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#1 Unsigned Artist Apocraphy
Apocraphy (Yucaipa, CA)
  Plays: 126 | Saves: 574
  Influences: Dream Theater, Shadows...
  Members: Jacob, Josh, Joey, Kyle
Artist info

Persistence, the word that describes Apocraphy the best. The band started in the later part of 2005 when we were sophomores in high school. Originally it started with Josh and Jacob as two guitarists with similar music interests and both were...

#2 Alex Alchemy
Alex Alchemy (Stockholm)
  Plays: 87 | Saves: 133
  Influences: Noise and Water
  Members: Alex Alchemy
Artist info

Alex Alchemy began may 2006 as a twin band to Racoons which was melancholic pop, but Alex Alchemy won the schizofrenic battle. The first demo "Use" were recorded at The Inbreed Factory between may '06 and June '06 and nothing more were supposed to...

#3 Unsigned Artist Thush
Thush (Long Island, NY)
  Plays: 87 | Saves: 556
  Members: Trevor Gittelman, Erich Riebe
No artist info

#4 The High Societal
The High Societal (The Center of the Earth)
  Plays: 688 | Saves: 819
Artist info

Songs by squids. Different times different studios different styles same people.

#5 Unsigned Artist The JimNdave Project
The JimNdave Project
  Plays: 5428 | Saves: 13293
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Steely Dan
Artist info

Hear more of The JimNdave Project at http://members.shaw.ca/jimndave The JimNdave Project is Progressive Art Rock at it's finest. Long-time friends and mutually-minded music guys Tom Chiles and Dana Hamilton combine their talents as The...

#6 Rana
  Plays: 1060 | Saves: 1171
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Age
Age (Teignmouth, Devon)
  Plays: 173 | Saves: 610
  Influences: Beck, Neil Young maybe
Artist info

Old, stupid & lazy

#8 Last Broken Scene
Last Broken Scene (Cicero IL)
  Influences: An orgy of instruments and...
  Members: Efrain Cantu, Jamie Anaya,...
Artist info

Last Broken Scene formed in the middle of 2006, with Shannon Straube, on Bass and Efrain Cantu on Guitar. Within a few months, guitarist Aaron Garcia and drummer Anthony Vega were added. Aaron Garcia departed from the band in late 2006. Added to...

#9 Unsigned Artist Come Undone
Come Undone (Tel Aviv Israel)
  Plays: 4492
  Influences: Duran Duran,Depeche Mode
  Members: Benco/ Daniel Kern
Artist info

Come Undone is a group formed in 2002 by Daniel Kern and Benco During 2002-2004 the band recorded their debut album called "Moments in life".Daniel Kern is the lead singer.Benco plays bass and keyboards. The band was influenced by many artist...

#10 Prytaneum
Prytaneum (Utah)
  Plays: 35
  Members: aaron stokes - harp, todd k...
Artist info

Prytaneum is a harp and guitar duo based in northern Utah. They specialize in many European and South American period genres. Aaron Stokes is the harp player. He owns a music store in Brigham City, Utah and plays eleven different instruments. He...

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