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#1 Unsigned Artist Sahib Radio
Sahib Radio (North Carolina)
  Plays: 199 | Saves: 1688
  Members: Sahib Radio; Guitars, bass,...
Artist info

By Maria Daines 7/29/2005 Paying respect... Some musicians lead the way and clear paths for others to follow... It's hard to put into words what Sahib Radio does to make his music a listening experience rather than merely songs that you can...

#2 Ruby Ross
Ruby Ross
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Amir
  Plays: 31 | Saves: 506
  Members: Amir
No artist info

#4 Kiliasm
Kiliasm (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 899 | Saves: 1838
  Influences: Tupac, Kanye west, Lil Wayne
  Members: www.kiliasm.com
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Hottest new up n comin artist blowin up outta L.A! Check out the website www.kiliasm.net www.myspace.com/kiliasm7

#5 Unsigned Artist Dravonstein
No artist info

#6 Nathaniel Sutton
Nathaniel Sutton
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Duplex Gage
Duplex Gage (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 127 | Saves: 524
  Influences: U2, Placebo, Radiohead,...
  Members: Ricky Bashford (Lead...
Artist info

Duplex Gage are a well-established UK Rock band with an ever increasing fan base and a talent for writing thought-provoking lyrics with catchy melodies and rocking beats. Duplex Gage has headlined some of London’s top venues including: Camden...

#8 Rand Reynolds
Rand Reynolds (Bloomington, IN)
  Plays: 14 | Saves: 1190
  Members: solo
Artist info

Reynolds' writing is unusually brutal, honest and, at times, harrowing. Most singer/songwriters paint lyrical landscapes with a familiar brush. Not Reynolds. He's created an archetypal genre pounding out stories with a big hammer and nails like a...

#9 Unsigned Artist The W.I.F.E.
The W.I.F.E.
  Plays: 659
  Influences: Blondie, The Buzzcocks,...
Artist info

The W.I.F.E were formed mid 2004 when guitarist Kelly Appleton, sick of Gareth Gates and the like, placed an ad in NME reading NO MORE POP IDOL! Many auditions later and the most suitable candidates to fulfill the bands slogan (Punk-rock no Cock)...

BIG BLUE PLANETP (Greenville/Spartanburg...)
  Influences: Kansas, Eagles, Don...
  Members: Phill Cooper, Terry Moore,...
Artist info

BIG BLUE PLANET would LOVE to play your church, club, coffeehouse, or outdoor festival Please call...