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#1 Unsigned Artist Camel Toe
Camel Toe (Fort Lauderdale,...)
  Plays: 3190 | Saves: 1660
  Influences: Frank Zappa, Primus, 70's...
  Members: JP, Doug, Dean
Artist info

Camel Toe is South Florida's hottest and most original funk-rock trio. Their music is alive and kicking, always getting a crowd up and jammin' to a unique blend of rock, funk, and blues, with a touch of Latin percussion. This three-piece is tight!...

#2 Arlington
Arlington (Colorado)
  Plays: 69
  Influences: Blink 182, All-American...
  Members: Randy-Guitarist,...
Artist info

Soaring high out of the city of Denver, Colorado, Arlington brings you a style of music that is totaly original and completly adapts pop punk style with a heavier twist. We are ARLINGTON......Arlington is..... Randy, Bob, Dave, and Brian and...

#3 Unsigned Artist Something for Jess
Something for Jess (Lafayette, LA)
  Influences: Natalie Merchant, Sarah...
  Members: Jess, Frankie Russo
Artist info

"Radio ready, film ready, and major label ready, Something For Jess offers great pop hooks and a vibe that inspires all kinds of creative ideas. Especially recommended for screen writers suffering from writer's block."  -IndieMusic.com...

#4 One Cut Closer
One Cut Closer (Neodesha, KS)
  Plays: 481 | Saves: 606
  Influences: 36 Crazyfists, Sevendust,...
  Members: John Runyan, Tim Falke, Joe...
Artist info

This band was formed through a bit of fate, as two members were from one band and two members were from another. An unexpected phone call from Stenosis to the previous members of Slynt after their downfall due to drugs and betrayal of fellow...

#5 Unsigned Artist On Ice
On Ice (Brighton, UK)
  Plays: 11285 | Saves: 4201
  Influences: Destinys Child
  Members: Chloe DuPre, Kimberley...
Artist info

"On Ice" are a hot new 3 girl RnB band from Brighton, UK. They were formed in 2003 by Sam Razavi, an actor/musician. Their material is all original, with all their music and lyrics being written for them by Sam.

#6 Destroy By Design
Destroy By Design (Nashville, TN)
  Influences: rage meets system of a down
  Members: Josh (vocals), Jamie...
Artist info

Destroy By Design started with James and Jason, jamming in James's parents driveway. They met Josh and decided to start a band. Lacking a bass player, James asked BJ to play bass with them. They played as a four piece for about a year. They...

#7 Unsigned Artist Splinter Zone
Splinter Zone
  Influences: Metal
No artist info

#8 Area 51
Area 51 (Czech Republic)
  Plays: 1478 | Saves: 1470
  Members: David Uher, Mira Janas,...
Artist info

After a continuous difference of opinion, Jiri Pala leaves the band called Barricade in 1997 and sets up a new one with a vision of orientation to progressive guitar rock. He invites David Uher (g, ex-Oceloid) and Mira Janas (bg, ex-Spider) for...

#9 Unsigned Artist Pierre Opperman
Pierre Opperman (Knysna)
  Plays: 144 | Saves: 392
Artist info

Re: Desert Light -my new song Thursday, November 6, 2008 10:11 PM From: "Yorkie" View contact details To: oppiekarma@yahoo.com Thanks Pierre I've put it on the play-list. I love the dance beat. A great track for radio and the...

  Plays: 854 | Saves: 856
  Influences: HIP HOP/ RAP
Artist info

Hello World, Welcome to the movement of The East Coast Villain "Psycho Mantis" straight outta philly USA. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND YOUR SUPPORT MAY YOU BE THERE WHEN THE TIME ARRIVE THROUGH MY CLUTTERED GENRE..... ON MY THOUSANDTH...

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