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#1 Unsigned Artist Invisus
Invisus (Loughborough,...)
  Plays: 223
  Influences: Children of Bodom, Metallica
  Members: Dan Brownlow, Rory...
Artist info

It all started in April 2006, when the founding members Rory and Dan thought 'Lets make a band' and asked Nick Waldren to come in on Bass, Adam to come in on Vocals and Nick Clark to come in on drums. They hit it off, covering songs from bands...

TRISHA (London)
  Plays: 1506 | Saves: 1814
  Influences: Pop/Rock/Electronica
  Members: Me
Artist info

Female: lyricist/singer/songwriter, mainstream commercial, pop/rock/electronica music market. I am born/bred west london/uk. I believe strongly/firmly justice, in standing up for personal rights. I was born into a very much dysfunctional,...

#3 Unsigned Artist SkyTrix
SkyTrix (Ukraine)
  Influences: Drumpunk
Artist info

SkyTrix (Indie Electronic project) is a new stream in modern music. Drumpunk – the main style of the project, and this is the fist trial to mix electronic dance music with alternative drive in Ukraine – says musicians of SkyTrix. SkyTrix...

#4 Furnace
Furnace (Jrvenp, Finland)
  Plays: 337 | Saves: 1863
  Influences: Immortal, Mayhem, Bathory
  Members: Sami Niittumaa (Lead Guitar...
Artist info

Ironically, band was formed in spring 2004 by Eero Laupiainen, former bass player, who wanted to create a band that plays some kind of progressive heavy metal. In the early days band name was Epileptika, and the original members were Sami(lead...

#5 Unsigned Artist Martin L Hannah
Martin L Hannah (South Ayrshire, Scotland)
  Influences: Hendrix, Slash, Joe...
  Members: Martin Hannah
Artist info

Martin started playing the guitar back in primary school under the instruction of a great player named Paul Henderson. Got his first six string when he turned 8 and has been addicted ever since. He got alot of inspiration from hid Dad, and...

#6 your own blood
your own blood (england)
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 1100
  Influences: metallica , motorhead , slayer
  Members: peavey , andy , scotty ,...
Artist info

5 lads hailing from north east of england album coming out end of year hope to see you on tour. Also check out www.myspace.com/yourownblood

#7 Unsigned Artist Shink
Shink (louisville ky)
  Plays: 778 | Saves: 1118
  Influences: everybody i felt was keep...
Artist info


#8 compound
compound (netherlands)
  Influences: rap/metal/rock/hiphop
  Members: rogier
Artist info

Compound, compound is a just started rap/metal/rock/hiphop band. rogier: guitar joris: vocals tim: bas rik: drums for songs check: http://www.myspace.com/compoundnl (ad us )

#9 Unsigned Artist Duffle Band
Duffle Band (Grand Island, Ne)
  Plays: 204 | Saves: 1263
  Influences: stuff
  Members: Duffin Vinyl & Cryssy Larsen
Artist info

The Duffle Band is a 2 piece (well two membered) self-produced indie/experimental/progressive/pop/folk rock band from the small little nobody town of Grand Island, Nebraska. Formed in late 2003 as a one man band by Duffin Vinyl (a/k/a Dustin...

#10 Jimmy Riftown
Jimmy Riftown (Boise, Idaho)
  Plays: 427 | Saves: 476
  Influences: Clapton, Hendrix, DMB, lots...
  Members: Jimmy Riftown
No artist info