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#1 Unsigned Artist Holistic
Holistic (Kalamazoo, MI)
  Plays: 252 | Saves: 487
  Influences: Thrice, AFI, Blindside
  Members: Pete Sanok, Phil Warner,...
Artist info

Holistic is a band developing in both musical and success realms. From starting out as a Traverse City, MI local band, to recording a demo EP, releasing a full length album, and venturing out on a nationwide independent tour, the band seems to be...

#2 Grey Heron
Grey Heron (Turku)
  Influences: Foo Fighters, My Chemical...
  Members: Andrea Brosio, Juuso...
Artist info

Year 2010. In the southwest corner of Finland lies a small and sleepy town of Vampula. More cattle lives there than people, and spinach is being farmed above the needs of the entire nation. Tucked away in the remote corner of the already remote...

#3 Unsigned Artist ARP DC
ARP DC (Bloomington, IN)
  Plays: 197
  Influences: Electronic
  Members: Spencer Gray
Artist info

ARP-DC is Spencer Gray' solo electronic project. Using almost all analog synthesis equipment ARP-DC's songs range from experimental to crunchy dance grooves.

#4 HerbJamSessions
HerbJamSessions (Canberra)
  Plays: 55
  Influences: Eric Bogle, Tool
  Members: Herb
Artist info

Been a frog for far too long trying to find my way hopping around from place to place from near to far green aint ugly fu*k this bar..........

#5 Unsigned Artist stranger things
stranger things (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Members: Gabriel Wingard
Artist info

Find us at: http://www.strangerthings.net

#6 Shaded Noise
Shaded Noise (Beer, SouthWest, UK)
  Plays: 311
  Influences: Adam and the Noise
  Members: Roly, Ben, Jake, Adam
Artist info

Meet the band... www.myspace.com/shadednoise

#7 Unsigned Artist Circlesound
Circlesound (Chester)
  Plays: 274 | Saves: 459
  Influences: Led Zeppellin, Radiohead,...
  Members: Dave Lloyd, Luke Woods,...
Artist info

Circlesound Not many bands meet on a river raft, dressed as spacemen, throwing cow shit at each other, that is unless you're in Circlesound! This was the first meeting of singer Dave and drummer Bernie. Bernie, and guitarist Luke, persuaded...

#8 Jolly Hollie
Jolly Hollie (Cardiff)
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Venarei
Venarei (Rosemead,CA)
  Influences: ProgressiveLatinPunkFusionJ...
  Members: Julian Buis,Emmanuel...
Artist info

We are an experimental band.Guitarist Julian Buis and Bassist Pasqual Franco previously had been in a couple side projects together.After been discovered by a determined drummer Emmanuel W. searching long,our styles quickly adapted and...

#10 Queensland Wind and Brass
Queensland Wind and Brass (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)
  Plays: 4409 | Saves: 2846
  Influences: Classical, Mussorgsky,...
  Members: 52
Artist info

The Queensland Wind and Brass ( http://www.qwab.com.au ) is a community wind ensemble based in Brisbane, Australia. It was formed in 1989 and is comprised of...