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#1 Unsigned Artist Sorrowful Winds
Sorrowful Winds (Finland)
  Plays: 729 | Saves: 1077
  Influences: Depression
  Members: W.
Artist info

Band was formed in 2010 and first track came out very fast. http://www.sorrowfulwinds.webs.com/index.html Split with Depressio Aeterna OUT NOW.

  Plays: 2 | Saves: 1039
  Influences: PRINCE,AL GREEN,SLY...
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GNYUS(pronounced gen-i-ous) is a fresh,emerging musical genious.He presently resides in both Atlanta,Georgia and Englewood California.Watch as he makes a major impact in the music,entertainment and fashion industries.GNYUS is single,dark and...

#3 Unsigned Artist Necropolis
Necropolis (Morecambe)
  Influences: nothing youve ever heard,...
  Members: Claire (vocals), Josh...
Artist info

Necropolis return with a new guitarist and new songs to break stereotypes and deliver quality music, music that encapsulates what i believe rock and roll to be truly about...an expression by the artists and for the crowd, fun you can move your...

PUSH PULL (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  Plays: 60
  Influences: Cold Play, AAW, Paramore,...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist 50in15
50in15 (Geneva)
  Plays: 68 | Saves: 315
  Members: Fabrizio Cavalca
Artist info

Born in 1965 in Neuchatel, Switzerland,Fabrizio Cavalca, pianist (conservatoire de Lyon), designer (Institut Europeen du design),composer; hearing an image, contemplating a sound, he opens a new approach ... Electronic sounds in the era of time...

#6 Lorchestre de roche
Lorchestre de roche (Bucharest / Romania)
  Plays: 237 | Saves: 1391
  Influences: Electronica / Live /...
  Members: Mc Bean // Brutus // Kani...
Artist info

Our music combines the digital sound made by samplers and virtual instruments with the classical analog sound of guitar , drums and bass , in the end we have an hybrid music between the electro music produced by Dj's with an contemporany elektro-...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Skeksis
The Skeksis
  Plays: 147 | Saves: 921
No artist info

#8 The Chauceriin
The Chauceriin
  Plays: 724 | Saves: 1441
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist CPOL
CPOL (https://www.facebook.c...)
  Plays: 27 | Saves: 215
  Influences: Melvin Winans, Gerald...
  Members: Bradley Rountree
Artist info

HeartWritings Ephesians 5:19-20  in the Bible reads...(Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord...

#10 RCA Miles High
RCA Miles High (760, CA)
  Plays: 782 | Saves: 1278
Artist info

Independent MC/Producer CEO of Salvation Records ...