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#1 Unsigned Artist Dokapi
Dokapi (Europe: Germany)
  Plays: 792 | Saves: 1525
  Influences: Santana, Keith Jarret, Talk...
  Members: Titus KŲstler-Philipp...
Artist info

The name DOKAPI stems from the Esperanto du kapoj - two heads, the duo formed by guitarist Titus KŲstler-Philipp and pianist Tilman Sommer. The soulful music of Dokapi has a strong contemplative character. It's a great musical backdrop...

#2 Darkwoods
Darkwoods (Stockholm/Sweden)
  Plays: 379 | Saves: 769
  Influences: Darkwoods
  Members: Amir.Kilian,Joel
Artist info

Contact DW on darkwoods@europe.com Take your time to find the music you like for real, its worth it! Have a nice day.

#3 Unsigned Artist the grey notes
the grey notes (austin, TX)
  Plays: 711 | Saves: 846
  Influences: Indie Garage Punk
No artist info

#4 Jason Ellsworth Band
Jason Ellsworth Band (Kansas City)
  Plays: 195 | Saves: 693
  Members: Jason, Joe, Barry, & Vince
Artist info

Born outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jasonís earliest memories include his fatherís southern gospel quartet, their tour bus and singing with them before crowds of people. By the age of 17 he had started his own band, performing songs he had...

#5 Unsigned Artist kevin finley
kevin finley
  Plays: 455 | Saves: 582
  Influences: whatever you want
Artist info

Kevin Finley creates, engineers, and produces a variety of music genres using electronic and acoustic elements. His specialty is creating new music under vocal or solo instrument tracks tp create new songs from existing ones or create entirely new...

#6 Enucleation
Enucleation (Enterprise, Alabama)
  Plays: 8 | Saves: 23
  Influences: anything and everything.
  Members: sam william, Craig Buehl,...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Dirty Trixx
Dirty Trixx (London/Manchester)
  Plays: 91 | Saves: 288
  Influences: The Roots, Rage Against the...
  Members: H.Ashmann, Xzentrix, Stezza...
Artist info

Dirty Trixx are a hip-hop/rock/funk collective from the UK who are changing the face of music. Their sound is breaking new ground, creating a new genre for todays youth to call their own. The H.Ashmann's bold, inventive, philosophical lyrics stun...

#8 Taistix
Taistix (west plains missouri)
  Plays: 333 | Saves: 12
  Influences: Have my own style
  Members: Tai O'Hara
Artist info

Looking for backing to produce album using the songs at http://www.isound.com/taistix

#9 Unsigned Artist Jazz Callner
Jazz Callner (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 92 | Saves: 547
  Influences: What Is, What Was, & What...
  Members: Jazz Callner
Artist info

I've rambled around this world, and there's a lot more ramblin' to be done. My latest work is Ose Yie. Recorded in May 2011, the EP includes three songs: ‚ÄúListen To The Bell Toll,‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúReincarnate,‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúTop Of The World.‚ÄĚ I write about a...

#10 Emerald Mind
Emerald Mind (Russia)
  Plays: 23 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Progressive/Power metal
Artist info

The Emerald Mind was formed in october 2003 in Vladivostok, Russia. In december 2006 the band recorded their first song "The Ripper" and released it on "Beastiarium" 2009 (Vladivostok metal compilation) Now we are working on our fisrt full length...