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#1 Unsigned Artist The Difference
The Difference
No artist info

#2 *A Fallen October
*A Fallen October (modesto-stockton)
  Plays: 2775 | Saves: 3365
  Members: shelby-vox,mike-guitar,ryan...
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We rock!

#3 Unsigned Artist HTK
No artist info

#4 Mr.Downstairs
Mr.Downstairs (Ithaca, NY)
  Plays: 1595 | Saves: 2981
  Influences: Cave In, Candiria, Incubus,...
  Members: Brian Bessire - vocals,...
Artist info

After six years of pushing boundaries, buttons and physical limits, Mr.Downstairs came to an end in October 2003 with the departure of founding guitarist Anthony Cacciotti. Realizing that a new guitarist would mean the end of Mr.Downstairs in any...

#5 Unsigned Artist Communication Breakdown
Communication Breakdown (Netherlands)
  Plays: 349 | Saves: 993
  Influences: Different
  Members: 4
Artist info

Communication Breakdown (CB) from Breda. The debut (1) is released in 2002. A mix from bluesy rock and pop where CB is seeking for an own sound. CB is playing in W2 and 013. The band also tours in Germany. After a change of musicians withing...

#6 D.J. Sly
D.J. Sly
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Slaughterhouse 57
Slaughterhouse 57 (Brighton)
  Influences: Motorhead
  Members: Dave-Bill-Brett-Matt-Jez
Artist info

Slaughterhouse 57 formed in November 2001. Dave Howitt on vocals, Bill Moore on lead guitar, Toby Stiles on rhythm guitar, Brett Butler on bass and H. Moon on drums . Slaughterhouse 57's first gig was at the Freebutt in Brighton. During the first...

#8 Timeline
Timeline (SF Bay Area, California)
  Plays: 2008
  Influences: Dream Theater, Marillion,...
  Members: Paul Alvarez, Patrick...
Artist info

Timeline appeared on the progressive music scene in February of 2005, releasing our debut self titled CD, TIMELINE. The CD has garnered great reviews from around the world, appealing to fans of many genres, from AOR to Progressive metal. The ...

#9 Unsigned Artist Udi Glaser
Udi Glaser (London)
  Influences: Acoustic, World,...
Artist info

Udi is an accomplished Guitarist, Educated Musician, Composer, and Experienced music Tutor. Originally from Israel and now based in London, Udi has dedicated his life to music, beginning with the guitar 17 years ago, and has since then gone on...

#10 stapled
stapled (st louis, missouri)
  Plays: 51 | Saves: 183
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Check out our website, www.stapledmusic.com