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#1 Unsigned Artist Old World New
Old World New (USA (CA))
  Influences: Electronic blend
  Members: Cult of the Dead (and...
Artist info

Since we enjoy all types of music, we set out to blend different music that we appreciate. We find it rewarding to challenge our mixing abilities to create new sounds from old sounds. Our main influence is World music. In the US music range is...

#2 Wayside Blur
Wayside Blur (Thousand Oaks)
  Plays: 246 | Saves: 650
  Influences: The Killers, Beatles,...
  Members: Ben Longawa, Matt Young
Artist info

We're a pretty new band, we've got a few songs recorded and have around 7 original songs under our belt. We've done one live show and are looking to gain a bigger fan base really. Ben is our bassist, and actually our drummer on our recordings, as...

#3 Unsigned Artist Uroboros
Uroboros (Memphis, TN / Boston, MA)
  Plays: 89 | Saves: 345
  Influences: At The Gates, Borknagar,...
  Members: Eddie Owen
Artist info

Please visit www.myspace.com/uroborosmusic for more music and information.

#4 painsbrook
painsbrook (London, UK)
  Members: Andy Hosier (Vocals), Dan...
Artist info

PainsBrook are a London based 5 piece. Styles and influences range but have been described as British Emo/Post Hardcore! The current line up of painsbrook formed in the summer months of 2004 with the addition of Chris Hayden on rhythm guitar. With...

#5 Unsigned Artist SLOW MOTION CRASH
  Plays: 105 | Saves: 542
  Influences: The Faint, Smashing...
  Members: Brian Fisher-vocals, guitar...
Artist info

Slow Motion Crash has taken a long, sonic route to reach its present state. Beginning with a 10-year friendship/musical relationship between song writers Brian Fisher (vocals, guitar) and Ryan Holmes (guitar, vocals), Slow Motion Crash broke into...

#6 stoneraven
stoneraven (East Yorkshire, UK)
  Plays: 373
  Influences: oasis, counting crows,...
  Members: Tony (vocals), Steve...
Artist info

Back in 2001 Tony(vocals) and Steve(guitars) renewed an old friendship after not really seeing each other for about 10 years. Music didn't come into the picture at first, but eventually it came up in conversation and they started a writing...

#7 Unsigned Artist So Kinged Up
So Kinged Up (Tacoma, WA)
  Plays: 55 | Saves: 188
  Influences: 2pac
Artist info

So King'd Up, real name Kyle Brown was raised in Tacoma,WA in the South side area and there began to write rhymes and sale drugs at 14 ,but his life of crime led to 5 years probation at 18 and in and out of jail doing crime until doing 2 years in...

#8 Virgil Meets Argonaut
Virgil Meets Argonaut (Manteca, CA)
  Influences: A mix between a little oh,...
  Members: Jerry, Keith, Dusty, Justin
Artist info

VmA is made up of four guys who love to play music and have fun doing it. Their goal is to make music that may influence others to play music that is unique, original, and beautiful. wooty woot.

#9 Unsigned Artist The Deep Feelings of the Ocean
The Deep Feelings of the Ocean (Russian Federation,...)
  Plays: 325 | Saves: 410
  Influences: Foals
  Members: Ivan Benzik, Valentin...
No artist info

  Plays: 548 | Saves: 1135
  Influences: Shabba Ranks
  Members: Solo
Artist info

Dady World is a Jamaican of who lives in Canada. He is a serious and devoted singer/songwriter who in the very near future he will release is first albumDadys World. At present he tour with bands from Jamaica. Since the early age has been DJ and...