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#1 Unsigned Artist Rac Tix Digitone
Rac Tix Digitone (Atlanta)
  Plays: 505 | Saves: 1963
  Influences: Dj Shadow, Portishead,...
Artist info

Taking digital music wherever they want it to go, Rac Tix Digitone has been the staple of innovation within various circles throughout Georgia's beatstrumental scene for the past 7 years.Now they're making their Web presence felt. Channeling vibes...

#2 giampiero b.
giampiero b. (Roma (Italy))
  Plays: 116 | Saves: 443
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Weeping Sheeps
Weeping Sheeps (Pfäffikon ZH)
  Influences: many
  Members: Beni, Olaf, Yves
Artist info

We are based in Pfäffikon in the canton of Zurich and like to celebrate music of different decades: Rock, Blues, Ska, Folk, Swing, Reggae and Rock'n'Roll. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, violin, trumpet, blues harp get cheered...

#4 gm.paterson
gm.paterson (ontario canada)
  Plays: 393 | Saves: 892
  Influences: elvis nickleback queen
  Members: gm.paterson and daren...
Artist info

GM Paterson is a Highway Rock Artist,Trucker/ Singer/Songwriter,. GM writes all his own songs. GM was born in Manitoulin Island Ontario and was raised in Sudbury Ontario now lives in Hamilton Ontario. He is a father to one boy named Mitch and he...

#5 Unsigned Artist Soundvision
  Plays: 2644 | Saves: 1443
Artist info

Music is the space between the notes is what Claude Debussy once wrote. It doesnt mean a thing, if it aint got that swing is what Duke Ellington would sing in a verse that leads to no chorus. Chaka Khan, her voice has got it going on and on...

#6 Element
Element (Lancaster, SC)
  Plays: 78 | Saves: 466
  Influences: Breaking Benjamin, Three...
  Members: Tate Moore, Lee...
Artist info

Element is a band out of Lancaster,SC. The band was formed in 2005 and still working hard to reach anyone that will give us a chance. We came up with the name, because every member has different styles and taste in music. We are always working to...

#7 Unsigned Artist HTK
No artist info

#8 Massdriver
Massdriver (Gloucestershire, UK)
  Plays: 417 | Saves: 816
  Influences: Grind/death metal with...
  Members: Steve Laver, David (Shrew)...
Artist info

Im lucky enough to have spent more than 20 years playing guitar and bass in punk and metal bands (a noble calling, to be sure) and so I have come to believe that the following things are true: 1). I must be a right old bastard by now. 2)....

#9 Unsigned Artist K-G and The Band
K-G and The Band (Winter Park,Florida)
  Plays: 134 | Saves: 857
  Influences: Dave Mathews,Bob Marley
Artist info

A BRIEF HISTORY OF K-G AND THE BAND K-G and The Band was formed under the leadership of the Lead Vocalist K-G. K-G Originally from East Africa , a US immigrant formed the band under the vision of diversity in Music and Culture, hence the band's...

#10 A Prozac Personality
A Prozac Personality (armadale westlothian)
  Influences: ADTR BVB ETF A7X
  Members: shadow, ben, spence
Artist info

Hey. just starting this so its kinda blank