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#1 Unsigned Artist Undergraduate Lyricists
Undergraduate Lyricists (Orlando)
  Influences: A New Era
  Members: Dell(U.L Ceo and Founder),...
No artist info

#2 The Peach Kings
The Peach Kings (California, Austin)
  Influences: Gypsiedelic/Blues/Soul/Funk
  Members: Paige Wood and Steven...
Artist info

We are The Peach Kings and we want to spread our jam to happy people around the world. Born out of a Bay Area San Fransisco-Berkeley-Capricorn connection, Paige "Peaches" Wood (vocals and guitar) and Steven "Kingston" Trezevant (guitar)...

#3 Unsigned Artist Metal Retardation
Metal Retardation (Pennsauken, NJ)
  Plays: 626
  Influences: Saint Anthony's Fire,...
  Members: Steve, Jim, Miltos
Artist info

Metal Retardation is a bunch of guys who get drunk and high and make really good heavy music. Hear more at www.myspace.com/metalretardation

#4 Assault Squad
Assault Squad (Sydney, Australia)
Artist info

Welcome to the profile page of streetpunk band Assault Squad. Formed in early 2007, Assault Squad combine an angry blend of Punk, Hardcore, Oi! and Hard Rock. Check out the official Assault Squad website at ...

#5 Unsigned Artist Feliciano/Sandoval Band
Feliciano/Sandoval Band
  Plays: 2270 | Saves: 3681
  Influences: Israel & New Breed, Maroon 5
Artist info

FELICIANO/SANDOVAL BAND a brand new, original project led by Vocalist Raul Feliciano and guitarist Jean Sandoval. FELICIANO/SANDOVAL BAND have been laying down the groove for a few months and have made a tremendous impact in the Connecticut, New...

#6 Sodom�s Child
Sodom�s Child
  Members: gone
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist svs
svs (denmark)
  Influences: placebo, bush, radiohead
  Members: 4
Artist info

Formed in Denmark in the fall of 2003, and played their first gig together in dec 2003. Since then they have played over 20 shows in Denmark, Germany and England. Their debut album "we are all the same" has just been released in Denmark. visit...

#8 CJ Khamsin
CJ Khamsin
  Plays: 8 | Saves: 716
Artist info

Beginning musician from Russia My promo-tracks: http://promodj.com/khamsin My last track: http://www.rhapsody.com/artist/cj-khamsin/album/your-choice/track/your-choice https://www.7digital.com/artist/cj-khamsin Other compositions:...

#9 Unsigned Artist Sami de Valera
Sami de Valera (Nottingham, UK)
  Plays: 245 | Saves: 2244
  Influences: Styles P, Jadakiss, SAS/...
Artist info

Biography Sami de Valera is a 21 year old rapper/producer/song writer from Nottingham, UK. He started rapping at the Russell Youth Club, St Anns, Nottingham where local rappers would come along and ryhme, put on shows and kill it. Big Trev (Out...

#10 Freedom All
Freedom All (Manchester, England)
  Plays: 335 | Saves: 1279
  Influences: Capdown,NOFX,Rancid,Howards...
  Members: Tom Wright, Dan Cox and Kev...
Artist info

Freedom All are a three piece Ska-Punk band from England. Formed in 2004. We've got Tom on lead guitar, Dan on lead vocals + bass and Kev on Drums and backing vocals. We're currently waiting on a saxophonist who hopfuly will shortly be joining the...