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#1 Unsigned Artist S-O-A
S-O-A (Brasil/US)
  Influences: Armin Van Burren, Arty,...
  Members: Sam Araujo
Artist info

Just a beginner in making my own music. Learning quickly through others. Check out my music and tell me what you think. Thanks!

#2 iZiplok
iZiplok (Hudson)
  Plays: 176 | Saves: 873
  Influences: Hip Hop
  Members: Ziplok
Artist info

Born in 1978 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Ziplok has always had a passion for music. Now with 20 songs for sale all over the world on the internet Ziplok has attained the first goal which was to be for sale. Now the second goal is to do tv and movies...

#3 Unsigned Artist WhatDrivesTheWeak
WhatDrivesTheWeak (Eastern Kentucky)
  Influences: The Black Dahlia Murder,...
  Members: Jon Marshall - Vocals,...
Artist info

WhatDrivesTheWeak is a deathcore band from Eastern Kentucky. Formed in 2008, they released their first full length album “Iniquities” in 2012 and disbanded in 2014. In 2017 the band reformed and came back in full force. They are in the process...

#4 paganic souls
paganic souls (new delhi,india)
  Plays: 677
  Influences: suicidal and depressive...
  Members: ashish rawat a.k.a lord maut
Artist info

Paganic souls is (usually) a one-man black metal act from india. ashish, the sole musician and lyricist, founded the band in 2007, though it wasn't until,later that he released the first pre-suicidal journey demo cd. In a search for what black...

#5 Unsigned Artist George A Jackson Sr
George A Jackson Sr (Edgewood Md)
  Plays: 659 | Saves: 4809
  Influences: Williams Brothers
Artist info

I was born in Maryland. My parents were Howard and Laura Jackson. My mom was an evangelist and my father was a minister. My roots started in the church at the age in which my mom could carry me to church. At my church, Zion Temple is where I...

#6 C.O.U. Entertainment
C.O.U. Entertainment (Orlando, Brookyln, Jersey)
  Plays: 320
  Members: L-Dinero, Unique Dollars,...
Artist info

Formed in 1994, C.O.U. has quickly evovled into a hip hop power house. With a variety of artists. C.O.U. plans to bring more of a lyrical perspective back to the game. With blazin production by Unique Dollars and keen sense of engineering, he...

#7 Unsigned Artist Happy Endings Cost Extra
Happy Endings Cost Extra
  Plays: 2157 | Saves: 2184
  Influences: ?
Artist info

Sitting at the bottom of a broken bottle my broken throttle keeps me maneuvering between trees between these immovable constructs of perjuring eyes ignoring swarming flies that leech my sentiment til theyve reached the centerf it just...

#8 Meshach Abednego
Meshach Abednego (Brooklyn, New York)
Artist info

Meshach Abednego is a Gospel blues artist from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY. Meshach began studying classical and jazz guitar at age 23 and continued to play informally for many years. Inspired by the birth of his first son in 2013, Meshach...

#9 Unsigned Artist Ingrey
Ingrey (London (UK))
  Influences: a Perfect Circle, Tool,...
  Members: Martin (vocals), Tuomo...
Artist info

Ingrey are a band from London (UK) playing modern hard rock. We have been working on our sound for a long time, and are very proud of our produce. Go to www.ingrey.net to listen to our latest demo ...

#10 Royal One
Royal One (Washington)
  Plays: 548 | Saves: 4845
  Influences: Prince , Michael Jackson,...
Artist info

Royal One wrote and composed my first song with my cousin Bass Line at age 12. took music/ band /choir /drum and dance peformed in talent shows all through my school year's. formed my first group future dream been in several groups and bands...

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