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#1 Unsigned Artist Dont Fall Darling
Dont Fall Darling (Hicksville, New York)
  Influences: a post...
  Members: Grant Valentine/Kenny...
No artist info

#2 Red Red Lust
Red Red Lust (NWI)
  Plays: 1019 | Saves: 2567
  Influences: Cat Stevens, SOD, Yanni,...
  Members: Nick Napalm, Lou Cypher
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#3 Unsigned Artist BigJit239
BigJit239 (fort myers)
  Plays: 259 | Saves: 605
  Members: 1
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Stop dont pass me bye check me out got more music on the way leave a commit new song me my ...

#4 bugeyed starfish
bugeyed starfish (east london)
  Plays: 1676 | Saves: 4874
  Influences: bit of everything
  Members: 4
Artist info

Bugeyed are a four piece band from east London. Rob Mayor (vocals, guitar ), Paul Smith (guitar, backing vocals), Tony Mayor ( bass n backing vocals) Dave Weightman (drums). We do it just because we enjoy it. Influences are wide and diverse from...

#5 Unsigned Artist s kill zeta
s kill zeta (Youngstown, Ohio)
  Plays: 1640 | Saves: 2160
  Influences: Nas, Slick Rick, Eminem
  Members: S Kill Zeta
Artist info

Http://www.uniclique.com http://myspace.com/skillzeta

#6 Wrong Destiny
Wrong Destiny (Belgrade, Serbia)
  Plays: 290
  Influences: Therion, Nightwish,...
  Members: Aleksandar "Sasha"...
Artist info

Wrong Destiny is a metal-related project dreamed up and created by Aleksandar "Sasha" Tatomirovic. The songs available for listening here are from our debut EP - "Imperial Entrance". In May or June we are planning to start recording our debut...

#7 Unsigned Artist jean HATES john
jean HATES john (New York)
  Plays: 1329 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Guns N' Roses meets Motley...
  Members: April Jimenez, NERO,...
Artist info

Long Island, once known for its hard-rock original music scene, has been labeled of late as an emo breeding ground. A longing for the days of when music didn't whine and musicians acted like rock stars prompted five friends and diverse musicians...

  Influences: Original Material
  Members: TBA
Artist info

SESTATUS and PRIMETIME PRODUKTIONZ are promotions run by CHEENO, CHEENO Started his career as a DJ back in 94, Producing various underground UKG with his vocals. As his tracks got into circulation, CHEENO stepped down the tempo and started...

#9 Unsigned Artist Hysteria
Hysteria (Pontypool/Cwmbran,...)
  Influences: Metallica,Def Leppard
  Members: Chris-vox....Gareth-guitar....
Artist info

Formed in late 2004. Influenced by the likes of: Metallica,Nirvana,Def Leppard,Foo Fighters,Led Zeppelin,Linkin park,Offspring, Ateryu,Greenday,Dead Poetic,The Killers,Blink 182,Placebo,Oasis,The Clash, The Used,Boston,The Eagles,Reo...

#10 DA Legence
DA Legence (Akron)
  Plays: 166 | Saves: 515
  Influences: Hot Music
  Members: Nobull, Angie, Knoitall, J....
Artist info

Bio on www.geocities.com/adreyanmartin