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#1 Unsigned Artist METRIC HALO
  Plays: 49 | Saves: 168
  Influences: The Beatles, Megadeth,...
  Members: Joe Mitch, Tom Tribolt, Ben...
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A NEW ODYSSEY BEGINS: THE STORY OF METRIC HALO Ben Lukas: Vocals Tom Tribolt: Guitar Billy Vassiliadis: Bass/backing vocals Joe Mitch: Drummer/backing vocals Despite only being together for a year and a half, Metric Halo’s career is...

#2 BlackHawk
  Influences: Mix Between Gangsta and...
Artist info

Born In Augusta GA. on Feb. 14, 1991. Raised in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Germany, North Carolina. Working on Album \"Benjamin Blade\"

#3 Unsigned Artist ENDLESS TORMENT
  Plays: 148 | Saves: 206
  Influences: Bolt Thrower, Carcass,...
No artist info

#4 DeLaNoyz Productions
DeLaNoyz Productions (Atlanta, GA)
  Plays: 189 | Saves: 849
  Influences: Pete Rock, DJ Premier, DJ...
  Members: Adam Delanoy AKA "IL-Literate"
Artist info

DeLaNoyz Productions features the various production styles of Adam Delanoy, including Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul,and Reggae. With over 8 years of experience, Adam Delanoy aka "IL-Literate," has developed a unique and diverse sound. As a producer and...

#5 Unsigned Artist Johnny Cakes and The Four Horsemen of Th
Johnny Cakes and The Four Horsemen of Th (Tampa Bay)
  Plays: 1568 | Saves: 1564
  Influences: Ska / Calypso
Artist info

Johnny Cakes and The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypso a Ska-Core, Metal Tinged Band with a Tropical Vibe that has a wide age appeal. They are a rare band that can have the teens up front Skanking and the older folks behind them getting their groove...

#6 Joey Craig
Joey Craig (Seattle Washington)
  Influences: Everybody, yet Nobody
  Members: Joey Craig and Friends
Artist info

Joey Craig is an exciting recording and performing artist out of Seattle Washington. Catchy Lyrics, Searing Guiter ability, and dynamic stage performances have always been a trademark of a Joey Craig show no matter what the project. His newest...

#7 Unsigned Artist Volti
Volti (Cozumel Island, Mexico)
  Plays: 330 | Saves: 641
Artist info

Mariano Petit de Murat is a Digital artist, musician, designer and writer. His love for arts and music has always been his passion and here´s some of Volti's latest songs. You can also see some of his artwork at his personal site ...

#8 Mr Smith
Mr Smith (Worthing)
  Plays: 276 | Saves: 993
  Influences: Verve, Chilli Peppers,...
  Members: Gav, Tom, Rob, Jim, Dirk
Artist info

5 Piece Rock/Pop band from Worthing, West Sussex, England Visit our highly interactive website at http://www.MrSmithMusic.com for more details

#9 Unsigned Artist 80PROOF
80PROOF (Beloit Wisconsin)
  Plays: 481 | Saves: 1230
  Influences: hard to say
  Members: Jeff Tyler, Matt Kubacki,...
Artist info

Two Brothers Jason Butler and Nathan Butler started playing around the local scene in WI. then picked up Bass player Jeff Tyler and Singer/cousin's boyfriend Matt Kubacki and things took off. The music spewed from them and they started doing shows...

#10 Yung Prof
Yung Prof (Toledo, OH)
  Plays: 246
  Influences: 2Pac, T.I., Kanye West,...
No artist info

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