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#1 Unsigned Artist Calvin Pert
Calvin Pert (Saint John, NB CANADA)
  Plays: 343 | Saves: 1732
  Influences: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen,...
  Members: Calvin Pert
Artist info

After about 15 years of hiatus, I pulled the old guitar out of from behind the couch, treated it to a dusting, new strings, found a the pen and paper, took off to the garage and wrote most these tunes over the course of a few weeks.

  Plays: 655 | Saves: 1302
  Influences: me niCCa
Artist info

I'm straight out that soufwest Houston,Tx. I've been freestyling for years, but now its time to get serious wit it and put it out. if you aint tryin to help me or my cash flo, then dont hit me up. 4 real.

#3 Unsigned Artist Dephkamp
Dephkamp (Denver, Colorado)
  Plays: 157 | Saves: 802
  Influences: Rage,Lamb of God,Wu-tang
  Members: Bryan Downey,Aspen Oatman,...
No artist info

#4 DraMatiQue & BenFlowz
DraMatiQue & BenFlowz (Toledo, Ohio)
  Plays: 979 | Saves: 658
  Influences: Outkast, WuTang Clan,...
  Members: DraMatiQue, tha lyracist;...
Artist info

DraMatiQue & BenFlowz: FlowMatiQue: Rise of the True MCs “The pair favors a backpacky- style, but their songs and beats are much more potent than other acts in their realm. ” The Source, March 2008...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Host
The Host (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  Plays: 700
  Influences: Dredg, Failure, Peter...
  Members: Chris Charlton, Steve...
Artist info

Since forming in 2006, The Host has become a staple of the Hard Rock scene in Cincinnati, Ohio. What started out as a labor of love for the four-piece has become an outright obsession. "The need to write and perform outweighs anything else in...

#6 The Everyday Losers
The Everyday Losers (Indiana)
  Influences: Silverchair, Bush, Nirvana,...
  Members: Dylan Seidel, Tyler Seidel
Artist info

We are The Everyday Losers from Washington,IN. Our bandwebsite is www.myspace.com/theeverydaylosers

#7 Unsigned Artist From Life To Death
From Life To Death (Bracknell)
  Influences: My Chemical Romanece,The...
  Members: Fred.Alistair,Robert,Liam,
Artist info

An Band Formed in an local school in bracknell named brackenhale. The Left Of Hale.The singing of fred and the screamo of Robert is enough to make everyone want more.They were previously name From Life To Death but quickly changed to The Left Of...

#8 George Knott
George Knott (Aylesbury, Bucks)
  Influences: Electronica
  Members: George Knott
Artist info

Me, my laptop, my room

#9 Unsigned Artist Tilterworld
Tilterworld (Hollywood, CA)
  Plays: 6940 | Saves: 3366
  Members: Lonny Paul, Stevie Deluxe,...
Artist info

Members Lonny, Jason, Dev, and Stevie have known each other since the mid nineties. Through watching each other perform separately in local L.A. bands. They finally decided to pull together and form the band Tilterworld. In Oct. of 2003, the...

#10 Hraegsvelmr
Hraegsvelmr (New York)
  Plays: 309 | Saves: 839
  Influences: A more techno-ish Merzbow.
  Members: Morgan Kelly
Artist info

This group is pretty much a one man project at the moment, although a second member may be joining in the near future. I've made one 14 minute long demo, and will start pushing it as soon as I come up with titles for all the songs, and a title...

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