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#1 Unsigned Artist PARADYCE
  Plays: 955 | Saves: 3367
  Influences: NO OTHER!
  Members: RUTHIE & KITAMI
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HIP-HOP/R&B QUARTET TURNS TRAGEDY INTO A TRIUMPHANT TRIO Hip-Hop/R&B Trio Continues to Make Music with Reemerging Veteran Rapper-Turned-Producer After Losing a Member to Coma Caused By Car Accident. Where theres smoke, theres bound to be...

#2 B4TheWorldEndz
B4TheWorldEndz (Los Angeles, CA.)
  Members: B4TheWorldEndz a.k.a LOGIK
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#3 Unsigned Artist Kurt Thompson
Kurt Thompson (Carbondale, IL USA)
  Influences: radiohead, muse, red hot...
  Members: Kurt Thompson
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#4 Holy DöG
Holy DöG (Bordeaux)
  Plays: 121 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Melvins, Bleach, Sonic...
  Members: Mudi (vocals, guitar,...
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We're thinking about a bio. It has to be really cool, like related to terror or muffin cooking, so it's worth thinking about it a little bit more. We'll keep you posted. We play skronk spazz rock&doom

#5 Unsigned Artist For A Season
For A Season (Sw Florida)
  Influences: The Wedding, Switchfoot,...
  Members: Brian Keating -Lead...
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New Christian Band Out of SW Florida.

#6 cage9
cage9 (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1066 | Saves: 1426
  Influences: Incubus, Foo Fighters, APC
  Members: Evan Rocaniche (guitars,...
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The U.S. gave Panama the Canal and now they are returning the favor with Cage9. The three-piece grew up in Panama listening to Incubus, Foo Fighters and Metallica. Now based in L.A., Cage9 delivers a solid wall of melodic hard rock, laden with...

#7 Unsigned Artist Sgrillo
  Plays: 2498 | Saves: 5984
  Influences: A mix of Jean-Michel Jarre...
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  Plays: 72
  Influences: Air
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RENDEZVOUS, a new band in the music scene, offers rich retro sounds of live studio playing while taking the listener through a journey to there and back using groovy instrumental tracks with a touch of jazz and psychedelic sounds. Their latest...

#9 Unsigned Artist Jon Dalton
Jon Dalton (Costa Mesa CA:)
  Plays: 214
  Influences: Wes Montgomery, Pat...
  Members: Jon Dalton:...
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One of the most successful artists working in Chill-Jazz today. The Gift reached #1 on CIM jazz radio and tunes from the album have been played on BBC TV, The Weather Channel and countless broadcast and Internet radio staions.

#10 Summ0nskull
Summ0nskull (Cavite, Philippines)
   | Saves: 844
  Influences: Emperor, Carcass, Death,...
No artist info