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#1 Unsigned Artist DyeVerse
DyeVerse (Las Vegas)
  Plays: 507 | Saves: 1469
  Influences: Hip Hop
  Members: DyeVerse
Artist info

DyeVerse Producer – Composer – Musician – Singer/Songwriter - Graphic Designer - Lyricist - Engineer Licensed & Published – BMI Records, ASCAP Dyeverse was born Nate Colgain out of San Diego but raised in Las Vegas. He has been...

#2 Kontaminated
Kontaminated (Upminster)
  Influences: A bit like trivium and...
  Members: 4
Artist info

Hey were Kontaminated. Were all aged between 13-14. We consist of Joe (Lead/Shred Guitar), Andy (lead vocals), Ben (Drums/Backing vocals) and Rich (Rhythem/Harmony guitarist). We are relatively new; forming a few months ago from the ashes of...

#3 Unsigned Artist Blee
Blee (London)
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 1506
  Influences: Bob Marley, Nas, Wyclef
  Members: Ble
Artist info

With songs featured in hit American TV series Shameless, Graceland, and True Blood Blee continues to make major moves in this business. Growing up on the paradise Caribbean island of Montserrat, Blee started off his life instilled with values...

#4 Norma Atkins
Norma Atkins (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
  Members: Norma Atkins
Artist info

I'm passionate about many things in life which i try to chanel into my work. In my free time i sing, bu as a job i do homework help. When you happen to be about to get your higher college algebra examination, you could need to have some ...

#5 Unsigned Artist Yellow Van.
Yellow Van.
  Plays: 11 | Saves: 617
  Influences: Arctic monkeys, The Strokes
Artist info

Start playing guitar some years ago, and now and trying to be a professional musician, so I decide to work on some things and put some stuff via stream while i'm improving. I hope you will my and your journey ...

#6 Downshift
  Influences: Finch, Nirvana, Blink 182
Artist info

Hey, we are Downshift; a five-piece rock band from Guildford, Surrey. Most of our friends will have heard OF us, but only the lucky few have heard our music yet. This is because we are still in the writing process! But never fear, eager...

#7 Unsigned Artist Kin
Kin (Massachusetts...)
  Members: Ryan, Chris, & Will
Artist info

We are three local musicians in Massachusetts (two of which are in high school) who are dedicated to playing music. Having just cut our first demo, we are looking to play gigs connect with other bands. Check out our hompage and get our demo cd!...

#8 3 Driven Nails
3 Driven Nails (Birmingham, AL)
  Plays: 1104 | Saves: 3001
  Influences: Contemporary, Praise &...
  Members: Barry Dorman - Lead Vocals...
Artist info

3 Driven Nails was born in 2001 under founding members Brandon Matthews and Barry Dorman. 3DN quickly pushed it's way forward to the very front lines of what God has been doing across the South East, taking part in just about every venue possible....

#9 Unsigned Artist Stoop
Stoop (Chicago, IL)
  Influences: Stoop
  Members: Alex Diaz (vox) Adrian...
Artist info

Stoop was formed 4 years ago by Alex D Adrian A. It started out as a pass of time kinda thing, two kids wasting, at the time Adrian was playing drums. weeks after the initial jamming of noise, Alex noted to Adrian that he wasnt too good on the...

#10 End7
End7 (Seinjoki, Finland)
  Influences: korn ,rage agains the...
Artist info

END7 is a band from Seinjoki, Finland, started back in 2001 when lead singer Santtu's computer-music project shaped to a real band. END7 combines the main elements of modern metal and rapcore, with a bit industrial effect. Music is filled with...