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#1 Unsigned Artist Talon
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We have moved ... Check out the new web page at http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/bands/6156

#2 Ophelia
  Plays: 305
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Katuv
Katuv (Lexington, Kentucky)
  Influences: Messianic Music of Elisheva...
  Members: David Wirth: Keyboards, Low...
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Katuv, (pronounced "kahtoov" which is Hebrew for "written Biblical passage") blends Spiritual music with Christian Ethnic music styles. We have been worship leaders for over 20 years. Individually we have played in 3 different countries and in...

#4 DJ Henry Hacking
DJ Henry Hacking (England)
  Plays: 11941 | Saves: 4383
  Members: Henry Hacking , Tee Vegas
Artist info

WHAT THE INDUSTRY SAYS 'The most exciting funky house duo to emerge from the UK in the past 12 months' Michael Fernandes - Pinnacle Promotions- U.S.A 'Fantastic funky house and unmatchable energy... one's to watch' Jochen Pash, Tenor...

#5 Unsigned Artist banned gang virus
banned gang virus
  Plays: 16274 | Saves: 11148
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Do something different this year end, I don't know wot just do something else, please. ....Truth many times was lost before retrieval from the mire .....

#6 Michael Paul Stratton
Michael Paul Stratton (Hemet)
  Plays: 74 | Saves: 996
  Influences: Hip Hop, R&B
  Members: Crazy Mike
Artist info

I am a twisted Hip Hop/R&B song writer, I hope to inspire you with a new form of twisted music! ...

#7 Unsigned Artist Concentual
Concentual (Minneapolis, MN)
  Plays: 157 | Saves: 2188
  Influences: U2, Third Eye Blind,...
  Members: Lorenzo Michelutti, Paul...
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Concentual is a four piece pop/rock band, hailing from Minneapolis, MN. The curious spelling of their name is defined: to possess harmony. This definition exemplifies the band's trademark sound. Concentual delivers their anthematic rock with...

#8 LOG
LOG (Canberra ACT Australia)
  Plays: 205 | Saves: 1541
  Influences: what rock doesn't sound...
  Members: Brad DD Dave Bob Lach Amos
Artist info

LOG are a bunch of freaks known for a very enthusiastic live show hard to explain but these guys are frustrated rock/n roll cock rockers

#9 Unsigned Artist Dante
No artist info

#10 Underknown
Underknown (New York City)
  Plays: 311 | Saves: 1564
  Influences: Metallica,Linkin...
  Members: Lava: Drums, Arron: Vocals,...
Artist info

Discover the Underknown...Based in Brooklyn, NYC: http://www.myspace.com/underknown