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#1 Unsigned Artist rico casazza
rico casazza (London)
  Plays: 1176
  Influences: minimal techno -...
Artist info

A fusion of sounds, amalgamated in order to create different shades. dark and deep shadows, strong rhythmic patterns, cosy and beautiful warm melodies mixed with lazy ambiences or infinite memories transformed in music. Thoughtful profundity that...

#2 Jonzer Jackson
Jonzer Jackson (Cleveland, Ohio)
  Plays: 387 | Saves: 233
  Influences: NIN, Beck, Alice in Chains,...
  Members: James Peck
Artist info

Jonzer Jackson is a genre-bending solo project launched in 2003 by Cleveland, Ohio native James Peck. The fusion of Industrial, Rock, Trance, DJ, Emo and othe genres are just a small part of what has been referred to as Trip Rock. Check out...

#3 Unsigned Artist american stranger
american stranger (Boston Mass)
  Plays: 347 | Saves: 539
  Influences: beatles, rolling...
  Members: Kellen, Billy, Jason, Dave
Artist info

We have about 20 originals, and also do a mix of covers when playing live.

#4 Massdriver
Massdriver (Gloucestershire, UK)
  Plays: 418 | Saves: 1043
  Influences: Grind/death metal with...
  Members: Steve Laver, David (Shrew)...
Artist info

Iím lucky enough to have spent more than 20 years playing guitar and bass in punk and metal bands (a noble calling, to be sure) and so I have come to believe that the following things are true: 1). I must be a right old bastard by now. 2)....

#5 Unsigned Artist EckSyle
EckSyle (Pittsburgh, PA)
  Plays: 1313 | Saves: 2183
  Influences: Histories Most Talented...
  Members: Self
Artist info

About EckSyle To whom it may concern, My father raised me and my brother by himself, give or take some years that he had help from his different wives. While me and my bro were coming up, my pops never let us know anything about our real...

#6 Tha Tinman
Tha Tinman
  Plays: 457 | Saves: 615
  Influences: HIP HOP INSTRUMENTAL /...
  Members: THA TINMAN
Artist info

This Is Tha Tinman Born and raised in Durham, NC, Mike Green is striving to become one of the most successful super-producers in the industry today. His style is very unique, unlike the rest of these producers your hear he doesn't have a...

#7 Unsigned Artist GRAVEL
  Plays: 1726 | Saves: 3407
  Influences: ALL THINGS ROCK!!
  Members: Steve Cauchi-lead vocals/...
Artist info

Gravel is a 3 piece hard rock power trio from The New York City/Long Island area.They have played such venues as Arlene's Grocery,CBGB,Don Hill's,The Continental, and The Ace of Clubs. Their most recent 4 song self titled demo received strong...

#8 Love Deficiency
Love Deficiency (Hawick)
  Plays: 60 | Saves: 464
  Influences: Jane's Addiction, The...
  Members: Craig (Dogboy) Nicholson
Artist info

Love Deficiency is the solo project of former Super Hi-Tops' frontman Craig (Dogboy) Nicholson. The new style is indie-rock-punk-pop. Dogboy takes the concept 'solo artist' to the extreme by playing every instrument and recording and producing...

#9 Unsigned Artist DJ REKK
DJ REKK (Red Oak ,Tx)
  Plays: 45 | Saves: 380
  Influences: DJ ROK
Artist info

Wat It Dew, This ya boy DJ REKK holdin' down for dem boyz in tha TEX. Plain & simplle, sweet,short, and to tha point. If ya dont know me get to know me, and for all ya'll who ain't from Texas i like my beats slow just like the one you will hear...

#10 The CarbonAudio Effect
The CarbonAudio Effect (Goose Creek, SC)
  Members: Noel DeLisle, Jesse Snider,...
Artist info

The CarbonAudio Effect is a Christian Rock band, based out of Goose Creek, South Carolina. The band was started by Noel DeLisle (Lead Vocals, Keyboards) & Jesse Snider (Acoustic/Electric Guitar) in April of 2007. Just a few weeks later, John...