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#1 Unsigned Artist Table 9
Table 9 (Queensland Ausralia)
  Influences: AFI, NoFx and Good...
  Members: Kirra - Guitar, Azza -...
Artist info

WE NEED A DRUMMER!! IF YOU LIVE IN OUR AREA AND PLAY DRUMS PLEASE CONTACT ME! http://table9.batcave.net We (table 9) are a punk band from Warwick Queensland Australia made up by Kirralee (guitar), Scott (bass) and Arianna (vocals and...

#2 Jari Ylamaki
Jari Ylamaki (Helsinki)
  Plays: 618
  Influences: Jean Michel Jarre,...
Artist info

Jari was born A.D. 1970 in Finland. He has been involved in composing music since early 90’s. His first exposure to composing music came with experimenting with the Kawai WK50 which was developed in late 90’s PC-based music started to...

#3 Unsigned Artist Building The Cathedral
Building The Cathedral (Finland)
  Plays: 384
  Influences: Robert fripp, brian eno,...
  Members: Wrath Racasan
Artist info

For most of my life I have lived in an area dedicated to heavy industry of one kind or another, mines, steel mills, wire factorys and the trains on which I used to work. So the sound of metal screaming crashing, banging, sometimes being destroyed...

GEORGE7 (watford england)
  Plays: 466 | Saves: 2249
  Influences: various styles honestly
  Members: just me
Artist info

Hello and welcome to my page . my music is all sample based as my main passion is arranging. i am creating more of my own samples as i go along . iv'e had a pc for about two years now and had never used one previously. so it has been quite a...

#5 Unsigned Artist ErieLake Musicollage ltd.
ErieLake Musicollage ltd. (Se Michigan)
  Plays: 25 | Saves: 218
  Influences: all the great michigan...
  Members: MATCHES
Artist info

MATCHES is a former 1970's Detroit area frontman, a contemporary of IGGY POP, ALICE COOPER, RON TYNER, RUSTY DAY, SUZY QUATRO, etc. - he has been exhumed from deep retirement and emerges with a new vibe in hand. produced now by ErieLake ...

#6 the name
the name (South Elmsall, West...)
  Plays: 1232 | Saves: 2790
  Influences: Anything from Oasis to...
  Members: Paul Curtis-Harper
Artist info

Put in place after the untimely demise of Long Addiction in 2003, .the name: originally consisted of Paul Curtis-Harper and fellow former Long Addiction member Adam Yates to write, record and hopefully tour the material around Yorkshire and...

#7 Unsigned Artist Rich Oades
Rich Oades (Birmingham)
  Members: Rich Oades
No artist info

#8 Damozel
Damozel (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 65
  Influences: Michael Jackson, Bobby...
  Members: Lisa, Tasha, Tish, Brandy
Artist info

The name comes from the French “demoiselle,” meaning “young lady.” Makes sense, given that the four lavishly talented members of Damozel are true ladies through and through. Lisa, Tasha, Tish, & Brandy have all the required poise and...

#9 Unsigned Artist Matter of Fate
Matter of Fate (Zagreb, Croatia)
  Members: Damodar Niksic, Tomislav...
Artist info

Matter of Fate is Croatian band feat. son and father project. Son Damodar is 18, he is lead vocalist, lead guitar player on Gibson RD Artist, arranger and producer of the songs. Father Tomislav is 38, he is back vocalist, bass guitar player,...

#10 Mersey
Mersey (Melbourne)
  Plays: 82 | Saves: 298
  Influences: Rock
  Members: 4
Artist info

After the end of One Step Ahead, Shaun Tennii and Chris Weinlich finished school and set out to start another band. They recruited long time friend Mr Alvaro and after a long line of drummers they found Tyler. Mersey are currently playing shows...