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#1 Unsigned Artist BLAQ FUEGO
  Plays: 2810
  Influences: Reggae / Dancehall/...
  Members: Blaq Fuego
Artist info

Blaq Fuego Is the essence of pure rhythm of heart felt Art & charisma, As an artist Blaq Fuego takes form of several genres, Reggae, Dancehall, hip-hop, Rap, RnB , Reggaeton. The Ugandan born lyricist moved to Chicago reaching international levels...

#2 Alisha Patel
Alisha Patel (United States)
Artist info

Hello, my name is Alisha patel. I am a Fashion Blogger. Writing on different topics is my hobby like women fashion clothing, leggings, palazzo pants, gowns, ...

#3 Unsigned Artist SPANK
SPANK (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 634 | Saves: 1744
  Members: Lead Vocals:Karyn Brown...
Artist info

"SPANK" Are a london based rock band formed by lead guitarist "Tony Harris" & lead vocalist "Karyn Brown" approximatley 3 years ago. During this time they have performed numerous gigs around london & recorded 2 CDs "Information Is Power" & "Code...

NU-TREN (Baltimore Maryland)
  Influences: Pop, R&B
  Members: Devan Nash, Emily Diener,...
Artist info

Press Release May 11th BALITMORE’S NEW POP TRIO NU-TREN PERFORMS AT HONFEST Liner Entertainment Group, Inc from Houston Texas Introduces Baltimore's New Pop/R&B Group. NU-TREN. Nu-Tren will be performing on the main stage at this years...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Bob Greco Band
The Bob Greco Band
  Plays: 448
No artist info

#6 Clintch
Clintch (Spokane, WA)
  Influences: Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin
  Members: Wally_-_GUITAR ||...
Artist info

When Clintch formed in late 1999, they created a permenant mark for themselves; performing many local and regional shows their first year. Clintch has gained a loyal army of fans through the years with their "heavy but melodic" style that has just...

#7 Unsigned Artist Take One Car
Take One Car (Millerton, NY)
  Plays: 228 | Saves: 686
  Members: Tyler, Pete, Enrique,...
Artist info

Take One Car began to unearth itself during a car accident in the Fall of 2006. The band has only recently felt the burden of it's potential. With such a spacious musical influence one might expect a disembodied clash of sounds and ideas, yet...

#8 IB6 UB9
IB6 UB9 (Springfield, Oregon)
  Plays: 1833 | Saves: 2018
  Influences: Godsmack, Van Halen,...
  Members: Shane Thornton, Tim Potter,...
Artist info

In music today, it seems that there is a never-ending source of variety available to please every discriminating palate. The boundaries available are pushed beyond the limits in every conceivable manner. And yet there are still new directions that...

#9 Unsigned Artist Genius Move
Genius Move (Somerset, England)
  Influences: Tool, Deftones
  Members: Matt Burr - Vocals, Joe...
Artist info

Formed in May of 2004, Genius Move have played local gigs and will soon release their first tunes: The Rinse EP!

  Influences: smashin pumpkins, pixies,...
Artist info

Formed in april 2004 in london, creating a stir around london venues with furious live performances.their songs combine beautifully dark themes with rock leaden attitude...watch this space