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#1 Unsigned Artist Lady Renaissance
Lady Renaissance
  Plays: 103
Artist info

Lady Renaissance aka Wild 1is a multi-talented musican, producer, and rapper. She loves hip-hop. Her influences are common, Luaryn Hill, The fugees and all great hip-hop. She also likes Little Brother

  Plays: 175 | Saves: 424
  Influences: HIP-HOP, RAP
  Members: O-VA-DOSE
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist eshar
eshar (Reading UK)
  Plays: 88 | Saves: 153
  Influences: James Brown, George...
  Members: Elaine Sharp aka eshar
Artist info

I'm a feisty funk fanatic, but I love to listen to and make all styles of music.

#4 Lidna
Lidna (Alcester (Near...)
  Influences: Not Quite Sure!
  Members: Alex - Drums, Lewi - Bass,...
Artist info

Lidna is a four piece metal band all from the Alcester Area. We\'ve been together about 2 years and been doing the rounds for about a year. Played with a variety of bands and always seem to get a good response. Basically we do this cos we\'re...

#5 Unsigned Artist Chanlaron
Chanlaron (Arizona)
  Plays: 1301 | Saves: 3217
Artist info

My music is a collection of my life and the people in it. Having been classically trained, I have created a fusion of Neoclassical (new age and classical with a twist of comtemporary.) Meant to be a soothing a ethereal adventure for the listener.

#6 King Weird
King Weird (Finland)
  Plays: 183
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Faith No...
  Members: J - Vox, P - Guitars, Bass...
Artist info

King Weird is heavy rock band with it's own sound. Combined heavy riffage with unique vocals make this a true musical journey The band consists of members Jani and Pete, Jani is also an actor in The Finnish National Theatre and has a long...

#7 Unsigned Artist shovlhed2
shovlhed2 (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 1645 | Saves: 1140
  Members: nats-vocs/javan-bass/miles-...
Artist info

Here is just a few tracks that we threw down so we could have a little something to give out at our shows till we're done recording our full length cd.hope you like it,and if ya have any input whether good or bad,i would love to hear it.you can...

#8 Pups
  Plays: 204 | Saves: 928
Artist info

Owls inspire me

#9 Unsigned Artist Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson
  Plays: 1364 | Saves: 1668
No artist info

#10 Spore Breather
Spore Breather (South East UK)
  Plays: 98
  Influences: Tool, Machine Head, Rush,...
  Members: Phil, Ade, Harvey, Dan
Artist info

Spore Breather comprise a sick, bludgeoning rythmn section that is assaulted by intricate time signatures and an energetic battery of vocals to create metal music that makes people think...and then think again. Based in the Surrey/Sussex area of...