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#1 Unsigned Artist Free Parking!
Free Parking! (Brodheadsville, PA)
  Members: Trevor Gilleece, Brendan...
Artist info

Trevor Gilleece is the lead guitar, Cody Gunther is all over the drums and percussion, Jesse Nebling is the rhythm guitarist and backup singer, Bogdan Niemoczynski is the keyboardist/piano guy, and Brendan Steere is the bassist/lead singer, and...

#2 Blue Diamond Street Team
Blue Diamond Street Team (Brooklyn New York)
  Members: *Monty Matthews* Owner Of...
Artist info

http://www.myspace.com/bluediamondenterprisesempire HEY EVERYBODY WELCOME ON THE STREET TEAM SPACE OF **Blue Diamond...

#3 Unsigned Artist EasyStreet
EasyStreet (North Wales)
  Plays: 170 | Saves: 539
  Influences: Us
  Members: Gareth Owen and Chris Williams
Artist info

It all started on the back of a coach on the way home from a South Wales trip. I used to torture the lads on the long trips home with the guitar but after they'd had a few beer's they all thought they were Robbie and wanted to sing so it was all...

#4 Skillitean
Skillitean (Detroit, MI)
  Plays: 1102
  Influences: Ourselves
Artist info

Http://www.myspace.com/skillitean Check Back Every two weeks if you need a change from the bullshit on the Radio

#5 Unsigned Artist Electric Daylight
Electric Daylight (Charlotte, NC)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 730
  Influences: 90s alternative, modern indie
  Members: Kyle, Dre, Troy
Artist info

Electric Daylight is a band from Charlotte that's getting it together to start playing shows.

#6 Svartalfgardhr
Svartalfgardhr (Strasbourg (FRANCE))
  Plays: 802 | Saves: 775
  Members: K. and S.
Artist info

Welcome in the world of fantasy, mythology, northern legends and mysticism. Svartalfgardhr is the result of a french musical collaboration between K. from KDream and his best friend in sound. Discover now the calling in the strange “Woods Of...

#7 Unsigned Artist PARADOX 2WX
PARADOX 2WX (tampa)
  Plays: 244
  Influences: DMX
Artist info

PARADOX is an indie Hip-Hop artist from NY currently located in Tampa, his music has charted to #1 on mp3.com's top 40 and also soundclick.com. Performances include opening for Pharcyde, The 1999 Hip-Hop anniversary in NY (in honor of Hip-Hop's...

#8 Spur Of A moment
Spur Of A moment (Eugene Oregon U.S.A)
  Plays: 62
  Influences: Instumental
  Members: Bruce Bush
Artist info

Starting in the mid 80's started to make tape to tape instumentals using low cost keyboards and anything that made a good tone. In the late 90's to current I upgraded to using a better keyboard and using a cd recoder and computer. I also use...

#9 Unsigned Artist Soul Basement
Soul Basement (Italy)
  Influences: Erykah Badu, Jill Scott,...
  Members: Alessya Piermarini, Toriano
No artist info

#10 A-OKAY
  Plays: 930 | Saves: 2238
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