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#1 Unsigned Artist EasyStreet
EasyStreet (North Wales)
  Plays: 172 | Saves: 827
  Influences: Us
  Members: Gareth Owen and Chris Williams
Artist info

It all started on the back of a coach on the way home from a South Wales trip. I used to torture the lads on the long trips home with the guitar but after they'd had a few beer's they all thought they were Robbie and wanted to sing so it was all...

#2 Robbie B
Robbie B (Ipswich)
  Plays: 260
  Members: Robbie B
Artist info

Hello My Name is Robbie I am 28 yrs old, I Live in Ipswich in the Uk, I am the Oldest of 3 ...

#3 Unsigned Artist Alisha Patel
Alisha Patel (United States)
Artist info

Hello, my name is Alisha patel. I am a Fashion Blogger. Writing on different topics is my hobby like women fashion clothing, leggings, palazzo pants, gowns, ...

#4 From Idle Hands
From Idle Hands (Manning S.C.)
  Plays: 39
  Members: Chris, Korey, Payne, Ken...
Artist info

Manning Murder Metal at its finest. Check us out.

#5 Unsigned Artist Raveneye
Raveneye (New Zealand)
  Influences: Pink floyd, Muse, Enigma,...
  Members: Lance Fisher
Artist info

Hi there. My name is Lance Fisher and I created "Raveneye" as my music project.I am a composer/musician who started recording my original material in 2009. I have put out my first CD called "Second Wind" late last year. Also, I have just finished...

#6 On Contact
On Contact (Ripley, MS.)
  Plays: 590 | Saves: 916
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Blake Wilkerson(Lead...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Jessie Rae
Jessie Rae (Portland, Oregon)
  Plays: 1365 | Saves: 3686
  Influences: Roots Pop with a Blues Edge...
  Members: Joan M. Meyer, Lauren...
Artist info

The Jessie Rae Band has been described as performing “roots pop with a blues edge and a funky swaggert and “funky folk pop.t The band is named after Joan Meyer’s grandmother (Jessie) and her sister’s middle name (Rae). Joan is the songwriter for...

DOUBLES (Kingston NY)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 659
  Influences: Rap
Artist info

28 yrs old Been rapping for 12 yrs Been On Radio,Public TV Have A Music Video I just rap cause it free's my mind and I spit lyrics that are truth about my life

#9 Unsigned Artist Dying Breeds
Dying Breeds
  Plays: 818 | Saves: 650
  Influences: Pop Punk Rockabilly
  Members: Tom Ralphs, Andrew...
No artist info

#10 kmarwolfhalen
kmarwolfhalen (portland oregon)
  Plays: 50
  Influences: piano meets guitar///rock...
  Members: david werner
Artist info

Played since i was 7 grew up in california alot off beach action im the only person in the world who has ridden up a face of a 40 ft wave from shore using a skimboard plan on having a humongus music legacy kmarwolfhalen