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#1 Unsigned Artist Dave Lowe and Paul Edge
Dave Lowe and Paul Edge
  Plays: 1423 | Saves: 2281
Artist info

Http://pauledgemusic.com Paul and Dave are not recording together at the moment, awaiting Dave to complete 2016 committments and availability of Paul Edge Music recording facility

#2 Velofax
Velofax (London)
  Members: Chris Wckrow -...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Switch
  Plays: 7152 | Saves: 4319
  Influences: Deep Lyrics with...
Artist info

Jesse Hudelson aka "Switch (The Poet)" is currently active, serving his country in the United States Army. "Switch" recently did a 12 1/2 Month tour in the combat ridden IRAQ (in O.I.F. 2 -- 2004-2005). Recieving the Army Commendation Medal...

#4 Alarms
  Plays: 1688 | Saves: 233
  Influences: Radiohead, Flaming Lips,...
  Members: Jack Morgan
Artist info

Name: Jack Morgan Age: 21 Contact: jackmorganj@googlemail.com 5 track EP download/cd copy available here: http://www.overplay.com/jackmorgan

#5 Unsigned Artist Fractured Existence
Fractured Existence (Richmond, Va.)
  Plays: 2395
  Influences: Black Sabbath, Trouble,...
  Members: Ken Hill, Bruce Bogad, Dave...
Artist info

WWW.fracturedexistence.com Fractured Existence was formed in 1988 by Ken Hill (Lead Guitar),Bruce Bogad (Rhythm Guitar) and Dave Ashworth (Bass). Armed with a revolving door of singers and drummers, the band played extensively...

#6 AMillionDrones
AMillionDrones (Lancaster, PA)
  Plays: 490 | Saves: 1077
  Influences: STP, Velvet Revolver, G N...
  Members: Alex Wiest, Gary Conahan,...
Artist info

A Million Drones was formed in November 2011 as a group of ex. metal band musicians looking to stray from the local metal scene and create something different. Former Twelve After members, lead vocalist Alex Wiest and lead guitar player Ashton...

#7 Unsigned Artist Purple Styx
Purple Styx (canvey island)
  Influences: a cool band haha !!
  Members: 3 john jordan gary
Artist info

Exploding from their caravan on Canvey Island the Purple Styx sound has more energy than a boisterous two year old on a red Smartie high. Their Punk/RnB/Rock fusion is guaranteed to make you want to put on your dancing trousers and groove. Fuelled...

#8 Ross Madderson
Ross Madderson (Warwick, The Midlands, UK)
  Plays: 594 | Saves: 300
  Members: Ross Madderson
Artist info

Just a quick little bit about me. Well, I live in Warwick, in the Midlands in England, and I'm currently studying Creative Writing at Winchester University. I have been playing guitar for about six years, and got cajoled into singing by an...

#9 Unsigned Artist banned gang virus
banned gang virus
  Plays: 16173 | Saves: 7897
Artist info

Do something different this year end, I don't know wot just do something else, please. ....Truth many times was lost before retrieval from the mire .....

#10 The Recovers
The Recovers
  Plays: 1361 | Saves: 2047
Artist info

Guitar player with bass and drums to make rockblues songs.