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#1 Unsigned Artist Malvanmusic
  Plays: 613 | Saves: 2122
  Members: Mal Fry
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#2 CRACKhead
CRACKhead (Itasca, IL (outside of...)
  Plays: 104 | Saves: 422
  Influences: Immortal Technique and...
  Members: CRACKhead
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#3 Unsigned Artist Caliber 39
Caliber 39 (Cedar, Minnesota)
  Plays: 272 | Saves: 974
  Influences: Breaking Benjamin, Trapt,...
  Members: Mike Hill (Vocals, Guitar,...
Artist info

I am a solo artist from Midwestern Minnesota. I have been playing drums since I was 8 years old, guitar and bass since I was 13, and singing for as long as I can even remember. I was the drummer for a now-defunct local rock band named Autotoxin...

#4 the Dead Sorrows
the Dead Sorrows
  Plays: 1877 | Saves: 3624
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Full trax at www.v7music.com and Sonys "acidplanet" under Nias-LA2 our newest manager. To advertise here and with me contact niasla2@yahoo.co.uk The power of music as advetising ?!?

#5 Unsigned Artist Udi Glaser
Udi Glaser (London)
  Influences: Acoustic, World,...
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Udi is an accomplished Guitarist, Educated Musician, Composer, and Experienced music Tutor. Originally from Israel and now based in London, Udi has dedicated his life to music, beginning with the guitar 17 years ago, and has since then gone on...

#6 MarKay
MarKay (Limerick,Ireland)
  Plays: 846 | Saves: 755
  Influences: 2pac,nelly,dmx,public...
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2 me hip hop is life.it's wat defines me as a person.without it im jus another number in da system.i'm rappin bout a year now.i always wanted 2 do it and when i discovered i could sumthin inside me started 2 change.all bitterness started 2 cease...

#7 Unsigned Artist leathersjackets
leathersjackets (Cudahy, Wi, USA)
  Members: Leathersjackets
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LeathersJackets.com is an Online Leather Jacket Store that Offers you to buy a Celebrity Jacket and Super Heros Costumes and Leather Pants along with FREE Shipping in USA, UK and Canada. ...

#8 The Firangees
The Firangees (Mumbai)
  Influences: The Cure, Paul Simon, Sam...
  Members: Atin Dasgupta
Artist info

A Music Producer Project from Mumbai India. Headed by Music Programmer Mumbai Atin Dasgupta. Atin works on his solo music projects and also produces music for Bollywood...

#9 Unsigned Artist REECE
REECE (South Wales UK)
  Plays: 10
  Influences: Dan Reed Network, Dream...
  Members: Rob Reece, Russ Rogers &...
Artist info

Hailing from Caerphilly in South Wales, REECE is a three piece band who have jumped into the music scene with an energy and passion that is hard to find in the current musical climate. Bringing untold years of experience between them, what they...

#10 B. Smith
B. Smith (Trenton, NJ)
  Plays: 213
  Members: B.Smith
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The Lord has taken me away from what I thought was real. From what I thought man was made to be. Yes, a laborer I am still. But not a laborer of man or of mans ways. I know that I have neither been created by man or for man. These are the...