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#1 Unsigned Artist Bingerz
  Plays: 85 | Saves: 306
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Just want to have fun........!!!

#2 h3 NO DUB
  Plays: 247 | Saves: 1138
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NOME COMPLETO : H3 NO DUB : EXPERIMENTAL WHITE NOISE - La band, nata dalle costole di un'altro gruppo elettronico, i Killing M.A.T.E.R.I.A. , riprende le tematiche tanto care ad Autechre, Aphex Twin (e perche' no, The Chemical Brothers)...

#3 Unsigned Artist PHILEEP
PHILEEP (Hollis, NH)
  Plays: 202 | Saves: 845
  Members: Phillip Gerekos, Jt Trull,...
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Listen closely

#4 Ethan Hopkins
Ethan Hopkins (Casper, Wyoming)
  Plays: 112 | Saves: 718
  Influences: Vance Joy
  Members: Ethan Hopkins
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The indie, pop, blues, folk music creationist, Ethan Hopkins is from Casper, Wyoming. He has been involved with music all his life. He started with piano and moved on to other instruments like the cello, guitar, bass, and ukulele. He loves writing...

#5 Unsigned Artist PHENETIKS
PHENETIKS (Waterbury CT)
  Plays: 124 | Saves: 316
  Influences: hip-hop
  Members: 3
Artist info

Phenetiks. Many years have been put in between the crew. Deto-22 (producer, and the electronically controled brain behind the curtain) started Phenetiks in 1993. Since then, it's had a few changes in the roster, but the idea an philosophy has...

#6 Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor (Vernon BC Canada)
  Plays: 212 | Saves: 868
  Influences: The beach boys meets the...
Artist info

Brian Taylor writes, performs, records his own tunes for you to enjoy. He is also interested in licensing his songs to you, for free. Please visit http:www3.telus.net/briantaylor for the whole story

#7 Unsigned Artist Young Blaze
Young Blaze (Springfield,Mass)
  Influences: Something Different
  Members: Young Blaze
Artist info

I'm a writer/rapper/producer. I have been making music for about 8 years now and I have my own band that I call Heat Team Enterainment that consists of Eddie Kane, Profit, Stretch, and Jonesy. I have aother People I work with also that aren't with...

#8 Jonathan ONeal Moody
Jonathan ONeal Moody (Wildersville TN 38388)
  Members: Jonathan ONeal...
Artist info

Jonathan- I am 26 years old and have only been singing and writing songs for about a year. I have written poetry since I was 16, and that's what got me interested in writing songs and singing. Jeremy- Is a well-rounded guitar player, can rock out...

#9 Unsigned Artist Matthew Lamb
Matthew Lamb (Warwickshire, England)
  Plays: 944 | Saves: 935
Artist info

A singer songwriter who's influences include artists from Jack Johnson to Van Morrisson, from Green Day to Lifehouse. Living in Warwickshire, England at 23 and has never played any kind of gig, only in front of friends and family. Hoping to gain...

#10 Ear Candy
Ear Candy (NORWICH, UK)
  Influences: sorta ska/punk!
  Members: Hootie, Dan, Kareem, Joss,...
Artist info

Catchy ska/punk band from mighty mighty Norwich in the fine old UK. Formed 2004, orginally with Hootie, Dan, Daz, Kareem and Strickers bumed around with a few crappy covers. 2 years on, strickers has left, kicked Daz out weve recruited 3minors...