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#1 Unsigned Artist BERNIE JOURNEY
  Plays: 862 | Saves: 1231
Artist info

Born Bernard David Journey in Cleveland, Ohio he was raised within earshot of great "rock 'n' roll". Bernie Journey shares the distinction along with Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga of working on his very first recordings and EP with music...

#2 solone
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.)
Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.) (Long Island, NY)
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 201
  Influences: Flyleaf, Evanescense,...
  Members: Cyrille Robes (Vocals),...
Artist info

Leaving audiences in a state of euphoria and awe with their vibrant and haunting vocals and hard-hittingfrenetic chords, Striving In Greater Hopes, better known as S.i.G.H., breaks out of their Long Island enclave into the Tri-State area's...

#4 The Gutterdogs
The Gutterdogs
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#5 Unsigned Artist Carla SUe
Carla SUe
  Plays: 3748 | Saves: 5978
  Influences: Patsy Cline, Lorretta Lynn,...
Artist info

Carla Sue" is no stranger to country music,playing with such greats as: Norma Jean,Tillman Franks,David Houston,Bill Phillips,Doug Mounts, and even the legendary 'Roy Acuff",just to mention a few! Carla Sue's roots are in the Arkansas Hills.She...

#6 The Hard Australian
The Hard Australian
  Plays: 5177
  Influences: Hardstyle
  Members: one
Artist info

Hey I'm Daniel a.k.a The Hard Australian at the moment Ive been making music for over 3 years i started to make it when i was about 13 I'm 16 now and becoming more advanced in my producing my genre is Hardstyle that's why i call myself The Hard...

#7 Unsigned Artist Aj
Aj (Dallas Texas)
  Plays: 111 | Saves: 417
  Influences: Aesop Rock; Atmosphere;...
  Members: Blind Legion; Run with us...
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Right then..

#8 Konflict
Konflict (M4Radio)
  Plays: 3058 | Saves: 2799
  Influences: Sound Garden, Riot, Black...
Artist info

Konflict is the solo project of Ken Hill, lead guitarist of Fractured Existence, and Psychonuts. About 3 years ago, Ken decided to combine his passion for Alternative hard rock/metal, with his love of History....

#9 Unsigned Artist SoulShifter
SoulShifter (Santa Barbara, Ca)
  Plays: 273 | Saves: 1579
  Influences: The Doors meet Pearl Jam
  Members: Paul Navarro-Guevara
Artist info

From the moment he picked up a guitar and opened his mouth to sing in 1993, Soulshifter was been touching others with his blend of raw emotion, soulful wisdom, and an understanding of the hardships of life. Self-taught and self promoting, he has...

#10 Rockabitch
Rockabitch (Plainfield, NJ)
  Plays: 3669 | Saves: 1481
  Influences: Foxy Brown
Artist info

Born in Houston, TX, and raised in Plainfield, NJ. I've been into the entertainment industry since the age of 3. I sing, rap, and act