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#1 Unsigned Artist Cross-Eyed Slut
Cross-Eyed Slut (Salt Lake City, Utah (...)
  Influences: Guttermouth, Vandals, METAL
  Members: Kevin (vocals,...
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#2 My Final Hour
My Final Hour (Brisbane, Australia)
  Influences: Killswitch Enguage meets I...
  Members: Jake, Allan, Joe, Brad, Les
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My Final Hour begun in Febuary 2005 from the ashes of ImpressIonIsm, veteran Brisbane metal outfit. My Final hour's sound is made up of various metal bassed infulences such as the hardcore sounds of I Killed the Prom Queen, Killswitch Engauge, The...

#3 Unsigned Artist House Of Cain
House Of Cain (Manchester, UK)
  Plays: 39
  Influences: Mind blowing rock music
  Members: Neil Pybus Matt 'Didz'...
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House of Cain were created by founding member and songwriter, Neil Pybus in early 2006. The band's sound can be described as dark, heavy, raw and bluesy and the group strive to create uncompromising music. Songs slated for the forthcoming debut...

#4 Nefarious Baptism
Nefarious Baptism (Stockton, CA)
  Plays: 237 | Saves: 1172
  Influences: Devourment, Ingurgitate,...
  Members: Ricky Piccirilli - Guitars,...
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Nefarious Baptism is a 1-man brutal death/experimental/hypergrind project from Stockton, California, USA. The filth arose from a mixture of creativity and extreme boredom. All guitars, vocals, drum programming, artwork, songwriting, production,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Pandamonia
Pandamonia (Toronto)
  Plays: 516 | Saves: 719
  Influences: Heart/Led Zeppelin/Aretha...
  Members: four
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Pandamonia are George Harrison on Drums, Sherrie Lea on Vox, and Blakk on Guitars. They rock out and stand up for animal rights.

#6 Securis
Securis (Turkey)
  Influences: Melodic Death Metal
  Members: -Vocal: Yasin Ko├žan -Lead...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Konfident
Konfident (Canada)
  Plays: 1787 | Saves: 1868
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Konfident is an 19 year old underground artist from Canada. If you want to contact him, e-mail konfident_hiphop@hotmail.com . The long awaited return of Konfident is near... Watch out for \"Down And Out\" and more future tracks from this...

#8 madisonbella
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#9 Unsigned Artist johan
No artist info

#10 Zebedee Numchuck
Zebedee Numchuck (UK)
  Plays: 188
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A beautiful tale of three young Scotsmen being in the right place at the right time, Zebedee Numchuck are a trio of uncompromising alternative maestros. Originally touring in Scotland Zebedee Numchuck have now moved to London. Their Alternative...