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#1 Unsigned Artist No'am Newman
No'am Newman
  Plays: 449 | Saves: 1518
  Influences: I wish I knew ...
Artist info

Long time acoustic guitar strummer went electonic several years ago: these are some of my latest creations. I would like to call these songs "singer songwriter material with fully fleshed electronic arrangements", but that's quite a mouthful so I...

#2 PROG 61
PROG 61 (Pisa (Italy))
  Plays: 102 | Saves: 680
  Influences: Genesis, Pink Floyd, Camel,...
  Members: Maurizio Tamma: guitars,...
Artist info

Italian band from Pisa that sounds like '70's progressive bands (Genesis, Camel, PFM) Musicians: Marco De Martino - lead vocals Michele Guerrazzi - drums Maurizio Tamma - guitars, vocals Franco Falconcini - keyboards, vocals Carlo Poli - bass

#3 Unsigned Artist Machine_insufficiency
Machine_insufficiency (Croatia)
  Influences: Fear factory, Pantera,...
  Members: Goran_vocals, Joc_guitars,...
Artist info

We come from Croatia, Zagreb.The band was formed in 2003.We call our style death-thrash breed metal.The line up: Goran: vocals, Viktor: bass, Goc: drums and Joco: guitar. We love music and we try to give a 100% in making of it. We played 20 gigs...

#4 Trison
Artist info


#5 Unsigned Artist DsproLife
DsproLife (Russia, Kaluga)
  Influences: Composer and DJ
  Members: Dj
Artist info

I live and study in the city of Kaluga, Russia country. I started in 2009, a the creation of tracks in 2011. Good is obtained and seek to be the best. ...

#6 Tim Dittmer
Tim Dittmer (Chicago, IL)
  Plays: 594 | Saves: 1570
  Members: Tim Dittmer
Artist info

I know that as the newness of the shooting wears off, those affected still want to know that there are people out there thinking about them and praying for them. Please continue to show your support in anyway possible for many months to come....

#7 Unsigned Artist SHINE
SHINE (Sweden)
  Plays: 282 | Saves: 694
Artist info

Shine is: Paul - Vocals, guitars, bas, computer drums, keyboard Linda - Vocals http://www.voolife.se/Pub/Artists/?ID=17582

#8 Tha Oddz
Tha Oddz
  Plays: 69 | Saves: 155
  Influences: Tha Oddz
  Members: Jai Steelz & Dru Slim
Artist info

Checkout www.aaoent.com/thaoddz.php

#9 Unsigned Artist Nan deSKA
Nan deSKA (Zagreb, Croatia)
  Plays: 275 | Saves: 1292
  Influences: Something crazy combined...
  Members: Qresho, Nina, Marin, Joza,...
Artist info

Oh yes! I just love writing our biographies... It's totally insane how we actually were born. Our mothers experienced an increased amount of pain, they were screaming in the delivery rooms... and it all went downhill from there. We're trying to...

#10 Higher Cry
Higher Cry (Hot Springs)
  Plays: 202 | Saves: 583
  Influences: Creed
  Members: Robert, Steven, Seth, Timm
Artist info

Hello; My name is Robert Stringer, and I would like to introduce you to “Higher Cry” We are an all original, Christian Rock Group from Hot Springs, Arkansas. We have a grunge rock to Easy ballad style, with Creed Style vocals. We assembled late...