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#1 Unsigned Artist fuskanora
  Plays: 230 | Saves: 1329
  Influences: fuskanora
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METRONICA (Exeter/ London, UK)
  Plays: 730
  Influences: Bloc Party,New Order,David...
  Members: Marc Paul,Pat Clark,Tim...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist caroline
caroline (Maltese Islands, Europe)
  Plays: 427 | Saves: 677
  Members: Mariestelle Vella De Marco
Artist info

My name is Mariestelle and i am a native of the Maltese Islands, Europe. Caroline was a project name i acquired in 2002 for the recording of a demo to accompany the "bianca nature-interaction" intro, on display at the Memory Architecture...

#4 Gargoyle
Gargoyle (Glasgow, Scotland)
  Plays: 917 | Saves: 3530
  Members: Andrew Rankine -...
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Gargoyle was formed in 2005 by Andrew Rankine, and play many styles including black & death metal, reggae, drum\'n\'bass, atmospheric, experimental, etc. Andrew plays guitar/drums/bass/vocals, and is recording music at his home studio in Glasgow,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Steffanie Christi'an
Steffanie Christi'an (Detroit, Mi)
  Plays: 854
  Influences: Janis Joplin, Tracy...
Artist info

Introducing….Steffanie Christi’an Hailing from Motown, this sultry Rock-N-Soul vixen is prepared to explode on the music scene brining a fresh sound unique to only Steffanie Christi’ an. Fusing the musical influence of such greats as Billy...

#6 Approaching Silence
Approaching Silence (Texarkana, Texas)
  Plays: 666 | Saves: 828
  Members: Chester, Charles, Joseph...
Artist info

Chester = Crazy front man with his cordless mic. running all over the place. Influenced by Dax from Acid Bath. Charles = Crazy melodic guitar riffs. Influenced by Alice N Chains and Sepultura. Joseph = Crazy bass fingers, pickin that thing...

#7 Unsigned Artist ViCE
ViCE (UK, London)
  Plays: 342
  Influences: pop, r&b, soul
  Members: Scott Ritchie, Luke White,...
Artist info

guys who mix raw soul, funk and outrageous rhythm to capture the mind and effortlessly activate the body, making it impossible for any music lover to ignore. Fresh vibes of feel good energy together with clever and poignant lyrics ensure ViCE's...

#8 Meadows
Meadows (Fernandina Beach, FL)
  Influences: Ambient
  Members: Timothy & Melissa Meadows
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Lush vocal melodies with instrumentation and natural ambience.

#9 Unsigned Artist OC Sluts
OC Sluts (Willimantic, CT)
  Plays: 1979 | Saves: 3231
  Influences: Blitzkid, Mister Monster,...
  Members: Tristan Phil and Travis
Artist info

Horror-Punk-Rock band from CT, looking for a singer.

#10 DJ Wings
DJ Wings (Maryland, USA)
  Influences: DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold,...
  Members: DJ Wings
Artist info

I'm just a cool glowing kitty who enjoys making progressive trance music and trying out new ways to create music. I'm not big on trying to sound like anyone in particular, I just like making music and when I make something I like listening to...I...