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#1 Unsigned Artist sinfulbeatz
sinfulbeatz (houston,tx)
  Influences: Just Me :)
Artist info

All Tracks on SinfulBeats.com are Studio Quality and most importantly Radio Ready! Each Beat is Mixed professionally using Top Notch Studio Equipment. Now you can Buy Super-Star tracks without having a million dollar budget!

#2 Spiritual
Spiritual (Arlington,Tx)
  Plays: 3859 | Saves: 4555
Artist info

Spiritual a.k.a. is founder and CEO of Pure Love Entertainment and is working on an album called: Jesus Christ (volume 1) God is Love!!!!! I (Spiritual) make positve music because I believe the music you listen to and the people you hang with can...

#3 Unsigned Artist in for the kill...
in for the kill... (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1526
  Members: bill gaal, mike pelletier,
Artist info

" in for the kill... might be your favorite new band. Loved by most and feared by some, this quartet delivers some much needed rock to the starving masses!! And how does that make the kids feel? They feel good........ and it doesn't hurt that it...

#4 Out of Order
Out of Order (Auburn, WA USA)
  Plays: 3289 | Saves: 4717
  Influences: violent femmes, the fall,...
  Members: MIchael Henry- Bass &...
Artist info

Acoustic Bass & Congos make up this existentialist duo of indie funk n' roll. The husband and wife team of Out of Order are currently playing in the Seattle area. They sound more beat than punk and they play with an urgency unparallelled in modern...

#5 Unsigned Artist Rainwater
Rainwater (Strasbourg (France))
  Plays: 434 | Saves: 1519
  Members: - Silyalt -
Artist info

Dark Ambient Electronic Solo project from France. Through a Dark and Tortured music, Rainwater is the reflect of Lonelyness and Pain of Mind. Drowning deeper & deeper in the meanders of my mind ... I extract the pieces of sound which travel...

#6 Tri-Opus
Tri-Opus (Austin, TX)
  Plays: 146
  Influences: sublime, 311, bad brains,...
  Members: Ricky, Josh, Justin
Artist info

Straight out of west texas, 3 dudes set out on a mission to bring grooved out dub and hard hitting rock together.

#7 Unsigned Artist Broken Lifts
Broken Lifts (Manchester, United...)
  Members: Ian Miller. Holly Cumbers
Artist info

Broken Lifts aims to combine technology with nature; to add emotion to drum machines and computers; to express the conflict between living within urban environments, towerblocks and busy bus routes with man's natural instincts; to create a fanbase...

#8 Dropsphere
Dropsphere (Tucson, Arizona)
  Plays: 590 | Saves: 513
  Influences: Collective Soul, Matchbox...
  Members: Christopher Sahlin, Damon...
Artist info

DROPSPHERE is, on the surface, a band. A name. What lies underneath is a collection of individual talents, experiences and personalities... four friends who have shared life, love, loss, triumph and tragedy. All culminating and conveyed through...

#9 Unsigned Artist after the fact
after the fact
  Plays: 184 | Saves: 546
No artist info

#10 rspouch
rspouch (china)
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