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#1 Unsigned Artist Splendor
Artist info

A Walking - Talking Mess, Charm, Power And Success. We Stick To Righteousness By Playing With Excess. A Sin Is Death, We Choose Life In Its Eternal And Internal Glory. As We Are Here In A Constant Creative Search For All That Is Divine In Tha...

#2 Calibur
Calibur (Sanford, NC)
  Plays: 278 | Saves: 550
  Members: Travis Leigh, Mike Rogers,...
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On October 31st 2003, Kevin Griffin and Mike Woodell left their band "Dream Within" to pursue other musical interests. The duo had figured out what kind of vocalist and guitarist they needed to complete their new sound. In late December, they...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Bo Weevils
The Bo Weevils (Liverpool)
  Plays: 600 | Saves: 49
  Influences: The Bo Weevils
  Members: Ste Weevil. Chas. Ian...
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.............check out www.myspace.com/theboweevils............. The Bo Weevils biography... ................ Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a Tarantino...

#4 Luckwell
Luckwell (Bristol, England)
  Plays: 1985 | Saves: 2611
  Influences: punk, new wave, roots, dub,...
  Members: Rupert Taylor, with help...
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I have been in various bands since 1981. If you haven't heard of the Groove Farm or Girlboy Girl, you won't have heard of the others. In 2008 I recorded an album called "Flavours of the Sea" which is available at:...

#5 Unsigned Artist Flange
Flange (Melbourne, Australia)
  Plays: 5932 | Saves: 5022
  Influences: Infected mushroom, Green Nuns,
  Members: Jamie Holyoake
Artist info

FLANGE = FreeLance Artists of Next Generation Entertainment. Was moved from UK to Australia at age 3 (hi mum - thanks). Learned piano from very early age, took up drum lessons and self taught guitar at about age 13, played in many...

#6 Broken Ambience
Broken Ambience (Woking)
  Plays: 74 | Saves: 425
  Members: TBC
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Check out our myspace. http://www.myspace.com/brokenambience

#7 Unsigned Artist Greco
Greco (Sweden)
  Plays: 1400 | Saves: 1004
  Influences: DMX
  Members: Demis Greco (Tzivis, Skoupras)
Artist info

Demis Greco was born 1976 in malmoe/Sweden by greek parents. He started his musical career back in 1994 by forming the hardcore band payback. during the upcoming six years the band became internationally known with excellent live performances...

#8 Underling
Underling (Southern California)
  Plays: 349 | Saves: 1731
  Members: Cassondra B., David S.,...
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Brutal Southern California metal with a female vocalist. Absolutely MUSIC TO WAKE THE DEAD.

#9 Unsigned Artist Mixtape Atlas
Mixtape Atlas
No artist info

#10 Endless Memories
Endless Memories (Indiana)
  Influences: Opeth, Testament
  Members: Doug, Roy
Artist info

We are a 2 man band from Indiana, Roy plays all guitars and vocals, Doug plays drums, does all lyrics and artwork, we are an unsigned band. We are not professionals but we love writing and recording our own music.