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#1 Unsigned Artist DJ Jet
DJ Jet
  Members: DJ Jet
No artist info

REBEL CLAN (Thoughtz,K-otic,Black...)
  Plays: 81 | Saves: 401
  Influences: REBEL CLAN
  Members: Thoughtz,K-otic,Black...
Artist info

Rebel Clan, has the orginal raw talent that the world must hear! Rebel Clan consist of a four member group from Liberia West Africa, that is ready to take over the hip-hop industry by storm!!! REBEL CLAN HAS PERFORM AT SEVERAL VENUES AND HAS...

#3 Unsigned Artist deadstuntmen
  Plays: 999 | Saves: 3745
Artist info

We are DEADSTUNTMEN, a songwriting team from Northwest UK. Do you like your pop dirty? Visit: www.myspace.com/deadstuntmen www.myspace.com/deadstuntmenmusic www.sellaband.com/the-confidentials

#4 Streetz & Young Deuces
Streetz & Young Deuces (Murda Mill)
  Plays: 269 | Saves: 766
Artist info

The Midwest is just now popping off the way it should’ve been 5 years ago. More people are getting record deals and more artists are getting looked at as potential superstars. The Midwest slang has become a big part of hip hop vocabulary ever...

#5 Unsigned Artist renaldoandrews
renaldoandrews (Williamston, NC)
  Plays: 180
  Influences: Lil Jon, Lil Jay, Dirty...
  Members: no
Artist info

Renaldo started his career as a mix tape DJ. Renaldo later venture into other music act. At the early age of Seven Renaldo begin to write songs. By 1997 Renaldo had written over 200 song.

#6 Killing Dymas
Killing Dymas (Shithole Florida/...)
  Plays: 168 | Saves: 742
  Influences: Killing Dymas
  Members: Kyle (bass/vocals) Chris...
Artist info

Killing Dymas was formed in '04. 'Hey, lets form a band.' They decided on the name 'Killing Dymas' because a kid named Dymas stuck a paperclip in an elecrtical socket and almost killed himself. He does stupid stuff like that. They figured that...

#7 Unsigned Artist Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father (North Platte)
  Plays: 39 | Saves: 3
  Members: John-Vocals, Larry-Bass,...
Artist info

Metal from the heart of Nebraska.

#8 Reality (Flint, MI)
Reality (Flint, MI) (Flint, Michigan)
  Plays: 67 | Saves: 228
  Members: Greg Inman
Artist info

Reality was formed in the year 2000 with the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Based out of Flint, MI, Reality has had the opportunity to reach out to many young people who no longer see any hope in the world...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Toy Tanks
The Toy Tanks (Matlock, Derbyshire,...)
  Influences: Art Brut
  Members: Wilson--bass/vocals...Dad--...
Artist info

We are family, all play different instruments, decided to start an Indie band about two months ago. We record our songs on my mp3 player, and we do live gigs at small venues

#10 The Crash Harder
The Crash Harder (Central Illinois)
  Influences: green day, newer blink 182,...
  Members: Guitar/vox-Patrick...
Artist info

We just finished our debut CD "Viva Lost Wages" which was recorded in Seattle by a man named Jack Endino, who has recorded/produced many well known artists such as Nirvana, Hole, Hot Hot Heat, etc. We are very proud of the Cd and love how it...