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#1 Unsigned Artist Desmond Peals aka 2real
Desmond Peals aka 2real (Louisville, KY)
  Plays: 349
  Influences: Life
  Members: Desmond Peals
Artist info

Writer, Producer, rapper. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND THOUGHTS. beats and more songs comoin very soon

#2 Half Dead
Half Dead (Spring Lake, North...)
  Influences: metal
  Members: Don Perkins: Lead Vocals...
Artist info

For past 20 years we have played on and off rippin thru Ozzy and Iron Maiden tunes

#3 Unsigned Artist Taylor Maria
Taylor Maria (Los Angeles)
  Members: Taylor Maria
Artist info

Hi, myself Taylor Maria. I am working with Take Sessions as a Music Instructor. We give an instrument or Private Music Lessons in Los Angeles to the students by connecting directly to the teachers. If you are willing to know about the courses for...

#4 T Dot Cash
T Dot Cash (South East London)
  Plays: 395 | Saves: 1009
  Influences: Uk Rap, Original Sounds Try...
Artist info

T Dot Cash, An individual from south london trying to be original. Started to spit around a year ago, still young so loads of room for improvement. Music 1 of the only things able to make him get away from the world. So being able to blow in...

#5 Unsigned Artist Play 4 Smile
Play 4 Smile (Munich)
  Plays: 56 | Saves: 98
  Members: Benny Steinbach, Holger...
Artist info

Booking: holger.enghardt@googlemail.com

#6 Lower Level
Lower Level
  Plays: 1026 | Saves: 1647
Artist info

Born and Raised On the North Side of Houston Tx, Jedii.Com and Freddy Freaxxx combine to create The Lower Level. The name Lower Level represents a place in the south, just beneath the surface where hip hop continues to be an avenue of expression...

#7 Unsigned Artist Michael Zhonga
Michael Zhonga (New York City)
  Plays: 2184 | Saves: 1305
  Influences: Justin Timberlake, Rihanna,...
Artist info

Michael Zhonga is a 17 year old singer, songwriter, producer, and performer living in New York City. His music is very mainstream and commercial. It does not all fit into one category, but is made up of pop, dance, techno, and R&B elements. No...

#8 Louis Lingg and the Bombs
Louis Lingg and the Bombs (Paris, France)
  Plays: 264 | Saves: 1290
  Influences: Anarcho pop punk
  Members: Josh, Clem Phlegm, Julie...
Artist info

Louis Lingg and the Bombs are goddamn punk-rock-garage-pop-anarcho saviours of the 2 and half minute pop song. They come from Paris where they regularly blow up little bars with explosions of snot and beer fuelled punk rock energy. They released a...

#9 Unsigned Artist VampVoltage
VampVoltage (Jagodina, Serbia)
  Plays: 1684 | Saves: 1985
  Influences: Apoptygma Berzerk, The...
  Members: Maxa (programming,vocals),...
Artist info

In the year of 2002. Maxa and his good friend Srki (guitarist) had an idea to cover a band which they both like.Right on they acoustically covered a a few HIM's songs and they liked it pretty much and decided to make one song (Just For You)...

#10 MKPLatinum
  Plays: 684 | Saves: 2404
Artist info

Born Feb.1,1984Brooklyn medical centr NY,MKPLatinum known as M.K. grew up in the gridiest part of Jersey,city,Newark,and Queens where he lived with only his mom and four other siblings,so M.K. grew up quick found a love in basketball and he was...