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#1 Unsigned Artist Mystic Moon
Mystic Moon (Athens Greece)
  Plays: 735 | Saves: 2227
  Influences: Candlemass, Solitude...
  Members: Akis Bouklas - Vocals,...
Artist info

Mystic Moon were created at Peristeri, Greece the summer of 2004 by Akis Bouklas on Vocals, Chris Tsaparas on Drums, Jimmy Priest and Jim Bousoulas on Guitars. Later in the same year Domenico Doomangel Pritis joined the band as the rhythm...

#2 Dipslip
Dipslip (Zagreb, Croatia)
  Plays: 178 | Saves: 562
  Influences: alternative / surf / trance...
  Members: guitar, bass, drums, synth
Artist info

Hello World! Dipslip is a four - member (guitar, bass, synth, drums) band from Zagreb, Croatia. We really don't like genre clasifications, as we allways find it difficult to describe our music in a few words. It is a result of our life experiences...

#3 Unsigned Artist Danielle
Danielle (Miami)
  Plays: 4052 | Saves: 2497
Artist info

Danielle is young woman growing into her voice as well as her personality. Born in sweaty Miami, FL, she has been performing and bringing the heat for family, friends, and strangers since she could remember. Singing primarily R&B/Hip Hop/Soul...

#4 Her Fatal Flaw
Her Fatal Flaw (Phoenix, AZ)
  Plays: 187
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Jeff (vocals), Greg...
Artist info

Her Fatal Flaw is a five piece rock band from Phoenix, AZ. The group has been performaing locally for over two years and is attracting larger crowds at every performance. The band performed at Warped Tour in Phoenix in 2008, and has since shared...

#5 Unsigned Artist Adelic
Adelic (Vancouver, BC)
  Plays: 1127 | Saves: 4847
  Influences: Classic Elton John, The...
  Members: Murray
Artist info

Let's go back to days when you were young. You had no qualms wearing out your brother's Police albums and Elton John's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' was life-changing. When you heard Coldplay and Ben Folds blaring over the radio you were in the cold...

#6 Nuke
Nuke (Bridgend, Wales)
  Influences: Killswitch Engage,...
  Members: Sion, Rob, Jamie, Gar, Dan
Artist info

Metal band from south wales uk. check us out.

#7 Unsigned Artist DASH.INC
  Plays: 176 | Saves: 789
  Members: NOEL ALFRED,TOM...
Artist info


#8 OG Norby
OG Norby (Akwesasne Que)
  Plays: 162 | Saves: 278
  Members: OG Norby
Artist info

Hi, my name is Nolan "OG Norby" Johnson. I am a 20yr old Native American rap/hiphop artist. Born in Cornwall ON raised in Akwesasne Que.

#9 Unsigned Artist Mr.Psy
  Plays: 97
Artist info

Well this is something I wanted to try and see what becomes of it. I have found myself enjoying creating different beats. So I figure if I'm continue this habit I might as well share my creations with the public. Please feel free to leave...

#10 Kredox
Kredox (Ireland)
  Plays: 1547
  Influences: Trance, House , Electro
Artist info

Http://www.myspace.com/kredox Dj: will work for free, all genres rock, Hip-hop, trance, house etc. I'm always updating my music with recent tracks which is why i do teenage disco's great. Located in Bandon, cork, Ireland Contact me at...