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#1 Unsigned Artist Freedom All
Freedom All (Manchester, England)
  Plays: 328 | Saves: 936
  Influences: Capdown,NOFX,Rancid,Howards...
  Members: Tom Wright, Dan Cox and Kev...
Artist info

Freedom All are a three piece Ska-Punk band from England. Formed in 2004. We've got Tom on lead guitar, Dan on lead vocals + bass and Kev on Drums and backing vocals. We're currently waiting on a saxophonist who hopfuly will shortly be joining the...

#2 destroy The General
destroy The General (Oxfordshire, UK)
  Plays: 1836 | Saves: 1531
  Influences: Thrice, Faith No More, The...
  Members: 5
Artist info

Deriving from numerous "retired" oxford bands, dTG; a five piece act from the outskirts of oxford, came together in late 2003 to create a sound that they had never tried before, simply striving to write decent songs which they could appreciate....

#3 Unsigned Artist Aris Manouras
Aris Manouras
No artist info

#4 Airo
Airo (Southamerica/Suriname)
  Plays: 660 | Saves: 717
  Influences: Hardwell, nicky romero,...
  Members: Issiah Roberts, Thierry...
Artist info

Young House Music productions team bringing house music into the country of Suriname, they are known by the genres: Progressive House, Dutch House, Progressive Trance and Many More. This team was started on Februari 16th 2011 by Issiah Roberts and...

#5 Unsigned Artist Fight For a Title
Fight For a Title (Plattsburgh NY)
  Plays: 2573
Artist info

Beer driven punk from the bowels of Plattsburgh. Nick Tamer - Guitar Mike Diers - Guitar Gabe Bowen - Drums Tony Walker - vocals Wayne Plumadore - bass Fight_For_A_Title@yahoo.com

#6 Hangface
Hangface (Norway)
  Plays: 71
  Members: Bjornar, Daggi, Hogne, Tom,...
Artist info

HANGFACE (Norway) is a solid, cohesive act - hometown friends who exude a shared passion for good rock music, deliver vividly colorful melodies into textural hard rock, giving new meaning, substance and depth to what is being played today on the...

#7 Unsigned Artist ISRAELSSUN
ISRAELSSUN (United States)
  Plays: 2232 | Saves: 3825
  Influences: Sam Cooke, Paul Simon, The...
Artist info

A FUSION OF MUSICAL INFLUENCES WITH A POSITIVE MESSAGE...MUSIC BASED ON INFLUECES, ON EXPERIENCES AND SITUATIONS "I wanted to create music with an impact. To make a difference and have a positive influence on society and the industry" "It only...

#8 anomalous
anomalous (providence r.i.)
  Plays: 119 | Saves: 967
Artist info

A foundation that starts with hardcore, death, grind, rock, punk, jazz & metal. This group showcases it's veratility with drastic tempo changes and intense song structures.the Anomalous stays true to their namesake; uncertain classification, not...

#9 Unsigned Artist feal7
No artist info

  Influences: x
  Members: x
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