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#1 Unsigned Artist Behind the Sun
Behind the Sun (Bat Yam, Israel)
  Plays: 115
  Influences: Alice in Chains, Opeth,...
  Members: Aaron Lieber, Saar Gur, Gad...
Artist info

Behind the Sun play the heavy music of the northern desert, a storm of sound cutting the wasteland to reveal ancient spirits and modern madness. Behind the Sun released their self-titled debut studio album to the world on June 11, 2009. A year...

#2 Sarah Mather
Sarah Mather
  Plays: 464
Artist info

Check out this up and coming artist, a mix of Rock and Country.

#3 Unsigned Artist My Anthem
My Anthem (Topeka Kansas)
  Plays: 1516 | Saves: 1519
  Influences: Ned's Atomic Dustbin meets...
  Members: Billy Thompson, Matt...
Artist info

My Anthem came about in early 2004 with the demise of the Christian indie band Joy Tree. Featuring Billy Thompson on guitar and vocals,who has performed on over twelve albums either in or since his final days in seminal Chicago punk band...

#4 Hyban Draco
Hyban Draco (Alcanar)
  Plays: 3951 | Saves: 4955
  Influences: Black Metal
  Members: Hyban Sparda, Cristhobal,...
Artist info

Hyban Draco was founded in 2006 by Hyban Sparda with the objective of recording his own songs. He worked alone waiting for meet good band mates and during its time he recorded some unofficial products. The first formation was Hyban Sparda (Vocals...

#5 Unsigned Artist Atlantis Knight
Atlantis Knight (Newcastle upon tyne)
  Plays: 182 | Saves: 1234
  Influences: Iron maiden, metallica,...
Artist info

Hello dudes its been a very long time since i was on here so think its time for an update. the band has now changed lineup into something so much better and stronger than ever the music is better everything just feels really good David wilson...

#6 The Homos
The Homos (Birmingham, AL)
  Plays: 270 | Saves: 1134
  Influences: A chainsaw ripping through...
  Members: Elmonster: Vocals,...
Artist info

A few pissed off musicians formed to remind the world that punk rock is about being ugly, and touching little boys. We're all shitheads. We're also terrible musicians. We never perform sober, and usually get thrown out of whatever venue we...

#7 Unsigned Artist Midriff
Midriff (Minneapolis, MN)
  Plays: 1132 | Saves: 2407
  Influences: Sublime, Goldfinger, NOFX,...
  Members: Chad Wild Clay, Casey...
Artist info

3 childhood friends from the quiet town of Winona, MN who met in karate class formed a band in 1995 and soon started playing ska and punk music after being heavily influenced by bands like Sublime, Goldfinger, Operation Ivy, Less Than Jake, Rancid...

#8 Dark Sovereign
Dark Sovereign (Johannesburg, South...)
  Plays: 585 | Saves: 2899
  Members: Peter Heger - Vocals,...
Artist info

A 5-piece Metal band based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Incorporating various styles of metal with classical influence to create a fast-paced, aggressive sound. Visit our other pages: www.darksovereign.co.za...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Loonies
The Loonies (Nottinghamshire)
  Plays: 386
  Members: Dean - Guitar & Vocals. Ian...
Artist info

A Band consisting of friends who play covers and write songs that they want to play and "Rock" out too. Songs that are funny, catchy and even though you want too. You just can't get them bloody songs out of your head.

#10 JFH
JFH (tampa florida)
  Plays: 664 | Saves: 1550
  Influences: hard electronic
  Members: juan f hurtado
Artist info

Son of Cali, Colombia. Migrated to the US 1991. Art student. But when introduces to trance and electronic music, grew a new passion for music. Self taut whit small hard/software, this is what he can make. For now. So lessen whit open ears enjoy.