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#1 Unsigned Artist Psicosis Onirica
Psicosis Onirica (Coin Malaga)
  Plays: 186
  Influences: Power Rock Meets Goth Rock
  Members: Corisande [Vocals] Jose...
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Our Groupography! ...

#2 Dipslip
Dipslip (Zagreb, Croatia)
  Plays: 187 | Saves: 1278
  Influences: alternative / surf / trance...
  Members: guitar, bass, drums, synth
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Hello World! Dipslip is a four - member (guitar, bass, synth, drums) band from Zagreb, Croatia. We really don't like genre clasifications, as we allways find it difficult to describe our music in a few words. It is a result of our life experiences...

#3 Unsigned Artist MACK
  Influences: Nick Drake,Seasick...
  Members: Mack - vocals,guitars,slide...
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Hi!My name`s Mack and I`m a guy who records acoustic stuff at home..just want to share my music with y`all..I`ve recorded an album lately,called Inside Out...available for free download.....

#4 Supa Produsa Grizz Ali
Supa Produsa Grizz Ali (Houston, TX)
  Influences: Life
  Members: Me
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Minimack
Minimack (Titusville)
  Plays: 47
  Influences: original and unique
  Members: Lil Big Cuz,Young C,Aka...
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Many years ago it came apparent to me that I wanted nothing more than to work on music for a living. As of now I do all of the editing,engineering,writing "for my parts" and all of the mastering.We use other peoples promo beats and go from...

#6 West Nile
West Nile (Ft wanye In)
  Influences: ?
  Members: dominick dattoli vocals sam...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist headwound
headwound (Cornwall, United Kingdom)
  Plays: 1895 | Saves: 1304
  Influences: old school thrash, with...
  Members: crow, dodge, chumpy, matt
Artist info

'Headwound rule, four dudes from dead-end Cornwall who's crushing riffage breaks every bone in the body, while the, quite frankly, overpowering stench of awesomeness melts away the skin, They shred' UNKNOWN SOURCE 'Remember the good old...

#8 Poppa Neptune
Poppa Neptune (Middle of nowhere, Iowa)
  Plays: 19906 | Saves: 9444
  Influences: P-Funk jamming with...
  Members: Nick Knudsen-Guitars, Mark...
Artist info

We are just trying to bring back the old school with a little bit of new school. A bunch of Iowa boys trying to make a little acid jazz. Ain't nuthin' wrong with that...

#9 Unsigned Artist Pneumonia
Pneumonia (Spring Hill, FL)
  Influences: Grandaddy, Deerhunter,...
  Members: Brandon Kersey
Artist info

What is music? To me it's a bridge to our emotions, it helps us express ourselves and our feelings. I started creating music in a passion of extreme boredom and burst of creativity in the hopes that people would be able to enjoy the songs I make....

#10 Lady Demo
Lady Demo
  Plays: 1403 | Saves: 2121
  Influences: Herrself Her own Unique style
Artist info

Im a spanish 21 year old female rapper from the Bronx. I love to write,rap,dance, and perform and most of all give the public what it wants. Im determined to make it to open up doors for others like me trying to make it. Thats why I have the...