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#1 Unsigned Artist sola infrared
sola infrared (Bournemouth)
  Plays: 801 | Saves: 2717
  Influences: Rumpole Of the Bailey on Acid
  Members: Chris Poole, Matt Knowles,...
Artist info

Sola Infrared are a 2 piece experimental group from bournemouth, Dorset. They have a shadowy underground feel to their music which conjures up dark and vivid landscapes. Sola Infrared started out with the intention of creating atmospheric music...

#2 Caves Are Dark
Caves Are Dark (Queenstown NZ)
  Plays: 860 | Saves: 2109
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Father John
Father John (London, UK)
  Influences: Kraftwerk, DJ Shadow, The...
No artist info

#4 Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
Sweetmeat and the Silverfish (Nantucket Island)
  Plays: 405 | Saves: 1693
  Members: Michael Stefanski - guitar...
Artist info premium member

Sweetmeat and the Silverfish is Nantucket Island’s most exciting new rock band since Mountain! Island brothers Victor & Ben Ferrantella along with their cousin, Michael Stefanski and lifelong friend Chris Beamish are creating big waves...

#5 Unsigned Artist RAINBOW KISS
RAINBOW KISS (Bakersfield, CA)
  Plays: 649 | Saves: 1005
  Influences: Placebo, Queens of The...
  Members: Guilli Munster and special...
Artist info

The Feed was formed in Bakersfield, California by Guilli Munster (G.W. Garcia) and his brother Robert Tapia, in 2002 (both appear together on the first "unofficial" The Feed track "Song For Sad Friend" and their version of Unsane's "Skrape" with...

#6 Pipelinebar
Pipelinebar (London)
  Influences: Rock
Artist info

We are a new venue in east of London, that are looking for unsigned bands to perform at our stage. Mainly rockbands, so email us at pipeline@hotmail.com with a link to your music. Looking forward to hear from you! /the Pipeline

#7 Unsigned Artist OBEDIENTBONE
OBEDIENTBONE (Dartmoor, Devon, UK)
  Plays: 484 | Saves: 28
  Influences: Beats and Breaks / Drum n...
  Members: Demelza : vocals...
Artist info

OBEDIENTBONE are an accomplished live band and studio production team. The trio produce a unique hybrid of song-based d n b / dark pop / hip hop. Blending programming with a diverse range of live instrumentation they sculpt edgy & evocative...

#8 Good Road Ahead
Good Road Ahead (State College, Pa)
  Plays: 859 | Saves: 1034
  Members: Matt (guitar/vocals), Paul...
Artist info

Good Road Ahead was started in August of 2003 in State College Pa. After a few jams, Matt(guirtar/vocals), along with Jamie(bass/vocals) and Paul(drums) (who had an excisting music project that lacked a guitarist), started writing and recording...

#9 Unsigned Artist Flatt Tin Roof
Flatt Tin Roof (Leeds)
  Plays: 337
  Influences: Serious Passion in a...
  Members: C.C Smith, Adie, Jay-z
Artist info

After a chance meeting during the early years, J and Adie met C.C Smith. It was during the days of snap and vanilla ice, they decided to make a stand against 90s music! Picking up intrsuments during high school, practicing in a dark bedroom in a...

#10 The Veins
The Veins (London)
  Plays: 664
  Influences: The Goo Gog Dolls, Oasis,...
  Members: Alex Palmer, Cochise...
Artist info

American Acoustic Rock Meets Progressive Indie Britpop.The Veins are Alex Palmer, Cochise Derrick and Aarnon Naour, formed in 2000, they have become a prominent and very popular band on the North London circuit, playing venues such as The Hope And...