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#1 Unsigned Artist IGNORANTS?
  Plays: 12189 | Saves: 45471
  Influences: Agathocles, Disrupt, NYAB,...
  Members: Punkino, Markinho, Lumbriga...
Artist info

IGNORANTS?: one of the mendigo-core pioneers with members of the classic band CTM and that have the legendary vocalistguitarristbassistdrummercomposerlyricantimusicnihilistic Punkino Crusterror.

SONE (London)
  Plays: 86 | Saves: 630
  Influences: Something like a pneumatic...
  Members: Austin-Vocals, Robb-Bass,...
Artist info

SONE was born out of 4 like minded musicians, from opposite poles coming together with the same unbridled passion for the music they fused together in many a back street, London rehearsal room. Nod to the past - Although SONE has been simmering...

#3 Unsigned Artist edited
edited (Los Angeles/Copenhagen)
  Influences: Crosby, Stills & Nash,...
  Members: Mark Davis, Brett Perkins,...
Artist info

Drawing early comparisons to Crosby, Stills & Nash, 'edited' may well have three part harmony roots in the 70's California sound - but is lyrically and energically of the present day, with songs like Common Ground, Looking Back and Never Naked...

#4 Sophia Rock Band
Sophia Rock Band (Guarapuava, Paraná,...)
  Plays: 88 | Saves: 637
  Influences: Hard Rock
  Members: Daniele Krauz, Regi...
Artist info

The band Sophia would like to invite you to take part in our Odyssey. http://www.myspace.com/sophiarockband Sophia was born on July 2008, cherished by Daniele and Regi, soon charming Vinicius and Divo. And now we want to enchant you with...

#5 Unsigned Artist Harleqeen
Harleqeen (Sweden)
  Plays: 103 | Saves: 752
Artist info

Like us on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harleqeen/259430704617

#6 Blue Generation
Blue Generation (United Kingdom)
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Yvig
Yvig (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Plays: 213 | Saves: 1774
  Influences: pixies, White stripes,...
  Members: Lasse Thornström (guitar,...
Artist info

Started this summer. My heavy influence of Pixies are starting to wear of, wich I think is a good thing. A demo called: ps. destroy me is being distributed to interested (and other) parties. We try to be noisy and interesting while stripped of...

#8 Mafafi
Mafafi (Perth,scotland)
  Plays: 141
  Influences: The Exploited,Black...
  Members: 4
Artist info

We are a Old Skool Hardcore punk band from perth soctland ,we have been on the go since late 2005. WE are lookin 2 get singed 2 a label and do many tours.

#9 Unsigned Artist blahblah
  Plays: 359 | Saves: 1049
No artist info

#10 Ioannis Anastassakis
Ioannis Anastassakis (Greece)
  Plays: 63
Artist info

About Ioannis Anastassakis (www.ioannis.org) Born in the Greek island of Crete, Ioannis Anastassakis completed his Bachelor degree at the American College of Greece, and subsequently studied at the ...