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#1 Unsigned Artist Muskie
Muskie (Tonyrefail)
  Plays: 123 | Saves: 1207
  Influences: all
  Members: Neil Lewis Fisher, Owain...
Artist info

Muskie are a three piece original band from mid Glamorgan south Wales. The band formed in 2010 and have since received lots of interest from various parts of the music industry including an invitation to play London’s B.M.I A three year...

#2 Cold Earth
Cold Earth (Bournemouth, Dorset UK)
  Plays: 378
  Influences: Influenced by Motley...
  Members: Lawrence Case(vocals) Nik...
Artist info

Rock and Roll is where its at, and Cold Earth are Rock and F***in roll! If you like your music with some bollocks, instead of all the indie boring shit. Set yourself free, and let yourself have some fun, embrace the sweet religion we like...

#3 Unsigned Artist KRYZ
KRYZ (Oklahoma City , OK)
  Plays: 981 | Saves: 2774
  Influences: Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
Artist info

Yo its simplethe KRYZ is one of the best R&B styled rappers in Oklahoma City. Growing up around rappers including Southside, who stayed just around the block from him, he learned the art of music rather quickly. While attending Jarman Junior High,...

#4 Slave To None
Slave To None (Tampa, Fl)
  Plays: 829 | Saves: 1819
  Influences: Meshuggah/Fear...
  Members: Mike Tame Jono Magro Walt...
Artist info

Slave to None is a Tampa-based trio that makes enough noise for a new generation. Advocating for free thinking and self empowerment through their music, Slave to None delivers a barrage of pulsating rhythms that will leave the listener wanting...

#5 Unsigned Artist Murray Ford
Murray Ford (montrose)
  Plays: 2829 | Saves: 2817
Artist info

Username - naughty Basically self taught, did some regimental drumming at school then on to just get out there and get stuck in. Into R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Garage, basically anythin' thats good, bit of Jazz can be fun. Been into my art for a...

#6 Wooden Space
Wooden Space (United Kingdom)
Artist info

Wooden Space is one of the finest online furniture stores in the UK where your search for the perfect wooden furniture for your abode will come to an end. The wide range of online ...

#7 Unsigned Artist THE G1 FORCE PROJECT
  Plays: 228 | Saves: 810
  Influences: van halen, steve vai, pink...
  Members: ec1
Artist info


#8 Icares
Icares (Omaha, NE)
  Members: Ryan,Mike, Tim, Jerry
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist The Messengers
The Messengers (Melbourne)
  Influences: The Faces, Stones, Beatles,...
  Members: Jono, Joe, Dima, Kieran,...
Artist info

The messengers. www.myspace.com/messgroup Go check out the tracks!

#10 Bad Sign Blues Band
Bad Sign Blues Band (Funchal - Madeira...)
  Plays: 327 | Saves: 1202
  Influences: Early Fleetwood Mac, Rory...
  Members: António Santa Clara, Hélder...
Artist info

The Bad Sign Blues Band was formed around Spring 2003 when drummer António Santa Clara invited bassist Dieter Pereira and guitarist Hélder Gonçalves to form a blues trio. The three had already played together in Travellin' Band, a 60s and 70s...