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#1 Unsigned Artist VampVoltage
VampVoltage (Jagodina, Serbia)
  Plays: 1685 | Saves: 2023
  Influences: Apoptygma Berzerk, The...
  Members: Maxa (programming,vocals),...
Artist info

In the year of 2002. Maxa and his good friend Srki (guitarist) had an idea to cover a band which they both like.Right on they acoustically covered a a few HIM's songs and they liked it pretty much and decided to make one song (Just For You)...

#2 The Diesel Society
The Diesel Society (Finland)
  Plays: 435 | Saves: 1141
  Influences: Rock
  Members: E. Jylli, J.Nik, S. Fors
Artist info

Formed in the end of 2006. Western Finland. Searching a singer to join!

#3 Unsigned Artist RunningWithScissors
RunningWithScissors (Thurso)
  Plays: 76 | Saves: 5
  Influences: Wildhearts, Therapy?,...
  Members: Shug, Columbus, Ron and Spaz
Artist info

Formed in 2010 as a cover band for fun, ideas formed and songs were made. Just out of the studio and about to start mixing and mastering some original noise, please listen and give us any feedback on the demos below. Muchas Gracias, RwS. The...

#4 Diesel Down
Diesel Down (Stockholm/Sweden)
  Plays: 701 | Saves: 1582
  Influences: Like them self!!!
  Members: Johan, Daniel, Jocke, Tomas
Artist info

Diesel Down started to form in the fall of -05. When Jocke (drums) together with Johan (Guitar), asked Tomas (Vocals) if he was interested in forming a band. But the lineup wasn´t complete untill Daniel (Bas) joined in May -06 . Under the Summer...

#5 Unsigned Artist Level Seven
Level Seven (Perth, Western Australia)
  Plays: 159 | Saves: 419
  Influences: Too many to list
  Members: Luke-Vocals, Scott-guitars,...
Artist info

Level 7 is an Original progressive rock/metal band based in Perth Australia. Formed in January of 2010, member’s Craig Lawson (Bass) and Dave Dart (drums), recruited Scott Bell (guitars) after a hiatus from other projects and a keen interest...

#6 Edge of Attack
Edge of Attack (Grande Prairie, Alberta)
  Plays: 79
  Influences: Megadeth, Avenged...
  Members: Doug Whipple, Trevor Swain,...
Artist info

Edge of Attack prides itself in bringing a musical style and unprecedented flair on the stage unlike any other metal band. Each member brings his own flavor to the band that makes Edge of Attack the relentless force that it has become as time has...

#7 Unsigned Artist alon Darbiany
alon Darbiany
  Plays: 163
Artist info

Now in the army !

#8 Cryochamber
Cryochamber (Quezon City, Philippines)
  Plays: 666
  Members: Ony, Gerard, Smith, Meg
Artist info

A SITE OPENED BY MR. TONTO RONTON FOR CRYOCHAMBER The band has been together for more than 2 years now, sometimes meeting every weekend, sometimes not for 3 to 6 months straight! Nevertheless, their performances have been very memorable to...

#9 Unsigned Artist Nick Gunzburg
Nick Gunzburg
  Plays: 307 | Saves: 1080
  Influences: Very original sound!...
Artist info

Nick Gunzburg is a musician who plays mainly guitar and random other things. He has been writing songs since he was about 13 or so. A friend, Chris Deidrick, and Nick started a band in the USA called Restless Arising which was quite possibly the...

#10 One Less Distraction
One Less Distraction (Dayton OH)
  Plays: 192 | Saves: 416
  Influences: Influenced by: Howie Day,...
  Members: Bryan Gavin, Mike Ryan, Joe...
Artist info

More Info at www.distractmeonline.com