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#1 Unsigned Artist n of one
n of one (Ramona, CA)
  Influences: Crap
  Members: Just one - pat morris
Artist info

Sarcastic, compelled, old ex-hippie who can't grow up or shut up. You can visit our rock trio called fourplay at www.fourplayband.com. Original music can be reviewed at www.nofone.net p

#2 On the Low
On the Low (Sault Sainte Marie,...)
  Plays: 86 | Saves: 468
  Members: Brian Drumheller - Vocals,...
Artist info

Better known locally as "Mamas Boys" w/guitarist Henry Switzer. "On the Low" is: Brian Drumheller - Keyboards, Guitar, woodwinds, vocals Ray Mayer - Bass, Vocals Russell Mayer - Drums, Vocals Be on the lookout for our album "Ditch Party" to...

#3 Unsigned Artist Chanca
Chanca (South England)
  Plays: 103
  Influences: Massive Attack, Tricky, The...
Artist info

Chanca is 23-year-old songwriter Nathan Bowles. Chanca started out in late 2003 & by early 2004 finished his first 4- track demo. After catching that music buzz, he continued to write & record until his 16-track debut album "Dark In 2 Light"...

#4 Kill The Cat
Kill The Cat (phila. pa.)
  Plays: 20696 | Saves: 14106
  Influences: foo fighters nirvana green day
  Members: garry, brad, jordan, troy
Artist info

We don't kill cats, we love cats. Kill the cat is a term we use when we solo. If we want a solo in a song we say lets kill the cat.

#5 Unsigned Artist Gefilte Fist
Gefilte Fist (Tampa, Florida)
  Plays: 359 | Saves: 1721
  Influences: Napalm Death, Carcass,...
  Members: Senor Feces, Yapp Fripside,...
Artist info

Gefilte Fist are a blackened deathcore band from Tampa, Florida that plays dramatic show tunes, soaring uplifting melodies, life-affirming smooth jazz and blasphemous elevator music. Part of the gefiltecore scene, Gefilte Fist blends fistcore,...

#6 Ryan Rapsys
Ryan Rapsys (Duluth, MN USA)
  Plays: 297
  Influences: Electronica
  Members: Ryan Rapsys
Artist info

Antiquichrome CD ( http://cdbaby.com/cd/ryanrapsys )by Ryan Rapsys - Deep explorations into microsound electronic ambience. Free-form glitches, bleeps and...

#7 Unsigned Artist Freak Occurrence
Freak Occurrence (Plattsburgh/Constable,...)
  Plays: 583 | Saves: 2116
  Members: Eric,Tony,John
Artist info

Formed in early 2002,with just tony and john working on some things, looking for a drummer found Eric and there ya go. songs were recorded under the influence.currently working on a new project,going by a different name and the sound has...

#8 Flash Jack Eppington
Flash Jack Eppington (Boston)
  Members: Flash Jack Eppington
Artist info

Male singer/songwriter, performing pop/folk/jazz original and cover material. Available for small clubs, coffeehouses, and as opener for larger act. Greater Boston area.

#9 Unsigned Artist Doug Hudson
Doug Hudson (Morganton, NC)
  Plays: 451 | Saves: 969
  Influences: Himself
No artist info

SWITCHTENSE (portugal)
  Plays: 136 | Saves: 430
  Influences: lamb of good, pantera,...
Artist info

ROCKING SINCE 2002. THIS YEAR OUR FIRST EP CALLED BRAINWASH SHOW! you can chek the songs ate www.myspace.com/switchtenseportugal