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#1 Unsigned Artist REGULATION PLANET
REGULATION PLANET (Pittsburgh, Pennylvania)
  Plays: 26303 | Saves: 5123
  Influences: Bon Jovi meets Metallica...
Artist info premium member

REGULATION PLANET Check out the online version of my monthly Rock Music magazine : ...

#2 Concrete Theory
Concrete Theory (Lexington, North Carolina)
  Plays: 352 | Saves: 690
  Members: Scott Dowd, Sean Noyes,...
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Concrete Theory (the 5-piece modern rock band based out of Lexington, North Carolina) merged onto the music scene in February 2005. Coming from vastly different musical backgrounds, these five musicians have transformed themselves into one of the...

#3 Unsigned Artist Haircuts Ahoy
Haircuts Ahoy (Camden, London, England)
  Plays: 201 | Saves: 498
  Influences: Nick Cave, Peaches, Avenue...
  Members: Tom...
Artist info

ýber-hip London-based electro-folk outfit, formed in 2004. Their first single Jeanie Jeanie stormed the download charts in Brazil reaching number one for three weeks, at the expense of the great Madonna. The Band consists of Tom Starr-Marshall...

#4 Panama Profit
Panama Profit (Flint Michigan)
  Plays: 1825 | Saves: 746
  Influences: U tell me
  Members: Panama Profit
Artist info

This 23 year old M.C. is the true essence of hip-hop. His style is so versatile and his transition is so smooth he can be marketed to an audience from 8 to 80. so his debut album Misdirection is a sure hit. Have a listen!

#5 Unsigned Artist G
G (Brentwood,Ny)
  Plays: 22
Artist info

Born In Brooklyn Ocean Ave, Raised in Brentwood, Long Island. I lived out in LI for most of my life ever since I was about 10. My Background Is Haiti. started putting words together eversince I was about 14 but didn't rely on it as much as I do...

#6 Empire Radio
Empire Radio (Sandy Lake ON Canada)
  Plays: 168 | Saves: 1432
  Influences: collective soul, ben...
  Members: Peter Meekis
Artist info

Empire Radio a one man project from canada, a small remote community in ontario acoustic based act with an alternative sound blended with many influences to create a unique yet very influential sound itself the music is creatively crafted and...

#7 Unsigned Artist Spider Rico
Spider Rico (Philadelphia Pa)
  Plays: 420 | Saves: 1127
  Members: Matt Bonafair, John Burke,...
Artist info

Spider Rico terrorized the streets of Philadelphia with hard hitting party rock that blazed their name into the history of the city. Famous for their brand of in your face, blistering live sets, Spider Rico developed one of the largest fan bases...

#8 Rico Mauer
Rico Mauer
  Plays: 3
  Members: Rico Mauer
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist rinyville
rinyville (The Netherlands)
  Plays: 1829 | Saves: 4924
  Influences: Johnny Cash, Wilco, Paul...
  Members: Riny
Artist info

Just visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/rinyville or www.reverbnation.com/rinyville

#10 Cold Steel Blizzard
Cold Steel Blizzard (England)
  Plays: 71 | Saves: 957
  Influences: the knife, joy division,...
  Members: Sicky Hampton (all), Global...
Artist info

A lonely misfit saught love wherever he could find it. the women of his home town spurned him so he found exotic love further afield and followed it wherever it went. after years of heartbreak and homesickness the misfit went to live in London...