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#1 Unsigned Artist Forest INC
Forest INC (Stockholm/Sweden)
  Plays: 4416 | Saves: 1143
  Influences: Darkwoods,Autechre,Bochum...
  Members: Forest INC
Artist info

Hello! Forest INC is a group with 4 members from time to time, Started out with musical experiments in the Mid 90.s and has produced and performed since then. Trying not to get boring in the music we are trying to find that perfect melody....

#2 Dave Whelan
Dave Whelan (Dublin)
  Plays: 1066 | Saves: 1837
  Members: Dave Whelan
Artist info

Dave Whelan is a songwriter from Dublin who has played lead guitar for a number of bands on the Irish gigging and recording circuit. In the summer of 2009 Dave decided to put more time and energy into writing and performing his own music as well...

#3 Unsigned Artist Start A Fire
Start A Fire (Gothenburg)
  Plays: 65
  Influences: Killswitch Engange, As I...
  Members: Alexander Holmstedt -...
Artist info

Vision: To conquer the world with our unique sound and style with a smile on our faces Bio: Swedish metal band formed in Gothenburg 2009. Influences: -The Gothenburgsound -Metalcore Similar Artists: Killswitch Engage Soilwork...

#4 Deviant Mind Gallery
Deviant Mind Gallery (Ashtabula Oh.)
  Influences: DMG
  Members: Kayla - Voczals. Bo-V -...
Artist info

Deviant Mind Gallery was developed by Bizzy (former Acid Porno drummer and founder) and Bo-V (former Blemish guitarist) in September of 2006. The two began writing together With help from Bizzy's former Acid Porno guitarist K.C. (who has since...

#5 Unsigned Artist Krakatoa
Krakatoa (Montreal)
  Plays: 202 | Saves: 527
  Members: Robert Duval, Richard...
Artist info

Krakatoa is a multi-style band, with Jazz, Fusion, Progressive Rock and World influences. While their music is very easy to listen to, it is built using very complex rhythmic and harmonic textures, which require the band members to give it all...

  Plays: 5964 | Saves: 1244
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist State Line Mob
State Line Mob (Florence,Alabama)
  Influences: Lynyrd Skynyrd,Waylon
  Members: Phillip Crunk ,Dana Crunk
Artist info

When you think of modern day southern rock n roll, the band that's going to come to everyone’s mind is, State Line Mob.Their bluesy-country southern rock, guitar weaving line-up is a Southern image that’s hard to forget.State Line Mob was...

#8 Jeez Luweez
Jeez Luweez (Buffalo, New York)
  Plays: 155 | Saves: 1
  Influences: Jeez Luweez
  Members: Cass Postek, Debbie Ritch,...
Artist info

Jeez Luweez was formed in 2002 and currently plays an array of classic rock tunes mixed with originals. They released a 3 song "single" CD titled "Worker Ant" available for purchase on this web site or at New World Records on Elmwood...

#9 Unsigned Artist MIKILL
MIKILL (Pennsylvania)
  Plays: 85
  Influences: Ambient Ithyphallic Death
  Members: Mikill
Artist info

Collaboration Ambient, Ithyphallic Death

#10 Another Random Moment
Another Random Moment (Clarion, Pennsylvania)
  Plays: 154 | Saves: 310
  Influences: Rock/Metal/Alternative/Hard...
  Members: Randy (vocals), Matt...
Artist info

We are a band from a little, country town in western Pennsylvania. We play a variety of music that includes rock, metal, alternative, hardcore, and pop. All of us are juniors and we go to the same highschool. We are all great friends, which makes...