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#1 Unsigned Artist Craig Buchanan
Craig Buchanan (New Mexico)
  Influences: Ryan Adams, The Beatles,...
  Members: Craig Buchanan
Artist info

Craig Buchanan is a musician that writes many different styles ranging from Britpop to Alt-Country, many have said it is hard to classify the style, Craig likes to describe it simply as "music". Having grown up in Birmingham, England,...

#2 NewNobility
  Plays: 680 | Saves: 2864
Artist info

Aussie hi-tech band New Nobility new remix-LOVE

#3 Unsigned Artist Green Mongoose
Green Mongoose
  Plays: 22 | Saves: 773
  Influences: NIN_Ghosts
No artist info

  Plays: 1252 | Saves: 1757
  Influences: spittitclearrecords
  Members: SpittItClearRecords
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#5 Unsigned Artist The Silent Departure
The Silent Departure (Warren Michigan)
  Plays: 31
  Influences: The Audition | Bayside |...
  Members: Ben | Aaron | Nick | Ron
Artist info

Well it all started at a gay club.... need i say more?

  Plays: 253
  Influences: Supertramp,Iggy Pop,Cat...
  Members: Bjoern Eilen
Artist info

THE TALKIES are a brand new rock/pop band originated by singer, songwriter and producer Bjoern Eilen. Musical roots of THE TALKIES are the late 60's and the 70's, their spirit of protest, the ideal of freedom and love which is lost somehow...

#7 Unsigned Artist ear
ear (nyc. ny)
  Plays: 1405 | Saves: 2277
  Influences: a shopping cart of...
  Members: the one, the other one
Artist info

Have you ever thought about what is in your ear? Every scream, every echo of propaganda, every deposit of wax. Well no more. Corporate rock is dead and bands like us are why. Imagination lives inside the ear. www.listentoear.com music for your...

#8 Lu
  Plays: 155
Artist info

I have been writing music since childhood. Through times of trouble i've found it very cathartic to let out my emotions through song. my style is very eclectic, ranging from soft rock ballad, to Pop, to dance and even soul. For this first "taster"...

#9 Unsigned Artist Isaac Pula
Isaac Pula (Melbourne)
  Influences: Jimmy Cliff, Ali Campbell
  Members: Solo Artist
Artist info

Isaac Pula was born in April 1971 in a little Village called Utualii Saleimoa. He Started primary school from 1977-1985. He started College at Church College of Western Samoa in 1986-1988. Isaac came from a family of five brothers and three...

#10 www.arhytmia.com
www.arhytmia.com (San Francisco)
  Plays: 2060 | Saves: 3318
  Influences: New Age, R&B, Soft Rock,
Artist info

“Arhytmia” - San Francisco band playing New Age, R&B and Soft Rock type of music. Music - Vitaly Moskovkin Lyrics - Marina Koorkoff For detailed information regarding musicians, songs, lyrics and performances of “Arhytmia” you can...