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#1 Unsigned Artist The Ashtones
The Ashtones (East KIlbride)
  Plays: 327 | Saves: 912
  Influences: Kings of Leon, Glasvegas,...
  Members: David Gillies - Vocals/Lead...
Artist info

The Ashtones are a 5 piece atmospheric rock band that formed in the summer of 2010 and have since been writing songs and promoting themselves around Glasgow with numerous successful gigs and are looking to expand to a new audience.

#2 Amazon Blonde
Amazon Blonde (Detroit, Michigan)
  Plays: 980
  Influences: red hot chili peppers, no...
  Members: Britney Bockelman,Jason...
Artist info

Amazon Blonde is a five-piece Rock band from Detroit, Michigan and was formed in February of 2004. The members of Amazon Blonde combine their individual sounds and diverse influences to contribute to Amazon Blonde's unique sound. Philly Blunt is...

#3 Unsigned Artist Sharon Off
Sharon Off (Moscow - RF)
  Plays: 1222 | Saves: 1901
  Members: Dmitry Sharonov - vocal,...
Artist info

I'm not singer, only songwriter & sometimes I play cello in the band you can find on: http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/bands/9238/

#4 Back  Alley  Abortions
Back Alley Abortions (Colchester, Essex, UK)
  Plays: 635 | Saves: 4742
  Influences: Listen and find out.
  Members: Matt - Vox, Millard -...
Artist info

Back Alley Abortions is a 5-piece Hardcore/Thrash Punk outfit from Colchester, Essex, UK. www.myspace.com/baa62

#5 Unsigned Artist Counts Of The Netherworld
Counts Of The Netherworld (Bradford)
  Plays: 334
  Influences: Hard Rock, Desert Rock,...
Artist info

“Inspired Psychedelic Oddness” - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music Formed late 2008 in Bradford, UK. Counts of the Netherworld didn't waste any time in getting straight to work on writing and recording their début album. A lo-fi tour-de-force...

#6 Vincent Lane
Vincent Lane (Jacksonville, North...)
  Plays: 666 | Saves: 2756
  Influences: Eminem, Herm, Dr. Dre,...
  Members: Vincent Lane
Artist info

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Vince, spits the fiery Vincent Lane in one of his random freestyles, and he means it. More than a line borrowed from one of his idols (Jay-Z), that statement has a lot of meaning to this 25 year old...

#7 Unsigned Artist Dave Whelan
Dave Whelan (Dublin)
  Plays: 1094 | Saves: 3183
  Members: Dave Whelan
Artist info

Dave Whelan is a songwriter from Dublin who has played lead guitar for a number of bands on the Irish gigging and recording circuit. In the summer of 2009 Dave decided to put more time and energy into writing and performing his own music as well...

#8 Louis Cooper-Hughes
Louis Cooper-Hughes (Lancashire, UK)
  Plays: 79 | Saves: 1214
  Influences: Home Video, Radiohead, Noel...
  Members: Louis Cooper-Hughes
Artist info

"Louis Cooper-Hughes is a british musician and producer. He originally began making music at age 15 where he was in and out of many bands while at school. He played lead/rhythm guitar and vocals for the Shropshire based alternative rock band Like...

#9 Unsigned Artist Moon Dragonfly
Moon Dragonfly (NYC)
  Plays: 235 | Saves: 687
  Influences: Tool, Alice in chaince,SOAD
  Members: 3
No artist info

#10 Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray (Colorado)
  Plays: 3290 | Saves: 7357
  Influences: Peter Frampton, Brittney...
  Members: Daniel Gray Untamed
Artist info

Born Febuary 19, in midwestern USA Daniel Gray Untamed started his music career at a very young age of 12 years old playing on stage with his Mom (guitar and vocalist), and his dad (drummer and vocalist). During his teens, to his early forties his...