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#1 Unsigned Artist Victum
Victum (Batesville, MS)
  Plays: 108 | Saves: 1228
  Influences: Alternative Metal
  Members: Trip Burchfield, Chris...
Artist info

Victum started in May 2007 and is releasing their first album "The Grey Area" Dec. 17, 2008

#2 Anything Wrong
Anything Wrong (Tampa, FL)
  Plays: 705 | Saves: 717
  Influences: Godsmack, Disturbed,...
  Members: Sean Adams - Lead Vocals;...
Artist info

Anything Wrong first started in early 2003. The story began when drummer Anthony Colon had moved in with long time friend singer Sean Adams. Anthony was looking for members for a new band he planned to start and Sean volunteered to be the lead...

#3 Unsigned Artist Gladius & Ronin
Gladius & Ronin (AFRICA: Morocco)
  Plays: 1 | Saves: 658
  Influences: Moroccan rap
  Members: Gladius & Ronin
No artist info

#4 Coiled
Coiled (Canada)
Artist info

Although conceptualized in 2012 Coiled can more accurately be described as a reincarnation and is no recent arrival to the world of electronic music. Through the use of other pseudonyms, Coiled has worked in the past with Greg Reely,...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Breaks
The Breaks (Barnstaple, North Devon)
  Plays: 272
  Members: MC's Chris Moxey and John...
Artist info

The Breaks are a twenty two legged hip hop troupe that fuse vocal, instrumental and turntable talents into an unstopable dance friendly force. They throw together breaks, funk, jazz, soul and freestyle to create an original sound that is full of...

#6 The Clarkes
The Clarkes (San Francisco, California)
  Plays: 6025 | Saves: 3637
  Members: Peter Weldon, Tony Johnson
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Neo Geek
Neo Geek (Bath)
  Plays: 461 | Saves: 2133
  Influences: Feeder
Artist info

Coming soon

#8 Grant Roberts
Grant Roberts (The Colony Texas)
  Plays: 38 | Saves: 112
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist minimum system requirements
minimum system requirements (Croatia)
  Plays: 583 | Saves: 1261
  Influences: 4Hero
  Members: Igor Farkaš Roberto...
Artist info

In the winter of 2001 in the dark basement of one small club in downtown Zagreb the bass player met the guitar player for the first time. In a few days they started jammin' togetha in the bass players kitchen and discovered that they musicaly very...

#10 Crazy Ivan
Crazy Ivan
  Plays: 377 | Saves: 1420
No artist info