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#1 Unsigned Artist Fat Cat Daddies
Fat Cat Daddies
  Plays: 483 | Saves: 607
  Influences: Beastie/311/run dmc
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Music is about to change once more and move in a different direction because of this next Super Group: Fat Cat Daddies! From Allentown, Pennsylvania, long time friends Jay Allan and Mike "Gooze" Goosley took their love of hip hop and forged a new...

#2 Gravity
Gravity (NSW, Australia)
  Plays: 75 | Saves: 312
  Influences: Alanis Morisette The Foo...
  Members: Lauren Bruce, Eli Stowe,...
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Remove the smoke and mirrors from Gravitys transcendent live performance. Strip back the magnetic chemistry and vivid poetry of Lauren Bruce. Take away the undeniable musical ability and uniquely rock credible image... And what do you get?.... A...

#3 Unsigned Artist PC Sam
PC Sam (Slovenia ~ Logatec)
  Plays: 916 | Saves: 2133
  Influences: Experimental Jazz Rock Pop...
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P.C.Sam is a producer, songwriter and musician from Logatec in Slovenija. He is a drummer, and have played drums for many years in many interesting different bands, playing Pop, Rock, Funky, Blues, Swing and Jazz. PC Sam also play rhythm guitar...

SATCHAL (Nashville,TN.)
  Plays: 2145 | Saves: 891
  Influences: ROCK AND ROLL
  Members: Jeff Begley:vocals,backing...
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In this day and age of cookie cutter bands,whining and open tuning thier way to the bank,or at least all over the radio,tv, hell most all media. Its good to know not all people have taken kindly to this onslaught of utter crap! Granted there are...

#5 Unsigned Artist Shink
Shink (louisville ky)
  Plays: 778 | Saves: 1130
  Influences: everybody i felt was keep...
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#6 Mads Kymre
Mads Kymre
  Members: Deleted
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist 16Dollarbeats
16Dollarbeats (Upstate NY)
  Plays: 650
  Influences: hip hop producer
  Members: D.O.T
No artist info

#8 Synergy
Synergy (Shrewsbury)
  Influences: Rock/Prog/touch of funk
  Members: Jamie Keeling, Chris Smout,...
Artist info

We have been together for 9months now, in this short time we have already played a number of gigs around the Shropshire area and also Birmingham - Including the Barfly, Custard Factory & The Rainbow Club. We play a mix of Rock with a nice prog...

#9 Unsigned Artist Degenerated
Degenerated (Gothenburg,Sweden)
  Plays: 464 | Saves: 2532
  Influences: a little bit of everything...
  Members: Fredrik,Daniel,Mikael,Denni...
Artist info

5 guys playing old school inspired death metal. Whos been playing toghter for about 7 months now.Released its 4 track demo 1 month ago.

#10 Audionova
  Plays: 260 | Saves: 1045
No artist info