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#1 Unsigned Artist K.T.O.-ENTERPRISE
  Plays: 220 | Saves: 512
  Members: ''360'' DOW JONES & KRETE
Artist info

K.T.O. is a group from Bronx NEW YORK. That was put together in (1992) by '360' @ the age of 13. & @ the age of 13 '360' brought in his two cousin's with no guidance or help single handly took his idea & coached his two cousin's KRETE & DOW JONES...

#2 Babel Complex
Babel Complex (Colorado Springs,...)
  Influences: Dream Theater, Incubus, God...
  Members: Dave Zeigler, John Harris,...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist T-Minus
T-Minus (Notts, UK)
  Plays: 10576 | Saves: 7416
  Members: Anthony McMenemy
Artist info

To all the people who wonder on to my page, thanks for visiting hope you enjoy listening! Please leave comments!!! I love to hear what people have to say about my music, good or bad. It gives me the enthusiasm to carry on doing what I do!...

#4 Lady Renaissance
Lady Renaissance
  Plays: 103
Artist info

Lady Renaissance aka Wild 1is a multi-talented musican, producer, and rapper. She loves hip-hop. Her influences are common, Luaryn Hill, The fugees and all great hip-hop. She also likes Little Brother

#5 Unsigned Artist TRACENINE
  Plays: 1816
  Influences: Metallica, Disturbed,...
  Members: Matt Rahn - Lead...
Artist info

From the opening line of their latest release (“Breaking Silence”) TRACENINE go straight for the throat and immediately command the respect and attention of listeners. By fusing real world events with captivating melody and justifiable anger,...

#6 Pat and Dan
Pat and Dan
  Plays: 442 | Saves: 714
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Makar Garaev
Makar Garaev (Belarus, Minsk)
  Plays: 243 | Saves: 622
  Members: Makar Garaev
Artist info

Makar Garaev is one of the most talented and perspective pop artists in Eastern Europe. He is quite famous for his ability to make tracks in English and follow the lattest trends in pop and dance music, which hugely support the rise of his...

#8 FroBot
FroBot (Osaka, Japan)
  Plays: 140
  Members: FroBot
Artist info

Http://www.frobot.jp http://djfrobot.blogspot.com FroBot is an Osaka based funky house producer who brings an extremely funky energy to the dance floor filled with original remixes and dangerously risky techniques. He is well-known for...

#9 Unsigned Artist Stacee Lawson
Stacee Lawson (Huntington WV)
  Plays: 216
  Influences: Pearl Jam, Flyleaf,...
  Members: Stacee Lawson-vox/guitar...
Artist info

Out of the clubs of Huntington WV comes the pop/rock female rocker Stacee Lawson. Over the past four years Stacee has taken her musical abilities from acoustic gigs to her brand of Indie Infused Rock. Her album Deranged has Global Distribution on...

#10 Post Mortem Mannequin
Post Mortem Mannequin (Chatsworth, Ca)
  Plays: 899 | Saves: 2758
  Influences: AFI, Thrice, Avenged...
  Members: Johnny Ash (Lungs), Jon Jon...
Artist info

With "Post Mortem Mannequin" ( Formally Ash to Embers ) starting in early 2005 it didn't give them much time to get some new material together before the summer hit. With three ex members of 'Tonight' they had the talent, it was just a matter of...