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#1 Unsigned Artist Post Mortem Mannequin
Post Mortem Mannequin (Chatsworth, Ca)
  Plays: 874 | Saves: 2152
  Influences: AFI, Thrice, Avenged...
  Members: Johnny Ash (Lungs), Jon Jon...
Artist info

With "Post Mortem Mannequin" ( Formally Ash to Embers ) starting in early 2005 it didn't give them much time to get some new material together before the summer hit. With three ex members of 'Tonight' they had the talent, it was just a matter of...

#2 Lost Horizons
Lost Horizons (Hartlepool)
  Influences: arctic monkeys, oasis,...
  Members: Lee Crowe, Nick McNaughton,...
Artist info

4-piece indie/punk set up from unfashionable hartlepool. Check us out and any bands need supporting. Here we are.

#3 Unsigned Artist will
will (Jersey City NJ)
  Plays: 1367
  Influences: Seal; Ephraim Lewis; Cornelle
  Members: Will -Lead Singer; Ami...
Artist info

“SANCTUARY” Will’s much anticipated debut album finds the singer/songwriter in top form and breaking out with a collection of tightly woven songs that beg to be heard. Fused with elements of Drum and Bass, Garage, Pop, Electronica and R&B, the...

WIPE AWAY (Macedonia)
  Plays: 315 | Saves: 1938
  Influences: WIPE AWAY
  Members: Marina Petrushevska -...
Artist info

WIPE AWAY - DOWNLOAD LINK - www.zshare.net/download/163745075bb2f3ba/ go to MYSPACE http://myspace.com/wipeaway7

#5 Unsigned Artist DeadStars
DeadStars (Norman, Oklahoma)
  Plays: 147 | Saves: 871
  Influences: A slightly southern...
  Members: Asa Gray, Zakk Flash,...
Artist info

DeadStars is: Asa Gray, a cocky, smart-assed, hopelessly annoying fellow who sings and plays guitar and a little harmonica, John Romanishin who builds robots and only plays guitar in a band so that he can one day become famous and slowly gather...

#6 Mr Morph
Mr Morph (Wakefield)
  Plays: 1171 | Saves: 1221
  Members: Mr Morph
Artist info

Formerly half of a band known as Eclipse. Eclipse have now split and Mr Morph is working solo. See my soundcloud site: www.soundcloud.com/mrmorph/ Follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/morphmr

#7 Unsigned Artist Messiah
Messiah (Hayling Island)
  Influences: Muse, Radiohead, SOAD, Iron...
  Members: Jason Rivers, Alec Jackson,...
Artist info

Messiah is a band of life long friends all wishing to push the boundaries of modern rock to there limits. We mix together some heavy guitar riffs and powefull guitar melodies, some addictive bass lines and solid drums with strong emotional vocals...

#8 col33/d
  Plays: 218 | Saves: 627
  Members: me
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist theprogressionconcept
theprogressionconcept (USA)
  Influences: electronic indie
  Members: Jonathan DeLucia
Artist info

digital independent music ...

#10 big cheif killa
  Plays: 608 | Saves: 183
  Influences: trick daddy adnd TI
Artist info

In recent years, the hip hop world in general has overlooked the state of South Carolina as a source of talent for the industry. Never Faded Records was founded by Akili McClam (aka big cheif killa)and Mary McFarlin in 2002 to remedy this...