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#1 Unsigned Artist Toxic One    a.k.a. K-Loke
Toxic One a.k.a. K-Loke (Dirtville, SC)
  Plays: 561 | Saves: 576
Artist info

Toxic One Bio The Group The Webster’s Dictionary defines the word TOXIC as being harmful, destructive, or even deadly. This extraordinary...

#2 J.D. Justice
J.D. Justice (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  Plays: 157
  Influences: Tori Amos, Radiohead, Myself
  Members: J.D. Justice
Artist info

I am a 29 year-old singer-songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. I write music because I have to for my soul to survive.

#3 Unsigned Artist Dylan Watkins
Dylan Watkins (Marquette, MI)
  Plays: 786 | Saves: 1603
Artist info

I started playing music when I was about 15. I started of with a bass and didn't really touch a guitar until three years later. I've been playing in bands since the beginning. Lately I have played bass with Subject to Change, bass and guitar with...

#4 BeatsByLleciano
BeatsByLleciano (Amsterdam)
  Members: BeatsByLleciano
Artist info

22 years old & I'm working all my life on music. i work hard and i think that its time to do something with it

#5 Unsigned Artist Bam Morgan
Bam Morgan (Barnsley)
  Influences: Jason Mraz
  Members: Bam Morgan
Artist info

I'm an avid acoustic singer/songwriter and I'm truly inspired by Jason Mraz, I love playing his songs and his musical talent is defiantly is interpreted into my songs. I am wanting to share my music with the world!

  Plays: 22 | Saves: 21
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist In Splendid Isolation
In Splendid Isolation (Londonderry, Nothern...)
  Plays: 284 | Saves: 867
  Influences: Oasis, Dylan, The Frames
  Members: Ian McCorkell
Artist info

As a side project to his band Fragmatic, drummer Ian McCorkell has recorded some demo\'s in a solo pursuit. This is by no means a way of stealing the limelight, but as a guitarist by nature, Ian feels he has more to offer than just a drum beat.

#8 Rocket
Rocket (Twin Valley, MN)
   | Saves: 1449
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath,...
  Members: Neil
Artist info

Rocket formed in April 1990 in south Fargo, North Dakota. Rocket's first official gig was on July 1st 1990 at 2975 South Gate Dr. in Fargo. The band's setlist at that time included such timeless rock classic's as I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper),...

#9 Unsigned Artist Metaluna
  Members: Brendan (lead guitar,...
Artist info

***WE'VE TEMPORARILY DELETED SONGS. THEY'LL BE REPLACED WITH FULLY MASTERED VERSIONS IN THE NOT-TO-DISTANT FUTURE.*** Anyone that listens to our music, please let us know what you think. Your feedback means everything! Some day we'll be...

#10 BBC
BBC (Sweden)
  Plays: 152 | Saves: 220
Artist info

BBC was formed in the beginning of 2006 by the old fellow beatmakers XL and Gok the Mock. The "Alla har den utom du!" mixtape was released the summer of 2006. The mixtape is a compilation of songs in both english and swedish.