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#1 Unsigned Artist Mr. yay Okay
Mr. yay Okay (Leesburg, VA)
  Plays: 403
  Influences: Alternative Pop-Rock
  Members: Will Barnes - Drums/Vocals,...
No artist info

#2 The Rools
The Rools (Woodley, Stockport,...)
  Members: Sean Dineen, Stephen Dunne,...
Artist info

The Rools formed in November 2006 and have already created a great buzz, locally and around the Manchester scene. Have already played gigs in Manchester centre and with further gigs booked in venues such as the legendary Manchester Academy this...

#3 Unsigned Artist Down Home Groove
Down Home Groove (Almont MI.)
  Plays: 14
  Influences: Darius Rucker, George Straight
  Members: Jason Manko, Andrew Falk,...
Artist info

We are a new and upcoming country band from a small town. We have all been playing music for 25 years plus. The band has been together about 8 months and about to release our first album in the late fall.

  Members: u-rep
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Jim Tomlinson
Jim Tomlinson (Starkville, Ms)
  Plays: 263
Artist info

See website http://www.jtomlinsonmusic.com

#6 Leif Wedin
Leif Wedin (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Plays: 59 | Saves: 513
  Influences: Leif Wedin (inspired by...
Artist info

I am Leif Wedin. An actor and musician currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Actually Im more of a musician since I started playing music, and started playing in a band much earlier than I did acting. But thats what gets the food on the table I...

#7 Unsigned Artist Electrojunky
Electrojunky (Melbourne Australia)
  Plays: 2366 | Saves: 6344
Artist info

Bubbly Electro-Pop anyone? Or Cheesy Electronica? Electrojunky recalls the halcyon days, and cooks up a thick, chunky stew on low-medium heat of bouncy basslines, meandering melodies, vocoded vocals and happy harmonies. Go on...grab yourself a...

#8 Stuart Reilly
Stuart Reilly (Birmingham, England)
  Plays: 269
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist StudentsAssignmentHelp
StudentsAssignmentHelp (United States)
Artist info

Online assignment help Service solutions provided by StudentsAssignmentHelp.com are beneficial for the students who seeking for buy assignment writers from online ...

#10 sola infrared
sola infrared (Bournemouth)
  Plays: 798 | Saves: 2681
  Influences: Rumpole Of the Bailey on Acid
  Members: Chris Poole, Matt Knowles,...
Artist info

Sola Infrared are a 2 piece experimental group from bournemouth, Dorset. They have a shadowy underground feel to their music which conjures up dark and vivid landscapes. Sola Infrared started out with the intention of creating atmospheric music...