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#1 Unsigned Artist Hera Crush
Hera Crush (London)
  Plays: 1045 | Saves: 3165
  Influences: Radiohead, Pearl Jam, RATM...
  Members: Jody Thomas -...
Artist info

Hera Crush brings together five musically obsessed, long term friends and synchronizes their energies into a single innovative force. A band of shades, we establish a state of emotional and musical calm and then shatter it in one swift moment,...

#2 Daniel Rathlef
Daniel Rathlef (Charlotte/NC)
  Plays: 1157 | Saves: 2259
  Members: Daniel Rathlef
Artist info

Hey there, thanks for visiting my site, My name is Daniel Rathlef, I was born in Sao Paulo/ Brazil I was raised in Germany. I play Guitar, Eletric Guitar, Piano, and many other intruments oh and I sing. I also HAVE a MYSPACE. so anyone...

#3 Unsigned Artist Lodge
Lodge (Boden, Sweden)
  Plays: 261
  Members: Roberth Lindström -...
No artist info

  Plays: 229 | Saves: 2085
  Influences: soulfly,sevendust,bury your...
  Members: MADSON
Artist info

Im a solo musician that writes heavy music with positive lyrics.i've been writing and perorming my own music for over 20 years now,i play the guitar,bass,drums.record,mix and master everything you hear is by myself alone.(this is not a band)

#5 Unsigned Artist Full of Anger
Full of Anger (Sweden)
  Plays: 16 | Saves: 372
  Influences: Hatebreed, Sick of it All,...
  Members: Daniel Kullander, Niklas...
Artist info

FULL OF ANGER is a two-man hardcore/metal project hailing form Karlstad, Sweden. With the release of our first EP we are currently working on material for an upcoming full album. If everything goes according to plan it will be released sometime...

  Influences: Virtualos
  Members: Only one
Artist info

I'm a soloist musician that has a lot of experiences playing the electric and acoustic guitars, the electric bass, singing in two languages; Spanish and English, programming a drum machine, composing lyrics, writing songs, and creating new sounds...

#7 Unsigned Artist rico casazza
rico casazza (London)
  Plays: 1177
  Influences: minimal techno -...
Artist info

A fusion of sounds, amalgamated in order to create different shades. dark and deep shadows, strong rhythmic patterns, cosy and beautiful warm melodies mixed with lazy ambiences or infinite memories transformed in music. Thoughtful profundity that...

#8 The Studio 69 Boyz
The Studio 69 Boyz (Albany NY)
  Plays: 233
  Members: MindTrip Productions
Artist info

The Studio 69 Boyz is a sound system of musical styles. We don't sample our music we play it live. Our music is created with keyboards,guitars and live percussions. We're not a pop act even tho we may have some pop sounding tracks. We're soulful...

  Influences: KISS meets AC/DC meets DEF...
  Members: Simon...
Artist info

In our current landscape, singers don't sing, they lip-synch; players don't play, they pantomine to backing tracks. Many artists act as if its an imposition to perform to their fans, and it shows. Enter First Round Knockout (1RKO). With over...

#10 Bren R
Bren R
  Plays: 33095 | Saves: 13746
Artist info

Bren R, Is one of the top Dj's playing on the local club seen in his home town of Harare, Zimbabwe. Being so close tothe border of South Africa, he has played around the Cape Town club scene. Bren R style of music is mainly Electro House,...