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#1 Unsigned Artist Edge of Attack
Edge of Attack (Grande Prairie, Alberta)
  Plays: 79
  Influences: Megadeth, Avenged...
  Members: Doug Whipple, Trevor Swain,...
Artist info

Edge of Attack prides itself in bringing a musical style and unprecedented flair on the stage unlike any other metal band. Each member brings his own flavor to the band that makes Edge of Attack the relentless force that it has become as time has...

#2 Red Payday Loans
Red Payday Loans (Vancouver, Canada)
  Influences: Payday Loans
  Members: Red Payday
Artist info

Red Payday is the top-ended Payday loans company of Canada. Get quick and hassle free payday loans without any faxing or delay. Open 24 hours.

#3 Unsigned Artist Sheena Rose
Sheena Rose (San Francisco)
  Influences: RuPaul, Divine, Boy George,...
  Members: Sheena Rose
Artist info

Sheena Rose has always had a lifelong love for dance music. An established drag queen entertainer/dance recording artist, Sheena Rose burst onto the San Francisco drag/**** club scene in the summer of 2006. Dynamic,dramatic, and electrifying,...

#4 Reality
Reality (San Diego, CA)
  Plays: 353 | Saves: 964
  Influences: R & B
  Members: Nina & Teesh
Artist info

California's Finest 2 Upcoming artist by the names of Nina and Tesh have come together to form a Duo group by the name of *REALITY*. The 2 Women have been friends for over 15 years and are ready to show the world there Music Capabilities. Not only...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Heathens
The Heathens (Dublin, Ireland)
  Influences: Stones, Captain Beefheart,...
  Members: Bobby, Con, Diarmaid & Richie
Artist info

The Heathens are a rock n roll band. End of story. But we havent got there yet. You and me, the other three, were all in a constant state of becoming and this is just the start of our story. We dont want to save the world, Were not trying to...

#6 BroussardGoHard
BroussardGoHard (Houston,Texas)
  Plays: 510
  Influences: You Tell Us And We will...
Artist info

Whats up it's Broussard Go Hard aka BruceWayne of the tha game Checkout some of the Music i Will be putting Up Of some Hot Artist all over the world I have Work with Also Give Some Comments So We Can See What The People Like and i will do the...

#7 Unsigned Artist Machine 475
Machine 475 (Boston)
  Plays: 449 | Saves: 181
Artist info

NEW SONG: "Song of Our Lives", from our forthcoming EP. Our first album is "None of This is Real": available at the Itunes store. Check out our web site at machine475.com news, videos, bios etc. Welcome to the new sound of Machine 475. It's an art...

OSKOREI (Bay Area, CA)
  Plays: 117 | Saves: 497
  Influences: Extreme Melodic Metal
  Members: Blake Peterson...
Artist info

Formed in 2004 with a much more Black Metal focus, OSKOREI has progressed into melodic, epic extreme metal, while keeping the darker roots apparent. Several line up changes over a few years led to Blake being the only founding member, and brothers...

#9 Unsigned Artist llesharde
llesharde (Southampton, England)
  Plays: 460 | Saves: 1069
  Influences: Electronic
  Members: Alex Harden
No artist info

#10 richlife
richlife (Oxfordshire)
  Plays: 173
  Influences: Bon Jovi. Nickelback and...
  Members: Richard Sharples, Ben...
Artist info

richlife are a 4-piece popular Rock band. Addictive songs and great 4-piece harmonies. If you like what you hear on their website, wait until you've heard them live! Full Bio available on our website. ...