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#1 Unsigned Artist Z-sonance
Z-sonance (Austin, TX)
  Influences: T-cophony, Justin King,...
  Members: Zac Morgan
Artist info

Zac Morgan is “Z-sonance” Zac is a 25-yr old musician and composer hailing from the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. Starting at the early age of 9, Zac has progressed rapidly in a new style of beautiful finger tapping, and ambient sounds. He...

#2 aether
aether (columbus, oh)
  Plays: 1182 | Saves: 2201
  Influences: my bloody valentine,...
  Members: paul carney, aaron...
Artist info

Aether (pronounced like "ether") brings the background in music to the foreground: voice, guitar, bass, and drums blend with keys and samples; minimalist harmonies develop into large orchestrations; somber hooks repeat over pulsing rhythms. The...

#3 Unsigned Artist Parke Davis
Parke Davis (London)
  Plays: 119 | Saves: 622
  Members: Vocals - Steve Anderson,...
Artist info

A 4 piece Indie band from South London generating increasing interest in their ecclectic mix of songs. Check out http://www.www.myspace.com/parkedavis ...

#4 o-tone
o-tone (Germany)
  Plays: 150 | Saves: 2093
Artist info

O-tone ist eine deutsche tanzbare elektronische musiziererei. https://soundcloud.com/o-tone-musik

#5 Unsigned Artist The Bellmen
The Bellmen (Austin Texas)
  Influences: The black keys
  Members: 6
No artist info

#6 Gut Checka Family
Gut Checka Family (Various)
  Plays: 445
  Members: Muniklip, MO\' B, NW Alliance
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist FALLen IVORy
FALLen IVORy (South Shields)
  Plays: 1513 | Saves: 6143
  Members: David Smith...
Artist info

Visit the Official Website: www.redstonemedia.com/fallenivory The name FALLen IVORy originated from our names: David FALL Smith and Joel IVOR John Lawrence. We got together by chance, after knowing eachother for many years we one day ended up...

#8 DeFekT
DeFekT (Belfast, N.Ireland)
  Plays: 1806 | Saves: 3493
  Members: Cub, Buttas, Matt, wiggy
Artist info

We are a new band based in belfast, formed in january '04 for the first six months we concentrated on covers, but since the summer have been writing our own material, which has resulted in our first demo as of 22nd October. Any comments or...

#9 Unsigned Artist Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller (Groningen, The...)
  Plays: 1072 | Saves: 3448
  Members: Menke Muller
No artist info

#10 Full Net
Full Net (Marietta, GA USA)
  Plays: 127
  Influences: Green Day, Blink-182, The...
  Members: Davis Henry (Lead...
Artist info

Full Net was started by Davis Henry (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Craigan Hogeland (Vocals/Bass), and Clay Trimmer (Drums) in 2009 in the bustling town of Marietta, Georgia in the bustling garage of Davis Henry. Influenced by acts such as Green Day,...