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#1 Unsigned Artist D'mauzio
D'mauzio (Flint Michigan)
  Plays: 1372 | Saves: 669
  Influences: U tell me
  Members: D'mzuzio
Artist info

And now... I got something for the ladies. This brother is nothing short of musical ecstasy. D'mauzio gave his hometown fans the show of their lives performing his songs Fantasy and I'll be Gone ( nowhere). If this dudes' show gets any hotter he's...

#2 Adagia
Adagia (Chihuahua Mexico)
  Plays: 90
  Influences: Extreme Symphonic Metal,...
  Members: Beto.- Harsh Vocals, Lead...
Artist info

Adagia is a Symphonic Extreme Metal Band from Chihuahua Mexico, Founded back in 2010 by Beto and Rocio Sarai (also official members of the Symphonic Black Metal Band: Dirge Requiem). The First Album is entitled "The Birth of Eternity" and we are...

#3 Unsigned Artist steven moran
steven moran (milton delaware)
  Plays: 287 | Saves: 1
  Influences: plays guitar like santana
  Members: steven mosurak
Artist info

Steven started playing guitar and singing at the age of 6 years. born in port huron michigan, traveled to florida where he played along the east coast.now in delaware playing at locals bars.

#4 The Sons
The Sons (Derby, England)
  Plays: 183 | Saves: 1328
  Influences: New Road
  Members: Paul, Lee. Stew & Rog
Artist info

WHO? Paul Herron, Lee Blades and Stewart English formed The Sons in early 2004. The end of 2004 saw drumming magician Roger Millichamp complete the line up, and yes, these are their real surnames. WHAT? The Sons blend timeless guitar pop with a...

#5 Unsigned Artist Will Bailey
Will Bailey (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 1813 | Saves: 2130
  Influences: Dylan, Springsteen, John...
Artist info

After taking a forced break from music, Will Bailey's back to hand out some more of those lyrical journeys. E-Mail:wasteland@fsmail.net VISIT THE WASTELAND ...

#6 Michael Frazier
Michael Frazier (Salem, Oregon)
  Plays: 776 | Saves: 462
  Influences: Bruce Cockburn, Bob Dylan,...
  Members: Michael Frazier
Artist info

Original music featuring acoustic guitars, vocal, flute & other instuments on occasion. Lyrical focus on themes of love, daily life, politics and the environment. Acoustic rock/folk reminiscent of the early 70's with modern, yet timeless...

#7 Unsigned Artist Father John
Father John (London, UK)
  Influences: Kraftwerk, DJ Shadow, The...
No artist info

#8 Pippa Rogers
Pippa Rogers (Cardiff, South Wales, UK)
  Plays: 185
  Members: Pippa Rogers (vocals),...
Artist info

Pippa Rogers has been involved in the Welsh music scene for the last few years as a session vocalist and band member and is now using her songwriting talents to start her solo career. With musical influences as diverse as Jefferson Airplane,...

#9 Unsigned Artist Imperial Triumphant
Imperial Triumphant
  Plays: 1442 | Saves: 2183
No artist info

MIKILL (Pennsylvania)
  Plays: 86
  Influences: Ambient Ithyphallic Death
  Members: Mikill
Artist info

Collaboration Ambient, Ithyphallic Death