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#1 Unsigned Artist Andy Durand
Andy Durand (Midwest, Minnesota ,...)
  Plays: 937 | Saves: 2058
  Influences: Alice in chains, Grand...
  Members: Andy Durand, Willy...
Artist info

I fell in love with music in Tucson, AZ at the age of seven. And have been doing my best to share my Music with everyone, everywhere that life and my songs will take me. Right now the line up is: " Andy Durand "Lead Guitar,lead vocals....

#2 Dan Politano
Dan Politano (Victoria BC Canada)
  Influences: Bryan Adams, Goo Goo Dolls
Artist info

Dan Politano's debut CD, Back Where I Started introduces a young rocker with a knack for writing Beatlesque pop hooks. Another of Politano's influences is Bryan Adams, and you can hear it in the 25 year old, self-taught musician's raspy,...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Aggressive Palace
The Aggressive Palace (Jersey)
  Plays: 193 | Saves: 1229
  Influences: Flame and Electrastic
  Members: Joey Romeo and Keith Madison
Artist info

The Aggressive Palace comes at you with a rock edge and catchy hooks, all in the service of raw honest emotion. The strong melodic sound and vibrant energy of this NJ based group has helped them explode into a 'must see' band. They take...

#4 Yung Money
Yung Money (Milwaukee/Oshkosh)
  Plays: 850 | Saves: 1076
  Influences: The Game, Young Jeezy
Artist info

History in the making

#5 Unsigned Artist jonas the plugexpert
jonas the plugexpert (nijmegen / netherlands)
  Plays: 79 | Saves: 583
  Influences: abba on crack
  Members: richard jonas
Artist info

Jonas' detailed descriptions of mangled digital soundscapes filled with filigree creatures and atmospheric sceneries can only be explained from serious head trauma in his youth 'caused by an exploded commodore 64. Either that or the influence of...

#6 Thrown to the Wolves
Thrown to the Wolves (Buffalo, NY)
  Plays: 426 | Saves: 1408
  Influences: Radiohead, A Perfect...
  Members: Razbaque Dirge, Eric...
Artist info

??: Released in Spring, 2007, Despondency is the third full length independent CD release of Thrown to the Wolves . Often described as melodic dark-alternative or melodic hard-rock, Despondency is fully stacked with eight...

#7 Unsigned Artist My Fortunate Downfall
My Fortunate Downfall (Valentine, NE)
  Plays: 199 | Saves: 973
  Influences: Bright Eyes, Jimmy Eat...
  Members: Phil Mayhew
Artist info

Visit My Fortunate Downfall on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/myfortunatedownall In the little town of Valentine where Country music is king and the scene is dead...or never lived...one band takes a stand. With the punk D.I.Y. ethic exceeding...

#8 Haircuts Ahoy
Haircuts Ahoy (Camden, London, England)
  Plays: 204 | Saves: 702
  Influences: Nick Cave, Peaches, Avenue...
  Members: Tom...
Artist info

ýber-hip London-based electro-folk outfit, formed in 2004. Their first single Jeanie Jeanie stormed the download charts in Brazil reaching number one for three weeks, at the expense of the great Madonna. The Band consists of Tom Starr-Marshall...

#9 Unsigned Artist jon erickson
jon erickson (enon ohio)
  Influences: john mayer i suppose
  Members: jon erickson- vocals, dub...
Artist info

I am 18 and have been playing for six years without a damn lesson. i think my styles unique for that reason and i hope others can enjoy it as much as my hmetown does.

#10 ELCA Preschools San Diego
ELCA Preschools San Diego (San Diego)
  Members: ELCA Preschools San Diego
Artist info

Early Learners Childrens Academy is one of the finest child care provider and Preschool near Mission Valley, San Diego which provides the perfect base and starting point your child needs. Our expert and highly-trained teachers enables your child...