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#1 Unsigned Artist Haardcore Climax
Haardcore Climax (Loves Park, IL)
  Plays: 46
  Members: GenoCyDe, Darco
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If you venture deep into the (dead) heart of the United States, you will come across a wondrous scene. Two young men creating the music of the gods. Their experimental fusion of electronica and screamo have come together to create electronicore...

  Plays: 1344 | Saves: 2955
  Members: 10
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HELL'S KITCHEN RADIO.. http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/play.php?mode=radio&id=540 THESE TRACKS ARE FROM HELL'S KICTCHEN FINEST PT.1................ (CHOPPED & SCREWED).............................. UNDER PSYCHO MANTIS HELL'S KITCHEN...

#3 Unsigned Artist elysium uk
elysium uk (Leeds, UK)
  Members: Gemma - Vocals, Nick -...
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Something a bit different….! Elysium is an alternative rock band based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, England. All of us originate from this small market town with the exception of the bass player Chris who is an expat from New Zealand but...

#4 Peter Toh
Peter Toh (Brooklyn)
  Plays: 84 | Saves: 602
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At the intersection of bumping your favorite pop tune on your stereo, the late night you spent kicking game to that special someone at the club and the lonely train ride home thinking of all the things you should have said just a few fleeting...

#5 Unsigned Artist Gilda Ibanez
Gilda Ibanez
  Plays: 165 | Saves: 1
No artist info

#6 The Pulltops
The Pulltops (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  Plays: 732 | Saves: 2556
  Influences: Cheap Trick, The Knack,...
  Members: Mark Pierret, Tom Crowell,...
Artist info

The Pulltops were formed in December of 2001 out of the ashes of Milwaukee band, Udi Subudi. The departure of their lead singer could have ended their career, but they saw it as an opportunity. The position of lead vocals was moved to drummer Mark...

#7 Unsigned Artist Royal Noise Division
Royal Noise Division (Killeen, Texas)
  Plays: 189 | Saves: 561
  Members: Big Pawz, Black Majic, Big...
Artist info

Came together to make hit and give local artist a chance to come up on the scene.

#8 The Morenas
The Morenas (Essex)
  Influences: The Police, The Chilli...
  Members: Paolo Morena, Tim Jackson,...
Artist info

Home" is Londoners THE MORENAS second single and your reviewer's first thought is how the fuck did I miss the first one? Because "Coming Home" is a cracker. It's taut and guy-rope tight riff pop; gritty and insistent and full of briliant dead...

#9 Unsigned Artist Big Richard and the Extenders
Big Richard and the Extenders (Nebraska)
  Plays: 442
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Joe Parr, John Victory,...
Artist info

Big Richard and the Extenders is a 3-piece rock band from Crawford, Nebraska.

#10 Big Rome
Big Rome (Forrest City,...)
  Influences: Rap/Hip Hop/Gangsta/Crunk
  Members: Big Rome "Tha Boss Hogg...
Artist info

Press Release Big Rome March 22, 2009 Arkansas W.K. Jerome Higgs is his birth name. He was born in a small town in Missouri. The entertainment industry knows him as Big Rome. He moved with his mom to Arkansas back in 1985 where life got...