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#1 Unsigned Artist Swivek
Swivek (West Hollywood)
  Plays: 208 | Saves: 1395
  Influences: Beck, Magnetic Fields,...
Artist info

Swivek is West Hollywood's celebrity stalker Bradley Jacobson and his gang of derelict teenagers. The brand new album darkness + light is now available - The record is abuzz with hypertensive energy and is among the most accessible of Swivek...

#2 white gurl
white gurl (Dallas)
  Influences: freakn good
Artist info

Well i just turned 16 in June...and the indusrty needs somebody new and young and pretty and who can sing...i mean i don't have the material to upload music because we really don't have money like that...like right now this isn't my computer and...

#3 Unsigned Artist C-LO
C-LO (Austin,Tx)
  Influences: Drake, Lil Wayne, Big Sean,...
No artist info

#4 Secondary Someday
Secondary Someday (Hutchinson Kansas)
  Plays: 367 | Saves: 481
  Influences: Chevelle, TRIVIUM, Alter...
  Members: Founders: Eliot Lundemo,...
Artist info

We are five teenagers that have been working on recording a demo for a while. We struggled to find a reliable and talented singer for quite a while, but we finally found the right person. Most of us have been playing our instruments for around...

#5 Unsigned Artist 10 Inch Maria
10 Inch Maria (Austin, TX)
  Plays: 793 | Saves: 1349
  Influences: The Pretenders, Patti...
  Members: RC, Fawn, Mona, Peg
Artist info

A 10" MARIA is not what you might think it is, but it does glow in the dark so get your minds out of the gutter! A 10" MARIA is a ten-inch statue of the Virgin Mary. Something to be passionate about and to admire. 10" MARIA was founded in...

#6 Exit 380
Exit 380 (DFW, TX)
  Plays: 473
  Influences: Pearl Jam, STP, Led Zeppelin
  Members: 4
Artist info

EXIT 380 formed in Denton, TX in Spring 1999. This traveling rock band has polished it's live act on the road through continous touring & gigging. EXIT 380 has produced two albums through their label E3 Entertainment/E3 Records & are currently in...

#7 Unsigned Artist Denatured
Denatured (Porthcawl, South Wales)
  Influences: we're your new favorite band
  Members: Chris Davies - Lead...
Artist info

Denatured hail from the little seaside town of Porthcawl, the group started as Chris and Crompton jamming together in the hot summer of 2002, but since then the band has seen members come and go and seem to have finally become the 4 members there...

Artist info

Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW9tI7bFeV0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb7MprR24NI

#9 Unsigned Artist yu gang
yu gang (china)
  Members: pellet mill machine
Artist info

The company is committed to help the guests from China purchasing genuine, inexpensive variety of products, and provide quality technical and after-sales service, including customer satisfaction and improve the service system, arrange technical...

#10 Fake Gods
Fake Gods (central Scotland)
  Plays: 238 | Saves: 1019
  Influences: Folk Rock, Americana
  Members: Alex McGhie
Artist info

Secret Pines is Alex McGhie (ex Fake Gods) and collaborators.