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#1 Unsigned Artist Filth Porn
Filth Porn (Tampa, Florida)
  Plays: 3057 | Saves: 3089
  Influences: Mastodon, Lamb of God,...
  Members: Ian Sturgill (Guitar, Vox)...
Artist info

We create the heavist music we can. We do this by defying "Sub-genre"; by not attempting to fit ourselves into a buzzword, we create some of the most purely angry and heavy music in America. Enjoy. Filth Porn started in 2000... since then we...

  Plays: 277 | Saves: 1429
  Influences: t.A.T.u. Ladytron, Kosheen
  Members: 2
Artist info

MAZOHIST (also known as MASOCHIST) is an electronic band from Serbia. For now they only have singles, but their first album WONDERLAND will soon be released. The recording is in progress.

#3 Unsigned Artist FlooDBaR
FlooDBaR (Niles, Mi)
  Plays: 2990 | Saves: 3097
  Influences: Rancid, Op Iv, Bosstones,...
  Members: (3) Dom, Barry and Ed
Artist info

FlooDBaR has been around since 99. We put it on ice in 2001 for a lil bit. Since then we have had a couple of line up changes and thought that we would bring it back to you in 04!

#4 J u x y
J u x y (Turkey)
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Synaptic Shutdown
Synaptic Shutdown (Alva Oklahoma)
  Plays: 242 | Saves: 1134
  Influences: Heavy METAL!
  Members: Colt - Chase - Mason - Troy
Artist info

Synaptic Shutdown was formed in May of 2007 by Colt, Chase, and Mason. Colt has a growly vocal style similar to Phil Anselmo. Chase beats the drums like a madman and channels his favorite drummer Joey Jordison. Mason’s crunchy guitar riffs are...

#6 No JustUS
No JustUS (Taylor , Michigan)
  Plays: 255
  Members: Ron Mowrer,Art DaOust,...
Artist info

We are a bunch of Midwestern musicians trying to capture the sound and feel of authentic American rock. Fans of the alt/rock and pop variety are going to find themselves in a heaven they haven’t felt since the recording of “The Man” song...

#7 Unsigned Artist Brothers Of Craig
Brothers Of Craig (Glasgow)
  Plays: 254 | Saves: 1186
  Influences: The Killers,Joy Division,
  Members: Jon,Peter,JV,Paul,Alan,Lawrie
Artist info

The "Brothers Of Craig" began life back in the mid 80s when Jon Gerrard got together with Craig Nugent (guitar),Jons brother Paul Martin (keyboards),Sally Stuart (keyboards) and Raymond Gosland on bass. Soon the line up was complete when Lawrie...

#8 X Unit 17
X Unit 17 (Buffalo, NY)
  Plays: 372 | Saves: 719
  Influences: Your SNES on steriods
  Members: Sylvester D. (Goten X)
Artist info

X Unit 17 is the efforts of Sylvester (Goten X) (From Buffalo, NY) to cover and bring you the great VG music that you know and love. Some is done live, while some is computerized, but it all of is VG music goodness.

#9 Unsigned Artist DepthCharge
DepthCharge (Glenrothes/Kirkcaldy -...)
  Plays: 52
  Influences: dream theater, mudvayne,...
  Members: Arran, Ali and Alex
Artist info

Hello we are a band called DepthCharge. Myself (Ali-23) the bassist, Arran (20) the Guitarist and Alex (18 ) the Drummer. We are a progressive band who write instrumental material. this basically came about after spending ages looking for a...

#10 Dannel Vonn Dillon
Dannel Vonn Dillon (Los Angeles, California)
  Plays: 673 | Saves: 3537
  Influences: The Fray, James Blunt,...
  Members: Dannel Vonn Dillon
Artist info

In the vein of todays popular artists such as The Fray, James Blunt, Coldplay, and Keane Dannel Vonn Dillon carves out a niche of his own with an extensive repertoire of catchy, piano-driven compositions, fueled by a sleek and timeless voice...