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#1 Unsigned Artist MINA
MINA (Maryland)
  Plays: 915 | Saves: 937
No artist info

  Influences: Led Zeppelin Van Halen...
Artist info

Newly formed Original Rock Band from Boston,Ma,,, STRAIGHT FORWARD HARD ROCK!!!!,,, CHECK US OUT!!!,,, ROCK ON!!!!!

#3 Unsigned Artist U.R STONED
  Plays: 2067 | Saves: 1627
Artist info

Nothin like a good spliff ...when your writing musics peace brothers and sisters spliff me up ..before you go go

#4 wor
wor (washington,ga)
  Plays: 715 | Saves: 354
  Influences: hip hop
Artist info

Wor didnt start rappin until like 99.bone thugs was the group who inspired me to start rapping.wor grow up in the countryside of ga. using whateva radio he could find to record himself on.before he got really into rappin himself ,he also helped...

#5 Unsigned Artist The No Tang Gang
The No Tang Gang (Atlanta, Ga)
  Plays: 2355 | Saves: 2077
  Influences: Beatles, Beck, Miles Davis,...
  Members: Cliff Cranford, Davis Gray,...
Artist info

The No Tang consists of a bunch of wacko high schoolers who tend to rock. All songs are copyrighted under U.S. Law.

#6 Marek1000
Marek1000 (Barcelona)
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Held In Scorn
Held In Scorn (San Joaquin Valley,...)
  Plays: 1347
  Influences: Melodic Death Metal
  Members: Derrick Scott (Vocals);...
Artist info

Held In Scorn was a pioneer of the heavier Scandinavian-inspired Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore out of Stockton, CA. The band enjoyed regional success and garnered the interest of one-time CEO of Century Media Marco Barbieri. HELD IN...

#8 Gentile da Fabriano
Gentile da Fabriano (Woodland Hills, CA 91436)
  Members: Preservetodvd
Artist info

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#9 Unsigned Artist Leaftree & Downey
Leaftree & Downey (Lubbock, TX)
  Influences: Flaming Lips, Oasis, Ben...
  Members: Downey Burns
Artist info

Leaftree & Downey began establishing a loyal following of fans in 2000. Mainstream has kept an almost touchable distance, while the underground music addicts worked up an unquenchable appetite for their off center, usually off kilter and...

#10 Karmic Juggernaut
Karmic Juggernaut (Wall Township, New Jersey)
  Plays: 156 | Saves: 503
  Members: Randy Preston, James...
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