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#1 Unsigned Artist ShutterSpeed
ShutterSpeed (Toronto, Ontario)
  Plays: 174
  Influences: Billy Talent, Sum 41, Limp...
  Members: Keith - Vocals, Justin -...
Artist info

Formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, SHUTERSPEED set to work with the following ingredients: 4 guys - 1 singer, 2 guitars, 1 bass and 1 drum set. What do you get? A combination of energized songs. Canada sure can bust out the young rock stars....

#2 Gettendeep
Gettendeep (Florida)
  Members: riccin-guitar,...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist SDSaxMan
  Plays: 1078 | Saves: 2392
No artist info

#4 Vanessa Decker
Vanessa Decker
  Plays: 5170 | Saves: 3078
  Members: Mainz - Germany
Artist info

I'm 18 and just playing guitar for two years and writing my own songs! So , thank you for listening! Vanessa

#5 Unsigned Artist July Morning
July Morning (Moscow, Russia)
  Plays: 1158
  Influences: Uriah Heep, Deep Purple
  Members: O. Diakonoff, A. Leonoff,...
No artist info

#6 Demon Project
Demon Project (Novosibirsk - Russian...)
  Members: Demon- gtx, vox, Roger...
Artist info

Demon Project is the new wave metal band from Russia, the capital of Siberia - Novosibirsk city. The original style is death/industrial with electronics. The music is based on synthesized sound, covered with heavy guitars, live drums and vocals....

#7 Unsigned Artist Born of Ashes
Born of Ashes (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  Plays: 1237 | Saves: 2191
  Influences: Raised Fist, Sickof it all,...
  Members: Colin, Tyler, Kevin, Daryl,...
Artist info

Lethal combination of intellect and aggression, Born of Ashes batters you with a mass of low-end heavy hardcore. Defined by their richly textured songs filled with odd rhythms, and razor tight breaks they will caress you with soothing melody then...

#8 Darren Porter
Darren Porter
  Plays: 487
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Aqulia
Aqulia (Cortland, NY)
  Plays: 970 | Saves: 1820
  Influences: Marks Of A Hero, The Fall...
  Members: Travis-Vocals,...
Artist info

Aqulia formed in late November of 2006 by member Travis and Pat. Soon after that Chaz joined in and Casey was soon to follow. After haveing only 2 practices that roughly lasted an hour each they finish wriing 2 songs and made a rough live demo.

#10 Craig Buchanan
Craig Buchanan (New Mexico)
  Influences: Ryan Adams, The Beatles,...
  Members: Craig Buchanan
Artist info

Craig Buchanan is a musician that writes many different styles ranging from Britpop to Alt-Country, many have said it is hard to classify the style, Craig likes to describe it simply as "music". Having grown up in Birmingham, England,...

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