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#1 Unsigned Artist Jason J
Jason J (NYC)
  Plays: 2308 | Saves: 2172
  Influences: Eiffel 65/Josh Groban/Erasure
  Members: Jason J. Vocals/Lyrics
Artist info

Www.jasonj.biz Jason J. is a born performer. While he grew up from humble beginnings in a small town in upstate NY, he always had big dreams. At fourteen, without any prior modeling experience or training, Jason entered his first modeling...

#2 DJ Ahmed
DJ Ahmed (cairo, egypt)
  Members: me (Ahmed)
Artist info

I'm not gonna write a biography :P rather my interests, i love making songs from tribal house and electro house to techno, trance and dance! l like to listen to music in my free time..... and while im working and wile sleeping I LIKE TO LISTEN...

#3 Unsigned Artist skindraft
skindraft (Waterford/Wexford)
  Plays: 44 | Saves: 240
  Influences: Alice in...
  Members: Keith,Ryan,Tony &Dan
Artist info

We got together in october '04 as a three piece due to a mutual love of music and because we all wanted to get back into playing live shows as we had all been in bands previous to Skindraft. We spent the first month working on our sound and...

#4 cathartech
cathartech (seattle, wa)
  Plays: 140 | Saves: 104
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist The Rage Inside
The Rage Inside
  Influences: Slipknot, Metallica, and...
Artist info

Hey! I'm Arthur and I'm in the band The Rage Inside, I'm the songwriter, leader, and lead guitarist for the band. I don't have the full band right now, there's just me, the lead guitarist, and my brother, Alex, the bass player. I have finished my...

#6 Ellz Coles
Ellz Coles (Los Angeles Ca)
  Plays: 32 | Saves: 68
  Members: Ellz Coles
Artist info

Born Ellie J. Coles, Ellz Coles began creating music in the back room of her house at a very young age. She quickly began displaying her talent and ability to communicate her life story, including obstacles, and positive events, through her...

#7 Unsigned Artist jadeep
jadeep (north uk)
  Plays: 176 | Saves: 707
Artist info

Jadeep born 22nd march 1983 scotland uk making beats for years looking for artists to collab with

#8 The Notaries
The Notaries (Manito, Illinois)
  Plays: 503 | Saves: 1707
  Influences: Acoustic Experimental
  Members: Ben N. Mike L. Jay H.
Artist info

A trio all from a small area in Illinois, The Notaries are a band with original style, and some music like no other. They are all good friends who love what they do. Today they are called “Inspirational,” “Majestic,” and “Funny.”...

#9 Unsigned Artist EternalHobo
EternalHobo (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 111 | Saves: 446
  Members: Ross Wallis, Michael...
Artist info

Eternal Hobo was set up in early 2004 as a tribute band to Blink182 as Ross and Michael were such devoted fans. Since then we have began searching for a style of our own. Our music is rather light-hearted and our resources at the moment are rather...

#10 angelspeak
angelspeak (Pittsburgh, PA)
  Plays: 722
  Influences: Christian rock
  Members: Michael Stover
Artist info

Angelspeak is the creation of lead vocalist and songwriter, Michael Stover. Michael is a former member of Forever Endeavor (Christian Metal), Stormfront (rock) and 2nd to None (coverband). He is a Billboard Magazine Songwriters Contest winner...