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#1 Unsigned Artist eversonpaladini
eversonpaladini (Brazil)
  Plays: 581 | Saves: 2349
Artist info

Www.eversonpaladini.com.br www.eversonpaladini.com.br/fm

#2 Gabbenni Amenassi
Gabbenni Amenassi (Russia)
  Plays: 1395 | Saves: 2919
  Influences: BreakCore, Drum and bass,...
  Members: i'm & cpu
Artist info

2010 Gabbenni Amenassi - Album as Janne Haze **** http://www.gabbenniamenassi.com/all-news/release/gabbenni-amenassi-album-as-janne-haze-****/ VA RusZUD # 13 2010 http://www.archive.org/download/rz_170/rz_170.zip Let's **** My Dub...

#3 Unsigned Artist It Varies
It Varies (Basingstoke, Hampshire,)
  Plays: 62
  Influences: Blink-182, Red Hot Chili's,...
  Members: Angus Vanderslott, Jack...
Artist info

It Varies, a Pop-Punk 5 peice bandformed in 2010. Since then, we've performed in over 8 different venues, including Basingstoke Live, a yearly free festival, with over 1,000 people watching us. We'vecome a long way for just 15/16 year olds. We...

#4 BaadAngel
BaadAngel (Lake of Fire,HELL ~...)
  Plays: 146
  Influences: Burnin' HOT...
  Members: d'ߪdg ...
Artist info

SOLO ARTIST~GUITAR cover parodies and some original tunes slime bag aggitator...kool in d'aire allahgator...HOT as a pistol... look out I might get mystical...swami slimasrascal...timelessly applied...mindlessly Effected....10000yrs truly...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Heavy Feathers
The Heavy Feathers
  Plays: 151 | Saves: 272
No artist info

#6 Naapkin
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Silent Shot
Silent Shot (North Hollywood,...)
  Plays: 37
  Influences: Pantera, Slayer, Hatebreed,...
  Members: Moses - George - Benjy - Ed
Artist info

From North Hollywood, California Silent Shot is a band fusing the sounds of yesterday and today's evolving metal into a unique empowering form. Started in 2008, the band has established a sound and performance like no other. The perfect balance...

#8 2 Noble
2 Noble (Oakland,CA 94619)
  Plays: 1468 | Saves: 3362
  Influences: New Style
  Members: B Wayne, P.V, JU
Artist info

2Noble" is a westcoast based rap trio, with an extremely different style for the rap game. The trio consist of P.V, JU, and BWayne who coincidentally stumbled upon their interest in rap music. The three artists form a team that is unmatched in the...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Four Fours
The Four Fours (Derby, UK)
  Plays: 62 | Saves: 523
  Members: Chris, Matt & Rich
Artist info

Matt, Chris & Rich were (at some point or other) part of math rock wonder band You ****. Their album Critical Meat sold out in Japan, making 100,000 Yen (about 500 quid). After the success of that, the guys decided to write some songs with words...

#10 A-Rell
A-Rell (San Diego To Tuc-Town)
  Plays: 905 | Saves: 735
  Members: Space Boy Click other half...
Artist info

I've been rappin' for almost 2 years now still haven't been noticed, but if you're on my page now thank you for dropping by and if you like the music please support me tell a friend or something. Leave me comments on my music please and don't...