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#1 Unsigned Artist Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla
Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla (Prichard, AL)
  Plays: 84 | Saves: 371
  Influences: The Greats!!!!
  Members: Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla
Artist info

Destined to soon make his own mark in the world of music, Yung Fresh has come a long way from the ugliness of Prichard Alabama. A soul survivor of P.A., Fresh was born Deangelo Hughes in the heart of a crime infested hood of North Mobile where...

#2 Aares
Aares (India)
  Plays: 786 | Saves: 2199
  Influences: Eminem , Tupac , Dr Dre ,...
  Members: Aares
Artist info

Hi........ I am Aares (Pronounced "RS")..... I am an unsigned rap artist from India......... ...

#3 Unsigned Artist brian taylor 1
brian taylor 1 (seattle washington usa)
  Plays: 13 | Saves: 250
No artist info

#4 Nick Gunzburg
Nick Gunzburg
  Plays: 307 | Saves: 1015
  Influences: Very original sound!...
Artist info

Nick Gunzburg is a musician who plays mainly guitar and random other things. He has been writing songs since he was about 13 or so. A friend, Chris Deidrick, and Nick started a band in the USA called Restless Arising which was quite possibly the...

#5 Unsigned Artist Bardus The Barbarian
Bardus The Barbarian (Stephenville Texas)
  Plays: 130 | Saves: 694
  Members: Justin, Jon, Dusty, Casey
No artist info

#6 So Abused
So Abused (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 1006 | Saves: 336
  Influences: So Abused but here are some...
  Members: ROTTEN...
Artist info

The new "COMMUNITY SERVICE" album is now available! get it at www.cdbaby.com/soabused Formed in 1995, So Abused is Rotten Scott on vocals & , Brook on guitars, Dustin on guitars, Antone "the Bone" on drums, and Joe Mc Elroy, maintaining low tones...

#7 Unsigned Artist Table 9
Table 9 (Queensland Ausralia)
  Influences: AFI, NoFx and Good...
  Members: Kirra - Guitar, Azza -...
Artist info

WE NEED A DRUMMER!! IF YOU LIVE IN OUR AREA AND PLAY DRUMS PLEASE CONTACT ME! http://table9.batcave.net We (table 9) are a punk band from Warwick Queensland Australia made up by Kirralee (guitar), Scott (bass) and Arianna (vocals and...

#8 The Pretendo Box
The Pretendo Box (Antioch, CA)
  Influences: Nirvana, Pearl Jam,...
  Members: Patrick Lew (Everything)
Artist info

Patrick Lew. The underground rock star from the Bay. And living legend. Making music since 2001! And promoting his punk rock on the Internet on many websites! I'm not the best at what I do. I am a home musician, recording and sketching out...

#9 Unsigned Artist Chad Steward
Chad Steward (Vancouver British...)
  Plays: 3837 | Saves: 3629
  Influences: Various Artists
  Members: Chad Steward
Artist info

As an artist; Chad Steward has shared his unique style with the listening public for nearly half a century. His interpretations of timeless works reflects his varied background ranging from that of a classically trained jazz and rock performer in...

#10 The Eclectic
The Eclectic (Dublin, Ireland)
  Plays: 194 | Saves: 782
  Members: Kev, The Liam, Mick, Ste,...
Artist info

Www.theeclecticsound.com www.myspace.com/theeclecticsound http://theeclecticsound.bebo.com http://theeclecticsound1.bebo.com www.purevolume.com/theeclecticsound www.audiri.com/theeclecticsound www.numberonemusic.com/theeclectic...