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#1 Unsigned Artist Mutilated to Perfection
Mutilated to Perfection (Sheffield, UK)
  Plays: 447 | Saves: 2724
  Influences: Children of Bodom,...
  Members: Tim, Lindsay, Brendan,...
Artist info

Mutilated to Perfection are an active alternative metal band, playing varied and original songs ranging from chillout metal to energetic death metal. The band has been together since late June 2003, and have played gigs and practiced as much as...

#2 Spinning World: 13 Ways of Looking at a
Spinning World: 13 Ways of Looking at a
  Plays: 416
  Influences: Randy Newman, Yo Yo Ma,...
  Members: Gunnar Madsen
Artist info

I'm looking for that song from Sex and the City... You mean the one played at the end of the episode La Douleur Exquise - season 2-24.? The song they play when Carrie realizes she and Big are over? It's called Anna, and it's just one of many...

#3 Unsigned Artist JETER
JETER (Marion,IL; Coral...)
  Plays: 3420 | Saves: 6338
  Influences: Mix of rock, pop, and country
Artist info

JETER is more of a work in progress than a band. Kyle Jeter and Shane Milburn began to work on music together in college and, along with me (Kerry Jeter- Kyle's brother) and various musicians for hire, we have thrown together a variety of recorded...

#4 Leo9
Leo9 (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1700
  Influences: industrial mind music
  Members: Me Myself and I
Artist info

UPDATE: PLEASE SUPPORT ME...BUY MY TRACKS $2.00 each or buy all my tracks for 10$ and ill give you bt rmx and the terms for free. http://www.freewebs.com/leo9fujima/ my bio??..shit, its not my style but everybody says i need one so fuk...

#5 Unsigned Artist Wetband
Wetband (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 468 | Saves: 1747
  Influences: Steve Earle Neil Young Bob...
  Members: Woody B. Wet, Kenny B. Wet,...
Artist info

Playing for more than 25 years in Toronto with a playlist of hundreds of original songs (and more covers then you can shake a stick at), the Wetband consists of four singer/songwriters who all take their turns at the mic. They play folk and rock...

  Plays: 323 | Saves: 568
Artist info

IDIOM: an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements, as kick the bucket or hang one's head, or from the general grammatical rules of a language, as the table round for the round table, and...

#7 Unsigned Artist sinfulbeatz
sinfulbeatz (houston,tx)
  Influences: Just Me :)
Artist info

All Tracks on SinfulBeats.com are Studio Quality and most importantly Radio Ready! Each Beat is Mixed professionally using Top Notch Studio Equipment. Now you can Buy Super-Star tracks without having a million dollar budget!

#8 Dj Silence
Dj Silence
  Plays: 2127 | Saves: 3690
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Face 007
Face 007 (Charleston, SC)
  Influences: Me
No artist info

#10 Ruby In The Dust
Ruby In The Dust (N. Ireland)
  Plays: 212 | Saves: 935
  Influences: barking chickens
Artist info

Just a band living for rock and roll.