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#1 Unsigned Artist Neon Blue
Neon Blue (L'Amable, Ontario, Canada)
  Influences: Brooks & Dunn, Eagles, Good...
  Members: Neon Blue
Artist info

Neon Blue is fronted by music veterans, brothers, Mark & Sean Doney. The band is currently working on new, original music and funding options for their second studio album. They are seeking a recording deal, sale of original song rights or...

#2 Wrong Destiny
Wrong Destiny (Belgrade, Serbia)
  Plays: 290
  Influences: Therion, Nightwish,...
  Members: Aleksandar "Sasha"...
Artist info

Wrong Destiny is a metal-related project dreamed up and created by Aleksandar "Sasha" Tatomirovic. The songs available for listening here are from our debut EP - "Imperial Entrance". In May or June we are planning to start recording our debut...

#3 Unsigned Artist calvertonsound
calvertonsound (worldwide)
  Plays: 81 | Saves: 666
  Influences: wwoz.org (new orleans)
  Members: 132
Artist info

New songs every 200 downloads http://www.calvertonsound.com ...

#4 Gorilla
Gorilla (Switzerland)
  Plays: 515 | Saves: 550
  Members: 1
Artist info

Stephan Meier Willfort Aguero a.k.a. Gorilla is the first member. He is the producer as well as songwriter/lyricist in the group. He was born on July 10th, 1986 in Bulach, Switzerland to a Swiss father and a Peruvian mother. He then moved every...

#5 Unsigned Artist WaCk eMCeez
WaCk eMCeez (Your Daughters Closet)
  Influences: A Knife Penetrating Your...
  Members: Organik aka MiC Tyson (Soul...
No artist info

#6 The Psycho Rythm Section
The Psycho Rythm Section (Alabama)
  Influences: Funky Psych Metal
  Members: BASS and VOCALS- Gabe...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Linda Smith
Linda Smith (Chicago)
  Plays: 797 | Saves: 2990
  Influences: Anna Nalik, Mary Chapin...
Artist info

Biker Chicks Make the Best cds. Chicks on Harley's are cool, you see them everywhere now. They are not only riding hogs, building bikes, and starring in reality television, but they are writing songs and releasing cds. Linda Smith is an...

#8 Streak
Streak (Western Ma)
  Influences: 16volt, Nine Inch Nails,...
Artist info

From Western MA, Streak is a Solo Rock/Industrial project, who has had the oportunity to share the stage with some incredible acts. Blending aggression and melody, anger and love, Streak puts forth a sense of "orderly chaos". Compiled and filled...

#9 Unsigned Artist Arkhon
Arkhon (Nicosia,Cyprus)
  Plays: 174
  Influences: Kreator,Rotting...
No artist info

#10 London Desert Mountains
London Desert Mountains (London)
  Plays: 434 | Saves: 630
  Influences: Air, Deep Forest
  Members: Mel Malgand
Artist info

New single launched: " Rays". New website launched: http://www.londondesertmountains.com

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