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#1 Unsigned Artist DJAZUK
DJAZUK (Colchester Essex UK)
  Plays: 2574 | Saves: 2346
  Influences: trance techno house garage...
  Members: DJ AZ
Artist info

Im a dj and producer from the uk ive been dj'n for 13 years on and off and i now own with my other half lady dva a radio station streamline fm which is on the net ive been producing music for 8 years now produced 16 albums 2 compilations and...

  Plays: 1178 | Saves: 732
  Influences: MYSELF
  Members: djdeewreck
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#3 Unsigned Artist Cantarte
Cantarte (Teesside)
  Plays: 74 | Saves: 293
  Influences: Muse, Heavy rock with a...
  Members: Andrew Knights (Vocals +...
Artist info

Cantarte are a Middlesbrough based 4-piece rock band, creating a grungy sound with a slight electronic edge www.cantarte.co.uk

#4 The Waiting List
The Waiting List (KC)
  Influences: the pretenders meets death cab
  Members: jenny carr :vocals/guitar,...
Artist info

Must see. must hear. can't wait! http://www.myspace.com/thewaitinglist

#5 Unsigned Artist Certain Satellites
Certain Satellites (Lake Charles, LA)
  Plays: 84 | Saves: 612
  Influences: New Wave, Post-Punk,...
  Members: Stephan...
Artist info

Drawing inspiration from Shoegaze and New-Wave music, Certain Satellites have brought an unfamiliar sound to their small hometown of Lake Charles, LA, with a common ambition to become like a well-loved Lifetime movie...only with synthesizers. This...

#6 Dov Ben-Yakov
Dov Ben-Yakov (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  Plays: 956 | Saves: 5336
  Influences: ????
  Members: Cujo A. Hora
Artist info

Formed as a new project - I got a little tired of the lack of creative freedom within trance and progressive music. so this is my way of getting some ideas out, and maybe be able to continue making trance.

#7 Unsigned Artist Dark Sovereign
Dark Sovereign (Johannesburg, South...)
  Plays: 585 | Saves: 3351
  Members: Peter Heger - Vocals,...
Artist info

A 5-piece Metal band based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Incorporating various styles of metal with classical influence to create a fast-paced, aggressive sound. Visit our other pages: www.darksovereign.co.za...

#8 Emperor State
Emperor State (Leicester)
  Influences: Coldplay, Muse, Supergrass
  Members: Loz, Pete, Aaron.
Artist info

Emperor State is a three-piece band which came into existence in July 2003. The band's sound has developed since inception into a blend of each member's musical tates united by a common core of influences. The songs that ensue are an ensemble of...

#9 Unsigned Artist Razerain
Razerain (Krasnodar, Russia)
  Members: Roman...
Artist info

The Razerain band, was organized in autumn 2006, in big Russian city - Krasnodar by two people Roman "SpekterX" and Alex "Faton", later Sergey "Snake" was joined to the band. The music style of Razerain is Neocore(Modern Metal style), this is...

#10 DH
DH (Baltimore MD)
  Influences: Hip- Hop
Artist info

WHATS UP my name is D , I am a Producer out of Baltimore Maryland. My official website is : http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=568965