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#1 Unsigned Artist Nicolej Brink
Nicolej Brink (Denmark)
  Plays: 1162
Artist info

Visit me at www.myspace.com/nicolejbrink for more info and updates.

#2 Flask
Flask (chelmsford)
  Influences: Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Queen,...
  Members: Simon Elms, Richard Bennet,...
Artist info

Who are Flask? What are they about? Where have you been? Flask formed in 2003. Their first gig was at The Twist in Colchester in the winter of that year, it went down well and they have since been appearing there on a regular basis....

#3 Unsigned Artist Adlai Waxman
Adlai Waxman (Toronto/Nashville)
  Plays: 62
  Influences: Joe Jackson, Ben Folds,...
  Members: Adlai Waxman
Artist info

WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING: “Waxman's melodic sensibilities instantly channel the stylings of Randy Newman, Steely Dan or Joe Jackson filtered through a mature Ben Folds” • Toronto Metro “the melodies are wistfully sweet, Waxman’s voice...

#4 Rude Street Peters
Rude Street Peters (Knoxville , Tennessee)
  Plays: 2960 | Saves: 3155
  Influences: Hank Williams & The Ramones
  Members: Mike Mull: vocals / Steve...
Artist info

The Peters make punk rock like it was invented right here in Vestal. These self effacing East Tennesseans' Sex Pistols-caliber anti-reverence is Kissed with a Rush of Zeppelin and dresses out in Skynard strums that rarely sound dated or...

#5 Unsigned Artist Johnny Go Boom Boom
Johnny Go Boom Boom (Manchester)
  Plays: 808
  Influences: Johnny Go Boom Boom (we...
  Members: Rob (lead guitar and...
Artist info

3 peice rocking Punk/Rock/Emo band that have been together for 2-3 years but only just started playin our own material. About to record for the first time this summer so keep a look out for when we get them on the site. We've played several gigs...

#6 Sinn
Sinn (Paris France)
  Plays: 166 | Saves: 861
  Influences: Grip Inc
  Members: Ben, Olive, Vinz
Artist info

SINN was formed in 1998. Benoit (guitar) and Olivier (drums) got together with Jose (vocal) and Manu (bass) to start a new musical experiment. Immediately, the band began writing originals and soon were ready to record. SINN entered Time Studio...

#7 Unsigned Artist Kayesacoustic
Kayesacoustic (Norway)
  Plays: 836 | Saves: 1635
  Influences: Acoustic
  Members: Kris
Artist info

Kris started to focus on acoustic ideas after playing in different bands for the last 8 years or so. (Chronic Vibes and Griptones) The acoustic recordings are done at home for the moment but will hopefully be recorded in a studio after a while....

#8 Utopian Trap
Utopian Trap (Santa Clara, California)
  Influences: Dream Theater, Metallica,...
  Members: Vocals - James, Drums -...
Artist info

Utopian Trap is a progressive metal band from San Francisco Bay Area. The band morphed from a project called Fiction, founded in 2005 by their guitarists Chandra and Vinod. The band spent most of 2009 recording and producing the album Fiction...

#9 Unsigned Artist raVen
raVen (ESVA)
  Plays: 224 | Saves: 2112
  Influences: Experimental Noise/Gothic
Artist info

RaVen is a bass guitarist from Virginia, who while getting tired of forming a band, took his music into his own hands and recorded an experimental noise demo. As time goes on, he is perfecting his technique and playing style, and is adding more...

#10 Wrong Destiny
Wrong Destiny (Belgrade, Serbia)
  Plays: 290
  Influences: Therion, Nightwish,...
  Members: Aleksandar "Sasha"...
Artist info

Wrong Destiny is a metal-related project dreamed up and created by Aleksandar "Sasha" Tatomirovic. The songs available for listening here are from our debut EP - "Imperial Entrance". In May or June we are planning to start recording our debut...