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#1 Unsigned Artist White Trash
White Trash (Reading, London)
  Plays: 57
  Influences: Hole, Towers of london,...
  Members: Mizzy Kay - Vocals, Tristen...
Artist info

The original band \'code lyrical\' formed in 2004 but due to various disturbances the band has had a major makeover. Going from playing motley crue covers and classic rock like the donnas to punk and grunge after recruiting latest members Mizzy...

#2 IF...
IF... (Rome - ITALY)
  Influences: the gathering-peter...
  Members: Francesca Ferrato, Mauro...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Sabio
  Plays: 537 | Saves: 1694
  Members: DBD/Crown City Records
Artist info

Cuando u nino llora se considera un santo, pero cuando un hombre llora es por que a pecado, No hay que llorar Christo esta aqui...... Del Dirty south hasta Bayamon..... my estilo es real con un poco de calle por todo lo que ha visto y...

#4 Moist Vagina
Moist Vagina (Castelfiorentino (Fi)...)
  Influences: Radiohead, Nirvana ecc.
  Members: Francesco Falorni (vocals...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist President Roadkill
President Roadkill (Gothenburg)
  Plays: 1108
  Influences: Acapella
  Members: BoRn, Mana King and Mart
Artist info

The Swedish rockers in President Roadkill started in January 2006, after the breakup with their old band, Civalized. Now its just Born(Vocals and Bass),Mana King(Guitar) and Mart(Drums) left, but they have already started to grow a fanbase in...

#6 Ph1
Ph1 (Kent)
  Plays: 5704 | Saves: 1737
  Influences: The 90s
  Members: Jacob Ovington
Artist info

My name is Jacob Ovington, im 17. I have been producing music for 18 months, and over this time I have developed a more distinct trance sound. I wish I had more time to spend on music!! This is my youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jakeov...

#7 Unsigned Artist MIND GONE BLIND
MIND GONE BLIND (Keith, Banffshire,...)
  Plays: 232 | Saves: 1187
  Members: Vocals - Moyz, Guitars -...
Artist info

The modern musical environment, boosted by disposable pop and shamelessly encouraged by get-rich-quick talentless arseholes is the main reason for MIND GONE BLIND. While the rest of the country sits back and watches our collective musical taste...

#8 End7
End7 (Seinšjoki, Finland)
  Influences: korn ,rage agains the...
Artist info

END7 is a band from Seinšjoki, Finland, started back in 2001 when lead singer Santtu's computer-music project shaped to a real band. END7 combines the main elements of modern metal and rapcore, with a bit industrial effect. Music is filled with...

#9 Unsigned Artist BioNik
  Plays: 58 | Saves: 353
No artist info

#10 Apogee
Apogee (Stoke on Trent, England)
  Plays: 773 | Saves: 1892
  Influences: Alice in Chains, Staind,...
  Members: Ed Jervis - Vocals/Bass,...
Artist info

Formed in late 2001 Apogee started out playing covers and playing around with different styles of music, mainly for fun more than anything else! Originally a four piece band we played as a three piece with no bassist for a while after our...