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#1 Unsigned Artist Critical Down
Critical Down (Azle, Texas)
  Plays: 176 | Saves: 317
  Influences: Alt. Indie, rock,...
Artist info

I have done studio work for 15 years, and decided to do it for me for a bit.....just for fun!....here it is...

#2 Steve Bartolotta
Steve Bartolotta
  Plays: 70 | Saves: 388
  Influences: Crowded House, Toad the Wet...
Artist info

I'm Steve Bartolotta from Rochester, New York. Today music is my career. As the composer for Markethold Productions, I write, record and produce original music scores for radio, tv, video and film. Not too long ago I engineered a session that...

#3 Unsigned Artist DAN JOSE
DAN JOSE (Brooklyn, New York)
  Influences: Kanye West, The Roots, Lupe...
Artist info

Im a multi talented person, a rapper, photographer, graphic artist, producer, and alot more. Im was born in st lucia but im more american than anything. My music is not something you've heard before but I hope everyone can enjoy it.

#4 Alex Rhyan
Alex Rhyan (Arizona USA)
  Plays: 63
  Influences: Jason Mraz, DeGraw, Mayer
Artist info

Singer/songwriter Alex Rhyan grew up loving music and dance but basketball was his main focus until he hit his teens when he wrote two songs for a talent show and never looked back. Basketball became secondary as his life took on a new...

#5 Unsigned Artist Common Man
Common Man (St. Louis)
  Plays: 201 | Saves: 15
  Influences: something different
  Members: Ces White
Artist info

"As common as a cold, more passionate than the fruit I'm coming to save a soul, show sacrament to the youth. Through truth and eauphemisms, for educated decisions I'm gonna share Gospel through rips, rhymes, and rhythm." ::PRAISE::

#6 Leisurama
Leisurama (London, UK)
  Members: Stu, Jez, Dan, Lara and Tom
Artist info

Formed in early 2010 following an email conversation between Stu and Jez. Stu recruited his old mate Dan on guitar and found both Tom and Lara on the internet (it is amazing what you can buy on ebay!). Leisurama are currently writing their musical...

#7 Unsigned Artist Rise To Fall
Rise To Fall (The Valley of...)
  Plays: 204 | Saves: 607
  Influences: The Hungarian Elk during...
  Members: Ol\' Chawley - Vocs,...
Artist info

A Melodic style with a Mctwist of ChAz\" rIsE\" Yobtaf\" and Thumper\" Aggressive but not hardcore, Groovie but not Disco, Emotional but not EMO!!! You all want to know our influences but it depends on what you mean? There are several Bands we all...

#8 Moist Vagina
Moist Vagina (Castelfiorentino (Fi)...)
  Influences: Radiohead, Nirvana ecc.
  Members: Francesco Falorni (vocals...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist this familiar smile
this familiar smile (East Ayrshire, South...)
  Plays: 9048 | Saves: 6359
  Influences: mmm. a bit of Coheed and...
  Members: 5
Artist info

Hi there, we are a 4 piece post/hardcore band from Cumnock, East Ayrshire in South West Scotland. The band consists of: David Samson - Vox & guitar. Chris King - guitar. Mark Whitelaw - bass. Darren Smith - drums & backing vox. Neil Mills -...

#10 Andre Tyrone
Andre Tyrone (Atl, Ga)
  Influences: Anthony Hamilton, Avant,...
  Members: Andre Tyrone
No artist info