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#1 Unsigned Artist THirty 3 Cell
THirty 3 Cell (Erie, PA)
  Plays: 353 | Saves: 833
  Influences: We sound like us... and we...
  Members: Mat Upperman (Vocals), Dvae...
Artist info

Thirty 3 Cell was formed in late 2003 by Dave, Michael, and Tom. (Former) Singer Faith Igras joined around Chirstmas. Writing began fast and furious with songs like "What I See (One Touch)", "Haunting Me", and "Again" being composed and fine tuned...

#2 Evantyde
Evantyde (Watford)
  Members: Elliott (lead Guitar),Toki...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist tritennial
tritennial (Birmingham, Al)
  Influences: nothing you've ever heard...
  Members: Jeremy Sparkman, James...
No artist info

#4 Scott Mason
Scott Mason (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  Plays: 95 | Saves: 5
  Influences: Randall William Rhoads, Mr....
  Members: Solo Artist
Artist info

Bluegrass and Elvis... the Bay City Rollers and the Bee Gees... Mom and Dad's music clashing with my teen-age sister's love for all the pop icons of the 70's... That's what I was met with when I entered the world back in 1973. At 4 years old,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Fake Gods
Fake Gods (central Scotland)
  Plays: 238 | Saves: 968
  Influences: Folk Rock, Americana
  Members: Alex McGhie
Artist info

Secret Pines is Alex McGhie (ex Fake Gods) and collaborators.

#6 Qualo
Qualo (Chicago)
  Plays: 237 | Saves: 626
  Influences: Public Enemy, Outkast, Dead...
  Members: Shala Esquire, Chicago...
Artist info

QUALO --Possesses a unique musical blend of classic street doctrine, spiritual sincerity, humor and urban poetic commentary that has earned them a diverse following; reinging from Chicago and the same crew that brought you the talents of Twista,...

#7 Unsigned Artist Imperial Triumphant
Imperial Triumphant
  Plays: 1442 | Saves: 2244
No artist info

#8 Musicmakers(Sweden)
Musicmakers(Sweden) (Sweden)
  Influences: When we were young
Artist info

After a long time as artists we cleaning our heads of stuff as lyrics and songs. Now we only write songs for other artists in coming! Listen to us and download at;...

#9 Unsigned Artist Colby and Awu
Colby and Awu (Phoenix, Arizona...)
  Influences: Michael Franti and...
  Members: Colby Jeffers and Awu Donson
Artist info

Www.ColbyandAwu.com www.Facebook.com/ColbyandAwu Colby (from the United States) and Awu (from Cameroon, Africa) met in Bamenda, Cameroon, through their volunteerism with the international environmental NGO "The Greens." They each share...

#10 Orius
Orius (Stourbridge, West...)
  Plays: 515 | Saves: 1790
  Influences: Alice in Chains,...
  Members: Gaz Greenhalgh (Vocals),...
Artist info

Orius are a rock band hailing from Stourbridge, West Midlands. With a head banging, foot stomping grind, they have already begun to captivate the wide range of people who have so far witnessed the band live. Steering away from genres and...

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