Letter 6

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#1 Unsigned Artist GNYUS THE ARTIST
  Plays: 2 | Saves: 1024
  Influences: PRINCE,AL GREEN,SLY...
Artist info

GNYUS(pronounced gen-i-ous) is a fresh,emerging musical genious.He presently resides in both Atlanta,Georgia and Englewood California.Watch as he makes a major impact in the music,entertainment and fashion industries.GNYUS is single,dark and...

#2 Mid-Day Moon
Mid-Day Moon (Miami, Florida)
  Plays: 15 | Saves: 55
  Influences: Hippo Campus, Foo Fighters,...
  Members: Andrew Gil, Alexander Gil,...
Artist info

Indie-Pop/Alternative-Rock band consisting of 4 young members from age 17-22, with big dreams in music. Just released a debut EP titled, "Third Floor" and are currently trying to promote it any way they can. Spotify:...

#3 Unsigned Artist Eleanor Morgan
Eleanor Morgan (Leicester, United Kingdom)
Artist info

Eleanor Morgan is a well-known name in the academic world. She is a Master’s degree holder. She is working as a senior academic writer at Essay River which is a popular writing firm in town. She is famous for providing students ...

#4 The Breakup
The Breakup (OC)
  Plays: 132
  Influences: The Killers meets No Doubt...
  Members: Lana Reiss, Melissa Koziel,...
Artist info

Meshing sensible pop hooks, synthesizers reminiscent of your favorite 80s bands, and a driving rhythm setion, The Breakup delivers fun, catchy, dance-able power-pop songs. Hailing from Orange County, California, The Breakup, A girl fronted band...

#5 Unsigned Artist kmarwolfhalen
kmarwolfhalen (portland oregon)
  Plays: 50
  Influences: piano meets guitar///rock...
  Members: david werner
Artist info

Played since i was 7 grew up in california alot off beach action im the only person in the world who has ridden up a face of a 40 ft wave from shore using a skimboard plan on having a humongus music legacy kmarwolfhalen

#6 Underworld Entertainment
Underworld Entertainment (Jacksonviile, fl)
  Plays: 518 | Saves: 1018
  Influences: rap, hip hop
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Cully
Cully (Manchester)
  Plays: 1685 | Saves: 2349
  Influences: Electronic
  Members: Paul Coulson
Artist info

Cully is a 36 year old Writer/Producer from Manchester. He has been creating music for over 20 years as a hobby and has a cd collection of over 50 cds full of his own music. His past styles have ranged from ambient/Chill out to Drum and...

#8 vinny vetrone
vinny vetrone (Levittown New York)
  Members: Vinny Vetrone
Artist info

Http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/vinny-vetrone-billionaire-dreams-song.1785099.html 18 year old Long Island Boy !

#9 Unsigned Artist Blood Sundae
Blood Sundae (Leeds, UK)
  Influences: Lacuna Coil -...
  Members: Emily Bandawe, Leanne...
Artist info

Blood Sundae fell to earth in a fiery comet of blood and ice cream (with a cherry and sprinkles on the top) from the all girl metal planet of Venus, to teach the children of Earth how to ROCK! 'Masters of melancholic gothic metal' Duncan...

#10 Pat Bailey
Pat Bailey (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Influences: Dashboard Confessional
  Members: Pat Bailey
Artist info

I'm just a guy who loves music.