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#1 Unsigned Artist EYE Electronica Band
EYE Electronica Band
  Influences: Australian Electronica...
Artist info

www.EyeMusic.info : : : The distinctive style of Australia's EYE explores a wide range of music genres including: ...

#2 smick
smick (Weedblood...North Dakota)
  Plays: 248 | Saves: 3158
  Influences: Radio Werewolf,The...
  Members: thirteen...
Artist info

The skirl of noise is not what your hearing but what your fearing you might if you keep on listening to the decaying melodies that rumble on below the murky waters of dunts and thuds.

#3 Unsigned Artist Acid dads
Acid dads (uk)
  Plays: 834 | Saves: 2054
  Members: Noel Johnson & DJ pep.c
No artist info

#4 air command engineers
air command engineers (India)
Artist info

Air Command Engineers is an independent entity in the field of Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation.

#5 Unsigned Artist Android Ethic
Android Ethic (Eugene, OR)
  Plays: 1859 | Saves: 2527
  Influences: Radiohead, the Strokes, the...
  Members: Jonathan Moore, Todd Edman,...
Artist info

“Terrific lead vocal... impressive use of falsetto... (Android Ethic) are power popsters at heart... Sophisticated and hooky.” -TAXI A&R Listener ID # 30 "The quality of the writing and performances are high. (Android Ethic) have a great pop...

#6 R.U.E.
R.U.E. (Montreal)
  Plays: 110 | Saves: 1687
  Members: Psaï, Kenz, Zone & Epsi
Artist info

R.U.E. (qui signifie Real Urban Expression) est un groupe de 4 MCs tous de MTL: Psaï, Epsi, Zone & Kenz. Le groupe ce distingue par sa présence sur scène, ses paroles engagées ainsi que ces refrains mélodieux. Pour plus de tracks de R.U.E. et du...

#7 Unsigned Artist Materia Prima
Materia Prima (Pensacola, Florida)
  Plays: 191 | Saves: 1033
  Influences: Enslaved, Behemoth, Ulver
  Members: Rose Jackson - Vocals,...
Artist info

Voracious black metal, chthonian growls, tornadic poetry....From where the Shadow is thrown to the fire rises our creation. Materia Prima ...

#8 Sarafex
Sarafex (Birmingham)
  Plays: 5437 | Saves: 2412
  Influences: Pure Aural Sex
  Members: Luke
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Firepoint
Firepoint (Chorley, Lancashire)
  Plays: 114
  Members: 5
Artist info

Firepoint hail from Chorley in Lancashire and are passionate about creating the best rock music to be heard in the whole region. The original band started up 14 years ago. Ian (keys) and Paul (drums) have survived member changes and little old...

#10 mathew hill
mathew hill (elko nv)
  Plays: 443 | Saves: 1812
  Influences: christian rap
  Members: just me
Artist info

Im a christian rapper, i love god and jesus, like to fish and read the bible