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#1 Unsigned Artist Misfortune
Misfortune (Lithuania)
  Plays: 2868 | Saves: 1883
  Influences: Venetian Snares, Mother...
  Members: It's a side project of...
Artist info

I started making brainless noise just about yesterday.. that's the 8th of May 2009

#2 Kryptic
Kryptic (Camberley, Surrey UK...)
  Plays: 223 | Saves: 998
  Influences: Hip Hop
  Members: Kryptic--MC/Songwriter...
Artist info

The Hip Hop community has spoken. They are tired of the death, the destruction, the despair, and the degradation. No more talentless, shiny rappers spreading non messages with nursery school rhymes, while glorifying negativity and total disregard...

#3 Unsigned Artist FEEL
  Plays: 127 | Saves: 563
  Influences: You be the judge
  Members: Mason (vocals) Tank (guitar)
Artist info

FEEL is a heavy metal band that has combined many different styles to form their sound. From the punk/thrash of Slayer to the power groove of Pantera.FEEL is definitely a over the edge.FEEL (fuck everything everyone lies) is not only a band but...

#4 Black Magic Johnson
Black Magic Johnson (Central IL)
  Plays: 489 | Saves: 1078
  Influences: Gjuddy Guy,Keb Mo,Taj...
  Members: Alex Rodgers,Dan Grover
Artist info

Black Magic Johnson has been known for his fun collection of southern delta and Chicago new age blues. He may have been pumping originals and covers for only the past 15 years but he’s been playing the blues for over 25 years with some of the...

#5 Unsigned Artist Craggie Hope
Craggie Hope (Middle Tennessee)
  Plays: 310 | Saves: 796
  Influences: Everyone we hear.
  Members: Daryl Cauthen, Brian Lewis,...
Artist info

Craggie Hope is one of the few Nashville groups that is actually from Tennessee and is a real BAND. In a town filled with lone artists playing with different "hired guns" every night Craggie Hope found their strength as a solid unit. The band...

#6 Absolution Project
Absolution Project (Rochester, NY)
  Plays: 3758 | Saves: 2215
  Members: Juston, Rodger, Craig,...
Artist info

Absolution Project is a hard rock 5 piece from Rochester NY. Songs available on itunes, Merch available from merchpimp.com, News and info at www.absolutionproject.com

#7 Unsigned Artist Fiftyfour
Fiftyfour (Long Island New York)
  Plays: 1669 | Saves: 2399
  Members: Kerry,John,Pat,Mike
Artist info

Long Island, New York based Fiftyfour aims to create a new sound blending elements that are melded together to become cutting edge. Their sound has many layers of influence from the beats of underground hip-hop to the introspection of indie rock,...

#8 Inner Empire Ramblers
Inner Empire Ramblers (sykesville, MD)
  Plays: 522 | Saves: 2750
  Members: Danny Amburn, Brent Hamrick
Artist info

Right now, the band is mainly me and Brent, my bass player. The band is putting together more tunes, right now there are six songs on the internet, including this site. The songs will range from acoustic tunes to folk rock tunes done sometimes...

#9 Unsigned Artist SAGA HIGH
SAGA HIGH (Miami, Fl)
  Plays: 174
  Influences: Experimental, Indie, i dont...
  Members: Andy, Selim, Tony, Richard
Artist info

We are a 4 piece band Andy (keyboardist), Richard (Basses and vocalist), Tony (drummer), Selim (Guitarist). Andy and Richard runs a club called the alley in miami, selim had came over for a show and richard and selim had a big talk and they both...

#10 Gabriel of Urantia & The Bright & Mornin
Gabriel of Urantia & The Bright & Mornin (Sedona, AZ)
  Influences: Rock
Artist info

Gabriel of Urantia & The Bright & Morning Star Band creates the intimacy and spiritual sincerity of a singer-songwriter with the groove and excitement of a 9-piece intergalactic jam-band. Think James Taylor meets James Brown - Bob Dylan meets Bob...