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#1 Unsigned Artist No Outlet
No Outlet (PA)
  Plays: 206 | Saves: 834
  Influences: Green Day, Blink 182,...
  Members: John, Alex, And Bowles
No artist info

#2 We Are Building Ruins
We Are Building Ruins (Italy)
  Plays: 748 | Saves: 1164
  Influences: Suffocation, Nasum, Job for...
  Members: Omar Mameli(vocals), Nicola...
Artist info

WABR is an italian modern death metal/grindcore band from Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy). The band started out in 2008 from an idea of the guitarist Nicola Olla (ex Mutilated Soul, ex Sanisickation): he wanted to start a fresh death metal project; a...

#3 Unsigned Artist Sarah Mather
Sarah Mather
  Plays: 449
Artist info

Check out this up and coming artist, a mix of Rock and Country.

#4 FridgeWheeL
  Plays: 89 | Saves: 461
Artist info

I am an SA artist on the road of self searching.

#5 Unsigned Artist The Talk
The Talk (Sheffield)
  Plays: 236
  Members: Louise Fox, Sambo Rich,...
Artist info

Hello there and welcome to our site. We are 'The Talk' and we are four piece band from Sheffield in the Uk. We are promoting our band by any means possible as we love making music and writing songs. We'd love it if you took the time to listen to...

#6 Danielle
Danielle (Miami)
  Plays: 4051 | Saves: 2484
Artist info

Danielle is young woman growing into her voice as well as her personality. Born in sweaty Miami, FL, she has been performing and bringing the heat for family, friends, and strangers since she could remember. Singing primarily R&B/Hip Hop/Soul...

#7 Unsigned Artist DA Legence
DA Legence (Akron)
  Plays: 164 | Saves: 504
  Influences: Hot Music
  Members: Nobull, Angie, Knoitall, J....
Artist info

Bio on www.geocities.com/adreyanmartin

#8 Snorting Mushroom
Snorting Mushroom (Michigan, U.S.A)
  Plays: 1648 | Saves: 2385
  Influences: ROCK
  Members: nick schwartz, Matt Ushman
Artist info

Umm... we Are... thats it, like god, We Just Are THATS RIGHT!!! SNORTING MUSHROOM IS!!! fool

#9 Unsigned Artist Cautiva
Cautiva (Granada (Spain))
  Plays: 1247 | Saves: 3450
  Influences: Megadeth, Exodus, Coroner,...
  Members: Jose Travieso - vocals,...
Artist info

Cautiva is a thrash metal project arranged by Jose Travieso (Granada, Spain), which the composer writes and plays all the music, vocals and instruments. Technical and progressive thrash metal. Try if you like Megadeth, Exodus, Coroner, Death,...

#10 Glitzy Glow
Glitzy Glow (Kalmar, Sweden)
  Plays: 411 | Saves: 1649
  Influences: Kiss, Poison, Motley Crue,...
  Members: Johnny_Roxxy, Geoff...
Artist info

The Glam Metal musician, Johnny Roxxy, earlier a member in the Glam Rock bands Plastic Dolls and Angelina Diamonds, gets his inspiration from the 80\'s Heavy Metal and Hair Metal bands such as Kiss, Mötley Crue, Tigertailz and W.A.S.P. Johnny...

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