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#1 Unsigned Artist LBG
LBG (Chennai, India)
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 1232
  Influences: Somethin' U have'nt heard...
  Members: Maynard - Drums Arjun -...
Artist info

LBG releases its second offering 'Bad Children' this November 18th with a special launch performance at Distil, Taj Connemara. The 11 song full length album (short listed from over 25 songs) is a culmination of over 2 years of song writing,...

#2 80PROOF
80PROOF (Beloit Wisconsin)
  Plays: 492 | Saves: 1889
  Influences: hard to say
  Members: Jeff Tyler, Matt Kubacki,...
Artist info

Two Brothers Jason Butler and Nathan Butler started playing around the local scene in WI. then picked up Bass player Jeff Tyler and Singer/cousin's boyfriend Matt Kubacki and things took off. The music spewed from them and they started doing shows...

#3 Unsigned Artist FANOE
FANOE (Swizterland)
  Plays: 286 | Saves: 1377
  Influences: nine inch nails tool manson
  Members: Klaus FANOE, Diana Perola,...
Artist info

About FANOE everything seemed meaningless but there was a motivation creating my own music as a way of expression. not knowing where this will end I started my own show in 2003. after 2 years creating and destroying sounds it all begun to become...

#4 Disha Jones
Disha Jones (Dallas, Tx)
Artist info

Disha Jones is not only a blogger but also a Pathologist. She has been affiliated with Xtreme Technologies - SEO Agency Dallas for the...

#5 Unsigned Artist CristJano
No artist info

#6 Centerfold
Artist info

Centerfold is a 2 piece powerpop/acoustic rock band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Dan Webb (vocals, guitar) and Dan Ducharme (bass) have been making music together for the better half of the last decade, starting and joing various...

#7 Unsigned Artist Jon Robert Quinn
Jon Robert Quinn (Sacramento, California)
  Plays: 846 | Saves: 2039
  Influences: Joe Satriani
  Members: Jon Robert Quinn - Guitar
Artist info

22-year old guitarist Jon Robert Quinn brings new definition to Instrumental Guitar. Jon's technique is something from another planet and his melodic grooves will leave you in awe. -- "His music instantly grabs you. I find myself closing my eyes,...

#8 Muleskinner Jones
Muleskinner Jones (Wiltshire, UK)
  Plays: 377 | Saves: 1556
  Influences: Nick Cave, Captain...
  Members: James Closs
Artist info

Muleskinner Jones plays dark alt.country and twisted anti-folk. Traditional roots music meets avant rock and scary electronica. Compared to the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Captain Beefheart, Beck, The Coral and The Handsome Family.

#9 Unsigned Artist exact-11
exact-11 (Estonia, Vana-Vigala)
  Influences: Blink 182, Sum 41
  Members: Arnold Zagurski, Taavi Kliss
No artist info

#10 Last Broken Scene
Last Broken Scene (Cicero IL)
  Influences: An orgy of instruments and...
  Members: Efrain Cantu, Jamie Anaya,...
Artist info

Last Broken Scene formed in the middle of 2006, with Shannon Straube, on Bass and Efrain Cantu on Guitar. Within a few months, guitarist Aaron Garcia and drummer Anthony Vega were added. Aaron Garcia departed from the band in late 2006. Added to...