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#1 Unsigned Artist myles j story
myles j story (boston mass)
  Plays: 178 | Saves: 378
Artist info

Myles J Story, born and raised in Roxbury Massachusetts, has created a new style of Hip Hop. Infectious, Soulful rhythmic beats accompanied by a completely dissimilar tone of voice provides the feel of my music. I believe a man is more than who he...

#2 Audio Elixer
Audio Elixer (Rotterdam ZUID)
  Plays: 3439
  Influences: Revolutieee
  Members: 3
Artist info

AUDIO ELIXER Audio Elixer ontstond amper een jaar geleden. De bandleden ontmoetten elkaar in Zzzwolle en Rotterdam Zuid. De liefde voor muziek was al eerder aanwezig. Vanaf de eerste keer klanken die hen ten ore kwamen, is de liefde voor muziek...

#3 Unsigned Artist Archie Adams
Archie Adams (McColl, South Carolina)
  Influences: me
Artist info

I'm from a small town in South Carolina and trying to get something started musically. I've been singing since before I can remember, but just started being serious about singing and songwriting not to long ago. Take a listen and comment or send...

#4 Outer Lane
Outer Lane (Philippines)
  Plays: 133 | Saves: 402
  Influences: Alternative - Experimental
  Members: Drummer - Paolo Marquez,...
Artist info

Band Members Drummer - Paolo Marquez Guitars - Jennard Venzuela & Rj Rivera Bass - Mhack Oriendo Vocals - Rhomalyn Buban Location: Philippines Please Do Tell Your Friends About Us Thanks!^_^ Other Websites Facebook:...

#5 Unsigned Artist Dying Breeds
Dying Breeds
  Plays: 812 | Saves: 346
  Influences: Pop Punk Rockabilly
  Members: Tom Ralphs, Andrew...
No artist info

#6 Joe Mersch and Dwayne McCobb
Joe Mersch and Dwayne McCobb (Escondido, CA)
  Plays: 992
  Influences: T Bone Burnett, Crowded...
  Members: Joe Mersch, Dwayne McCobb
Artist info

Joe has been part of the San Diego acoustic scene for some years and has recorded several projects with help from Janet Curci, Dwayne McCobb, and Jim Earp. Joe and Dwayne have recently started gigging as a duo around southern California.

#7 Unsigned Artist VELO.DECK
VELO.DECK (Newcastle uopn tyne)
  Plays: 179 | Saves: 1475
  Members: Nik, Jeff, Andy, Matt.
Artist info

VELO.DECK psychedelic/electro-punk/dance band based and formed in Newcastle. soaring to smooth delayed guitar, kicking drums/percussion, smooth bass lines over hostile vocals.

#8 Order of the Black Sun
Order of the Black Sun (Depths of Hell)
  Influences: Like your just about to DIE!
  Members: 5
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Serge Bethsaleel
Serge Bethsaleel
  Plays: 58 | Saves: 790
Artist info

Serge Bethsaleel est un Chantre-Evangéliste Burkinabé, à l’état civil il se nomme SAWADOGO Serge Eric. Il est Ingénieur Génie civil de profession et Fils spirituel du Révérend Mamadou Philippe Karambiri .Deuxième d’une famille de...

#10 The Filthy Habits
The Filthy Habits (London/Essex)
  Influences: Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot...
  Members: Bobby Smith, vocals. Jack...
Artist info

A bit about The Filthy Habits. Bobby - Lead vocalist, lyricist, and leading candidate for GQ man of the year 2011. - Born and raised in Canning Town, East London, Bobby is a devoted Dad of two. A late developer to the music scene, The Filthy...