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#1 Unsigned Artist John Crown
John Crown (Villaperuccio...)
  Plays: 353
  Influences: Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde,...
  Members: one man band
No artist info

#2 C.N.i Cow
C.N.i Cow (Gainesville, Ga.)
  Plays: 133
  Influences: The Ventures, Megadeth, TV...
  Members: T. Wyman-Guitar, Swag-Skin...
Artist info

The band started in 1992 as a project to break the boring trend of music we were all playing. After several personal projects, C.N.i Cow is back with the original guitarist and will be releasing a new cd in 2011.

#3 Unsigned Artist Kin
Kin (Massachusetts...)
  Members: Ryan, Chris, & Will
Artist info

We are three local musicians in Massachusetts (two of which are in high school) who are dedicated to playing music. Having just cut our first demo, we are looking to play gigs connect with other bands. Check out our hompage and get our demo cd!...

#4 rodeobeatmachine
rodeobeatmachine (RUGBY, WEST MIDLANDS, U.K)
  Plays: 522
  Influences: nirvana,oasis,ozzy,foo...
Artist info

I am singer/songwriter from the Rugby in the West Midlands.I am into Rock,Pop,Punk,R&B,Dance music.I am currently unsigned and write,record and perform my own songs. I have played many hometown gigs and appeared on various radio stations including...

#5 Unsigned Artist Duce Luc
Duce Luc (NJ-Atl-FL)
  Plays: 421 | Saves: 907
  Influences: Myself
Artist info

One World Media/Mercenary Records duce.luc@gmail.com for information and updates www.myspace.com/duceluciano www.soundclick.com/duceluc join me www.facebook.com/duceluc new page

#6 No Dawn
No Dawn (Steinkjer, Norway)
  Plays: 347 | Saves: 819
  Influences: Early In FLames, At the...
  Members: Steinar, Ludvik, Tor Erik,...
Artist info

No Dawn hails from Steinkjer, Norway. The music can be described as melodic thrash/death-metal. From a wide source of inspiration within the band, a somewhat unique sound has emerged. It all started in the summer of 2002, when Steinar,...

#7 Unsigned Artist jjrock
  Plays: 440 | Saves: 1675
  Influences: instrumental rock
Artist info

Played in several cover bands early on but now focus on original guitar music http://www.myspace.com/jjrock73

#8 Isolated Atoms
Isolated Atoms (The Black Country)
  Plays: 123
  Influences: Electro Rock
  Members: Grant Leon Ashman, David...
Artist info

Isolated Atoms formed in 2008 in the Black Country, West Midlands. They play serious, mature and intelligent rock music with an exciting edge. They could be the hottest and most professional undiscovered band in the UK. Isolated Atoms do things...

#9 Unsigned Artist Pregnant By Dad
Pregnant By Dad (Brighton, England)
  Plays: 1303 | Saves: 2143
  Influences: The musical version of a...
Artist info

This group of unlikely candidates took it upon themselves to revolutionise the music scene armed only with half a pack of domestic tobacco, one slightly moist rizla and a slightly out of tune harmonica. Despite these set backs they have reached a...

#10 Orius
Orius (Stourbridge, West...)
  Plays: 515 | Saves: 1953
  Influences: Alice in Chains,...
  Members: Gaz Greenhalgh (Vocals),...
Artist info

Orius are a rock band hailing from Stourbridge, West Midlands. With a head banging, foot stomping grind, they have already begun to captivate the wide range of people who have so far witnessed the band live. Steering away from genres and...