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#1 Unsigned Artist Dj cMaestro
Dj cMaestro (United Kingdom)
  Plays: 130 | Saves: 291
  Members: Christi Minns
Artist info

Christi Minns, is from England. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and lived there all his life before expanding his profession in the UK in 2001. He was Dj at the 'Stallions' nightclub in South Africa.

#2 Ravings of a Madman
Ravings of a Madman (Salt lake city)
  Plays: 736 | Saves: 1089
  Influences: Pantera metallica slayer...
  Members: Jeremiah Hammon (guitar...
Artist info

“….Where life and death are meaningless and pain is God…” It’s the war cry. Whenever Ravings of a Madman steps on a stage, that’s what you get: an out of this world, ear opening experience, appealing to every type of fan, everywhere....

#3 Unsigned Artist Corner Store Espionage
Corner Store Espionage (Atlantic City, NJ)
  Plays: 46
  Influences: No one
  Members: Joe Charles, Antonella...
Artist info

With the haunting familiarity of groups we all know and love (System of a Down, Pat Benatar, Evanescence, The Cars, and many others) Corner Store Espionage remains distinctly different. From two lead female vocalists to songs that boldly change...

#4 Raphael Novarina
Raphael Novarina (France)
  Members: Raphael Novarina
Artist info

Raphael Novarina is a songwriter who was born in Paris in 1980. Besides studies in architecture and painting at " les Beaux Arts ", he started compose his first musical pieces at the piano / guitar and delivered a self-produced homestudio...

#5 Unsigned Artist Prolific
Prolific (Orlando)
  Plays: 1279 | Saves: 1456
  Members: Neme,Flamez,Exile,Zin O.d
Artist info

Welcome to the movement. The Hip-Hop group named Prolific, which consists of four MC’s from the southeast, started this movement back in 1997. Flamez, Neme, Zin O.D. and Exile the Experience met while living in Orlando, Florida. The members were...

#6 mistaken for strangers
mistaken for strangers (Stoke On Trent,...)
  Plays: 2190 | Saves: 1277
  Influences: Progressive Alt/Indie Rock
  Members: Dan Cooper - Bass/Lead...
Artist info

Mistaken For Strangers started life as a four piece late 2008 and became a 3 piece in early 2009. It was as a 3 piece that Dan, Neil & Tom really found their sound and been gigging in the Stoke On Trent area as well as Leicester, Oldham & Crewe....

#7 Unsigned Artist SacriFist
SacriFist (Joburg - South Africa)
  Plays: 2552 | Saves: 6283
  Influences: Old In Flames
  Members: Sammy - Guitars; Mike -...
No artist info

#8 Year Of Confession
Year Of Confession (Massapequa, NY)
  Plays: 304 | Saves: 1449
  Influences: Something Heavy and Original.
  Members: Dan Buckley, Joe Micolo,...
Artist info

YEAR OF CONFESSION, a 4 piece band from Long Island NY, writes heavy music with a stunning mix of melody and intelligence. Their intense and gripping live show (captured in the March 07' issue of REVOLVER MAGAZINE), coupled with lyrics that...

#9 Unsigned Artist Wooden Space
Wooden Space (United Kingdom)
Artist info

Wooden Space is one of the finest online furniture stores in the UK where your search for the perfect wooden furniture for your abode will come to an end. The wide range of online ...

#10 Recreational Homicide
Recreational Homicide (Ediinburgh)
  Plays: 108
  Influences: A big mixture of...
  Members: Will - Vocals, Jamie -...
No artist info