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#1 Unsigned Artist Xylophone Yacht Zombies
Xylophone Yacht Zombies (LONDON ENGLAND)
  Plays: 402 | Saves: 870
  Influences: Hawkwind Beatles Vangelis...
  Members: Steve Moore, Kevin Thorne...
Artist info

Born from the ashes of Mad Acid Enterprise a music creation experiment from the 80s. The Xylophone Yacht Zombies are Steve Moore's by invitation band. Eclectic Cult Weird and inventive. The Band comes together very rarely but there are sparks of...

#2 Strifer
Strifer (Ananndale VA, USA)
  Plays: 1856
  Influences: manythings
Artist info

It was a warm day in April (I think) when I decided to find out how to create a software studio and start making some music of my own. My searching led me to a program called Jeskola Buzz, where I spent much time creating songs. Buzz is free, but...

#3 Unsigned Artist jimmie james
jimmie james (new york, new york)
  Plays: 2504 | Saves: 1970
Artist info

Jimmie James is not your average musician. This singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist is really an urban poet who draws on his personal experiences and his diverse artistic background to create a unique vocal and musical style. Like his...

#4 Gnarly Slur
Gnarly Slur (Albuquerque New mexico)
  Plays: 256 | Saves: 765
  Influences: Industrial, rock and metal...
  Members: Nash Ramirez on Vocals and...
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#5 Unsigned Artist DoDriver
DoDriver (Buffalo, NY)
  Plays: 28
  Influences: Sabbath, Kiss, Zeppelin,...
  Members: Jody, Mike, Doug Mark and Joe
Artist info

What is it that separates a good band from a great one? Songs. You always remember great songs because they have their own individuality or traits that make the listener feel various emotions. DoDriver embodies that sensation. Their whole...

#6 Super Super Crayons
Super Super Crayons (Wickerlsey)
  Plays: 941 | Saves: 3034
  Influences: Erm alot of things we dont...
  Members: Jim Boot, James Eyre
Artist info

It all started back in 2001 where I (Jim) fell for nirvana as most youngsters do, i eventually picked up a guitar along with my best friend who bought a bass, we formed a band knowing how much fun it could be, unfortunately we were not very good...

#7 Unsigned Artist What Lies Ahead
What Lies Ahead (United Kingdom)
  Influences: Metal, Rock, Alternative,...
  Members: Kyle Sheldon, Paul D'Amore,
Artist info

Let the music do the talking :P http://www.myspace.com/whatliesaheadofficial ...

#8 Forgotten Faces
Forgotten Faces (las vegas)
  Plays: 19 | Saves: 133
  Members: frank coletta,tim holt,tom...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist MaDCroW
MaDCroW (Luxemburg)
  Plays: 133
  Influences: Madcrow
  Members: Tascha Schaeffer, Mil...
Artist info

MADCROW is all and foremost the charismatic and tall workaholic: singer Tascha. She is known to have a broad musical taste and, after having paid her dues in various bands, is now concentrating and giving her overwhelming power to the new project...

#10 Kissmyass
Kissmyass (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 6
  Influences: Trap, ShipHop, Soul,...
  Members: KISSMYASS
No artist info