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#1 Unsigned Artist Factory Air
Factory Air (Roanoke, Va.)
  Plays: 1630
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Overkill,...
  Members: Monger : Drums, guitars....
Artist info

Fall Well's Nightmare is a Virginia based band that blend theatrics with heavy, aggressive music to create a show that is entertaining and musicly solid. FWN's members come from varied backgrounds and various bands whose definitive styles...

#2 Phillip Foxley
Phillip Foxley (Conwy, North Wales, UK)
  Plays: 60
  Influences: Snowy White, Dave Gilmour,...
  Members: Solo Artist
Artist info

Phillip Foxley is a songwriter/guitarist from Wales in the UK. He first picked up a guitar in the 1970s, playing clubs and bars. Over time, he found himself in studio sessions, house bands, and writing music for TV and film soundtracks. With...

#3 Unsigned Artist Nonas Eye
Nonas Eye (London)
  Plays: 283 | Saves: 859
  Influences: Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam,...
  Members: James (Vocals, Guitar),...
Artist info

Two South Africans, an Englishman and an American meet on a music messageboard and start jamming together. Nonas Eye is all about good honest melodic rock music played with integrity and passion. We hope you\'ll enjoy listening to these tracks...

#4 EyeButterfly
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist One-Winged Angel
One-Winged Angel (Oklahoma City, OK)
  Influences: NumberNin6, Reid Speed,...
  Members: Christopher Pence
No artist info

#6 High Noon Heat
High Noon Heat (Tweed Heads, NSW,...)
  Plays: 88 | Saves: 559
  Influences: 70's Rock
  Members: Grant Byrnes , Steve...
Artist info

With a penchant for hard rock, that's been soaked in heavy blues, High Noon Heat have recently released their second EP, "Dirty Lil Rock Songs". These are four boys from the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia, ready to put their hard...

#7 Unsigned Artist Superior Inferior
Superior Inferior (Nashville, Tennessee)
  Plays: 245 | Saves: 1038
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Coheed &...
  Members: Nick Pierce
Artist info

I'm a student at Southern Illinois University currently working on 2 internships (Notethrower & Digital Audio Post) in Nashville. I'm a huge fan of music but still pretty new to the whole scene. My band Superior Inferior is a solo project but...

#8 Saviors Advocate
Saviors Advocate (Norfolk, VA)
  Influences: Gospel Rap
  Members: Savior's Advocate
Artist info

EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT SAVIOR'S ADVOCATE! The only way to describe the effect experienced when you mention Savior's Advocate is an inquenchable flame. Known for past appearances and production on projects with groups such as Raiderz of the...

#9 Unsigned Artist payne and reece
payne and reece (London)
  Members: nick payne and nick reece
Artist info


#10 SilentCorner
SilentCorner (Warsaw, Poland)
  Plays: 213
Artist info

It's a solo project for now, started just for fun in 2004. I'm from Warsaw, Poland and I'm looking forward to learn as much as possible about music creation. So I'll be very pleased for every comment you make on my music samples.