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#1 Unsigned Artist pacific
pacific (Manchester, England)
  Plays: 10211 | Saves: 3561
  Influences: a mixture of all of our...
  Members: darren, paul, nikk, helgi
Artist info

Pacific formed 2003 in manchester, England by Darren Scott (vocals) and Paul Eastwood (guitar.) Discovering a shared love of classic guitar bands, great songs and women, they began playing acoustic shows around the North West to much acclaim....

#2 Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous (Dallas)
  Members: Ryan feeback
Artist info

My name is ryan feeback from prosper texas

#3 Unsigned Artist X-Unit
X-Unit (Bracknell)
  Influences: My Chemical Romance,The Used
  Members: Fred,Ali,TBD
Artist info

Hi were X-Unit.We are an Teenage band who could one day save your life.Brooklyn is the Lead Singer and third guiterist,Ali b is third vocals and second guiterist and we are still ooking for two more members who would wanna join o0ur band.

#4 Dual Lights
Dual Lights
  Plays: 369 | Saves: 749
Artist info

A Dance outfit from malaysia trying to breakthru to the masses of the world. A blend of music from different cultures of the world into our own sound.

#5 Unsigned Artist Towne Adams
Towne Adams (Waco, TX)
  Plays: 656 | Saves: 1338
  Influences: Todd Snider, Social...
  Members: Towne, Errol, Kent, Jon
Artist info

Writing a bio for a no-account, go-nowhere, do-nothing band like Towne Adams is a major pain in the ass. I could tell you about how brilliant the songs are, how transcendent the playing is, and how everybody who has ever seen the band just...

OBEDIENTBONE (Dartmoor, Devon, UK)
  Plays: 484 | Saves: 28
  Influences: Beats and Breaks / Drum n...
  Members: Demelza : vocals...
Artist info

OBEDIENTBONE are an accomplished live band and studio production team. The trio produce a unique hybrid of song-based d n b / dark pop / hip hop. Blending programming with a diverse range of live instrumentation they sculpt edgy & evocative...

#7 Unsigned Artist Checkgauge
Checkgauge (Northern New Jersey...)
  Influences: Anberlin, Sanctus Real,...
  Members: Jai Brinkofski, Scott...
Artist info

Checkgauge has roots steeped in a long history. Simply, Kurios disbanded and we are the leftovers… sort of. Kurios held a longstanding tradition of ending each show in the worship and adoration of Jesus Christ through popular worship songs in an...

#8 Matthew Lamb
Matthew Lamb (Warwickshire, England)
  Plays: 944 | Saves: 857
Artist info

A singer songwriter who's influences include artists from Jack Johnson to Van Morrisson, from Green Day to Lifehouse. Living in Warwickshire, England at 23 and has never played any kind of gig, only in front of friends and family. Hoping to gain...

#9 Unsigned Artist DeFekT
DeFekT (Belfast, N.Ireland)
  Plays: 1792 | Saves: 1750
  Members: Cub, Buttas, Matt, wiggy
Artist info

We are a new band based in belfast, formed in january '04 for the first six months we concentrated on covers, but since the summer have been writing our own material, which has resulted in our first demo as of 22nd October. Any comments or...

#10 sore-o
sore-o (La Rochelle France)
  Plays: 389 | Saves: 760
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Jean Ayi (vocals), Cyril...
Artist info

Upcoming Shows ( view all ) Sep 23 2006 9:00P L'INCA BORDEAUX Sore-o's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog] Welcome Willy Weak (view more) SORE-O wants to tour, we need your help (view more)...