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#1 Unsigned Artist Enucleation
Enucleation (Enterprise, Alabama)
  Plays: 9 | Saves: 51
  Influences: anything and everything.
  Members: sam william, Craig Buehl,...
No artist info

#2 On Ice
On Ice (Brighton, UK)
  Plays: 11424 | Saves: 4976
  Influences: Destinys Child
  Members: Chloe DuPre, Kimberley...
Artist info

"On Ice" are a hot new 3 girl RnB band from Brighton, UK. They were formed in 2003 by Sam Razavi, an actor/musician. Their material is all original, with all their music and lyrics being written for them by Sam.

#3 Unsigned Artist Kitty Whip
Kitty Whip (Altoona/Johnstown, PA)
  Plays: 103 | Saves: 446
  Influences: alternative rock
  Members: Ruschelle, Dawn, Kimi and...
Artist info

Kitty Whip was formed in July 2007 when Dawn and Kimi decided there weren't enough girls with guitars out there representing rock in Pennsylvania. Why should the boys have all the fun? Kitty Whip consists of Ruschelle (currently of Ribbon Grass...

#4 Voyd-X
Voyd-X (Toronto, Canada/ LA, USA)
  Plays: 326
  Influences: Alternative Rock
  Members: Joe-Vocals+Guitar;...
Artist info

Passion, intensity, rage, pain, and the underside of the soul...Now just go beyond that and you'll find Voyd-X. Crawling from the aftermath, Voyd-X pry their way out leaving nothing. Grinding through, eluding whatever crosses the way. Voyd-X tends...

#5 Unsigned Artist levitate
levitate (Charlottetown, PE)
  Plays: 503 | Saves: 512
  Members: Cory Murchison, Brad...
Artist info

Rock band hailing from the inner depths of Charlottetown PEI. For any questions and/or comments reply to Levitate@rock.com

  Influences: THIS IS A NEW SOUND IN HIP...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist No Artist
No Artist
No artist info

#8 Radialdrop
Radialdrop (South-East UK)
  Plays: 176 | Saves: 954
  Members: craig (vox), seb (gtr &...
Artist info

Rd have been together for the best part of three years and after playing gigs all over the place they took time out to write new stuff they ended up with a new bass player and stumbled across a new direction. Rd are now harder, bigger and heavier...

#9 Unsigned Artist Left To Regret
Left To Regret (Randburg ; Gauteng ;...)
  Influences: Snow Patrol ; Alter Bridge...
  Members: John Jardin
No artist info

#10 Tracy Stefans
Tracy Stefans (Racine, WI)
  Plays: 729
  Members: Tracy Stefans
Artist info

Tracy Stefans is rockin' the Midwest with his debut solo CD aptly titled COUNTRY ROCK STAR. After spending the last 10 years as Wisconsin's hard hittin', award winning GREAT GUNS front man, Tracy Stefans has embarked on his new adventure as a...