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#1 Unsigned Artist The Torture Store
The Torture Store (Parkersburg, WV)
  Plays: 247 | Saves: 986
  Influences: metal
  Members: arron- bass; dan- drums;...
No artist info

  Plays: 150
  Influences: Jungle Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
Artist info

Jazan Wild's Carnival Of Souls Launched Halloween 2005 Markosia Music released Jazan Wild's Carnival Of Souls debut album on October 29Th 2005 simultaneously with the first issue of a comic book bi-monthly series also entitled Jazan Wild's...

#3 Unsigned Artist Theodore Kalantzakos
Theodore Kalantzakos (Athens, Greece)
  Plays: 129
  Influences: Greg Howe, Alan Holdsworth,...
  Members: Theodore Kalantzakos...
Artist info

Theodore Kalantzakos is a professional electric guitar player and a registered RGT tutor (Thames Valley University, London College of Music). He teaches in the Art Music School Fakanas and is Official member of the Greek Guitar Power team,...

#4 The Five Thousand
The Five Thousand (Belfast)
  Plays: 85
  Influences: Bluetree, Sanctus Real
  Members: Mark, Ed, Adam
Artist info

We are a Christian band from Belfast and have produced our debut EP.

#5 Unsigned Artist Adam and the Noise
Adam and the Noise (Beer, SouthWest, UK)
  Plays: 203
  Influences: Shaded Noise
  Members: Ben, Roly, Jake and Adam
Artist info

All things unholy... Get with the 21st century, no one believes in santa anymore! www.myspace.com/shadednoise ...

#6 Bob Chambers
Bob Chambers (East Sussex, U.K.)
  Plays: 1254 | Saves: 425
  Influences: The Eagles, Kris...
  Members: Bob Chambers
Artist info

http://www.bobsongsmusic.com/bobchambers.cfm You can download all the tracks from the album "Shortcut to Nashville" from my website. You don't...

#7 Unsigned Artist Edible Smoke Recess
Edible Smoke Recess (Philippines)
  Plays: 348 | Saves: 747
  Influences: Alternative/Rock/Grunge
  Members: Don Victoria, Barry Magano,...
Artist info

Other sites: www.myspace.com/smokerecess www.youtube.com/picnicdon ESR is a Laguna-based(Philippines) trio emerged from an unorganized group "Spoonful" and when the band broke up in Feb 15, 2006, Don...

#8 herbsquare
herbsquare (Japan)
  Plays: 7312 | Saves: 4226
  Influences: Massive attack, Aphex...
  Members: herbsquare
Artist info

Drenched in Blood I was dead but now I live. I serve the Living God. My music is an auditory expression of my ongoing relationship with the Master; it is raw electricity, taken from the wall, consecrated and shaped into sound.

#9 Unsigned Artist Death Merchant
Death Merchant (Sudbury, Ontario)
  Plays: 4600 | Saves: 5307
  Influences: Alternative Rock Metal
  Members: Dustin Moore
Artist info

I am a solo artist. I write, perform, record, and edit all of my own music. After completing an instrumental project containing my best work over an eight year period, I decided I wanted to take on a new project. I wanted to create an album...

#10 Machine_insufficiency
Machine_insufficiency (Croatia)
  Influences: Fear factory, Pantera,...
  Members: Goran_vocals, Joc_guitars,...
Artist info

We come from Croatia, Zagreb.The band was formed in 2003.We call our style death-thrash breed metal.The line up: Goran: vocals, Viktor: bass, Goc: drums and Joco: guitar. We love music and we try to give a 100% in making of it. We played 20 gigs...