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#1 Unsigned Artist Katuv
Katuv (Lexington, Kentucky)
  Influences: Messianic Music of Elisheva...
  Members: David Wirth: Keyboards, Low...
Artist info

Katuv, (pronounced "kahtoov" which is Hebrew for "written Biblical passage") blends Spiritual music with Christian Ethnic music styles. We have been worship leaders for over 20 years. Individually we have played in 3 different countries and in...

#2 Killabee
Killabee (Houston, Tx)
  Members: solo artist
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist mattbanx
mattbanx (Minnesota)
  Plays: 52
  Influences: I Like early new wave...
  Members: mattbanx
No artist info

#4 Sheldon Ens
Sheldon Ens (Abbotsford, BC)
  Plays: 2388 | Saves: 2383
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Pups
  Plays: 213 | Saves: 1295
Artist info

Owls inspire me

#6 The Cassandra Disease
The Cassandra Disease (Des Moines)
  Plays: 268
  Influences: everything
  Members: Matt Lemons, Brian Olson,...
Artist info

Based out of Des Moines, IA, The Cassandra Disease is a 6 piece metal outfit whose sole intention is to kick you in the teeth with a blast of heavy guitar riffs and gut wrentching vocals. Though still relatively new on the music scene, TCD has...

#7 Unsigned Artist WIPE AWAY
WIPE AWAY (Macedonia)
  Plays: 315 | Saves: 1959
  Influences: WIPE AWAY
  Members: Marina Petrushevska -...
Artist info

WIPE AWAY - DOWNLOAD LINK - www.zshare.net/download/163745075bb2f3ba/ go to MYSPACE http://myspace.com/wipeaway7

#8 FightOrFlight
FightOrFlight (Bath/Bristol)
  Plays: 171 | Saves: 871
  Influences: A7X, johnny truant, in flames
  Members: 5
Artist info

Started 2 years ago by the four original members, Fightorflight became known for there punk abilities. But getting annoyed with the constant comparisons with other bands FOF made there own style, hard, fast and heavy as Fuck. Now woth there...

#9 Unsigned Artist caffeine
No artist info

#10 Zola Day
Zola Day (Midlands)
  Plays: 314
  Influences: Relaxed World Infused...
  Members: Zola Day
Artist info

Relaxed World infused electronica, Dub vibes, instrumental overtones and contemporary beats. Combining a range of instruments and synths and featuring South African artists from Usuthu Theatre Company.