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#1 Unsigned Artist clay jacobs
clay jacobs (Abilene, Texas)
  Plays: 17384 | Saves: 12068
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It has been an awesome year for God's Country Ministries, as Clay was blessed to be able to minister and play in many churches and other areas, spreading the message and songs that Christ has laid on his heart. Clay has been blessed to meet and...

#2 Sheldon Ens
Sheldon Ens (Abbotsford, BC)
  Plays: 2396 | Saves: 3490
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist The Last Show
The Last Show (NYC)
  Plays: 238 | Saves: 406
  Influences: Jane's Addiction, The Cure,...
  Members: Justin Lizama, Brian...
Artist info

The Last Show is a New York City punk power trio with a sound that lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Justin Lizama describes as bipolar rock. You can hear what he means on DC (Choose a Side), a track from the bands recently issued EP Honestly...

SYMBOL OF EIGHT (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  Influences: Megadeth, Lamb of God,...
  Members: 4
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist p-dia
p-dia (abuja [ nigeria ])
  Influences: bomb
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This goes to all my niggazz

#6 Earthtone
Earthtone (Toronto Ont. Canada)
  Plays: 777 | Saves: 4723
  Influences: Pop, Rock, Reggae
  Members: Kevin - The Voice ......
Artist info

EARTHTONE- 4 multi-talented musicians joining styles and flavors from all musical backgrounds. in June 2007 we (corey and kevin) released our first EP as a duo with some help from other musicians. Then in January 2009 the long awaited...

#7 Unsigned Artist Pollen
Pollen (Frodsham, UK)
  Influences: Muse, The Cardigans,...
  Members: Nick Toone - Vocals, Neil...
No artist info

#8 Halleys Apparition
Halleys Apparition (Barnstaple, Devon, UK)
  Plays: 323
  Influences: Punk, Rock, Pop, Alternative
  Members: Joe Brewer, Ben Brewer
Artist info

Hi, we're a band called Halley's Apparition. We started this new band in August 2008 and we play music that we like - it's a mix of rock, punk, pop, disco (kidding). I guess we fall into the ever-growing category of 'alternative' but hey, we...

#9 Unsigned Artist mindFIELD
mindFIELD (Somerville, MA)
  Plays: 217
  Influences: Psykosonik, Haujobb,...
  Members: Gabriel Shaw, Regan Miller,...
Artist info

MindFIELD is Gabriel Shaw, Regan Miller & Stacia Tucker. Buy mindFIELD "Singularity" at www.Industrial-Music.com • Side-Line magazine • “Singularity can be described as an electronic pop release, but with some extra power and bounce. Shaw...

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