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#1 Unsigned Artist rabbit with a habbit
rabbit with a habbit (usa)
  Plays: 366
  Members: michael apollo rob presson...
Artist info

Various musician changes playing different styles of rock been around since 1987 always changing on this site are a few songs from previous releases

#2 C-LO
C-LO (Austin,Tx)
  Influences: Drake, Lil Wayne, Big Sean,...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Gag Order
Gag Order (Chicago)
  Plays: 194 | Saves: 880
  Influences: Metric, LCD Soundsystem,...
  Members: Elaine Davis, Rick...
Artist info

Formed in 2010, Gag Order is New Wave, Dance Punk inspired alternative pop. Elaine's dark lyrics and melodic voice play well against her electro-punk synth vibes, Rick's driving guitar and the unique rhythm section of Andy and Grant. Their first...

#4 LuLuJones
LuLuJones (Somerset)
  Plays: 2448 | Saves: 484
  Members: Lewis
Artist info

I'm Young, in fact just teen and write stuff, the song at the moment is live. feedback would be nice. thanks.

#5 Unsigned Artist Eldon Cloud
Eldon Cloud (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 555 | Saves: 2112
  Members: Eldon Cloud
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Search up Eldon Cloud on YouTube to hear my songs and watch my videos. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=eldon+cloud&aq=f

#6 Crimson Crow
Crimson Crow (Finland)
  Plays: 192
  Influences: Black Sabbath, Bon Jovi,...
  Members: Sakari - Vocals, Verne -...
Artist info

Crimson Crow is a hard rock band from Finland. Band was founded in 2007 but faced many line-up changes and with current line-up it has been active since spring 2011. Music of Crimson Crow combines elements from 70’s and 80’s hard rock and...

#7 Unsigned Artist GSP
GSP (Kingman, Arizona)
  Plays: 349 | Saves: 700
  Influences: ,creed,default,12...
  Members: Tommy"Imperfection" Perez
Artist info

My music has evolved from a alternative sound to a mix of hard rock and hipHop. I have a passion for both styles and never limit myself to one type of genre. I write what I feel and strive to make music people enjoy. I'm not chasing any record...

#8 The Wheals
The Wheals (Pittsburgh)
  Plays: 56 | Saves: 210
  Influences: The Band, The Beatles, Bob...
  Members: Joe Piacquadio, Brad...
Artist info

The Wheals are an original rock and roll band who transcend a genre specific definition. Elements of reggae, gospel, folk, rock and country illustrate the band's sound. The Wheals bring a high energy live show that displays refreshing originality...

#9 Unsigned Artist monostream
monostream (israel)
  Plays: 203 | Saves: 372
  Influences: led zepplin guns and roses
  Members: Omri , ido , adam ,maayan...
No artist info

#10 Black Marilyn Monroe
Black Marilyn Monroe (Sacramento, CA)
  Plays: 544 | Saves: 1296
Artist info

Rap Artist & r&b music writer