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#1 Unsigned Artist The Studio 69 Boyz
The Studio 69 Boyz (Albany NY)
  Plays: 232
  Members: MindTrip Productions
Artist info

The Studio 69 Boyz is a sound system of musical styles. We don't sample our music we play it live. Our music is created with keyboards,guitars and live percussions. We're not a pop act even tho we may have some pop sounding tracks. We're soulful...

#2 Fall Victim
Fall Victim (Bournemouth UK)
  Plays: 151 | Saves: 152
  Influences: AFI, Tiger Army,...
  Members: Daniel Rumsey, Scotty P and...
Artist info

Fall Victim rose mid 2004 as All Hopes Fade. Since then there has been a succession of untimely endings for bassists, before the band finally bit Scotty Trauma, who now completes the line up with Dan Blood on guitar/vox and Aaron on drums....

#3 Unsigned Artist Frank White aka Lael
Frank White aka Lael (atlanta)
  Plays: 253
Artist info

FRANK WHITE Even though his name is a pun on his ethnicity, do not confuse Frank Lee White as another Eminem-esque, wanna-be white rapper. “It’s not a white emphasis, you like it or not, it is what it is”, and what “it is”, is impossible to...

#4 Joseph Lloyd Zacker
Joseph Lloyd Zacker (Reality)
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 530
  Influences: Psychedelic Acoustica
  Members: Joseph Lloyd Zacker
Artist info

Suzuki and classically trained violinist turned multi-instrumentalist. Animal free; realist.

#5 Unsigned Artist ELECTRIC DREAM
  Plays: 97 | Saves: 293
  Influences: Rush, Deep Purple, Black...
  Members: Terry, Sandra, Scott
No artist info

Artist info

Deep voice "Bearé Tone" is a Christian singer born in the Manning, South Carolina his masculine voice makes him stand out among the crowd. He fully became a Christian music artist in September of 2012 when he felt the call of the Lord on his life...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Porcelain Town
The Porcelain Town (Dallas, TX)
  Plays: 101
  Members: Michael Ownby/Jeff Federspiel
Artist info

The Porcelain Town, the entity and authority, is a 2 piece turned 3 piece turned 2 piece turned... well, we don't know yet. It all started in a flaccid town called Plano, TX. This is where, to much controversy, Mike Ownby and Jeff Federspiel first...

#8 Hostile a.k.a Choclito DeCoco
Hostile a.k.a Choclito DeCoco (Elmira, New York)
  Plays: 1307 | Saves: 2064
  Influences: He is Brooklyn'z Finest &...
  Members: Hostile
Artist info

His name is Norman B. Ashley, Jr.; an aspiring writer/rap artist of 15+yrs. He goes by the rap artist name of "Hostile" AKA Choclito De Coco. Originally from Brooklyn, NY (921 Myrtle Ave...Tompkins Projects...just 2 blocks from Marcy Projects)....

#9 Unsigned Artist solitary defiance
solitary defiance (mckinney, TX)
  Plays: 256 | Saves: 925
  Influences: norma jean, the chariot
  Members: cameron,arturo,sammy,matt,a...
Artist info

We are a hardcore band from mckinney texas

#10 Daytime Robbery
Daytime Robbery (NJ)
  Plays: 1658 | Saves: 706
  Members: ryan romanowski - lead...
Artist info

Hi everyone we are a 3 piece band from nj looking to play shows and hopefully get picked up by a label so we need your help check out are music and leave us some feedback also go and add us on myspace www.myspace.com/daytimerobbery thanks enjoy!