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#1 Unsigned Artist Her Alibi
Her Alibi (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
  Plays: 2750 | Saves: 2289
  Members: Cynthia, Bernal, James,...
Artist info

Her Alibi has been together as a whole for just over a year. Our repertoire consists of 40+ original songs and we are about half way to completing our debut full length CD. Many of our songs revolve around people and relationships. Collectively,...

#2 Schmange
Schmange (Holland Landing)
  Plays: 3889 | Saves: 1376
  Influences: Tears for Fears meets Van...
  Members: Kevin Taylor
Artist info

Instrumentation Kevin Taylor - Vocals / Guitar / Synth / Bass / Production JJ. Contner - Keyboards / Synth Alexi Dutrominova - Drums / Programming Warren Rosenberg - Bass / Synth Bryan Cheung - Sound Effects / Atmostphere Amy Torrence,...

#3 Unsigned Artist Gary Giampaolo
Gary Giampaolo (Houson, Texas)
  Plays: 1107 | Saves: 860
  Influences: Singer/Songwriter between...
  Members: Gary Giampaolo
Artist info

I’ve been making a living as a musician since I moved out on my own, constantly writing, recording and performing. I’ve had success with my original music with radio play on FM, AM and College formats, tracks featured on the Food Network, VH1,...

#4 Lisztonian
Lisztonian (Lehi Utah)
  Plays: 2355 | Saves: 1081
Artist info

Lisztonian provides free classical music in the form of MP3, WMA, or streamable media. All recordings are copyrighted by the recording artist ...

#5 Unsigned Artist CHARLS LOVE
CHARLS LOVE (Sheffield, UK)
  Plays: 958 | Saves: 1225
  Influences: Herself, strong voice,...
Artist info

Charls Love 106 Wade Street SHEFFIELD S4 8HX 07931897407 Past Charlene a.k.a Charls Love has had an audience since being a young child. Her talents are wide spread, as she found out when starring as Nancy in the play Oliver, which was...

YONOSE (Caracas, Venezuela)
  Plays: 60 | Saves: 399
  Influences: Is a unique style, sort of...
  Members: Jorge Marquez (vocals),...
Artist info

Just wait a little bit, to write a serious one

#7 Unsigned Artist Penny Red
Penny Red (Suffolk / Essex UK)
  Plays: 181 | Saves: 1035
  Influences: Manic Street Preachers
  Members: Malcolm, Rich, Rob, Alan
Artist info

Penny Red are the finest rock band in the world. They are a four piece from the Suffolk / Essex border regions who make aggressive rock somewhere between The Wildhearts, Nirvana, early Manic Street Preachers and The Cult. Penny Red have been...

  Plays: 655 | Saves: 1362
  Influences: me niCCa
Artist info

I'm straight out that soufwest Houston,Tx. I've been freestyling for years, but now its time to get serious wit it and put it out. if you aint tryin to help me or my cash flo, then dont hit me up. 4 real.

#9 Unsigned Artist 3 Driven Nails
3 Driven Nails (Birmingham, AL)
  Plays: 1097 | Saves: 2147
  Influences: Contemporary, Praise &...
  Members: Barry Dorman - Lead Vocals...
Artist info

3 Driven Nails was born in 2001 under founding members Brandon Matthews and Barry Dorman. 3DN quickly pushed it's way forward to the very front lines of what God has been doing across the South East, taking part in just about every venue possible....

#10 lyricroad
lyricroad (las vegas,NV)
  Plays: 27
  Members: Dave Matel Matt Prinkey
Artist info

Lyric Road Las Vegas' Lyric Road is the bridge spanning retro goodness and solid, future-thinking styles. The band performs self-described pop rock with an 80s feel and has a sound wide open to a broad spectrum of audience members. Fans of...