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#1 Unsigned Artist Wicca Basket
Wicca Basket (Greenwood Lake, NY)
  Plays: 261 | Saves: 751
  Influences: Carnival in Coal, Fear...
  Members: Topher & Xander
Artist info

We are a 2 member band that does not perform live due to this fact. We create industrial-esk music and have since 2002. We try to experiment as well with out sound and have put out one demo so far "Exhumed Sounds of the Endtimes" and are working...

#2 The Velcro Secret
The Velcro Secret (Houston, TX USA)
  Plays: 474 | Saves: 1551
  Members: Russ Nolen - guitar,...
Artist info

Music with a heavy, funky, thrash, reggae, punk, stoner rock groove made by members of Kungphugryp, Evidence, Room 237, Handfullayella, and Frank Lee Strange. Visit us at thevelcrosecret.com

#3 Unsigned Artist Stephanie Roy
Stephanie Roy (New-Brunswick, Canada)
  Influences: Well, it sounds like just a...
Artist info

Stephanie's been in music from a very young age. She's been playing the piano since she was three, and singing before she could talk. Her insperation results from the fact that her God-father made it big in town as a recording artist, and a...

#4 The Tangent Twins
The Tangent Twins (Liverpool/Wirral)
  Plays: 264
  Influences: Pop. Alternative,
  Members: Steve Meadows & Keith Small
Artist info

The Tangent Twins, are writers & musicians, Steve Meadows & Keith Small. They first started to work together way back in 1992 at, The Ministry, Liverpool. Steve had been working at The Ministry under the guise of The Big Picture, which was...

#5 Unsigned Artist Daize Shayne
Daize Shayne (Costa Mesa, Ca)
  Plays: 1391 | Saves: 3031
  Influences: Early Alanis, Led Zep,...
  Members: Daize Shayne, Jimmy Paxson,...
Artist info

Two Time World Champion Longboard Surfer / Musucuan/ Model Ms. Daize Shayne: Music Completed 18 songs of a 14-song album Performer, Children of the Night Concert at the CBS lot, benefiting recovering prostitutes Headliner, concert for...

#6 Potential Difference
Potential Difference (Glasgow, Scotland)
  Influences: You Tell Us!
  Members: Stuart, Scott, Jason
Artist info

From Scotland, Potential Difference are a three piece blend of indie rock who write songs to sooth and move the public. On drums and percussion is Jason, on bass guitar is Scott and the lead singer and guitarist is Stuart

#7 Unsigned Artist The Philosophers Club
The Philosophers Club (Berkeley, California, USA)
  Plays: 203
  Influences: San Francisco Bay Area...
  Members: Curt Olsen, vocals &...
Artist info

I'm about to complete my second CD. Have a listen. I hope you like my songs. The stories and characters are composites drawn from my family history and from my ragged imagination.

#8 dj_bankknab
dj_bankknab (TORONTO)
Artist info


#9 Unsigned Artist Mushino
  Plays: 12252 | Saves: 10096
  Influences: Psyco Hippy Punk...
Artist info

I Love It Boom Boom Boom Boom Baaaarrrppp Bwap Bwap Baaarrrrp Bwop Bwop

#10 Inner Empire Ramblers
Inner Empire Ramblers (sykesville, MD)
  Plays: 521 | Saves: 2330
  Members: Danny Amburn, Brent Hamrick
Artist info

Right now, the band is mainly me and Brent, my bass player. The band is putting together more tunes, right now there are six songs on the internet, including this site. The songs will range from acoustic tunes to folk rock tunes done sometimes...