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#1 Unsigned Artist Mulchefye
  Plays: 28
No artist info

#2 ella_star_dj2
  Plays: 5409 | Saves: 7814
  Influences: Dance Club
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Other full tracks under the manager Nias-LA2 "Azzinrho" my mate is on YouTube Death by Loving 2much - is that still possible???

#3 Unsigned Artist hobo exile hotel
hobo exile hotel (Nuneaton, near...)
  Influences: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley,...
  Members: Stefano Bellavia, Mark...
Artist info

Hello to you. We are hobo exile hotel and have been together since 1999. From left to right (using above picture) we are; Stefano Bellavia (singer/songwriter/guitar), Mark Garner (drums/backing vocals/programming), Rob Swire (lead guitar) and Neil...

#4 Kristen DiPaolo
Kristen DiPaolo (Boston, Mass)
  Plays: 1214
  Influences: Sheryl Crow, Deana Carter,...
  Members: Kristen DiPaolo and Jason...
Artist info

This is a project consisting of two people with a passion for creating music. Kristen has been writing and singing most of her life and has been promoted since April of 2004. Kristen was first noticed when singing at a Karaoke night in a local...

#5 Unsigned Artist Brian J. Bodnar
Brian J. Bodnar (Southeast Virginia,...)
  Plays: 39740 | Saves: 13246
  Influences: Beck, Lightning Seeds, REM,...
  Members: Brian J. Bodnar
Artist info

Brian J. Bodnar - Using a wide range of influences, Brian has recorded songs at home since the late 1980's. The rather crude recordings were made using what was at hand, from simple tape to tape setups to a 4-track tape recorder. Instruments...

#6 viva finito
viva finito (Kidderminster)
  Members: Colin Stevenson, Ade...
Artist info

Formed in Jan 2005, Viva Finito have progressed quickly with their addictive blend of classic pop songwriting and hard hitting delivery...

#7 Unsigned Artist Ms.Lavish Lilith
Ms.Lavish Lilith (Everywhere)
  Plays: 125 | Saves: 1073
  Influences: Rap
Artist info

I'm a female doing me in a BIG BIG BIG way trust. I'm healing out of Texas flexing the mic sick wit it. I write my own lyrics and hooks. I'm giving this rap game all I got yah dig and I'm solo. ...

#8 Bit of Glory
Bit of Glory
  Plays: 623 | Saves: 3156
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist SAGA HIGH
SAGA HIGH (Miami, Fl)
  Plays: 174
  Influences: Experimental, Indie, i dont...
  Members: Andy, Selim, Tony, Richard
Artist info

We are a 4 piece band Andy (keyboardist), Richard (Basses and vocalist), Tony (drummer), Selim (Guitarist). Andy and Richard runs a club called the alley in miami, selim had came over for a show and richard and selim had a big talk and they both...

#10 Aaron Fletcher
Aaron Fletcher (Ohio)
  Plays: 274
  Influences: Usher, Musiq, Tyrese
Artist info

Born June 22, 1988. I loved music since I was a small child. I didnít realize I had a gift until the age of 12. I first sang in my high school gospel choir. I loved it, it helped me build my confidence, range, and made my relationship with God...