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#1 Unsigned Artist Stellar Sons & Daughters
Stellar Sons & Daughters (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 178 | Saves: 914
  Influences: Led Zeppelin, The White...
  Members: Jordyn Austin(Lead Vocals),...
Artist info

Like & Share us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/stellarsonsanddaughters Stellar Sons & Daughters is a burgeoning indie...

#2 An Attractive Alternative
An Attractive Alternative (Woodand Hills)
  Plays: 133
  Influences: A unique blend of rock and...
  Members: Kylen, Kiarash, Chris
Artist info

An Attractive Alternative is a new, young and upcoming band from Woodland Hills, California. We like to focus on our own style, which, unlike most other new bands, doesn't contain the word "core" or "death".

#3 Unsigned Artist Ged Leitch
Ged Leitch
  Plays: 903
  Influences: Zapp/Cameo/Early Prince/The...
Artist info

If you "Dig" early Electronic Funk music that makes you feel the need to stop what you are doing and start dancing or body popping, then your in good company!! 29 years old, Been composing/ mixing/ mastering my own material for 8 of those same...

#4 Atomicjoint
Atomicjoint (Russia)
  Plays: 62 | Saves: 372
Artist info

ATOMICJOINT - band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Enjoy! for more information, please, welcome http://atomicjoint.ru or http://vkontakte.ru/atomicjoint

#5 Unsigned Artist The Banzai Kid
The Banzai Kid (Ipswich, Suffolk, England)
  Influences: A young Neil Young, Kurt...
  Members: The Banzai Kid
Artist info

"It's not the way I planned" The Banzai Kid started out making stupid songs on a little tape recorder with his brother and his friends and eventually as he got older felt the urge to actually form a proper band. Every single band that he...

#6 Gbone
Gbone (Doncaster, South...)
  Plays: 606 | Saves: 961
  Influences: Talking Heads, Muse, The...
  Members: Chris (Vocals), Jason...
Artist info

Gbone are a 4 Piece Guitar driven band from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Gbone formed around 2003, coming together from a number of other popular local bands. After much planning and poaching, individuals with the same ambitions and ideas...

#7 Unsigned Artist Zack Borer
Zack Borer (New York, NY)
  Plays: 74
  Influences: O.A.R., Kings of Leon, Dace...
  Members: Zack Borer (Vocals/Guitar),...
Artist info

Mixing rock, pop, funk, and soul, Canadian-born Zack Borer, often recognized by his big hair, has been creating quite the buzz in New York City over the past year. Compared to Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the 27...

#8 Gigafunk
Gigafunk (www.soundclick.com/gig...)
  Plays: 2326 | Saves: 3560
Artist info

Www.soundclick.com/gigafunk (Record Lables) GFR & Ten2the9th (CEO/Producer/Dj) Wess Meredith (Vocalists) Heather Miller, Shannon Yoesle & Brandi Starr. Copyright 2006. All songs @ www.soundclick.com/gigafunk. 4 FREE 320 kBps DL. (LIMITED TIME...

#9 Unsigned Artist Checkthem
Checkthem (United States)
Artist info

Checkthem is a provider of comprehensive background check services. We search through billions of public records to provide accurate and trustworthy information. Our ...

#10 The Mighty Mojos
The Mighty Mojos (Belfast)
  Plays: 99
  Members: Alan Ward
No artist info