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#1 Unsigned Artist 2 DEEP
  Plays: 433064 | Saves: 2187
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#2 C-NoEviL
C-NoEviL (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 140129 | Saves: 6564
  Influences: Hi-Tek, 9th Wonder, DJ...
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Not many Hip Hop producers today are focused on creative identity; but in the midst of today's unbearable repetitious artists there stands to be a talented young music producer pushing for a change within Hip Hop's artists and producers....

#3 Unsigned Artist alek acero
alek acero (antananarivo, Madagascar)
  Plays: 129264 | Saves: 84288
  Influences: house
  Members: florent f.
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Hi! Alek Acero is a Housy project for dancefloors and beach parties....Positive sound for happy people! Just listen to my tracks and have fun! House Music !! Peace!

#4 BX748
BX748 (Melbourne, Australia)
  Plays: 103326 | Saves: 26131
  Influences: Sex Pistols, 21 Pilots,...
  Members: Jc Mos - music producer
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I am Jc Mos, a producer from Melbourne, Australia. Classically trained, I started studying at age of 6 and I love all music in general. For me listening to music is a spiritual experience, a feeling, not a taste.

#5 Unsigned Artist James Oakwood
James Oakwood (Midlands UK, Burton on...)
  Plays: 90896 | Saves: 22369
  Influences: Various
  Members: Just me
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I've been producing music since early 2006 and the bottom three songs on the list are from 2006. 2007 has been good; critically acclaimed songs and radio appearances have kept me motivated. I continue to create music because that's what I like doing.

#6 The dark Side of the World
The dark Side of the World (Prosper TX)
  Plays: 90055 | Saves: 19866
  Influences: Nothing you have ever heard...
  Members: Ryan Feeback
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We are a Techno Rock/Metal Band. Most techno bands dont have lyrics. Not us we have lyrics on most of our songs and Alot of them have political, Religious, or other Darker themes to them. However we are not all Gloom And Doom. Songs Like Techno...

#7 Unsigned Artist unproject
unproject (Turkey)
  Plays: 78474 | Saves: 54734
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Check out my new sounds @

LODATO (Pennsylvania)
  Plays: 71607 | Saves: 24914
  Influences: It took me years to sound...
  Members: 1
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The problem with loving you is mortality. lodato 2014

#9 Unsigned Artist The All Starz
The All Starz (Long Island, NY)
  Plays: 58832 | Saves: 23234
  Influences: mest, new found glory
  Members: Joey D., Phil, Greg, &...
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The All-Starz, four crazy kids, one awesome group. With punk attittudes and skilled musicianship we offer a new sound to the music world. You can recognize us anywhere, as we have tendencies to wear the same shoes and sound better than everyone...

#10 Jim Yackel
Jim Yackel (Manlius, NY)
  Plays: 57687 | Saves: 298
  Influences: A little like the Beatles,...
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The 6 song So Very Soon E.P. CD is now available in the Jim Yackel store at $4.99 U.S. and free shipping. Be sure to visit my webpage at ...