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#1 Unsigned Artist Exosense
Exosense (Tucson, Az)
  Plays: 120 | Saves: 610
  Influences: Iron Maiden, Dream Theater,...
  Members: Eric Fernandez (Vocals),...
Artist info

Exosense started out as a two member band comprised of Ali and Dustin, both on guitar. They originally recorded covers and originals using midi drum and bass tracks. As they got better, so did the sound quality, but the drums and bass still made...

#2 DeLorean Mango
DeLorean Mango (Northwest New Jersey)
  Members: Staples,Miguel Parsons
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Paul and the Beat Machine
Paul and the Beat Machine (Denver, CO)
  Plays: 39 | Saves: 274
  Influences: The Doors, Minus the Bear,...
  Members: Paul Viviani
Artist info

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/paul-viviani

  Plays: 49 | Saves: 193
  Influences: The Beatles, Megadeth,...
  Members: Joe Mitch, Tom Tribolt, Ben...
Artist info

A NEW ODYSSEY BEGINS: THE STORY OF METRIC HALO Ben Lukas: Vocals Tom Tribolt: Guitar Billy Vassiliadis: Bass/backing vocals Joe Mitch: Drummer/backing vocals Despite only being together for a year and a half, Metric Halo’s career is...

#5 Unsigned Artist Aeonlight
Aeonlight (Muskegon Michigan)
  Plays: 71
  Influences: Molecular arrangements
  Members: Chad Conant- Vox Eric...
Artist info

Aeonlight is a Progressive Metal Band. The intention is to achieve a common state of mind that naturally spews forth music into reality from the core of our existence. We also really enjoy the ability to have fun playing while we push ourselves...

#6 Altron3000
Altron3000 (Philadelphia, PA)
  Plays: 200
  Members: Aaron Levine
Artist info

Birthday: 12/12/1987 I am currently an undergrad student at Temple University. My major is electrical engineering. http://www.Myspace.com/Altron3000

#7 Unsigned Artist Psikotikustik
Psikotikustik (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia)
  Plays: 374 | Saves: 266
  Members: Hadi...
Artist info

Originally form in 2002,the band had two members;Hadi and the late Mardiana[rip] b4 Muhi joined the band in 2005.Originally Hadi and Mardiana are the members of Malaysia tradisional music group b4 they've decided to go on producing something...

#8 Home Brew
Home Brew (Saskatchewn)
  Plays: 188 | Saves: 722
  Influences: Zakk Wylde
  Members: 5
Artist info

This band plays a wide variety of music from Tom Petty to Zakk Wylde. The band consists of five members: Vocals- Dan Rogers, guitar- Vinny Morran, bass- Trevor Bentley, guitar- Shane Bentley, drums- Chris Lengyel. Website is coming soon!! If...

#9 Unsigned Artist Dayton
Dayton (Pittsburgh)
  Plays: 253 | Saves: 1025
Artist info

First of all, for those who don't know me, I go by the name Dayton, 27. Born William Jackson December 22, 1982. I’m a producer, rapper, songwriter, and engineer from Pittsburgh, Pa. At an early age I decided I wanted to be an entertainer when I...

#10 Centervoid
Centervoid (King, NC)
  Plays: 55
  Influences: Alice in Chains,...
  Members: Kane - Vocals, Rhythm...
Artist info

Centervoid formed in early 2008 as the result of jam sessions between Kane and Grey "H" Johnstone. At the time, it was nothing serious -- much like their playing for tips back in high school. Calling themselves "Harmonius Dyschord," they would not...