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#1 Unsigned Artist Aaron Haughwout
Aaron Haughwout (Wilkes-Barre PA)
  Plays: 78
Artist info

Emotion and talent, those are two words that should be in any musician's volcabulary. It takes an excellent musician to write music that balances the right amount of talent and emotion. One of those musicians is a guitarist from Wilkes-Barre...

#2 King Paul
King Paul (Scotland)
  Plays: 3617 | Saves: 3055
  Influences: your phones ringing.
  Members: King Paul
Artist info

King Paul is one quarter of the mighty Spacejunk. These songs are his musical journey into his own physche and his comments on the human condition.

#3 Unsigned Artist Trendsetta
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 171
No artist info

#4 The Pseudo Philosopers
The Pseudo Philosopers (Croydon, UK)
  Plays: 124
  Members: Alan Stead, Finlay Thomson,...
Artist info

An up-and-coming progressive medieval darkwave/rock band from Croydon in the UK. Check us out at www.pseudophilosophers.com

#5 Unsigned Artist Jonah Wayz
Jonah Wayz (Lowell, Ma)
  Plays: 264 | Saves: 565
  Influences: Any independent artist out...
  Members: Jonah Wayz
Artist info

Www.JonahWayz.com Twitter.com/jonahwayz

#6 Djz
  Influences: techno/trance/club
  Members: Austin Galdamez
Artist info

For a while I've loved Techno and just recently i decided to create my own using a demo(yes demo) of a music making software called fl studio 8. I hope you like my music! ...

#7 Unsigned Artist Andrew Stott
Andrew Stott
  Plays: 319 | Saves: 229
No artist info

#8 All My Lies
All My Lies
  Plays: 290
  Influences: metallica incubus
Artist info

WE ARE NOT: Emo, Screamo, Hardcore, Punk, Pop, Black metal, Doom or morris dancing meseipequain accordionists. WE ARE: All My Lies - make up your own mind www.allmylies.com

#9 Unsigned Artist bullbilly
bullbilly (colomaMI/mishawakaIN/d...)
  Plays: 336 | Saves: 1709
  Influences: something
  Members: john cubbage...joshua...
Artist info

No story here... just tossin out ideas. e-mail: bullbillyr3@yahoo.com

#10 Waveslayer
Waveslayer (Sweden)
  Plays: 50 | Saves: 150
  Members: Gustav
Artist info

Hello there, my name is Gustav. I am an 19 year old producer from Sweden. I produce whatever I feel like. Mostly electro, dubstep and house. Please visit my YouTube channel and give me a subscribe if you like what you hear! Thank you ...