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#1 Unsigned Artist AMA all.mighty.ameer (AMA)
AMA all.mighty.ameer (AMA) (Detroit)
  Members: 2face, Shofer, AMA, Poe...
No artist info

#2 Nushed Kruts
Nushed Kruts (Telford)
  Plays: 2020 | Saves: 2416
  Members: Gee, Woodzey
Artist info

Gee: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals Woodzey: Vocals, Bass Computer: Drums For Further info, visit: www.myspace.com/nushedkruts

#3 Unsigned Artist SPANK
SPANK (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 587 | Saves: 1588
  Members: Lead Vocals:Karyn Brown...
Artist info

"SPANK" Are a london based rock band formed by lead guitarist "Tony Harris" & lead vocalist "Karyn Brown" approximatley 3 years ago. During this time they have performed numerous gigs around london & recorded 2 CDs "Information Is Power" & "Code...

#4 God Van Rots
God Van Rots (New Braunfels, Tezas)
  Plays: 300 | Saves: 714
  Influences: Classic Rock
  Members: Santos Rodrigues, Drew...
Artist info

The band started in 2003 when Drew Campbell and Zach Hanz got together and formed it. Drew had played guitar for a while and Zach was also playing bass. Their first name was Roadkill. It really wasn't a band because there was no drummer or singer....

#5 Unsigned Artist DJ Glazure
DJ Glazure (Newcastle, Australia)
  Plays: 5396 | Saves: 1851
  Influences: DJ Neophyte, Angerfist, Art...
  Members: Joshua,
Artist info

DJ Glazure, aged 15 & in year 10. Started to make songs in 2008, Uses the program FL Studio to mix, make songs. Email: azure_glade57@hotmail.com Myspace Site: http://www.myspace.com/djglazure 'If anyone is better than me at graphics for...

#6 DS3
DS3 (Texas)
  Influences: Me, Myself, and I; George...
  Members: DS3
Artist info

The Opening Here you will find a musician (Basically Bassist) who wishes to release the purity of positive ness feelings of happiness, purity of the heart, and magic as well as pull the dark tones of loneliness, hurt, disappointment, from his...

#7 Unsigned Artist Hoover Manoeuvres
Hoover Manoeuvres (London)
  Plays: 242 | Saves: 1018
  Influences: Beck, The Police, Morcheba,...
No artist info

#8 Matt and Rachel Wilson
Matt and Rachel Wilson (Oregons High Desert)
  Plays: 379 | Saves: 677
  Influences: anyone who has made music
  Members: Matt and Rachel Wilson
Artist info

We are a couple who are doing our best to raise our little family and provide sanctuary to critters who need help. We love the Lord, and love making music He would like !!

#9 Unsigned Artist Forgotten Faces
Forgotten Faces (las vegas)
  Plays: 19 | Saves: 133
  Members: frank coletta,tim holt,tom...
No artist info

#10 Kurt Thompson
Kurt Thompson (Carbondale, IL USA)
  Influences: radiohead, muse, red hot...
  Members: Kurt Thompson
No artist info

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