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#1 Unsigned Artist A Vision In Grey
A Vision In Grey (Eugene, OR)
  Influences: Blindside, Deftones, Haste...
  Members: Kendal Adams, Jason...
Artist info

“A Vision In Grey [has] amazing energy. This young and talented post hardcore style group will definitely mature into a kick*** band to be reckoned with.” -DL, Rock 97.9 KNRQ. A Vision In Grey has a passion for heavy, driven music. Kendal...

#2 Super Super Crayons
Super Super Crayons (Wickerlsey)
  Plays: 949 | Saves: 4196
  Influences: Erm alot of things we dont...
  Members: Jim Boot, James Eyre
Artist info

It all started back in 2001 where I (Jim) fell for nirvana as most youngsters do, i eventually picked up a guitar along with my best friend who bought a bass, we formed a band knowing how much fun it could be, unfortunately we were not very good...

#3 Unsigned Artist X Unit 17
X Unit 17 (Buffalo, NY)
  Plays: 375 | Saves: 1066
  Influences: Your SNES on steriods
  Members: Sylvester D. (Goten X)
Artist info

X Unit 17 is the efforts of Sylvester (Goten X) (From Buffalo, NY) to cover and bring you the great VG music that you know and love. Some is done live, while some is computerized, but it all of is VG music goodness.

#4 Sonicoustics
Sonicoustics (Pensacola Florida (850))
  Plays: 97
Artist info

Sonicoustics: production duo Psy Fidelity & Code-E-Keyz representing Florida to Hawaii. For more info Contact me at Sonicousticbeats@gmail.com

#5 Unsigned Artist djaycunningtiger
djaycunningtiger (London)
  Plays: 8923 | Saves: 870
  Influences: Dance
  Members: Independent
Artist info

Music maker/rapper/producer/songwriter from London. If you ...

#6 Hangface
Hangface (Norway)
  Plays: 71
  Members: Bjornar, Daggi, Hogne, Tom,...
Artist info

HANGFACE (Norway) is a solid, cohesive act - hometown friends who exude a shared passion for good rock music, deliver vividly colorful melodies into textural hard rock, giving new meaning, substance and depth to what is being played today on the...

#7 Unsigned Artist Social Square
Social Square (Paris, France)
  Plays: 901 | Saves: 1771
  Influences: indie noisy rock
Artist info

Band founded at Christmas 2005. We're a three piece based in Paris, France. Although we could be from many other places. Like Glasgow, or Bordeaux. We enjoy loud songs that carry a melody nevertheless. But they need to be loud.

#8 Outer Lane
Outer Lane (Philippines)
  Plays: 134 | Saves: 777
  Influences: Alternative - Experimental
  Members: Drummer - Paolo Marquez,...
Artist info

Band Members Drummer - Paolo Marquez Guitars - Jennard Venzuela & Rj Rivera Bass - Mhack Oriendo Vocals - Rhomalyn Buban Location: Philippines Please Do Tell Your Friends About Us Thanks!^_^ Other Websites Facebook:...

#9 Unsigned Artist Sound Theory
Sound Theory (El Paso)
  Plays: 442 | Saves: 2410
  Influences: Sound Theory
  Members: Danny, Adrian, Dirk, Nick
Artist info

Since 2001, the Sound Theory team remains dedicated to creating, perfecting and bringing to you the most original and innovative music available in the Southwest United States... Check out our website ...

#10 unclejohnny
unclejohnny (Halifax UK)
  Plays: 202 | Saves: 3394
  Influences: Unclejohnny
  Members: Martin Gardiner, Dani Bleu,...
Artist info

Surrounded by the detritus of human existance piled in untidy steaming heaps, Unclejohnny sits eating Fray bentos steak and kidney pie with a piece of celery as a spoon. Broken equipment, magazines and newspapers. Left over scraps of carboot...