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#1 Unsigned Artist On A Dead Machine
On A Dead Machine (Memphis, TN)
  Plays: 933
  Influences: deftones; codeseven; dredg;...
  Members: Brian Link; Adam Lucchesi;...
Artist info

Inventing not only a new way of making music, but a whole new way of listening to it" ~ Memphismayhem.com On A Dead Machine is a band that has become really difficult to classify since their conception in early 2003. Built out of the ashes...

#2 Machine 475
Machine 475 (Boston)
  Plays: 449 | Saves: 181
Artist info

NEW SONG: "Song of Our Lives", from our forthcoming EP. Our first album is "None of This is Real": available at the Itunes store. Check out our web site at machine475.com news, videos, bios etc. Welcome to the new sound of Machine 475. It's an art...

#3 Unsigned Artist Grady McAuliffe
Grady McAuliffe (CT)
  Plays: 457 | Saves: 722
  Influences: Dave Mathews - Matchbox 20...
Artist info

Grady is a singer/songwriter based out of Connecticut. His music is of a pop/rock style, ala Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Matchbox Twenty, etc. Gradys music career started at the age of 20 when he started up his own modern rock band...

#4 Last Broken Scene
Last Broken Scene (Cicero IL)
  Influences: An orgy of instruments and...
  Members: Efrain Cantu, Jamie Anaya,...
Artist info

Last Broken Scene formed in the middle of 2006, with Shannon Straube, on Bass and Efrain Cantu on Guitar. Within a few months, guitarist Aaron Garcia and drummer Anthony Vega were added. Aaron Garcia departed from the band in late 2006. Added to...

#5 Unsigned Artist Dylan Watkins
Dylan Watkins (Marquette, MI)
  Plays: 805 | Saves: 1670
Artist info

I started playing music when I was about 15. I started of with a bass and didn't really touch a guitar until three years later. I've been playing in bands since the beginning. Lately I have played bass with Subject to Change, bass and guitar with...

#6 Jamolir Studios
Jamolir Studios (Varberg, Sweden)
  Influences: From A-Z
Artist info

Mix engineer, Studio owner, Musician. Running Jamolir Studios since 2004, 90% of the time I´m mixing for artists and bands. Contact me for rates! Cheers /Marcus Jamolir Studios

#7 Unsigned Artist Jim Yackel
Jim Yackel (Manlius, NY)
  Plays: 57664 | Saves: 298
  Influences: A little like the Beatles,...
Artist info

The 6 song So Very Soon E.P. CD is now available in the Jim Yackel store at $4.99 U.S. and free shipping. Be sure to visit my webpage at ...

#8 SteelTow
SteelTow (Tempe, AZ)
  Plays: 377 | Saves: 1475
  Members: Ernie, Dave, Paul, Luis
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist EveryonesViking
EveryonesViking (Richmond, Virginia)
  Plays: 522 | Saves: 516
  Members: Bill Church (Guitar),...
Artist info

Good ol' Boys from RVA, ready to make you sway

#10 Konstantin Samson
Konstantin Samson (Agrinion Greece)
  Plays: 17092 | Saves: 5239
  Members: Konstantin Samson...
Artist info

H e l l o !!! From beautiful Greece. My name is Konstantin Samson "kSamson". I compose music and I display a few songs on Internet so that you can know about my own music projects. Further information in my homepage ...