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#1 Unsigned Artist Leanah
  Plays: 1506 | Saves: 3951
No artist info

#2 Moriah Faith
Moriah Faith (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 87
  Influences: Ariana Grande, Taylor...
  Members: Moriah Faith
Artist info

Moriah Faith may be a child of the new millennium, but she is a woman of today. Born in 2000, the 14-year old singer/songwriter understands that in the dance of life, a young girl must be prepared for whatever comes her way. Raised in Los Angeles...

#3 Unsigned Artist reasonable intent
reasonable intent
Artist info

We formed in 2004 but have made alote more progress thsn expected in that time with the added help of recording equipment at our school things have been made easier. the members of are bands are adam-guitar/vocals terry-bass/vocals...

#4 Pollen
Pollen (Frodsham, UK)
  Influences: Muse, The Cardigans,...
  Members: Nick Toone - Vocals, Neil...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist The Chance
The Chance (Leominste,r Herefordshire)
  Plays: 71 | Saves: 355
  Influences: Kings of Leon, Kasabian,...
  Members: Jed Barnett, Adam...
Artist info

With The Big Ragoo in hiatus, Former frontman Jed Barnett has returned to join former bandmates Adam(bass), Ben(Drums) and Elliot(Guitar)and new boy Iain Morris (Guitar) in reforming the locally World famous band that is The Chance! To be...

#6 zero-project
zero-project (Athens. Greece)
  Plays: 1429 | Saves: 3582
  Influences: Instrumental
Artist info

"zero-project" is an artist from Greece who composes instrumental soundtrack music and more. Thank you for visiting ...

#7 Unsigned Artist fishboisfo
fishboisfo (san francisco, ca)
  Plays: 120 | Saves: 270
  Influences: erasure, OMD, depeche mode,...
Artist info

(( fishboisfo )) fishboi san francisco . . . I kept turning on the radio and turning it off. It seems the 80's and 90's truly had died with regards to Pop music. Melodic grooves with well written vocals were a vanishing breed. This...

#8 Vesperian Sorrow
Vesperian Sorrow (Austin, TX)
  Plays: 255 | Saves: 1058
  Influences: Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of...
  Members: Donni-Vocals,...
Artist info

Considered the premiere symphonic dark metal band in North America, Vesperian Sorrow's music evokes the darkest depths of searing human tragedy juxtaposed with soaring heights of orchestrated symphonic melody. Their undeniable songwriting and...

#9 Unsigned Artist First Degree Burns
First Degree Burns (Bristol, UK)
  Plays: 1181 | Saves: 1250
  Influences: Sex on a stick
Artist info

An 8 piece with a high energy presence all to themselves; The sound is difficult to pigeon-hole as the music you hear comes from drawing upon a vast range of musical influences throwing these ideas into a musical cauldron, creating a unique fusion...

#10 Hi Life Music Group
Hi Life Music Group
  Plays: 350 | Saves: 504
Artist info

HiLife Music was started in 2002 by Mr.Man, Kartel, Espee and Ransom. In 2004 added Young Pimpin to the team. Besides obtaining a college education this is all we do. Kartel, Young Pimpin, and Ransom reppin Chi-town, and Mr.Man, and Espee got the...