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#1 Unsigned Artist shuggadaddi
shuggadaddi (somerset)
  Influences: james brown stevie wonder...
  Members: Danny Lauren Dean Katie...
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7 piece funk soul disco band

  Influences: Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin,...
Artist info

KOAH is a singer-songwriter and performer in Los Angeles, California. Check out his music on myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/koahmusic

#3 Unsigned Artist Thea Illeana
Thea Illeana
Artist info

24 year old singer/songwriter from Norway

DAN JOSE (Brooklyn, New York)
  Influences: Kanye West, The Roots, Lupe...
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Im a multi talented person, a rapper, photographer, graphic artist, producer, and alot more. Im was born in st lucia but im more american than anything. My music is not something you've heard before but I hope everyone can enjoy it.

#5 Unsigned Artist Trevor Hunter
Trevor Hunter (United Kingdom)
  Members: Trevor Hunter
Artist info

My coursework help website allows every student to interact with the writer throughout the writing process and this is what makes it different than most...

#6 Raging Blood
Raging Blood (Brockville, Ontario,...)
  Influences: Raging Blood
  Members: AK47-Guitar, Jesus...
Artist info

Started in 2002 when AK47, and Jesus James moved back to Brockville next door to their soon to be drummer Trevor. Many months later the starting of the original Raging Blood catalogue of songs. Local high school shows and a couple years later we...

#7 Unsigned Artist Our Disease
Our Disease (29 Palms)
  Plays: 1046
  Influences: Cant Answer That???
  Members: Tremmor, Myers, Sic Boy
Artist info

Myers - Lead Guitar Tremmor - Rythem Guitar Sic Boy - Bass Seeking - Drummer Seeking - Vocals If you want to play drums or sing for us contact us.. Also Check out our oher site http://www.myspace.com/ourdisease

#8 Valhalla Smith
Valhalla Smith (Leamington Spa)
  Plays: 32 | Saves: 638
  Influences: Soundgraden, Tool, QOTSA,...
  Members: Rich Watkins - Vocals, Josh...
Artist info

Valhalla Smith already have had musical success with members playing 2 ozzfest tours aswell as playing Bloodstock Festival and having Platinum records to their name but now they have come back to their roots in the Midlands for a new challenge....

#9 Unsigned Artist Mcellus
Mcellus (Lansing, MI)
  Plays: 617 | Saves: 1693
  Influences: Techn9ne
  Members: Mcellus
Artist info

I go by MCELLUS (em-sell-us) Im From Lansing, MI. ive been rapping and repping black hoodi Records since 2005. ive produced 6 original cds and 11 mixtapes. Ive performed with these artist: Ying Yang Twins, Chopper, Big Sean, Esham. Ive...

#10 phillipdead
phillipdead (Siuox Falls)
  Plays: 157 | Saves: 417
  Influences: nothing matters your still...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Thought it would be nice to make some ugly music for a change music that would be difficult to listen to never mind like...........