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#1 Unsigned Artist Extreme Attitude
Extreme Attitude (Lisbon / Portugal)
  Plays: 253 | Saves: 464
  Influences: nothing ..
  Members: Ruby Roque - vocals, Victor...
Artist info

The band dates back to March 2002, formed initially by José António and Isack. After many and eventful jam sessions, Márcio, a childhood friend of the two, joined the band. Together they decided to get a real band together. After much...

NEGATION (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  Plays: 437 | Saves: 483
  Influences: Negation
  Members: Madec (v) / Madie (g) / Bai...
Artist info

A four piece band out of Malaysia, called NEGATION whose style is said to be a agressive kind of grindcore. Started in Nov 1992 somewhere in 'amok' land, they are the old line up and played same old fashioned grinding attack. NEGATION starting to...

#3 Unsigned Artist Anthony W. Cobb
Anthony W. Cobb (Ohio)
  Plays: 690 | Saves: 63
  Influences: Your guess is as good as mine
Artist info

I do not see my self as a performer all that much, I am more into the writing and creating of music. I have played in several bands in the past and I enjoyed the "playing out...

AWKWORD (New York, NY)
  Members: @AWKWORDrap
Artist info

FOR AWKWORD MUSIC, visit http://soundcloud.com/AWKWORD x http://AWKWORD.bandcamp.com !! AWKWORD. Revolutionary. Rapper. The People's Champ. The brains behind World View, the 1st-ever 100% For-Charity Global Hip Hop Project, featuring...

#5 Unsigned Artist Electric Needle Room
Electric Needle Room (Omaha, Nebraska)
  Plays: 115 | Saves: 350
  Influences: They Might Be Giants?
  Members: Matt Beat (piano, guitars,...
Artist info

Electric Needle Room is Steven Beat on percussion and cowbell and Matt Beat on everything else. They are famously known as the first ever duo to play indie pop songs in a random street alley in Newton, Kansas. It indeed did all begin in Kansas-...

#6 heather W
heather W
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist CruentuZ
CruentuZ (Chihuahua, Chih. M�xico)
  Plays: 400
  Influences: Check us and decide for...
  Members: Aida (Clean Vocals, Gruntz...
Artist info

ENGLISH Native band from Chihuahua, M�x., which unfolds with a musical genre catalogued as Metal, ramified among Symphonic, Melodic and Power, same that includes a lyric about ode and good, and the liberty in all its expressions. Its roots...

#8 Aural Alkemy
Aural Alkemy (London)
  Plays: 732
Artist info

Aural Alkemy are 2 London based producers who have been making music for the past 10 years. Their projects include releasing an instrumental album & EP with Ear2Ear Productions, various collaborations with Hip Hop artists & Singers and remixing...

#9 Unsigned Artist Naked in Black
Naked in Black (Maidenhead, UK)
  Plays: 500 | Saves: 428
  Influences: Foo Fighters, AFI, Feeder,...
  Members: Dan Hipkin, Luke Roberts,...
Artist info

***GIGS FOR DECEMBER/JANUARY 2005/2006*** December 15th - Purple Turtle, Camden January 4th - Ampfarm, Alexandra Pub, Penge Check out the new EP's at www.nakedinblack.co.uk Also Maidenhead gigs coming up in late February, and early March....

#10 vengance garden
vengance garden (novi, hartland)
  Plays: 215
  Influences: HIM
  Members: adam, saun
No artist info