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#1 Unsigned Artist TOOTPIC THE BIG JOKER
  Plays: 178
No artist info

#2 The Something Somethings
The Something Somethings (Bideford, North Devon)
  Plays: 505 | Saves: 1629
  Influences: A Dog Giving Birth
  Members: Stiff (Front man, horrible...
Artist info

It all started when griff picked his nose, he had such a big bogie he could only just get it under the sofa, after realising it was breathing he took it under his wing as one of his own, as it slowly grew into 4 jazz flute playing mutants who...

#3 Unsigned Artist Pop-in
Pop-in (Zurich, Switzerland)
  Members: Pop-in
Artist info

POP IN is a well-known platform for those who want to increase their brand awareness in local areas of Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne. Here, we are providing commercial...

#4 Dancestar
  Plays: 72 | Saves: 577
Artist info

Dancestar is a south florida based producer/programmer

#5 Unsigned Artist Lives Of The Deceived
Lives Of The Deceived (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 342 | Saves: 2030
  Influences: ...Looking for some input.
  Members: David Sambola Jr-...
Artist info

This profile is underconstuction. Lives Of The Deceived is doing some updates with a few new mebers. The songs you are hearing were created by David Sambola Jr.

#6 Masaedo
Masaedo (Vancouver, Canada)
  Members: Scott McIntyre
Artist info

An electronic music producer from Vancouver, Canada that's just having some fun

#7 Unsigned Artist Hellboozer Union
Hellboozer Union (Kuopio / Finland)
  Plays: 746 | Saves: 3152
  Influences: Misfits, Motorhead
  Members: Nate - vox, Speech -...
Artist info

Metalized horrorpunk with attitude and alcohol. Also visit http://hellboozerunion.bandcamp.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/hellboozerunion

#8 Sift
Sift (MA/NC/Japan)
  Plays: 168 | Saves: 1388
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Fields of the...
  Members: Todd Berozsky, Justin...
Artist info

Started in early 1990s as Speeny Bowl Wagon and evolved from there over the last two decades. Full story can be found at sift.net.

#9 Unsigned Artist James Oakwood
James Oakwood (Midlands UK, Burton on...)
  Plays: 90891 | Saves: 21999
  Influences: Various
  Members: Just me
Artist info

I've been producing music since early 2006 and the bottom three songs on the list are from 2006. 2007 has been good; critically acclaimed songs and radio appearances have kept me motivated. I continue to create music because that's what I like doing.

#10 Jari Ylamaki
Jari Ylamaki (Helsinki)
  Plays: 640
  Influences: Jean Michel Jarre,...
Artist info

Jari was born A.D. 1970 in Finland. He has been involved in composing music since early 90’s. His first exposure to composing music came with experimenting with the Kawai WK50 which was developed in late 90’s PC-based music started to...