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#1 Unsigned Artist Leather Pig
Leather Pig (Birmingham)
  Influences: A pig being fired out of a...
  Members: Alex - Drums, Lewi - Bass ,...
Artist info

Leather pig is a 5 piece metal band from the Birmingham area, our music is like no other metal band using a variation of styles including Punk, Metal, Thrash, and Hardcore all to a jumping beat. As you can see we're not the normal doom and gloom...

#2 Eric Norther
Eric Norther (Prague, Czech republic)
  Plays: 511 | Saves: 563
  Influences: Bathory, Satyricon,...
  Members: Eric Norther- all instruments
Artist info

This is one-man project which is formed by Eric Norther, guitarist and vocalist of gothic rock band Wages of Sin.Eric played in most underground metal bands and projects.In July and August, Eric recorded his first solo album Down to north.Full...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Hot Rocks
The Hot Rocks (Murfreesboro, TN)
  Influences: Power pop/rock ala Third...
  Members: Sage/TheChad/Koka/Animal
Artist info

The plot>> All eyes are on a small town called Murfreesboro, nestled in the suburbs of Nashville, TN. Why? This area of the states may not be may be know for much more than it's bustling country music scene, but it soon shall be know as the...

#4 Sylvan Lane
Sylvan Lane (Mid-North American...)
  Plays: 17666 | Saves: 20226
  Influences: An acoustic waterfall......
  Members: Edwin Sylvan & Thomas Lane
Artist info

Thanks to all of you who have been listening! Please be sure you leave your comments.Sylvan Lane is a Kansas City area songwriting duo (mainly instrumental), with the guitar as their instrument of choice. Not to mention that it's the only ...

#5 Unsigned Artist Ronni Raygun
Ronni Raygun (heaven and hell)
  Plays: 941 | Saves: 3292
  Influences: the sound of a thousand...
  Members: Ronni, the lord above
Artist info

Born, raised and i ain't dead yet

#6 Nillah
Nillah (Atlanta, GA)
  Plays: 120 | Saves: 406
  Members: Elisabeth "Eli" Eickhoff -...
Artist info

Nillah is a powerful mix of pop, rock & good vibrations: Originally a power-pop power-trio from the hills of east Tennessee, Nillah hooked up with Atlanta-based Shut-Eye Records, relocated, and broke onto the Atlanta music scene with a bang with...

#7 Unsigned Artist Richard Eklow
Richard Eklow (Oxford)
  Plays: 96 | Saves: 375
  Influences: Acoustic Mish mash
  Members: Richard Eklow
Artist info

Im a young self taught guitarist, my musical influences are far reaching and diverse from Bright Eyes to Blink 182. I continue to right my own songs as well as contribute to a band with my friends. I hope someone likes my crappy songs at least.

#8 Maco
Maco (Budapest)
  Members: Maco
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist DEI TETRA
DEI TETRA (Bangkok, Thailand)
  Plays: 416
  Influences: Black Metal/Death Metal
  Members: Countess Asithara (Vocal),...
No artist info

#10 Dividing Light
Dividing Light (New York)
  Plays: 559 | Saves: 1882
  Influences: Opeth, Nevermore, Dark...
  Members: Dan Malloy (Vocals), Josh...
Artist info

Dividing Light was formed in November of the year 2000, when college mates Josh Block (Guitar) and Dan Malloy (Vocals) had met. Through a mutual interest in crushingly heavy, transcendent melodic music, the two had decided to join forces and...