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#1 Unsigned Artist The Firangees
The Firangees (Mumbai)
  Influences: The Cure, Paul Simon, Sam...
  Members: Atin Dasgupta
Artist info

A Music Producer Project from Mumbai India. Headed by Music Programmer Mumbai Atin Dasgupta. Atin works on his solo music projects and also produces music for Bollywood...

#2 Robert Bowers
Robert Bowers (london uk)
  Plays: 263 | Saves: 815
  Influences: the verve, parliment...
  Members: Me
Artist info

My track has been chosen by British band the kaiser chiefs to be on an exclusive album click hear to order and help to make the first unsigned album enter the charts and rattler the big boys!...

#3 Unsigned Artist angela
No artist info

#4 Flash Jack Eppington
Flash Jack Eppington (Boston)
  Members: Flash Jack Eppington
Artist info

Male singer/songwriter, performing pop/folk/jazz original and cover material. Available for small clubs, coffeehouses, and as opener for larger act. Greater Boston area.

#5 Unsigned Artist Origami Horses
Origami Horses
  Plays: 116 | Saves: 612
  Influences: US 90's alt rock - sebadoh...
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#6 Ingrey
Ingrey (London (UK))
  Influences: a Perfect Circle, Tool,...
  Members: Martin (vocals), Tuomo...
Artist info

Ingrey are a band from London (UK) playing modern hard rock. We have been working on our sound for a long time, and are very proud of our produce. Go to www.ingrey.net to listen to our latest demo ...

#7 Unsigned Artist Timothy Charles Martin
Timothy Charles Martin (Saskatoon SK Canada)
  Plays: 850 | Saves: 2587
  Influences: alternative pop
  Members: Tim Martin
Artist info

Some nice deep bass on many songs done by Timothy Charles Martin shows his desire to charge his listeners with energy although keeping a moderate tempo. His style cascades from the classical to the moderate rock and pop genres, putting ideas...

  Plays: 1252 | Saves: 1280
  Influences: spittitclearrecords
  Members: SpittItClearRecords
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#9 Unsigned Artist Thea Illeana
Thea Illeana
Artist info

24 year old singer/songwriter from Norway

#10 Holy DöG
Holy DöG (Bordeaux)
  Plays: 121 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Melvins, Bleach, Sonic...
  Members: Mudi (vocals, guitar,...
Artist info

We're thinking about a bio. It has to be really cool, like related to terror or muffin cooking, so it's worth thinking about it a little bit more. We'll keep you posted. We play skronk spazz rock&doom