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#1 Unsigned Artist DJ SlimX
DJ SlimX
No artist info

#2 big el
big el (oakland,ca)
  Plays: 835 | Saves: 1461
  Members: Big El and production by...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Rich Lipski
Rich Lipski (Hanover, PA)
  Plays: 80
  Influences: Jack Johnson, Beatles, Oasis
  Members: Rich Lipski
Artist info

Rich Lipski is a singer-songwriter from the south central Pennsylvania area. Influenced by a diverse group of artists such as the Beatles, Jack Johnson, The Clash, Bob Marley, Rich has developed a sound that is best described as acoustic rock with...

#4 Keith Trimm
Keith Trimm (Fairbury Ne)
  Plays: 1050 | Saves: 2382
  Influences: Dokken, Metallica,...
  Members: Keith Trimm
Artist info

One man band, writing, recording, producing and playing all my own stuff for you to download.

#5 Unsigned Artist Laid To Waste
Laid To Waste (Moncton)
  Plays: 252 | Saves: 1155
  Influences: in...
  Members: Justin Mcgregor -...
Artist info

The band originally started in year 2002 with the guitar player, Justin McGregor, and the original drummer named P.J. (currently the drummer for Undecided). P.J. then introduced Colin to Justin and once they realized how alike in styles they were...

#6 Lil Shan
Lil Shan (Covington,Tn)
Artist info

Ricardo Mason A.K.A started rapping in 6th grade he did his first song two years later which was Chattis Hall Diss Song after that his fan base has been grownig in Tipton and Lauderdale County

#7 Unsigned Artist Atragedyinprogress
Atragedyinprogress (Mid Wales, UK)
  Influences: Atreyu, The Used, Senses...
  Members: Ki - Sings/Screams, Callum...
Artist info

"with youth and an inventiveness on their side, they're worth a second look" - BBC Wales/Music "Musically and technically they couldnt be faulted and seem sure to be going places" - MidWales Music Scene These are just a couple of...

#8 Nexis
  Plays: 61 | Saves: 518
Artist info

Hey guys we're Nexis. We like to think we're pretty good. We're just here to have some fun and write some good music. We've won a couple of awards for our music which is pretty good, but we only have a **** song to put up so hold up until we get...

#9 Unsigned Artist MADDOG
  Plays: 4640
  Members: Chris Maddy
Artist info

Just one of those guys who isn't able to get through life without music, I started mixing records in the late 80�s and have been a vinyl junky ever since. I have spent the majority of my spare time over the past 16 years working on my mixing...

#10 Marvin Sunk
Marvin Sunk (Matawan NJ)
  Influences: Beatles, QOTSA, AIC, 60s,...
Artist info

Marvin Sunk have been delightfully confounding audiences for nearly 10 years with their genre bending mix of rock, jazz, hip- hop, metal and electronica. It's not everyday that you see a band like this; three part harmonies and brass add an...