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#1 Unsigned Artist HATHOR
HATHOR (Gothenburg Sweden)
  Plays: 1592 | Saves: 5856
  Influences: HATHOR
  Members: Patrik Karlsson, Hampus...
Artist info

HATHOR is a punkrock act from Gothenburg Sweden. HATHOR started out early -98 with ambition to **** the world with fast furious rock´n roll and a lot of attitude in the veins of Misfits, Zeke and Motörhead. After a couple of compilationalbums...

#2 Candle in the Dark
Candle in the Dark (Keighley, West...)
  Plays: 424 | Saves: 1565
  Influences: Sonata Arctica,...
  Members: Lowell on lead guitar and...
Artist info

We are a five-piece melodic power metal band based in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Check out our Bebo page for more information.

#3 Unsigned Artist CReeZe
CReeZe (Germantown, Md.)
  Plays: 154
  Influences: Evanescence, Christina...
  Members: Kat, Nick, Kristine,...
Artist info

CReeZe, a band combining sounds of rock and pop, has been together for four years. Based in Germantown, Maryland, CReeZe is: Kat, vocals, Nick, lead guitar. They have been busy performing recently in various gigs New York (The Knitting Factory),...

#4 E-Life
  Plays: 1363 | Saves: 2137
  Members: Dwayne Lomax,Diane Mathis...
Artist info

This act is a must see. They have all the bases covered. With style and class, this group can leave audience entertained. One of their strong points is versatility which was acquired from playing shows with such acts such as The Edgar Winter...

#5 Unsigned Artist Neon Revolution
Neon Revolution (Chisago, MN)
  Plays: 1106 | Saves: 991
  Influences: Rock, Classic Rock
  Members: Seth Gervais Vocals/Lead...
Artist info

In late November, 2006 Seth Gervais began to form a band known as Neon Revolution. John Bruno. (Rootbeer) was next to join the band, as Neon Revolution's drummer.James Pegelow. (Peaches) plays the smooth bass for the band, while Shawn Bluhm. plays...

#6 M.C.Randal
M.C.Randal (Oxfordshire)
  Plays: 59
  Influences: Myself
  Members: Me+Oxymusik+D.J.Rana
Artist info

Smalltime Oxfordshire based artist

#7 Unsigned Artist DBG
  Influences: Dancing is NOT a Spectator...
Artist info

Growing up in a somewhat nomadic existance, DBG has many influences. Most notable though, is the Florida Breaks scene and the Miami Bass sound. Always striving for that sound that makes people want to get up and dance, he's been known to mix it up...

#8 Leather Pig
Leather Pig (Birmingham)
  Influences: A pig being fired out of a...
  Members: Alex - Drums, Lewi - Bass ,...
Artist info

Leather pig is a 5 piece metal band from the Birmingham area, our music is like no other metal band using a variation of styles including Punk, Metal, Thrash, and Hardcore all to a jumping beat. As you can see we're not the normal doom and gloom...

#9 Unsigned Artist Kastigo
Kastigo (Hudson Conty NJ)
  Influences: Glassjaw,Helmet,Black Sabbath
  Members: Marco,Gino,Zeus,Adam and Jorge
No artist info

#10 The Overthrow
The Overthrow (Indiana, PA)
  Plays: 54 | Saves: 219
  Influences: Nirvana, The Replacements
  Members: Kalin (lead vox/guitar),...
Artist info

The Overthrow is a 3 piece rock band from the Altoona, Pennsylvania area. It was started in 2004 by brothers Kalin and Braden McDannell. The duo played to whoever would listen with whoever wanted to jam with them. In 2006, they joined up with...