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#1 Unsigned Artist Audio Companion
Audio Companion (Greater Kansas City)
  Plays: 7227 | Saves: 6151
  Influences: Good Times!
Artist info

This is a new project and so far I'm solo. That may change soon. We'll see. I hope you enjoy the music. Please leave feedback, or just send me a quick message. Any and all of it will be appreciated. You can also find me on Myspace: ...

#2 Silver Haze
Silver Haze (Ireland)
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 438
  Influences: Oasis/cold play/bob dylan/
  Members: Andy Gwynne
Artist info

Started writing and playing about 10 years ago. Started of in a band called Garcia played at a few venues in Belfast a few yaers later the band split up. started up a new Band called Ophelia made a few cds. Now im on my own and am doing the music...

#3 Unsigned Artist Zach Hillyard Band
Zach Hillyard Band (San Diego)
  Plays: 614 | Saves: 645
  Members: Wesley Cole Switzer now...
Artist info

Wesley Cole Switzer, former bass player for ZHB, is currently working on his own projects in the San Diego and LA areas.

#4 NULLL Infra
NULLL Infra (belgium)
  Plays: 213 | Saves: 918
  Members: SVC, EMH, SPW
Artist info

'The Nulll Collective' is a group of like-minded artists from around the world who are sick of commercialism and artistic conformity in both the world at large and in the microcosmic wasteland of underground extreme music.

#5 Unsigned Artist Lions Of The Desert
Lions Of The Desert (Middletown, NY)
  Plays: 808 | Saves: 390
  Influences: Non Phixion, Sunz Of Man,...
  Members: Al-Amin, Rightious Nova
Artist info

Lions of the Desert who hail from Middletown, NY have shunned trendy hip-hop topics like fashion, fancy cars, foxy females and violence, and instead opt to weave their narratives around more positive and educational pursuits. If our school and...

#6 The Something Somethings
The Something Somethings (Bideford, North Devon)
  Plays: 499 | Saves: 1010
  Influences: A Dog Giving Birth
  Members: Stiff (Front man, horrible...
Artist info

It all started when griff picked his nose, he had such a big bogie he could only just get it under the sofa, after realising it was breathing he took it under his wing as one of his own, as it slowly grew into 4 jazz flute playing mutants who...

#7 Unsigned Artist Edward Andjey
Edward Andjey (Spain, Malaga)
  Plays: 145 | Saves: 399
  Influences: Deep Purple, The Beatles,...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Edward Andjey (real name Andrii Kovalskyi, 19 august 1989) is an Ukrainian rock musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter. Born in small town Chernivtsi in Ukraine. At the age of 9 years first time took the guitar to play hard rock influenced by...

#8 DJ Frankie Holmes
DJ Frankie Holmes (Chicago)
  Plays: 117 | Saves: 254
  Influences: Countless artists from...
  Members: DJ Frankie Holmes - is -...
Artist info

- Biography - DJ Frankie Holmes is a solo artist from Chicago who has been writing electronic music since 1999. His real name is Emery Frank Harmon IV and he was born in 1978. DJ Frankie's style is experimental dance music mainly but he does...

#9 Unsigned Artist Black Marilyn Monroe
Black Marilyn Monroe (Sacramento, CA)
  Plays: 544 | Saves: 1127
Artist info

Rap Artist & r&b music writer

#10 Braam
Braam (Chicago Ill)
  Plays: 15
  Influences: Teenage...
  Members: Mike..Scott...and Tom Braam...
No artist info