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#1 Unsigned Artist Pecos Bill
Pecos Bill (Seattle, WA)
  Plays: 1618 | Saves: 1402
  Influences: Maybe a little Green Day,...
  Members: Dale Persinger, Mark...
Artist info

Pecos Bill is a three-piece indie rock band from Seattle that formed in 2003. They currently play a 19 song set that oscillates from sweet & poppy to crunching and energetic. Vibrating bass driven rhythms are punctuated by primal drum beats and...

#2 The Big Distraction
The Big Distraction (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)
  Plays: 724 | Saves: 1482
  Influences: grand funk, jimi, allman...
  Members: joe thurber-vox/guitar,...
Artist info

3 guys from little Rhode Island making a big sound... www.thebigdistraction.com www.myspace.com/thebigdistraction

#3 Unsigned Artist JayT
JayT (Austria / Innsbruck)
  Plays: 953 | Saves: 2255
Artist info

From Austria / Mid-Europe Homepage: http://www.jayt.at.tt

#4 llc
llc (Lee's Summit, Missouri)
  Plays: 300 | Saves: 923
  Influences: The Postal Service,...
Artist info

Llc is an indie-electronica venture of a person named George Bray. George creates all music, records all vocals, and produces everything himself. Although George creates all of the music himself, he will be joined by other musicians for live...

#5 Unsigned Artist Rod-D
Rod-D (Arkansas)
  Plays: 229 | Saves: 552
  Influences: tha best thang in tha south...
Artist info

Born in El Dorado,Ar I Held it down and still holden it down for tha A-state I have my own Radio show on magic 104.5 in south Arkansas enuff talk check out my new HITT GO LYVER

#6 Blue Sound Traffic
Blue Sound Traffic (Funchal-Portugal)
  Plays: 398 | Saves: 1077
  Members: dieter(Vocals),...
Artist info

BLUE SOUND TRAFFIC are a band from Funchal (Madeira Island), that started playing together in 1994 as Drawned In Tears. The bandís sound is a mixture between several styles, metal and non-metal. Many different words are used by listeners to...

#7 Unsigned Artist EMCK
EMCK (Philadelphia, PA)
  Members: Evan McIntyre, Chris Krochak
No artist info

#8 Retro & Sparkle
Retro & Sparkle (London)
  Plays: 196 | Saves: 903
  Influences: Owl City, Moby, Zero...
Artist info

Retro & Sparkle are an East London based. Our We have only just started putting our Music Online from Mid April 2010, and Intend to get a full catalogue up and available very soon. To see our latest music video for our debut track 'Beautiful',...

#9 Unsigned Artist PlayingWithApes
PlayingWithApes (Leeds / Birmingham)
  Plays: 101 | Saves: 401
  Influences: PWA
  Members: Tom Hudson / Alex Didlock /...
Artist info

The Band Has Been Going Early 2004 Tom (Singer/Gutarist)Went To Leeds Uni And Lee(Singer/Guitarist) And Diddy(Drums) Have Been Back In Birmingham Working Hard On New Material.Tom Still Coming Back Home Once Month We Decided That We Will Be Based...

#10 Atomic Cat
Atomic Cat (Montpellier (france))
  Plays: 38168 | Saves: 17007
  Influences: Something new
  Members: Lulu
Artist info

I'Am a frenchi made of music! But I have something to tell you, listen to my composition is like discovering a new word, it must be interesting or boring, it always depends if you are in good-humoured or not, so, be cool and you'll be happy! My...