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#1 Unsigned Artist the vantangle
the vantangle (pembroke)
  Plays: 123 | Saves: 378
  Influences: radiohead, tragically hip,...
  Members: marc vantol, szymon janicki
Artist info

We just got together and started playing. this is the result. we hope you like

#2 Subster
Subster (Ludvika, Sweden)
  Plays: 151 | Saves: 461
  Influences: Millencolin, Weezer
  Members: 4
Artist info

We are a band from the middle of Sweden who have played together since the autumn of 2002.

#3 Unsigned Artist garry nodwell
garry nodwell (North West, England)
  Plays: 32931 | Saves: 7048
No artist info

#4 JaeL
JaeL (Florida)
  Plays: 420
  Influences: Nu Rock
  Members: Selina, Bianca, Scott, Boyd
Artist info

Having been standing at the top of the Australian music scene for the past three years, hard rockers Jael have their sights set on taking America by storm. With a performance that needs to be heard to be believed. Jael comes to America with...

#5 Unsigned Artist A Zit From Acne
A Zit From Acne (Hertford, England)
  Plays: 218 | Saves: 254
  Influences: Electronica/Indie...
  Members: Terry F Smith, Choppa T,...
Artist info

Eminating out of Hackney, now based near Hertford, AZFA is the brainchild and alter-ego of songwriter, designer, producer & musician Terry F Smith. He presents a can- and foot-tappingly-friendly mix of dubtronica, indie pop, retro, synthetic and...

#6 Coalition 27
Coalition 27 (Whittier / La...)
  Plays: 177 | Saves: 301
  Members: Andrew, Brett, Brian, Gabe,...
Artist info

Coalition 27 is a rock band from southern California. Their music can best be described as very original with a solid foundation of hard rock, yet with very evident undertones of blues, punk, and even a little funk. They released their first...

#7 Unsigned Artist Six Syllable Sin
Six Syllable Sin
No artist info

#8 Ricardio
Ricardio (Global)
  Influences: JD, Puffy, Teddy Riley,
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist The Hard Australian
The Hard Australian
  Plays: 5177
  Influences: Hardstyle
  Members: one
Artist info

Hey I'm Daniel a.k.a The Hard Australian at the moment Ive been making music for over 3 years i started to make it when i was about 13 I'm 16 now and becoming more advanced in my producing my genre is Hardstyle that's why i call myself The Hard...

#10 Oxyking
Oxyking (DFW, TX)
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Sublime,...
  Members: Austin Lee, Hunter Cannon,...
Artist info

We are upheld in the DFW suburb of Aubrey TX. Our Vocalist Austin Crews writes and performs what the true meaning of hardship is. Though we sound as if we are just writing material that deals with heartache and bitching about unfortunate **** that...