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#1 Unsigned Artist the RAVEN
the RAVEN (Bursa/TURKEY)
  Plays: 1010 | Saves: 1303
No artist info

#2 Collar Up
Collar Up (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  Influences: mercury rev, beach house,...
Artist info

Dream-pop sweeping piano-led songs from Edinburgh

#3 Unsigned Artist Pete Jones
Pete Jones (London)
  Members: Pete Jones
Artist info

Ive never been very good with words, to tell you now the things Ive heard After fronting various bands on the London music scene (Lux, modelcitizens & a stint on bass with The Cornerstones) taking the solo path may not seem a natural...

#4 Swivek
Swivek (West Hollywood)
  Plays: 208 | Saves: 1271
  Influences: Beck, Magnetic Fields,...
Artist info

Swivek is West Hollywood's celebrity stalker Bradley Jacobson and his gang of derelict teenagers. The brand new album darkness + light is now available - The record is abuzz with hypertensive energy and is among the most accessible of Swivek...

#5 Unsigned Artist SUICIDAL
SUICIDAL (Singapore, Asia)
  Plays: 407 | Saves: 1169
  Influences: EMPEROR, CRADLE OF FILTH,...
  Members: Dark Voxum (Rizal), Doom...
Artist info

SUICIDAL was formed in the year 2003 somewhere in January... It all began when Daemonic 666 Strings Awi named after the band SUICIDAL, and influenced to Black Metal. Dark Voxum IjaL (Rizal) and Doom Bazz EZ (Hifzie) and Death Battery Alif soon...

#6 Last Rites Appealed
Last Rites Appealed (Fresno, Ca.)
  Plays: 205
  Influences: D.R.I, Sick of it all,...
  Members: LRA band members= Bones:...
Artist info

L.R.A. signs with Embryo Records 2007!!! New Cd release coming soon!!! Former member of Distilled Spirits Johan Heineken hooked up with Second Wind Drummer Brad and Bassist Troy & Andrew on Rhythm Guitar early 2004. Bones was immediately recruited...

#7 Unsigned Artist Unfinished Wood
Unfinished Wood (Columbus, Ohio)
  Plays: 82
  Influences: Kiss, Rush, Foo Fighters,...
  Members: Jared Wade (bass/vox), D....
Artist info

Unfinished Wood is a three-piece ORIGINAL MUSIC rock band in Columbus, Ohio. Unfinished Wood's sound is a combination of guitar, drums, bass, Big Ben, that slurping sound you make when you eat soup, Kermit the Frog singing “Rainbow...

#8 shane
shane (tauranga new zealand)
  Plays: 1426 | Saves: 2449
  Influences: led zep.black sabbath.gary...
Artist info

I wrote these 3 songs in one night ...hence the name..will be adding more songs ongoing..as i have heaps...hope you enjoy...keep a look out for my new band...SEVENTH NIGHT...thanks to mutt..pat ..jeff..an jim..for there session work with me......

#9 Unsigned Artist Sorrowful Winds
Sorrowful Winds (Finland)
  Plays: 729 | Saves: 938
  Influences: Depression
  Members: W.
Artist info

Band was formed in 2010 and first track came out very fast. http://www.sorrowfulwinds.webs.com/index.html Split with Depressio Aeterna OUT NOW.

#10 Wasted Land
Wasted Land (Saudi Arabia - Jeddah)
  Plays: 2324 | Saves: 3973
  Influences: Suidakra, In Flames, Dark...
  Members: Emad Mujalled ,Ahmad...
Artist info

Its all started in the year 2003 , when Ahmed Khojah , Emad Ashore, Sultan Alghamdi , Rayan Bahabri and Amer Tashkandi , created a thrash metal band called ( Crimson Iris ) they played for couple of months and did only one song called ( Away From...