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#1 Unsigned Artist Dhul-Qarnayn
Dhul-Qarnayn (Bahrain)
  Influences: Black Metal
  Members: Learza (The one and ONLY...
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Formed in the shlums of Bahrain by Learza "Omar A." in 06 after the termination of former project Qeyamah (04-06), after he failed to find any worthy associates, after they were proven to be nothing more than God's sheep. Learza decided to take on...

#2 Will Vaughan
Will Vaughan
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist mrc.incorperated
mrc.incorperated (essex... east london)
  Members: Tommy Gunn.. Nicky Rapid...
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Expressed trough song

#4 Makeshift Militia
Makeshift Militia (White Salmon WA)
  Plays: 98 | Saves: 505
  Members: Seth, Sam, Sam
Artist info

A band in White Salmon Washington attempting to expand their popularity among the fine people of the world. We enjoy and have a love for music. If you're looking for someone to play music! Get a hold of us!

#5 Unsigned Artist Rev. Debra Royal Flynn
Rev. Debra Royal Flynn (East Orange, NJ)
  Influences: Shirley Ceasar, Yolanda Adams,
  Members: Rev. Debra Royal Flynn
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A Child of God Just getting Started Stay tuned.

  Plays: 65 | Saves: 276
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#7 Unsigned Artist Juke
Juke (Essen, Germany)
  Members: Gary Cox, Stefan Schaden,...
Artist info

Juke are a German-based four-piece outfit fronted by English ex-pat Gary Cox. "Songwriter guitar rock" seems about the best way of describing what they do. Reared on the best of British with a peppering of Americana, Juke's essential lyricism...

#8 Jeremy Fisher
Jeremy Fisher (Vancouver)
  Plays: 626
  Members: Jeremy Fisher
Artist info

Jeremy Fisher is a Canadian singer-songwriter currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. To support his 2001 independent debut album, Back Porch Spirituals, Fisher spent six months touring from Seattle, across Canada to Halifax, Nova...

#9 Unsigned Artist Micheal Arthur
Micheal Arthur
Artist info

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#10 Ghost Accuser
Ghost Accuser (Dublin)
  Influences: QOTSA, Editors, PJ Harvey,...
  Members: Joey McGowan - Guitar Vox,...
Artist info

With huge, meaty-riffs and bold emotions mixing Post Punk, New Wave, Grunge and Alt Rock, Ghost Accuser are tapping into a whole new vein of creativity. After carefully crafting an entire set of intense new material the band have just released...

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