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#1 Unsigned Artist AnnA
AnnA (USA)
  Plays: 252 | Saves: 555
Artist info

Born in Lakewood, NJ 4.10.1990

#2 Max Jam
Max Jam (Ottawa, Canada)
  Plays: 1385
  Influences: Level 42, UZEB, Bob Marley,...
  Members: Maxwell Morris vocals,...
Artist info

Max Jam is a poet who was born Maxwell Morris, in St. Thomas, Jamaica, 1967. He arrived in Toronto, Canada when he was 8. With him came his love for the Jamaican patois, pastoral beauty, food and unique expressions from the island. His eyes...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Ridge
The Ridge (Albany, NY)
  Plays: 709 | Saves: 1023
  Influences: ???
  Members: Russ (Vox, Rhythm), Chris...
Artist info

Honest music... No Bullshit...

#4 your own blood
your own blood (england)
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 1053
  Influences: metallica , motorhead , slayer
  Members: peavey , andy , scotty ,...
Artist info

5 lads hailing from north east of england album coming out end of year hope to see you on tour. Also check out www.myspace.com/yourownblood

SHELTER WITH THIEVES (Halifax,Nova Scotia -...)
  Plays: 93 | Saves: 227
  Influences: Queens of the Stone Age,...
  Members: Mike Johnson- Guitar,Vox ,...
Artist info

Shelter with Thieves Four white males described as veteran musicians of the “Halifax Music Scene” have been reported breaking sound bi-laws across North America. The disturbances have been reported in major cities including, Toronto,...

#6 Psikotikustik
Psikotikustik (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia)
  Plays: 374 | Saves: 252
  Members: Hadi...
Artist info

Originally form in 2002,the band had two members;Hadi and the late Mardiana[rip] b4 Muhi joined the band in 2005.Originally Hadi and Mardiana are the members of Malaysia tradisional music group b4 they've decided to go on producing something...

#7 Unsigned Artist Wetband
Wetband (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 469 | Saves: 1766
  Influences: Steve Earle Neil Young Bob...
  Members: Woody B. Wet, Kenny B. Wet,...
Artist info

Playing for more than 25 years in Toronto with a playlist of hundreds of original songs (and more covers then you can shake a stick at), the Wetband consists of four singer/songwriters who all take their turns at the mic. They play folk and rock...

#8 Mighty in Zion
Mighty in Zion (Hampton Virginia)
  Plays: 2427 | Saves: 5326
  Influences: Braille, Crossmovement,...
  Members: Jeremy Stovall
Artist info

A true Christian Hip Hop artist. I write and produce my own music. Got saved in 2000. Kept walkin away from God Till I turned 30. Now I live for Jesus And make music

#9 Unsigned Artist This September Mourning
This September Mourning (Birmingham, England)
  Plays: 233 | Saves: 750
  Influences: The best groove metal band...
  Members: Strings/Throat: Michael...
Artist info

TSM started in early \'04 as a 3 man band. Butler and Alex met joe, who provided drums for their music. Originally \'The Revenants\', the three came across Shaun Staff, an unlikely, yet very satisfactory addition! Finally in January \'05, Nathan...

#10 Soniclust
Soniclust (Conwy, North Wales)
  Members: Bill Cornwell
Artist info

Please refer to my website for song access