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#1 Unsigned Artist Hexotericka
Hexotericka (Pretoria, South Africa)
  Plays: 552 | Saves: 939
  Members: Vassago shal D'emone and...
Artist info

Hexotericka is a Darkwave / Electro Goth band from Pretoria, South Africa. The band was started in April of 2007 by two ex-members of the gothic rock band Disciples of Sorrow, Vassago shal D'emone and Chrystovarr D'annan. After the untimely...

#2 Patrick Latendresse
Patrick Latendresse (Val-d'Or)
  Plays: 294 | Saves: 1228
  Influences: Bubblegum Pop
  Members: Patrick Latendresse
Artist info

Songwriting factory Naive music at fairy universe. Kinda bubblegum pop who illustrates some objects with sounds. Thumbnails. Rhymes with magic sound and tricky chords. Perfect for CD covers and ... products with the logo ! ;-)

#3 Unsigned Artist Atrophy
  Plays: 655 | Saves: 2401
No artist info

#4 Mass Burial
Mass Burial (Sydney Australia)
  Plays: 4567
  Influences: Mythology, Occultism, War
  Members: Goran (Bass/Vocals), Alen...
Artist info

Mass Burial is a newcomer blackened death metal band from Sydney Australia. Their trademark are accentuated brutal death metal riffs branded with atmospheric doom sections.

#5 Unsigned Artist bonyback
  Plays: 109 | Saves: 656
No artist info

#6 Ember Eyes
Ember Eyes (salt lake city, utah)
  Plays: 165 | Saves: 871
  Influences: our lives, loves and family
  Members: Emillee Thomas, Erik...
Artist info

Ember Eyes is a colaboration amungst friends with one goal in mind and that is to make music from our hearts and share it with you all! we hope you will like listening to it as much as we like creating it!

#7 Unsigned Artist Candle in the Dark
Candle in the Dark (Keighley, West...)
  Plays: 424 | Saves: 1665
  Influences: Sonata Arctica,...
  Members: Lowell on lead guitar and...
Artist info

We are a five-piece melodic power metal band based in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Check out our Bebo page for more information.

#8 Shank Godley Butcher
Shank Godley Butcher (Sydney)
  Plays: 165 | Saves: 841
  Influences: A very nasty crooner
Artist info

Two years ago, Shank Butcher emerged from seemingly nowhere with over 50 roughly-hewn, angst-ridden compositions that captured every facet of lyrical content that other artists purposely ignored in order to be palatable to mainstream audiences. If...

#9 Unsigned Artist Open Road
Open Road (Newport/Cwmbran, South...)
  Plays: 76
  Influences: ???
  Members: Gavin Johnson - Vocals,...
Artist info

We originate from the band, Two Days Late. We are based in Wales from the towns Newport and Cwmbran. Basically...the band started with Gavin the guitarist and singer and Robert the bassist who met before anyone else. Lewis and Rob had already...

#10 Kyle Macey
Kyle Macey
  Plays: 244 | Saves: 88
  Influences: Bayside, Silverstein,...
Artist info

From the depths of South Warsaw, New York: a solo artist storms the acoustic world.