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#1 Unsigned Artist Daze Off
Daze Off (Levittown NY)
  Influences: Blink 182, Rancid, The...
  Members: Jader (Guitar/Vocals), Joe...
Artist info

Daze Off is a four-piece alt/pop-punk band from Long Island NY. Influenced by many bands from classical rock to main stream, Daze Off is hear to pleasure the ears of EVERYONE with the musical diversity and style. They're just a quartette of fun...

#2 Drop Anchor
Drop Anchor (Philadelphia, PA)
  Plays: 328 | Saves: 460
  Influences: Cave In, Quicksand,...
  Members: Kevin, Matt, Brad, Kevin,...
Artist info

Drop Anchor is a 5 piece rock outfit from Philadelphia PA. Forming in 2007, the core of the band is derived from the former Philly band "Imprint". Adding Matt Buckley on guitar, and Kevin Benedix on percussion & keys immediately broadened the...

#3 Unsigned Artist Sensation
Sensation (Izola, Slovenia)
  Plays: 106 | Saves: 374
  Influences: Sensation, Primus, Britney...
  Members: Vico, Mefi, Banderas,...
Artist info

Sensation is a coastal alternative rock group from Slovenia formed in 1998 and still plays in the initial line-up almost unchanged. They play different music genres such as punk, ska, reggae, metal, hard-core, rock, funk, drum & bass and rap....

#4 SkaDot Productions
SkaDot Productions (Florida)
  Plays: 472
  Influences: Joe, Tyrese, Babyface, Jaheem
  Members: 1
Artist info

Professionally as a writer, producer, and certified audio engineer, Scott (a.k.a SkaDot or Skootch) has been in the music industry for over eight years. He has recorded demos as well as records with such gold, platinum and multi-platinum artist as...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Riddlerz
The Riddlerz (Redford, MI)
  Influences: Late 60's / Early 70's...
  Members: Brian, Dan, & Don
Artist info

Born in the shadows of the Motor City, the band plays a unique mixture of music, derived from influences ranging from Jim Hendrix to The Beatles, to Led Zeppelin, to The Moody Blues, Iggy & the Stooges, The Smithereens, both Elivis', Robin Trower,...

#6 Kill The Cat
Kill The Cat (phila. pa.)
  Plays: 20695 | Saves: 14040
  Influences: foo fighters nirvana green day
  Members: garry, brad, jordan, troy
Artist info

We don't kill cats, we love cats. Kill the cat is a term we use when we solo. If we want a solo in a song we say lets kill the cat.

#7 Unsigned Artist Danger Year
Danger Year (Crawley, West Sussex,...)
  Plays: 677 | Saves: 2960
  Influences: Green Day
  Members: 4
Artist info

Founded in 2005 by Mark Turner, Remy Van Der Lugt, Nathan Noakes and Steven Noad. Danger Year are a punk band that make catchy music and love playing their songs! Here is some information: Mark Turner - Guitar and Vocals Steven Noad - Guitar...

#8 vLeM
vLeM (Philippines)
  Influences: Urbandub and typecast
  Members: Mach onrubia(guitars)alain...
Artist info

Vlem formed last year at the red horse muziklaban 2005. semifinalist of the RHB muziklaban 2005.

#9 Unsigned Artist Makeshift Militia
Makeshift Militia (White Salmon WA)
  Plays: 98 | Saves: 432
  Members: Seth, Sam, Sam
Artist info

A band in White Salmon Washington attempting to expand their popularity among the fine people of the world. We enjoy and have a love for music. If you're looking for someone to play music! Get a hold of us!

#10 Bunnies with Bullets
Bunnies with Bullets (Umeň, sweden)
  Plays: 985 | Saves: 2143
  Influences: smashing pumpkins guns n...
  Members: Wiberg, Stenberg, Hedin &...
Artist info

Bunnies with bullets was formed 2004 in Umeň, Sweden. Bunnies with bullets are playing melodic rock with influences from punk, metal and hard rock. Bunnies with bullets are rehearsing in an old mental hospital, where they also have their studio....