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#1 Unsigned Artist Low Profile
Low Profile (Australia)
  Plays: 644 | Saves: 3667
  Influences: Neil Young, Creedence...
  Members: Phil Martin
Artist info

Rock, Country Rock, Blues or whatever else happens to come from this hick, living out existence in the backwaters of Australia.

CHARLS LOVE (Sheffield, UK)
  Plays: 970 | Saves: 1604
  Influences: Herself, strong voice,...
Artist info

Charls Love 106 Wade Street SHEFFIELD S4 8HX 07931897407 Past Charlene a.k.a Charls Love has had an audience since being a young child. Her talents are wide spread, as she found out when starring as Nancy in the play Oliver, which was...

#3 Unsigned Artist Jeff Cunningham
Jeff Cunningham
  Plays: 360 | Saves: 2268
  Influences: basically anything and...
  Members: Jeff Cunningham & Andy Paoli
Artist info

Jeff found Andy on the road, Mick joined over the phone and Keith materialised in a boozer somewhere. They decided to set up a band together which they called the Dead Guys, as a tribute to the exclusive 27 club that exists in the afterlife. The...

  Plays: 2427 | Saves: 4571
  Influences: Rabbish
  Members: The Plastic Shaman...
Artist info

Our Soundsystem ist staying sober by making music. The music keeps us away from herroin and criminality! The best drug is a clear brain! We represent the Berlin Straight Edge

#5 Unsigned Artist 120 Decibels
120 Decibels (USA)
No artist info

#6 Meadows
Meadows (Fernandina Beach, FL)
  Influences: Ambient
  Members: Timothy & Melissa Meadows
Artist info

Lush vocal melodies with instrumentation and natural ambience.

#7 Unsigned Artist Arkajiva
Arkajiva (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  Plays: 83 | Saves: 826
  Influences: Radiohead, U2, My Bloody...
  Members: Damon, Fani, Joshua, Dede
Artist info

Arkajiva is a Four Piece Ambient/Alternative Rock From Jakarta, Indonesia that combine Ambient/ethereal elements with Alternative rock.

#8 Archazi
Archazi (Portland, Oregon)
  Plays: 199 | Saves: 1966
  Influences: If Tom Waits wrote...
Artist info

There isn't much of a budget for better software, but trying to work with what we have.

#9 Unsigned Artist The Byross
The Byross (North Wales [UK])
  Plays: 1228 | Saves: 3512
  Influences: Katatonia, Chevelle, APC.
  Members: Steve, Mike and Gary
Artist info

I started writing and recording music whilst in college roughly 5/6 years ago. Since that time I have made 7 albums and am currently recording my 8th, Vultures Gathering.

#10 Agente Vx
Agente Vx (Colombia)
  Influences: Nofx, lagwagon, belvedere,...
Artist info

Agente vx es una banda de skate punk proveniente de caldas,ant. se forma bajo la iniciativa de jose (guitarrista y vocalista) y farick (guitarra y coros) Quienes en un principio pasaron por varios bajistas y bateristas. hasta dar con cristian en...