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Jim Burgess

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Jim Burgess
Jim Burgess Bio:

The latest solo artist releasing his first material as a singer/songwriter. He is 22 yrs and has been writing songs for 11 yrs. In the past he has played in different bands and performed hundreds of gigs all over the UK. Before his band splitting last year he has supported many artists. The likes of The Bluetones, The Ordinary Boys, John Power (Ex- The La`s & Cast) British Sea Power, Kasabian and many more. The band had been in talks with many major record labels including Sony, universal & Virgin. The band recorded their last single at Depot Studios, London. The same room where blur had recorded for their self-titled album. The band split and the single never got released.
Now even stronger and in full control of the songwriting & production process, he introduces his material with a unique style capturing different emotions of the working class citizen. The track ‘Get Back In Ya Cadillac’ is quite mellow sounding, but capturing energy and anger. Lyrically, this song is frustrated with the situation of being looked down upon by people who wish to advertise their wealth. Track 2 ‘I like you Girl’ has a more grungy feel, but not falling into the ‘Seattle category’ It has a great sense of English roots. ‘Ghost Rider’ The last track on the single was recorded live with no other production. What you hear is what you get! The more gritty side with Jims powerful voice expressing raw emotion. This song shows a different side of this epic songwriter.
With tons of unrecorded classic tracks, Jim has great promise for the future.

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