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#1 Unsigned Artist Gray Wave
Gray Wave (Brisbane, Australia)
  Plays: 376
  Members: Graham Storrs, Ol' Pewtee
Artist info

Gray Wave is a labour of love. We want to make fun, exciting, lyrical and singable music - because there can't be enough of it. These peices are the tunes that run through one's head, the urge to be part of something by creating it, the...

#2 Di Lemma
Di Lemma (Trelleborg Sweden)
  Plays: 928 | Saves: 3184
Artist info

NANOO, NANOO!!! 3 guys from Sweden, living in small town named Trelleborg, who wish that you could learn some swedish and take part for our struggle to make our town some kind of a celebrity in this world, beacuse its so awful boring here..hehe.

#3 Unsigned Artist whimwise
whimwise (London)
  Plays: 459 | Saves: 3113
  Influences: Enid, Yes, Zappa, Classic
  Members: Nick May and Band
Artist info

Members playing in Gong, Circulus, Alquimia, Peter Banks project, Bigbigtrain played with Line Ups of Jethro Tull, King Krimson, Supertramp, Yes, ELO, Can and others Nick May and Steve Hughes were former members of the top No.1 Band of...

#4 oozye
oozye (Dover Kent UK)
  Plays: 668 | Saves: 1602
  Influences: satriani
  Members: oozye and guest artists
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist The Overthrow
The Overthrow (Indiana, PA)
  Plays: 54 | Saves: 281
  Influences: Nirvana, The Replacements
  Members: Kalin (lead vox/guitar),...
Artist info

The Overthrow is a 3 piece rock band from the Altoona, Pennsylvania area. It was started in 2004 by brothers Kalin and Braden McDannell. The duo played to whoever would listen with whoever wanted to jam with them. In 2006, they joined up with...

#6 Dennis Larabee
Dennis Larabee
  Plays: 3146
Artist info

The intent of this album "Shades of My Father" is to provide public awareness about new dads such as: * Up to 1 in 4 new dads have Paternal Postnatal Depression * Research has shown that men go through biological (hormonal) changes based on...

#7 Unsigned Artist Burn Ritual
Burn Ritual (Central Florida)
  Plays: 355 | Saves: 671
  Influences: Burn Ritual
  Members: David Gandia, Stephen McDaniel
No artist info

#8 Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson (Sunderland, UK)
Artist info

My name is Mike, I am 17 years old and am thoroughly entangled in music. I love attempting to write songs, and as any song writer will know it isn't easy and not all of them are good. I have a couple of good songs that are available on this site....

#9 Unsigned Artist Eric Wilson ewilsonmusic
Eric Wilson ewilsonmusic (Austin, TX)
  Influences: Dave Matthews and Pink Floyd
  Members: Eric Wilson
Artist info

Eric Wilson "Singer/Songwriter of the Year" - 8th Independent Music Awards for 'People's Choice' Award Winning Album "The Twenties". "The Twenties" ENTIRE Debut Album is licensed for TV. MTV's "The Real World: Brooklyn" and "The Hills" feature...

#10 Strings Of Fire
Strings Of Fire (Romford)
  Plays: 222
  Influences: Inme, Bullet For My Valentine
  Members: Jack Sherriff - Vocals +...
Artist info

Properly formed just over a year ago but only settled on a line up about 3 months ago. We got to the final of our counties Battle Of The Bands, we have also played many venues including Califlower, Grays Civic Hall and Music Tek. You can find us...