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#1 Unsigned Artist Guy Michetti
Guy Michetti (New York City)
  Plays: 417 | Saves: 1242
Artist info

Independent Singer/Songwriter Guy Michetti has released his first extended play CD of original music (4 songs, including the title song, "I'm Coming Home"). The release date for the EP was October 6, 2003. Michetti will donate all profits from the...

#2 Friendly Psychics Music
Friendly Psychics Music (Dayton and Denver)
  Plays: 699 | Saves: 2541
  Influences: Sebadoh, early Bowie
  Members: Dan, Chris, John and a host...
Artist info

Friendly Psychics Music is an independent home-recording collective based out of Dayton, Ohio and Denver, Colorado. Our bands don't practice or play together but rather mail their contributions long-distance and layer the results. Our groups...

#3 Unsigned Artist Silver Service
Silver Service (Mountain View, AR)
  Plays: 116 | Saves: 1170
  Influences: Alternative
  Members: Adrian Columb, Joell...
Artist info

To hear more songs by Silver Service please go to: www.myspace.com/silverserviceband or: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Silver-Service/150033774075

#4 emmittwagnor
Artist info

Once you've done that, pick between the brooks shoes whose look or model you are good with. Most road bike shoes come inblack andwhite along with yellow...

#5 Unsigned Artist Wyrmwood
  Plays: 814 | Saves: 2373
  Members: Todd Leveque, bass; Ian...
Artist info

Formed in southern Alberta late in 2004, Wyrmwood consisting of Jeff Traweek (Percussion) Todd Leveque (Bass) and Ian Stilborn (Vocals/Guitars) has spent the last few years creating music that challenges them to grow as musicians. Having only...

#6 The Pulltops
The Pulltops (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  Plays: 737 | Saves: 3067
  Influences: Cheap Trick, The Knack,...
  Members: Mark Pierret, Tom Crowell,...
Artist info

The Pulltops were formed in December of 2001 out of the ashes of Milwaukee band, Udi Subudi. The departure of their lead singer could have ended their career, but they saw it as an opportunity. The position of lead vocals was moved to drummer Mark...

#7 Unsigned Artist Slight Imperfections
Slight Imperfections (Steinbach, MB)
  Plays: 1388 | Saves: 1739
  Influences: Chevelle mixed with a...
  Members: Brett, Carl, Chad, Corey, Josh
Artist info

Slight Imperfections has been together since August '03. They've played many shows and have written 12 songs to date, the newest of which is called Eyes So Brave Now. Through Brett’s vocals, Chad and Carl’s guitars and background...

#8 NVD MCs
NVD MCs (Los Angeles,CA)
  Plays: 1345 | Saves: 3518
  Influences: ATCQ,LONS,The Cool Kids,...
  Members: Els3vn & Rae
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Project Dopamine
Project Dopamine (Pearland, Tx.)
  Plays: 324
  Influences: S.T.P.,Alice In...
  Members: W.T. Lummus(vocals),Lee...
Artist info

Project Dopamine is a 4 piece band from the Houston area that radiates a strong and unique blend of heavy southern infused, alternative rock.The members include W.T. Lummus (vocals), Lee Santucci (lead guitar), Oscar Gonzales (bass), Mike Sandoval...

#10 Beckett
Beckett (Essex)
  Influences: Coldplay, Snow Patrol, U2 etc
  Members: Ben, David, Greg, Ed
Artist info

Singer/songwriter Ben Fisher met bassist/vocalist Greg Sleebush in the summer of ’95, both aged 15, they soon began playing the local pub scene, with various line ups. As their song writing developed they progressed to playing their own music at...