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#1 Unsigned Artist big productions
big productions (london - england)
  Plays: 126
  Members: the infamous 'T'
Artist info

The infamous 'T' is the multi-instrumentalist/producer and proprietor of BIG PRODUCTIONS. With a great 'ear' and experience of a variety of musical styles. providing everything from superb 'realfeel' drum programming, lush string arrangements and...

#2 Room 111
Room 111 (Chicago, Il)
  Plays: 210 | Saves: 346
  Influences: no one else
  Members: Johnny and Fergal
Artist info

Fergal and Johnny realized that between the two of them stood musical genius...now you will all face the fury that is Room 111

#3 Unsigned Artist Bob Saganas
Bob Saganas
  Plays: 33
  Influences: dream theater,liquid...
Artist info

Bob has been playing classical and electric guitar for 15 years. Since then joined many bands in different music styles including jazz/blues/rock/metal/funk/fusion/progressive and solo performances in classical and flamenco guitar. Bob performs...

#4 canabrism
Artist info

Interact with cubes. Visit the Canabrism website at http://www.canabrism.com for cubes, bubbles and exclusive music samples, or go to ...

#5 Unsigned Artist Tokyo Pop Stars
Tokyo Pop Stars (Nashville,TN)
  Plays: 78 | Saves: 341
  Influences: Rock and Roll
  Members: David, Chris, Joanna, Tico
Artist info

Tokyo Pop Stars feature members from defunct East and West Coast Bands. The group came together for the first time in 2007 with one purpose in mind; make music that people would enjoy. The group’s raw sound favors a hard rock attitude with...

#6 ChillinBuzz
ChillinBuzz (East Coast, Norfolk UK)
  Influences: A thousand fleas biting a...
  Members: Chris Powell
Artist info

Writing music from an early age, electronic and guitar based since a teenager, just staggering through life, making noises and causing chaos.

#7 Unsigned Artist mamaSutra
mamaSutra (Venice Beach, CA)
  Plays: 947 | Saves: 2704
  Influences: Parliment, Maceo Parker, Phish
  Members: Molly Boyles, Russell...
Artist info

MamaSutra is the new word in funk. Blending tight rhythms and fat harmonies together with "new school" techniques like looping and digital effects has made mamaSutra one of Southern California's most sought after acts. Free-Form Funk at its finest.

#8 Dennis Larabee
Dennis Larabee
  Plays: 3146
Artist info

The intent of this album "Shades of My Father" is to provide public awareness about new dads such as: * Up to 1 in 4 new dads have Paternal Postnatal Depression * Research has shown that men go through biological (hormonal) changes based on...

#9 Unsigned Artist Simba Shan
Simba Shan (United Kingdom)
Artist info

Music Producer | Songwriter www.SimbaShan.net www.youtube.com/SimbaShan www.souncloud.com/SimbaShan www.twitter.com/SimbaShan

#10 Dangerous Pursuit
Dangerous Pursuit (Hartland, Michigan)
  Plays: 113 | Saves: 465
  Influences: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath,...
  Members: Ian, Bobby, Brett, Beau, Brad
Artist info

DANGEROUS PURSUIT, formed in the hard working midwest, is lead by Ian Andrew "The greatest unknown SHREDDER in the midwest" Says..JD Roxx from "Metal Shredder" magazine. Lead Vocalists, Brett Blacker's face melting screams send chills through your...