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#1 Unsigned Artist Dirty Sanchez & the Pancho Villas
Dirty Sanchez & the Pancho Villas (Athens, Georgia USA)
  Plays: 512 | Saves: 675
  Influences: Foo Fighters, Toadies,...
  Members: Jon Ivey (vocals, guitar),...
Artist info

Started in December, 2003 by Jon Ivey (vocals, guitar) and Erin Stagg (drums), the duo soon rounded out the lineup with Rich Allen on bass and former Drive-by-Trucker guitarist, Rob Malone. Before long, a thick and heavy but still rhythmic and...

#2 stranger things
stranger things (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Members: Gabriel Wingard
Artist info

Find us at: http://www.strangerthings.net

#3 Unsigned Artist Darcspire
  Plays: 124
  Influences: Lacuna Coil, Garbage,...
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D'arcspire was born somewhere on the A40 between Amersham in Buckinghamshire and Acton; West London. The line was drawn there; half of it influenced by the sounds in the city and the other half was well aware you could escape to the suburbs in...

#4 Brazilian Cartel
Brazilian Cartel (World Wide)
  Influences: Too Many....
  Members: FM & LM
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Dirty Deeds
Dirty Deeds (Malm, Sweden)
  Influences: Bad Ass Rock N Roll
  Members: Tysken - Vocals, Jenny...
Artist info

4 Hardrocking amigos from Malm, Sweden started this band in the begining of 2006. with different inspirations they came up with a special sound. After recording some songs they started to rock Sweden with their Kick Ass Rock'n'roll. Today...

#6 SardonicDaMoneyHound
SardonicDaMoneyHound (Texarkana,Arkansas)
  Plays: 352 | Saves: 1364
  Influences: a little 2pac mixed with a...
  Members: Money Hound Records a...
Artist info

Sardonic was born Steven Shorter March 9th 1984 in Detroit, Michigan he lived there till he was 3 and moved to Nashville, Arkansas he been down south ever since his mother taught him how to read before he even started school he started by reading...

#7 Unsigned Artist RECEIVER
  Plays: 953
  Influences: Nirvana/QOTSA/Foos
  Members: Kym Brown, Jamie Fenneburg,...
Artist info

Dubbed Indie Sensation by Canadas Chart Magazine, auteur Kym Brown has enjoyed much success back over the Atlantic with her dazzling brand of space oddity synth-pop. Her debut independent release, Pygmalion (Todd Simko) remained in the top 10 of...

#8 Calvin Pert
Calvin Pert (Saint John, NB CANADA)
  Plays: 344 | Saves: 1818
  Influences: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen,...
  Members: Calvin Pert
Artist info

After about 15 years of hiatus, I pulled the old guitar out of from behind the couch, treated it to a dusting, new strings, found a the pen and paper, took off to the garage and wrote most these tunes over the course of a few weeks.

#9 Unsigned Artist Doña Canchis
Doña Canchis (INLAND EMPIRE)
  Influences: DEATH-BRUJERIA-LOS...
  Members: Luiggy-Antonio-eddie-danial...
Artist info

Doña Canchis Is a MEtal Baised Ska Band FORMED The INland Empire.We have injected our Music With a Dark Latin Beat to Infect your minds Eather in a positive or negitive way.jajaja ReadY To SKANK,MOSH,or Rek Some SsHH? Chaos and Energy is what...

#10 Dementia
Dementia (Largo/St. Petersburg,...)
  Influences: Experimental/Metal/Classical
  Members: Eli - Vocals Kevin -...
Artist info

Formed in late 2007 in St Petersburg FL, Dementia has become a finely tuned creative force. Many comparisons have been made however it remains difficult to apply any specific label. Their sound consists of many different aspects including...