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#1 Unsigned Artist Zolid Ground
Zolid Ground (Denmark)
  Plays: 665 | Saves: 1865
  Influences: You tell me ????
  Members: Michael Halskov , Kenn Sand...
Artist info

Zolid Ground was formed in 2001 and has their base in Copenhagen, Denmark. After several replacements on the team, the band finally found its right composition in the beginning of 2004. The first product of this solid founded quartet is the demo...

#2 Casitas
Casitas (South West)
  Plays: 202
  Influences: Rock/Indie/Pop
  Members: Barney, Jamie, Felix, Jack...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Speakeasy
Speakeasy (Wirral)
  Plays: 1249 | Saves: 2262
  Influences: R.E.M., Easyworld
Artist info

Arising from the ashes of previous band Airborne (comprising 3 of the current band with a different singer), Speakeasy are a four-piece outfit from the Wirral. They combine explosive drumming, electric bass lines and powerful guitars with...

#4 Haircuts Ahoy
Haircuts Ahoy (Camden, London, England)
  Plays: 200 | Saves: 434
  Influences: Nick Cave, Peaches, Avenue...
  Members: Tom...
Artist info

ýber-hip London-based electro-folk outfit, formed in 2004. Their first single Jeanie Jeanie stormed the download charts in Brazil reaching number one for three weeks, at the expense of the great Madonna. The Band consists of Tom Starr-Marshall...

#5 Unsigned Artist Eye of Sound
Eye of Sound
  Plays: 962 | Saves: 1968
  Members: :: EoS - Producer / Mixer ::
Artist info

A little about myself... I grew up in the small town of Bonsall, Ca in sunny San Diego. Throughout my years growing up I learned that my taste in music was wide-ranged, but mostly consisted of Electronica. By the age of 7 I began playing on a...

#6 Dhul-Qarnayn
Dhul-Qarnayn (Bahrain)
  Influences: Black Metal
  Members: Learza (The one and ONLY...
Artist info

Formed in the shlums of Bahrain by Learza "Omar A." in 06 after the termination of former project Qeyamah (04-06), after he failed to find any worthy associates, after they were proven to be nothing more than God's sheep. Learza decided to take on...

#7 Unsigned Artist SDSaxMan
  Plays: 1081 | Saves: 2426
No artist info

CIXI (London, Essex, England)
  Plays: 570 | Saves: 588
  Influences: Trivium/All That...
  Members: Jim Macveigh- Vocals Aaron...
Artist info

CI-XI formed in 2003 because they thought that the english metal scene was fading out. They then decided to make a metal band that was a bit different....this genre has been named....the new wave of english metal \m/ note: jim is not on the...

#9 Unsigned Artist flash rock
flash rock
  Plays: 213 | Saves: 523
No artist info

#10 Amelia Swift
Amelia Swift (Leicester, United Kingdom)
Artist info

Amelia Swift has been writing for the online firm Assignment Mode for over 5 years now. She is the special way of dealing with writing projects so that they...