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Testimonial » Rose Reiter «
“Unsigned-Band web has been a door-opener for me in so many ways: Firstly, from a business perspective, it's a great opportunity for me to pre-release my material and honestly see what type of charting my songs get - This helps me determine what genre and what type of placement I can expect with other radio stations.  Secondly, it's made up of a fantastic community of like-minded and talented artists - many of which offer real insight into the music as well as tips and discussion on the music biz in general.  Thirdly, my own Artist page offers another respectable venue for audience members to view and listen to my material.  In case you haven't noticed - check out their web traffic stats- you'll see how much web traffic and membership has grown in the last year alone!  I'm on many sites around the world, but this is one of the few I've really seen results from!”

- RR
Pro Member since March ‘05
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