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#1 Unsigned Artist Dreamwind
Dreamwind (Birmingham, Alabama)
  Plays: 660 | Saves: 2669
  Influences: Tangerine Dream
  Members: Rick Bales, Andy Douglas,...
Artist info

Bio: Dreamwind Band What is Dreamwind: Dreamwind is an electronic ambient band from Birmingham, Alabama. Personnel: Rick Bales, keyboards, Andy Douglas, keyboards and Ray Gantt, bass guitar. Discs: "Nightlight", "Warp Date" and Ambient...

#2 Rebel Collective
Rebel Collective (Gävle, Sweden)
  Plays: 200
Artist info

Rebel Collective formed this year (2009) by ex drummer of Morgana Lefay and members of Undivine, Machine, Mortellez and Calm. Songs are recorded and awaits mix/mastering at Studio Soundcreation by engineer Per Ryberg and Peter Grehn (Morgana...

#3 Unsigned Artist Miki Parkinson
Miki Parkinson (Ottawa Canada)
  Plays: 1282
  Influences: Armin van Buuren, Jean...
  Members: Miki Parkinson
Artist info

I spent half my early life in London, England, half in Vancouver, Canada. In England I learned to love music and when I returned to Vancouver in 1980 I started playing guitar. At first in various punk or alternative bands like Immoral Majority,...

#4 Saya
Saya (Canada)
  Plays: 1336 | Saves: 588
  Influences: Grace Jones, Michael...
  Members: Saya
Artist info

Saya is a creation of her own! Songwriter, Stylist, model and atmosphere designer. She has brought her artistic expression to a whole new level! The artist is a highly stylized alto vocalist. Her unique...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Intifada
The Intifada
  Influences: shit
Artist info

Shit music from shit town

#6 Hyban Draco
Hyban Draco (Alcanar)
  Plays: 3915 | Saves: 3973
  Influences: Black Metal
  Members: Hyban Sparda, Cristhobal,...
Artist info

Hyban Draco was founded in 2006 by Hyban Sparda with the objective of recording his own songs. He worked alone waiting for meet good band mates and during its time he recorded some unofficial products. The first formation was Hyban Sparda (Vocals...

#7 Unsigned Artist Hirudin
Hirudin (Chicago)
  Plays: 106 | Saves: 596
  Influences: Jawbreaker/Jawbox/Husker...
  Members: Mike Allen, Kyle Ryan,...
Artist info

Hirudin (pronounced "hear-you-din") formed in Chicago in early 2003 out of the remains of a couple of bands you've never heard of, bands that did things like play Phyllis' Musical Inn in Chicago once then break up. The three founding members of...

#8 The Overthrow
The Overthrow (Indiana, PA)
  Plays: 54 | Saves: 255
  Influences: Nirvana, The Replacements
  Members: Kalin (lead vox/guitar),...
Artist info

The Overthrow is a 3 piece rock band from the Altoona, Pennsylvania area. It was started in 2004 by brothers Kalin and Braden McDannell. The duo played to whoever would listen with whoever wanted to jam with them. In 2006, they joined up with...

#9 Unsigned Artist TraumWelt
TraumWelt (Serbia)
  Plays: 163
  Members: Markovic, Pavlovic
Artist info

For additional info and more songs visit us at: http://www.myspace.com/traumweltmusic or http://trig.com/traumwelt

#10 Carla SUe
Carla SUe
  Plays: 3754 | Saves: 6221
  Influences: Patsy Cline, Lorretta Lynn,...
Artist info

Carla Sue" is no stranger to country music,playing with such greats as: Norma Jean,Tillman Franks,David Houston,Bill Phillips,Doug Mounts, and even the legendary 'Roy Acuff",just to mention a few! Carla Sue's roots are in the Arkansas Hills.She...