangsta Rap
Artist info

Jorge Ruiz A.K.A. "MK" Microphone Killa was born in Dallas, TX. He was raised in a neighborhood called Oak Cliff. He is the second oldest of 3 brothers and 3 sisters. His parents being from Mexico immigrated in the early 70's looking for a better...

#6 Horizons Ontario
Horizons Ontario (Toronto Ontario)
  Influences: Hardcore
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Another Moment
Another Moment (Illinois)
  Plays: 2257 | Saves: 42
  Influences: You'll Be Surprised!
  Members: LG and JL
Artist info

Officially formed in 1999. They will dare to inspire you to change your life for the better with their blend of Pop Rock and other experimental sounds.

#8 The Told
The Told (Saarland, Germany)
  Plays: 133 | Saves: 300
  Influences: Alice n' Chains, Tool,...
  Members: JR Lee (Guitars, Vocals) ;...
Artist info

Co-founders JR Lee, guitarist/vocals/songwriter and Daniel Bruehl guitarist/songwriter met while in their twennties. "We were at a concert in my hometown," Bruehl recalls. "During the opening group we met thru mutual friends and later the members...

#9 Unsigned Artist Star-Easy
No artist info

#10 jacksfamily
jacksfamily (colchester - essex)
  Plays: 643
  Influences: gothic metal, female...
  Members: kelly kones jeanpaul...
Artist info

Jacksfamily formed in the summer of 2002 when songwriters Kelly Jones and Jean-Paul De-Havilland met in a bar, with a mutual interest in heavy rock music they became inspired to collaborate on a project that would blend superb musicianship with a...

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