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#1 Unsigned Artist Emotive
Emotive (Arizona)
  Plays: 98
  Influences: Progressive, Emotive, Emo
  Members: Andrew Thomas Bearce
Artist info

Emotive is the musical performance of the multi-talented solo artist; Andrew Thomas Bearce, playing a wide variety of instruments and putting on an intense performance featuring all original progressive rock, jazz and blues with a diverse and...

#2 PickPocket
PickPocket (Ashe County, North...)
  Plays: 171 | Saves: 606
  Members: Jacob Goodman, Seth...
Artist info

Formed in 2004 in the mountains of North Carolina, PickPocket transcends genres. Their styles range from Metal to Blues to 1950's Rock n' Roll to Country to even Funk. With Jacob Goodman on guitar, Chaz Smith playing bass and providing vocals,...

#3 Unsigned Artist Feliciano/Sandoval Band
Feliciano/Sandoval Band
  Plays: 2237 | Saves: 2768
  Influences: Israel & New Breed, Maroon 5
Artist info

FELICIANO/SANDOVAL BAND a brand new, original project led by Vocalist Raul Feliciano and guitarist Jean Sandoval. FELICIANO/SANDOVAL BAND have been laying down the groove for a few months and have made a tremendous impact in the Connecticut, New...

  Plays: 690 | Saves: 797
  Influences: RAP
  Members: 1
Artist info

DISKO.....STARTED RAPPIN IN BOUT 2006....WAS A PART OF THE GROUP CALLED..S.I.E...with 3 close partna's.DESI...BEJORN...DIRTY RED....after a brief incarceration of 6 months then serving 6 more months on house arrest..DISKO decided to take the music...

#5 Unsigned Artist payne and reece
payne and reece (London)
  Members: nick payne and nick reece
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CHAOTIC (Chicago, Illinois)
  Plays: 925 | Saves: 721
  Influences: Everybody!!!
  Members: Kevin - Singer, songwriter,...
Artist info


#7 Unsigned Artist Colin Lenox
Colin Lenox (Rockford, Illinois)
  Plays: 1604 | Saves: 2745
  Influences: jam-based acoustic/electic...
Artist info

Hello everyone...I am a solo artist...I write instrumentals, lyrics, and loop songs, and i play guitar, bass, and djembe. I am currently in the process of recording a complete CD, and the tracks should be here for download. In the mean time you...

#8 totalitmyrezim
totalitmyrezim (SLOVAKIA)
  Influences: http://www.facebook.com/pag...
Artist info

WE ARE GROUP INDUSTRIAL NOISE PATIENTE MUSIC Jagelson Martinez Couchniere Johnany --------------------------------------------- Curtowitz Marcel Dubak O.Cocho M.Cocho Markowitz Micco Hanlonlik POVAZSKA BYSTRICA...

#9 Unsigned Artist My Anthem
My Anthem (Topeka Kansas)
  Plays: 1516 | Saves: 1333
  Influences: Ned's Atomic Dustbin meets...
  Members: Billy Thompson, Matt...
Artist info

My Anthem came about in early 2004 with the demise of the Christian indie band Joy Tree. Featuring Billy Thompson on guitar and vocals,who has performed on over twelve albums either in or since his final days in seminal Chicago punk band...

#10 Yung Seph 317
Yung Seph 317 (Naptown Indianapolis)
  Plays: 1671 | Saves: 5521
  Influences: Trey Songz, Jamie foxx,...
Artist info

I rap and Sang and aint no body gonna switch my style to make me stop!!! I dont harmonize I SING and I dont Rhyme I FLOW....NAPTOWN 317 MR.LOCAL SANGA SO CREATIVE MAN ....MY MIND IS ON ANOTHER PLANET...MY R7B TOPICS ARE SO DIFFERENT!!!! FUCK WIT...