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#1 Unsigned Artist Kimmy Schwimmy
Kimmy Schwimmy
  Plays: 92
  Members: Kimmy Schwimmy
Artist info

Singer, songwriter and entertainer Kimmy Schwimmy plays to the most important of all audiences--KIDS. Whether it’s performing to a sold out theater or a local school, Kimmy believes that sharing a passion for educating through song is at the...

7th DIMENNSION (New York City)
  Plays: 1065 | Saves: 3
  Members:  Ilonah- vocalist, Marqus...
Artist info

7th DIMENNSION is a modern R'n'R trio composed of Marqus Mars, Ilonah and computer cohort Buddha 777. This band's sounds and feels refreshingly different for electronic music. 7th DIMENNSION takes a new "Sex, Light and Rock'n'Roll" approach to...

#3 Unsigned Artist The LIGHT
The LIGHT (Jonesboro,AR)
  Plays: 1845 | Saves: 1531
  Influences: Rush, Deep Purple, Black...
  Members: Terry, Sandra, Scott
Artist info

* Insight : THE LIGHT -- A Rocumentary * Note: The LIGHT runs their own mp3 upload/listeners' site at http://JonesboroMusic.com , using the same software used here at USBW. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, as we take a journey...

#4 Born Mosel
Born Mosel (Boone, NC)
  Plays: 1345 | Saves: 1432
  Influences: Hard Rock
  Members: Ed Womack, Joko Downing,...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell
  Plays: 204
  Influences: Instrumental
Artist info

I'm originally from Louisville, KY, but lived in California for 7 years , Florida for 6, then moved to New Orleans until Katrina flushed me to Baton Rouge and now I'm back, full circle, to the best city on the planet, Louisville! Fusion has...

#6 DJ Frankie Holmes
DJ Frankie Holmes (Chicago)
  Plays: 127 | Saves: 355
  Influences: Countless artists from...
  Members: DJ Frankie Holmes - is -...
Artist info

- Biography - DJ Frankie Holmes is a solo artist from Chicago who has been writing electronic music since 1999. His real name is Emery Frank Harmon IV and he was born in 1978. DJ Frankie's style is experimental dance music mainly but he does...

#7 Unsigned Artist Chris Vaughn
Chris Vaughn
  Plays: 2295
Artist info

Chris vaughn is a musician who writes, arranges and produces his own music. He was born October 12, 1966. He is the older of two children and grew up in rural Winston County, Alabama. His love for music began at a very young age; His earlier...

#8 Hold Your Fire!
Hold Your Fire! (Jersey, Channel Islands)
  Plays: 130 | Saves: 552
  Influences: Melodic Rock
  Members: James Pallot, James Day,...
Artist info

Hold Your Fire! are a melodic punk rock band from Jersey, Channel Islands. Formed as a 4-piece by James, Chris, Reed and Pallot in June 2008 they began writing original music influenced by bands such as Rise Against, Strung Out and A Wilhelm...

#9 Unsigned Artist Sator Square
Sator Square (Spring Valley/San...)
  Plays: 101
  Influences: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath,...
  Members: Will, Tom, Grover, Ron,...
Artist info

Sator Square was formed in 2003 by Will Schmer "Keyboards/Piano", Tom Dustin and Grover Ballmer "Guitars". On the look for a Drummer they came across Matthew Porter who has now been replaced by Jesse Martinez. They then added Ron Lerma on Vocals....

#10 marco_woods
marco_woods (france montpellier)
  Plays: 2850
  Influences: tribal,house,teckno,teckhou...
  Members: marco_woods and cerex live...
Artist info

Début 1996 au coté de max le salle gosse gil le gamin et rykk's,rencontre avec florent aka solaris(alek acero),pour une création d'un nouveau live, mon nom de scene a l'epoque diablo. a signié comme label: rotation records titre hoha, compilation...