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#1 Unsigned Artist Psyracuse Pyramid
Psyracuse Pyramid (Portsmouth , England)
  Plays: 772 | Saves: 915
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Gary Scaddan, Matt Taylor,...
No artist info

#2 Anthony Bonnette
Anthony Bonnette (Longview, TX)
  Plays: 653 | Saves: 1201
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist YONOSE
YONOSE (Caracas, Venezuela)
  Plays: 60 | Saves: 405
  Influences: Is a unique style, sort of...
  Members: Jorge Marquez (vocals),...
Artist info

Just wait a little bit, to write a serious one

#4 In Atlanta
In Atlanta (Aberdeen, Scotland)
  Influences: Friendly Fires, Calvin...
  Members: Ryan Davidson, Chris...
Artist info

"We are a four piece group from Aberdeen, bringing a unique and fresh sound to the music industry. We incorporate a wide range of sounds through use of live instruments and electronic samples, combining together to create new and energetic tunes."...

#5 Unsigned Artist Hyban Draco
Hyban Draco (Alcanar)
  Plays: 3909 | Saves: 3895
  Influences: Black Metal
  Members: Hyban Sparda, Cristhobal,...
Artist info

Hyban Draco was founded in 2006 by Hyban Sparda with the objective of recording his own songs. He worked alone waiting for meet good band mates and during its time he recorded some unofficial products. The first formation was Hyban Sparda (Vocals...

#6 Aversion Theory
Aversion Theory (Hershey, PA)
  Plays: 82
  Members: Jamie Robb Gibson
Artist info

Aversion Theory is a project that combines a mix of Alternative with Industrial Rock from former DeathMaschine and Suture Seven member Jamie Robb Gibson.

#7 Unsigned Artist infrastar
infrastar (Macomb, MI)
  Plays: 431 | Saves: 790
  Influences: new found glory, taproot,...
  Members: brad davis (vocals),...
Artist info

Infrastar is a four-piece band from Macomb, Michigan. Since 2000, Brad Davis(Vocals) and Garrett Zanotti(Guitar) have been writting songs together. In Late 2002, a close friend and fan, Nick Alarcon, started putting their pieces into place. A...

#8 Phil O'Flaherty
Phil O'Flaherty (Vancouver, British...)
  Plays: 977 | Saves: 1494
  Influences: James Taylor, Dougie Maclean
Artist info

Phil O'Flaherty experienced emigration from Ireland as an eight year old. 'My job was to carry a bag of shoes and an old mandolin. We literally carried our music with us and managed to stay in touch with the music scene in Ireland'. Those were...

#9 Unsigned Artist Alejandro Lugo
Alejandro Lugo (Florida)
  Influences: My inspiration is Britney...
Artist info

I wanna be a singer of genre Pop, I am from Venezuela, I speak Spanish and I am learning to speak English

#10 Atomicjoint
Atomicjoint (Russia)
  Plays: 62 | Saves: 355
Artist info

ATOMICJOINT - band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Enjoy! for more information, please, welcome http://atomicjoint.ru or http://vkontakte.ru/atomicjoint