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#1 Unsigned Artist Atrio
Atrio (Essex)
  Plays: 982 | Saves: 2470
  Influences: Inme Bullet For My Valentine
  Members: Rob (Guitar / Vocals), Sam...
Artist info

Www.atrio-online.co.uk or www.myspace.com/atrio ATRIO are a young three piece Rock band from Essex, UK. They formed in 2004 and immediately gelled in their outlook on Rock music and in their ability to write original songs and naturally play off...

#2 Stephen Vaux
Stephen Vaux (Wilson, NY)
  Plays: 250 | Saves: 932
  Influences: Green Day, The Foo...
  Members: Stephen Vaux, David Poyfair
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Encounter
Encounter (Vancouver, B.C.)
  Plays: 883 | Saves: 1845
  Members: Travis Klassen, Brandee...
Artist info

Encounter is a passionate team of worshippers with a heart to lead people into the throne room of God through our worship. We believe that as we begin to worship God, His presence fills the place and we can have an exciting, intimate encounter...

#4 Murde In Monochrome
Murde In Monochrome (London)
  Plays: 172 | Saves: 582
  Influences: Muse
  Members: Tom Potts, Nathan Cable,...
Artist info

Although not fitting in with the current 'back to basics rock 'n' roll' scene, Murder in Monochrome's music is the culmination of many years of development and their powerful and unique style could well play a part in the inevitable reaction to...

#5 Unsigned Artist Noble Brats
Noble Brats (Israel)
  Plays: 239 | Saves: 955
  Members: Yaniv Peleg - vocals; Rami...
Artist info

Influenced by a variety of Iconic alternative-rock bands such as "Pixies", "Smashing- Pumpkins" and "sonic-youth", bands they grew up listening to and that made them want to put an emotional-creative mark of their own in the music universe, the...

#6 The Upper Room Disciples
The Upper Room Disciples (Manila, Philippines)
  Influences: Nightwish
  Members: Arman (Bass), Denis...
Artist info

Right now we're starting our compositions, for anything else here's our email theupperroomdisciples@yahoo.com

#7 Unsigned Artist KTOE
KTOE (Conyers/Covington)
  Plays: 244 | Saves: 685
  Influences: Instrumental
  Members: Kevin and Robbie
Artist info

Kevin and I have been jammin' for about twenty years. With a hiatus during my personal experiences ( divorce,etc...). Here's a few songs we have recorded in the past.

#8 Ante Meridian
Ante Meridian (Colne, Near Manchester)
  Plays: 108 | Saves: 469
  Influences: Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili...
  Members: Dan Thomas(Vox), Joe...
Artist info

Hi, We are Ante Meridian, Ante Meridian has been around for about 2 yrs but have changed various members mainly singers, But we have the line-up of the band we are happy with now and we feel we are making the best music to date!! We have 5 members...

#9 Unsigned Artist Afferent
Afferent (Yonkers, NY)
  Plays: 2341 | Saves: 2805
  Influences: Taking Back Sunday,...
  Members: John, Andrew, Nick, Joe
Artist info

Afferent began in the summer of 2003 as a small acoustic project between two friends: John (vocals/guitar) and Andrew (guitar/backing vocals). After a few months of writing acoustic songs the two decided they needed to expand the sound. In...

RELIC (San Francisco, California)
  Plays: 143
  Influences: King Crimson, Yes, Peter...
  Members: Duke Ueda, Alvek II, Sir...
Artist info

San Francisco based band RELIC performs in full Medieval armor. Relic's music can be categorized as progressive art rock, which in written reviews often is compared to Pink Floyd, early Genesis and Yes, King Crimson, Gong and Dream Theater.