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#1 Unsigned Artist viva finito
viva finito (Kidderminster)
  Members: Colin Stevenson, Ade...
Artist info

Formed in Jan 2005, Viva Finito have progressed quickly with their addictive blend of classic pop songwriting and hard hitting delivery...

#2 Super Crystal
Super Crystal (Algonac, Michigan USA)
  Plays: 529 | Saves: 1988
  Influences: Various
  Members: Richard Greunke
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist PSP-KID
  Plays: 993 | Saves: 2555
No artist info

#4 Pagan
Pagan (Birmingham, England)
  Plays: 171 | Saves: 578
  Influences: Unique
  Members: Fern McNulty: Guitar/Vocals...
Artist info

Pagan are a 3-piece female fronted alternative rock band from Birmingham. We've been playing the gig scene since early 05 establishing a large fan base and valuable reputation. Eventually we finished are EP late last year with 3 professionally...

#5 Unsigned Artist Second Hand Poets
Second Hand Poets (Chicago)
  Influences: Old 97'2, Wilco,...
  Members: 4
Artist info

Second Hand Poets is a Chicago rock band that creates a unique and twisted musical cocktail. One part off kilter, demented & quirky lyrics, one part country swing, a dose of punk blended thoroughly with the occasional washboard percussion,...

#6 JGBeats
JGBeats (Alba)
  Plays: 28 | Saves: 637
  Members: JGBeats
Artist info

Super Producer

#7 Unsigned Artist APOB
APOB (Atlanta, GA)
  Plays: 504 | Saves: 4036
  Members: Chris Cramer
Artist info

In 2007 APOB began as an Atlanta based punk band, playing over 40 shows and releasing 3 demos before going on hiatus in 2010. Looking to go out with a bang, APOB is back for 2012 with a new style and getting ready to tear up a bar or club near...

#8 EveryonesViking
EveryonesViking (Richmond, Virginia)
  Plays: 529 | Saves: 790
  Members: Bill Church (Guitar),...
Artist info

Good ol' Boys from RVA, ready to make you sway

#9 Unsigned Artist Skillitean
Skillitean (Detroit, MI)
  Plays: 1102
  Influences: Ourselves
Artist info

Http://www.myspace.com/skillitean Check Back Every two weeks if you need a change from the bullshit on the Radio

#10 Qualo
Qualo (Chicago)
  Plays: 242 | Saves: 812
  Influences: Public Enemy, Outkast, Dead...
  Members: Shala Esquire, Chicago...
Artist info

QUALO --Possesses a unique musical blend of classic street doctrine, spiritual sincerity, humor and urban poetic commentary that has earned them a diverse following; reinging from Chicago and the same crew that brought you the talents of Twista,...