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#1 Unsigned Artist On the Low
On the Low (Sault Sainte Marie,...)
  Plays: 87 | Saves: 700
  Members: Brian Drumheller - Vocals,...
Artist info

Better known locally as "Mamas Boys" w/guitarist Henry Switzer. "On the Low" is: Brian Drumheller - Keyboards, Guitar, woodwinds, vocals Ray Mayer - Bass, Vocals Russell Mayer - Drums, Vocals Be on the lookout for our album "Ditch Party" to...

#2 The Recovers
The Recovers
  Plays: 1391 | Saves: 3560
Artist info

Guitar player with bass and drums to make rockblues songs.

#3 Unsigned Artist Chanca
Chanca (South England)
  Plays: 103
  Influences: Massive Attack, Tricky, The...
Artist info

Chanca is 23-year-old songwriter Nathan Bowles. Chanca started out in late 2003 & by early 2004 finished his first 4- track demo. After catching that music buzz, he continued to write & record until his 16-track debut album "Dark In 2 Light"...

#4 Nikki Lynn
Nikki Lynn
  Plays: 189 | Saves: 861
  Influences: Meh..
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Building The Cathedral
Building The Cathedral (Finland)
  Plays: 384
  Influences: Robert fripp, brian eno,...
  Members: Wrath Racasan
Artist info

For most of my life I have lived in an area dedicated to heavy industry of one kind or another, mines, steel mills, wire factory’s and the trains on which I used to work. So the sound of metal screaming crashing, banging, sometimes being destroyed...

#6 momentus
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Masochistic Paradox
Masochistic Paradox (Serbia)
  Plays: 1019 | Saves: 2935
  Influences: bjork, diorama, the knife,...
  Members: Filip Jovanovic
Artist info

Masochistic Paradox is musical project formed by Serbian singer Filip Jovanovic and composer Bojan Maksimoivc in 2011. They are constantly trying to explore and combine as many diffrent sounds through music. Currently, they are working on the...

#8 Keshco
Keshco (London, UK)
  Plays: 819 | Saves: 5185
  Influences: Pulp, Smiths, Depeche Mode,...
  Members: Andrew Brain, Robert...
Artist info

Hello there! Keshco is a London-based trio who home-record music in many forms, spiky folk to wooshy electro and brooding gothpop to dreamy soundscapes. Their lyrics are often witty and heartfelt, sometimes just plain absurd. Andrew and Robert...

#9 Unsigned Artist Eldon Cloud II
Eldon Cloud II (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 142 | Saves: 2072
  Members: Eldon Cloud
Artist info

Search up Eldon Cloud on YouTube to hear my songs and watch my videos. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=eldon+cloud&aq=f

#10 Changes
Changes (Detroit, Michigan)
  Plays: 183 | Saves: 575
  Influences: Dave Matthews Band,...
  Members: Pat Conaton, Jimmy Conaton,...
Artist info

Changes is a four-piece acoustic jam band from Detroit, MI. Their sound has been compared to that of Dave Matthews Band or the Barenaked Ladies, but they have a style that is entirely their own. Having met in music school, the band composed songs...