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#1 Unsigned Artist HubCityMusicRecords
  Plays: 28 | Saves: 673
Artist info

Zydeco Artist. 33yrs of age. Born in a small town of New Roads La. Attended University of Louisiana Lafayette. Part of Hubcity Records which consist of C.E.O Brandon “Mr. Phat” Neezy, Producer Duke “Duke Dawg” Neezy, Curtis “Big...

#2 skutedizzle
  Plays: 24
  Influences: bruno mars, the chainsmokers
  Members: skutedizzle
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Artist of 20 years and lover of all genres

#3 Unsigned Artist StarCrash69
StarCrash69 (Helsingborg Sweden)
  Plays: 81 | Saves: 820
  Members: Paul Edman & Kimme Petersson
Artist info

StarCrash69 is a rockband from Sweden. Members are Paul Edman & Kimme Petersson.

#4 Rita & the Rock'n'Rollers
Rita & the Rock'n'Rollers (Germany/USA)
  Plays: 2589 | Saves: 6879
  Influences: Peter Green, Freddie King,...
  Members: Rita Rock, Bernard Groll
Artist info

Rita The native German got in touch with different cultures early in life. As the child of a family with "nomad blood" - who travelled through the entire West of the United States for months with her when she was only a year old - she had...

#5 Unsigned Artist Tha_Allen
Tha_Allen (Queens -NY)
  Plays: 798 | Saves: 612
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This is me, you can;'t stop it. Just flow with it. -Allen

#6 Harrison
Harrison (Nigeria)
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#7 Unsigned Artist Montie Taylor Miles III
Montie Taylor Miles III (San Pedro CA)
  Plays: 1101 | Saves: 2641
  Influences: I play many types of music,...
  Members: Montie Taylor Miles III
Artist info

A lot of bands, a lot of gigs, a lot of towns... Visit my SoundClick account @ ...

#8 DJ Trauma
DJ Trauma (Cornwall UK)
  Influences: Roni Size,LTJ Bukem
  Members: Lee Hancock
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Psicosis Onirica
Psicosis Onirica (Coin Malaga)
  Plays: 186
  Influences: Power Rock Meets Goth Rock
  Members: Corisande [Vocals] Jose...
Artist info

Our Groupography! ...

#10 Static Static
Static Static (Kansas City, MO)
  Plays: 577 | Saves: 1395
  Influences: Jesus Christ
  Members: Mylon Dice
Artist info

I believe if you don't have your dreams you have nothing. I view Jesus Christ as the source of everything my music career has come to so far. I started playing piano in December 2010 and I already have an album coming out including seven songs...