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#1 Unsigned Artist Inside Moves
Inside Moves (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  Influences: Aerosmith, Def Leppard,...
  Members: Rick Hurd, Aaron Fasse, Bob...
Artist info

Inside Moves have achieved a familiar but yet original sound, focusing mainly on the melodic hard rock genre. Their upcoming CD, entitled "Learning to Fall", touches on spiritual and emotional growth through well-crafted lyrics and inspiring...

#2 Left To Regret
Left To Regret (Randburg ; Gauteng ;...)
  Influences: Snow Patrol ; Alter Bridge...
  Members: John Jardin
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist SOUR EGO
SOUR EGO (Newcastle England)
  Influences: Killswitch Engage
  Members: Sean Wright - Vocals, Fitzy...
Artist info

SOUR EGO formed from the ashes of different bands in early 2002 when two brothers (Liam and Sean Wright) aged 15 years old, decided to make a band themselves. At that time the band was named 'BODYPIT' with members consisting of Sean Wright...

#4 The Silent Departure
The Silent Departure (Warren Michigan)
  Plays: 31
  Influences: The Audition | Bayside |...
  Members: Ben | Aaron | Nick | Ron
Artist info

Well it all started at a gay club.... need i say more?

#5 Unsigned Artist Lost Horizons
Lost Horizons (Hartlepool)
  Influences: arctic monkeys, oasis,...
  Members: Lee Crowe, Nick McNaughton,...
Artist info

4-piece indie/punk set up from unfashionable hartlepool. Check us out and any bands need supporting. Here we are.

#6 Aznarv
Aznarv (Bucharest)
  Plays: 104
Artist info

Not a band as much as a lyricist ... still trying to promote my stuff. Right now looking for a girl singer! If there are any interested, please contact me!

#7 Unsigned Artist Mr Morph
Mr Morph (Wakefield)
  Plays: 1165 | Saves: 1148
  Members: Mr Morph
Artist info

Formerly half of a band known as Eclipse. Eclipse have now split and Mr Morph is working solo. See my soundcloud site: www.soundcloud.com/mrmorph/ Follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/morphmr

#8 Brandon Pacheco
Brandon Pacheco (Hamilton ON)
  Members: Brandon Pacheco
Artist info

Brandon Pacheco is a young shining artist on Youtube and MySpace. He is working with talented and well respected people in the music industry. Please contact Parkside Mike Renaud at parkside@upper-management ---> brandonpacheco.com

#9 Unsigned Artist At Risk Teen
At Risk Teen (LostAngels, CA)
  Plays: 164 | Saves: 1275
  Members: J. CHI, L. COMPANION
Artist info

DEBUT CD, "KILL ALL HIPSTERS" (ep), NOW ON SALE! Go to my blog to find out where! Fashioned from beloved parts, AT RISK TEEN are: J. CHI, bon viveur & handsome scoundrel L. COMPANION, wanton layabout & occasional minder of wonderfully nasty...

#10 Heart of the Matter
Heart of the Matter (Baarn, Netherlands)
  Plays: 152 | Saves: 591
  Influences: Metallica
  Members: Bas de Groen,Roderick van...
Artist info

Heart of the Matter is a metalband from Baarn, Netherlands. We are a three-mans band with a drummer, guitarist/vocalist and bassplayer. Michiel van den Ingh is our drummer. He originally is a guitarist and played the bass for a while in Heart...