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#1 Unsigned Artist A Moments Trauma
A Moments Trauma (Evergreen, CO)
  Plays: 176
  Influences: Fall of Troy, Alexis on...
  Members: Andy: LeadVocals/Guitar;...
Artist info

Challenging all odds that any youthful band must face in today's fiercely competitive music scene, A Moments Trauma has endured diligently in the short time that it has been alive against all obstacles. From the first waking moment of the power...

#2 Deep September
Deep September (Scotland)
  Plays: 378 | Saves: 529
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist James Dixon & The Outreach Community Cho
James Dixon & The Outreach Community Cho (Washington DC)
  Plays: 299 | Saves: 697
  Influences: Fred Hammond, John P Kee,...
  Members: James Dixon jr
No artist info

#4 your own blood
your own blood (england)
  Plays: 208 | Saves: 1024
  Influences: metallica , motorhead , slayer
  Members: peavey , andy , scotty ,...
Artist info

5 lads hailing from north east of england album coming out end of year hope to see you on tour. Also check out www.myspace.com/yourownblood

#5 Unsigned Artist Hmm...
Hmm... (Kent)
  Plays: 329 | Saves: 2
  Influences: James Blunt (songs not that...
  Members: Jay Turner
Artist info

Well i dont think "Hmm..." is a good name for a band so the new name is "Small and Lazy Sharks". New page is http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/bands/9203/ Good song's, sorta romantic....

#6 Crimson Insignia
Crimson Insignia (McKee Ky)
  Influences: Metal/Progressive/Alternative
  Members: Stephen Harrison (Vocals)...
Artist info

We are a small band from Jackson County Kentucky. Our music different from most, and we try to keep it that way. Come out and have a listen on myspace. At www.myspace.com/CrimsonInsignia

#7 Unsigned Artist thatwasthen
thatwasthen (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 160
  Influences: Classic Rock, Rock and...
  Members: Brenton Sinay, Nathan...
Artist info

Thatwasthen (no spaces, no caps) has spent the last few years working hard on their music, using the Los Angeles and Orange County music scenes as their blank canvas upon which to accomplish just that. Since the inception of the group, they’ve...

#8 (par' e dim shift)
(par' e dim shift) (Vacaville Ca)
  Influences: Mix between Metallica Papa...
  Members: Nate Parker, Brett Tumulak,...
Artist info

We hail from Vacaville Ca with four years together playing and recording Hard, " IN YOUR FACE " music Very High Energy and Fun stage show

#9 Unsigned Artist Nick Gunzburg
Nick Gunzburg
  Plays: 307 | Saves: 1015
  Influences: Very original sound!...
Artist info

Nick Gunzburg is a musician who plays mainly guitar and random other things. He has been writing songs since he was about 13 or so. A friend, Chris Deidrick, and Nick started a band in the USA called Restless Arising which was quite possibly the...

#10 A-OKAY
  Plays: 925 | Saves: 2215
Artist info