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#1 Unsigned Artist Miguel Mori
Miguel Mori (St Catharines)
  Plays: 103 | Saves: 421
  Influences: (Megadeth, Iced earth, Amon...
  Members: Jordan Rosely, Chase Jaxon,...
Artist info

Our band name is actually MESSIAH, I just don't know how to change it on this site. We a group of just out of school kids who want to devote there life to music. Meaning making a band that uses every talent they can to make there music as good...

#2 Vikindin
Vikindin (Fayetteville, NC)
  Plays: 11353 | Saves: 10231
  Influences: If you think Arch Enemy is...
  Members: Legion (vocals)Patrik...
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http://www.myspace.com/vikindin January '07- The onslaught continues as Vikindin 's force grows stronger with King William replacing Corpse on...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Ghost of My True Love
The Ghost of My True Love (London,Ky)
  Influences: every time i die, chiodos,...
  Members: Shawn, Anthony, Wes, JB,
Artist info

It's the teenage dream - being in a band. What could be said that hasn't been said about 4-5 childhood friends that got together one day and decided to kill boredom by picking up a guitar? Although GOMTL wasn't formed on a playground between the...

#4 Minimack
Minimack (Titusville)
  Plays: 47
  Influences: original and unique
  Members: Lil Big Cuz,Young C,Aka...
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Many years ago it came apparent to me that I wanted nothing more than to work on music for a living. As of now I do all of the editing,engineering,writing "for my parts" and all of the mastering.We use other peoples promo beats and go from...

#5 Unsigned Artist Steps Juniors
Steps Juniors (huntingdonshire)
  Plays: 167 | Saves: 493
  Influences: Steps
  Members: charlette, jodie, ann,...
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None at the moment

#6 TheLostSoldiers
TheLostSoldiers (UK Isle Of Man)
  Influences: Oasis Kasabian The Libertines
  Members: Simon Gilman Bass/Vocals...
Artist info

The Lost Soldiers are a young 3 piece indie/rock n roll band from the Isle of Man. Their sound is unique amongst other indie bands with joint lead vocal harmonies and powerful riffs giving them tremendous energy live. The band have supported The...

#7 Unsigned Artist big el
big el (oakland,ca)
  Plays: 829 | Saves: 1205
  Members: Big El and production by...
No artist info

#8 héZ
héZ (Hungary, Baranya...)
  Influences: -
  Members: Horváth Dávid, Schott...
Artist info

Hungaryan alternative music

#9 Unsigned Artist Kashane Tiger
Kashane Tiger (Miramar FL)
  Influences: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin,...
  Members: Kashane Tiger
Artist info

The The Koostyx rock band writes originals and has been doing it together for about 2 years. Were all out of South Florida .

#10 Jon Dalton
Jon Dalton (Costa Mesa CA:)
  Plays: 214
  Influences: Wes Montgomery, Pat...
  Members: Jon Dalton:...
Artist info

One of the most successful artists working in Chill-Jazz today. The Gift reached #1 on CIM jazz radio and tunes from the album have been played on BBC TV, The Weather Channel and countless broadcast and Internet radio staions.