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#1 Unsigned Artist G Boy
G Boy (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 170 | Saves: 403
  Influences: N/A
Artist info

G Boy has had an interest in music since a child. During the early months of 1998 G Boy began writing music and in 2002 he began his journey to success. G Boy is surrounded by a talented family whom has claimed both Platinum & Gold Status in both...

#2 Benjamin Wylie
Benjamin Wylie (Australia)
  Influences: Radiohead, Skrillex, Four...
  Members: Benjamin Wylie
Artist info

Benjamin Wylie (Born 25th, July 1989 in Dublin, Ireland) is an electronic music producer and a singer songwriter. Raised in Frankston, Australia, Wylie created the 4 piece rock band “Slayain” in 2005 with longtime collaborator Sebastian Paez....

#3 Unsigned Artist FULLeBLUNT
  Plays: 150 | Saves: 547
  Influences: The Voice of the Voiceless
Artist info

FULLeBLUNT - MESSAGE MUSIC the raw, uncomplicated, uncensored and complete truth in the form of music! The spirit of revolution is alive and kicking in the shape of FULLeBLUNT: straight outta south London. This is MESSAGE MUSIC a style...

#4 Out Of Ottesen (Germany)
Out Of Ottesen (Germany) (Paderborn Germany)
  Plays: 485 | Saves: 714
  Members: M.Pain - Vox D. Junker -...
Artist info

After many years of playing together, Someday reached a high point of their carrier, But just when things were looking up, their singer left. Dominik Junker, Joern Schumacher, Tim Rustemeier, and Matthius Gorny, set out to find a replacement,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Geneva
Geneva (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
  Plays: 41 | Saves: 198
  Influences: Sum41, Good Сharlotte,...
  Members: Stacy (vocal), Dim...
Artist info

Geneva in the present composition has existed since the summer of 2008. Friends (Stacy-vosal, Dim-guitar, Nick-bass and Tim-drums) came together to write music that people would be interested in the far outside of St. Petersburg and even Russia....

#6 Nicolej Brink
Nicolej Brink (Denmark)
  Plays: 1162
Artist info

Visit me at www.myspace.com/nicolejbrink for more info and updates.

#7 Unsigned Artist sickpuppy ya
sickpuppy ya
  Plays: 3941 | Saves: 2219
  Members: 5
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Hard work pays off ; I just started this movement

#8 Demorian
Demorian (Germany, Karlsruhe)
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Lacey Welker
Lacey Welker (Chico, CA)
  Plays: 1643 | Saves: 1774
  Members: Lacey Welker
No artist info

#10 Amy Haffner1
Amy Haffner1 (Canada)
  Plays: 2829 | Saves: 2547
Artist info

Growing up on the golden prairies of Saskatchewan (The Land of the Living Skies), I wrote my first song at the age of 9, and anytime I need a good laugh Ill read it. Its hilarious! Embarrassing-hilarious that is! ...