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#1 Unsigned Artist GLENN ROBB
  Plays: 10884 | Saves: 14243
  Influences: my self
  Members: ,GLENN ROBB,
Artist info

GLENN ROBB Presents..... C.M.H RECORDS EXEXCUTIVE CHIEF ARTIST,ACTOR,PRODUCER, CEO Glenn Robb is and artist who blends his street savvy with his inner most thoughts. his raspy rap vocals over hip-hop and R&B...

#2 Rotting Cadaver
Rotting Cadaver (Karanganyar, Central...)
  Members: Rotting Cadaver
Artist info

We Are Slamming About Nature East 2012 !! Save Our Earth !! | Protect Paradise !! | Slam about Nature !! Follow Twitter : @RottingCadaver

#3 Unsigned Artist Jimmy Valentine
Jimmy Valentine
  Plays: 388 | Saves: 900
Artist info

Jimmy Valentine is from Chicago..you can really hear the influence of the city in his guitar playing... *** jimmy got his first music lesson at the age of seven years old from rock and roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis... *** when he was was 13 years...

#4 Stereo Disconnect
Stereo Disconnect (Chicago, IL (Logan...)
  Influences: Alternative
  Members: Ilya Portnoy - Vocals,...
Artist info

Band Members: Ilya Portnoy - Vocals, Keys Walter Rosenberg - Drums Joseph Galambos - Bass Zach Knapp - Guitar Influences: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Tool, Placebo, David Bowie anxiety with a beat Unsigned from Chicago's Logan Square...

#5 Unsigned Artist Jesse Bryant
Jesse Bryant (Asheboro NC)
  Plays: 417 | Saves: 1949
  Influences: Waylon Jennings Johnny Cash
No artist info

#6 Icares
Icares (Omaha, NE)
  Members: Ryan,Mike, Tim, Jerry
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist orchid dawn
orchid dawn (bridport, dorset)
  Influences: read the background, listen...
  Members: stevyn, charlie, si, nick
Artist info

Orchid dawn The beast has risen from its slumber. A mythical creature alive again, A phoenix from the flames, A prisoner of fortune released from his restraints. We are back! Bigger, better, brighter (wiser?). A behemoth resurrected...

#8 jj love
jj love (The D (Detroit, MI))
  Plays: 1022 | Saves: 2687
  Influences: A young Michael Jackson.
  Members: Lance Jabraan Franklin
Artist info

He was born and raised in Detroit, MI on January 9th, 1987, with his family abd dog (He is 18 years old now). He has performed since the age of five as a tap a singer and used to tap dance. Has created two albums, written, arranged and produced by...

#9 Unsigned Artist Free Parking!
Free Parking! (Brodheadsville, PA)
  Members: Trevor Gilleece, Brendan...
Artist info

Trevor Gilleece is the lead guitar, Cody Gunther is all over the drums and percussion, Jesse Nebling is the rhythm guitarist and backup singer, Bogdan Niemoczynski is the keyboardist/piano guy, and Brendan Steere is the bassist/lead singer, and...

#10 Wings Of A Hero
Wings Of A Hero (Green Bay)
  Influences: Paramore, Skillet, Relient...
  Members: Brady, Austin, Madeline,...
Artist info

Wings Of A Hero is a Pop/Rock band from Green Bay, WI. The members formed in the summer of 2011 to play a benefit concert that their school was hosting. Over the past year, they have grown to new levels and played at many different places in the...