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#1 Unsigned Artist savium
savium (Aalborg, Denmark)
  Influences: Don Caballero, Tortoise,...
  Members: Claus Hansen
Artist info

Savium has changed name. Go to http://exemptfromgravity.com for more info.

#2 Crown
Crown (Denmark herning)
  Plays: 666 | Saves: 1107
  Influences: Electronica
  Members: Crown
Artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Xethahim
Xethahim (Oregon)
  Plays: 2155 | Saves: 3406
  Influences: Christian Hip hop
  Members: Seth Himebaugh
Artist info

Xethahim started rapping in the 4th grade. He is now 14 years old and in 9th grade at a christian high school. He's very strong spiritually. Different than most people because he's such a hard christian. But, everybody seems to love him as a...

#4 Big Rain
Big Rain (California)
  Plays: 241
  Members: Bruce Guynn, Peter Alamo,...
Artist info

Bruce Guynn and Peter Alamo started Big Rain as a duo in 1994 after meeting at a fitness center in their home town of Santa Cruz, California. After playing and writing in the studio for several months, they decided to take their new found vocal...

#5 Unsigned Artist Low Profile
Low Profile (Australia)
  Plays: 642 | Saves: 2688
  Influences: Neil Young, Creedence...
  Members: Phil Martin
Artist info

Rock, Country Rock, Blues or whatever else happens to come from this hick, living out existence in the backwaters of Australia.

#6 Ines Popp
Ines Popp (Wiesbaden)
  Members: Ines Popp
Artist info

My working references: -event reporting for a small newspaper -dj promotion -artist & producer and others from the musicbiz pool care & data maintenance -put together articles from a part of an assortment in stock for record stores and...

#7 Unsigned Artist Rich Millett
Rich Millett (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  Plays: 184 | Saves: 771
  Influences: Melodic, lyrical, hooky,...
  Members: Rich Millett, Tim Cohan,...
Artist info

From childhood laughs in tree houses and parks too numerous to fathom to the days of adulthood, Rich has weaved his way through the endless parade that is existence with a smile and a song. He's done the recordings, the live shows, the rest...and,...

#8 cage9
cage9 (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1059 | Saves: 1099
  Influences: Incubus, Foo Fighters, APC
  Members: Evan Rocaniche (guitars,...
Artist info

The U.S. gave Panama the Canal and now they are returning the favor with Cage9. The three-piece grew up in Panama listening to Incubus, Foo Fighters and Metallica. Now based in L.A., Cage9 delivers a solid wall of melodic hard rock, laden with...

#9 Unsigned Artist Aalister
Aalister (West Palm Beach, FL)
  Plays: 304 | Saves: 1043
Artist info

From South Florida comes singer/songwriter Aalister,. Aalister's music reflects life, love and hope, This pop singer has many influences from dance, rock and top40 genres to make up his unique sound. " Grab Your Ticket" is the second single for...

#10 Excessive Ego
Excessive Ego (San Diego)
  Influences: NOFX, Sum 41, Green Day,...
  Members: Jimmy, JJ & Alex
Artist info

We are a punk pop band that just started up in december 2008. We have been focusing on only original songs. Our first 2 songs now are available on iTunes, and hope to record full album soon. We have 3 upcoming shows around San Diego, CA. Check us...