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#1 Unsigned Artist s dot q
s dot q (UK)
  Plays: 532 | Saves: 1357
  Influences: hip-hop-new school...
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Im am 12 yrs old ...

REECE (South Wales UK)
  Plays: 12
  Influences: Dan Reed Network, Dream...
  Members: Rob Reece, Russ Rogers &...
Artist info

Hailing from Caerphilly in South Wales, REECE is a three piece band who have jumped into the music scene with an energy and passion that is hard to find in the current musical climate. Bringing untold years of experience between them, what they...

#3 Unsigned Artist Troy Roy
Troy Roy (phila. pa.)
  Plays: 15310 | Saves: 9499
  Influences: roy orbinson, johnny cash,...
  Members: Troy Roy
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A special thanks to my manager letting me use her picture on my horse.I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old, I remember hearing Johnny Cash on the radio playing a boy named sue I thought that was a great song and funny. I wanted to be...

#4 The Orange House
The Orange House (Yucatan, Mexico)
  Plays: 147 | Saves: 1055
  Members: Mike Martin, Armando...
Artist info

The Orange House started in 2007 in Yucatan, Mexico. It´s an alternative rock band that combines rock, country, blues, jazz etc.

#5 Unsigned Artist OrangeEnvy
OrangeEnvy (Charlotte NC)
  Plays: 235 | Saves: 661
  Influences: Fuel, Foo Fighters,...
  Members: Neil Jackson- lead vocals...
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If you are into rap, scream metal or Britney Spears..our music may not be for you, but if you're into Fuel with a splash of Black Sabbath, a twist of Nickelback, a shot of Metallica and a squeeze of Foo Fighters...then intoxicate your mind with...

#6 Mystery
Mystery (Melbourne,Victoria,Aus...)
  Members: Joshua Scarpaci
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Sania
Sania (Denmark)
  Plays: 119 | Saves: 446
  Members: Tommy C Gitte H
Artist info

We have making danish pop songs for about 2 years,but now we also want to make some music in english.More info coming soon

BROOMSTICK WITCHES (gabriola island bc canada)
  Plays: 23168 | Saves: 58154
  Influences: Shadows of a full moon on a...
  Members: Rick Super( stage names...
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New song coming soon called Scorpio Queen....free download for month of October 2019....from the album Serpents of Lucifer....enjoy.... First-time Free release of Club Beelzebub from my new album Serpents Of Lucifer.... New releases...

#9 Unsigned Artist Thugwarz
Thugwarz (pittsburgh pa)
  Plays: 172 | Saves: 622
  Influences: 2pac
  Members: mendoza lord divine m-dogg...
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#10 Uptowne Buddha
Uptowne Buddha (Cleveland, Ohio)
  Influences: Jamiroquai
  Members: Sam Terkel - Guitar
Artist info

I love you, You love me, Uptowne Buddha Family, with a lot of good music and a bunch of talent man, we are a really good jamming band!!