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#1 Unsigned Artist Tom Hobbs
Tom Hobbs (East Peoria, IL)
  Plays: 1707 | Saves: 2789
  Influences: Travis Tritt, Jim Croce,...
Artist info

Tom has been performing professionally since the age of 14. He has played and written all types of music from rock, to metal, to rap,to country, and even bluegrass. It is his soothing melodies and gut-wrenching lyrics that stand him above the...

#2 Aris Manouras
Aris Manouras
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist shawnp
shawnp (hempstead)
  Plays: 362 | Saves: 268
  Members: shawn p
No artist info

#4 13miles
13miles (las vegas, nevada)
  Plays: 981 | Saves: 1285
  Influences: hatebreed, slipknot,...
  Members: lance swain, mike johns,...
Artist info

13 MILES bio 13 Miles has all of the ingredients of a solid, heavy metal band with guitar riffs that will blow your mind, hard heavy bass lines, double-bass that will kick your **** and the growling screams from the depths of Las Vegas,...

#5 Unsigned Artist BIG RICH THA DON
BIG RICH THA DON (Albuquerque New Mexico)
  Plays: 681 | Saves: 512
  Influences: 2pac, scarface,
  Members: 1
Artist info

Big Rich Tha Don Biography Richard Baca AKA Big Rich Tha Don, is a Mexican American ''Chicano'' rap artist from the state of New Mexico. Richard has dominated the Southwest and the nation with his poetically structured street...

#6 Moriarti
Moriarti (London)
  Influences: Alt Rock
  Members: Nathan Painter (Vocals,...
Artist info

Moriarti are a London based, four piece Alt rock band. Having started out as a Manchester student band back in 2005 John and Alex then moved to London where Nathan and most recently Marc joined the band. Moriarti have built their sound on...

#7 Unsigned Artist Uncle Dawg
Uncle Dawg (The Past)
Artist info

It's all a drunken blur.....

#8 scarfizz.I.E.
scarfizz.I.E. (San Bernardino,California)
  Plays: 1225 | Saves: 165
  Influences: WEST-COAST...HIP-HOP
Artist info

Born and raised in San Bernardino,California..In the game at a young age led to nothing but gangs and prison,finally got my mind right ,so now i have a story to tell,threw my muzic that is....

#9 Unsigned Artist THE TALKIES
  Plays: 233
  Influences: Supertramp,Iggy Pop,Cat...
  Members: Bjoern Eilen
Artist info

THE TALKIES are a brand new rock/pop band originated by singer, songwriter and producer Bjoern Eilen. Musical roots of THE TALKIES are the late 60's and the 70's, their spirit of protest, the ideal of freedom and love which is lost somehow...

#10 white gurl
white gurl (Dallas)
  Influences: freakn good
Artist info

Well i just turned 16 in June...and the indusrty needs somebody new and young and pretty and who can sing...i mean i don't have the material to upload music because we really don't have money like that...like right now this isn't my computer and...