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#1 Unsigned Artist 20 Roc
20 Roc (you can find me on B...)
  Plays: 1097 | Saves: 1418
  Influences: Slick Dick and the German...
Artist info

In 1992 20 Roc was formed by five dirty, low-down, smack talkin' bums. They had finally sold enough aluminum cans to buy the instruments that would soon fulfill their stain-lipped destiny. They don't write songs, they tell stories about things...

#2 Shadowdream
Shadowdream (Novi Sad)
  Plays: 401 | Saves: 1705
  Members: 1
Artist info

Shadowdream is one-man dark ambient black metal project by Nocturnal (Rastko Perishic), artist from Novi Sad, Serbia. In December 2005 (XL A.S.), Shadowdream released his first release, Demo '05, which is limited to 33 Hand-numbered copies. ...

#3 Unsigned Artist Mystic Moon
Mystic Moon (Athens Greece)
  Plays: 741 | Saves: 2246
  Influences: Candlemass, Solitude...
  Members: Akis Bouklas - Vocals,...
Artist info

Mystic Moon were created at Peristeri, Greece the summer of 2004 by Akis Bouklas on Vocals, Chris Tsaparas on Drums, Jimmy Priest and Jim Bousoulas on Guitars. Later in the same year Domenico Doomangel Pritis joined the band as the rhythm...

#4 Criminal Jammage
Criminal Jammage (Dublin, Ireland)
  Influences: Thrash/Death Metal
Artist info

Criminal Jammage first sprang to life in mid-2006 under the name 'SkadK' when Kris and Ed decided they needed a band to vent their musical aggression. The band went through a series of name and line-up changes until current drummer Ste was...

#5 Unsigned Artist Naron
Naron (Atlanta)
  Plays: 677 | Saves: 611
  Influences: Hip-hOp/RnB/pOp
  Members: Naron+lilnaron
Artist info

A Nepalese Artist Naron,he was born in Nepal,also known as lil Naron and uniQue boy.At the age of 5 he became interested in Hip-hop/RnB/Pop music,In childhood his dream was to become a Famous Singer,he started singing when he was 7 years old,but...

#6 Akelicious kado
Akelicious kado (zambia)
  Influences: michael jackson, ghetto...
  Members: Akelicious kado
Artist info

Zambian Recording Artist /Singer /Songwriter / Record Producer / Actor & photography. Musical career Genres Pop, soul, rhythm & blues, zed, rock & dance....

#7 Unsigned Artist Rick Super
Rick Super (Gabriola Island Canada)
  Plays: 79 | Saves: 401
  Influences: rocknroll
  Members: Rick Super:...
Artist info

Outlaw Rocker....Misfit....Renegade....Pirate.... My name is Rick Super. I live on the west coast of British Columbia (Canada) in a cabin deep in the woods on a small island. I'm a singer/songwriter who writes songs in many genres. I play...

#8 Kleinbahnhof
Kleinbahnhof (Heide, Germany)
  Plays: 766 | Saves: 1681
  Influences: We sound like Kleinbahnhof
  Members: 4
Artist info

The four of us have individual preferences concerning music. You take a pound of rock, a cup of funk, a spoonful of jazz, a pinch of grunge and stir it slowly. Then taste the creation. It will enrich your senses! Kleinbahnhof are:...

#9 Unsigned Artist LilHines
LilHines (Atlanta Ga, Savannah...)
  Plays: 411 | Saves: 1046
  Influences: manny fresh, hot boys (bg,...
Artist info

Jerome Hines aka Lil Hines was born in Savannah Ga. Son of Robin Hines and Reginald Anderson. He was raised in Riceboro Ga about 45 minutes away. He discovered music at an early age using drums sticks and shoe boxes to make music. He then later...

#10 Studio One
Studio One
  Plays: 107 | Saves: 545
  Influences: Mike Oldfield - kinda
No artist info