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#1 Unsigned Artist Feeling The Way
Feeling The Way (Russia)
  Influences: Celldweller, The Unguided,...
  Members: 4
Artist info

Former and leader of Feeling The Way, Paul Leont'ev is russian multi-instrement musician. He started as a singer when he was 15, than as a bassman and a composer in his first band ("Atrium of Fire" formed in 2005), Paul wrote more 200 music...

#2 Gloate
Gloate (Amsterdam)
  Plays: 58 | Saves: 141
  Influences: Incubus, Coldplay, Keane,...
  Members: Shugga, Shane Michael Todd,...
Artist info

Gloate is a project by well-recognized producer Shugga, from Europe. This is home studio recording, so expect a indie-like sound, the NEW ALBUM goes on sale 12-12-07, and until then we will keep uploading new songs and progress here, and hope...

#3 Unsigned Artist Rov
Rov (NJ)
  Influences: dance, Hip hop
  Members: Rovie & Rovin
No artist info

#4 Naked in Black
Naked in Black (Maidenhead, UK)
  Plays: 500 | Saves: 428
  Influences: Foo Fighters, AFI, Feeder,...
  Members: Dan Hipkin, Luke Roberts,...
Artist info

***GIGS FOR DECEMBER/JANUARY 2005/2006*** December 15th - Purple Turtle, Camden January 4th - Ampfarm, Alexandra Pub, Penge Check out the new EP's at www.nakedinblack.co.uk Also Maidenhead gigs coming up in late February, and early March....

#5 Unsigned Artist mogo shop
mogo shop (istanbul)
  Plays: 1040 | Saves: 868
No artist info

#6 Lennox
Lennox (Tha Land)
  Plays: 536 | Saves: 1030
  Influences: Miles davis,Shawn...
Artist info

'From a illustrious Past, brings an even Brighter Future". Lennox's 4th LP titled "Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose" be assured this album will hit the North Coast by strom with production from Ally AL, Dutch Schultz, HBK, S-CLASS, 6th Finga...

#7 Unsigned Artist Brave New Storm
Brave New Storm (Sheffield)
  Influences: The Jezables A Fine Frenzy
  Members: Siobhan Bligh- Vocals and...
Artist info

With a combination of guitars, stunning violin and cello, backed by a perfect rhythm session, Brave New Storm are set to get you thinking, moving and feeling. By combining atmospheric post rock and stripped down folk, Brave New Storm are a band...

#8 Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs (New Hampshire)
  Plays: 295 | Saves: 1115
  Influences: The Working Title,...
  Members: Dave Gundry, Brian Burgess
Artist info

We call ourselves Daddy Long Legs. You should too. Download our 6 song EP 'King Of The Blue Charade' for free at our website! www.daddylonglegsband.com

#9 Unsigned Artist Jester
Jester (tampa,fl)
  Plays: 752
  Members: jester
Artist info

Jester originally hails from Shelbyville,TN with some times of his life spent living in IL, which is where he got into being a sound-man for some of the local bands in the area. A short time later, he decided he wanted to be a musician, and see...

#10 The Dead Rabbits
The Dead Rabbits (Wichita, KS)
  Plays: 140 | Saves: 1046
  Members: Brian (lead vocals & bass),...
Artist info

So it's just Chris and I right now, but we're looking for a drummer and maybe another guitarist. We're working on some serious songs that hopefully we'll get put up soon. Hope you all enjoy our music.