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#1 Unsigned Artist MAZOHIST
  Plays: 283 | Saves: 2036
  Influences: t.A.T.u. Ladytron, Kosheen
  Members: 2
Artist info

MAZOHIST (also known as MASOCHIST) is an electronic band from Serbia. For now they only have singles, but their first album WONDERLAND will soon be released. The recording is in progress.

#2 Undergroundhornz
  Plays: 658 | Saves: 1869
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist RainFallWarning
RainFallWarning (Abbotsford, BC, Canada)
  Plays: 200 | Saves: 1627
  Members: Just me...
Artist info

I will be on the The Michael Nayt Show on Monday, March 29th from 3PM to 4PM Pacific. www.blogtalkradio.com/the-unusual It was a cold rainy night, the kind that often plague the west coast on a fall evening. In my hand was a tape. I had...

BAMS (Bamsville)
  Plays: 135 | Saves: 1287
  Members: BAMS
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Grodule
Grodule (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 68 | Saves: 763
  Influences: Ween, Guided by Voices,...
  Members: Tyler Graham and Trevor...
Artist info

They met in a Japanese class at the University of Oregon and have been playing music together for 3 years or so. Tyler is 24 and is from Charlotte, NC and Trevor is 20 and is from Eugene, OR. Trevor designed the logo. All songs are recorded on...

DEBRI (Mineral Wells Texas)
  Plays: 202 | Saves: 1157
  Members: vocals-Brian guitar-Jeremy...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist kenzheaven
kenzheaven (san francisco)
  Influences: many
  Members: kenzheaven
Artist info

Base in san francisco producer/ composer

#8 Prospect
  Influences: dirty south
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Nudity is not a Crime
Nudity is not a Crime (Varberg, Sweden)
  Plays: 1243 | Saves: 1446
  Influences: Funkadelia / Rock
  Members: Jim, Markus, Victor & Henke
Artist info

Nudity is not a crime. Or is it? By the law of society it actually is a crime when applied in certain places such as plazas and restaurants. But according to what we, the human beings, once were it can impossibly be a crime since back in the days,...

#10 The Dangerous Kitchen
The Dangerous Kitchen (Tiggas Studio)
  Plays: 1244 | Saves: 2822
  Members: Tigga
Artist info

I'll be putting stuff onto Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/tiggasdangerouskitchen). Any of my tunes that drop out of the to 40 of the genre that it's placed will be removed and replaced. If that song needs a make over, then so be it, it may...