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#1 Unsigned Artist Markus Schmitt
Markus Schmitt (Frankenthal, Germany;...)
  Plays: 5398 | Saves: 3810
  Influences: http://markus_schmitt.myown...
  Members: Just me - doing all the...
Artist info

Taught myself to play guitar and piano in the mid-90's... joined some NuMetal-Bands and other stuff, finally found my home in Country and Blues in 2003 when I had dreamed of Johnny Cash one night and next day heard he had died just a few weeks...

#2 K-No
K-No (Mafikeng // South Africa)
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Evermore
Evermore (Fanwood, NJ)
  Plays: 895
  Influences: coldplay
  Members: Vlad, Chris, Mike, Dave
Artist info

Before mid-2004 Evermore was simply a dream. The four-some (Mike, David, Chris, Vlad), all hailing from different towns in New Jersey, pieced themselves together barely even knowing each other. At that point in time no one even had a bass or...

#4 David Beard
David Beard (Derbyshire UK)
  Plays: 935 | Saves: 3961
  Influences: James Newton Howard, Hans...
  Members: David Beard
Artist info

David Beard Music Production - An award winning TV and Film Music Composer and Sound Designer creating original music for TV and Film, Documentaries,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Figgy Mortis and the Riggers
Figgy Mortis and the Riggers (Brantford ontario canada)
  Plays: 1810 | Saves: 1528
  Influences: Acoustic
  Members: Jesse Stutsman. Joe...
No artist info

#6 D.G.H.B
D.G.H.B (Montreal)
  Plays: 397 | Saves: 1733
  Members: Mathieu Langevin
Artist info

D.G.H.B est le projet rap-electro de Mathieu Langevin,un jeune musicien misantrophe de Montreal.En 2000,baignant béat dans l'alcool et renaclant chroniquement la mescaline,il commence a composer des rythmes et a raper en dilletante,dans un effort...

#7 Unsigned Artist Adam Lipinski
Adam Lipinski (Weston-Super-Mare,...)
  Plays: 834
  Influences: Crowded House, Ryan Adams
  Members: Adam Lipinski
Artist info

Adam Lipinski is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from the south west of England. He has been writing and performing original material for the last 10 years both as the lead singer of a band and as a solo artist. Past gigs include several...

#8 zero-project
zero-project (Athens. Greece)
  Plays: 1442 | Saves: 4438
  Influences: Instrumental
Artist info

"zero-project" is an artist from Greece who composes instrumental soundtrack music and more. Thank you for visiting ...

#9 Unsigned Artist KCP BOYZ
KCP BOYZ (Meridian)
  Plays: 200 | Saves: 580
  Influences: ti,gucci mane,young jeezy...
  Members: Smoke D, Big Real
No artist info

#10 AGENDA The Rock Band
AGENDA The Rock Band (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
  Plays: 770 | Saves: 2408
  Influences: Some say Billy Bragg, some...
  Members: Todd AndrewPronovost:...
Artist info

A.gen.da : or Things to be done. The plural of agendum. In the begining of May 2004, AGENDA was formed in a apt/studio of the plateau Mont-Royal in the heart of Montréal. Todd and Meeshka have known each other since 1997. They would both...