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#1 Unsigned Artist NEX
NEX (Tempe, Arizona, United...)
  Plays: 606 | Saves: 1202
  Influences: Black Metal
  Members: N.R.W - guitars, vocals,...
Artist info

Primitive Black Metal from the United States. Inspired by Von, Swine, early Demoncy, Beherit and Ildjarn. First demo is now complete. Can be purchased by sending me a message/comment. All instruments, vocals and lyrics by N.R.W

#2 Spur Of A moment
Spur Of A moment (Eugene Oregon U.S.A)
  Plays: 62
  Influences: Instumental
  Members: Bruce Bush
Artist info

Starting in the mid 80's started to make tape to tape instumentals using low cost keyboards and anything that made a good tone. In the late 90's to current I upgraded to using a better keyboard and using a cd recoder and computer. I also use...

#3 Unsigned Artist 7th Overture
7th Overture (Peoria Illinois)
  Plays: 312 | Saves: 1407
  Influences: We a new sound your ears...
  Members: Justin Hoffman (Guitars,...
Artist info

Midwest Progressive Metal Band. 7th Overture is a 5 piece Progressive metal band from Peoria, Illinois. They're Christians and they're not afraid to write songs about it. They have been playing together since 2003 and in that time have put...

#4 Lost Horizons
Lost Horizons (Hartlepool)
  Influences: arctic monkeys, oasis,...
  Members: Lee Crowe, Nick McNaughton,...
Artist info

4-piece indie/punk set up from unfashionable hartlepool. Check us out and any bands need supporting. Here we are.

#5 Unsigned Artist Christopher Scum
Christopher Scum (Tennessee)
  Plays: 1082 | Saves: 1499
  Influences: A Truck, a midnight train,...
  Members: Christopher Scum
Artist info

Fifty Acres of Pain http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?item=10035 Im not even gonna get on here with a...

#6 FerMAmeNTe
FerMAmeNTe (Thailand)
  Plays: 127 | Saves: 526
  Influences: Rock
  Members: FERMGRiM (Lead Vocal),...
Artist info

‘Fermamente’ come from Music Dictionary, mean Firmness. Fermamente band is the ROCK band, Original and self-confident. FERMGRiM (Fah) – Lead vocal and JaAUnspirit (Jaa) – Guitarist have the same purpose, different way to write some song,...

#7 Unsigned Artist Mad Maxx
Mad Maxx (Tucson, Az)
  Plays: 1991 | Saves: 2446
  Influences: Underground Rap
Artist info

Born in Kiev, Ukraine. Immigrated to United States in 1993 at the age of 13. Started Full Kontakt Entertainment record label in 2002. I make beats, produce & rap.

#8 Bill Steely
Bill Steely (Whitesburg, GA)
  Plays: 1576
  Influences: Southern Rock
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Elevator Death Squad
Elevator Death Squad (Upstate N.Y.)
  Plays: 793 | Saves: 668
  Influences: Metal/Thrash
  Members: Mike Fiocco- vocals, Tom...
Artist info

E.D.S. has gone through the ranks of the local metal scene and is now the most recognized sound in the area. Brutal vocals, heavy guitar riffs and technical drum beats give elevator the distinct and original sound that has made them a top act in...

#10 Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown
  Plays: 18221 | Saves: 24718
  Influences: John Klemmer, Cannonball...
  Members: Kevin Brown
Artist info

Kevin Brown: Saxophonist Born: 3/17/1956 High School: Clairton High, Clairton, Pa. College: Berklee School of Music, boston, Mass. Kevin Brown started playing the clarinet at age 7, then switched to the saxophone at age 9. Kevin then went on to ...