Testimonial » Ghotti «
“After checking out a bunch of online music sites we chose UBW and were Not disappointed.  The site is easy to navigate and attracts a lot of listeners (We've had over 3800 folks listen to our tracks since we joined).  The artists menu is easy to work, uploading tracks and artwork is quick and simple and the statistics give you an accurate picture of who's listening and when (We started using UBW as our “Multimedia” link straight from our own website).  Oh yeah - and the forums are packed with like minded folk who'll give you real honest reviews - Not just blow smoke up your arse or rinse you out of petty whatever.  I recommend UBW to any band or musician looking to gain a web presence or refine and define themselves in good company.”

H - Lead singer Ghotti
Pro Member since Dec ‘04

Testimonial » Buffalo Son «
“UBW has helped expand my fan base from friends and family to a small cult of crazies.  I've received some great feedback from a very involved community of musicians.  I also don't think I've ever come across a music site with a more involved staff of moderators. Keep it up, ya'll.”

Buffalo Son
Pro Member since Sept ‘04

Testimonial » WitcherCreek «
“The UBW offers the musician and listener a site to post their songs and listen to some of the most talented unsigned bands and artists on the planet!  The site is easy to navigate and the staff and moderators are always ready to offer assistance if you need help with anything.  The site is packed with fun features and a forum that is active almost 24/7.  New members are always welcomed and made part of the “family” from their first post.  The UBW is a great place to be and all you'll ever need.”
Steve (mittins) Erie, PA.
Pro Member since Apr ‘05

Testimonial » Rose Reiter «
“Unsigned-Band web has been a door-opener for me in so many ways: Firstly, from a business perspective, it's a great opportunity for me to pre-release my material and honestly see what type of charting my songs get - This helps me determine what genre and what type of placement I can expect with other radio stations.  Secondly, it's made up of a fantastic community of like-minded and talented artists - many of which offer real insight into the music as well as tips and discussion on the music biz in general.  Thirdly, my own Artist page offers another respectable venue for audience members to view and listen to my material.  In case you haven't noticed - check out their web traffic stats- you'll see how much web traffic and membership has grown in the last year alone!  I'm on many sites around the world, but this is one of the few I've really seen results from!”

- RR
Pro Member since March ‘05

Testimonial » Lincoln Colm «
“The Unsigned Band Web has the greatest community of musicians that I have ever come across.  I have found everyone to be very friendly and supportive.  It is a place where you can post your original compositions and receive excellent constructive feedback from superb musicians that live all over the world.   My own personal songwriting has improved drastically since I first joined UBW.  However, it's Not just the community that make's UBW so extraordinary!  The design of the website in general is beautiful but straight forward, allowing anyone to navigate through the site with ease, which is always a smooth ride.  The moderators have always been frighteningly quick when responding to any questions that may pop up.  I have found my home...”
Lincoln Colm
Basic Member since March ‘05

Testimonial » Amandine Ferrari «
“I found Unsigned Band Web really just at a perfect time for me!!!  I'm so bad with technology, and wouldn't have a clue how to get something to help me as an unsigned “artist” (hopefully i'm something like it-).  Everything was missing to help for my promo, no website, no contacts, nobody to advise me....and like a miracle, unsigned band web gave me all that!!!!  The team is so helpfull!!!  You wouldn't believe how many times I got stuck for any little thing!!!  They've been so patient, friendly, and made me feel comfortable!!!  It's helping me also to communicate with records labels, that might be only me but I had the feeling that giving them the link to my page before sending a demo (that they would just leave on a pile) was easier, as it seems quicker and easier maybe just to click on the link and check straight away if they're wasting time or not.  It's helping me at the moment, some took the time to listen, answer, I'm still not signed but that's not what matters, I'm having a few opportunities that could give me what I'm looking for.  I just can't wait to have more time and full access to the internet to use this site for different things.  There are so many bands and artists I wanna listen to, and with that forum meeting new people, it's just so great that we don't need to wait to get sign to be heard!!!!”

Amandine Ferrari
Basic Member since March ‘05