Letter 6

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#1 Unsigned Artist The Pulltops
The Pulltops (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  Plays: 730 | Saves: 2478
  Influences: Cheap Trick, The Knack,...
  Members: Mark Pierret, Tom Crowell,...
Artist info

The Pulltops were formed in December of 2001 out of the ashes of Milwaukee band, Udi Subudi. The departure of their lead singer could have ended their career, but they saw it as an opportunity. The position of lead vocals was moved to drummer Mark...

#2 Kenny Bogus
Kenny Bogus (Chicago)
  Plays: 1682 | Saves: 1624
  Influences: Nas, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G.
Artist info

Kenny Bogus hails from the south side of Chicagos infamous Wild Hundreds and has been on been on the underground scene for many years. He tested the waters in 1996 with the Chi-Town anthem, Windy City Blues. The song aired on the legendary Pink...

#3 Unsigned Artist thirteen-8
thirteen-8 (Waterford, MI)
  Plays: 687
  Influences: modern rock worship
  Members: Bob Haire (drums), Julie...
Artist info

Named after Heb 13:8 which states, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." He is our Solid Rock, the Firm Foundation in Who our lives are grounded. Our heart is to see families strong in these last days. Our concerts are very...

#4 The Celebrity Skeletons
The Celebrity Skeletons (East Kilbride, Scotland)
  Plays: 360 | Saves: 1617
  Influences: Good synthesizer based...
  Members: Cal McLeod
Artist info

From The Keyboard Cave in Scotland comes The Celebrity Skeletons sound....a mixture of pumpin' dance tunes and haunting atmospheric vibes....capitulate!

#5 Unsigned Artist Bumpin Records
Bumpin Records (Chicago,IL)
  Plays: 156 | Saves: 628
  Influences: Him self
Artist info

This is a new hip hop record label comming out in the mid west. Hot new artists and hot beats. Bumpin Records

#6 Scaramoose
Scaramoose (South West England)
  Plays: 1250 | Saves: 1284
  Influences: The John Butler Trio, Ben...
  Members: John Eschbaecher, Dave...
Artist info

Scaramoose was formed in 2007, born from the meeting of John Gardner, Clive Wade and John Eschbaecher. The three members soon found common ground in a mixture of exciting styles including acoustic, blues, and funk, seeking particular influence...

#7 Unsigned Artist Prince J
Prince J (Atlanta, GA.)
  Plays: 481 | Saves: 1291
  Influences: Too Short, Snoop Dogg, and...
  Members: solo artist
Artist info

------------ Hip-Hop's New Prince invades music------------ Like every kid growing up in the ghetto, music touched many, and like many, the goal of capturing it seem unattainable...not for Prince J. Despite learning the true meaning of...

#8 No More Heroes
No More Heroes (Warminster UK)
  Influences: Blink 182, home grown
  Members: Kieran Thomas-drums, Nafe...
Artist info

No more heroes are a punk rock band from Warminster. 3 guys brought together from high musical intelligence and great sex appeal. YEAH FUCKIN RIGHT!! Alex and nath met through a mutual friend who was forming a 'metal' band, later Alex and Nath got...

#9 Unsigned Artist North of 90
North of 90 (Anchorage, Alaska)
  Plays: 500 | Saves: 1299
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Slightly...
  Members: Don Dougherty, Dave Dunn,...
Artist info

This modern jam band from Alaska has put out several albums in the past few years. Inspired by a blend of eclectic musical influences, from early 70's psychedelic rock bands like UFO and Gong, to modern-day reggae dub and world artists, North of...

#10 amnesty
amnesty (mex)
  Plays: 3848 | Saves: 1281
  Members: Nacho: vocals, Noe: Drums,...
Artist info

Amnesty has shared the stage with different important bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Anarchus, DEA, and Disgorge (Mex). In October 2004, the band releases its first Demo CD named “When the Mirror has been Broken…” which was recorded in the...