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#1 Unsigned Artist Kisha Griffin
Kisha Griffin (San Francisco)
  Plays: 970 | Saves: 3573
  Influences: En Vogue, Heather Headly,...
No artist info

#2 Replaced Music
Replaced Music (Antwerp, Belgium)
  Influences: dEUS, 80ties, Punk, Spoken...
  Members: Michel Pelckmans
Artist info

I make autobiographic lyrics, and create alternative/indie (rock) songs, I refuse to fit in a genre, and artist should be free. you can buy my latest album "Wildcard" at bandcamp. ...

#3 Unsigned Artist Kin
Kin (Massachusetts...)
  Members: Ryan, Chris, & Will
Artist info

We are three local musicians in Massachusetts (two of which are in high school) who are dedicated to playing music. Having just cut our first demo, we are looking to play gigs connect with other bands. Check out our hompage and get our demo cd!...

SHINE (Sweden)
  Plays: 283 | Saves: 1061
Artist info

Shine is: Paul - Vocals, guitars, bas, computer drums, keyboard Linda - Vocals http://www.voolife.se/Pub/Artists/?ID=17582

#5 Unsigned Artist Rebell
Rebell (California)
  Influences: 2pac
  Members: Rebell
Artist info

From the age of twelve years old Delaneo Rebell Gipson started writing his first lyrics. Inspired by N.W.A listing to Eazy E and Ice Cube he decided to be a poet. He never knew that he would be totally the opposite of them God had a plan. Rebell...

#6 Mouthful of Flies
Mouthful of Flies (London)
  Plays: 151
  Influences: Mouthful of Flies
  Members: Dean Smith, Daniel...
Artist info

Stage 1 - The eggs are laid The year, 2001. The town, London. At the party of a mutual friend, Dean Smith and Daniel Stevenson level the hairy eyeball at each other from across the kitchen. The smell of dope hangs in the air like the...

#7 Unsigned Artist James.White
James.White (UK)
Artist info

New UK Dance/Trance producer.

#8 Shortcuts
Shortcuts (Berkshire, England.)
  Plays: 122 | Saves: 960
  Influences: Acoustic/Rock
  Members: Jack, Lee, Paul
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Soviet Underdog
Soviet Underdog (Liverpool Uk)
  Plays: 109 | Saves: 1259
  Influences: Soviet Underdog, Good Noise
  Members: Riggers, MIkey, Danny, Sianni
Artist info

Born out of a determination to bring Grunge Rock music to the forefront of music moguls attention. The Dogs, as affectionately known, have been gigging the way it should be done for the last three years. Treating every gig as if it were their...

#10 The Wander
The Wander (Strasbourg, France)
  Plays: 1195 | Saves: 3471
  Influences: Raison d'Ítre, Ulver
  Members: Spatial Environmental
Artist info

"Spatial Environmental" is an atmospheric & ambient project which is principaly inspired by visions from the huge space surrounding us all... We have autoproduced our first eponym CD (about 40mn) and we would like to spread further the message...