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#1 Unsigned Artist Wigglepussy, Indiana
Wigglepussy, Indiana (Columbus, OH)
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 335
  Influences: Primus, Nick Cave, The...
  Members: Lawrence Desilets, Scott...
Artist info

Modern Pop Music’s Evil Twin For three years Wigglepussy, Indiana has performed theatrical shows & events at venues both in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio and throughout the state to a growing and dedicated fan base. We’re now working to expand...

#2 Quarter to Nine
Quarter to Nine (Nashville, TN)
  Plays: 392
  Influences: Matchbox 20, Hootie, Tonic,...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Chris Robertson
Chris Robertson (New York, NY)
  Plays: 1750 | Saves: 2023
  Influences: Elliot Smith, Sonic Youth,...
Artist info

Come see us at www.chrisrobertsonmusic.com Robertson developed his skills as a singer and lyricist while writing songs with Tim Butler (PSYCHEDELIC FURS) from 1994 to 1997 for their band, Feed. The band recorded enough material for two albums...

#4 Gut Checka Family
Gut Checka Family (Various)
  Plays: 445
  Members: Muniklip, MO\' B, NW Alliance
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Martist
No artist info

#6 Peter Toh
Peter Toh (Brooklyn)
  Plays: 85 | Saves: 743
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At the intersection of bumping your favorite pop tune on your stereo, the late night you spent kicking game to that special someone at the club and the lonely train ride home thinking of all the things you should have said just a few fleeting...

#7 Unsigned Artist ELCA Preschools San Diego
ELCA Preschools San Diego (San Diego)
  Members: ELCA Preschools San Diego
Artist info

Early Learners Childrens Academy is one of the finest child care provider and Preschool near Mission Valley, San Diego which provides the perfect base and starting point your child needs. Our expert and highly-trained teachers enables your child...

#8 Maybe Next Year
Maybe Next Year (Montreal, Canada)
  Members: Alek, Matt, Mos
Artist info

Alternative rock, Pop/Punk, Electro: Maybe Next Year, a new Montreal band, is creating a different style of music which emerges as a well balanced blend of energy and sensitiveness. The groups sights are set on developing music that is original...

#9 Unsigned Artist Mr.Faellman
Mr.Faellman (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Plays: 177
  Influences: Jazzrock
  Members: Mr.Faellman
Artist info

"MR FAELLMAN PROJECT - Yazrock on strings" Instruments: Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Bass. All Rythm & lead instruments (except for any slap bass solo by Mr Oakleaf) and ...

GREG JONES (Cleveland, Ohio)
  Plays: 106
  Influences: Commonly compared to 'We...
Artist info

Greg Jones Peace Song CD entitled GOD BLESS THE WORLD-Not Just America is garnering accolades worldwide. Already available on over 125 music sites worldwide as experts forecast future classic!!