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#1 Unsigned Artist Huggie B
Huggie B (Hattiesburg Ms.)
  Plays: 169
  Influences: 50 Cent/David Banner /Geezy
Artist info

Huggie has influenced all of the souths major artist he is a top producer and a member of Ms.elite M.A.P. Coalition he is also a very hot lyracist his music has set levels for all of Ms. artist....

#2 Good Road Ahead
Good Road Ahead (State College, Pa)
  Plays: 859 | Saves: 1197
  Members: Matt (guitar/vocals), Paul...
Artist info

Good Road Ahead was started in August of 2003 in State College Pa. After a few jams, Matt(guirtar/vocals), along with Jamie(bass/vocals) and Paul(drums) (who had an excisting music project that lacked a guitarist), started writing and recording...

#3 Unsigned Artist DJ HIP HOP
DJ HIP HOP (Saudi Arabia)
No artist info

SBNC (Los Angeles,California)
  Plays: 93
  Influences: AFI, Misfits
  Members: Mitch Davis-vocals, AJ...
Artist info

Rock/Metalcore Mitch Davis-(vocals) AJ Bartholomew-(guitar/vocals) Josh Skifstom-(lead guitar) Sean Grant-(bass) Chris Bartholomew-(drums/vocals) In a music scene divided among countless cores and sects of punk rock is a...

#5 Unsigned Artist On the Low
On the Low (Sault Sainte Marie,...)
  Plays: 86 | Saves: 491
  Members: Brian Drumheller - Vocals,...
Artist info

Better known locally as "Mamas Boys" w/guitarist Henry Switzer. "On the Low" is: Brian Drumheller - Keyboards, Guitar, woodwinds, vocals Ray Mayer - Bass, Vocals Russell Mayer - Drums, Vocals Be on the lookout for our album "Ditch Party" to...

#6 A Social State
A Social State (Scranton, PA)
  Plays: 317 | Saves: 1023
  Members: Ed, Bill, Jon, Nick, CJ
Artist info

Get 4 FREE DOWNLOADS at http://reverbnation.com/aso… Enjoy! A Social State is a five piece alternative/rock band from Scranton, PA. To find out more visit: FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/asocialstatemusic MYSPACE...

#7 Unsigned Artist Money House Entertainment
Money House Entertainment (Donalsonville, Georgia)
  Plays: 273 | Saves: 85
  Influences: Def Jam
  Members: Anthony Cainion & Jamaal...
Artist info

Money House Entertainment is a music company owned by Anthony Cainion and Jamaal Taylor, formed on the 15th of July 2006. We are located out of Donalsonville, Georgia, which is a farely small town. Jamaal and Anthony have been close friends...

#8 princess eldi
princess eldi
  Plays: 542 | Saves: 1863
  Influences: enid
  Members: me
Artist info

Me: guitar player, all other instruments, programming. Guest musician with FrenchTV (USA) and others. Coop. with Whimwise (UK) Me and Renate Methöfer formed the pomp band "Hyperions Fate" 2006 myspace.com/hyperionsfate

#9 Unsigned Artist JustDave
JustDave (Harlow, Essex, UK)
  Plays: 4660 | Saves: 10657
  Influences: Power Pop/Pop Rock
  Members: Dave Ward
Artist info

That JustDave rocks with authority is clear, but the excellent new CD also showcases the bands capacity for delivering solid pop-rock tunes that are as immediate as they are enduring. Well-conceived and equally well-played, ...

#10 Next Station
Next Station (Upstate New York)
  Influences: Dispatch, Guster, Red Hot...
  Members: Will Pedicone- Guitar and...
Artist info

We like to play fantastic original music and do it often. We try to mix funky beats with rock to create songs that are danceable and songs for a crowd to rock.