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#1 Unsigned Artist GlassAndSteel
GlassAndSteel (Providence, Rhode Island)
  Influences: Hear us at...
  Members: David Rocha and Chris Webster
Artist info

(see www.revernation.com/glassandsteel for more!) Music is often seen as an entertainment medium, but it can also serve as a transformative tool that can broaden people's horizons and give the clarity of better self-understanding. GlassAndSteel...

#2 Nataraja
Nataraja (Italy)
  Plays: 4847 | Saves: 3388
  Members: N@
Artist info

Nataraja, the digital shaman into PsyTrance, Goa and Full-On Extravaganza from Italy.

#3 Unsigned Artist Suspiria
Suspiria (Massachusetts)
  Plays: 87 | Saves: 531
  Influences: Misfits, Samhain, Bella Morte
  Members: Scott Eerie-vocals, Vinny...
Artist info

Suspiria started in 2004, and is ripping into the 2005 scene with ghoulish lyrics, haunting melodies, and a theme of horror.

#4 La Unica Irish Band
La Unica Irish Band (Arlington, VA)
  Plays: 1569 | Saves: 1525
  Influences: Chieftains, Gypsy Kings,...
Artist info

Two South Americans and two Irish Americans were discussing music styles over Coronas and Guinness in November 2009. La Única Irish Band was the result. A very fun and interesting mix of Latin and Traditional Irish music. Listen to our samples on...

#5 Unsigned Artist THe ReD eFFeCT
THe ReD eFFeCT (Chicago, IL)
  Plays: 1791 | Saves: 986
  Influences: Failure, Tool, Year of the...
  Members: Dave, Bobby, Jay, Chris
Artist info

THe ReD eFFeCT is blend of hard catchy riffs and dark melodic melodies that give them their signature sound. Their influences include Chevelle, Three Days Grace, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Hum, and Failure. Dedication and motivation are two...

THE DOVE STONES (Saddleworth...)
  Plays: 456
  Influences: The Dove Stones!
  Members: Duddz (Vocals/Guitar) Gregg...
Artist info

Band History The Dove Stones was started by Gregg Holdrich ( Guitarist) In the late end of 2006 he found himself talking to Richard brother of Duddz in a local bar. Gregg had hung his guitar up after finishing playing with quite a successful...

#7 Unsigned Artist Prdctv
Prdctv (Oxford)
  Plays: 129 | Saves: 595
  Influences: Electronica/Ambient/Alterna...
  Members: Alex Lloyd
Artist info

Www.prdctv.com Prdctv is the stage name of Oxford-based Alex Lloyd. After playing as a drummer in the band Hello Bruno for several years, Alex discovered the joys of loops, samplers and computers, and began writing electronica in the summer of...

#8 Custom Made
Custom Made (London)
  Plays: 256 | Saves: 1152
  Influences: Porcupine Tree, Enchant,...
  Members: Tamas Csemez - vocals,...
Artist info

The band formed in Budapest, Hungary in October 2000, and has been playing with its current line-up since late 2003. Our music has received labels of all kinds from pop-rock to prog-rock over the years, but we would prefer not to be put in any of...

#9 Unsigned Artist Crawfish McSlaab
Crawfish McSlaab (Bath, UK)
  Influences: Four Tet, Fourtet,...
  Members: Paul MacMahon
Artist info

I create rap music 'cos I never dug disco, only I don't. Sorry. I make electronica both for fun, for my degree, and as musical director in a production company I am co-founder of. It is important to me to keep pushing my own boundaries, and it is...

#10 Gary Giampaolo
Gary Giampaolo (Houson, Texas)
  Plays: 1113 | Saves: 979
  Influences: Singer/Songwriter between...
  Members: Gary Giampaolo
Artist info

I’ve been making a living as a musician since I moved out on my own, constantly writing, recording and performing. I’ve had success with my original music with radio play on FM, AM and College formats, tracks featured on the Food Network, VH1,...