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#1 Unsigned Artist 9Lies
9Lies (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  Plays: 572 | Saves: 3135
  Influences: The Kooks, The Killers,...
  Members: Stevie Mann - Lyrics / Lead...
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The debut album by 9Lies has been given ...

#2 Ziggurat
Ziggurat (Izmir)
  Plays: 118 | Saves: 556
  Members: Cosan, Caglayan
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90'larin basinda Cosan ve Çaglayan Ziggurat'i kurdu. Daha sonra Cosan Aperion (senfonik black metal), Çaglayan Antagrel (death metal) de çaldi. Ziggurat 94 de tekrar toparlandi.

#3 Unsigned Artist Two Many
Two Many (Finland)
  Members: Taspa, Jennifer
Artist info

One can sing and the other one can dance. Or at least he can pretend to have heard about dancing, very convincingly. Anyway, let´s make some music. Musicvideo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GtGprHb8-Q

#4 Secret
  Plays: 503 | Saves: 846
  Influences: I HAVE MY OWN STYLE
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#5 Unsigned Artist DUB GENERAL
DUB GENERAL (Varadin, Croatia)
  Plays: 361 | Saves: 818
  Influences: police, clash, pink floyd,
  Members: marko, alan, edo
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Only music matters

#6 sky of ussr
sky of ussr (tbilisi(georgia))
  Plays: 131 | Saves: 485
  Influences: sky of ussr
  Members: kote kalandadze nika...
Artist info

The band formed in april of 2005 in the capitol of georgia tbilisi.playin alternative indie rock.members are:kote kalandadze(vox,guitars),nika buzaladze(guitars) and dima oganesian(drums).the band recorded one album called "elite"

#7 Unsigned Artist Scorch The Fallen
Scorch The Fallen (Boise Id)
  Plays: 75
  Influences: Mudvayne, Tool, Parkway...
  Members: Kevin, Kory, Stefan, Zack
Artist info

Scorch The Fallen has been around since 2010, but has had there final lineup sice april 2011. Wanting to create something new and different, they started wrighting their debut album, "A View Of Heaven From a Seat In Hell". After getting some local...

#8 Sapremia
Sapremia (Thorofare, NJ)
  Plays: 3540 | Saves: 3189
  Influences: Old School Death Metal,...
  Members: Lou Ferrara (vocals/bass),...
Artist info

Sapremia was born in 1990 and after a few lineup changes, the band went with a four piece for the mainstay and constructed two demos. 1992's Subconscious Rot was a huge success for us, gain acclaim from several labels and we sold over 2000 copies...

#9 Unsigned Artist THEORY
THEORY (Yonkers/Poughkeepsie NY)
  Plays: 381 | Saves: 743
  Influences: What the Industry needs......
  Members: 1
Artist info

Introducing Theory, a hot new artist for today's new scene. Also known as "Mirrorchild" or "Capital T," Theory is sending his name throughout the musical waves at a very fast pace. Raised in Yonkers, N.Y. Theory absorbed the elements of hip-hop by...

#10 Leo9
Leo9 (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1700
  Influences: industrial mind music
  Members: Me Myself and I
Artist info

UPDATE: PLEASE SUPPORT ME...BUY MY TRACKS $2.00 each or buy all my tracks for 10$ and ill give you bt rmx and the terms for free. http://www.freewebs.com/leo9fujima/ my bio??..shit, its not my style but everybody says i need one so fuk...