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#1 Unsigned Artist FEINSTAUB
  Plays: 275 | Saves: 1062
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Rockig, laut und doch eingängig melodiös und irgendwie(einfach) Pop Hier treffen treibende Rhythmen und rotzige Riffs auf sphärischen Gitarrenklängen und eine einprägsame Stimme die das Ohr nur so wurmt. Das ist FEINSTAUB - Die Band...

#2 Demond Robinson
Demond Robinson (Kansas City, MO)
  Plays: 1302 | Saves: 1296
  Influences: A charming blend of...
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Www.DemondRobinson.com One of the brightest young talents on the music scene today, Demond Robinson has stepped beyond traditional Contemporary Christian Praise and Worship music to create one of the most unique and pleasing sounds to come...

#3 Unsigned Artist Man At The Window
Man At The Window (Scotland)
  Plays: 2494 | Saves: 2935
  Influences: Good strong lovers rock,1...
  Members: Kyle Robertson and Gerry...
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Man@The Window have been together for over 20 years & have just reformed to release the album ' Unfinished Business' and the EP 'Revelations' Our style is strong featuring great songs with dancy singalong memorable hooks and great commercial...

#4 TheProtoneers
TheProtoneers (Lincolnshire)
  Influences: Various
  Members: Matt Seymour - Drums, Dan...
Artist info

Formed in 2008 with Fraher and Seymour being the primary members to begin songwriting for the band. Lead guitarist Dan Wicks joined the band in 2009 featuring very prominently on the forthcoming debut album. The new double A single 'Is Love What...

#5 Unsigned Artist rex razor
rex razor (abuja, nigeria)
  Plays: 648 | Saves: 1103
  Influences: 2pac
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REX RAZOR: writer, rapper, singer and poet born Richard Shekari. from Abuja, Nigeria. please show some support, like my page and follow me on twitter, i will follow back ASAP: www.facebook.com/rexrazor1 www.twitter.com/TheRealRexRazor

#6 SkaDot Productions
SkaDot Productions (Florida)
  Plays: 475
  Influences: Joe, Tyrese, Babyface, Jaheem
  Members: 1
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Professionally as a writer, producer, and certified audio engineer, Scott (a.k.a SkaDot or Skootch) has been in the music industry for over eight years. He has recorded demos as well as records with such gold, platinum and multi-platinum artist as...

#7 Unsigned Artist Ben G.
Ben G. (Canada)
  Influences: organic rock
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The musical stylings of Ben G. are difficult to cram into just one catagory. "... I'm not the kind to follow trends. I do what I do, whether its in or not..." In an age where Las Vagas style acts seek sanctuary in reality t.v. Ben G. is...

#8 David Koller
David Koller (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1008 | Saves: 2449
  Influences: Dylan
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View my website at www.songwriterumbrella.com

#9 Unsigned Artist paper HEART
paper HEART (Oklahoma)
  Plays: 608
  Influences: Prince, Sade, The Cure,...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Paper HEART is a singer and songwriter that plays the guitar, keyboard and bass. His influences are Prince, Sade, The Cure, Duran Duran, The Cars, David Bowie, Blondie and INXS. From 1986 to present he has written enough material to make over 75...

#10 Rednerv
Rednerv (Shrewsbury)
  Plays: 185 | Saves: 55
  Members: Lead VOX: Rory Corfield,...
Artist info

"Rednerv are a band that do not believe they have to be stereotyped, they are not indie, they are not ska, they are not grunge, they are not metal and they are not acoustic, but in fact they are all of these in different ways. With all of these...