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#1 Unsigned Artist The Droogies
The Droogies (Norway(Trondheim))
  Plays: 197 | Saves: 1431
  Influences: rolling stone, the black...
  Members: Sonny Vegas, Mickey Jones,...
Artist info

The story The droogies got together the fall of 2002. To create rock`n roll based on the roots it was invented; blues, country and soul. We`re profets with a message from a forgotten realm. When sex, drugs and rock`n roll really ment something....

#2 Sapid
  Plays: 291 | Saves: 541
  Influences: Nirvana
Artist info

Sapid is a rock band from Minneapolis, MN. Our main influences are Nirvana, The Velvet Underground, REM, L7, Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr and Alice in Chains. Please check out our website at www.freewebs.com/sapidmusic Thanks for checking us out

#3 Unsigned Artist Dead Boyz Crew
Dead Boyz Crew (New Jersey)
  Influences: Beastie Boys meet N.W.A.
  Members: MC Plant, MC Shit, 85, Sven...
Artist info

The crew was started in the heart of New Jersey in 2002 by rapper MC Plant and Producer Hyro. Soon the two would build there crew with rappers, not including MC Plant, MC Shit, J-Rock, 85, B, Chris Buck, The Doc, & J-Remy. They had an abudance...

#4 Welches
Welches (Newark, New Jersy)
  Members: Chris Blamo aka Welches
Artist info

Chris Blamo a.k.a. (Welches) was born on October 1, 1986 in Union, NJ. Welches fell in love with rap at the age of six. With influences such as LL Cool J, Notorious BIG, and Tupac, Welches began rapping at the age of sixteen. He quickly Stop...

  Plays: 10355 | Saves: 6250
No artist info

#6 Johnny Go Boom Boom
Johnny Go Boom Boom (Manchester)
  Plays: 808
  Influences: Johnny Go Boom Boom (we...
  Members: Rob (lead guitar and...
Artist info

3 peice rocking Punk/Rock/Emo band that have been together for 2-3 years but only just started playin our own material. About to record for the first time this summer so keep a look out for when we get them on the site. We've played several gigs...

#7 Unsigned Artist Anuradha
Anuradha (Kandy)
  Members: Anuradha
Artist info

“Let the positive vibration rock your soul and make it free”. Yes, It's REGGAE. There is no doubt that REGGAE is the best. Hope you too can feel it's vibes that takes you to the redemption. Well, I would like to introduce myself as a...

#8 IF... Crashing
IF... Crashing (Toronto, Ontario)
  Plays: 313 | Saves: 1096
Artist info

IF... was formed in 1996 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our music ranges from full out kick ass rock, to mellow smoke a dube chill music. Depends on how we wake up that morning! You can visit us on the web http://if.iroque.com

#9 Unsigned Artist Glue Monsters
Glue Monsters (G L U E • M O N S T...)
  Plays: 787 | Saves: 3703
  Influences: WHATEVER YOU GOT
  Members: ME & Drummer
Artist info

We don't practice, rehearse, have anything planned out - WE MAKE OUR SONGS UP ON THE SPOT! We do like to drink, so we're not responsible for anything that anyone breaks while listening to us. HAHAHAHAHA!! email: gluemonsters@ca.rr.com

#10 vagrant soulz
vagrant soulz (Pakistan)
  Plays: 106 | Saves: 96
  Influences: linkin park
  Members: two
No artist info