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#1 Unsigned Artist Final Warning
Final Warning
  Influences: The Clash, the Ruts,...
No artist info

#2 Arrogant Wale
Arrogant Wale (Chesterfield)
  Plays: 1560 | Saves: 4707
  Influences: The Los Padres, The...
Artist info

Mat Wale (Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica) Jack Collister (Multi-Instumentalist) Long time friends and sometime star crossed lovers Mat wale and Jack Collister formed Arrogant Whale in a drunken jam at Stainsby folk festival. After forming they...

#3 Unsigned Artist Soniclust
Soniclust (Conwy, North Wales)
  Members: Bill Cornwell
Artist info

Please refer to my website for song access

#4 Sismo
  Plays: 293 | Saves: 873
  Members: Chegordo Rodriguez (voz),...
Artist info

El line-up actual est conformado de la siguiente manera para que lo conozcan: Miguel Martinez (bateria) Abraham Rojo (guitarra) Lencho Antillon (guitarra) Chegordo Rodriguez (voz)

#5 Unsigned Artist Street Hustlers
Street Hustlers (Eatonton Ga, (Putnam...)
  Plays: 307
  Influences: Real Street Niggaz
  Members: Ace of Spade (Fred) LiL...
Artist info

Yea Whats up we be the Street Hustlers from Eatonton GA, A.K.A. Pimp City, We been rappin for about 1 year now and tryin to do some big thangs and get this paper. We are currently working on our first album which will be called Street Talk. The...

#6 The monsters of muskeg
The monsters of muskeg (Wales)
  Plays: 344 | Saves: 730
  Influences: Alternative/ Hard Rock
  Members: Rich and Dave Oakes
Artist info

Our World is comming to an end. we must prepare! the sun as we know it, is making a change for the worse. growing Larger, and brighter each day. Mercury, has almost completely been swallowed by the star. and it continues to grow. Soon...

#7 Unsigned Artist Eclectic Submarine
Eclectic Submarine (Dundalk Ireland)
  Influences: Caravan Palace, Portishead,...
Artist info

Check out myspace.com/eclecticsubmarine for more info....

#8 Autopilot Club
Autopilot Club
  Plays: 389
  Influences: Angel City, Beasts of...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Behind the Sun
Behind the Sun (Bat Yam, Israel)
  Plays: 115
  Influences: Alice in Chains, Opeth,...
  Members: Aaron Lieber, Saar Gur, Gad...
Artist info

Behind the Sun play the heavy music of the northern desert, a storm of sound cutting the wasteland to reveal ancient spirits and modern madness. Behind the Sun released their self-titled debut studio album to the world on June 11, 2009. A year...

#10 Damozel
Damozel (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 65
  Influences: Michael Jackson, Bobby...
  Members: Lisa, Tasha, Tish, Brandy
Artist info

The name comes from the French “demoiselle,” meaning “young lady.” Makes sense, given that the four lavishly talented members of Damozel are true ladies through and through. Lisa, Tasha, Tish, & Brandy have all the required poise and...