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#1 Unsigned Artist Ron Dillehay
Ron Dillehay (New York)
  Plays: 1133 | Saves: 1285
  Influences: Ron Dillehay
  Members: Ron Dillehay
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Ron Dillehay is a singer/songwriter living in New York. Ron performed with several alternative rock bands in college, but now writes mostly folk music.

#2 Cross-Eyed Slut
Cross-Eyed Slut (Salt Lake City, Utah (...)
  Influences: Guttermouth, Vandals, METAL
  Members: Kevin (vocals,...
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#3 Unsigned Artist Flyin Eye Project
Flyin Eye Project (Eastern Sierra -...)
  Plays: 828 | Saves: 363
  Influences: Beats Electronics Guitars...
  Members: Chris Replogle & Guests
Artist info

The Flyin Eye Project was conceived in 1995. After years of live music Chris Replogle decided it was time to put his computer and audio engineering skills to full use in a home studio. Creating music that ventures outside typical genres. Mixing...

#4 Jeff Cunningham
Jeff Cunningham
  Plays: 360 | Saves: 1816
  Influences: basically anything and...
  Members: Jeff Cunningham & Andy Paoli
Artist info

Jeff found Andy on the road, Mick joined over the phone and Keith materialised in a boozer somewhere. They decided to set up a band together which they called the Dead Guys, as a tribute to the exclusive 27 club that exists in the afterlife. The...

#5 Unsigned Artist Take One Car
Take One Car (Millerton, NY)
  Plays: 230 | Saves: 826
  Members: Tyler, Pete, Enrique,...
Artist info

Take One Car began to unearth itself during a car accident in the Fall of 2006. The band has only recently felt the burden of it's potential. With such a spacious musical influence one might expect a disembodied clash of sounds and ideas, yet...

#6 Wick
Wick (Temecula California)
  Plays: 4405 | Saves: 3544
  Influences: Dope, NIN, Manson,
  Members: freQ, TweeZe, remy
Artist info

Our societies expectations have been systematically lowered to mediocrity. Individualism has been reduced to cookie cutter duplication of a fictional world that can never be. Art has reflected that with the saturation of carbon copy, flavor of...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Blitz 1979
The Blitz 1979 (Montes de Alvor, Portugal)
  Plays: 800 | Saves: 3836
  Influences: NWOBHM
  Members: Phil Long
Artist info

Phil Long formed The Blitz in 1978. With the release of I Love Myself they were amongst the forefront of the NWOBHM in 1979. Phil is currently plying his Trade with the Fabulous Fezheads.

#8 In Ending
In Ending (Los Angeles, CA)
  Influences: Tool, Deftones, NIN, A...
  Members: Cody Olivas, Dustin Beppu,...
Artist info

In Ending is a fierce unit determined to make a difference in a world that at times appears hopeless. Using their musical rampage, they hope to wake up a world of starving media sponges. Only their yearning hearts and earnest durability enable...

#9 Unsigned Artist Lennox
Lennox (Tha Land)
  Plays: 575 | Saves: 1650
  Influences: Miles davis,Shawn...
Artist info

'From a illustrious Past, brings an even Brighter Future". Lennox's 4th LP titled "Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose" be assured this album will hit the North Coast by strom with production from Ally AL, Dutch Schultz, HBK, S-CLASS, 6th Finga...

#10 gamebaivinwin
gamebaivinwin (70 Lý Tự Trọng,...)
  Members: vinwin
Artist info

"vin.win la cong game bai truc tuyen dau tien cua tap doan Vingroup trong linh vuc giai tri online. Nhu mot casino thu nho, vin.win hoi tu moi tro choi hot nhat hien nay tren di doong nhu : tien len, tai xiu..... Giao dien hien dai - thiet ke...

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