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#1 Unsigned Artist Darren Flowers Band
Darren Flowers Band (Oklahoma City , OK)
  Plays: 2881 | Saves: 2049
  Influences: Ryan Adams, Howie Day,...
  Members: Darren Flowers, Daniel...
Artist info

Check out http://www.myspace.com/darrenflowers to sample Darren's new album

#2 Digital Hooligan
Digital Hooligan (Canada)
  Plays: 1243 | Saves: 1209
  Influences: several different sounds
  Members: 1
Artist info

Lives on one of the moons orbiting Saturn. Thankfully, you can preview some of his work at www.digital-hooligan.com

#3 Unsigned Artist TGDOLLA
TGDOLLA (North Carolina)
  Plays: 91 | Saves: 215
  Influences: Music Worldwide
  Members: TGDolla
No artist info

#4 Silent Shot
Silent Shot (North Hollywood,...)
  Plays: 35
  Influences: Pantera, Slayer, Hatebreed,...
  Members: Moses - George - Benjy - Ed
Artist info

From North Hollywood, California Silent Shot is a band fusing the sounds of yesterday and today's evolving metal into a unique empowering form. Started in 2008, the band has established a sound and performance like no other. The perfect balance...

#5 Unsigned Artist YONOSE
YONOSE (Caracas, Venezuela)
  Plays: 60 | Saves: 387
  Influences: Is a unique style, sort of...
  Members: Jorge Marquez (vocals),...
Artist info

Just wait a little bit, to write a serious one

#6 The Drive
The Drive (Big Rapids)
  Influences: The Drive is a...
  Members: Bryan Southerton, Randy...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist DORU
DORU (Europa - Romania)
  Plays: 12718 | Saves: 5384
Artist info

More informations at http://www.guitar.3x.ro

#8 adayaway
adayaway (Nottingham, UK)
  Plays: 603 | Saves: 1919
  Influences: Radiohead, Oasis, Strokes,...
  Members: rob, matt, al, chris
Artist info

Four piece guitar driven indie band based in Nottingham, UK. www.adayawaymusic.co.uk

#9 Unsigned Artist Michael Paul Stratton
Michael Paul Stratton (Hemet)
  Plays: 73 | Saves: 546
  Influences: Hip Hop, R&B
  Members: Crazy Mike
Artist info

I am a twisted Hip Hop/R&B song writer, I hope to inspire you with a new form of twisted music! ...

#10 Sedusa
Sedusa (Caerphilly north of...)
  Plays: 144 | Saves: 338
  Members: Mark,Lewys,Ben,Keiron,Kyle
Artist info

Holla, we are Sedusa, a 5 piece band from Caerphilly in wales despite the fact that we've lost 2 members and kicked 2 out aswell, we are back baby! and better than ever. We focus on trance as well as rock, Yeah like Enter Shikari, But believe...