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#1 Unsigned Artist Troy Darnell
Troy Darnell (Chicago, IL)
  Plays: 559
  Influences: RB
Artist info

Troy Darnell is a southern-raised pop/rb singer and songwriter heating up the scene in Chicago. He recently wrote and released his first single, “S’wet,” an eclectic dance track accompanied by his sensual and commanding whisper. Not to...

#2 Credo
Credo (Worthing, West Sussex,...)
  Plays: 245
  Members: Ciaran France
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Jakob22
  Plays: 1011 | Saves: 2816
Artist info

Death Chamberz Music introduces you to the newest underground hip hip MC Jakob22 In a over saturated world of commercialized music where image and status is placed above creativity and talent, The Hooded Fang Jakob22 refuses to embrace this...

#4 Angel DeLuna
Angel DeLuna (Phoenix, Arizona)
  Plays: 2522 | Saves: 2772
Artist info

Angel is a smooth R&B singer songwriter with a mellow edge that is uniquely her own. She is a multitalented artist that composes her own vocal arrangements, creates her harmonies and write her own lyrics. Born December 30, 1982 with a Spanish...

#5 Unsigned Artist On Wave
On Wave (Moscow)
  Plays: 76 | Saves: 603
  Influences: Muse, Placebo, Nirvana
Artist info

We are doing iNdie. For you...

#6 Fossil
Fossil (South East England)
  Plays: 158 | Saves: 529
  Influences: Like us!
  Members: Kenny Mike Lol & Tony
Artist info

Seasoned musos, sick of the road and smoky venues. Using technology to record some top draw AOR and stuff.

#7 Unsigned Artist James  Spendley
James Spendley (Scotland)
  Plays: 102 | Saves: 617
Artist info

Singer and songwriter James Spendley has been playing his original material professionaly for several years and has just released his debut album entitled Run With Me, which is a contemporary blend of rock/pop.

#8 Nevertel
Nevertel (Tampa Florida)
  Influences: Linkin Park, Issues, Three...
  Members: Alec Davis, Raul Lopez,...
Artist info

Nevertel was formed in 2013 by Raul Lopez, Jeremy Michael, and Alec Davis. Though the three of them were all in different parts of the country, they all shared the same goal. With Raul in Boston, and Jeremy and Alec in two different locations of...

#9 Unsigned Artist Marvin Sunk
Marvin Sunk (Matawan NJ)
  Influences: Beatles, QOTSA, AIC, 60s,...
Artist info

Marvin Sunk have been delightfully confounding audiences for nearly 10 years with their genre bending mix of rock, jazz, hip- hop, metal and electronica. It's not everyday that you see a band like this; three part harmonies and brass add an...

#10 Holistic
Holistic (Kalamazoo, MI)
  Plays: 252 | Saves: 523
  Influences: Thrice, AFI, Blindside
  Members: Pete Sanok, Phil Warner,...
Artist info

Holistic is a band developing in both musical and success realms. From starting out as a Traverse City, MI local band, to recording a demo EP, releasing a full length album, and venturing out on a nationwide independent tour, the band seems to be...