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#1 Unsigned Artist the outfit
the outfit (north devon, south...)
  Plays: 169 | Saves: 1202
  Influences: the cure, the smiths,...
  Members: dan haydon, kyle barford,...
Artist info

Three boys from North Devon raised on pop music, cider and country air. Mainly influenced by 60s beat/psychedelia, punk and new wave, 90s brit pop and various authors and television programmes. The outfit sound is angular pop bursting with...

#2 Boys of Pencey Prep
Boys of Pencey Prep (La Mirada/Paramount/La...)
  Plays: 871 | Saves: 500
  Influences: NOBODY IS SIMILAR!
  Members: Terence-VoX/Keyboards----Ro...
Artist info

Composed of two students of Caucasian descent (Robert and Alan) and two students of asian descent (Terence and Chris), these boys from Pencey Prep are here to ROCK. Coming from a well known band in the local area, Terence and Robert formed this...

#3 Unsigned Artist Ken Masters
  Plays: 1152 | Saves: 1039
  Influences: nowt yiv hord
  Members: Ken Masters
Artist info

Been heavily involved in all aspects of the hip-hop culture in and around newcastle for about ten years. my first crew went by the name "sinista youth", on some kevin the teenager rebellion type eesh. we then transmogrified that into "the sinista...

DRAFT (Italy)
  Plays: 106 | Saves: 374
  Influences: indie-panda-rock-snob-wave-...
  Members: G.M.:guitar-vox/FredFraü:gu...
Artist info

We eat pizza, spaghetti and we play all the time mandolinos too.

#5 Unsigned Artist Dust Rhinos
Dust Rhinos (Winnipeg Manitoba)
  Plays: 1972 | Saves: 1360
  Influences: Oysterband, Pogues, Great...
Artist info

The Dust Rhinos are a butt kickin’ Celtic Rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, the heart of Canada. Their show is pure unrestrained pandemonium designed to make you kick up your feet and party. From the juiced up traditional favorites of Ireland,...

#6 sickpuppysickpuppy
sickpuppysickpuppy (louisville , ky)
  Plays: 2120 | Saves: 1211
  Influences: Hip Hop Rap
  Members: 1
Artist info

Still hard at work ; just made track and song 2day !!!!!

#7 Unsigned Artist Sonic Mystery
Sonic Mystery (Kranj, Slovenia, Europe)
Artist info

Sonic Mystery is a trusted name for many famous companies, top level production houses, recognized institutions, universities, schools, artists, and thousands of listeners.

#8 Trevor P
Trevor P (UK)
  Plays: 170
  Influences: Whitney Houston, James...
  Members: Trevor Pinnock
Artist info

Trevor Pinnock was a member of the Jamaican group "Natural Hii" which released a studio album, many years ago, titled "Bridging the Gap". The album garnered a hit single and a number of other popular reggae, pop and rhythm & blues songs, in...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Cuban Missile
The Cuban Missile (London)
  Plays: 1138 | Saves: 2383
  Members: Mal Fry
No artist info

  Plays: 260 | Saves: 1028
Artist info

Emanuel - Recording Artist/Producer Emanuel, formally known as Clientel, is no stranger to the hip-hop world. He started out at an early age writing lyrics and making tracks on his casio four second sampler simply for the love of creating music....