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#1 Unsigned Artist Refuge Found
Refuge Found (Shrewsbury, UK)
  Plays: 856 | Saves: 1067
  Influences: Oasis,Delirious,Coldplay,Fe...
  Members: Jonathan Roberts, Dan...
Artist info

Refuge Found are a four-piece rock band from Shrewsbury, UK. Jonathan Roberts - Guitar & Vocals Dan Magrath - Guitar & Vocals Toby Stokes - Bass Jon Extance - Drums The original line up saw Jonathan on the drums, however he soon moved to...

#2 Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor (Vernon BC Canada)
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 839
  Influences: The beach boys meets the...
Artist info

Brian Taylor writes, performs, records his own tunes for you to enjoy. He is also interested in licensing his songs to you, for free. Please visit http:www3.telus.net/briantaylor for the whole story

#3 Unsigned Artist Filth Porn
Filth Porn (Tampa, Florida)
  Plays: 3050 | Saves: 2967
  Influences: Mastodon, Lamb of God,...
  Members: Ian Sturgill (Guitar, Vox)...
Artist info

We create the heavist music we can. We do this by defying "Sub-genre"; by not attempting to fit ourselves into a buzzword, we create some of the most purely angry and heavy music in America. Enjoy. Filth Porn started in 2000... since then we...

#4 Kool Taj The GR8
Kool Taj The GR8 (Buffalo, N.Y.)
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist My Anthem
My Anthem (Topeka Kansas)
  Plays: 1516 | Saves: 1267
  Influences: Ned's Atomic Dustbin meets...
  Members: Billy Thompson, Matt...
Artist info

My Anthem came about in early 2004 with the demise of the Christian indie band Joy Tree. Featuring Billy Thompson on guitar and vocals,who has performed on over twelve albums either in or since his final days in seminal Chicago punk band...

#6 Valhalla Smith
Valhalla Smith (Leamington Spa)
  Plays: 32 | Saves: 578
  Influences: Soundgraden, Tool, QOTSA,...
  Members: Rich Watkins - Vocals, Josh...
Artist info

Valhalla Smith already have had musical success with members playing 2 ozzfest tours aswell as playing Bloodstock Festival and having Platinum records to their name but now they have come back to their roots in the Midlands for a new challenge....

#7 Unsigned Artist Swobenator
Swobenator (WARWICK)
Artist info

I am the Swobenator and no one dare question me. I'm a ten piece band and i play all the instruments my self. They are bass, electric guitar, drums, vocals, bongo's, tuba, trombone, organ, piano, cello. I am so F#$ked in the head i still don't...

#8 Fred Engler
Fred Engler
  Plays: 2276 | Saves: 843
  Influences: Jazz
Artist info

The album “Since then till now” can be purchased at "CDbaby": http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fredengler iTunes MP3 Downloads: ...

#9 Unsigned Artist Yung Seph
Yung Seph
  Plays: 1516 | Saves: 5285
  Influences: Trey Songz mixed wit Omarion
Artist info

Wassup everyone I'm 22 yrs old from Indianapolis,IN. I been singing for 8years in my house. If my boys knew i could sing they would be shocked!!!!!I've always been the quite humorus guy that kept people laughing but i knew i had a better talent...

#10 Irregular Mek
Irregular Mek
  Members: 2
No artist info