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#1 Unsigned Artist Eddiebangs
Eddiebangs (Vernon, NJ)
  Plays: 192 | Saves: 186
  Influences: Faith No More, Mr. Bungle,...
  Members: Eddiebangs is a one man...
Artist info

Eddiebangs is a one man music machine. To learn more about him & make friends, look him up at MYSPACE.COM/EDDIEBANGS His new cd "7 Day Songs" is available on Amazon.com, Target.com, CDNow.com, CDbaby, Itunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, and many,...

#2 The Affair
The Affair (St. Louis, Missouri)
  Plays: 312 | Saves: 601
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Jordan Bergren
Jordan Bergren (Denver, CO)
  Plays: 312 | Saves: 1100
  Influences: John Legend, Frank sinatra,...
  Members: Jordan Bergren
Artist info

I'm a 23 year old singer songwriter from Cedar Rapids, IA. I live in Denver colorado now and I'm in the process of putting my debut album together with a small but amazing studio in Fort Collins, CO.

#4 Stedman
Stedman (Chico, CA)
  Plays: 231
  Influences: Ourselves
  Members: Hano-Vocals, Tony-Guitar,...
Artist info

Stedman is creating a new sound in the hard rock/metal genre. Hailing fro Northern California, these four gentleman want to bring their music to the masses. A perfect blend of rock, hard rock, metal, and a splash of hip hop from time to time...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Vainglorious
The Vainglorious (Glasgow, Scotland)
  Plays: 4759 | Saves: 3301
Artist info

The band is really just one person, at the moment. A boy and a guitar and a computer. I'd really like to get a few folk involved and gig some of the songs eventually. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland Please feel free to go to my Facebook and add...

#6 Glitzy Glow
Glitzy Glow (Kalmar, Sweden)
  Plays: 411 | Saves: 1655
  Influences: Kiss, Poison, Motley Crue,...
  Members: Johnny_Roxxy, Geoff...
Artist info

The Glam Metal musician, Johnny Roxxy, earlier a member in the Glam Rock bands Plastic Dolls and Angelina Diamonds, gets his inspiration from the 80\'s Heavy Metal and Hair Metal bands such as Kiss, Mötley Crue, Tigertailz and W.A.S.P. Johnny...

#7 Unsigned Artist GNYUS THE ARTIST
  Plays: 2 | Saves: 981
  Influences: PRINCE,AL GREEN,SLY...
Artist info

GNYUS(pronounced gen-i-ous) is a fresh,emerging musical genious.He presently resides in both Atlanta,Georgia and Englewood California.Watch as he makes a major impact in the music,entertainment and fashion industries.GNYUS is single,dark and...

#8 Brian J. Bodnar
Brian J. Bodnar (Southeast Virginia,...)
  Plays: 39687 | Saves: 11306
  Influences: Beck, Lightning Seeds, REM,...
  Members: Brian J. Bodnar
Artist info

Brian J. Bodnar - Using a wide range of influences, Brian has recorded songs at home since the late 1980's. The rather crude recordings were made using what was at hand, from simple tape to tape setups to a 4-track tape recorder. Instruments...

#9 Unsigned Artist GOLDIVA
GOLDIVA (Bayside, NY)
  Plays: 367
  Influences: Blondie, Stevie Nicks, Pat...
  Members: Goldiva
No artist info

#10 D-Boye
D-Boye (Sanford N.C.)
  Plays: 479 | Saves: 755
Artist info

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