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#1 Unsigned Artist Setheus
Setheus (Peterborough, UK)
  Plays: 520
  Influences: Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy,...
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#2 Pierce Harrett
Pierce Harrett
Artist info

I am associated with the Medallion Mohali group. We are selling independent luxurious apartments in IT City on the International Airport road, Mohali. Our apartment amenities are a swimming pool, green and clean outdoor, well-designed...

#3 Unsigned Artist DsproLife
DsproLife (Russia, Kaluga)
  Influences: Composer and DJ
  Members: Dj
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I live and study in the city of Kaluga, Russia country. I started in 2009, a the creation of tracks in 2011. Good is obtained and seek to be the best. ...

#4 Dennis McClung Blues Band
Dennis McClung Blues Band
  Plays: 226
  Influences: Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray...
  Members: Dennis McClung, Jason...
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A cross between B.B. King, Ray Charles, and Jimi Hendrix, the Dennis McClung Blues Band performs a unique blend of originals and blues classics driven by screaming guitar, rockin piano, and a vocal passion that comes straight from the heart. Their...

#5 Unsigned Artist Hydro
Hydro (Glasgow, Scotland)
  Plays: 805
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Hydro \"I would describe myself as a young entrepreneur, building an empire. There is no image, my music is my reality, my life, my struggle what I stand for and believe in. I aim to make rap music dangerous and exciting again, unlike the...

KC KASE (Summerville, SC)
  Plays: 292
  Influences: Lil Wayne Drake Eminem...
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Started out when I was 12 making my own beats and writing my own music. I have two CDs made called "The Anthem" and "My Life". Check out my website to either order a CD or listen to my tracks

#7 Unsigned Artist Death To The Mckenzies
Death To The Mckenzies (Medford, Oregon)
  Plays: 62 | Saves: 6
  Influences: Rock, Alternative Rock,...
  Members: Paul Perez-vox, guitar,...
Artist info

Death To The McKenzie’s is Paul Perez on guitar and vocals, Buster H. on drums and Mama Firefly on bass and backing vocals. The bands name is based on a rock opera created by Paul for his second solo album. Its concept was about love, obsession...

#8 DeNiroONeal
DeNiroONeal (SanDiego)
  Plays: 532 | Saves: 2380
  Influences: HipHop
  Members: DeNiro ONeal
Artist info

DeNiro ONeal has been producing urban music for over 10 years on a underground level and now he is stepping out into the commercial arena for more experience. Originally from Oklahoma City; he has been influenced by all genres of music and has...

#9 Unsigned Artist [sistra]
[sistra] (Khabarovsk, Russia)
  Plays: 152 | Saves: 297
  Influences: a whales moan
  Members: Mikhail - voice, Arseni -...
Artist info

The pleasant quiet persons - that type, that meets in coffeebars We like gentle sea sounds at ...

#10 Callum
Callum (Winchester, U.K.)
  Plays: 418 | Saves: 3
  Influences: Life
  Members: Solo Artist
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