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#1 Unsigned Artist Better Living Through Misanthropy
Better Living Through Misanthropy (Saratoga, NY)
  Influences: Between the Buried & Me,...
  Members: Nick Giaquinto / Josh Guard /
No artist info

#2 Malalma
Malalma (Bogota, Colombia)
  Plays: 2452
  Influences: Afro-Beat, Folk, Electrocumbe
  Members: Sergio Arias, Edgar...
Artist info

MALALMA es sonido de urbe, sabor colombiano onirico e ironico, imagen poetica. Es una combinacion explosiva e inteligente de ritmo afro, electrico y evocativo. “un acto brillante y exhuberante” (segun The Guardian, Londres); Luego del...

#3 Unsigned Artist Arthur Davenport
Arthur Davenport (Hilo, Hawai'i USA)
  Plays: 505 | Saves: 13
  Influences: Ani Difranco, Jethro Tull,...
  Members: Arthur Davenport
Artist info

Arthur Davenport's musical career spans 30 years of songwriting and performance. He first started playing in the Washington D.C. folk scene in the 1980's and then moved on to the southwest scene during the 90's while living in New Mexico....

#4 Kryophere
Kryophere (Cardiff, Wales)
  Influences: Carnival Metal
  Members: Joe Thompson - Lead Guitar,...
Artist info

Kryophere are a seven piece extreme metal band from Wales, UK. Their blend of savagely stomping, groove laden, technical metal and a tongue in cheek yet righteously angry attitude towards the world, its inhabitants and the mediocrity and...

#5 Unsigned Artist Nudity is not a Crime
Nudity is not a Crime (Varberg, Sweden)
  Plays: 1241 | Saves: 1076
  Influences: Funkadelia / Rock
  Members: Jim, Markus, Victor & Henke
Artist info

Nudity is not a crime. Or is it? By the law of society it actually is a crime when applied in certain places such as plazas and restaurants. But according to what we, the human beings, once were it can impossibly be a crime since back in the days,...

#6 Red Star Inc.
Red Star Inc. (San Antonio, Texas)
  Plays: 362 | Saves: 1083
  Influences: Atreyu, Deftones
  Members: Dave - vox, Carlos -...
Artist info

5 diverse young people taking on the world only as they know how. Misguided they wander the Earth seeking the truth about life and predicaments. As they wander, they infect today's youth with a message. An implication of rebellion against...

#7 Unsigned Artist Johnny Fever & The Frantics
Johnny Fever & The Frantics (Columbia, South Carolina)
  Plays: 624 | Saves: 1864
  Influences: green day, ramones, sex...
  Members: Johnny Fever, Carl Frantic,...
Artist info

Johnny Fever & The Frantics are a punk rock trio out of columbia, SC looking for a way to escape the torment of crappy screamo, whiney bitch bands all around, controlling the scene. They started rocking back in the winter of 2003, originally...

#8 Seneki
Seneki (Sydney, Australia)
  Plays: 5563 | Saves: 6165
  Influences: Tool, Opeth, Cog, Pink Floyd.
  Members: Andrew Turner, Stephen...
Artist info

www.seneki.com Seneki play a mix of heavy rock and metal with dark melodic overtones. Formed in 2001, they are a five-piece band based in Sydney, Australia....

#9 Unsigned Artist MyNilla
MyNilla (Near Chicago)
  Plays: 405
  Influences: I have too many influences...
  Members: Sam England
Artist info

I'm a long time drummer starting a solo project. Please let me know what you think, I love feedback

#10 +48volts
+48volts (Glasgow, Scotland)
  Plays: 243 | Saves: 484
  Influences: Rock
Artist info

Hello, my name is PhantomPowers and I am an audio engineer/musician based in the UK. I have worked with lots of musicians young and old. Bluegrass to Death Metal, Scotland sure has it\'s way with music. I am a party man who loves to socialize,...