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#1 Unsigned Artist Psicosis Onirica
Psicosis Onirica (Coin Malaga)
  Plays: 184
  Influences: Power Rock Meets Goth Rock
  Members: Corisande [Vocals] Jose...
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Our Groupography! ...

#2 Julian Garner
Julian Garner (North Dorset, UK)
  Plays: 571 | Saves: 2119
  Influences: Sting, Glenn Tilbrook, XTC.
  Members: Julian Garner
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More info and music available at http://www.renrag.co.uk Singer-songwriter Julian Garner has performed as a solo artist since 2004. Previously Julian played...

#3 Unsigned Artist Protege
Protege (Long Beach)
  Plays: 246 | Saves: 703
  Influences: Good music
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Protégé also known as Monte Cristo resides in Long Beach, CA were many successful artists originated from, including Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Warren G and many others. Protégé got into Hip-Hop when he was 8 years old by composing meaningless little...

#4 Street Ridaz
Street Ridaz (Los Angeles, California)
  Influences: Westcoast Artist
  Members: Tha Ghetto Prophet, T-Mac,...
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Born and raised together in Los Angeles, California Street Ridaz are determined to make a solid impact. This group of artist are truly a fantastic trio which consist of: "Sticky" a dominant force to be Wrecking Against "T-Mac" the truest form of...

#5 Unsigned Artist Kaya Tribe
Kaya Tribe (Hartland Michigan)
  Influences: Reggae/Rock/Ska/Groove......
  Members: Pat Mayer (Guitar/Vox)...
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Formed out of the band TripStick the 3 of us continued on to form the Kaya Tribe. We mix it up good with some groove music, reggae, ska, and rock. 10 song self recorded/self produced cd out soon.... for free! Kaya Tribe is from Hartland MI,...

#6 Static Static
Static Static (Kansas City, MO)
  Plays: 572 | Saves: 788
  Influences: Jesus Christ
  Members: Mylon Dice
Artist info

I believe if you don't have your dreams you have nothing. I view Jesus Christ as the source of everything my music career has come to so far. I started playing piano in December 2010 and I already have an album coming out including seven songs...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Longest Day
The Longest Day (England)
  Influences: Your kinda music
  Members: Dan Henry,Ross Thompson,...
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The Longest Day Dan Henry guitar and lead vocals Ross Thompson bass and vocals Alan Varnfield drums and synths The merry three piece known affectionately as The Longest Day have been lucky thus far. All heralding from Poole, a grey...

#8 Crazy Leg
Crazy Leg (Zagreb, Croatia)
  Members: Crazy leg
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Jimi Libra
Jimi Libra (Halmstad, Sweden)
  Plays: 325 | Saves: 787
  Members: Jimi Libra
Artist info

Live in Halmstad, Sweden where I started out writing lyrics both in english and swedish when I was 14 together with a friend (Legenden). Soon after, we founded the group "Pluton 035 (Plutoon 035)" and recorded the local hit "Kärlekens tĺrar (Tears...

HEAVE (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Plays: 419 | Saves: 1520
  Influences: Warlock, Doro, Judas Priest!
No artist info