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#1 Unsigned Artist Ezequielized Odyssey
Ezequielized Odyssey (Napa, CA)
  Plays: 102 | Saves: 440
  Influences: 50 Cent, Run DMC, LL Cool...
  Members: Grand 3, Odyssey & Pong, O.T.D
Artist info

Ezequielized Odyssey is a North Bay Mexican rapper also known as Ezequielized Odyssey, O.D.Y., Ezequielized, E.O., E. Odyssey, and Odyssey Devo Year. Juan Ezequiel Cisneros is born in September 22nd 1994 in Le Piedad Michoacan, Mexico and his...

#2 Toxic Pulse
Toxic Pulse
  Plays: 5227 | Saves: 6677
  Influences: Many Genre's
Artist info

To advertise with me contact manager niasla2@yahoo.co.uk Music is a power thang We are now Toxic Pulse Music NOT ust T - P

#3 Unsigned Artist Simian Child
Simian Child (brooklyn)
  Plays: 144 | Saves: 120
  Influences: kanye West, nas, Rhakim
  Members: simian
Artist info

Attention all hip-hop lovers and truth seekers! What is it that you crave? Is it banging beats with catchy punch lines and witty choruses? Or do you prefer something melon, that’s thought provoking, but caters to the mood of your appetite?...

HYJINX (Long Island, New York)
  Influences: Bitchin' pop rock with...
  Members: Bryce, Bunce, Matt, Pat,...
Artist info

Debuted in May of 2001, the Long Island based Pop/Funk/Rock head turning sensation HyJinX, like most bands, has been through lineup changes, style changes, and fan base changes until finally settling on a style and group of friends that has a...

#5 Unsigned Artist abbott station
abbott station
  Plays: 264
  Members: Damon Johnston, Carrie...
Artist info

Abbott station is an up and coming new country music group, made up to brother and sister, Damon Johnston and Carrie Alexander. We�re trying to bring something fresh to country music�siblings who not only blend soulful voices with outstanding...

#6 Karl McCann
Karl McCann (Liverpool, UK)
  Influences: silverchair, flight of the...
Artist info

K.mccann is a singer/songwriter born and based in liverpool uk. he has supported acts like scouting for girls and apartment and performed in liverpools largest venues and across the uk. he sings and writes songs about relationships, travelling,...

#7 Unsigned Artist Carrots in the Middle East
Carrots in the Middle East (Hamilton Ontario)
  Influences: All kinds of music put...
  Members: Marissa Owen, Alex Emery,...
Artist info

Carrots in the Middle East or CITME, was originally the name of a Movie which Members Ryan Snowdon and Alex Emery created with the help of Marissa Owen and Greg Godek on Camera. In the Movie a metal band called the Carrots needed to gain publicity...

#8 Azzinrho
  Plays: 12377 | Saves: 2170
  Influences: Michael he gone now sad really
Artist info

I haven't done much music recently as I've been playing poker. You can join my private poker club for Home Games online. If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home...

#9 Unsigned Artist Rich Davey
Rich Davey (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 322 | Saves: 942
  Influences: Wagon Christ, Super Furry...
Artist info

I started out as an indie kid, then got myself some drum machines and noise boxes to add some breaks and odd sounds to bits I was working on.

#10 Tobin Brown
Tobin Brown (Virginia, USA)
  Plays: 408 | Saves: 1353
  Influences: Counting Crowes, Jack...
Artist info

It's just me...and a few friends. Hi - I'm Tobin. I write and sing songs. Most of my songs are written with the acoustic guitar and then other instruments are added. I tend to write songs with a story or background. I think it's important to...