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#1 Unsigned Artist Repose
Repose (Toronto)
  Members: Jason Greenberg
Artist info

Repose is Chill electronica music textures and ambiences; evolving mellow mood induced instrumental music by Jason Greenberg and various collaborators

#2 Shane Willard
Shane Willard
  Plays: 2934 | Saves: 7223
  Influences: Smashing Pumpkins,...
  Members: Shane Willard
Artist info

Reset The World ...

#3 Unsigned Artist DJ_Llen
DJ_Llen (NY)
  Plays: 946 | Saves: 1454
Artist info

This is a new chapter for me. Dont want to judge myself, but i think i hit that level and well...i need to showcase my work. so here i am. check some of my songs out. coments are always welcomed.

#4 Deadlock
Deadlock (Kiruna, Sweden)
  Plays: 206 | Saves: 496
  Influences: Thrash / Hardcore metal
  Members: Hannu, Pesker, Emil, Black...
Artist info

Called TRIGGERED, released a couple of demos and played a lot live. Visit http://www.triggered.nu for more information. Or http://www.myspace.com/triggeredswe

#5 Unsigned Artist Andrew Yake
Andrew Yake
  Plays: 648 | Saves: 971
  Influences: Jars of Clay/Staind
Artist info

I have been told my sound is close to that of Jars of Clay and Staind. I take both of those to be a complement. I love making music and performing it. Unfortunately being in the Military I don\'t get to do either of those very often. Every...

  Influences: THIS IS A NEW SOUND IN HIP...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Pneumonia
Pneumonia (Spring Hill, FL)
  Influences: Grandaddy, Deerhunter,...
  Members: Brandon Kersey
Artist info

What is music? To me it's a bridge to our emotions, it helps us express ourselves and our feelings. I started creating music in a passion of extreme boredom and burst of creativity in the hopes that people would be able to enjoy the songs I make....

#8 The Overthrow
The Overthrow (Indiana, PA)
  Plays: 54 | Saves: 207
  Influences: Nirvana, The Replacements
  Members: Kalin (lead vox/guitar),...
Artist info

The Overthrow is a 3 piece rock band from the Altoona, Pennsylvania area. It was started in 2004 by brothers Kalin and Braden McDannell. The duo played to whoever would listen with whoever wanted to jam with them. In 2006, they joined up with...

#9 Unsigned Artist Adaken Scoffs
Adaken Scoffs (VA Beach, VA)
  Plays: 1186 | Saves: 12
Artist info

Rate the songs so i can know what your feeling....peace love and musik! LAGGTT SOUNDS ''AND THEN WILL BE LAGGTT''

#10 Trastorno Demencial
Trastorno Demencial (Cantabria, Spain)
  Plays: 19
  Influences: Green Day, The Clash, Black...
  Members: Vic Cicerou, Aitor Diaz
No artist info