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#1 Unsigned Artist Jacks Union
Jacks Union (West Midlands)
  Plays: 94 | Saves: 279
  Influences: Indie/funk
  Members: Vocals. John Burns Guitar....
Artist info

Jack's Union Jack's Union, a five piece guitar band from the Black Country in the West Midlands, formed early in the year of 2005 after splitting from previous projects. Jack's Union enjoy and are commited to writing and performing their own...

The DIRTY WORKS (Frogwatter, TN)
  Influences: AC/DC,Black Flag, Social...
  Members: Christopher SCUM,(GUITARS...
Artist info

We\'ve all been Raising hell in different outfits in the same townfor years. It\'sinevidable we found each other. We are all from very different backgrounds but that seems to increase the bands creativity rather than hinder us in any way. We...

#3 Unsigned Artist Cyclone Pink
Cyclone Pink (Bradford, Halifax, Leeds)
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin,...
  Members: Adam Hollos - Vocals/Ryhthm...
Artist info

Cyclone Pink have been playing in West Yorkshire for over 2 years, and have gained a respectful reputation. They have currently finished recording their third E.P at H.D 1 Studios with producer Jason. Stay tuned on Cyclone Pink's myspace to hear...

#4 The Mallets
The Mallets
  Influences: Indie Alternative
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist On-Edge
On-Edge (Yakima, WA)
  Plays: 193 | Saves: 786
  Influences: Alternative Metal
  Members: Rudy Gonzalez, Kyle Adams,...
Artist info

On-Edge has been a driving force for metal in central Washington since 1998. The group, who just happen to be co-founders of the Sportsman's Days metal show, have gone through many members since their start not to mention a constant changing scope...

#6 MarKay
MarKay (Limerick,Ireland)
  Plays: 846 | Saves: 743
  Influences: 2pac,nelly,dmx,public...
Artist info

2 me hip hop is life.it's wat defines me as a person.without it im jus another number in da system.i'm rappin bout a year now.i always wanted 2 do it and when i discovered i could sumthin inside me started 2 change.all bitterness started 2 cease...

#7 Unsigned Artist Ashton Vidal
Ashton Vidal (Bay Area)
  Plays: 223 | Saves: 734
  Influences: Usher ,Neyo ,Jon B.
Artist info

At the age of 21, Ashton Vidal is at the prime of his life. With no need for a stage name, the breakthrough artist stands above the rest with his sensual voice and seductive lyrics. He attributes his music style to legends such as Michael Jackson,...

#8 Sidewalk Tha Villain
Sidewalk Tha Villain (Lafayette, Louisiana)
  Plays: 3598 | Saves: 4395
  Influences: Rap/Lyrical/Hip Hop
  Members: Sidewalk aka Tha Villain
Artist info

Sidewalk is one of the hottest local artist in the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. He's been on the music scene since 2005 with the release of his first CD, "Lyrical Crack". He's very loyal to his home turf and stands by his people. A Very talented...

#9 Unsigned Artist Room 111
Room 111 (Chicago, Il)
  Plays: 206 | Saves: 280
  Influences: no one else
  Members: Johnny and Fergal
Artist info

Fergal and Johnny realized that between the two of them stood musical genius...now you will all face the fury that is Room 111

SHOVLHED (St. Paul,Mn)
  Plays: 3219 | Saves: 2549
  Influences: An adrenaline filled...
  Members: Nats-vocals/Javan-bass/Mile...
Artist info

Shovlhed,out of St. Paul,Mn is made up of 4 life long friends,who have been kickin' ass,and thrashin' since the day we stopped pissing our diapers(except on rare drunken occasions).We are curently playing out,and in the process of laying down a...