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#1 Unsigned Artist casual indifference
casual indifference (Portland, OR)
  Plays: 934 | Saves: 4040
  Influences: leftover crack, the clash,...
  Members: good chris, marshall law,...
Artist info

Originially Josh and Dan Casual started playing together under the name Casual Indifference when the two were in sixth grade. now with the whole band out of high school, they are ready to start a revolution; and the world is ready for one. After...

#2 Allwreck
Allwreck (Washington DC)
  Plays: 87
  Members: Jef, Chris, Michael
Artist info

Come see why Allwreck is quickly becoming America's new Rock and Roll Standard! The members of the band are Jeff Snook, Michael Berry and Chris Piercey. All three members hail from the Washington D.C. area. In fact all three members went to the...

#3 Unsigned Artist Refuge Found
Refuge Found (Shrewsbury, UK)
  Plays: 860 | Saves: 1167
  Influences: Oasis,Delirious,Coldplay,Fe...
  Members: Jonathan Roberts, Dan...
Artist info

Refuge Found are a four-piece rock band from Shrewsbury, UK. Jonathan Roberts - Guitar & Vocals Dan Magrath - Guitar & Vocals Toby Stokes - Bass Jon Extance - Drums The original line up saw Jonathan on the drums, however he soon moved to...

#4 Kaya Tribe
Kaya Tribe (Hartland Michigan)
  Influences: Reggae/Rock/Ska/Groove......
  Members: Pat Mayer (Guitar/Vox)...
Artist info

Formed out of the band TripStick the 3 of us continued on to form the Kaya Tribe. We mix it up good with some groove music, reggae, ska, and rock. 10 song self recorded/self produced cd out soon.... for free! Kaya Tribe is from Hartland MI,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Wheel World Wadio
Wheel World Wadio (In Space and Time we...)
  Plays: 456 | Saves: 4442
  Influences: WWW THE BEST
Artist info

Stacks of Fenland artists here peeps thanx to the Cambs Times and other newspapers for featuring us. We have video tracks on YouTube by "Azzinrho" with over 100,000 people watching one "fairleemade" vid featuring the track "Old Techno". We need...

#6 Renegade
Renegade (Bedford, NS)
  Plays: 111 | Saves: 1216
Artist info

Formerly known as Konfident, back for the first time in a year and a half....Renegade is a 21 year old rapper living in Bedford Nova Scotia, Canada.

#7 Unsigned Artist Lodestone Band
Lodestone Band (Bath (UK))
  Plays: 124 | Saves: 686
Artist info

Formed in the winter of 2003/4, Lodestone was originally a two piece acoustic duo made up of Chris and Marcel. Most of that winter was spent writing and rehearsing songs in Marcels living room, trying to catch the acoustic feel they both knew they...

#8 Miss Penny Laine
Miss Penny Laine (Cathcart, Glasgow,...)
  Plays: 229 | Saves: 111
  Influences: Pop/electronica, avante garde
Artist info

Miss Penny Laine was the fourth member to join the fabulous outfit that are 'The Vodka Systems'. She reports regularly for the blog site 'The Schlager Systems' and is proving to be a hit in her own right. Here we find Miss Penny Laine backed by...

#9 Unsigned Artist Huggie B
Huggie B (Hattiesburg Ms.)
  Plays: 169
  Influences: 50 Cent/David Banner /Geezy
Artist info

Huggie has influenced all of the souths major artist he is a top producer and a member of Ms.elite M.A.P. Coalition he is also a very hot lyracist his music has set levels for all of Ms. artist....

#10 Stemm Cell
Stemm Cell (Palm Coast, Florida)
  Plays: 396
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Sluggo, Scurge, Tim...
No artist info