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Southern rock, college indie-rock, pop/rock, and modern rock are just a few of the labels assigned to the “Vee” band since they formed in May of 2001. If you ask Marc Killian, lead guitarist for the band, he will say, “If Heart, Sheryl Crow, Van Halen, and Shawn Colvin all went out for drinks, then afterward, went to Sheryl’s house and wrote some songs, it would sound something like us.”
This threesome formerly called Miami, Detroit, and Long Island home. The band currently resides in Wilmington, North Carolina. Joe Paris, the drummer, states, “Veronica and I were trying to put a band together. We had a guitarist lined up who backed out one week before our first show. Marc came along and learned thirty songs in four days. He pulled it off like a champ. After that, we knew we had found what we were looking for.”
While struggling to find a permanent bass player, Veronica Lasher, the band’s lead vocalist and former rhythm guitarist, decided to step in and fill the gap. With all the bases covered, “Vee” continues to play locally and in surrounding cities.
Currently, they are working to create a larger regional push. Veronica knows the importance of widening their audience. “We really want to increase our presence beyond the success we’ve had through our website and local shows. We’re going to use both touring and material from our upcoming release as tools to help build a larger fan base. Hopefully, we’ll break new ground with our fingers on the pulse of what listeners are searching for.”
Their discography includes a four song EP released in April of 2002, their debut album, “Reaching You” released in September 2003, and their second full length CD scheduled for release in April 2005 tentatively titled, “Skin”.
Vee’s successes include:
-tied 2nd for 2005 Wammie(Wilmington Area Music Award) for best original rock band
-4 song EP in rotation at WBZB in Chapel Hill
- radio rotation of debut album “Reaching You” on Surf 107.5 and Rock 104.5, (Wilmington, NC)
-in studio appearances on Surf 107.5, Rock 104.5 and WBZB
-Budweiser’s artist of the month in The Beat Magazine (Wilmington)
-televised performances on WECT News Channel 6
-musical guests on Wilmington’s talk/variety show “Let’s Find Out”
-featured in:, Outrider Magazine, Chorus and Verse, Encore Publication, Score Music Magazine,,

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