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#1 Unsigned Artist Freak Occurrence
Freak Occurrence (Plattsburgh/Constable,...)
  Plays: 560 | Saves: 1889
  Members: Eric,Tony,John
Artist info

Formed in early 2002,with just tony and john working on some things, looking for a drummer found Eric and there ya go. songs were recorded under the influence.currently working on a new project,going by a different name and the sound has...

#2 Archazi
Archazi (Portland, Oregon)
  Plays: 184 | Saves: 1192
  Influences: If Tom Waits wrote...
Artist info

There isn't much of a budget for better software, but trying to work with what we have.

#3 Unsigned Artist Raymond Rice
Raymond Rice
  Plays: 2996 | Saves: 1237
  Members: Raymond Rice
No artist info

7th DIMENNSION (New York City)
  Plays: 1065 | Saves: 3
  Members:  Ilonah- vocalist, Marqus...
Artist info

7th DIMENNSION is a modern R'n'R trio composed of Marqus Mars, Ilonah and computer cohort Buddha 777. This band's sounds and feels refreshingly different for electronic music. 7th DIMENNSION takes a new "Sex, Light and Rock'n'Roll" approach to...

#5 Unsigned Artist Four floors below
Four floors below (Woking, surrey,uk)
  Plays: 287 | Saves: 406
  Influences: Three days grace, 36...
  Members: Will ash (Vocals/l.guitar),...
Artist info

We were formed midway 2005. We are a metal/rock band from woking, surrey. Check out our proper site www.freewebs.com/fourfloorsbelow

#6 Rachel Merchand
Rachel Merchand (Charlotte, NC)
  Plays: 3648 | Saves: 4199
  Influences: Sarah McLachlan, Jewel,...
Artist info

Dawning from the Green Mountains of Vermont, Rachel Merchand brings an unexpected sound to the acoustic rock genre. Reaching from sentimental love to hidden struggles, she expresses her core character through unashamed and transparent lyrics....

#7 Unsigned Artist Movement For Pleasure
Movement For Pleasure (New Jersey)
  Plays: 229 | Saves: 738
  Influences: New Order, Section 25, A...
  Members: Austin Peter, Bryan Kielty,...
Artist info

Movement For Pleasure is made up of the members of Post Kapital. Influenced by the Post Punk and New Wave movement of the early 1980's, Movenent For Pleasure brings their own sound of electronic-indie rock to the table.

#8 Digital Hooligan
Digital Hooligan (Canada)
  Plays: 1243 | Saves: 1207
  Influences: several different sounds
  Members: 1
Artist info

Lives on one of the moons orbiting Saturn. Thankfully, you can preview some of his work at www.digital-hooligan.com

#9 Unsigned Artist Dreamwind
Dreamwind (Birmingham, Alabama)
  Plays: 650 | Saves: 2321
  Influences: Tangerine Dream
  Members: Rick Bales, Andy Douglas,...
Artist info

Bio: Dreamwind Band What is Dreamwind: Dreamwind is an electronic ambient band from Birmingham, Alabama. Personnel: Rick Bales, keyboards, Andy Douglas, keyboards and Ray Gantt, bass guitar. Discs: "Nightlight", "Warp Date" and Ambient...

  Plays: 655 | Saves: 816
  Influences: We try to play over every...
  Members: Dr. Extreem, The Madness,...
Artist info

Way Of The Extreme began in Dr. Extreem's bedroom in 2000. Inspired by a man named John Micheal we made a song called "Apostles Of Hate". Later that night we decided to make a couple more songs... "The Kill Klown" and "HUNT, DOG, MURDER!". Those...