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#1 Unsigned Artist HangFire
HangFire (South Wales)
  Plays: 163
  Influences: Badlands, Shinedown, Bad...
  Members: 4
Artist info

Southern rock band HangFire Featuring ex Tigertailz drummer Matt Blakout and totally blind guitar virtuoso Lizzy Lee Evans.. we think the band is something pretty awesome ...

#2 giampiero b.
giampiero b. (Roma (Italy))
  Plays: 118 | Saves: 512
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Adam Smith
Adam Smith (London, UK)
  Influences: James Blunt, Damien Rice,...
  Members: Adam Smith!
Artist info

Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter Adam Smith's heartfelt lyrics of love, loss and hope are sung in a distinctive and powerful voice that is gaining him a growing following. Adam is a polished performer with a considerable repertoire of self-penned...

#4 ge-nie
ge-nie (Perth, Western Australia)
  Plays: 327 | Saves: 1
Artist info

Energetic & dancey, usually, and always melodic.

#5 Unsigned Artist Georgios Georgiadis
Georgios Georgiadis
  Plays: 257 | Saves: 1277
  Members: Georgios Georgiadis
No artist info

#6 Access Immortal
Access Immortal (Brooklyn,NY)
  Plays: 393 | Saves: 1142
  Influences: Myself
Artist info

Peep my myspace page also,got a little bit of my bio on there

#7 Unsigned Artist Michael Esse
Michael Esse (North west of Italy)
  Plays: 844 | Saves: 671
  Influences: Buzzing, rumbling, fizzing,...
  Members: Just me
Artist info

Born at the wrong time in the wrong place. Occasionally shaves.

#8 Materia Prima
Materia Prima (Pensacola, Florida)
  Plays: 169 | Saves: 704
  Influences: Enslaved, Behemoth, Ulver
  Members: Rose Jackson - Vocals,...
Artist info

Voracious black metal, chthonian growls, tornadic poetry....From where the Shadow is thrown to the fire rises our creation. Materia Prima ...

#9 Unsigned Artist D-Lux
D-Lux (derby)
  Plays: 155
  Influences: ya mum
Artist info

Im a young MC from derby england and im fairly new ta tha scene and im lucky nuff ta know some1 experianced whu keeps helpin me out

#10 Societal Lament
Societal Lament (Laredo, TX)
  Plays: 116
  Influences: Blink 182
  Members: Tito - Vocals and Guitar
Artist info

I work alone, all the recordings I played guitar, wrote lyrics, and sang. I rather much have help. I\'ve been looking for a bass player and drummer, but it isn\'t so easy. Which is why all you\'ll hear in these recordings are guitar and vocals. If...