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#1 Unsigned Artist Euphoric Empathogen
Euphoric Empathogen (Palmetto, FL, USA)
  Plays: 2346 | Saves: 461
  Influences: Life' experiences
  Members: Jason Stewart...
Artist info

Euphoric Empathogen is Jason Stewart, a 27 year-old songwriter/independent music producer. All of these tracks I created/composed when I was 20 years old and I have no idea how to update my image on here since it is 7 years old. It doesn't...

#2 wordless poem
wordless poem (france)
  Plays: 307 | Saves: 898
  Influences: jeff beck,robert...
Artist info

Experimental film-maker,having formed a musical unity,to create the soundtracks,sequenced synthesizers,signal processed ambient guitar,forming musical soundscapes.

#3 Unsigned Artist earth dirt
earth dirt
  Plays: 365 | Saves: 844
  Members: duke23
Artist info

I make most of my samples hitting things i find around the house i try to make the music i like to listen to

#4 reaLation.
reaLation. (Albany, NY)
  Plays: 174 | Saves: 687
  Influences: Pink FLoyd, U2, Yes
  Members: Vincent Lane- bass, piano,...
Artist info

Its all about the written word. says reaLation. co-founder, bassist, singer-songwriter Vincent Lane. The music is a very strong way to convey the message, but without a message; why even bother? Indeed, the concept reaLation. is trying to...

#5 Unsigned Artist Spinning World: 13 Ways of Looking at a
Spinning World: 13 Ways of Looking at a
  Plays: 416
  Influences: Randy Newman, Yo Yo Ma,...
  Members: Gunnar Madsen
Artist info

I'm looking for that song from Sex and the City... You mean the one played at the end of the episode La Douleur Exquise - season 2-24.? The song they play when Carrie realizes she and Big are over? It's called Anna, and it's just one of many...

#6 Hecatonchires
Hecatonchires (Appleton, WI)
  Plays: 52 | Saves: 301
  Influences: The pAper chAse,...
  Members: Jacob William Curtis -...
Artist info

PRONOUNCED /ˌhɛkətɒnˈkaɪriːz/ Or if you can't read that (god know's I can't) Heck-a-TON-kai-rez As for other stuff... I don't really know what to say here. My name is Jacob. Since I was a kid, I wanted to front a band. I was very...

#7 Unsigned Artist Larry Rosen
Larry Rosen (Canada)
  Plays: 613
Artist info

Larry Rosen is a Canadian musician, composing and performing new age piano music that will relax you, and take you to places you've never been before. www.larryrosen.ca

#8 everett
everett (Lund, Sweden)
  Plays: 1043 | Saves: 1909
  Influences: Foo, Fighters, HIM,...
  Members: Aron Skogman - vocals,...
Artist info

Everett started playing together in 2004 and released their first two singles this summer on iTunes Music Store. Most gigs are in Lund and Malmo (Sweden) and occasionly in Stockholm. Our main goal right now is to find a major record company to...

#9 Unsigned Artist HËLLFYRE
HËLLFYRE (Lisboa, Portugal)
  Influences: Black Sabbath, AC/DC,...
Artist info

HËLLFYRE is the name of the ghoulish sonic beast that was born in Lisboa, Portugal, somewhere in the Winter of 2008. The founding members of this depraved assembly are lifelong associates who have finally agreed to start executing their...

#10 G-20 a.k.a. The Wolf
G-20 a.k.a. The Wolf (Oklahoma City, OK)
  Plays: 423 | Saves: 331
  Influences: Big Pokey, 8-Ball
Artist info

Website: (www.g20music.net) BIO: G.Walker also known as G-20 a.k.a. The Wolf was born February 10, 1981, but it was not until the age of 11 until he knew that he wanted to be a competitive rap artist. G-20 has taken the rap game to the next level...