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#1 Unsigned Artist Goodbye Melody
Goodbye Melody (gonzales)
  Influences: silverstien and taking back...
  Members: Daniel/vocals and screams...
Artist info

Welcome to our site. You came here because you appreciate local music!There's really not that much we can say as a band right now except we're trying to put out a cd right now.For some reason i can't get our songs to upload right. .P ease , if...

#2 Tunemind
Tunemind (Las Pinas...)
  Plays: 594
Artist info

Tunemind is a songwriter/musician from the Philippines.He spent most part of his life honing his talent as a songwriter and as a musician.He usually writes the music of his songs(sometimes the lyrics too),arrange it and let an artist(singer)of his...

#3 Unsigned Artist 21 Days
21 Days (Brooklyn, NY)
  Plays: 731 | Saves: 2660
  Influences: Blink 182, Greenday,...
  Members: Matt Huff, John Pupa, Greg...
No artist info

#4 Rodney and Fattius Blinn
Rodney and Fattius Blinn (Brunswick, Maine)
  Plays: 16160 | Saves: 10090
  Influences: Instrumental, Experimental,...
  Members: Ross Fagan, Ryan Mack
Artist info

Rodney and Fattius Blinn began in May 08'. They have been recording songs that keep coming out better and better. R&FB love to mess around with different styles of music, from Acoustic, to beats and even Reggae. Their Beats are currently #1 and #2...

#5 Unsigned Artist Boo Ru
Boo Ru (Highland, California...)
  Plays: 112 | Saves: 645
  Influences: West Coast Rap
  Members: Boo Ru: Featuring Lil' Boo...
Artist info

Boo Ru is a force! He is the force of power that lightening uses to electrify and revive Gangsta Rap. With Boo Ru, West Coast Gangsta Rap is a stone, a stone that Gees across the world can be proud to represent.

#6 Alexander Blu
Alexander Blu (Europe)
  Plays: 1362 | Saves: 5022
  Influences: Vangelis, Jarre, R. Miles,...
  Members: One man band
Artist info

If you are fond of electro sound I hope that you will enjoy.

#7 Unsigned Artist Replicant
Replicant (Milton Keynes, UK)
  Influences: Videogame Music
Artist info

Im 28 years old, and live in Milton keynes, England. I like to make music for videogames. My first song Beyond Pluto is intended as maybe a end titles, or closing score for a Sci-Fi videogame.

SHONIE (florida)
  Plays: 216
  Influences: soulfulness
  Members: BMI
Artist info

Hi my name is 'SHONIE' and i live in florida. I am a RandB and also a rap singer..I compose arange and also play keyboard...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Sequins
The Sequins (Coventry)
  Plays: 80 | Saves: 555
  Influences: The Smiths, The Cure, Joy...
  Members: 5
Artist info

The Sequins exploded onto the scene with a groundbreaking rendition of the Talking Heads classic 'Psychokiller' on the ukulele. The overwhelming crowd reactiom to that small acoustic slot spurred Hywel (vocals) and Justin (guitar) to recruit...

#10 Scott Weis Band
Scott Weis Band (northeast)
  Plays: 2124 | Saves: 3660
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Scott Weis , Todd Lanka ,...
Artist info

The Scott Weis Band has been voted PA’s best bands by Shinbone magazine. Simply stated the Scott Weis Band is “No Bull Rock and Roll” (Tinsley Ellis – Blues Great). This summer SWB has headlined festivals in the northeast with the...