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#1 Unsigned Artist Michael Frazier
Michael Frazier (Salem, Oregon)
  Plays: 782 | Saves: 849
  Influences: Bruce Cockburn, Bob Dylan,...
  Members: Michael Frazier
Artist info

Original music featuring acoustic guitars, vocal, flute & other instuments on occasion. Lyrical focus on themes of love, daily life, politics and the environment. Acoustic rock/folk reminiscent of the early 70's with modern, yet timeless...

#2 Waking
Waking (NYC/ NJ)
  Influences: tool, chevelle, perfect...
  Members: Perf , JP, RAY, Dann
Artist info

In an effort to promote the conscious exploration of self, WAKING speaks to the hearts and minds of its audiences through aggressive hard rock riffs, dynamic musical composition, and a strong melodic sense. Though their sound can be compared to...

#3 Unsigned Artist Year Of Confession
Year Of Confession (Massapequa, NY)
  Plays: 308 | Saves: 2715
  Influences: Something Heavy and Original.
  Members: Dan Buckley, Joe Micolo,...
Artist info

YEAR OF CONFESSION, a 4 piece band from Long Island NY, writes heavy music with a stunning mix of melody and intelligence. Their intense and gripping live show (captured in the March 07' issue of REVOLVER MAGAZINE), coupled with lyrics that...

#4 Olivia Kimbrough
Olivia Kimbrough (JACKSON, AL)
  Plays: 436 | Saves: 1607
Artist info

Born January 26, 1981, Olivia Kimbrough has always been passionate about music, so much so that she has been singing since the age of 4 or 5 years old. Music has always been a part of her life, but it was when she turned 16, giving her life to...

#5 Unsigned Artist After Kind
After Kind (Poland)
  Influences: Electro Industrial
  Members: Zofia Zin, Jacek Maciag,...
Artist info

See more on www.myspace.com/afterkind

#6 WilliG
WilliG (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 156 | Saves: 735
  Influences: Joe Satriani,Maze, Rush,...
Artist info

Just a easy going guy who loves to create music

#7 Unsigned Artist Zion
Zion (Gaaden,Austria)
  Plays: 265 | Saves: 2079
  Influences: Filter, Tool, A Perfect Circle
  Members: Gabriel Schatz
Artist info

The four musicians of Zion hope to distinguish themselves from today's music scene by focusing on emotion, originalitiy and sincerity as the driving force of their music. Like their inspiration, Tool and Filter, Zion seeks to create music that...

#8 C.A.S.H.
C.A.S.H. (Romania)
  Plays: 228 | Saves: 1472
  Influences: us
  Members: fotzey - guitars , roje -...
Artist info

10 year old romanian rock band with over 200 gigs performed and 5 lp's released by independent labels.

#9 Unsigned Artist 49 Rufus
49 Rufus (The Netherlands)
  Plays: 2809 | Saves: 4047
  Influences: Lagwagon, Blink 182
  Members: Robert, Stefan
Artist info

We started of as a very cool punkband, and right now, were still a very cool punkband. As from today, we also have a MySpace page. Suprisingly, the adress is ===> www.myspace.com/49rufus You can also visit www.49rufus.tk for some other songs.

#10 The Lust Merchants
The Lust Merchants (Fogelsville,Pa.)
  Plays: 1315 | Saves: 4188
  Influences: The Rolling Stones, Tom...
Artist info

We are unknown, unsigned, and unwelcome at most clambakes... We are a rock 'n roll band from eastern Pa. whose debut album, "Cheap Meat" is currently getting the finishing touches added to it in the studio. We thought we'd share a few "choice...