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#1 Unsigned Artist olivier miranda
olivier miranda (amsterdam)
  Plays: 1674 | Saves: 1470
  Influences: hendrix,miles davis,larry...
Artist info

Session guitarist based in amsterdam

#2 Ishiyama
Ishiyama (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  Plays: 6784 | Saves: 6617
  Influences: Calvin Harris , Datsik ,...
  Members: Scott Landriault
Artist info

More at http://djishiyama.com Exhilirating music and a sense for business have dominated Scott Landriault’s career since he started out. Ishiyama (as he is known in the DJ world) progressed through all areas of music. In high school he...

#3 Unsigned Artist Blaze1Crew
Blaze1Crew (Sioux City,Iowa)
  Plays: 184 | Saves: 1160
  Members: CitySlikka,YungWizz,Flipsta...
No artist info

#4 Deep September
Deep September (Scotland)
  Plays: 378 | Saves: 595
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist electric rebel
electric rebel (GLASGOW)
  Plays: 571
No artist info

#6 Overmore
Overmore (Minsk, Belarus)
  Plays: 333 | Saves: 836
Artist info

Overmore is a musical band from Minsk, playing unusual interesting music which genre can be called conditionally as intellectual psychedelic rock. The instrumental basis of songs is made by a bass guitar and drums only and as a result you can...

#7 Unsigned Artist A Band Named Billy
A Band Named Billy
  Plays: 142 | Saves: 1643
  Influences: Us
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#8 Kiliasm
Kiliasm (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 899 | Saves: 1389
  Influences: Tupac, Kanye west, Lil Wayne
  Members: www.kiliasm.com
Artist info

Hottest new up n comin artist blowin up outta L.A! Check out the website www.kiliasm.net www.myspace.com/kiliasm7

#9 Unsigned Artist Lao Wai
Lao Wai (New York)
  Plays: 793 | Saves: 1387
  Influences: Del, the roots, freestyle...
  Members: Matthew Tye, William Wescott
Artist info

Let's make hip hip, hip hop again.

#10 Adamson Square
Adamson Square (AFRICA: Algeria)
  Plays: 3561
  Members: Bryon Mack, David Pippin,...
Artist info

Bryon Mack - Vocals David Pippin - Guitar Kevin McDowell - Drums Eric Scheulin - Bass