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#1 Unsigned Artist Black7
Black7 (Malmesbury South Africa)
  Influences: Soil/Alterbridge/Metallica/...
  Members: Matthew...
Artist info

Black7 started 2004. The members are Matthew(guitar/vocals) Simon(Bass) Chris(drums). Although they are all still in school they kick ass! This is defenitly a band ment to entertain people. They always give their best and never gives up hope....

#2 ZenRiot
ZenRiot (Wakefield, England)
  Influences: Oldie rock and a bit of...
  Members: James Stone - Lead...
Artist info

We started in Autumn '06 and just moved on up really - dying to get a first recording though

#3 Unsigned Artist WAY OF THE EXTREME
  Plays: 655 | Saves: 838
  Influences: We try to play over every...
  Members: Dr. Extreem, The Madness,...
Artist info

Way Of The Extreme began in Dr. Extreem's bedroom in 2000. Inspired by a man named John Micheal we made a song called "Apostles Of Hate". Later that night we decided to make a couple more songs... "The Kill Klown" and "HUNT, DOG, MURDER!". Those...

#4 sonni and the starkeys
sonni and the starkeys (SONNI AND THE STARKEYS)
  Influences: punk
Artist info

SONNI AND THE STARKEYS started in the barns of hell rocking and a rollin all night till the early hours of the morn keep rockin hillbilly mother ****ers now sonni can be found playing to crowds of millions with his all faithfull starkeys

#5 Unsigned Artist Paul Castle
Paul Castle
  Plays: 244
  Influences: James Taylor, Nick Drake,...
No artist info

#6 anne davis
anne davis (nashville, tn)
  Plays: 1336 | Saves: 3051
  Influences: sheryl crow, amy grant,...
  Members: anne davis
Artist info

Jackson, Miss. native, Anne Davis' new self-produced album, Letters, Prayers, and Journal Entries, a compilation of thought-provoking upbeat tempos and ballads from the "folk-alternative" artist, has been turning ears as it has traveled throughout...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Klang
The Klang (Wigan)
  Plays: 45
  Influences: Kings Of Leon, Arctic...
  Members: Lewis Whalley, Alex...
Artist info

Described as "one of wigan's best young bands" and a sound that is "pure fun", the band continue to grow in popularity and have had radio appearances as well as playing at the biggest gigs in the region.

#8 FlooDBaR
FlooDBaR (Niles, Mi)
  Plays: 2990 | Saves: 2945
  Influences: Rancid, Op Iv, Bosstones,...
  Members: (3) Dom, Barry and Ed
Artist info

FlooDBaR has been around since 99. We put it on ice in 2001 for a lil bit. Since then we have had a couple of line up changes and thought that we would bring it back to you in 04!

#9 Unsigned Artist The Dejunair Project
The Dejunair Project (Free Online)
  Plays: 112
  Influences: Many instrumental styles.
  Members: McStrum, MrBouncy
Artist info

Http://www.thedejunairproject.com - The Dejunair Project has released the first LP Peace and all the associated Jam Tracks. We have also posted individual tracks for all the cd quality tracks for remix, sampling or whatever you want. All free....

#10 Raymond Chew
Raymond Chew (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  Plays: 511 | Saves: 503
Artist info

Ray started creating his own sound and style in 2004. Since then, he has been crossing genres. He's a big fan of romantic comedies, basketball, inline skating, travelling and pizzas