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#1 Unsigned Artist Joey Stuckey
Joey Stuckey
  Plays: 230
Artist info

Senate Records P.O. Box 13526 Macon, GA 31208 (47 742-7956 ...

#2 Buddy Nuisance
Buddy Nuisance (Chicago, IL)
  Plays: 280 | Saves: 1142
  Influences: The Smiths meet The Police,...
  Members: Luke, Jay, Brian, Darren
Artist info

Think power quartet with mandolin, electric piano, and percussion. Melodic indie pop rock with accessible up-beat songs to keep you moving. Buddy Nuisance hails from Chicago, IL and have created quite a buzz with their unique instrumentation...

#3 Unsigned Artist Amnestysia
Amnestysia (Indonesia , Solo...)
  Plays: 26
  Influences: Nirvana, Radiohead,...
  Members: Donny Martalia [guitar...
Artist info

[universal] Amnestysia form thinking of DonnyMartalia and Dafis Aditama formed on 3 October 2010. They wanted to create a band that had music and exploration of various colors in a minimalist become their own characters might be called New...

#4 olivier miranda
olivier miranda (amsterdam)
  Plays: 1670 | Saves: 1403
  Influences: hendrix,miles davis,larry...
Artist info

Session guitarist based in amsterdam

#5 Unsigned Artist Erick Schweitzer
Erick Schweitzer (Hamden, CT)
  Plays: 14160 | Saves: 14489
  Influences: Unique, Original, Rock,...
Artist info

Hope you enjoy........ I have been creating music since the summer of '76 in ...

#6 Higher Cry
Higher Cry (Hot Springs)
  Plays: 202 | Saves: 574
  Influences: Creed
  Members: Robert, Steven, Seth, Timm
Artist info

Hello; My name is Robert Stringer, and I would like to introduce you to “Higher Cry” We are an all original, Christian Rock Group from Hot Springs, Arkansas. We have a grunge rock to Easy ballad style, with Creed Style vocals. We assembled late...

#7 Unsigned Artist digitalTRAFFIC
digitalTRAFFIC (edinburgh scotland uk)
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 349
  Influences: sound
  Members: donaldo
Artist info

DigitalTRAFFIC create heavy electronic music soundscapes with a progressive futuristic sci-fi dark ambient sound. The instrumentation is entirely electronic and the albums feature a mix of dark ambient tracks to lighter more classical influenced...

#8 Arlington
Arlington (Colorado)
  Plays: 69
  Influences: Blink 182, All-American...
  Members: Randy-Guitarist,...
Artist info

Soaring high out of the city of Denver, Colorado, Arlington brings you a style of music that is totaly original and completly adapts pop punk style with a heavier twist. We are ARLINGTON......Arlington is..... Randy, Bob, Dave, and Brian and...

#9 Unsigned Artist Kevin Nevel
Kevin Nevel (Burlington, NC)
  Influences: Pat Benatar, Goo Goo dolls,...
  Members: Kevin Nevel
Artist info

My name is Kevin Nevel. I’m a Country/Blues/Rock/Pop/R&B/Acoustic Folk/Dance/Club songwriter working with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. My original/fresh, passionate and heartfelt songs are about sweet loves found, painful loves lost and eternal...

#10 Young Soulja
Young Soulja (Los Angeles / San Jose)
  Plays: 9349 | Saves: 4075
  Influences: flo-rida , plies
  Members: souljaettes , DJ , Cherry...
Artist info

Young Soulja has an unique sound of his own but if you must compare him with some artist that have been in the industry he definitely has the charisma like LL Cool J, the performing intensity of a young DMX , business mindset like P.Diddy and...