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#1 Unsigned Artist Sweethurts
Sweethurts (Fagersta, Sweden)
  Plays: 1187 | Saves: 1726
  Members: Hanna And Jimmy Lee
Artist info

Sweethurts is a duo doing Alternative/Singer-songwriter music with a touch of country and rock. The founders of the band is the lovecouple Jimmy Kristo and Hanna Jacobsson from a smalltown called Fagersta in Sweden. Thay started in 2006 making...

#2 The Sound Museum
The Sound Museum (Cincinnati)
  Plays: 706 | Saves: 1186
  Influences: Pink Floyd
  Members: Bart van der Zee, Bill...
Artist info

We are a psychedelic band from Cincinnati, Ohio. enjoy our first EP and keep checking back for new songs and updates.

#3 Unsigned Artist I Need Sleep
I Need Sleep (Chicago)
  Plays: 848 | Saves: 1187
  Influences: Talking Heads, Need New...
  Members: DL, Justin, Dave, Brian, Dan
Artist info

Starting out as a street band experiment, I Need Sleep has turned into some sort of strange "pop" group. Using mandolin, steel drums, banjo, lead pipes, ukulele, clarinet, bells, organ, viola, trumpet, saxophone, trashcans, buckets, bass...

#4 Controversy
Controversy (Dallas, TX)
  Plays: 398 | Saves: 668
  Influences: P!nk
Artist info

From a dead-beat wannabe to a psychopathic liar.. ..it's just ME now and I feel better than ever!!! Considering I have been in soooo many CRAZY ASS groups....it's beyond belief that I'm still doing music. But what can I say....I LOVE IT!! I just...

#5 Unsigned Artist Crowdoscope
Crowdoscope (London,UK)
  Members: Crowdoscope
Artist info

In Crowdoscope, groups can interact in a system carefully designed to optimise their input and extract insight. In this way, Crowdoscope helps communities navigate discussions more easily, facilitates collaboration and enhances participant...

REVA (Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK)
  Plays: 2322
  Influences: PVD
  Members: Adrian Fern
Artist info

REVA is a DJ / Producer from Chippenham, Wiltshire in the United Kingdom. He has been producing and remixing for 15 years and has been DJing for 20, his DJing career started in 1987 with the introduction of Acid and Rave. From playing at and...

#7 Unsigned Artist IMG Teens
IMG Teens (Beverly Hills)
  Plays: 50 | Saves: 242
No artist info

#8 Ph1
Ph1 (Kent)
  Plays: 5704 | Saves: 1695
  Influences: The 90s
  Members: Jacob Ovington
Artist info

My name is Jacob Ovington, im 17. I have been producing music for 18 months, and over this time I have developed a more distinct trance sound. I wish I had more time to spend on music!! This is my youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jakeov...

#9 Unsigned Artist rich green
rich green (bodymore,murdaland)
  Plays: 532 | Saves: 1203
  Influences: noone
  Members: rich green
Artist info

Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com Rocky aka Rich Green 18 years old, from Baltimore MD I live in Foxridge Went through a hard time the past couple years by loosin houses, jobs, & strugglin to eat I got 11 tattoos to resemble my struggles & what...

#10 Degenerated
Degenerated (Gothenburg,Sweden)
  Plays: 464 | Saves: 2273
  Influences: a little bit of everything...
  Members: Fredrik,Daniel,Mikael,Denni...
Artist info

5 guys playing old school inspired death metal. Whos been playing toghter for about 7 months now.Released its 4 track demo 1 month ago.