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#1 Unsigned Artist G-No
G-No (Las Vegas)
  Plays: 196 | Saves: 882
  Members: 1
Artist info

Lyrically this 19 year old talent is hands down one of the best in ages. Musically the album captures the heart of hip hop along with the stories of the streets. G-No's energy level is unmatched, at times you will find yourself amazed at how he is...

#2 Neon Revolution
Neon Revolution (Chisago, MN)
  Plays: 1112 | Saves: 1674
  Influences: Rock, Classic Rock
  Members: Seth Gervais Vocals/Lead...
Artist info

In late November, 2006 Seth Gervais began to form a band known as Neon Revolution. John Bruno. (Rootbeer) was next to join the band, as Neon Revolution's drummer.James Pegelow. (Peaches) plays the smooth bass for the band, while Shawn Bluhm. plays...

#3 Unsigned Artist Pakost i ukor gladne godine
Pakost i ukor gladne godine (Kragujevac, Serbia-...)
  Influences: Alternative, crossover,...
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Band formed, in that time three not very good friends, we might even say enemies. But, at the and of 2003, weird hand of destiny joined them together and they formed "Pakost i ukor gladne godine". Even if they didn't knew to hold their...

#4 Taikes
Taikes (Mölndal, Sweden)
  Plays: 141
  Influences: Nirvana, Placebo, Chevelle,...
  Members: Johan Fredin...
Artist info

Taikes was founded on the fall of 2002 by Johan, Alex and their previous drummer Axel, who was later replaced by present drummer Oskar just a week before their first gig in spring 2003. They started off as a true grunge-band in best Nirvana...

#5 Unsigned Artist AUDIOSTAGG
AUDIOSTAGG (Central California)
  Plays: 520 | Saves: 336
  Influences: Musical...
  Members: Greg Gould: Rhythm Guitar,...
Artist info

AUDIOSTAGG was first formed in the summer of 1989 in Modesto, CA by two friends influenced by the music they grew up with; primarily the British heavy rock scene- UFO, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest (and even The Baby’s) and other guitar and...

#6 angel
angel (usa/canada)
  Plays: 135 | Saves: 741
  Influences: r&b pop electronica
  Members: angel
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Please read at webpage.

#7 Unsigned Artist BRIAND3AD
BRIAND3AD (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 26 | Saves: 544
  Influences: Snowgoons, Grim Reaperz,...
  Members: BRIAND3AD
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#8 Dravonstein
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist ken h
ken h (san francisco...)
  Members: kenny hwang
Artist info premium member

i am a techno/trance producer from san francisco, california usa.

#10 Tainted
  Plays: 193 | Saves: 834
  Influences: Unique
  Members: Tainted-Volcalist, producer
Artist info

Long story mane ask me if you want to know