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#1 Unsigned Artist The Innocents
The Innocents
  Plays: 234 | Saves: 952
  Influences: At the risk of being shot...
Artist info

Outwardly stable yet internally angst-ridden adult male creative partnership, exorcising the ghosts of adolescent trauma via the medium of song.

URBANPOETRY (glasgow scotland)
  Influences: melodic/metal and grunge
  Members: paul on drums, adammon...
Artist info

We are Urban Poetry, a band that formed in September 2002 but with line up changes this band has been together since March 2003 and its gonna stay that way. We've had many a gig and hope to continue to go places, if ya got the time then come see...

#3 Unsigned Artist The auto dropouts
The auto dropouts (Sweden)
  Plays: 137 | Saves: 664
  Influences: Robyn Hitchcock Grant lee...
Artist info

Hi ! We are a Swedish band. My name is Jesper & i do the songs & lyrics. Some friends are helping me out in the studio.

#4 Circus Grenade
Circus Grenade (Birmingham, West...)
  Plays: 477 | Saves: 368
  Members: Kyle Sheldon, Luke...
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http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/bands/14074/ ...

#5 Unsigned Artist Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas
  Members: Jennifer Thomas
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These cat6 patch cables are built well, fast, priced right and ready to ship making them the perfect no-frills cable. Order cat 6 ethernet ...

#6 ShaqEd
ShaqEd (Israel)
  Members: Shaqed Moyal, Edward Aisskov
Artist info

The band consistss of two Israelis, Shaked and Edward, who met in high school back in the early 2000's. Both men had a great interest in music and began recording experimental music in various styles including blues, country and rock. Their first...

#7 Unsigned Artist Sue Kittiaksorn
Sue Kittiaksorn (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
  Plays: 266 | Saves: 821
  Influences: the Beatles (Lennon), the...
  Members: Sue Kittiaksorn
Artist info

Sue Kittiaksorn is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter. She is classically-trained on the piano, and began writing original music at the age of fifteen. She has written the following songs: Johnny's Got A Brand New Guitar Fade Away (w/ R....

#8 Babe Broa
Babe Broa (virginia)
  Plays: 758 | Saves: 1204
  Members: 1
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Babe Broa grew up in the small country town of Chatham, Virginia where he grew up as the average high school Basketball star, but there was something else he had potential to become a star in, music! Music has always been a magnet, so to speak,...

#9 Unsigned Artist Myths of New York
Myths of New York (Nottingham)
  Members: Swanny, Scott and Mike
No artist info

#10 HubCityMusicRecords
  Plays: 22 | Saves: 287
Artist info

Zydeco Artist. 33yrs of age. Born in a small town of New Roads La. Attended University of Louisiana Lafayette. Part of Hubcity Records which consist of C.E.O Brandon “Mr. Phat” Neezy, Producer Duke “Duke Dawg” Neezy, Curtis “Big...