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#1 Unsigned Artist PECK'S BAD BOY
  Influences: smashin pumpkins, pixies,...
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Formed in april 2004 in london, creating a stir around london venues with furious live performances.their songs combine beautifully dark themes with rock leaden attitude...watch this space

  Plays: 672
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|||| NEWS |||| NEXT GIG - The Vasity - 17 th Dec - Wolverhampton supporting Nigel Clark (ex Dodgy) THE GLEE CLUB ( BIRMINGHAM )- 1ST DEC //// NIGEL CLARK --- SUBWAY THE SUBWAY ARE A FOUR PIECE BAND...

#3 Unsigned Artist Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (south of Pittsburgh,PA)
  Plays: 2853 | Saves: 1697
  Influences: 80s hard rock/metal
  Members: Kat-vocals,...
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Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is Hard Rock south of Pittsburgh & straight in the middle of nowhere.We all derive our sound from one or more different influences,all of us are into the same stuff just a different ...

#4 Josh Dingman
Josh Dingman (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 140 | Saves: 490
  Influences: Very Original New artist...
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Josh Dingman former frontman of regional band Nila has went solo and is producing his own music and releasing samples online. He is currently unsigned but definately an artist to keep an eye out for. Sound ranges from ambient Pink Floyd to...

#5 Unsigned Artist hanney
hanney (Dundee, Scotland UK)
  Plays: 41
  Members: Brian, Janine,Paul, Jim,...
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Hanney are a 7 piece Electronic/Alternative band from Dundee in Scotland. Creatively, their sound is constantly evolving and is very difficult to pigeon hole into any specific genre as the band take an open minded approach towards the writing of...

#6 Anyma
Anyma (Chambly, Quebec, Canada)
  Plays: 1250 | Saves: 2079
  Influences: Enigma, Delerium, Enya,...
  Members: Ghislain Caya
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If the term ''renaissance man'' can be applied to any contemporary person, it might be attached to Ghislain Caya, born in Montreal in 1966. This French Canadian musician and artist has considerable experience with classical music and guitar. But...

#7 Unsigned Artist pergamum
  Plays: 263
  Influences: metalcore,progressive
  Members: Michael Alexander, Jason...
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From the Central Coast of New South Wales comes Australia's newest most exciting metal act Pergamum. With an average age of 17 to date, things are looking on the up more and more each day for this young quintet. Supporting and touring with...

#8 universeinreverse
universeinreverse (Michigan)
  Influences: all music is a influences
  Members: Travis,Edwin,Brett,Brad.
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Music is life, life is music for UIR...give us a chance and take the time to listen..we love all music..so if you like or don't.. we would like to know..thank you all for the feed back..

#9 Unsigned Artist ThebeastwithouttheA
ThebeastwithouttheA (Colorado Springs, CO)
  Plays: 399 | Saves: 556
  Influences: Tyga,Wale,Drake,Tupac,Biggie,
  Members: TheBeast
Artist info

This is Rylen aka TheBeastwithouttheA aka 719s Finest aka the reason your girl dont wanna date you anymore..whatever you wanna call me just realize whenever I spit on the mic I destroy whatever track Im on...still working on perfecting my...

#10 La Concorde
La Concorde (Malmö)
  Plays: 56 | Saves: 201
  Influences: Le Tigre, Surgerosa
  Members: DRUMS: Mauri, BASS: Jesper,...
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