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#1 Unsigned Artist Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin (Indian Rocks Beach, FL)
  Plays: 1433
  Influences: LeAnn Rimes, Sara Evans
  Members: Maggie Austin
Artist info

Maggie Austin is a new artist whose vocals have won critical acclaim from artists and music industry executives. Her traditional country themes combined with a cutting edge delivery have made Maggie an innovative and ground breaking artist....

#2 Grand Harmonic.
Grand Harmonic. (Bromley, London, UK)
  Plays: 129 | Saves: 425
  Influences: Johnny Cash on acid
  Members: Nat B, Dan W, Narada, Dave...
Artist info

The music started with their dad who achieved chart success in the 60's with a band called "The Cheetahs". Successes included 2 Top 40 UK hits and NO 1's in 5 countries including Russia, Australia and Poland. They even appeared on the front cover...

#3 Unsigned Artist Lost Laika
Lost Laika (South West)
Artist info

Energetic and abrasive disco-grind/post hardcore band from the South West of England/Germany. directory of local bands Crash heavy disco beats, massive riffs, thumping bass and frenetic quadruple whispers/gurgles/howls/ethereal and gutteral vox...

#4 Nicky Dreams
Nicky Dreams (Strong Isle, New York)
  Plays: 835 | Saves: 2387
  Influences: Dreams, Nicky, Hot Box,...
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Www.soundclick.com/nickydreams What's really good. Let me know what's up. I been doin' this for years. I also do productions and it's not that whack (I wanna be a producer today) shit. But for real I need some feed back, I'm new to this web...

#5 Unsigned Artist Timmery
Timmery (Central Nebraska)
  Plays: 128
  Influences: Hootie, Tom Petty, Emmy Lou...
Artist info

Timmery started singing at an early age, in school and singing along with her dad's guitar playing. She didn't pick up a guitar herself until college. Once she did, she began writing music. Timmery began her "music career" at age 21 with local...

#6 Da Chief
Da Chief
  Plays: 178 | Saves: 696
Artist info

Da Chief is a North American rapper, writer and entrepreneur who was born in Methuen Massachusetts in 1976. At the age of 14 years old Da Chief started freestyle rapping with his brother in law who became his mentor. In 2000 Da Chief opened...

#7 Unsigned Artist Sonic Resistance Front
Sonic Resistance Front (Akron, Ohio)
  Influences: Every single thing I hear
No artist info

#8 Johnny Fever & The Frantics
Johnny Fever & The Frantics (Columbia, South Carolina)
  Plays: 625 | Saves: 1871
  Influences: green day, ramones, sex...
  Members: Johnny Fever, Carl Frantic,...
Artist info

Johnny Fever & The Frantics are a punk rock trio out of columbia, SC looking for a way to escape the torment of crappy screamo, whiney bitch bands all around, controlling the scene. They started rocking back in the winter of 2003, originally...

#9 Unsigned Artist MACK
  Influences: Nick Drake,Seasick...
  Members: Mack - vocals,guitars,slide...
Artist info

Hi!My name`s Mack and I`m a guy who records acoustic stuff at home..just want to share my music with y`all..I`ve recorded an album lately,called Inside Out...available for free download.....

#10 jason
jason (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  Plays: 2022 | Saves: 5797
  Influences: Jefferson Airplane, CSNY,...
  Members: Jason Woodruff
Artist info

I began writing songs in this style about 2 years ago. My earlier work, much like this current work, has largely been unheard - except by me. ...