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#1 Unsigned Artist SANCtIFIED
SANCtIFIED (Colorado Springs)
  Members: Caleb Worrell, Chris Davis,...
Artist info

SANCtIFIED started up last year primarily as our church's youth band for Wednesday nights. Recently, we have decided to go public with our music. We are kicking off our first tour by performing live at Trinity CON July 22 2007 in Colorado Springs....

#2 heather W
heather W
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Dakota Falls
Dakota Falls (Winston-Salem, North...)
  Plays: 92 | Saves: 417
  Influences: bright eyes, sufjan...
  Members: Robert Wicker
No artist info

#4 The Mighty Mojos
The Mighty Mojos (Belfast)
  Plays: 98
  Members: Alan Ward
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Factura
Factura (Moscow - RF)
  Plays: 1419 | Saves: 1548
  Influences: Pantera, Sepultura
  Members: Irina Smyshlyaeva (guitar),...
Artist info

It doesn't matter...

#6 The Bedfordsâ„¢
The Bedfordsâ„¢ (Wellington, New Zealand)
  Plays: 5765 | Saves: 5678
  Influences: Johnny Cash, Guardian, DC...
  Members: Jae & Miriam 'Mimz' Bedford
Artist info

Jae & Mimz are a husband & Wife, christian songwriting team. They have made numerous television & radio appearances. They have played a huge amount of shows together. They Co-wrote on many of Jae's solo albums and are currently writing and recording

#7 Unsigned Artist Lotion
Lotion (Belfast, N.Ireland)
  Plays: 299 | Saves: 562
  Influences: Deftones, Faith no more,...
  Members: Sean Mc Alinden (guitar)...
Artist info

5 piece band based in Belfast, formed 2005.

  Plays: 76
  Influences: Nas
Artist info

Gahd is taking hip-hop to the next level. This North Carolina born emcee started rapping at the age of twelve,as 'J Lyric', in school yard battles. While beginning to show promise as a teenager, J Lyric got caught up in 'thug-life' and ended up...

#9 Unsigned Artist Lucka
Lucka (Germany)
  Plays: 523 | Saves: 94
  Influences: Jack Johnson, Damien Rice,...
  Members: Stephan Lucka
Artist info

Auf den ersten Blick ist Lucka ein 27 jähriger Singer /Songwriter aus Münster, aber die Schublade „singender Mann mit Gitarre“ will nicht so recht passen. Lucka scheint sich damit nicht begnügen zu wollen. „Hauptberuflich“ Bassist (Musikstudium...

#10 Berlin Kids
Berlin Kids (Glasgow)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 646
  Influences: Organised noise
Artist info

It's some sort of punk i'm sure, possibly shoegaze, possible grunge. The main idea behind the band is to ignore anything complicated or over the top. Producing something relative to punk rock without sounding like a seveteen year old socialist...