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#1 Unsigned Artist the hoagies
the hoagies (tampa flordia)
  Plays: 456
  Influences: punk, crust, thrash, oi,...
  Members: captain america, lil double...
Artist info

The whole point of the hoagies is for the crowd to have fun. this being the point, the hoagies have earned the name " the masters of the circle pit" come to a show and find out why

#2 Suburban_Result
Suburban_Result (Abington)
  Influences: Green Day, blink182,...
  Members: Ben Grubb, Steve Knopf,...
Artist info

Eddie Wells, Steve Knopf, and Steve Wastle wanted to start a band. Eddie played guitar and drums, Knopf played guitar, and Wastle played bass. But they needed another person. One day I, Ben Grubb, was talkin to Eddie and he told me about the band...

#3 Unsigned Artist Smerdyakov
Smerdyakov (USA)
  Plays: 238
  Members: Smerdyakov
Artist info

Over the next few months I'll be uploading some song demos and I would greatly appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.

#4 MusicMatty
MusicMatty (Maryland)
  Plays: 1071 | Saves: 1985
  Members: musicmatty
Artist info

Love playing guitar, listening to music and occasionally writing a tune when I am inspired.

#5 Unsigned Artist cage9
cage9 (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1056 | Saves: 1083
  Influences: Incubus, Foo Fighters, APC
  Members: Evan Rocaniche (guitars,...
Artist info

The U.S. gave Panama the Canal and now they are returning the favor with Cage9. The three-piece grew up in Panama listening to Incubus, Foo Fighters and Metallica. Now based in L.A., Cage9 delivers a solid wall of melodic hard rock, laden with...

  Plays: 183 | Saves: 697
  Members: Big Fuckin' Curt, Brian,...
Artist info

The Lantern formed from of the breakup of War Across Salem and Curt's frustration with not being able to put together a band that does more than practice a couple times. Our guitar and bass positions are now filled. Our influences are bands like...

#7 Unsigned Artist Tom Challenger
Tom Challenger (Vienna, Austria)
  Members: Tom Challenger
No artist info

#8 Fake Gods
Fake Gods (central Scotland)
  Plays: 237 | Saves: 921
  Influences: Folk Rock, Americana
  Members: Alex McGhie
Artist info

Secret Pines is Alex McGhie (ex Fake Gods) and collaborators.

#9 Unsigned Artist RCA Miles High
RCA Miles High (760, CA)
  Plays: 767 | Saves: 1244
Artist info

Independent MC/Producer CEO of Salvation Records ...

#10 Vikindin
Vikindin (Fayetteville, NC)
  Plays: 11350 | Saves: 10028
  Influences: If you think Arch Enemy is...
  Members: Legion (vocals)Patrik...
Artist info

http://www.myspace.com/vikindin January '07- The onslaught continues as Vikindin 's force grows stronger with King William replacing Corpse on...