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#1 Unsigned Artist The Harlots House
The Harlots House (UK, Liverpool)
  Plays: 266 | Saves: 37
  Influences: The Wronguns
  Members: David H, chelsea lee chloe...
Artist info

The Harlots House are down to 5 and all out of beer. All the songs are a bit rough as, but we like them Thanks Have a Nice Day

#2 Sapid
  Plays: 291 | Saves: 325
  Influences: Nirvana
Artist info

Sapid is a rock band from Minneapolis, MN. Our main influences are Nirvana, The Velvet Underground, REM, L7, Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr and Alice in Chains. Please check out our website at www.freewebs.com/sapidmusic Thanks for checking us out

#3 Unsigned Artist blackmyth
blackmyth (New Jersey)
  Plays: 5022 | Saves: 2510
  Influences: g rap 2004
Artist info

From Jersey, fuck wit them GORILLA PIMP niggas and before its over wit yall gonna have me in the top five

#4 Red Light Go
Red Light Go (Bath England)
  Plays: 256 | Saves: 2
  Influences: the Cure to Duran Duran,...
Artist info

Red Light GO deliver a unique brand of anarchic pop / punk for the masses. Their sound is an eccentric, electric, eclectic mix of soaring synths, chunky guitar melodies, driving rhythms and sneering vocals combined with menacing, meandering,...

#5 Unsigned Artist call a hero
call a hero (Nr exeter, devon UK)
  Influences: the starting line, blink...
  Members: josh street, nathan...
Artist info

Its all started with a school project where we got together to make a rubbish cd, which can still be found in jacks bedroom. we decided that we loved playing with each other so decided to carry on being a band. over the years we have prgressed...

#6 Mr Durite
Mr Durite
  Plays: 232 | Saves: 1517
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Spur Of A moment
Spur Of A moment (Eugene Oregon U.S.A)
  Plays: 62
  Influences: Instumental
  Members: Bruce Bush
Artist info

Starting in the mid 80's started to make tape to tape instumentals using low cost keyboards and anything that made a good tone. In the late 90's to current I upgraded to using a better keyboard and using a cd recoder and computer. I also use...

#8 Scribe
Scribe (San Rafael)
  Influences: Rush, Led Zeppelin, Tool,...
  Members: J Poppas - Vocals & Bass...
Artist info

The Band: J Poppas--Lead Vocals & Bass PJ--Drums & Back Up Vocals Alex Korinzer--Guitars & Back Up Vocals A NU FUNK PROGRESSIVE ROCK TRIO Scribe is a post modern power trio featuring great songs presented with top flight...

#9 Unsigned Artist Gilded Lily
Gilded Lily (Ft.Lauderdale FL)
  Plays: 214 | Saves: 500
  Influences: Along the lines of...
  Members: 4
Artist info

Not wanting to be labeled or categorized, our intent is to identify moods and feelings." Leading off the band, with voice that's powerful yet smooth, "Natalie"... brings it home with lyrics that touch your soul. Next..."Mike"(Buzafer) Busa, brings...

#10 Mark Stephen Warren
Mark Stephen Warren (Huntsville, Alabama)
  Influences: George Winston
Artist info

A beautiful work of piano music. MSW has many years in the indie recording industry as an artist, writer and producer. Known more for his instrumental versatility and quarky rhythms and melodies, "Hands Lifted High" is a focused effort at...