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#1 Unsigned Artist Love Lies Sweet
Love Lies Sweet (Austin, Texas)
  Plays: 161
  Influences: Rock / Power pop/ Alternative
  Members: Topher, Vinny, and Jojo
Artist info

Love Lies Sweet consists of Topher, Vinny, and JoJo We are all from Texas and we all come from different styles of music. So it adds all sorts of interesting mixes to the music. We find it fun and exciting playing in Love Lies Sweet. We love the...

#2 Banjo Goiter
Banjo Goiter (Wakefield, MA, USA)
  Plays: 82
  Influences: Tool, Alice in Chains, Days...
  Members: Joseph Newman, Brandon...
Artist info

Banjo Goiter began as a bedroom-based three piece in January of 2010. After recruiting a bass player, they migrated to a basement and began writing their first EP in earnest. The nearly finished EP titled 'No Comprende' (6 of the 7 tracks are...

#3 Unsigned Artist Southern-Product
Southern-Product (Okeechobee FLA.)
  Plays: 1258 | Saves: 857
  Members: R. " d.t." COBLE - R. "...
No artist info

#4 Grady McAuliffe
Grady McAuliffe (CT)
  Plays: 455 | Saves: 690
  Influences: Dave Mathews - Matchbox 20...
Artist info

Grady is a singer/songwriter based out of Connecticut. His music is of a pop/rock style, ala Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Matchbox Twenty, etc. Grady’s music career started at the age of 20 when he started up his own modern rock band...

#5 Unsigned Artist Prion Son
Prion Son (Hampshire UK)
  Plays: 26 | Saves: 61
  Influences: Tool, Opeth, Disturbed, QOTSA
  Members: Dave Crighton, Luke...
Artist info

Prion Son is a Progessive Metal band from Southampton UK, formed in early 2009. Their sound has been described as influenced by bands like Tool and Opeth, while retaining a individual identity. The Snowfall EP was recorded shortly after forming...

#6 Dj Michael D
Dj Michael D
  Plays: 239
Artist info

Dj Michael D Is a name that came from a long story about 15 years ago. When i got my first turntables and started to explore the realm of electronic music. It all started with house party's and went on to producing music and playing in clubs all...

#7 Unsigned Artist Starchild
  Plays: 817 | Saves: 1876
Artist info

Melodic driven rock pop band that has recording in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

#8 Red Stinger
Red Stinger (Denver, CO)
  Plays: 617 | Saves: 1672
  Influences: Pop Punk
  Members: Fred, Louie, Timmy, Brett
Artist info

Red Stinger was formed in the summer of 2005. We hail from the 'Mile high city', known as Denver CO. Our different backgrounds in music have allowed us to create a unique and creative sound that is sure to attract the masses.

#9 Unsigned Artist REBEL CLAN
REBEL CLAN (Thoughtz,K-otic,Black...)
  Plays: 81 | Saves: 404
  Influences: REBEL CLAN
  Members: Thoughtz,K-otic,Black...
Artist info

Rebel Clan, has the orginal raw talent that the world must hear! Rebel Clan consist of a four member group from Liberia West Africa, that is ready to take over the hip-hop industry by storm!!! REBEL CLAN HAS PERFORM AT SEVERAL VENUES AND HAS...

#10 naiveart
naiveart (Singapore)
  Plays: 404 | Saves: 641
  Influences: Dark Wave
  Members: Jeff Fun & Ray Wong
Artist info

Naive art was formed in 1990s when at that time Jeff and Ray have started making new wave music. Their influences were come from Depeche mode, Red flag, Nine-inch nail, Cure, Cause and Effect, 108, Shelter, Linkin Park, Neworder and Camouflage....