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#1 Unsigned Artist Arthur Davenport
Arthur Davenport (Hilo, Hawai'i USA)
  Plays: 505 | Saves: 13
  Influences: Ani Difranco, Jethro Tull,...
  Members: Arthur Davenport
Artist info

Arthur Davenport's musical career spans 30 years of songwriting and performance. He first started playing in the Washington D.C. folk scene in the 1980's and then moved on to the southwest scene during the 90's while living in New Mexico....

#2 Daphne D
Daphne D (New York)
  Influences: Style of Mary J. Blige,...
Artist info

Daphne. A Brooklyn born, Long island raised 20 year old beauty with the ability to create with her words and thoughts. She began her singing exploration in church at the ripe age of 5, singing in french. She noticed that singing was a strong...

#3 Unsigned Artist Dirty Money
Dirty Money (London)
  Plays: 688 | Saves: 2022
  Influences: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bob...
Artist info

Dirty Money are a post-Urban groove band who like to have a spread as much fun as is humanely possible! Living to pump out solid fuzzy grooves, happy clean guitar, mad-attic singing and all topped off with scintillating Miles Davis trumpet!...

#4 yan advaita
yan advaita (Köln)
  Plays: 159 | Saves: 487
  Influences: new generation
Artist info

Single fighter for his dream,with help from his friends,who believe him, he try to go his own way.

#5 Unsigned Artist WorthyOne
WorthyOne (Vancouver)
  Plays: 666 | Saves: 888
  Influences: Gorillaz, Lady Gaga, U2,...
  Members: Just One
Artist info

Since very young I've played the singer, the actor, the entertainer. Music and really all forms of art run through me like oxygen in my lungs and the blood in my veins. I hope to make music everyone can relate and vibe to. Once I start, I'm not...

#6 Polarian
Polarian (Mid-Wales UK)
  Plays: 270
  Influences: U2 Radiohead Monster Magnet...
  Members: Carl Gethin- Lead Guitar....
Artist info

Polarian are hotly tipped to be the next big thing within British rock music. They boast a massive underground following due to truely original material and a breath-taking live show. These boys are gonna be big! The five lads got together in...

#7 Unsigned Artist Days In Between
Days In Between (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 314 | Saves: 1037
  Influences: Pearl Jam, The Who, Pixies,...
  Members: Eric, Matt, Erik
Artist info

This intense fusion of Classic Rock and early 90's Alternative packs a powerful live punch, with thundering drums, thick guitars, melodic bass-lines, soaring vocals and deep, compelling lyrics.

#8 Spacejunk
Spacejunk (Glasgow)
  Plays: 883 | Saves: 912
  Influences: standard issue mutilated...
Artist info

A grand set of sketchbook ideas and working drawing of some preposterous future grand vision. Totally original, challenging and impossible to pigeonhole and like nothing you heard before, Spacejunk sound like the bastardised mutant disowned...

#9 Unsigned Artist Lyricstracker.com
Lyricstracker.com (USA)
  Influences: http://www.LyricsTracker.com
Artist info

The face of the art. mega database site for lyrics and videos of artist for any soundtrack. Add your artist now!! http://www.lyricstracker.com/lyrics.aspx?movie=dangerousground&title=youreonlyacustomer#

BOBBY SMITH (Houston Texas)
  Plays: 468 | Saves: 1596
  Influences: marc anthony, Prince, usher
  Members: Bobby Solman Smith
Artist info

This music world is about to get a music legend. Bobby Smith is 25 yr old old Urban-pop funk Artist, who reins from Houston Texas Bobby remembers the moment he realized what path his life would take. The young singer already knew he had...