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#1 Unsigned Artist Glasspack
Glasspack (Southern Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 3357 | Saves: 2496
  Influences: Blues, Country, and Rock...
  Members: Mark Southcott, George...
Artist info

Glasspack is a group of song writers/musicians, who through an amazing and wonderful set of circumstances came together and are now in the process of recording their second cd. They play a wide range of music as each song writer has his own style....

#2 MC-Turnip
MC-Turnip (Dover)
  Plays: 4617 | Saves: 3440
  Influences: nasty
  Members: MC-Turnip,Jimmeee
Artist info

Turnip came, saw, then kicked ****

#3 Unsigned Artist No More Heroes
No More Heroes (Warminster UK)
  Influences: Blink 182, home grown
  Members: Kieran Thomas-drums, Nafe...
Artist info

No more heroes are a punk rock band from Warminster. 3 guys brought together from high musical intelligence and great sex appeal. YEAH FUCKIN RIGHT!! Alex and nath met through a mutual friend who was forming a 'metal' band, later Alex and Nath got...

#4 ProRata
ProRata (Basildon, Essex)
  Influences: Indie/Pop/Rock
  Members: Ant, Sam, Dale, Wayne
Artist info

ProRata are a four piece indie/alternative outfit, based in Basildon, Essex. The band formed in 2006 with a vision to create original, energetic and very catchy songs, which could easily be translated into a great live show. The early song writing...

#5 Unsigned Artist Grupo Melodias
Grupo Melodias (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Influences: India, Marc Anthony, Monchy...
  Members: Mari-vocals, Gisi-vocals,...
No artist info

#6 edited
edited (Los Angeles/Copenhagen)
  Influences: Crosby, Stills & Nash,...
  Members: Mark Davis, Brett Perkins,...
Artist info

Drawing early comparisons to Crosby, Stills & Nash, 'edited' may well have three part harmony roots in the 70's California sound - but is lyrically and energically of the present day, with songs like Common Ground, Looking Back and Never Naked...

#7 Unsigned Artist Mike Krum
Mike Krum (Brooklyn, NY)
  Plays: 308 | Saves: 1056
  Influences: Green Day, Foo Fighters,...
  Members: Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar:...
Artist info

During his formative years, self-taught songwriter/musician Mike Krum listened to music more than he played it. But with the radio dial locked on 92.7 WLIR for most of his youth, the fire within was sparked by the likes of The Police, The Bogmen,...

#8 Eka the mad samplist
Eka the mad samplist (Arnhem, the Netherlands)
  Plays: 94 | Saves: 595
  Members: Eka the mad samplist
Artist info

Mad samplist productions

#9 Unsigned Artist Fluff Tongue
Fluff Tongue (Swansea, Wales, U.K.)
  Influences: too many to mention
  Members: Ben milner Guitar/Vox, Jay...
Artist info

There are many types of sound in the world; loud, quiet, sudden and not so sudden, sharp, flat and piercing. And of the many sounds there are, a ringing phone was the one that would be the first of many. From the carcass of Welsh Prog punk...

#10 oaksowe sxunqame
oaksowe sxunqame (Dublin)
  Influences: Ambient
Artist info

"Oaksowe Sxunqame" is a space moniker of earlier known "Aleksej Project", a musician from the deeply unknown scene of Riga's underground, currently located in Dublin, Ireland, studying jazz and cinema. You could sometimes meet him live playing...