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#1 Unsigned Artist 21st Ave
21st Ave (Tacoma, WA)
  Influences: Fall out boy, Avenged...
  Members: Clayton, Kieran, Kyle,...
Artist info

I We are a 5 person band from Tacoma,WA and we have 2 guitars, 1 drummer, 1 bassist, 1 lead singer, 2 background singers, and occasionally we add my friends Violin for some Awesome sounding music. When we first started, I, Clayton played the...

#2 John Crown
John Crown (Villaperuccio...)
  Plays: 353
  Influences: Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde,...
  Members: one man band
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Crescent Light
Crescent Light (Saudi Arabia)
  Plays: 396 | Saves: 104
  Members: Khaled Abdulmannan, Osama...
Artist info


#4 Eye of Sound
Eye of Sound
  Plays: 967 | Saves: 1988
  Members: :: EoS - Producer / Mixer ::
Artist info

A little about myself... I grew up in the small town of Bonsall, Ca in sunny San Diego. Throughout my years growing up I learned that my taste in music was wide-ranged, but mostly consisted of Electronica. By the age of 7 I began playing on a...

#5 Unsigned Artist iTay Da Producer
iTay Da Producer (Va Beach, VA)
  Plays: 419
  Influences: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Club,...
  Members: Tay
Artist info

Tay was born in Feb. 1987 in Norfolk, Va. Since Tay was an infant he has always loved music whether he was playing it or listening to it. In late 2001 Tay had the idea to start a record label called Skrate Gangzta Entertainment, with all of the...

#6 President Roadkill
President Roadkill (Gothenburg)
  Plays: 1108
  Influences: Acapella
  Members: BoRn, Mana King and Mart
Artist info

The Swedish rockers in President Roadkill started in January 2006, after the breakup with their old band, Civalized. Now its just Born(Vocals and Bass),Mana King(Guitar) and Mart(Drums) left, but they have already started to grow a fanbase in...

#7 Unsigned Artist The Alan Craig Project
The Alan Craig Project (Largo, FL)
  Plays: 102
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Alan Craig, Ross Rice,...
Artist info

Alan Craig has making music in the Tampa Bay area for the past 30 years. He has played in several bands during that time including Lotus, Full House and the St. Pete Mountain Boys. A new CD of original material "Love is Today" is due to be...

#8 Suburban_Result
Suburban_Result (Abington)
  Influences: Green Day, blink182,...
  Members: Ben Grubb, Steve Knopf,...
Artist info

Eddie Wells, Steve Knopf, and Steve Wastle wanted to start a band. Eddie played guitar and drums, Knopf played guitar, and Wastle played bass. But they needed another person. One day I, Ben Grubb, was talkin to Eddie and he told me about the band...

#9 Unsigned Artist Outcry
Outcry (Picton, NZ)
  Plays: 207 | Saves: 793
  Influences: Rage Against The Machine
  Members: Robert Riach, Alex...
Artist info

We are Outcry from Picton, New Zealand We all like RATM and rocking out and fighting the power "Fist in the air in the land of Hipocrisy!" - ZDLR, frontman for RATM

#10 Lucindra
  Plays: 10001 | Saves: 4641
Artist info

Hi!!! I\'m Lucindra, I write and compose my own songs and record in my own studio while I\'m not on the road. When on the road I take every chance to work with other musicians, I\'m pretty open....anything from country to jazz.....I\'m currently...