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#1 Unsigned Artist alek acero
alek acero (antananarivo, Madagascar)
  Plays: 129261 | Saves: 83269
  Influences: house
  Members: florent f.
Artist info premium member

Hi! Alek Acero is a Housy project for dancefloors and beach parties....Positive sound for happy people! Just listen to my tracks and have fun! House Music !! Peace!

#2 The Stranded
The Stranded (Wollongong Australia)
  Plays: 18221 | Saves: 75889
  Influences: Seal,Air supply,Peter gabriel
  Members: Michael Corbitt,Joe...
Artist info premium member

We were formed in 2002 .Our sole purpose was getting enjoyment from writing and recording original songs in a home studio environment.It is hoped that the material we are creating would strike a chord with the general public at large.It would be...

BROOMSTICK WITCHES (gabriola island bc canada)
  Plays: 23346 | Saves: 72279
  Influences: Shadows of a full moon on a...
  Members: Rick Super( stage names...
Artist info

thanx to all fans for downloading my songs.... bites & kisses STAY SPOOKY....STAY SAFE....WEAR A MASK.... rick supernatural.... First-time Free release of Club Beelzebub from my new album Serpents Of Lucifer.... New...

#4 unproject
unproject (Turkey)
  Plays: 78439 | Saves: 54376
Artist info premium member

Check out my new sounds @

#5 Unsigned Artist IGNORANTS?
  Plays: 12198 | Saves: 47841
  Influences: Agathocles, Disrupt, NYAB,...
  Members: Punkino, Markinho, Lumbriga...
Artist info

IGNORANTS?: one of the mendigo-core pioneers with members of the classic band CTM and that have the legendary vocalistguitarristbassistdrummercomposerlyricantimusicnihilistic Punkino Crusterror.

#6 Buffalo Son
Buffalo Son (Santa Cruz, CA)
  Plays: 20492 | Saves: 44610
  Influences: this is not a painting
  Members: Buffalo Son
Artist info

Listen to these three old songs of mine, then go to for some new shite. Phanx mate! When the clouds grew roots, he threw dirt in the air.

#7 Unsigned Artist the stupid stupid henchmen
the stupid stupid henchmen (Carmel, New York)
  Plays: 18255 | Saves: 42193
  Influences: a messy bunch a wanna be...
  Members: mike, ted, tc, chet
Artist info

Born in the depths of chets basement, we\'ve created the most evil sounding punk ska trash music on the face of the earth. the stupid stupid henchmen is categorically a punk band + some ska and a ska band + some punk but there\'s really more to...

#8 James B. Graham
James B. Graham (Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 33438 | Saves: 41388
  Influences: Christian
Artist info

James B. Graham (Jim) has been writing songs now for over twenty years resulting in the current availability of three CDs "He'll Be There" released in 2004, "In His Presence" released early in 2005 and "He'll Never Change" released April 2006....

#9 Unsigned Artist ImL
ImL (Christchurch - New...)
  Plays: 25266 | Saves: 39395
  Influences: Strawpeople, Delerium,...
Artist info premium member

Ambient / hard ambient electro / take a listen and hope you enjoy.

#10 Christopher Rennie - Elloco
Christopher Rennie - Elloco (British Columbia, Canada)
  Plays: 53000 | Saves: 39321
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