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#1 Unsigned Artist Gigs
Gigs (Israel)
  Plays: 278
Artist info

Take an ounce of Soul, a teaspoon of Jazz and a sprinkle of Rock and you will come pretty close to what Gigs is all about. Born in Israel in 1980, his family had moved to Dallas when he was only a year old. After living in the U.S for 6...

#2 Adelic
Adelic (Vancouver, BC)
  Plays: 1127 | Saves: 5027
  Influences: Classic Elton John, The...
  Members: Murray
Artist info

Let's go back to days when you were young. You had no qualms wearing out your brother's Police albums and Elton John's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' was life-changing. When you heard Coldplay and Ben Folds blaring over the radio you were in the cold...

#3 Unsigned Artist Centerfold
Artist info

Centerfold is a 2 piece powerpop/acoustic rock band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Dan Webb (vocals, guitar) and Dan Ducharme (bass) have been making music together for the better half of the last decade, starting and joing various...

#4 HomeGrownFluidity
HomeGrownFluidity (Massachusetts, USA)
  Plays: 522 | Saves: 1170
  Influences: Frank Zappa, King Crimson,...
  Members: Bob Byron
Artist info

HomeGrownFluidity is guitar oriented Jazz/Rock fusion, conceived in early 2003 by guitarist Bob Byron. Melodic, flowing guitar mixing with a wide variety of instruments and sound.....controlled chaos "thank...

#5 Unsigned Artist Bodybagz
Bodybagz (Tucson,AZ)
  Plays: 942 | Saves: 1317
  Influences: rap , west coast , evil ,...
  Members: Bodybagz
Artist info

Whats up... If you feeling this shit, go to my soundclick page for more tracks... www.soundclick.com/bodybagz

#6 Ageing hippie groove syndicate
Ageing hippie groove syndicate
  Plays: 339 | Saves: 1150
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Greg Everett
Greg Everett
No artist info

#8 Drug Money
Drug Money (Harrow, London)
  Plays: 1159 | Saves: 1057
  Influences: STAS
  Members: Farrell, Jones, Neumann, Chung
Artist info

Next gig 19th november, flyer on site

#9 Unsigned Artist Krizo
Krizo (Paris, Berlin, Geneva)
  Plays: 2888 | Saves: 5036
  Influences: A lot of different genre
  Members: Eric Krzyzosiak, Arnaud...
Artist info

We are a music band created in 1984, in Berlin, Germany and have released over 1,300 music for movies, TV series, shows,... You don't know us, but for sure you know our music... We are now established in Paris, Berlin and Geneva. In 1997,...

#10 FroBot
FroBot (Osaka, Japan)
  Plays: 134
  Members: FroBot
Artist info

Http://www.frobot.jp http://djfrobot.blogspot.com FroBot is an Osaka based funky house producer who brings an extremely funky energy to the dance floor filled with original remixes and dangerously risky techniques. He is well-known for...