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#1 Unsigned Artist Tornado Wyvern
Tornado Wyvern (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  Plays: 375 | Saves: 1107
  Influences: Pearl Jam, Lifehouse,...
  Members: Robert Clausson (Vocals,...
Artist info

Semi-acoustic, soft rock with many influences and unexpected harmonies. Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2004. Download and listen to more songs at www.tornadowyvern.com

#2 Shoemaker Brothers
Shoemaker Brothers (Los Angeles, California)
  Plays: 46
  Influences: Paul Simon, Dave Matthews Band
  Members: Sam,Nath,Dan, and Gabe...
Artist info

The Shoemaker Brothers hail from the Pacific Northwest but now reside in Los Angeles where they moved in order to advance there musical Career. They are the progeny of Celtic and Nordic roots, they look like a mix between Viking athletes and...

#3 Unsigned Artist Hello Operator
Hello Operator (Fairfield, CT)
  Influences: Weezer meets Beatles meets...
  Members: Lou, Bo, Evan, JP
Artist info

We are a group of sweet dudes from Fairfield University.

#4 Morning Fix
Morning Fix (Toronto, ON, Canda)
  Plays: 139 | Saves: 256
  Members: Andrew, MeShell, Ken, Jason
Artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Ghost Accuser
Ghost Accuser (Dublin)
  Influences: QOTSA, Editors, PJ Harvey,...
  Members: Joey McGowan - Guitar Vox,...
Artist info

With huge, meaty-riffs and bold emotions mixing Post Punk, New Wave, Grunge and Alt Rock, Ghost Accuser are tapping into a whole new vein of creativity. After carefully crafting an entire set of intense new material the band have just released...

#6 The CarbonAudio Effect
The CarbonAudio Effect (Goose Creek, SC)
  Members: Noel DeLisle, Jesse Snider,...
Artist info

The CarbonAudio Effect is a Christian Rock band, based out of Goose Creek, South Carolina. The band was started by Noel DeLisle (Lead Vocals, Keyboards) & Jesse Snider (Acoustic/Electric Guitar) in April of 2007. Just a few weeks later, John...

#7 Unsigned Artist MOZZAICK
  Plays: 726 | Saves: 2
  Influences: The Music Of MOZZAICK Is...
  Members: 1
Artist info

I Started Making Music Since The Year 2000 To Now. The Type Of Music I Do Is Unique And Is What I Like To Call Decompression Music. Do To My Some What Deep Voice And That Most Of My Music Is About Feelings Of Sadness, Joy, Heartaches And...

#8 SoftedgE
SoftedgE (England, Bristol)
  Influences: Heavy thick sounding B...
  Members: Chuck Creese/lead guitar....
Artist info

Softedge are extreme heavy metal band, they have just realsed a E.P 'The quite before the Storm' this E.P contains every touch of musical elements such as Groove, Melodic acoustics, flat out heavy assault and technical blistering solos. If you...

#9 Unsigned Artist Versus Me
Versus Me (Sweden, Gothenburg)
  Plays: 323 | Saves: 737
  Influences: Qotsa, Nirvana, Blackmail,...
  Members: Peter, Mika, Ola, Henke
No artist info

#10 UTR
UTR (Cardiff, Wales)
  Plays: 14
  Influences: Foo Fighters, Muse, Oasis,...
  Members: Joshua Mcfarlane, Callum...
Artist info

UTR is a three-piece alternative/rock band from Cardiff, South Wales with influences such as Oasis, Muse, Rise Against, Alter Bridge and many more. The bands sound has been said to be similar to the heavy side of muse.