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#1 Unsigned Artist Christopher Scum
Christopher Scum (Tennessee)
  Plays: 1083 | Saves: 1627
  Influences: A Truck, a midnight train,...
  Members: Christopher Scum
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Fifty Acres of Pain http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?item=10035 Im not even gonna get on here with a...

#2 Nod
  Plays: 925 | Saves: 1733
Artist info

Nod is a man making music for himself.

#3 Unsigned Artist Barry Cleveland
Barry Cleveland (San Francisco Bay Area)
  Plays: 388 | Saves: 1745
  Influences: Brian Eno, Robert Fripp,...
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Barry Cleveland 's guitar playing incorporates elements from diverse sources (psychedelia, progressive rock, ambient, electronic, jazz, funk, and a host of "world" music styles) and combines them with unusual sounds created using unorthodox...

#4 Gefilte Fist
Gefilte Fist (Tampa, Florida)
  Plays: 359 | Saves: 1679
  Influences: Napalm Death, Carcass,...
  Members: Senor Feces, Yapp Fripside,...
Artist info

Gefilte Fist are a blackened deathcore band from Tampa, Florida that plays dramatic show tunes, soaring uplifting melodies, life-affirming smooth jazz and blasphemous elevator music. Part of the gefiltecore scene, Gefilte Fist blends fistcore,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Big Wish
Big Wish (milwaukee)
  Influences: Indie Rock
  Members: Josh Lukkes:vocals, guitar,...
Artist info

Smashing Pumpkins meets Husker Du meets Wedding Present

#6 UV Catastrophe
UV Catastrophe (Belgium)
  Plays: 623 | Saves: 2571
  Influences: Underworld,Neon...
  Members: Valere Faraffel
Artist info

UV Catastrophe is a solo project by Valere Faraffel, a belgian allround avant-garde artist. He tries to communicate sentiments and views through a variety of media, ranging from poetry, painting and sculpture to music. Click here to visit the...

#7 Unsigned Artist Submerge The Sky
Submerge The Sky (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  Influences: Bring Me The Horizon, The...
  Members: Abel Black, Colter Muerto,...
No artist info

#8 Elevator Death Squad
Elevator Death Squad (Upstate N.Y.)
  Plays: 797 | Saves: 714
  Influences: Metal/Thrash
  Members: Mike Fiocco- vocals, Tom...
Artist info

E.D.S. has gone through the ranks of the local metal scene and is now the most recognized sound in the area. Brutal vocals, heavy guitar riffs and technical drum beats give elevator the distinct and original sound that has made them a top act in...

#9 Unsigned Artist RicRoc
RicRoc (london)
  Plays: 796 | Saves: 610
  Influences: hiphop
  Members: Ricardo
Artist info

Ricardo de Jesus, born in the North part of Portugal. Raised and grew up in Long Island, NY, USA. Raised in a multi cultured environment he has developed a multi cultured style within the Hip Hop world. His hidden talent was first brought to...

#10 Danny G and the Backdoor Visitors
Danny G and the Backdoor Visitors (Orlando, FL)
  Plays: 147
  Influences: Frank Zappa, LEs Claypool,...
  Members: Danny G, Nicky Gazzaroli,...
Artist info

Against being against what I'm against. Its the perfect equation, nulls out to sum of zero, the anti-everything. Born from boredom and wanna be punk. Still love playing but have nothing to say, so we make it abstract. Love the sound of revolution...