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#1 Unsigned Artist The Honest Johns
The Honest Johns (Newcastle Upon Tyne,...)
  Plays: 115 | Saves: 444
  Members: Mark Lawson, Jon Kennedy,...
Artist info

The Honest Johns were around firstly between 1986 and 1990. During that period, the band recorded some of the finest indiepop tunes ever. Only one 12" (Tell Me About Your Childhood) was released before the band split up in the early 1990's,...

#2 Martin Gordon
Martin Gordon (Rickmansworth, England)
  Plays: 4886 | Saves: 6884
  Influences: Acapella
  Members: 1
Artist info

Welcome music lovers! Have a listen, download a few tracks, sign the guestbook and add to the comments from previous listeners. Martin's music is inspired by the 'right on' music of the late 60's early 70's. He has, however, created a unique...

#3 Unsigned Artist Purpz
Purpz (Leeds, West Yorkshire)
  Members: Purpz
Artist info

Hey, thanks for taking time to listen to my sounds. I am a music producer from leeds who specialises in 90's style hiphop beats. I am working on becoming an all around artist at the minute, with inspirations from grime and hiphop music. If you are...

#4 kenny murray
kenny murray (renton, scotland)
  Plays: 45
  Influences: Mike Scott,Tom Petty,Bob Dylan
  Members: kenny murray
Artist info

Singer song writer solo artist

#5 Unsigned Artist in for the kill...
in for the kill... (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1531
  Members: bill gaal, mike pelletier,
Artist info

" in for the kill... might be your favorite new band. Loved by most and feared by some, this quartet delivers some much needed rock to the starving masses!! And how does that make the kids feel? They feel good........ and it doesn't hurt that it...

#6 Bardus The Barbarian
Bardus The Barbarian (Stephenville Texas)
  Plays: 132 | Saves: 797
  Members: Justin, Jon, Dusty, Casey
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Crimson Crow
Crimson Crow (Finland)
  Plays: 192
  Influences: Black Sabbath, Bon Jovi,...
  Members: Sakari - Vocals, Verne -...
Artist info

Crimson Crow is a hard rock band from Finland. Band was founded in 2007 but faced many line-up changes and with current line-up it has been active since spring 2011. Music of Crimson Crow combines elements from 70’s and 80’s hard rock and...

#8 Open Road
Open Road (Newport/Cwmbran, South...)
  Plays: 76
  Influences: ???
  Members: Gavin Johnson - Vocals,...
Artist info

We originate from the band, Two Days Late. We are based in Wales from the towns Newport and Cwmbran. Basically...the band started with Gavin the guitarist and singer and Robert the bassist who met before anyone else. Lewis and Rob had already...

#9 Unsigned Artist Troy Darnell
Troy Darnell (Chicago, IL)
  Plays: 559
  Influences: RB
Artist info

Troy Darnell is a southern-raised pop/rb singer and songwriter heating up the scene in Chicago. He recently wrote and released his first single, “S’wet,” an eclectic dance track accompanied by his sensual and commanding whisper. Not to...

#10 Gareth McLaughlin
Gareth McLaughlin (N Ireland)
  Influences: Beatles, Kinks, Who, Paul...
  Members: Gareth McLaughlin
Artist info

Original tunes, that are memorable, catchy and hopefully enjoyable.