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#1 Unsigned Artist Frog With Red Eyes
Frog With Red Eyes (Tel Aviv , Israel)
  Members: Gil Porsansky
Artist info

Frog With Red Eyes is Gil Porsansky : Artist , Producer , Songwriter , Main instruments : Electric Guitar , Bass Guitar, Gil Formed Frog With Red Eyes in 2010 as a band with his friends , afterwards he took the project on himself and released Fwre...

#2 Brick House
Brick House (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
  Influences: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,...
  Members: Benjamin Roche, Stuart...
Artist info

A funky four-piece from Liverpool. Started out just under 3 years ago when a Welshman, Irishman, Scotsman and an Englishman met and it happened not to be the start of a joke. “ Brick House have moulded their style and performance into...

#3 Unsigned Artist Sohaib
Sohaib (UAE)
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#4 Max Mercier
Max Mercier
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Yellow Van.
Yellow Van.
  Plays: 3 | Saves: 27
  Influences: Arctic monkeys, The Strokes
Artist info

Start playing guitar some years ago, and now and trying to be a professional musician, so I decide to work on some things and put some stuff via stream while i'm improving. I hope you will my and your journey ...

#6 Ghost Accuser
Ghost Accuser (Dublin)
  Influences: QOTSA, Editors, PJ Harvey,...
  Members: Joey McGowan - Guitar Vox,...
Artist info

With huge, meaty-riffs and bold emotions mixing Post Punk, New Wave, Grunge and Alt Rock, Ghost Accuser are tapping into a whole new vein of creativity. After carefully crafting an entire set of intense new material the band have just released...

#7 Unsigned Artist madisonbella
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#8 Michael John
Michael John
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#9 Unsigned Artist ZoraWellington
ZoraWellington (United States)
  Members: ZoraWellington
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#10 ZoeWilbur
ZoeWilbur (United States)
  Members: ZoeWilbur
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