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#1 Unsigned Artist Muthurlode
Muthurlode (Toronto, Canada)
  Plays: 1830 | Saves: 39
  Influences: Old Metallica, Megadeth,...
  Members: Blade Lawless
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Www.muthurlode.com is officially open!

#2 Shanna and the Hawk
Shanna and the Hawk (Portland, ME and...)
  Plays: 164
  Influences: Lucinda Williams, Gillian...
  Members: Shanna Underwood, Hawk...
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True to no roots, and catering to no man, this group of country/rock/blues keeps the music original, lively, and heartfelt. This is what happens when a gymnist, a geek, an Acadian history buff, and a suburban Bee keeper - but above all musicans,...

#3 Unsigned Artist Nels
Nels (San Diego, CA)
  Plays: 937 | Saves: 1333
  Influences: Southern rock, 80's rock,...
  Members: Nels, Megan Carchman, Maria...
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Passion, commitment, style and an urge for fusion. Where convention and originality meet is where you find Nels. When you listen, a sense of familiarity is formed and yet you can't quite put your finger on it. That is her goal. If you need the...

#4 Nias-LA2 verses Ouija + W-rapperUK
Nias-LA2 verses Ouija + W-rapperUK (Watford Onec upon a Time)
  Plays: 132 | Saves: 416
  Influences: The Influences that a life...
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The following artists have joined together to be part of the Nias Consortium and are ella_Star_dj2, Azzinrho, Ouija, Funkstar Inc., Demon Slave, Phils Promo Page, Wheel World Wadio, Toxic Pulse, ella_Star_DJ, Nias-LA2, Dead Sorrows, Skid Mark,...

#5 Unsigned Artist 1 To The Third
1 To The Third (Alpena, Michigan)
  Plays: 9510 | Saves: 15153
  Influences: Montgomery Gentry, Mercy...
  Members: Randy Hill, Casey Schultz.,...
Artist info

Hello! To those of you who have selected some of our songs as favorites and for the kind comments:  Thank you!  We have seen those comments and sincerely appreciate each and every one of them. We hope you'll visit us at ...

#6 Drop Dead!
Drop Dead! (USA)
  Plays: 210
  Influences: -
  Members: Matyas, Thiago, Kamo, Pablo
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Www.myspace.com/dropdeadz Drop Dead!: Drop Dead! All content is free for reprint and rebroadcast, on the net and elsewhere, for non-commercial use unless otherwise noted by authors. Copyleft 2000-2007. Biography: ...The name alone is...

#7 Unsigned Artist Rob Lytle
Rob Lytle (San Antonio, TX)
  Plays: 104 | Saves: 344
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Rob Lytle composes his work about how the interpretation of his thoughts would sound if they were musical instruments. With the warm and relaxing flow of his music you will feel the sense of calm that he has about his thoughts and his music....

#8 The Paquette-Preston Project
The Paquette-Preston Project (Worcester, Ma.)
  Plays: 711
  Members: Frank Paquette
Artist info

Frank Paquette and Larry Preston have been involved in creative projects since their early teens. Together, they've played in a number of local Massachusetts bands, collaborated in the writing and illustrating of children's books and have...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Dennis Fermin Project
The Dennis Fermin Project
  Plays: 609
  Influences: Santana, Joe Satriani,...
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Dennis Fermin, a young and energetic musician overflowing with a passion for music, sets out on a dynamic journey to self-release a Cd that fuses hard rock with a spanish flair. Time and money limitations as well as no prior engineering or...

#10 Marty Schmid
Marty Schmid (Columbia, SC)
  Plays: 49 | Saves: 260
No artist info