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#1 Unsigned Artist Sonar Eclipse
Sonar Eclipse (Clearfield, UT)
Artist info

Small, new techno/trance group having fun creating music. As we advance in our music we hope to take it further. We finished our first CD which is for sale at: http://www.cdbaby.com/sonarEclipse Enjoy!

#2 Topher P. Rock
Topher P. Rock (Maryyville, TN)
Artist info

I was born in a trashcan in the ghetto. My dad tryed to shoot me 9 times. But I didn't die. Man I'm still alive. And then my mom was a druggie and i got married to a 40 year old woman at the age of 16. Man black folk don't get treated right. Of...

#3 Unsigned Artist Drew Pizzulo
Drew Pizzulo (Flanders, NJ)
  Plays: 3189 | Saves: 4138
  Influences: Pop
  Members: Drew Pizzulo
Artist info

Drew Pizzulo started writing songs at the age of 8 years old. This unsigned singer/songwriter has written in the Pop, Jazz, Techno, Easy Listening, R&B, Holiday, Religious and Rock genres. In college, Drew added to his resume by joining "MDP", a...

#4 ATP
ATP (Tokyo, Japan)
  Plays: 8866 | Saves: 7310
  Influences: Siouzie and Banshees,...
  Members: ATP: Taata/vox, Mug/Gtr,...
Artist info

Hi, we are ATP from Japan. Hope you enjoy our songs. For more info, Please come to our website ATPmania.jp more songs availabvle at www.soundclick.com/atp Please feel free to contact us...! http://youtube.com/atpmania...

#5 Unsigned Artist Duel Overhead Cam
Duel Overhead Cam (Columbus, OH)
  Plays: 277 | Saves: 1514
  Influences: Space/Desert Hard Rock
  Members: Jesse, Ray, Drew
Artist info

We started jamming on something new back in 2004 after 4 years we finally got a shot to play with some big acts like, Helmet, Seemless, Clutch and Cave In. We are heavy with alot of stoner rock with some cool spacy atmosphere. influenced by Led...

#6 Young Rizzle
Young Rizzle (sANTA ANA)
  Plays: 647 | Saves: 1110
  Influences: N.W.A.Dr....
Artist info

Young Rizzle was born in a city with in Orange County called Santa Ana, early on in Young Rizzles child hood, he started playing the flute, and trombone. Young Rizzle had no idea that he would be so into music like he is to this day. He got...

#7 Unsigned Artist MICK ZERO
No artist info

#8 Luke Fictitious
Luke Fictitious (London)
  Plays: 108
Artist info

Also see www.lukefictitious.com

#9 Unsigned Artist Roy Bethune-Emmett
Roy Bethune-Emmett (Scotland)
  Plays: 314 | Saves: 1200
  Influences: Paul McCartney's bass...
  Members: Solo
Artist info

A long time songwriter and bass player. Home recording enthusiast, acoustic guitar fingerpicker and cynic of distinction.

#10 Vega
Vega (Los Angeles)
  Influences: Vega
  Members: Vega- Guitars, Bass and...
Artist info

Live and Studio credits include the Vans Warped Tour, Henson- Elementree/Korn, Paramount and Matrix studios. Vega just released his first solo album FREEFALL FAITH FIRESTORM (www.myspace.com/patrickvega)

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