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#1 Unsigned Artist IDIOM
  Plays: 334 | Saves: 816
Artist info

IDIOM: an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements, as kick the bucket or hang one's head, or from the general grammatical rules of a language, as the table round for the round table, and...

#2 The Casanova Playboys
The Casanova Playboys (Edmonton)
  Plays: 784 | Saves: 3194
  Influences: U2, The Killers, David Bowie
  Members: Jamie Star, Zack Action,...
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The Casanova Playboys new record "Low Noise" is a slick affair of radio-friendly pop-rock on a funk foundation that- like the group- isn't afraid to show a little gloss. Produced by Jonathan Fluevog in Vancouver, BC and mastered by Ted Jensen at...

#3 Unsigned Artist Beneath the Burning Sun
Beneath the Burning Sun (Hutchinson, Kansas)
  Influences: Hard Rock/ Metal
  Members: Sean Story (vocals), Kyle...
Artist info

Beneath the Burning Sun is a five piece Rock/Metal band which was formed in Hutchinson, Kansas in early 2008 with their current line up. Their sound can be described as a very metal oriented music styling yet keeping melodic vocals at the...

#4 Dean Berry
Dean Berry (Wells, Nevada)
  Plays: 157
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Just listen.

#5 Unsigned Artist Pollen
Pollen (Frodsham, UK)
  Influences: Muse, The Cardigans,...
  Members: Nick Toone - Vocals, Neil...
No artist info

#6 Black7
Black7 (Malmesbury South Africa)
  Influences: Soil/Alterbridge/Metallica/...
  Members: Matthew...
Artist info

Black7 started 2004. The members are Matthew(guitar/vocals) Simon(Bass) Chris(drums). Although they are all still in school they kick ass! This is defenitly a band ment to entertain people. They always give their best and never gives up hope....

#7 Unsigned Artist sunal
sunal (new delhi)
  Influences: blues/funk/experimental
No artist info

#8 Beyond the Shattered Mirror
Beyond the Shattered Mirror
  Members: D.P - All elements of...
Artist info

Officially started in 1998. What began as a hobby became a passion.

#9 Unsigned Artist RAKE
RAKE (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  Plays: 443 | Saves: 634
  Members: Jode Terry, Chris "Maz"...
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If you like good ol' rock 'n roll, you're in the right place! RAKE has opened up for the likes of Nickelback, 54-40,, The Watchmen, Big Sugar, Default, Theory of a Deadman, HeadStones, and soon to be the headliner for many indie bands! Check out...

#10 D To Tha Frizzle
D To Tha Frizzle (Perth, Australia)
  Plays: 451 | Saves: 2113
  Members: D To Tha Frizzle
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Yo, yo, yo! What's happenin' Perth? I be D To Tha Frizzle, the illest rapper to hit Australia! I got more rhymes than a bank got dimes, I got more style than Calvin Klein, I got more game than the mofo olympics and I got more girls than Hugh...