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#1 Unsigned Artist Gabriel Soriano
Gabriel Soriano (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
  Plays: 1470 | Saves: 4333
  Influences: Blues, Funk, Rock, Reggae,...
Artist info

My name is Gabriel Soriano and I was born to play music. It is my passion, my love, my redemption, my strength, and my creation. My goal is to work with a label that cares about releasing quality music and supporting artists to be career...

#2 Norton Disney
Norton Disney (London)
  Plays: 779
  Members: Norton Disney - guitar,...
Artist info

'Less' is the first project by new band, Norton Disney. Inspired by a desire to move away from complex arrangements & electronic sounds, this album is a return to simpler times - not to say that the odd synth doesn't put in an appearance here &...

#3 Unsigned Artist Camp 10
Camp 10 (Jackson, MS)
  Plays: 998 | Saves: 1409
  Influences: decide for yourself
  Members: C-DUB, Lil' Lucky, Certified
Artist info

Coming from tha Southside of JackTown, our group Camp 10 'bout to take over the south, besides Luda and Lil' Boosie, this group gives the crunk and cool with lyrics better than ya average southern rapper.

#4 Q-Theory
Q-Theory (Vancouver, Canada)
  Plays: 564 | Saves: 2509
  Influences: Massive Attack, Moby, Nitin...
  Members: Adrian Quayle
Artist info

Q-Theory is the newest artist on the Aqua Music label, and has recently completed his first official album release, titled Design By Chance. The album has its roots in electronica, but brings in a range of different sounds and styles. Perhaps...

#5 Unsigned Artist Raymond Simmons
Raymond Simmons (San Francisco, California)
  Plays: 397 | Saves: 2085
  Influences: Mongo Santamaria
Artist info

From the Black Light Explosion era in the early 1970's around the San Francisco Bay Area emerged Raymond Simmons, afro-styled conga drummer extraordinaire. For the past thirty years Raymond has played with dance classes, drum choirs, dance...

#6 Ioannis Anastassakis
Ioannis Anastassakis (Greece)
  Plays: 63
Artist info

About Ioannis Anastassakis (www.ioannis.org) Born in the Greek island of Crete, Ioannis Anastassakis completed his Bachelor degree at the American College of Greece, and subsequently studied at the ...

#7 Unsigned Artist Kennis Music
Kennis Music (Nigeria)
Artist info

Kennis Music, a subsidiary of Kennis Communications Limited, Nigeria�s most popular and leading music company, that is involved with the discovering of young and talented artistes, music production, promotion, marketing, sales and distribution...

  Plays: 6 | Saves: 1224
Artist info

Liszt play piano and guitar driven indie, with powerful emotive vocals and dynamic hard-hitting choruses. Based on a long term song writing partnership, the band have been exploring the potential of the classic four piece line up for just over...

#9 Unsigned Artist SBonventure
SBonventure (California)
  Plays: 81
  Influences: Instrumentals-ballads,count...
  Members: Tony V and Others
Artist info

Visit our website www.musicampus.com

#10 rex razor
rex razor (Abuja, Nigeria)
  Plays: 678 | Saves: 1916
  Influences: 2pac
Artist info

Abuja, Nigeria