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#1 Unsigned Artist Raze
Raze (New Orleans, Louisiana...)
  Influences: Young Jeezy
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#2 The Donner Party
The Donner Party (Glenpool, Oklahoma)
  Influences: Michael Myers watching...
  Members: Words: Anonymous, Guitar:...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Banjo Goiter
Banjo Goiter (Wakefield, MA, USA)
  Plays: 82
  Influences: Tool, Alice in Chains, Days...
  Members: Joseph Newman, Brandon...
Artist info

Banjo Goiter began as a bedroom-based three piece in January of 2010. After recruiting a bass player, they migrated to a basement and began writing their first EP in earnest. The nearly finished EP titled 'No Comprende' (6 of the 7 tracks are...

#4 Clockwork Radio
Clockwork Radio (Wales, UK)
  Plays: 76 | Saves: 334
  Influences: Queen, The Cure, Blink, Foo...
  Members: 2
Artist info

Coming Soon...Please Visit www.MySpace.com/Clockworkradio For More Info And To Listen To the Single LOST. ...

#5 Unsigned Artist Vic New of Tha SlaughtaHouze
Vic New of Tha SlaughtaHouze (Houston, Texas)
  Plays: 1486 | Saves: 1208
  Members: Dre Bucannon, Supa Jay,...
Artist info

To find out more bout tha Boss of SlaughtaHouze jump on tha official Vic New myspace page.... www.myspace.com/newmaninc www.myspace.com/vicnewkenley www.jamwave.com/vicnew and see exclusive pictures of ya boy on xtube.com

#6 Rated R
Rated R
  Members: two
Artist info

A man poet/rapper who was born in Trenton New Jersey whos music is shaped by his expression of joy and pride

#7 Unsigned Artist Rapturebeats
Rapturebeats (North Carolina)
  Plays: 849 | Saves: 1237
  Influences: Lecrae, Trip Lee, Lunie 3:80
No artist info

#8 Bloodscrubbed
Bloodscrubbed (Detroit,Michigan)
  Plays: 3266 | Saves: 4755
  Members: Peter Minetola, beaux,...
Artist info

From the orginal punk scene in Detroit,out of those dusty ashes,you have....Bloodscrubbed,a Christian Alternative band. New poetry in Motion....soundscapes.....and next up our long awaited....CD.....

#9 Unsigned Artist James Miller Band
James Miller Band (New York)
  Plays: 63
  Influences: Vampire Weekend, Kings of...
  Members: Eric Justvig, Katie...
Artist info

James Miller Band Available On iTunes, Amazon is largely influenced by the Beatles and records mostly as a one man band with a little help from his friends...Miller has performed, written and recorded over 100 songs in the NYC metro area for over...

#10 Splinter Zone
Splinter Zone
  Influences: Metal
No artist info