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#1 Unsigned Artist Avidity
Avidity (Whittier, CA)
  Plays: 414 | Saves: 2757
  Influences: At the gates, Glass Casket,...
  Members: Joe - Vocals, Ian - Bass,...
Artist info

Avidity was formed in 2004 by Joe Ramirez and Alex Rheault we made some music then we got Ian Jennings (6 string bass) and Evan Welborn and we came together to create this beautiful metal music. If you like At the gates, Tool, Slayer, Black...

#2 Mark Stephen Warren
Mark Stephen Warren (Huntsville, Alabama)
  Influences: George Winston
Artist info

A beautiful work of piano music. MSW has many years in the indie recording industry as an artist, writer and producer. Known more for his instrumental versatility and quarky rhythms and melodies, "Hands Lifted High" is a focused effort at...

#3 Unsigned Artist BASSiCK TRAXX
BASSiCK TRAXX (Zagreb, Croatia)
  Plays: 327
  Members: Scan, T-Live, M
Artist info

BASSiCK TRAXX are 3 producers who grew up on hip-hop and reggae. We did some undergroung hip-hop tracks back in the 90's. After a creative break we joined forces in 2005 and work together now to create drum&bass, dub, breaks, hip-hop and dancehall...

#4 FYB
FYB (Aiken, SC)
  Plays: 329 | Saves: 1486
  Influences: Classic Hip- Rock
Artist info

Small Town, Big Sound

#5 Unsigned Artist Stephanie Roy
Stephanie Roy (New-Brunswick, Canada)
  Influences: Well, it sounds like just a...
Artist info

Stephanie's been in music from a very young age. She's been playing the piano since she was three, and singing before she could talk. Her insperation results from the fact that her God-father made it big in town as a recording artist, and a...

#6 Relentless Love
Relentless Love (New York State)
  Plays: 846 | Saves: 1709
  Influences: Alternative, Indie, Rock
  Members: Kiki, Bethany
Artist info

Relentless Love began in Summer '09, when we decided we wanted a more serious project. We are 2 cousins who have been singing together since we were very young, and now we have Relentless Love. We live far apart, so it is hard for us to get...

#7 Unsigned Artist Insult 2 Injury
Insult 2 Injury (Derry (Pittsburgh) Pa)
  Plays: 187 | Saves: 562
  Members: Frank Denara, Aaron...
No artist info

#8 UnTaLeNtEd
UnTaLeNtEd (Fitzgerald Georgia)
  Plays: 2889 | Saves: 4298
Artist info

Hey....well here is a little bit about myself. I'm 17 years young & i'm in this band called UnTaLeNtEd. It's not the best in the world, but we at least hope yall enjoy our music & songs. By the way we will have new songs soon, b.c we have been...

#9 Unsigned Artist Lee Lindsey
Lee Lindsey (Vancouver)
  Plays: 73
  Influences: Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks,...
  Members: Lee Lindsey, Sam Bradley,...
Artist info

Dreaming It Never, Living It - Forever Lee Lindsey has written songs her whole life. Like most artists, her music tells the story of her life. However, unlike most people who grow up, Lee never abandoned her childhood vision. It was that...

#10 Mr. Downstairs
Mr. Downstairs (Los Angeles)
  Influences: Shiny Toy Guns, 30 Seconds...
Artist info

Mr Downstairs featuring Dani Artaud and Asia Whiteacre formed in late 2010. Expect a new album in the vein of Dark Indie Pop along with touring schedule in early 2011.