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#1 Unsigned Artist Cedric Stephens
Cedric Stephens
  Plays: 7
  Influences: Michael Jackson, Stevie...
Artist info

Cedric Lewis Stephens (born December 3rd), known professionally as Cedric Stephens is an American singer, songwriter and pianist. Early Life Stephens was born in San Diego, California, to Larry Stephens and Lana Stephens (nee Thames)....

#2 Deviant Mind Gallery
Deviant Mind Gallery (Ashtabula Oh.)
  Influences: DMG
  Members: Kayla - Voczals. Bo-V -...
Artist info

Deviant Mind Gallery was developed by Bizzy (former Acid Porno drummer and founder) and Bo-V (former Blemish guitarist) in September of 2006. The two began writing together With help from Bizzy's former Acid Porno guitarist K.C. (who has since...

#3 Unsigned Artist Sparkplug Assassins
Sparkplug Assassins (Chicago)
  Plays: 355 | Saves: 1446
  Influences: Alternative/Rock
  Members: David McCormick-Vocals,...
Artist info

Sparkplug Assassins originated in 2007 fusing alternative, rock, blues, psychedelic and whole lotta punk. Not to be catagorized you gotta hear these guys to believe it. Very versatile. ...

#4 Krakatoa
Krakatoa (Montreal)
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 766
  Members: Robert Duval, Richard...
Artist info

Krakatoa is a multi-style band, with Jazz, Fusion, Progressive Rock and World influences. While their music is very easy to listen to, it is built using very complex rhythmic and harmonic textures, which require the band members to give it all...

#5 Unsigned Artist Mourning After
Mourning After (Austin, Texas)
  Plays: 294
  Members: David Garza, Rudy Ramirez,...
Artist info

It all began about 2 and a half years ago, a metalcore band that started off in the border town Del Rio, Texas. After many local shows, we have a strong fanbase, so we have now relocated to the Austin area so our music can be heard by more people....

#6 Maive
Maive (Wales UK)
  Influences: Biffy Clyro
  Members: Daryl Roberts | Liam Thomas...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Irreal
Irreal (Buffalo, NY)
  Plays: 118 | Saves: 484
  Influences: hmm...
  Members: Keon Walker - vocals,...
Artist info

Irreal is the independent, rock music duo from Buffalo, NY that has Keon Walker on vocals, drums, and programming and Geoffrey Peters on guitar, vocals, and programming. Formed in 1999, Irreal uses musical loop technology to bring something...

#8 Tom Buechi
Tom Buechi (Corona, California)
  Plays: 5093
  Influences: Blues, Classic Rock, Country
  Members: Tom Buechi
Artist info

Tom is originally from Lancaster, New York and began playing guitar when he was 10 years old. He played in the Buffalo, NY area in the bands Psychedelic Spontaneous Combustion, Mickie Ratt, Statesboro Blues Band and Southbound. In Southern...

#9 Unsigned Artist Lidna
Lidna (Alcester (Near...)
  Influences: Not Quite Sure!
  Members: Alex - Drums, Lewi - Bass,...
Artist info

Lidna is a four piece metal band all from the Alcester Area. We\'ve been together about 2 years and been doing the rounds for about a year. Played with a variety of bands and always seem to get a good response. Basically we do this cos we\'re...

#10 the grey notes
the grey notes (austin, TX)
  Plays: 714 | Saves: 952
  Influences: Indie Garage Punk
No artist info