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#1 Unsigned Artist Verbal Terrorist
Verbal Terrorist (Westminster, Co.)
  Influences: Immortal Technique, Wu Tang
  Members: Ian Micciulli, Aaron (ASON)...
Artist info

Verbal Terrorist Bio Ian Micciulli a.k.a. Verbal Terrorist was born in Queens, New York. Moved to Denver, Colorado as a child and now lives in Westminster, Colorado. It’s a small city about ten miles North of Denver. Ian grew up listening...

#2 Ryan Shea
Ryan Shea
  Plays: 226 | Saves: 525
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Cain & Abel
Cain & Abel (Menomonee Falls, WI)
  Plays: 75 | Saves: 337
  Influences: Texas In July, For The...
  Members: Jake - Vocals Tyler -...
Artist info

Cain & Abel, a six piece from southeast Wisconsin, is one of the many uprising bands of the Midwest. Formed in the summer of 2008, the four piece of Jared Block, Jake Noggle, Ike Weins, and Josh Fox struggled to even maintain a regular practice...

#4 Averi
Averi (Boston, MA)
  Plays: 99 | Saves: 593
  Influences: Like Journey's Steve Perry...
  Members: Mike Golarz, Michael...
Artist info

Averi will steal your girlfriend, according to the Boston Phoenix. What they mean is that girls seem to have a tough time pulling themselves away from listening to and seeing the Boston five-some and make up the bulk of their passionate, loyal...

#5 Unsigned Artist Aural Alkemy
Aural Alkemy (London)
  Plays: 732
Artist info

Aural Alkemy are 2 London based producers who have been making music for the past 10 years. Their projects include releasing an instrumental album & EP with Ear2Ear Productions, various collaborations with Hip Hop artists & Singers and remixing...

#6 Sue Kittiaksorn
Sue Kittiaksorn (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
  Plays: 266 | Saves: 821
  Influences: the Beatles (Lennon), the...
  Members: Sue Kittiaksorn
Artist info

Sue Kittiaksorn is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter. She is classically-trained on the piano, and began writing original music at the age of fifteen. She has written the following songs: Johnny's Got A Brand New Guitar Fade Away (w/ R....

#7 Unsigned Artist Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson
  Plays: 30
Artist info

Hey all thanks for stopping by! I am Ashley and I have been singing since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to record my own music but I don't play any instrument so I have people who write music for me and I sing it. I do write my own...

#8 Scritt Scrat
Scritt Scrat (Stockton-on-Tees,...)
  Plays: 174 | Saves: 1045
  Influences: Glam Rock
  Members: Kiko Rivers, Curly Dratt,...
Artist info

Scritt Scrat is a high-energy, sexually driven glam/punk band based in the U.K. Formed by bassist/guitarist/vocalist Kiko Rivers, he quickly enlisted his brother Curly to help with backing vocals and lyrics. Together they soon found drummer and...

#9 Unsigned Artist Nikki Lynn
Nikki Lynn
  Plays: 187 | Saves: 561
  Influences: Meh..
No artist info

#10 Caddy Da Don
Caddy Da Don (Baltimore)
  Plays: 306
  Influences: Biggie, Scarface, Russell...
  Members: Caddy Da Don
Artist info

Caddy’s first album “Day of Da Don” was released January 1, 2011 and was the result of a collaboration with Global Entertainment. The album was well received and sold out at several D.T.L.R. locations. The stand-out single “Shake It”...