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#1 Unsigned Artist AnnA
AnnA (USA)
  Plays: 252 | Saves: 606
Artist info

Born in Lakewood, NJ 4.10.1990

#2 The dark Side of the World
The dark Side of the World (Prosper TX)
  Plays: 89533 | Saves: 18706
  Influences: Nothing you have ever heard...
  Members: Ryan Feeback
Artist info

We are a Techno Rock/Metal Band. Most techno bands dont have lyrics. Not us we have lyrics on most of our songs and Alot of them have political, Religious, or other Darker themes to them. However we are not all Gloom And Doom. Songs Like Techno...

#3 Unsigned Artist DeLorean Mango
DeLorean Mango (Northwest New Jersey)
  Members: Staples,Miguel Parsons
No artist info

LSHD (Baltimore, MD)
  Plays: 376 | Saves: 1528
  Influences: archers of loaf, the pixies
  Members: Brad Pollard
Artist info

LSHD is Brad Pollard, singer / guitarist from baltimore bands like Chewing on Foil and Spyplane. (You may have never heard of bp, but if you're a wrens fan, you've heard his voice during the intro to the wrens song 45'er.) After leaving the...

#5 Unsigned Artist Gravity
Gravity (NSW, Australia)
  Plays: 75 | Saves: 337
  Influences: Alanis Morisette The Foo...
  Members: Lauren Bruce, Eli Stowe,...
Artist info

Remove the smoke and mirrors from Gravitys transcendent live performance. Strip back the magnetic chemistry and vivid poetry of Lauren Bruce. Take away the undeniable musical ability and uniquely rock credible image... And what do you get?.... A...

#6 Sheena Rose
Sheena Rose (San Francisco)
  Influences: RuPaul, Divine, Boy George,...
  Members: Sheena Rose
Artist info

Sheena Rose has always had a lifelong love for dance music. An established drag queen entertainer/dance recording artist, Sheena Rose burst onto the San Francisco drag/**** club scene in the summer of 2006. Dynamic,dramatic, and electrifying,...

#7 Unsigned Artist A Thousand Leagues Below
A Thousand Leagues Below (Ashford/Thanet, Kent)
  Plays: 183 | Saves: 648
  Members: Sam Web, Joe Michael, Dan...
Artist info

A Thousand Leagues Below formed in January 2005 in South East Kent (England). Out of the ashes of the band No.1 Defender, Joe Michael (Guitar), Dan Corder (Guitar) and Andy Hawker (Bass) teamed up with ex Slingshot Around The Moon frontman and...

#8 Diamond
Diamond (Baltimore, Maryland)
  Plays: 269
Artist info

This 21 year old solo artist has been threw a lot of ups and downs but threw It all she remains the unique Diamond that she Is. October 22, 1985 in Towson, Maryland, Dominique also known as Diamond was born. This talented artist spent most of her...

#9 Unsigned Artist CoastalRise
CoastalRise (Phoenixville, PA)
  Plays: 396
  Members: Timmy Whiting, Brenna...
Artist info

CoastalRise is made up of friends who found each other (not intentionally) through mutual passions for our art, and our common interests and goals – creating an amazing sound that is uniquely our own. We are a very passionate, Soul-driven...

#10 At Risk Teen
At Risk Teen (LostAngels, CA)
  Plays: 174 | Saves: 1646
  Members: J. CHI, L. COMPANION
Artist info

DEBUT CD, "KILL ALL HIPSTERS" (ep), NOW ON SALE! Go to my blog to find out where! Fashioned from beloved parts, AT RISK TEEN are: J. CHI, bon viveur & handsome scoundrel L. COMPANION, wanton layabout & occasional minder of wonderfully nasty...