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#1 Unsigned Artist Blame it on Cain
Blame it on Cain (Milwaukee, WI)
  Plays: 239 | Saves: 252
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Sam Boettcher (vocals),...
Artist info

Blame It On Cain formed in the outskirts of Milwaukee in January 2007. The all-original quartet's straight-forward hard rock and pop songs have been compared to acts like Stone Temple Pilots and The Smithereens. The band cut its 'live' musical...

#2 Metal Retardation
Metal Retardation (Pennsauken, NJ)
  Plays: 626
  Influences: Saint Anthony's Fire,...
  Members: Steve, Jim, Miltos
Artist info

Metal Retardation is a bunch of guys who get drunk and high and make really good heavy music. Hear more at www.myspace.com/metalretardation

#3 Unsigned Artist Vincent Thompson
Vincent Thompson (Bloomfield,CT)
Artist info

Vocalmatch is a group of creative singers and songwriters. We provide a platform to show their hidden talent to the world.

TITUS (Flint MI)
  Plays: 1974 | Saves: 3353
  Influences: Creed,King's X
  Members: Randy Freeman,Jason...
Artist info

We want to share our faith as hard and as loud as we can! We are all about God and guitars.

#5 Unsigned Artist Won Heart
Won Heart (Plano, Texas)
  Plays: 3671 | Saves: 7087
  Influences: Jesus
  Members: Kay
Artist info

Bruce and Kay wrote and performed for almost 5 years around the midsouth area of the US. Their music has always been about proclaiming the name of Jesus and reaching people with the love of God through music. Wonheart won several awards with...

#6 The Vivid Hollow
The Vivid Hollow (Liverpool, UK)
  Plays: 130
  Influences: Incubus, Flyleaf, Avenged...
  Members: Micki Consiglio, Ant...
Artist info

The Vivid Hollow are a five piece alternative rock band from North West England formed in July 2011. Fronted by talented female vocalist Micki Consiglio (who has been credited worldwide for her acoustic material) and carried by a thunderous yet...

#7 Unsigned Artist Scarred Theory
Scarred Theory (Ithaca)
  Influences: Hard rock
  Members: Tomlin Bonner-words,...
No artist info

#8 Fossil
Fossil (South East England)
  Plays: 158 | Saves: 536
  Influences: Like us!
  Members: Kenny Mike Lol & Tony
Artist info

Seasoned musos, sick of the road and smoky venues. Using technology to record some top draw AOR and stuff.

#9 Unsigned Artist Joe Borowsky
Joe Borowsky (London Ontario Canada)
  Plays: 349 | Saves: 708
  Influences: Acoustic / Folk Rock
  Members: Joe Borowsky
Artist info

Joe Borowsky's debut album can be purchased as an early release through CDBABY at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/borowskyjoe or iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=301284339&s=143455 Joe Borowsky has been writing...

#10 The Loonies
The Loonies (Nottinghamshire)
  Plays: 386
  Members: Dean - Guitar & Vocals. Ian...
Artist info

A Band consisting of friends who play covers and write songs that they want to play and "Rock" out too. Songs that are funny, catchy and even though you want too. You just can't get them bloody songs out of your head.