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#1 Unsigned Artist Antics
Antics (London & South East)
  Plays: 18 | Saves: 118
  Members: Alex Jones, Tom Lavin,...
Artist info

Antics are a 5-piece rock band from South East London, UK, and have been together since late 2011. Seb - Vocals Tom L - Guitar Jonesy (Alex) - Bass Paddy P - Piano Tom W - Drums

#2 The Rage Inside
The Rage Inside
  Influences: Slipknot, Metallica, and...
Artist info

Hey! I'm Arthur and I'm in the band The Rage Inside, I'm the songwriter, leader, and lead guitarist for the band. I don't have the full band right now, there's just me, the lead guitarist, and my brother, Alex, the bass player. I have finished my...

#3 Unsigned Artist Da Chief
Da Chief
  Plays: 178 | Saves: 609
Artist info

Da Chief is a North American rapper, writer and entrepreneur who was born in Methuen Massachusetts in 1976. At the age of 14 years old Da Chief started freestyle rapping with his brother in law who became his mentor. In 2000 Da Chief opened...

#4 s dot q
s dot q (UK)
  Plays: 530 | Saves: 1176
  Influences: hip-hop-new school...
Artist info

Im am 12 yrs old ...

#5 Unsigned Artist Big John
Big John (Alexandria, LA)
  Plays: 845 | Saves: 604
  Influences: Tupac Shakur, Biggie...
Artist info

I am a Rapper & Singer from Alexandria,LA and is a studio nerd I love making music for all my fans and would like for everyone to atleast listen to my music. www.myspace.com/bigjohnn5 is where you can check out more music

#6 Grant Duncan
Grant Duncan (Tokyo, JAPAN)
  Plays: 1628 | Saves: 4567
  Members: Grant Duncan
Artist info

"Sixties rock is not dead. Itís been resurrected and dirtied up little in the music of Grant Duncan. Songs anchored in Jimi-esque guitar licks and poppy chord progressions dominate this retro landscape. Donít expect any note-for-note imitations,...

#7 Unsigned Artist RCA Miles High
RCA Miles High (760, CA)
  Plays: 782 | Saves: 1261
Artist info

Independent MC/Producer CEO of Salvation Records ...

#8 Ella Blame
Ella Blame (Milwaukee, WI)
  Plays: 1416 | Saves: 724
  Influences: Tori Amos, Portishead,...
  Members: Ella Blame
Artist info

Ella Blame's music has the intensity of twilight: deep, dark and luminous.

#9 Unsigned Artist Final Warning
Final Warning
  Influences: The Clash, the Ruts,...
No artist info

#10 Vamps N Gypsies
Vamps N Gypsies (Guildford)
  Plays: 67 | Saves: 242
  Members: Nikki - Vocals Stubio...
Artist info

Everybody always wants more. Something new and shiny that tickles their interest and makes them part of something special. In the modern music age of mop haired indie shoe-gazers, scrawny faceless emo wimps and eighties wannabe sleaze kings, it's...