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#1 Unsigned Artist Death Merchant
Death Merchant (Sudbury, Ontario)
  Plays: 4608 | Saves: 5498
  Influences: Alternative Rock Metal
  Members: Dustin Moore
Artist info

I am a solo artist. I write, perform, record, and edit all of my own music. After completing an instrumental project containing my best work over an eight year period, I decided I wanted to take on a new project. I wanted to create an album...

#2 inkmob
  Plays: 4590 | Saves: 2752
  Influences: INKMOB
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Naron
Naron (Atlanta)
  Plays: 677 | Saves: 673
  Influences: Hip-hOp/RnB/pOp
  Members: Naron+lilnaron
Artist info

A Nepalese Artist Naron,he was born in Nepal,also known as lil Naron and uniQue boy.At the age of 5 he became interested in Hip-hop/RnB/Pop music,In childhood his dream was to become a Famous Singer,he started singing when he was 7 years old,but...

#4 TheTrees
TheTrees (London)
  Plays: 1300 | Saves: 2215
  Influences: Indie Alternative/rock
  Members: Tony Eke Simon dawes
Artist info

The Trees were formed in the late 90s by Simon Dawes and Tony Eke over a few drinks in a local club. They played gigs in and around London for a few years until illness and management issues forced the band to slow down. The Trees continued to...

#5 Unsigned Artist Ding Dong Probably
Ding Dong Probably (Neath, Wales)
Artist info

South Wales Only Hardcore Band Free 29 track album: https://dingdongprobably.bandcamp.com/album/up-in-heaven-down-in-heck

#6 Danica aka jamaican princess
Danica aka jamaican princess (Miami, Florida)
  Influences: God, Keri Hilson, Mariah...
  Members: Danica aka jamaican princess
Artist info

The new and talented Danica Tulloch known as Danica aka jamaican princess and she was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She was also raised in Jamaica and she moved to the USA to further her dreams. She is a new singer-songwriter and she needs help to...

#7 Unsigned Artist SoundChild Crew
SoundChild Crew (Little Rock, AR)
  Plays: 1005 | Saves: 1246
  Influences: HIP HOP/R & B
  Members: Blu Tantrum, Mista Geech,...
Artist info

MTV's "PIMP MY RIDE" featd. SOUNDCHILD CREW won the INDY RAP ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD at the 2008 Southern Entertainment Awards. SoundChild Crew is a hip hop group that is dedicated to honing their skills and perfecting their craft; because of...

#8 The Dejunair Project
The Dejunair Project (Free Online)
  Plays: 112
  Influences: Many instrumental styles.
  Members: McStrum, MrBouncy
Artist info

Http://www.thedejunairproject.com - The Dejunair Project has released the first LP Peace and all the associated Jam Tracks. We have also posted individual tracks for all the cd quality tracks for remix, sampling or whatever you want. All free....

#9 Unsigned Artist kingsley
kingsley (brighton)
  Plays: 561
Artist info

Hi , here's a few of my songs, if you want to download any, go to www.myspace.com/kingsleysworld

#10 All I Have
All I Have (Long Island, NY)
  Influences: Slipknot, August Burns Red,...
  Members: Dom, Juan, Nick
Artist info

Formed in May 2010, the band started out under the moniker of The DevilSnauts and consisted of guitarist Juan and drummer Nick, who busied themselves writing songs and jamming out to songs they knew. Dom joined in June 2010, on rhythm guitar....