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#1 Unsigned Artist laetus dies
laetus dies (Pittsburgh)
  Plays: 8760 | Saves: 3339
  Influences: ???
Artist info

Laetus dies- latin for "joyful day" It's only through Jesus, my friend and Savior, that I can truly have a joyful day. But there are bad days as well, that no one on this planet is immune to. So, I hope these tunes will help you have a better...

#2 playa gee
playa gee (uk)
  Plays: 460
  Influences: a very big sound
Artist info

Playa gee is a highly skilled multi-talented artist with a lot of potential and a very big future in tha uk music scene.Already established as 1 third of H.S.T,(heaven sent thugs) playa has a unique voice and style catering for the uk grime+hip...

#3 Unsigned Artist Midilan Music
Midilan Music (United Kingdom)
  Plays: 281 | Saves: 644
  Members: Solo Artist
Artist info

Midilan Music is the digital creation of musician/composer/digital sound designer M.A.Ward. Experienced sonic artist, having created original music and digital sound design to accompany multimedia. Ambient, atmospheric synthesizers, dark...

#4 Lugo
Lugo (the known and unknown...)
  Plays: 305
  Influences: Hot
  Members: many
Artist info

Grammy® Award Winning Songwriter and Vocalist on the Best Pop Instrumental Album “Just Chillin’” by Grammy® Award Winner NORMAN BROWN, Writer for Grammy® NOMINEES RONNY JORDAN & YOMO TORO, Broadway star in "The Capeman" by Paul Simon,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Howie and The Cubans
Howie and The Cubans (Goole, East Yorkshire UK)
  Plays: 1269 | Saves: 1932
  Influences: Own original sound. or you...
  Members: Howie Garland, Trev...
Artist info

After three years of an acoustic trio “talk tonight”, enough talent had been put aside doing covers and with a head full of songs Howie decided it was time to let out all the lyrics and tunes that had been banging around in his head for so...

#6 theAltituDe
theAltituDe (Tucson , Az.)
  Plays: 168
  Members: Zique :Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Artist info

Eddie Mazique, a bass player songwriter out of Tucson,Az...was ready for a change... Gaining valuble experience playing with different bands,filled with talented musicians,touring out on the road,jamming the local scene,and recording sessions with...

#7 Unsigned Artist Aris Manouras
Aris Manouras
No artist info

#8 Mark Shemel
Mark Shemel
  Plays: 2724 | Saves: 2810
Artist info

If you can't listen to it anywhere at any time, this just isn't for you.

#9 Unsigned Artist Pete Schlegel
Pete Schlegel (Ohio)
  Plays: 820
  Members: Tru South band
Artist info

The Mid-West’s Pete Schlegel is the story of a farm boy’s dream come true. Raised on a Paulding, Ohio dairy farm, Pete listened to country radio shows while milking the cows. As a fourth grader, he received a guitar from his dad. That simple gift...

#10 A View From Here
A View From Here (Detroit)
  Plays: 1129 | Saves: 2205
  Influences: Jimmy Eat World, Finch, Thrice
  Members: Josh, Dan, Jamel, Kc
Artist info

AVFH is from Detroit. There may possibly be a name change in the future. Lookout for us soon

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