Letter 9

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#1 Unsigned Artist Psychotic Reaction
Psychotic Reaction (New Haven, Connecticut)
  Plays: 435
  Influences: Casualties, Blanks 77,...
  Members: Dr. J - Bass, Vocals,...
Artist info

Formed in 1997, Psychotic Reaction started as a punk rock band playing old school style punk rock in the vein of 77 punk, Oi! and hardcore fromt the late 70's/early 80's. The band has released 1 ep, 1 seven inch, 2 full length albums and a live...

#2 Unbreakable
Unbreakable (Moldova)
  Plays: 717
Artist info

The two singers, Pavel (26) and Sergiu Caruntu (23), were quite young - about 8 years old when they started to deal with music. They studied at musical school to fulfill their parents' wish. Although they weren't musicians, they thought that the...

#3 Unsigned Artist CYR
CYR (Toronto, Ontario)
  Plays: 259 | Saves: 1311
  Influences: Foo Fighters, Nirvana,...
  Members: 3
Artist info

“We get more than our fair share of material from independent artists looking to break their material into the scene and even though a lot of material is just a lot of material, there is always that little bit that shines through on occasion to...

#4 Roger Moon
Roger Moon (Austin, Texas)
  Plays: 640 | Saves: 1801
  Members: Roger Moon
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Fighting for Nothing
Fighting for Nothing (Spokane, WA)
  Influences: FFN
  Members: Jordan Thompson- Vocals *...
Artist info

With hard swinging melodies, chunky guitar lines, a wild stage act, and pure ambition: FFN has created quite a stir in the Pacific Northwest. Hitting the local music scene in February 2005, their first performance was opening for a platinum act--...

#6 Fiya Mayne
Fiya Mayne (Virginia)
  Plays: 126 | Saves: 634
  Influences: Kid Cudi, Eminem, Method...
  Members: Fiya Mayne
Artist info

Born on the same day as Joan Jett & Mystikal, Fiya Mayne has both the talents of the Virgo and Libra. A fantastic songwriter/singer/rapper, Fiya Mayne's popularity is boosting daily. Fiya was also born 5 days before Lil Wayne & 8 days before...

#7 Unsigned Artist Drive Texas
Drive Texas (New York, NY)
  Plays: 51 | Saves: 714
  Influences: Melodic Punk-Influenced...
  Members: Phil Mandel, Eamon...
Artist info

One year in NYC is ten years anywhere else, and Drive Texas has become a force on the indie rock scene.

#8 Freeway Jesus
Freeway Jesus
  Plays: 18 | Saves: 491
  Members: DJ Earthworm, Sally Sumac,...
Artist info

Freeway Jesus is a band comprised of five musical neighbors in the Detroit, Michigan area who disappeared for a month, and returned with their song "SPACE LIONS" They disbanded shortly after the release of the song.

#9 Unsigned Artist IF...
IF... (Rome - ITALY)
  Influences: the gathering-peter...
  Members: Francesca Ferrato, Mauro...
No artist info

#10 Maddy Ellwanger
Maddy Ellwanger (Colorado)
  Plays: 113 | Saves: 716
  Influences: Cage the Elephant, Jack White
  Members: Maddy Ellwanger
Artist info