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#1 Unsigned Artist Kenneth Higgins
Kenneth Higgins
  Plays: 401
Artist info

The artist Kenneth Higgins was born on a November full moon in London and now lives a fairly private life in Asia. To me, starting a musical piece is much like approaching a canvas and at times it feels like the energy just passes through and...

#2 The Banzai Kid
The Banzai Kid (Ipswich, Suffolk, England)
  Influences: A young Neil Young, Kurt...
  Members: The Banzai Kid
Artist info

"It's not the way I planned" The Banzai Kid started out making stupid songs on a little tape recorder with his brother and his friends and eventually as he got older felt the urge to actually form a proper band. Every single band that he...

#3 Unsigned Artist woodi
woodi (Shanghai.China)
  Plays: 1402 | Saves: 4989
  Members: woodi
Artist info

I'm a student form China. I like making robots, electronic , programming , rocketary and chemistry. i'm a DIYer and i like making any kind of experment. i only use fruity loops to write my music. maybe expermental/industrial is better to...

#4 Marc Whitson
Marc Whitson (Green Mountain NC/...)
  Plays: 3319
  Influences: Himself
Artist info

It was no coincidence that Marc Whitson was born and raised in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, because his love for country life is only matched by his love for country music. ...

#5 Unsigned Artist Cyclone Pink
Cyclone Pink (Bradford, Halifax, Leeds)
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin,...
  Members: Adam Hollos - Vocals/Ryhthm...
Artist info

Cyclone Pink have been playing in West Yorkshire for over 2 years, and have gained a respectful reputation. They have currently finished recording their third E.P at H.D 1 Studios with producer Jason. Stay tuned on Cyclone Pink's myspace to hear...

#6 Plan B
Plan B (Richmond, Virginia)
  Plays: 154 | Saves: 958
Artist info

A Richmond, VA based rock - blues - fusion band Michael Anderson - bass Mitch Bordeaux - vocals Elliott Law - guitars Gil Pena - drums

#7 Unsigned Artist Downward
Downward (Dallas, TX.)
  Members: Brant - v., Darren - g.,...
No artist info

#8 Pat Logan
Pat Logan (Scotland UK)
  Plays: 880
Artist info

Pat plays Original Pop music with a wee hint of Jazz Funk and Rock, with a tiny bit of Country thrown in. In the early 90's Pat was a member of The Legendary Bay City Rollers, with concerts & TV shows in Europe, he also recorded with Runrig,...

#9 Unsigned Artist Kryophere
Kryophere (Cardiff, Wales)
  Influences: Carnival Metal
  Members: Joe Thompson - Lead Guitar,...
Artist info

Kryophere are a seven piece extreme metal band from Wales, UK. Their blend of savagely stomping, groove laden, technical metal and a tongue in cheek yet righteously angry attitude towards the world, its inhabitants and the mediocrity and...

#10 Rapero Annonimo
Rapero Annonimo (Puerto Rico)
  Plays: 55 | Saves: 150
  Influences: Doble v, eminem, nach...
  Members: Nell,Kenny, Decklet d...
Artist info

Crazy storie

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