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#1 Unsigned Artist S.A.A.D
S.A.A.D (Casablanca,Morocco)
  Plays: 264 | Saves: 797
  Influences: Eminem
  Members: SaaD
Artist info

I'm a 14 years old aspiring rapper,and Rapper is my only dream!!!

#2 Groyse Metsie
Groyse Metsie
  Plays: 326 | Saves: 1069
  Influences: Pink Floyd, King Crimson,...
Artist info

From the depths of the jewish "Nigunim" melodies out of the jewish tradition of kabbalah. "A groyse Metsie" skillfuly combines touching acoustic solo pieces, breakbit and funky grooves, trip hop ambience and rock and roll power with the soulful...

#3 Unsigned Artist Morning Fix
Morning Fix (Toronto, ON, Canda)
  Plays: 139 | Saves: 188
  Members: Andrew, MeShell, Ken, Jason
Artist info

#4 Scorch The Fallen
Scorch The Fallen (Boise Id)
  Plays: 77
  Influences: Mudvayne, Tool, Parkway...
  Members: Kevin, Kory, Stefan, Zack
Artist info

Scorch The Fallen has been around since 2010, but has had there final lineup sice april 2011. Wanting to create something new and different, they started wrighting their debut album, "A View Of Heaven From a Seat In Hell". After getting some local...

#5 Unsigned Artist Venice Queen
Venice Queen (Vancouver)
Artist info


#6 Vladimir
Vladimir (Latvia)
  Influences: music making
Artist info

Vladimir also known as SoulDriver is a trance producer who begun making trance in late 90`s only recently he begun to post the magic that he creates. Thanks to super star Dj like Tiesto, Paul van dyke,and many others he started to listen trance...

#7 Unsigned Artist Mark Sheibley
Mark Sheibley (Visalia, CA)
  Plays: 205 | Saves: 527
  Influences: Too many to list
  Members: Mark Sheibley
Artist info

"MARK SHEIBLEY is an independent recording artist out of California who creates, records, mixes, masters, and produces all of his own music. He has a rock style that will hook you and a groove that will keep you listening, with positive lyrics...

#8 G-20 a.k.a. The Wolf
G-20 a.k.a. The Wolf (Oklahoma City, OK)
  Plays: 423 | Saves: 339
  Influences: Big Pokey, 8-Ball
Artist info

Website: (www.g20music.net) BIO: G.Walker also known as G-20 a.k.a. The Wolf was born February 10, 1981, but it was not until the age of 11 until he knew that he wanted to be a competitive rap artist. G-20 has taken the rap game to the next level...

#9 Unsigned Artist Mocha Java
Mocha Java (Worcester, MA)
  Plays: 272 | Saves: 1156
  Members: Rob Orciuch, Guy D'Annolfo,...
Artist info

Rorciuch@gmail.com There are no glitches in the mp3's when you download them. Our complete CD is available at amazon.com Check us out on FaceBook.com

#10 Anything Wrong
Anything Wrong (Tampa, FL)
  Plays: 701 | Saves: 490
  Influences: Godsmack, Disturbed,...
  Members: Sean Adams - Lead Vocals;...
Artist info

Anything Wrong first started in early 2003. The story began when drummer Anthony Colon had moved in with long time friend singer Sean Adams. Anthony was looking for members for a new band he planned to start and Sean volunteered to be the lead...