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#1 Unsigned Artist PNG
PNG (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 128
  Influences: Multi/cross Genre..sounds...
  Members: 1
Artist info

The argument FOR Genre Schizophrenia When asked two years ago by a friend in Hollywood why he changed his name to three letters..and why he does not use his face to...

#2 AyoNdiA
AyoNdiA (Phoenix, Arizona)
  Plays: 1769
  Influences: Unknown
  Members: Dominic Gavina, Brian Thomas
Artist info

Were from Phoenix AZ. U.S.A We need a Drummer!!!!!!!!

#3 Unsigned Artist The New Empire
The New Empire (C-Stream)
  Plays: 2974
Artist info

These are all demos for new Evil Empire songs. We play most of them at shows - only a few have lyrics and only "I Am Man" has them recorded Check out more songs here: ...

#4 Soundless Thunder
Soundless Thunder (Houston, Texas)
  Influences: Disturbed
  Members: Aaron Havens, Adam...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist kinaxis
kinaxis (Windsor, Phoenix)
  Plays: 639 | Saves: 1459
  Influences: us
  Members: Allan Bourque, Bill...
Artist info

First worked together in Phoenix AZ. back in the summer of 1985, reformed as Kinaxis in 2003

#6 Sympho-punk Band YAW
Sympho-punk Band YAW (Moscow - Sukhum(Abhazia))
  Plays: 1678 | Saves: 481
  Influences: Nobody knows
  Members: A. Zaruk, D. Saronoff, L....
Artist info

Nothing you need to know

#7 Unsigned Artist Acidhedz.com
Acidhedz.com (Wichita Kansas)
  Plays: 378 | Saves: 1007
  Influences: Too many to name
  Members: Just me mostly
Artist info

I started making music at home a few years ago. Really all I have ever wanted to do was make music. I like to listen to pretty much everything, only a few styles I completely dislike. As such, I tend to use what ever I feel like when I create new...

#8 Misery
Misery (cairo, ga)
  Plays: 889 | Saves: 2292
  Influences: Mine Is The Sound Broken...
  Members: Matt R
Artist info

Was able to make it this far, Some times im in awe in that alone. I sing these songs so that i know im still here. I would hope that you would give them at least a listen to see if anything you hear in me is the same as in you. This is my...

#9 Unsigned Artist Cat Bowen
Cat Bowen (Derbyshire, UK)
  Plays: 124
  Influences: Nothing you've ever heard...
  Members: Cat Bowen
Artist info

'Cat Bowen is the pop singer/songwriter from the east midlands creating massive vibes with her new pop tracks produced and recorded by Jorden Milnes, Silver Studios, Nottingham. Cat's song 'Hit the Ground Running' plus 2 other tracks and is...

DELORME (Toronto)
  Plays: 218
  Influences: Mickey Avalon, Thom Yorke.
  Members: DELORME
Artist info

Since: 2010.