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#1 Unsigned Artist viseMenn
viseMenn (Norway)
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Muse, U2
Artist info

ViseMenn is a modern norwegian christian rockband consisting of four members from a diverse musical background, including punk, rock, psychedelic, meditation and praise.As well as producing music in the more traditional song format, they...

#2 Angel DeLuna
Angel DeLuna (Phoenix, Arizona)
  Plays: 2520 | Saves: 2690
Artist info

Angel is a smooth R&B singer songwriter with a mellow edge that is uniquely her own. She is a multitalented artist that composes her own vocal arrangements, creates her harmonies and write her own lyrics. Born December 30, 1982 with a Spanish...

#3 Unsigned Artist WCV
  Plays: 65
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#4 The FAD
The FAD (Long Island, NY)
  Plays: 124
  Influences: suicide machines, the...
  Members: Doyle, Tom, Danny, Adam
Artist info

Hailing from long island, The FAD is a four piece punk/ska/hardcore/rock band that blends all aforementioned genres almost effortlessly into a symphony/cluster-fuck of rock n roll.

#5 Unsigned Artist Jim Morris
Jim Morris (Detroit Michigan)
  Plays: 153
  Influences: Joe Satriaini. Steve Morse,...
Artist info

A veteran Guitarist from the Detroit area with a talent for writing complex guitar driven instrumentals.

EMWC (Mesquite, Tx)
  Plays: 117
  Influences: Lots of things.
  Members: Erick Moya Warren Carbajal
Artist info

Hi Im Erick Moya. Listen to my music and tell me what you think.

#7 Unsigned Artist Amber Spyglass
Amber Spyglass (Boston, MA, USA)
  Plays: 676 | Saves: 1306
  Influences: Siouxsie & The Banshees,...
  Members: Kelly Godshall, John...
No artist info

#8 T Dot Cash
T Dot Cash (South East London)
  Plays: 395 | Saves: 1003
  Influences: Uk Rap, Original Sounds Try...
Artist info

T Dot Cash, An individual from south london trying to be original. Started to spit around a year ago, still young so loads of room for improvement. Music 1 of the only things able to make him get away from the world. So being able to blow in...

#9 Unsigned Artist WRECKLESS BEATS
  Plays: 1171 | Saves: 485
  Influences: MYSELF
  Members: djdeewreck
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#10 What Lies Ahead
What Lies Ahead (United Kingdom)
  Influences: Metal, Rock, Alternative,...
  Members: Kyle Sheldon, Paul D'Amore,
Artist info

Let the music do the talking :P http://www.myspace.com/whatliesaheadofficial ...