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#1 Unsigned Artist Ghost Accuser
Ghost Accuser (Dublin)
  Influences: QOTSA, Editors, PJ Harvey,...
  Members: Joey McGowan - Guitar Vox,...
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With huge, meaty-riffs and bold emotions mixing Post Punk, New Wave, Grunge and Alt Rock, Ghost Accuser are tapping into a whole new vein of creativity. After carefully crafting an entire set of intense new material the band have just released...

#2 madisonbella
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#3 Unsigned Artist ZoraWellington
ZoraWellington (United States)
  Members: ZoraWellington
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#4 ZoeWilbur
ZoeWilbur (United States)
  Members: ZoeWilbur
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#5 Unsigned Artist Garry
Garry (35 Ivor place, lower...)
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#6 Transit City
Transit City (Atlanta, GA)
  Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd,...
  Members: Andrew Riveros, Jason Mitchell
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Transit City is a fresh new band out of Atlanta, GA that incorporates a lot of trademark rock sounds from multiple decades ranging from the 60s classic and groovy sound to that rocking 90s sound to a little bit of today's modern prog and post rock...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Moon Expresso
The Moon Expresso (São Paulo, SP, Brazil)
  Members: Rick Longo
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One-man project by Rick Longo, indie singer & songwriter from Salvador, BA, Brazil. Currently recording out of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

#8 Trevor Hunter
Trevor Hunter (United Kingdom)
  Members: Trevor Hunter
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#9 Unsigned Artist Gritali
Gritali (Porto)
  Plays: 4
  Members: Vasco Moreira Gritali
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#10 James Clarke
James Clarke
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