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#1 Unsigned Artist Soundless Thunder
Soundless Thunder (Houston, Texas)
  Influences: Disturbed
  Members: Aaron Havens, Adam...
No artist info

#2 Tequila Mechanics
Tequila Mechanics (Ohio)
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Natalia Pardalis
Natalia Pardalis
  Plays: 342 | Saves: 253
Artist info

Bio Fresh. Expressive. Unexpected. Discover the music and voice of Natalia Pardalis – pianist, singer/songwriter, and musical educator. This adventurous performer has emerged from the cocoon of the classical world, to create a new fusion of...

#4 Nieghbourhood Watch
Nieghbourhood Watch (Colchester/Mersea)
  Members: Matt Birch, Stephen Mole,...
Artist info

All went to school in colchester, matt, millard and steve went to TLA, andy went to st. benedicts. matt got chucked out in yr9 and went to the I.S.S centre. shortly after finishing school we decided to form a punk rock band and here we are....

#5 Unsigned Artist Vahco
Vahco (San Francisco, CA New...)
  Influences: The Faint, Depeche Mode,The...
  Members: Vahco
Artist info

Hailing from San Fransico, Vahco has been an active force the local music scene. Vahco has had success in numerous other bands, but soon realized his own writting was what clicked. At the moment Vahco is based out of New York's East village....

THEORY (Yonkers/Poughkeepsie NY)
  Plays: 389 | Saves: 814
  Influences: What the Industry needs......
  Members: 1
Artist info

Introducing Theory, a hot new artist for today's new scene. Also known as "Mirrorchild" or "Capital T," Theory is sending his name throughout the musical waves at a very fast pace. Raised in Yonkers, N.Y. Theory absorbed the elements of hip-hop by...

#7 Unsigned Artist 120 Decibels
120 Decibels (USA)
No artist info

#8 LilHines
LilHines (Atlanta Ga, Savannah...)
  Plays: 411 | Saves: 1142
  Influences: manny fresh, hot boys (bg,...
Artist info

Jerome Hines aka Lil Hines was born in Savannah Ga. Son of Robin Hines and Reginald Anderson. He was raised in Riceboro Ga about 45 minutes away. He discovered music at an early age using drums sticks and shoe boxes to make music. He then later...

#9 Unsigned Artist Gentile da Fabriano
Gentile da Fabriano (Woodland Hills, CA 91436)
  Members: Preservetodvd
Artist info

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#10 Lodestone
Lodestone (Greater Manchester)
  Members: Andrew Ramsey (guiatr,...
Artist info