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#1 Unsigned Artist Zolid Ground
Zolid Ground (Denmark)
  Plays: 663 | Saves: 1865
  Influences: You tell me ????
  Members: Michael Halskov , Kenn Sand...
Artist info

Zolid Ground was formed in 2001 and has their base in Copenhagen, Denmark. After several replacements on the team, the band finally found its right composition in the beginning of 2004. The first product of this solid founded quartet is the demo...

#2 Frassdon
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Ethan Hopkins
Ethan Hopkins (Casper, Wyoming)
  Plays: 95 | Saves: 299
  Influences: Vance Joy
  Members: Ethan Hopkins
Artist info

The indie, pop, blues, folk music creationist, Ethan Hopkins is from Casper, Wyoming. He has been involved with music all his life. He started with piano and moved on to other instruments like the cello, guitar, bass, and ukulele. He loves writing...

#4 Nieghbourhood Watch
Nieghbourhood Watch (Colchester/Mersea)
  Members: Matt Birch, Stephen Mole,...
Artist info

All went to school in colchester, matt, millard and steve went to TLA, andy went to st. benedicts. matt got chucked out in yr9 and went to the I.S.S centre. shortly after finishing school we decided to form a punk rock band and here we are....

#5 Unsigned Artist MAZES
MAZES (Barcelona)
  Plays: 356 | Saves: 976
  Influences: dificult to say...
  Members: ALex - Xavi - Chicky
Artist info

Mazes is founded by Alex, in January of 1997, at that point this was just an idea, a name and a couple of melodies. Afterwards Germes, an old friend joined the project in December of 1997, since half of the band was still missing, this just...

#6 Butterfly Convict
Butterfly Convict (Long Island)
  Members: Jason Figueredo...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist JD Spoon
JD Spoon (Austin)
  Plays: 858 | Saves: 1703
Artist info

JD Spoon is an acoustic guitar player. He plays Punk. He is angry at ...

#8 Mobb
Mobb (Atlanta)
  Influences: Everything
  Members: J-VO,D-LO,Lil...
Artist info

We all cool **** hell ya dig

#9 Unsigned Artist Coming Up For Air
Coming Up For Air (Dayton, Ohio)
  Plays: 41 | Saves: 332
  Influences: MewithoutYou, Bright Eyes,...
  Members: Eric Ballein- Guitars,...
Artist info

Blending melodic guitar parts, soft vocals, and lyrical conviction Coming Up For Air is an up and coming solo artist who enjoys playing songs as a form of confessional. Coming Up For Air's first effort, "Son & Shadow" is a self-recorded and...

#10 canabrism
Artist info

Interact with cubes. Visit the Canabrism website at http://www.canabrism.com for cubes, bubbles and exclusive music samples, or go to ...