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#1 Unsigned Artist NO COMMENT
NO COMMENT (Davao City)
  Members: Yonyon | Jyajah | Eiga |...
Artist info

NO COMMENT is a five-piece band from davao city and consists of the members above. the band was formed in the year 2003 and the the original members of this band was only yon2, ega, and ian. later, 2 members were added. at first, the band was...

#2 Phil O'Flaherty
Phil O'Flaherty (Vancouver, British...)
  Plays: 977 | Saves: 1454
  Influences: James Taylor, Dougie Maclean
Artist info

Phil O'Flaherty experienced emigration from Ireland as an eight year old. 'My job was to carry a bag of shoes and an old mandolin. We literally carried our music with us and managed to stay in touch with the music scene in Ireland'. Those were...

#3 Unsigned Artist anaemic
anaemic (Gaerwen/Bethesda(north...)
  Plays: 234
  Influences: mix of everything from mr...
  Members: Dan...
Artist info

Formed in april 2002 by dan hemmings and daz morris after 2 years our original drummer departed then nick gane joined as our new drummer early 2004.

#4 First Aid Boy
First Aid Boy (Huntingdon UK)
  Plays: 212 | Saves: 627
  Influences: Taking Back Sunday,...
  Members: Nick - Guitar / vocals...
Artist info

After the ending of a previous band World Distortion, which contained three of the four members (Nick-guitar, Kieran-vocals and Mike- guitar) they invited Galen (Drums) to from the late Meaning to join them. So, from the ashes of World Distortion...

#5 Unsigned Artist Dj Michael D
Dj Michael D
  Plays: 240
Artist info

Dj Michael D Is a name that came from a long story about 15 years ago. When i got my first turntables and started to explore the realm of electronic music. It all started with house party's and went on to producing music and playing in clubs all...

#6 Sheena Rose
Sheena Rose (San Francisco)
  Influences: RuPaul, Divine, Boy George,...
  Members: Sheena Rose
Artist info

Sheena Rose has always had a lifelong love for dance music. An established drag queen entertainer/dance recording artist, Sheena Rose burst onto the San Francisco drag/**** club scene in the summer of 2006. Dynamic,dramatic, and electrifying,...

#7 Unsigned Artist Running 4 Last
Running 4 Last (Indianapolis Indiana)
  Influences: Nirvana, Escape the Fate,...
  Members: Jonny Bush - Bass, Voice...
Artist info

Running 4 Last (Yes we spell it with the number 4) Came to be out of our old band The Last Day. In the old band our guitar player quit. But Joel and I (Jonny) weren't done being in a band. Soon we found Adam, Wrote some songs, Recorded, and here...

#8 Furnace
Furnace (Järvenpää, Finland)
  Plays: 337 | Saves: 1804
  Influences: Immortal, Mayhem, Bathory
  Members: Sami Niittumaa (Lead Guitar...
Artist info

Ironically, band was formed in spring 2004 by Eero Laupiainen, former bass player, who wanted to create a band that plays some kind of progressive heavy metal. In the early days band name was Epileptika, and the original members were Sami(lead...

#9 Unsigned Artist DUB GENERAL
DUB GENERAL (Varadin, Croatia)
  Plays: 362 | Saves: 859
  Influences: police, clash, pink floyd,
  Members: marko, alan, edo
Artist info

Only music matters

#10 Sailing Paper
Sailing Paper (TX)
  Plays: 115 | Saves: 363
No artist info