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#1 Unsigned Artist Trapwire
Trapwire (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Plays: 445 | Saves: 971
  Influences: Nickelback, Black Stone...
  Members: Andreas Smidelöv (Guitar...
No artist info

#2 Texas is the Coalition
Texas is the Coalition
  Plays: 513 | Saves: 1680
  Influences: Brand New, Open Hand,...
  Members: Adrian Abbott (Guitar),...
Artist info

Texas is the Coalition is a good old fashioned rock band who will tug on your heart strings by the time your done, weather playing a ballad or a shout along scream fest yelling at all those who have managed to piss you off.

#3 Unsigned Artist feal7
No artist info

#4 The Hares
The Hares
  Influences: Of no agreed genre!
Artist info

Go to the website www.thehares.co.uk

#5 Unsigned Artist The Low-Hanging Fruits
The Low-Hanging Fruits (Houston, TX.)
  Plays: 72 | Saves: 544
  Members: Christian Arthur
Artist info

I am a musician who has been playing bass for 23 years along with a little guitar, drum programming and (grudgingly) singing. i record at home and write and perform all of the material unless otherwise noted. i no longer want to become part of a...

#6 The Golden Hedges
The Golden Hedges (Edinburgh)
  Influences: the libertines mating led...
  Members: 5
Artist info

The Golden Hedges are an Edinburgh based garage rock band with elements of punk, funk and classic rock thrown in to whirlwind a ludicrously catchy, original wall of sound. Formed in September 2004 and always looking for more gigs... go listen...

#7 Unsigned Artist Rah Rugga
Rah Rugga (P-City, Virigina)
  Plays: 2157 | Saves: 2124
  Influences: Money Musik
Artist info

Produce/Artist "Rah Rugga" I just want to get signed. If u can help me out in anyway hit me on my e-mail at million757@yahoo.com or on my myspace page at myspace.com/teammoneymusik..Peace

#8 My Pet Cow
My Pet Cow (Southampton,UK)
  Plays: 75
  Influences: Jimi Hendrix,Lenny...
  Members: Steve Parker,Steve...
Artist info

We are just a bunch of guys that like to get down to a serious groove.

#9 Unsigned Artist R E S
R E S (Alberta, Canada)
  Plays: 218 | Saves: 1063
Artist info

Started out as B-boy Ron E Stalls, now exploring the emcee element, to write and produce my own tracks. I write and rap about what I feel. Whether it's good or bad. I started writing April 2004 and still have lots to learn, but I am definitely...

#10 Alex Carrillo
Alex Carrillo (san diego)
  Plays: 12
  Influences: Michael jackson
  Members: alex carrillo
Artist info

Been playing guitar/ writing music for 14 years and producing for 10 years. my music ranges from pop/rock, pop dance, folk acoustic, trap pop, alt. rock. ect so i have something for everyone!! right now im getting into dance pop...