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BROOMSTICK WITCHES (gabriola island bc canada)
  Plays: 23084 | Saves: 51733
  Influences: Shadows of a full moon on a...
  Members: Rick Super( stage names...
Artist info premium member

New releases coming soon.... Video link to the song Rock & Roll Vampyre: https://youtu.be/0ok3sEvpg7s Video link to the song The Magic Cat ...

#2 The Difference
The Difference
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Merge Left
Merge Left (Saint Paul, MN)
  Plays: 80 | Saves: 528
  Influences: If the Bouncing Souls had a...
  Members: Daniel, Will, Dylan
Artist info

Young political punks who've got something to say about this country and the world. They play fast, melodic, political punk rock.

#4 Tom Buechi
Tom Buechi (Corona, California)
  Plays: 5092
  Influences: Blues, Classic Rock, Country
  Members: Tom Buechi
Artist info

Tom is originally from Lancaster, New York and began playing guitar when he was 10 years old. He played in the Buffalo, NY area in the bands Psychedelic Spontaneous Combustion, Mickie Ratt, Statesboro Blues Band and Southbound. In Southern...

#5 Unsigned Artist Broken Ambience
Broken Ambience (Woking)
  Plays: 74 | Saves: 420
  Members: TBC
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Check out our myspace. http://www.myspace.com/brokenambience

#6 DataBass
DataBass (In the PC)
  Plays: 242 | Saves: 576
  Members: DataBass
Artist info

DataBass has has a rough road to finally uploading music on the World Wide Wierd. My first tracks sounded more like one of those little keyboards, y'know, the ones with about 15 keys on 'em, that your parents bought you when you where a baby....

#7 Unsigned Artist Faith Aligned
Faith Aligned (Australia)
  Influences: Parkway drive , august...
  Members: Thomas Michael Aaron Liam...
Artist info

We are a 5 piece band (been together for 8 months) of close friends under age of 20, from the south coast, who are all passionate about Jesus and playing heavy hardcore/ metal music while having fun, and hoping to use our music to spread the Gods...

#8 Digital Crusader
Digital Crusader (Cave Creek, Arizona, USA)
  Plays: 148
  Influences: 7 Skies, Above and Beyond,...
  Members: Just me, my dear laptop, FL...
Artist info

Tyrel Johnson is a 17 year old producer and DJ from Phoenix, Arizona. At the age of 16, around May 2009, he got started using a software called Magix Music Maker but he didnt learn anything about music production and mainly messed around with the...

#9 Unsigned Artist Comeg Band
Comeg Band (Exeter)
  Plays: 87 | Saves: 537
  Influences: Beatles, U2, led Zeppelin
  Members: coemgen savage, roger...
Artist info

COMEG are an original Rock band from Devon. COMEG are Coemgen Savage - Vocals Roger Pearson - Guitar Spencer Jones - Bass David Cartwright - Drums COMEG's recording career began in 2002 in a basement in Devon on a basic home studio....

#10 ReD 13
ReD 13 (Medway)
  Plays: 1263 | Saves: 1854
  Influences: Velvet Revolver AC DC...
  Members: Jon-Lee Kynslay - Pabo...
Artist info

ReD 13 are a badass ‘hard-rockin’ band from Medway in Kent. We have a plan to revive rock from it’s ‘skirt wearing’ defunct ways... And put the trousers back on it!!! The Four Elements... We rumble like thunder on the solid beats of our...