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#1 Unsigned Artist dj phew
dj phew (portugal)
  Plays: 605 | Saves: 2691
  Members: joao miguel pires
Artist info

From Portugal,Joao Miguel Pires A.K.A. Dj Phew,plays Electronic Music since 1993,He lived a couple of years in London, where he played and studied Electronic Music Production at S.A.E.(London),and has been producing music for about two years.

#2 Camp 10
Camp 10 (Jackson, MS)
  Plays: 1001 | Saves: 1549
  Influences: decide for yourself
  Members: C-DUB, Lil' Lucky, Certified
Artist info

Coming from tha Southside of JackTown, our group Camp 10 'bout to take over the south, besides Luda and Lil' Boosie, this group gives the crunk and cool with lyrics better than ya average southern rapper.

#3 Unsigned Artist Out of Time
Out of Time (Trollhättan)
  Influences: Dream Theater, Genesis,...
  Members: Joakim Gabrielsson, Erik...
Artist info

It all started a few years ago, when bass player Erik Johansson and drummer Mattias Nordqvist began talking about starting a new band together. Recruiting guitar player Anders Olsson meant the forming of Sion. Influenced by bands like Dream...

#4 BlaqMyk
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist mantie
mantie (nyc)
  Members: oncloudshoesforall
Artist info

The on cloud shoes for all are manufactured for a great base embrace and fit. The straps provide it an ergonomic style that assures base protection and comfort.

#6 Def 12
Def 12 (Lexington, Kentucky)
  Plays: 534 | Saves: 654
  Influences: Ozzy, Dream Theater,...
  Members: Oscar Nolan, Beau Cornett,...
Artist info

Def12 is a progressive Christian rock band. They try to reach teens with a style of music that most teens are looking for. Def12 is known as Beau Cornett, Oscar Nolan, Jessee Sizemore, and Weazel...

#7 Unsigned Artist Robin Gibson
Robin Gibson (Seattle)
  Plays: 2260 | Saves: 3106
  Influences: Original - sounds like myself
Artist info

Robin Gibson I had always played guitar from a young age, self-taught. I went to school in Seattle and we had "Guitar Class". We never really did anything in there only mess around, but this is where I stared to get involved in live...

#8 Higher Cry
Higher Cry (Hot Springs)
  Plays: 205 | Saves: 937
  Influences: Creed
  Members: Robert, Steven, Seth, Timm
Artist info

Hello; My name is Robert Stringer, and I would like to introduce you to “Higher Cry” We are an all original, Christian Rock Group from Hot Springs, Arkansas. We have a grunge rock to Easy ballad style, with Creed Style vocals. We assembled late...

#9 Unsigned Artist heather W
heather W
No artist info

#10 Killin Theory
Killin Theory (iran)
  Plays: 26
  Influences: too fuckin many!
  Members: dante,richie
Artist info

Started 4 years ago. we play progressive instrumental metal. until now we've written 87 songs,but don't have the money nor the equipment to record an album. here in iran,nobody gives a ****! we need a record deal, ASAP!