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#1 Unsigned Artist Qualo
Qualo (Chicago)
  Plays: 237 | Saves: 617
  Influences: Public Enemy, Outkast, Dead...
  Members: Shala Esquire, Chicago...
Artist info

QUALO --Possesses a unique musical blend of classic street doctrine, spiritual sincerity, humor and urban poetic commentary that has earned them a diverse following; reinging from Chicago and the same crew that brought you the talents of Twista,...

#2 The Bulldogs
The Bulldogs (Stevens Point, WI)
  Influences: Oasis, The Beatles, The Who
  Members: Sean Mulligan (guitars,...
Artist info

The Bulldogs are a seasoned group of musicians that have been performing and writing original material for over 7 years. Although the members of the group have changed throughout the years, the sound of the group has remained the same. Their...

#3 Unsigned Artist Aaron Wolfson
Aaron Wolfson (City of Angels)
  Plays: 111 | Saves: 281
  Influences: Beatles, Tom Petty, U2
  Members: Aaron Wolfson - guitar...
Artist info

AARON WOLFSON plays guitar on recording sessions for many top music professionals including: Jimmy Haskell - music arranger for (Sheryl Crow); Michael Masser - producer for (Whitney Houston); David Paich (Toto); John Jessel (Toto & Van Halen);...

#4 The Divine Madness
The Divine Madness (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 104 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Berlin, blondie, Tori Amos
  Members: Victoria Mazze, Chris Ride,...
Artist info

Angelic vocals with epic choruses, cinematic alt/rock instrumentation, electronic touches, and a sensual gothic feel

#5 Unsigned Artist Risky Business
Risky Business (Cola, SC)
  Members: Taylor, John, Ben
Artist info

I party. I make jams. All my music is free at http://riskybusinessraps.bandcamp.com

#6 War Across Salem
War Across Salem (Salem, New York)
  Influences: War Across Salem
  Members: JOSH NELSON - GUITAR....
Artist info

War Across Salem started in the summer of '04 as 2 cousins from Salem, New York, Josh Nelson and Christian Hunt, playing blink-182 and Green Day covers at parties. It was during this time that they created the song "Semiautomatic." A year later,...

#7 Unsigned Artist mobosound
  Plays: 180
Artist info

Mobosound.com is a unique professional audio recording system utilizing Didigdesign Pro Tools HD digital audio recording technology that can be used in our studios or in the field at live venues, rented spaces or even your own living room. We...

#8 The London Project
The London Project (Vancouver Canada)
  Plays: 1618
  Members: Lonnie, Don, Chelsea, Mike...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Moonlighter
Moonlighter (London, UK)
  Plays: 145
  Influences: Coldplay, The Killers, U2,...
  Members: Matheus (lead vocal,...
Artist info

Moonlighter was formed in 2010 and it's a bundle of goodness of original British rock and pop music born out of the vision, skill, love and friendship of four really cool guys. Matheus - 32-year-old Brazilian-born world-travelled nomad...

#10 Hera Crush
Hera Crush (London)
  Plays: 1034 | Saves: 1712
  Influences: Radiohead, Pearl Jam, RATM...
  Members: Jody Thomas -...
Artist info

Hera Crush brings together five musically obsessed, long term friends and synchronizes their energies into a single innovative force. A band of shades, we establish a state of emotional and musical calm and then shatter it in one swift moment,...