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#1 Unsigned Artist Phil O'Flaherty
Phil O'Flaherty (Vancouver, British...)
  Plays: 994 | Saves: 1874
  Influences: James Taylor, Dougie Maclean
Artist info

Phil O'Flaherty experienced emigration from Ireland as an eight year old. 'My job was to carry a bag of shoes and an old mandolin. We literally carried our music with us and managed to stay in touch with the music scene in Ireland'. Those were...

#2 Smokehouse Ramblers Blues Band
Smokehouse Ramblers Blues Band (Pennsylvania)
  Plays: 894 | Saves: 2443
  Influences: Butt Shankin, Foot Stompin,...
  Members: Tom Malafarina, Bass and...
Artist info

The Smokehouse Ramblers are three Pennsylvania blues musicians, Tom Malafarina, Buddy Cleveland and Steve Cocchi who joined forces to create a good time lighter volume acoustic blues trio. They are currently working on their first CD for release...

#3 Unsigned Artist Running 4 Last
Running 4 Last (Indianapolis Indiana)
  Influences: Nirvana, Escape the Fate,...
  Members: Jonny Bush - Bass, Voice...
Artist info

Running 4 Last (Yes we spell it with the number 4) Came to be out of our old band The Last Day. In the old band our guitar player quit. But Joel and I (Jonny) weren't done being in a band. Soon we found Adam, Wrote some songs, Recorded, and here...

#4 Morris Taylor
Morris Taylor (Denton, Texas)
  Plays: 151
  Influences: Psychedelic Rock
Artist info

I've heard it said that the greater the talent the more it longs for an audience. I’ll let mine speak for itself but will say playing live is what I love most about being a musician. It's where the MAGIC happens. The roars and screams of a crowd...

#5 Unsigned Artist vinny vetrone
vinny vetrone (Levittown New York)
  Members: Vinny Vetrone
Artist info

Http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/vinny-vetrone-billionaire-dreams-song.1785099.html 18 year old Long Island Boy !

#6 John Preston
John Preston (Southern California)
  Plays: 100
  Influences: John Mayer, Jack Johnson,...
  Members: 4
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist AySes
AySes (canada)
  Plays: 237 | Saves: 1827
  Influences: billie Holiday meets the...
Artist info

AySes comes to you from toronto, ONTARIO, Canada. She is currently finishing an album at this time and has decided to venture out with her love and spread the joy of sharing new stuff with new people. Currently a single woman, with a cat, she...

#8 s kill zeta
s kill zeta (Youngstown, Ohio)
  Plays: 1645 | Saves: 3030
  Influences: Nas, Slick Rick, Eminem
  Members: S Kill Zeta
Artist info

Http://www.uniclique.com http://myspace.com/skillzeta

#9 Unsigned Artist Neon Revolution
Neon Revolution (Chisago, MN)
  Plays: 1111 | Saves: 1536
  Influences: Rock, Classic Rock
  Members: Seth Gervais Vocals/Lead...
Artist info

In late November, 2006 Seth Gervais began to form a band known as Neon Revolution. John Bruno. (Rootbeer) was next to join the band, as Neon Revolution's drummer.James Pegelow. (Peaches) plays the smooth bass for the band, while Shawn Bluhm. plays...

#10 Aural Alkemy
Aural Alkemy (London)
  Plays: 746
Artist info

Aural Alkemy are 2 London based producers who have been making music for the past 10 years. Their projects include releasing an instrumental album & EP with Ear2Ear Productions, various collaborations with Hip Hop artists & Singers and remixing...