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#1 Unsigned Artist brian wandtke
brian wandtke
  Plays: 73 | Saves: 327
Artist info

hi i am Brian Wandtke and here is my music well i started playing guitar when i was 12 and started singing when i was 14 and then few years later i got a computer and a recording interface and that's how i make good songs With me the okay...

#2 infrastar
infrastar (Macomb, MI)
  Plays: 430 | Saves: 771
  Influences: new found glory, taproot,...
  Members: brad davis (vocals),...
Artist info

Infrastar is a four-piece band from Macomb, Michigan. Since 2000, Brad Davis(Vocals) and Garrett Zanotti(Guitar) have been writting songs together. In Late 2002, a close friend and fan, Nick Alarcon, started putting their pieces into place. A...

#3 Unsigned Artist Ibiza -95
Ibiza -95 (Sweden)
  Plays: 284 | Saves: 792
  Influences: Nothing you have ever heard
Artist info

Ibiza -95 is a mix between a lot of different genres. The main genres is Techno, punk, chip and electronic hardcore. Every track have it's own sound. But most of the tracks have some few common details. The kick do oftenly sound trashed...

#4 Reality (Flint, MI)
Reality (Flint, MI) (Flint, Michigan)
  Plays: 67 | Saves: 228
  Members: Greg Inman
Artist info

Reality was formed in the year 2000 with the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Based out of Flint, MI, Reality has had the opportunity to reach out to many young people who no longer see any hope in the world...

#5 Unsigned Artist This Way Out
This Way Out (Manchester. u.k)
  Plays: 225
  Influences: Helmet, Fugazi, Rage,...
  Members: four
Artist info

Were a four piece experimental punk band from Manchester in the U.K. We consist of john on drums,Chris on bass,Ray on guitars and chris on the vocals.We've been together for about four and half years mainly gigging in and around our own city,...

AUDIOSTAGG (Central California)
  Plays: 520 | Saves: 336
  Influences: Musical...
  Members: Greg Gould: Rhythm Guitar,...
Artist info

AUDIOSTAGG was first formed in the summer of 1989 in Modesto, CA by two friends influenced by the music they grew up with; primarily the British heavy rock scene- UFO, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest (and even The Baby’s) and other guitar and...

#7 Unsigned Artist Boy #9 and The Caribou
Boy #9 and The Caribou (Orting)
  Influences: Sweet melodies mixed with a...
  Members: Jake Schurmann
Artist info

Well it all started when I got my first acoustic guitar. Then just escalated from there.

#8 THirty 3 Cell
THirty 3 Cell (Erie, PA)
  Plays: 353 | Saves: 779
  Influences: We sound like us... and we...
  Members: Mat Upperman (Vocals), Dvae...
Artist info

Thirty 3 Cell was formed in late 2003 by Dave, Michael, and Tom. (Former) Singer Faith Igras joined around Chirstmas. Writing began fast and furious with songs like "What I See (One Touch)", "Haunting Me", and "Again" being composed and fine tuned...

#9 Unsigned Artist Suns of March
Suns of March (Montgomery, AL)
  Plays: 391
  Influences: Alternative / Southern / Rock
  Members: Charles Smith, Eddie...
Artist info

The lights dim into darkness, five silhouettes walk onto a stage while everybody rushes to the platform and everyone begins to be consumed by what is named the "Suns of March" experience. Who are "Suns of March?" Physically, "Suns of March" are...

#10 Fear the Vacuum
Fear the Vacuum (Fort Collins, CO)
  Plays: 1248 | Saves: 1042
  Influences: Converge, Between the...
  Members: Mike-Vocals Daron-guitar...
Artist info

Formed in 2002 Fear the Vacuum eats glass and copper then creates music specifically engineered to be popular with the MTV generation. Their hometown is Fort Collins, CO.