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#1 Unsigned Artist Big Rich
Big Rich (Kansas City, Missouri)
  Influences: nobody else
Artist info

Richard Fasching, aka boy rich, first discovered his talent at a young age. since 2003 he has been taking rap to the next level and has grown more in recent weeks. soon to be releasing an album which the title has not been released, boy rich...

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GS-JJ e-commerce website is our latest venture in our effort to offer our quality products and service directly to Designer and end users. U.S.A.: Los Angeles Office address: 20829 Valley Blvd. Walnut, CA 91789 Canada: Vancouver Office address:...

#3 Unsigned Artist Aamu
Aamu (Oulu, Finland)
  Plays: 1614 | Saves: 3134
  Influences: Tweaker, Boxhead Ensamble,...
  Members: [TJM]
Artist info

A one man band on a journey to explore electronic industrial music, fusing in a component from here and there. Works include digitally infused rock tracks, chilling downtempo, and morbid ambient. More information is available at ...

#4 rapcore collective
rapcore collective (Holland)
  Plays: 83 | Saves: 993
  Influences: Rage against the machine,...
  Members: Martial Mouse, STEENkoud,...
Artist info

The Rapcore Collectief (Collective) is a Dutch collective formed by bands who are inspired by bands such as Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit and Urban Dance Squad. All bands are playing the same genre but they don't sound a like at all. The...

#5 Unsigned Artist Valorie Ford
Valorie Ford
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Doing Essay Drafts What is the best way to start writing an essay? How do you overcome writer's block? What are some tips from ...

  Plays: 690 | Saves: 1025
  Influences: RAP
  Members: 1
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DISKO.....STARTED RAPPIN IN BOUT 2006....WAS A PART OF THE GROUP CALLED..S.I.E...with 3 close partna's.DESI...BEJORN...DIRTY RED....after a brief incarceration of 6 months then serving 6 more months on house arrest..DISKO decided to take the music...

#7 Unsigned Artist gm.paterson
gm.paterson (ontario canada)
  Plays: 394 | Saves: 1561
  Influences: elvis nickleback queen
  Members: gm.paterson and daren...
Artist info

GM Paterson is a Highway Rock Artist,Trucker/ Singer/Songwriter,. GM writes all his own songs. GM was born in Manitoulin Island Ontario and was raised in Sudbury Ontario now lives in Hamilton Ontario. He is a father to one boy named Mitch and he...

  Plays: 1889 | Saves: 1
Artist info

Holy Hustla is an unparalleled Gospel Rap Artist that has a unique blend of lyrical content which will have everyone world wide Bouncing 4 Him!! His album "The Gospel According To Rap" has a diverse essence of hardcore hip hop beats to...

#9 Unsigned Artist yan advaita
yan advaita (Köln)
  Plays: 159 | Saves: 698
  Influences: new generation
Artist info

Single fighter for his dream,with help from his friends,who believe him, he try to go his own way.

#10 Dakor
Dakor (Toledo)
  Plays: 109 | Saves: 510
  Members: Dakor
Artist info

NAME OF ARTIST: DAKOR STYLE OF MUSIC: Rap, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, HISTORY(BIO): David "Dakor" Johnson was born November 25th 1984.He grew up in Ohio.Living in and around Toledo,Ohio all his life.He Loves music,always has,and since ten years old...