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#1 Unsigned Artist sövsö
sövsö (denmark)
  Influences: placebo, bush, radiohead
  Members: 4
Artist info

Formed in Denmark in the fall of 2003, and played their first gig together in dec 2003. Since then they have played over 20 shows in Denmark, Germany and England. Their debut album "we are all the same" has just been released in Denmark. visit...

#2 Free Will & The Bad Influences
Free Will & The Bad Influences (SOUTHEAST ENGLAND)
  Plays: 469 | Saves: 1377
  Members: Will - vocals. Liam -...
Artist info

We're Free Will & The Bad Influences, we play Groove Rock (a mix of blues,funk and classic rock) influenced by bands like Free, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Jet, Lynard Skynard... Together since the start of 2005 we've established ourselves on...

#3 Unsigned Artist the grey notes
the grey notes (austin, TX)
  Plays: 714 | Saves: 849
  Influences: Indie Garage Punk
No artist info

#4 anomalous
anomalous (providence r.i.)
  Plays: 120 | Saves: 968
Artist info

A foundation that starts with hardcore, death, grind, rock, punk, jazz & metal. This group showcases it's veratility with drastic tempo changes and intense song structures.the Anomalous stays true to their namesake; uncertain classification, not...

#5 Unsigned Artist voletta
voletta (Ohio, United States)
  Plays: 312 | Saves: 487
  Influences: Hard Rock
  Members: Corey Svoboda, Mike Hicks,...
Artist info

Voletta formed in 2006 from the remnants of a few small town local acts and have been making music ever since. They play shows as much as possible at local town meeting halls, bars, and have participated in several battle of the bands competitions...

#6 Altar X
Altar X
  Plays: 194 | Saves: 249
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist jean HATES john
jean HATES john (New York)
  Plays: 1329 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Guns N' Roses meets Motley...
  Members: April Jimenez, NERO,...
Artist info

Long Island, once known for its hard-rock original music scene, has been labeled of late as an emo breeding ground. A longing for the days of when music didn't whine and musicians acted like rock stars prompted five friends and diverse musicians...

#8 The Gutterdogs
The Gutterdogs
Artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Jay Roosevelt
Jay Roosevelt (Orlando, Fl)
  Plays: 39 | Saves: 192
  Influences: Hardcore, Horrorcore, Rap,
  Members: Jay Roosevelt
Artist info

Getting up at the age of 14, Jay Roosevelt loved listening to Hip-Hop and some underground rap music. Music kept him alive and busy in school work and continuation of being a rapper. Jay and his cousin got together and started getting...

#10 Schmange
Schmange (Holland Landing)
  Plays: 3887 | Saves: 1340
  Influences: Tears for Fears meets Van...
  Members: Kevin Taylor
Artist info

Instrumentation Kevin Taylor - Vocals / Guitar / Synth / Bass / Production JJ. Contner - Keyboards / Synth Alexi Dutrominova - Drums / Programming Warren Rosenberg - Bass / Synth Bryan Cheung - Sound Effects / Atmostphere Amy Torrence,...