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#1 Unsigned Artist R.E.V. Ali
R.E.V. Ali
  Influences: A Gospel Too Short
Artist info

R.E.V. Ali is from Los Angeles california, Baldwin Hills section. Ali was born January 18th 1971, to his mother Yvonne P.Orange. Ali's mother had a great collection of records, from Duke Ellington to Quincy Jones. Ali would act like he was one...

#2 Madison Courto
Madison Courto (Australia)
  Influences: Indie...
  Members: Madison Courto
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#3 Unsigned Artist Jimmie Wilson
Jimmie Wilson (Nashville, TN)
  Members: Jimmie Wilson
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Jimmie Wilson, being a young country singer/artist, has taken a different approach to the style of his career. He has a soft spot for children's foundations nationwide. Jimmie understands the medical difficulties which can arise from the birth of...

#4 TBN
TBN (DMV...)
  Plays: 322
  Influences: Music
  Members: Skito and TNT
Artist info

The Group TBN (The Breaking News) is formed by to Talented and creative artists by the names of Skito and TNT coming straight out of the DMV area with the ambition of making Great music if you have any inputs about our group or music please send...

#5 Unsigned Artist alon Darbiany
alon Darbiany
  Plays: 163
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Now in the army !

#6 9Lies
9Lies (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  Plays: 590 | Saves: 4642
  Influences: The Kooks, The Killers,...
  Members: Stevie Mann - Lyrics / Lead...
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The debut album by 9Lies has been given ...

#7 Unsigned Artist V'Lez
Artist info

V'Lez is dedicated to his musical career, He is constantly looking for ways to improve. He has been performing since the age of 12, and now he has set out to take on the music world. His objectives are to become one of the best emcees and one of...

#8 Rachel McGoye
Rachel McGoye (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 73
  Influences: Fiona Apple, Jack Johnson,...
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Who says quitters never win? After independently releasing her acoustic debut E.P., "What Day is It?" Rachel McGoye finally woke up and realized it was the day to quit waiting tables and become a full-time singer/songwriter. Five years in Los...

#9 Unsigned Artist Split 7th
Split 7th (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  Plays: 508 | Saves: 1093
  Influences: Punk Hardcore Garage Rock
  Members: Damian, Niko, Rodrigo, Phantom
Artist info

Comming Soon.... Visit http://www.split7music.fly.to

#10 LastPageFirst
LastPageFirst (New York)
  Plays: 4102 | Saves: 1400
  Influences: Candy
  Members: Jeremy, Nate, James, Mike
Artist info

Since they got together four years ago, this foursome from Rochester, NY may have gone from performing at skate parks and youth group events to opening for the likes of Juliana Theory and Bleach, but one thing is clear: making music is more than...