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#1 Unsigned Artist BLACKOUT MAKE OUT
Artist info

San Francisco artist(s) producing tracks in a bedroom with acoustic (Larivee) and electric guitars (Fender Strat, Gibson Nighthawk, Gibson Flying V), a Ukulele from Hawaii, a micro korg synthesizer, a midi control, Protools and Reason on the daily.

#2 9th Awakening
9th Awakening (Sweden)
  Plays: 229 | Saves: 1662
  Influences: doom/gothic/BM/DM
  Members: Sorghrim
Artist info

9th Awakening is a one man band...at the moment. Started in March 2008. Songs dealing with sorrow/agony/life/death

#3 Unsigned Artist Severine Baron
Severine Baron (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 2041
  Members: Severine, hathor
Artist info

Http://www.sabolab.com http://www.myspace.com/severinebaron New album, DOGONET, available at the Itunes Music Store ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On January 9th 1979 the...

#4 Svetlana
Svetlana (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  Members: Svetlana Maksimova
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Mafafi
Mafafi (Perth,scotland)
  Plays: 141
  Influences: The Exploited,Black...
  Members: 4
Artist info

We are a Old Skool Hardcore punk band from perth soctland ,we have been on the go since late 2005. WE are lookin 2 get singed 2 a label and do many tours.

#6 My Final Hour
My Final Hour (Brisbane, Australia)
  Influences: Killswitch Enguage meets I...
  Members: Jake, Allan, Joe, Brad, Les
Artist info

My Final Hour begun in Febuary 2005 from the ashes of ImpressIonIsm, veteran Brisbane metal outfit. My Final hour's sound is made up of various metal bassed infulences such as the hardcore sounds of I Killed the Prom Queen, Killswitch Engauge, The...

#7 Unsigned Artist Pray for the Soul of Betty
Pray for the Soul of Betty (NYC)
  Influences: Audioslave,
  Members: Vocalist Constantine...
Artist info

PRAY FOR THE SOUL OF BETTY is the communal vision and passion of vocalist Constantine Maroulis, guitarist Joao Joya, bassist Taylor Pala, and drummer Hamboussi. Proudly touted as “NYC Homegrown Rock & Roll,” Betty’s all-original music is intense,...

#8 The Aesculpir
The Aesculpir (New Delhi, INDIA)
  Members: The Aesculpir
Artist info

The Aesculpir clinic is a state of art cosmetic clinic aiming to deliver a comprehensive solution to all your aesthetic problems under one roof. The clinic is...

#9 Unsigned Artist SPIKE IVORY
  Plays: 561 | Saves: 2529
  Influences: I WAS TOLD THAT IF BRUCE...
Artist info

What is Spike Ivory? The 50's brought us Do-Wop. The 60's brought us the Beatles and the British Invasion. The seventies began the eras of Progressive Rock and Punk Rock. The 80's brought us hair bands, ska bands and Ballad Rock. The 90's...

#10 J Harley
J Harley (London)
  Plays: 286 | Saves: 842
  Influences: Guns n Roses
Artist info

The Band Is Called "SHAME" Rock Jon heads this musical dynamo screaming into the 21st century with a passion and intensity to redefine "classic" rock. Partnered with Sally G equal parts angel and tiger flavor. We have the Ice Man James Creed on...