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#1 Unsigned Artist Nushed Kruts
Nushed Kruts (Telford)
  Plays: 2023 | Saves: 2640
  Members: Gee, Woodzey
Artist info

Gee: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals Woodzey: Vocals, Bass Computer: Drums For Further info, visit: www.myspace.com/nushedkruts

#2 Norton Disney
Norton Disney (London)
  Plays: 779
  Members: Norton Disney - guitar,...
Artist info

'Less' is the first project by new band, Norton Disney. Inspired by a desire to move away from complex arrangements & electronic sounds, this album is a return to simpler times - not to say that the odd synth doesn't put in an appearance here &...

#3 Unsigned Artist Valentina Moza
Valentina Moza (Australia)
  Plays: 23
  Members: Valentina Moza
Artist info

Valentina was a baby when she victoriously escaped communism in Romania in the 1980's with her parents on a small boat on the River Danube. The soldiers were armed and they had dogs with them. They used German Shepherds with very strong bodies...

#4 UltraViolet Uforia
UltraViolet Uforia (Seattle, Washington)
  Plays: 1172 | Saves: 3396
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead
  Members: Michael Canary, Steve Webb,...
Artist info

Bringing Psychedelic Progressive Rock to the citizens of planet earth UltraViolet Uforia is the ultimate jam band. You get the best of all worlds and beyond with spacey jams and danceable grooves. Expand your horizons today with uVu! Since...

#5 Unsigned Artist Shirky
No artist info

#6 Sepher Sod
Sepher Sod (Sampa)
  Plays: 233 | Saves: 1303
  Members: Loo Wiz
Artist info

Http://geocities.yahoo.com.br/lrb_grundig/ mais sons: http://www.purevolume.com/sephersod

#7 Unsigned Artist Steelianos
Steelianos (Greece)
  Plays: 152
  Influences: Guthrie Govan, Steve Vai,...
Artist info

Steelianos began his musical studies in Nakas conservatory and the National conservatory of Greece taking classical piano lessons at age five. Bought his first guitar and dropped off the piano experience in 2001. He started guitar as a...

#8 the name
the name (South Elmsall, West...)
  Plays: 1232 | Saves: 2817
  Influences: Anything from Oasis to...
  Members: Paul Curtis-Harper
Artist info

Put in place after the untimely demise of Long Addiction in 2003, .the name: originally consisted of Paul Curtis-Harper and fellow former Long Addiction member Adam Yates to write, record and hopefully tour the material around Yorkshire and...

#9 Unsigned Artist brian mendes
brian mendes (brooklyn, ny)
  Plays: 316 | Saves: 2078
  Influences: wilco-flaming lips-bruce...
  Members: brianmendes
Artist info

Former frontman of california based desert country band 15marythompsons, now lives in brooklyn --lots of home recording-- mostly dark folk and feel funny country-- americana /urban americana--

#10 Spawn of Man
Spawn of Man (Lewiston, Maine)
  Influences: Good time, heavy metal rock...
Artist info