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#1 Unsigned Artist Emotive
Emotive (Arizona)
  Plays: 98
  Influences: Progressive, Emotive, Emo
  Members: Andrew Thomas Bearce
Artist info

Emotive is the musical performance of the multi-talented solo artist; Andrew Thomas Bearce, playing a wide variety of instruments and putting on an intense performance featuring all original progressive rock, jazz and blues with a diverse and...

  Plays: 867 | Saves: 1044
  Influences: Christian Metal
  Members: Judy&Dale
Artist info

About No Descension*Christian Rock Ministries*. No Descension lives and plays for Jesus ..they are from the east coast Danbury Ct and Mich. now in northern cali. they just got out of the studio "After hours Recorders" the recording was...

#3 Unsigned Artist Parke Davis
Parke Davis (London)
  Plays: 119 | Saves: 382
  Members: Vocals - Steve Anderson,...
Artist info

A 4 piece Indie band from South London generating increasing interest in their ecclectic mix of songs. Check out http://www.www.myspace.com/parkedavis ...

#4 Harakiri
Harakiri (Tucumán, Argentina)
  Plays: 307 | Saves: 604
  Members: varo - danzel - mimpre -...
Artist info

HARAKIRI nace en el año 1998 teniendo como integrantes a su actual formación. Desde sus inicios la banda fue buscando su sonido como parte de un proceso inconsciente en el que no había otra finalidad que la expresión artístico-musical de sus...

#5 Unsigned Artist 10strip
10strip (Colonie/Albany, NY)
  Plays: 2154 | Saves: 3274
  Influences: Nine Inch Nails, Moby,...
  Members: Just miJ
Artist info

4 years ago, miJ had a good trip. On acid, that is. Then, He was inspired by said psychedelic experience to record music on His computer and make it trippy as possible, while not losing the rock soul of everything He loved. Unfortunately, He...

#6 Southern-Product
Southern-Product (Okeechobee FLA.)
  Plays: 1258 | Saves: 859
  Members: R. " d.t." COBLE - R. "...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist BurnOut
BurnOut (Antwerp - Belgium)
  Plays: 3073 | Saves: 2276
  Influences: hardcore
  Members: Getz P. - vox * Pops P. -...
Artist info

BIOGRAPHY 1998…an era begins. As so many bands, BurnOut was in search of their music style, themselves and the BIG PICTURE. A free-podium-band , a game, a hobby… or a life? The diehard units already involved were: • Vid P. -...

#8 Wronguns
Wronguns (Liverpool)
  Plays: 378 | Saves: 2766
  Influences: The Harlots House
  Members: kitch, Gog , Bing and the girl
Artist info

On a mission to write the greatest album of all time...ever .. with wanna kill yourself music set adrift on the bed of lyrical geneouse....this band is going all the way to the top .

#9 Unsigned Artist bencaban01
No artist info

#10 Emerald Mind
Emerald Mind (Russia)
  Plays: 24 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Progressive/Power metal
Artist info

The Emerald Mind was formed in october 2003 in Vladivostok, Russia. In december 2006 the band recorded their first song "The Ripper" and released it on "Beastiarium" 2009 (Vladivostok metal compilation) Now we are working on our fisrt full length...