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#1 Unsigned Artist Drifting Above Venice
Drifting Above Venice
  Plays: 1924 | Saves: 1066
  Influences: elliot smith
No artist info

#2 Hunter Bowen
Hunter Bowen (Nashville TN)
  Plays: 603 | Saves: 1715
  Influences: Kip moore and Luke Bryan
  Members: Lead...
Artist info

Hunter Bowen was born in Fort Worth, TX. When Hunter Bowen was five years old his parents bought him his first guitar. At the age of nine he started his signing career. When Hunter Bowen started eighth grade he and his friends would play and sing...

#3 Unsigned Artist Empty
Empty (Sydney, Australia)
  Plays: 441 | Saves: 1658
  Influences: Front Line Assembly,...
  Members: A Potter, D Brunet
Artist info

The Australian band Empty began in 2005 as a studio project by Sydney based musicians Aaron Potter and Daniel Brunet. The debut EP in 2006 carved an emotive and complex trail into the Electro-Industrial genre by combining pulsing electronics...

#4 The Outer Vibe
The Outer Vibe (Grand Rapids, MI)
  Plays: 133 | Saves: 427
  Influences: Queen, Led Zeppelin, Muse,...
  Members: Nick Hosford, Sean Zee,...
Artist info

Formed in 2000, The Outer Vibe is currently made up of five friends (four guys and a girl) from the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Evolving over more than a decade, the band’s popularity stems from their energetic and fun live shows, their...

#5 Unsigned Artist Claudia's Ashes
Claudia's Ashes (Galt, CA)
  Plays: 383 | Saves: 924
  Influences: Switchblade Symphony, Snake...
  Members: Stephanie Michelle...
Artist info

Claudia's Ashes is a one-woman goth/industrial project formed in early 2003 by Stephanie Michelle Flynn, who was only 16 at the time. Fed up with playing in conventional bands that never seemed to get anywhere, she decided to take matters into her...

#6 Sami de Valera
Sami de Valera (Nottingham, UK)
  Plays: 235 | Saves: 877
  Influences: Styles P, Jadakiss, SAS/...
Artist info

Biography Sami de Valera is a 21 year old rapper/producer/song writer from Nottingham, UK. He started rapping at the Russell Youth Club, St Anns, Nottingham where local rappers would come along and ryhme, put on shows and kill it. Big Trev (Out...

#7 Unsigned Artist tylerlanellemusic
  Influences: Usher, chris brown and...
  Members: lanelle Tyler
Artist info

Lanelle Tyler singer/Songwriter R&B future rising star has an incredible sound, maturity beyond his years and versatility that will propel him as one of the best in the music industry game!. http://youtube/pNa9s2E39Q

  Plays: 76 | Saves: 223
  Influences: HARD ROCK
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Johnny Cakes and The Four Horsemen of Th
Johnny Cakes and The Four Horsemen of Th (Tampa Bay)
  Plays: 1570 | Saves: 1722
  Influences: Ska / Calypso
Artist info

Johnny Cakes and The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypso a Ska-Core, Metal Tinged Band with a Tropical Vibe that has a wide age appeal. They are a rare band that can have the teens up front Skanking and the older folks behind them getting their groove...

#10 Arx
Arx (Randburg, South Africa)
  Plays: 255 | Saves: 468
  Influences: Iron Maiden, Metallica,...
  Members: Yuri Zager - vocals/bass,...
Artist info

A new thrash metal band hails from South Africa. Arx was formed in 2011 from the ashes of our previous bands and projects. Joe and Yuri were both in MUNK for about 6 years. After MUNK split, both decided that it has been long enough without...