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#1 Unsigned Artist Lotion
Lotion (Belfast, N.Ireland)
  Plays: 299 | Saves: 546
  Influences: Deftones, Faith no more,...
  Members: Sean Mc Alinden (guitar)...
Artist info

5 piece band based in Belfast, formed 2005.

#2 New Dawn
New Dawn (Midlands, UK)
  Plays: 30 | Saves: 167
  Influences: sevendust,threedaysgrace,sk...
  Members: Craig - Vox, Ian - Drums,...
Artist info

Formed in 2006 New Dawn have been ripping through venues with their unique blend of hard rock and heavy metal. With a line-up change in early 2008 the guys set about recording their debut album Unite. with that now completed and a host of shows...

#3 Unsigned Artist Tony Chevy
Tony Chevy (Florida)
  Plays: 165 | Saves: 206
  Members: Tony Chevy
Artist info

For more information please visit: www.tonychevy.com Follow Tony Chevy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anchors30 Follow Tony Chevy on Twitter:...

#4 Methuselahs Valise
Methuselahs Valise (New York, NY)
  Plays: 15674 | Saves: 18593
  Influences: Adult Contemporary Rock
  Members: Bob Dee, Ward Parker, Paul...
Artist info

When singer/songwriter Bob Dee and good friend Ward Parker (a.k.a. Uncle Winston) began creating a body of songs incorporating their favorite musical styles, the fledgeling band didn't yet have a name. When Bob called up his oldest friend - and ...

#5 Unsigned Artist MKPLatinum
  Plays: 675 | Saves: 2354
Artist info

Born Feb.1,1984Brooklyn medical centr NY,MKPLatinum known as M.K. grew up in the gridiest part of Jersey,city,Newark,and Queens where he lived with only his mom and four other siblings,so M.K. grew up quick found a love in basketball and he was...

#6 Under the Number
Under the Number (Cyprus)
  Influences: Three days Grace, Breaking...
  Members: Roman Horwarth - Vocals,...
Artist info

Under the Number is an Alternative Rock band based in Cyprus. With one Album in Circulation and one due to be released in April 2011 the band already has a wide fan base.

#7 Unsigned Artist Jordan L. Miles
Jordan L. Miles (La Grande, OR)
  Members: Jordan L. Miles -...
No artist info

#8 Angie Mattson
Angie Mattson
  Plays: 158 | Saves: 652
  Influences: Beth Orton , Fiona Apple
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist MAINTAIN
MAINTAIN (San Fernando Valley,...)
  Plays: 1786 | Saves: 3618
  Influences: Brand New...
  Members: Gino Garofalo-Bass/Vocals,...
Artist info

MAINTAIN was formed in the summer of 2001, but the band was conceived 4 years prior when Gino (bass/vox) and Jason (guitar/vox) were introduced by a mutual friend & musician named Dan Hastie (ORGONE). The two instantly recognized each others...

#10 Ephus
Ephus (Port Hope, Michigan)
  Plays: 380 | Saves: 795
  Members: Addison - Guitar, Adam -...
Artist info

We started as two brothers, Addison and Alex, and have just recently added a third member to our band, Adam. We're working with him now, so he can learn all of our songs and then we will be gigging to build a fan base. Check our Myspace and...