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#1 Unsigned Artist Rick Harris
Rick Harris (Ga.)
  Plays: 656
  Influences: R&B SOUL JAZZ
  Members: RICK HARRIS
Artist info

These are songs from the CD "JAZZ MUSIC FUNK"...available @ www.cdbaby.com/rickharris or... get these downloads and more @ www.soundclick.com/rickharris Rick Harris Lyn-Rome Publishing(BMI)

DIRGE (La Crosse / Sparta,...)
  Plays: 620 | Saves: 1923
  Influences: Thrash / Metal.... BLS /...
  Members: KEVIN CLARK - guitar &...
Artist info

Www.myspace.com/dirgesparta www.dirge.us Dirge is a true metal band, creating thick, heavy sonic onslaughts as deep and dark as the backwoods they come from. A power trio with emphasis on power. Mitch Larson (drums) and Kevin Clark...

#3 Unsigned Artist Marisa & Andreia
Marisa & Andreia
No artist info

  Plays: 94 | Saves: 331
  Influences: What you are looking for...
  Members: Jimmy Stockstill, Jeff...
Artist info

This group of four musicians from the deepest southern parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, specialize in a new original music genre that has been labeled "New Old School Rock" or NOS Rock for short. This new musical genre is reminiscent of the...

#5 Unsigned Artist LockDown_recordz-fam
LockDown_recordz-fam (Mid-West And The Dirty...)
  Plays: 59 | Saves: 307
  Influences: Nothing Cause We Dont Imate...
  Members: Dirt-Diggla(C.E.O.) D-Game...
Artist info

Lock-Down-Recordz is a team of artist that have one dream in life. Thats to be Rich and spoken about because of the skills they hold. We each bring a differant style to the table which helps us reach out to all differant types of fans for our...

#6 oaksowe sxunqame
oaksowe sxunqame (Dublin)
  Influences: Ambient
Artist info

"Oaksowe Sxunqame" is a space moniker of earlier known "Aleksej Project", a musician from the deeply unknown scene of Riga's underground, currently located in Dublin, Ireland, studying jazz and cinema. You could sometimes meet him live playing...

#7 Unsigned Artist Over Troubled Waters
Over Troubled Waters (Grand Forks, North Dakota)
  Influences: puddle of mudd, foo...
  Members: Andrew G. Brian F. Cody W....
Artist info

We are a Christian Alternative Rock band out of North Dakota, we are rocking out all the time, and our demo cd should be coming at you soon.

#8 Ride The Horse
Ride The Horse (Los Angeles, California)
  Plays: 378
  Influences: Nirvana, Metallica, Foo...
  Members: Joey Krombach-Guitar,...
Artist info

Ride The Horse is a rock band made up of Joey Krombach (Guitar, Vocals), Zev Forrest (Drums, Vocals), and David Fhima (Bass, Acoustic Guitar). Based out of Los Angeles, California, Ride The Horse started out one year ago as a high school battle of...

#9 Unsigned Artist Psychotic Reaction
Psychotic Reaction (New Haven, Connecticut)
  Plays: 419
  Influences: Casualties, Blanks 77,...
  Members: Dr. J - Bass, Vocals,...
Artist info

Formed in 1997, Psychotic Reaction started as a punk rock band playing old school style punk rock in the vein of 77 punk, Oi! and hardcore fromt the late 70's/early 80's. The band has released 1 ep, 1 seven inch, 2 full length albums and a live...

#10 Killing Cain
Killing Cain
  Plays: 324
No artist info