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#1 Unsigned Artist Aalister
Aalister (West Palm Beach, FL)
  Plays: 310 | Saves: 1633
Artist info

From South Florida comes singer/songwriter Aalister,. Aalister's music reflects life, love and hope, This pop singer has many influences from dance, rock and top40 genres to make up his unique sound. " Grab Your Ticket" is the second single for...

#2 Neurasthenia
Neurasthenia (Leeds, Stoke, Pwfhelli)
  Plays: 467 | Saves: 2159
  Influences: Ministry, White Zombie, The...
  Members: Carl Greatbach, Jurek...
Artist info

Visit our website http://www.neurasthenia.co.uk to download all our songs for free. (You wouldn\'t want to pay for them!) Originally known as Maelstrom, Neurasthenia were formed in the early 1990s and included in their ranks most of Stoke on...

#3 Unsigned Artist LiesunKncown
LiesunKncown (michigan)
  Members: 4
Artist info

Justin Alexander Burnham’s musical roots run deep. Burnham is the driving force behind the band "Lies unKnown". He was born on August 16, 1988 in Detroit. Growing up, Justin was exposed to a wide variety of classic rock and contemporary music....

#4 The Mad Ones
The Mad Ones (Maribor, Slovenia)
  Plays: 168 | Saves: 947
  Members: Zoran Jerković (guitars,...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Jenny Den
Jenny Den (California, United States)
Artist info

I am a finance blogger from California and I post on low mortgage rates California in 2021.

#6 blue milk
blue milk (nashville)
  Plays: 70 | Saves: 580
  Members: chrissy pederson
Artist info

Just your average groovy singing gal

#7 Unsigned Artist Raze
Raze (New Orleans, Louisiana...)
  Influences: Young Jeezy
Artist info


#8 Exosense
Exosense (Tucson, Az)
  Plays: 133 | Saves: 1035
  Influences: Iron Maiden, Dream Theater,...
  Members: Eric Fernandez (Vocals),...
Artist info

Exosense started out as a two member band comprised of Ali and Dustin, both on guitar. They originally recorded covers and originals using midi drum and bass tracks. As they got better, so did the sound quality, but the drums and bass still made...

#9 Unsigned Artist Tim Reed
Tim Reed (Gainesville, FL)
Artist info

Tim Reed graduated with a B.A. in Creative Music Technologies from LaGrange College in 1999 and subsequently attended the Dallas Sound Lab School for the Recording Arts in the Fall of 2000. Tim completed his M.M. in Composition/Theory at Illinois...

#10 Lost Horizons
Lost Horizons (Hartlepool)
  Influences: arctic monkeys, oasis,...
  Members: Lee Crowe, Nick McNaughton,...
Artist info

4-piece indie/punk set up from unfashionable hartlepool. Check us out and any bands need supporting. Here we are.