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#1 Unsigned Artist Gary Ramsey
Gary Ramsey (kings mountain,NC)
  Plays: 962
  Influences: hard rock
  Members: Gary ramsey and various artist
Artist info

I am a singer/songwriter/musician from the mountains of NC and i write my own songs ans well as collab with various artist

#2 Skyline Logic
Skyline Logic (Wigan)
  Plays: 173 | Saves: 1003
  Influences: www.facebook.com/SkylineLogic
  Members: James Mack, Josh Dawber,...
Artist info

Over the last year (2010) we have been up to all sorts: Photoshoots Writing New Material, Designing A New Logo, Designing A New Myspace, Organising New Shows But mainly our album release on 01/01/11. This year (2011) we're doing many...

#3 Unsigned Artist snowhite
  Plays: 316 | Saves: 719
No artist info

#4 L.E.G. aka HouSa
L.E.G. aka HouSa (Houston Tx)
  Plays: 69
  Influences: 2Pac......50........Dre.......
  Members: L.E.G.
Artist info

N it 2 Win it.........

#5 Unsigned Artist Hostile (IS)
Hostile (IS) (Reykjavik, Iceland)
  Influences: Pantera, Killswitch Engage,...
  Members: Asgeir(Vocals),...
Artist info

From Iceland comes one of the heaviest, ugliest, loudest and most brutal bands they have got to offer. Pure intensity and raw energy are the key elements in our music and what our fans have come to expect when they come to headbang with us! Our...

#6 Aunt Acid
Aunt Acid (Sunny (currently...)
  Influences: Jefferson Airplane, Grace...
Artist info

I'm a 32 year old part time secretary / part time singer-songwriter...I am eternally annoyed at something or other and always hungry.

#7 Unsigned Artist New Dawn
New Dawn (Midlands, UK)
  Plays: 30 | Saves: 171
  Influences: sevendust,threedaysgrace,sk...
  Members: Craig - Vox, Ian - Drums,...
Artist info

Formed in 2006 New Dawn have been ripping through venues with their unique blend of hard rock and heavy metal. With a line-up change in early 2008 the guys set about recording their debut album Unite. with that now completed and a host of shows...

#8 Terry Prong
Terry Prong (Cosby, East Tennessee)
  Plays: 177
  Influences: No one I have ever heard of
  Members: Terry Prong
Artist info

Spawned in a bear proof dumpster deep inside the Great Smokey Mountains, Terry Prong ...

#9 Unsigned Artist Aiden Schofield
Aiden Schofield (Cleveland, Ohio)
  Plays: 516
  Influences: James Blunt, Michael Penn,...
  Members: Aiden Schofield
Artist info

Hi all, My third solo album Damage has just been released and is available on my website www.aidenschofield.com and at online stores. So check it out! If you want to read my life story it's on my website. So I'll just say; if you like what...

#10 JMS
JMS (Tauranga, New Zealand)
  Plays: 1250 | Saves: 2681
  Members: Jim, Mutt, Shane
Artist info

Formed sometime in 2003, songs are some of the tracks we recorded from our weekly jam seasons over a three month period while Jim (Drummer) was over during the summer. Were never really a band as such just a group of friends who got together once...