Letter 6

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#1 Unsigned Artist Vibeke
  Plays: 294 | Saves: 320
No artist info

#2 The Baby Grands
The Baby Grands (Atlanta, GA)
  Plays: 331
  Members: Donny Todd, Marc Castelo, &...
Artist info

"ALT ROCK FOR KIDS THAT WON'T DRIVE THE ADULTS CRAZY" It's been a parched musical landscape for a long time, but like manna from kid music heaven, The Baby Grands-the Atlanta based musical trio of lead vocalist Donny Todd, producer,...

#3 Unsigned Artist Azzinrho
  Plays: 12444 | Saves: 3015
  Influences: Michael he gone now sad really
Artist info

I haven't done much music recently as I've been playing poker. You can join my private poker club for Home Games online. If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home...

#4 J-EyE
J-EyE (Brooklyn)
  Plays: 249
  Influences: Quincy Jones, Diddy, Ray...
  Members: J-EyE
Artist info

Brooklyn has brought the world talent and greatness. Sighting Jay-Z, Eddie Murphy, Lena Horne, Barbra Streisand and Spike Lee as hometown heroes, artist/songwriter/producer J-EyE is planning to earn his spot in their mentions. J-EyE has been...

#5 Unsigned Artist Iozaeph
Iozaeph (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  Plays: 1422 | Saves: 1701
  Influences: Depeche Mode
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I'm a home studio musician, and has been so since 1998. Music has always been my hobby at the side, since I work as an actor and filmeditor more than full time. However, I've written music for both plays and films and a lot of people have wanted...

CHAOTIC (Chicago, Illinois)
  Plays: 925 | Saves: 861
  Influences: Everybody!!!
  Members: Kevin - Singer, songwriter,...
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#7 Unsigned Artist Dj nkokhi
Dj nkokhi (Johannesburg, South...)
  Plays: 381
  Influences: zamtion
  Members: Mlungisi Mlangeni aka Dj...
No artist info

#8 25thParallel
25thParallel (New Zealand)
  Members: Eric, Emma, Kate, Sam
Artist info

25th Parallel are a New Zealand teen band. We started our band sometime last year, and we are all related. Eric is the lead guitarist, Emma is the bassist and pianist, Kate is the main vocalist, and Sam is the drummer. We would really appreciate...

#9 Unsigned Artist FYB
FYB (Aiken, SC)
  Plays: 328 | Saves: 1225
  Influences: Classic Hip- Rock
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Small Town, Big Sound

Artist info

Philadelphia native, Varsity Rees is the founder of VarsityLife. Varsity Rees graduated from Conestoga High School and went on to earn his Bachelors of Arts degree from Neumann University. Varsity Rees has had a passion for the stage and leaves...