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#1 Unsigned Artist Tim Harty
Tim Harty (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 342 | Saves: 1120
  Members: Tim Harty
Artist info

TheTimHartyBand was sparked by a one-in-a-million chance meeting at a concert in Hollywood between Tim Harty and drummer Craig Haney. Both attended high school together in Cleveland, OH and hadn't seen each other in over 6 years! After much...

#2 Laconic
  Plays: 1135 | Saves: 2296
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist BLACKPRINCE
  Plays: 512 | Saves: 821
No artist info

#4 Mornin Wood
Mornin Wood
  Plays: 565 | Saves: 1585
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Downward
Downward (Dallas, TX.)
  Members: Brant - v., Darren - g.,...
No artist info

#6 Boy #9 and The Caribou
Boy #9 and The Caribou (Orting)
  Influences: Sweet melodies mixed with a...
  Members: Jake Schurmann
Artist info

Well it all started when I got my first acoustic guitar. Then just escalated from there.

#7 Unsigned Artist E-Kay
  Plays: 83
  Influences: kanye west, ludacris, young...
  Members: E-Kay
Artist info

Rising Icon E-Kay is one of the most unique artists to come from the South. With music influenced by many forms of music, this new and fresh sound for the club and radio is that of a DJ's dreams. Young and eager, this artist continues to stand...

#8 Gregg Hoops
Gregg Hoops (Killeen Texas)
  Plays: 109 | Saves: 363
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Ian Gallagher
Ian Gallagher (New Jersey)
Artist info

Ian Gallagher Band Singer Band based in New Jersey Currently gigging and available for Private Parties, Festivals and any event requiring a Celtic touch.

#10 Tone-G
  Plays: 282 | Saves: 1566
Artist info

Young Tone was born in the woods east of Wisconsin. Abandoned by his human parents as an infant he was raised by kind hearted wolves until he was 2 (14 in human years). Popa Wolf built him his first guitar and from there Tone was hooked....