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#1 Unsigned Artist Out There
Out There (Pennsauken, NJ)
  Plays: 895
  Influences: From Death Metal to Rap to...
  Members: Miltos, Dan, Mark, Elena.
Artist info

What's up to everybody "Out There"????Out There consists of many members working on all kinds of different projects. This band will bring you variety from all kinds of music!!! www.myspace.com/outthere

#2 Grand Harmonic.
Grand Harmonic. (Bromley, London, UK)
  Plays: 113 | Saves: 238
  Influences: Johnny Cash on acid
  Members: Nat B, Dan W, Narada, Dave...
Artist info

The music started with their dad who achieved chart success in the 60's with a band called "The Cheetahs". Successes included 2 Top 40 UK hits and NO 1's in 5 countries including Russia, Australia and Poland. They even appeared on the front cover...

#3 Unsigned Artist Mad Maxx
Mad Maxx (Tucson, Az)
  Plays: 1979 | Saves: 2199
  Influences: Underground Rap
Artist info

Born in Kiev, Ukraine. Immigrated to United States in 1993 at the age of 13. Started Full Kontakt Entertainment record label in 2002. I make beats, produce & rap.

#4 The synthetic dream foundation
The synthetic dream foundation (Tampa, Florida)
  Plays: 126 | Saves: 403
  Influences: Frontline assembly
Artist info

The Synthetic Dream Foundation coallesced as an experimental music band during the harsh, freezing seasons of late 2001. Though in that short time frame has gardened a pallete of sound which is comparable to the glittering of phosphorescent life...

#5 Unsigned Artist Ne Quid Nimis
Ne Quid Nimis (Bistrita, Romania)
  Plays: 4026 | Saves: 3786
  Members: Chitiul Andra Bernice, Ana...
Artist info

Ne quid Nimis, located in Bistrita, began as a family hobby. "Ne Quid Nimis" become known under this name when released the first album "NOSTALGIE" in Sibiu, Romania with as a result of collaboration with Roton house music. Therefore the family...

#6 L.stadt
  Plays: 203 | Saves: 381
  Influences: bob dylan, radiohead,...
Artist info

L.Stadt was formed in the year 2003 and is currently becoming more and more popular not only in Poland, but also abroad. Its original sound and approach towards music makes the band not only unique on the Polish rock scene, but also an appreciated...

#7 Unsigned Artist Pattern Against User
Pattern Against User (Colchester, Essex,...)
  Plays: 280 | Saves: 498
  Influences: At The Drive-In, Thursday,...
  Members: 5
Artist info

Street Light Youth are a 5 piece from Colchester. All of the members are 15/16. They have been described as At The Drive In vs Thursday. They have just finished recording their second, self titled 5 track EP.

#8 Last Hour Battle
Last Hour Battle (Philadelphia, PA)
  Plays: 37 | Saves: 242
  Influences: Thrice, Incubus, Foo...
  Members: Nick McGowan -...
Artist info

"Last Hour Battle" started as a project to have emotion and experience recorded as an audio journal. The initial recording, titled "Lead His Beloved" took about 6 months to create and was recorded in various places from hotel rooms to bedrooms and...

#9 Unsigned Artist THA BLAQ SINATTRA
  Plays: 158 | Saves: 151
  Influences: NO OTHER
  Members: 1 PRODUCER
Artist info


#10 Mu
Mu (Detroit,Michigan)
  Plays: 406 | Saves: 1413
  Influences: The Future of Music!!!!!!
No artist info

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