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#1 Unsigned Artist Flyin Eye Project
Flyin Eye Project (Eastern Sierra -...)
  Plays: 828 | Saves: 363
  Influences: Beats Electronics Guitars...
  Members: Chris Replogle & Guests
Artist info

The Flyin Eye Project was conceived in 1995. After years of live music Chris Replogle decided it was time to put his computer and audio engineering skills to full use in a home studio. Creating music that ventures outside typical genres. Mixing...

#2 p-dia
p-dia (abuja [ nigeria ])
  Influences: bomb
Artist info

This goes to all my niggazz

#3 Unsigned Artist iTay Da Producer
iTay Da Producer (Va Beach, VA)
  Plays: 419
  Influences: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Club,...
  Members: Tay
Artist info

Tay was born in Feb. 1987 in Norfolk, Va. Since Tay was an infant he has always loved music whether he was playing it or listening to it. In late 2001 Tay had the idea to start a record label called Skrate Gangzta Entertainment, with all of the...

#4 Slip On Sound
Slip On Sound (nottingham)
  Plays: 223
  Members: rich, ben, matt, garf, si,...
Artist info

Past and present incarnations: http://www.myspace.com/shupermodel http://www.myspace.com/sliponsound http://www.myspace.com/lopus http://www.peoplesound.com/artist/lopus/ http://www.myspace.com/movedrill www.movedrill.com Dead and buried...

#5 Unsigned Artist SUPERBITCH
SUPERBITCH (Kidderminster)
  Plays: 253 | Saves: 1185
  Influences: Alternative
  Members: VOCALS : Steve Strange,...
No artist info

#6 Goat Poacher
Goat Poacher (Sundsvall, Sweden)
  Plays: 80 | Saves: 24
Artist info

...with their roots in the blues and 70's rock, Goat Poacher delivers a heavy groove that makes your head spin and your feet dance. http://www.goatpoacher.com

#7 Unsigned Artist Souldriver
Souldriver (Soulth Wales UK)
  Plays: 2719 | Saves: 5378
  Members: 4
Artist info

Souldriver are a powerful 4-piece indie/rock band hailing from Aberdare South Wales who’s live shows are guaranteed to impress, They have been playing in and around Wales & London ...

#8 Kal Gully
Kal Gully (Arlington, Texas)
  Influences: 2pac, Scarface, Ice Cube,...
Artist info

I began rapping in 2007. I started off in a group called F.T. or Family Thang. It consists of 6 members including myself, Fiyah, Hussein, Cockey Guns, Toya, Murda’Ry. So far we’ve released one independent album titled The Coalition Volume 1....

#9 Unsigned Artist IGx
IGx (Brazil)
  Plays: 4483 | Saves: 17526
  Influences: ****.
  Members: Punkino; Markinho; Lumbriga.
Artist info

Since 2000........and still grinding.... 666% DIY OR DIE!

#10 Mornin Wood
Mornin Wood
  Plays: 561 | Saves: 1189
No artist info