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#1 Unsigned Artist Psycho Johnny
Psycho Johnny
  Plays: 506 | Saves: 2938
  Members: Johnny
Artist info

"6 beers and cubase"

#2 The London Project
The London Project (Vancouver Canada)
  Plays: 1618
  Members: Lonnie, Don, Chelsea, Mike...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist James Miller Band
James Miller Band (New York)
  Plays: 64
  Influences: Vampire Weekend, Kings of...
  Members: Eric Justvig, Katie...
Artist info

James Miller Band Available On iTunes, Amazon is largely influenced by the Beatles and records mostly as a one man band with a little help from his friends...Miller has performed, written and recorded over 100 songs in the NYC metro area for over...

#4 Adam Strife
Adam Strife (Queens, NY)
  Plays: 679 | Saves: 1001
  Influences: Real Hip-hop
  Members: www.myspace.com/adamstrife
Artist info

Adam Strife is an artist that never needed to "evolve" because he has always been ahead of his time. Way before it became a fad to be a conscious rapper Adam Strife had a method to his madness. In this day and age it's very rare to see a young man...

#5 Unsigned Artist DJ Glazure
DJ Glazure (Newcastle, Australia)
  Plays: 5424 | Saves: 2976
  Influences: DJ Neophyte, Angerfist, Art...
  Members: Joshua,
Artist info

DJ Glazure, aged 15 & in year 10. Started to make songs in 2008, Uses the program FL Studio to mix, make songs. Email: azure_glade57@hotmail.com Myspace Site: http://www.myspace.com/djglazure 'If anyone is better than me at graphics for...

#6 CreativeAFX
  Plays: 253 | Saves: 1466
  Influences: Beatles, Depeche Mode,...
Artist info

I am a songwriter in the Pop Genre with links to rock, country, dance and electronica music. I'm neither a singer or musician so I am not selling my "performance" but my songs as a songwriter. My prime creative talent in a song lies in the...

#7 Unsigned Artist x BAPHOMETRO x
x BAPHOMETRO x (Brasil)
  Plays: 858 | Saves: 5900
  Influences: Happy Nihilist Misanthropic...
  Members: xDevTscHx
Artist info

Since 6/6/6. official website: http://www.baphometro.tk

#8 MadManMoon
  Plays: 48 | Saves: 694
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Choose Your Payment
  Plays: 192 | Saves: 661
  Influences: Black Sabbath KISS...
  Members: Jay Cal Stu Lock
Artist info

CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT are a 4 piece hard rock act from Melbourne Australia

#10 dj koni
dj koni (france)
No artist info